Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 2
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'AGE TWO 6 ft {% relieves hh COLDS, V W FKVER Aim Liquid. Tablets HEADACHES Sal re. flose Drops due to Olds >y "Rnb-My-Tism," a Wonderful Liniment. GET THE WORMS* YET DON'T KNOCK EGO PRODUCTION *RoTa Caps remove large round-worms (ascaridia) and these tapeworms: H. fetrn- tfotui and K. ccliinobotltritlii in chickens, and 31. lucidn in Turkeys. E. W. Lusby KOSStJTH OPtflyfY. ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA REUNION HELD AT WORDEN'S, BUBT, SUNDAY Burt, Sept. 6—A reunion of Mrs. Geo. Worden's people was held (it the Worden home Sunday. Those present included Mrs. Worden's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Waatts, the Glenn and Ralph Waatts families, and May Vanderlip, all of Dows, and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Anderson, Popejoy, and an uncle, William Waatts, and the Rev. G. H. Wessel family. West Bend Consolidated Schools Begin New Year West Bend, Sept. 6—West Bend's consolidated schools opened Monday with full enrollment. Pupils attended only the forenoon, being dismissed at noon that the tnch .f r * ml sht register and clas- Ulem ' Th c " U > r consists of Attend Wedding Dinner- A. n. McMullnn; Principal Harry Poffenberger, Dolliver; Mable Dinsmpre, Fremont, home economics; Gail Riter, Rock Rapids, vocal music; Faye- Layne, Webster City, junior high; Annette Green, Rolfe. English nnd Latin; Virgil Giddings, Smith-Hughes agriculture; Lovell Dlddy. Minburn, coach" and science; Ralph Campbell, n junior In high school this year. Stricken Man Itrouprht Home— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sauder, with the daughter Rickle, got home Monday from Hammond, Ind. Mr. Sauder suffered a stroke while they were visiting at the son Elmer's there, but improved enough to be brought home. Old Neighbors flet Together- Mrs. Bertha Johnston, daughter Yvonne, and Herbert Nellis drove VISITORS FROM CHICAGO AT 3 LU VERNE HOMES Lu Verne, Sept. 6 —Guests from Chicago seemed to be the rule for some Lu Verne families last week. The Doctor Whittlngtons were at the A. D. Burtls home, Mrs. Whittington and Mrs. Burtis being sisters. The doctor was veterinarian here, leaving about 20 years ago, f« n,, ' 77~ ---•*••"•• «"="«= uiu»c and is now a government meat into BUI nside Sunday for a couple spector at the Chicago stockyards, of rt n .w= at the Dewey Crotts home. I At the William Ellis home Alice r ~t . . f .. •„ ~.,.~ iiu.uv. Clott s family formerly liv;d nol * hborfl ° f Druggist, Algona YOUR CLAY 'COUNTY FAIR «nf MrfLSe Sergr^e «"« £rVw^.n,'S£ ™*\ lesion, entertained at dinner Friday even- ;" eona Glbb °»s, fourth grade ing at Cecil Godfredson's. They il'f" e Schmidthuber. Emmom and tho Godfredsons are being en-j,, " lhlrd Srade; Winifred Wat- . Annette Green, Roife, who is to tertained at N. M. Godfredson's ! s> second grade; Belva Hart-! tench English in high school here, Swea City, Wednesday evening in ; ""?' F '"'»«aniville, first g ' "" "'"'- — J -" ' honor of Mr. nnd Mrs. Anderson,! elen Brandt, kindergarten, who were married last Thursday. To Attend The Harold Conference Held— The Kev. W. G. Muhleman con- of Rock- Mr, and Mrs. Eric Daubendiek, of are visiting at Eric's Jfnrse I* Visiting Parents— Edith Gkirdner was to arrive Tuesday from Los Angeles to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs, ,B. H. Gardner. She has been a nurse^'in the Montesono hosjpltal there nine years. Veterans Him n Picnic- Arthur ,and Ralph Dimler attended a picnic Sunday for men who served In the Rainbow division in the World war. It was held at Fort Dodge. Other In Verne. The Jacob Zerbes, Wesley, were Sunday guests at Henry Kubly's. TMH~ " j'^" ' ••"""' """-iLucille and Velma Steussy, Fox- Ellis and Dr Edw. Greenway were' holm, Minn., spent last week at guests over the double holiday, and' Lloyd Zentner's nnd with other lo- Mrs. Emma Switcher and Mr. and. cal relatives. Herman Butts. Elvi ?; ^' ^ 6l , fl J arrived Su »day to lendale, Minn., was also a' Lu visit the Carl Goetsches. | Verne visitor last week. ' The Alfred Stadtlanders, Bel- Saralt teaches, and from there was accompanied Ada. by another slater T ^,j TT . . , o , mond, nnd the Tom Masons, Clar- T ^,j TT . . , o «.u»iu, tmvi LIHJ i-uiii iviuouii£», witir fclda Hintz spent last week with, ion, were guests of Lottie and Jen ' — •-wiji£ 1 tn, j_(| i^; o uncle W. H. Daubendiek's. The f . --««*,. ^£,£.0, UL .ixuciv- unuiti w. ±1. L/ailDe] f ** *^L*™**y*t th ? Paternal!visitors travel by car. me nev. vv. u. Mulileman con- H F Ando,.^ • " * ~V' ",'T , s u-avei oy car. ducted tho last quarterly confer- deress son Ki./wu, » ^ A ,"' L/ 1 ?' Idn WiIIiam s and her son ence of the Methodist church of'public s ° V ,! attend the Stephen drove to Ashton Friday crowd attended. New officers were elected for the coming year and report:; of the various church organizations were given. Knh-rs Teachers College— The K. J. Smiths took their daughter Mary Ann to Cedar Falls (Sunday, and she will attend teachers' college. Other Burt students there include Katherine Elvidge Faith Reed, Carmella Fraser, and Max Schrader. Will Couch at Grimes- Edward Stewart went to Grimes Saturday to be coach of the high , school teams. Lura Sewick also resumed her teaching work at EX-IRVINGTON FAMILY LOSES NEWLYWEDSON ISEPT. 12-17. 19381 S4 ««*..% LARGEST V*4-H CLUB IN IOWA RADIO BROADCASTING STATION "RISE AND CHEER AMERICA" REVUE IS BIG CIRCUS ACTS ORDER YOUR TICKETS EARLY Irvington, Sept. 6—Friends here have learned of the death of Frank Russell, 25, youngest son of Mr -"II Mrs. Frank Russell Sr., Lead-: M .„;,, Minn., which took place August h h :ted C ^n^v° HOle ^° o5;; ' ; '^-- .'t'ruSffirSMIe" t^™ "" ° b ' o^'c^Tg. Irene Haynes, of Wesley, is Wed at Church at Nashua Wesley, Sept. 6—Irene, • daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Haynes, became the bride of Edgar >ar- num, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Farnum of Algona, at the Littie ?ear Nashua, the Kent officiating, ? at 4 oclock . lltteni l e ? l r bj : her steter ° WB . ley ' a " d hta Wittier, her parents, Mr and Mrs. F. H. nle Mason Sunday afternoon, and before going to Des Moines Donna Mason, who had been with fj, 0 ""n™ t!' ainln £ for a nurse, at her aunts, returned to Clarion with the Broadlawns General hospital.! them to go to school. She is a graduate of the class of 1937 of the local high school and man's at months. . . at _ Livermore, for several Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stripling, Minn., son Norman, and Sley Four to Wisconsin Funeral— . It is believed that Frank might have recovered from the operation . The bride wore a wine colored f. a ,!, dr - ea » with dai 'k accessorie nave recovered from the operation , „ s wun aar * accessories *"euus nere nave received invi- M1- - ana Mrs. J. P. Black drove if he had not escaped from bed in ' 7ii S bridesmaid wore a blaak |- atlo " s to attend celebration of the to Eagle Grove Sunday to visit the delirium. He and his wife, mar- v, ^ and each * ore a should- 35th wedding anniversary of Mr. Tom Warrens, formerly of this vi- ried onlv Jnsf =nri,,o- „.«,.„ — 11... ! er bouquet of orchids anri Kiiinc. and Mrs. C. A. Wain at riavireviiin clnitv. Tenches at Altoona— Mrs. F. L. Pratt took her daughter Marilda to Altoona Sunduv to . , , -- -••" ••"<=, jjim- , K ,„,,«, . — -- --—-•-• teach this year. Mrs. Pratt spen't ^, Ied o "'- v , last spring, were on the ' *i ^1,1 of n ?'' chids and "l"es a few days at Ellsworth with her' Russe11 farm neai ' Leader. The ?L! he vallev - Th e men wore dark mother on the way home. Parents live. i n Freshmen Given I'arty- A get-together party ton, Minn., spent Sunday with Mrs. Helena Stripling. The Edw. Beebes, Fort Dodge, were at the Charles Hinz home. , Bend, called on Lu Verne friends * i Monday afternoon. They had been the Old rained wLV a lr^ nd 1S? g TiJI£ ire .nd i ri d , a3r aftern °° n - "^ Henry and Jacob Kubly went to «t Livermore to attend Monticello, Wta., Monday to attend £? fttlers picnic ' whlch the funeral of Mrs. Fred 'Marty, cousin of the Kublys. Tnrpins at Jfcw Home— Mr. and Mrs. Harold Turpin and a son called on friends here Saturday. They had been visiting at Decorah and were en route to Man- RICH POINT . „ „.„ Miller, Monterey, Minn., «w» ua*. iiuu vv ci c till 1 Oil 1C lO 'H.TT1— — — «••«* j *'»wni.^.tt.j( iniijji,p ning, where Mr. Turpin is school' carae last week Moilda y for a visit band and orchestra leader. They'"* **" W """'' ° " """" were at Hubbard last year. Wains are 3o Tears Wed— Friends here have received invi- at the Frank Capesius home and to attend the wedding of Irene Capesius to Leland 'Hurley, of Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Black drove i k~ * with her daughter,',Mf». Russell Walker, and helped the latter celebrate a birthday. Mr. and,.Mrs. Jf, A. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Qeroge Johnson, and the Harvey Johnsons attended a reunion at the Dolliver state park, Fort Dodge, SUhdajv Marguerite Skllllng Went to Onawa Saturday to resume teaching, Mrs. Sylvester StitMnan, Kingsley, and her daughter Marilyn Joan are here for two weeks at John Erpeidiiig's. Mrs, Stitzmnn was Blandina :Erpeldlng. Among state fair visitors last week were Hugh Black and Aloysius Erpelding. 13th fair FREE for high school freshmen was held at the -• . schoolhouse Friday evening. There '„??, m , * bli is a class of about 36 entering high I s wlllle he -«1,_,,1 .i.... r_,, cuLCllllfc, U.feJl e] . nn , pTlt t-,,,,1. Leader. The parents live in towiv and the elder Mr. Russell is bookkeeper for a creamery there. Glon, second youngest \, 'j , bllde was boi ' n >" Wesley a " was graduated from the Wes, ounges Russell Jf ty ] ligh , s , ch ? 01 in 1932 . and from boy, was frozen to death five years J °«eph s Mercy hospital in Ma school this fall Other Burt News. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Chipman and three children, Milwaukee, Wis., and Howard and Vera Chipman, of Mason City, spent the week-end with their father, E. O. Chipman. The Owen Chipmans came with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jonas, who visited at Roy Clark's. Mrs. A. B. Graham and Mrs. Alva Barr, Webster City, and the Mar- j*.\,n LU UCCILU j.ive years *,. ru* "^«i.ni.ai m ma- blizzard in the Black , • i • aS a nurse in 1935 - since he was drivinc a e-nv-' " . _ tlnie she has followed the at Mason City a gov = -—- ion Robinsons, Council Bluffs, called at J. D. Graham's and J. G. Sewick's Saturday. Mrs. A. B. Graham ie an aunt of Mr. Graham and Mrs. Sewick, and the others are cousins. Mrs. W. E- Grover, Mrs. Verald Smith, Milwaukee, and Mrs. Sarah Stahl visited last Thursday at Pat Rasmusson's at Pomeroy. They brought the little Rasmussen boy home with them, and his parents came after him Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fields, of Metcalf, 111., visited from Friday to Sunday at W. E. Brace's. Mr. Fields worked for Mr. Brace many They were entertained Saturday at G. E. "" —«*»»»*tl ** S"»«liiirilv» ernment truck loaded with explo- i f, g P r sives. i all ° Algona. The Russell family formerly liv-K,' M ^, Farnum wa s graduated from „dricksburg high school in He attended Upper Iowa un- |ed near Irvington,'and Mr. Russel taught school several years in . -we. o.uwa uu- this vicinity. Other children are y ers ' tv at Fayette and the state Vardell and Helen, who live near i tea . ers coll ege at Cedar Falls Jamestown, N. D.; Clarence, of i majonn S in athletics. For the Livermore; and Margarite, a nurse' past year he was employed at Alin Virginia. ffo " a - >"eiv.s of Andrews Family— Mrs. Nellie Andrews, and her son David, accompanied by Mrs. V' ""• ^"'"""is aunt and uncle, L. C. Schichtl and the latter's son Mr - and Mrs - W. J. O'Day. Those r - •"" -' "'--' "• 'Present included the bridal party gona. The couple left after the ceremony Monday for Fredricksburg f ° r a Bedding dinner at the home of Mr. Farnum's aunt and uncle, Gerry, all of Staples, Minn., came Sunday for brief visits with relatives, going back this week Tuesday. They were accompanied on •* •" *«i** |/CV1 (,J( and Mrs. Tom Gordon, of Waterloo, John. Oskarson, of Waterloo, Ella Craine, of Fredricksbure Ml« QV«/J Hf« n T» . 1 .... _ . were accompaned on ' ane, o rericksburg the return trip by Mrs. Andrews' i Mr - and Mrs. Bernard Yeoman of mother, Mrs. Nina Schichtl, who !AI S°na. will spend several weeks there. [ lTf >ey are making their home at Dona, eldest daughter of Mrs. An- LeMars where they are editing a drews, was to enter the Staples Daily Reminder. Several social hospital for an appendectomy this courtesies were extended the cou- week Wednesday. Opening of a'?? e her e at Wesley prior to their school which she ie to teach has n ?arriage. been postponed till she recovers.] 3fuke Visit Here— The Richard Tiedemans, Marquette, Mich,, arrived last week Wednesday to visit Mrs. Tiedeman's mother, Mrs. Nina Schichtl, years ago at dinner * d'-c S. **«uii a m\ji,A.i^;i t iTii; Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wickwire andiat'M. L. Honey's, son, Des Moines, spent the weekend at J. H. Graham's. Mr. Wickwire is Mrs. Graham's brother, and Harold is his son. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Patterson and Mrs. Patterson's mother, Mrs. Albert Stensrude, Lake Mills; returned Sunday from a few days' visit with Mrs. Patterson's sister at Rockford, 111. Mr. and Mrs. John Bellson and Carl Gesbeck visited over the week-end and Labor day at the Edw. Thaves home. Mr. Bellson is a color expert Printing Co. . for the Hall P. D. will be laid for a fried chicken supper Wednesday, September 21. Other Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Loris Crawford, to get Minneapolis, came YOU WILL BE INTERESTED IN THIS TRUE TELEPHONE STORY • A telephone user told us the telephone saved his family travel expense at the rate of $7.35 a month over and above the cost of telephone service. This figure is probably low as h<? figured only 2'/ 2 cents a mile for travel. And he didn't add anything for time saved, which often is a big item. Besides saving and making money the telephone helps to make life more enjoyable in every way — keeps you in constant touch with friends and relatives, brings news, in- ^itations, good times. In just one case of fire, accident or sickness, it may be worth more to you thab it costs in a lifetime. • * • If you don't hove a telephone, write us or when you are in town drop in the telephone office for information about the service. Mrs. L. F. Eighme and son Lucius, Shannon City, and Dorothy Templeton, Des Moines, brought Alice Eighme here Saturday and visited till Sunday at Mrs. Maude Hanna's. Rachel Clapsaddle, now employed as a social worker at Knoxville, and Will Gildner, Mason City, visited Sunday with Rachel's parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle. Mrs. John Boom and three chil-, dren, of George, visited from Tuesday to Friday at R. F. Hawcotfs. Mrs. Boom, who was formerly Nora Schuldt, once taught here. William Elvidge accompanied his brother Charles and the latter's son Roy, of Marshall, Minn., to Rowley Saturday to spend the week-end with relatives. Harold Nelson, Waterloo, came to spend the week-end at S M Peterson's and to take home his wife and son David, who had been visiting her parents. The Rev. J. M Doms preached at Lone Rock Sunday evening and declared that pulpit vacant, the) Rev. Mr. Ahrend having accepred another pastorate. The Legion and Auxiliary was to meet Tuesday at O. H. Graham's. Mrs. G. C. Giddings and Mrs. G. P. Hawcott were assisting hostesses. Mrs. Kenneth May and little eon, kmmetsburg, spent Sunday night and Monday with Mrs. May's parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. G. Sewiclf The R. A. Bleichs and Mildred Putz visited Mr. Bleich's mother and sister, Mrs. Oscar Anderson, at New Richland, Minn., Sunday. • Mrs. Allie Brunson, who had spent several weeks here visiting Mrs. Delia Carroll, left Sunday fo? Lake Mills to visit her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bahling took the George Schroeders back to Ames Sunday, where George is a student at the state college. Mrs. J. W. Dorrance and her mother, Mrs. Sarah Stall', aad Mrs. R. L. Cogdill spent Friday afternoon at W. E, Grover's. Richard Chjpman, employed in Minneapolis, spent Sunday and Labor,day with hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chipman. Because of the county fair Aid is postponed to next Wednesday &t- " at, the cliurclj.. .. erea rapiaiy ana was able to be- "»«<:,>• o, umi- aurt, spen. gin school Monday. He now gets I i?^ week with her grandparents n rnmifi w{+?i/\ii-t *^.« «i^ «* ^ i_i. I -Mr. and Airs. Roni€ Robifion. The Rev. A. English preached Sunday oii Borrowing Trouble, us- ed the return trip Saturday **„„„, planning to visit other relatives at Dubuque and Milwaukee en route. Mrs. Tiedeman is the former Maud Schichtl. Boy Who Was Shot BecoTers— Gerald Frankl, who was accidentally shot in the thigh by his brother a few weeks ago, recovered rapidly and was able to begin school Monday. He now gets around without the aid of a crutch or cane and does not limp. Mrs. Hansen Hurt in Fall- Mrs. Anna Hansen has been at her son R. Hansen's several days, recovering from a recent fall down basement steps in which she suffered a head wound. Lonnings Buy Waukon Farm— . Mr. and Mrs. Lonning recently returned from a several days vacation. Besides visiting relatives at Eagle Grove, they purchased a farm near Waukon. Fried Chicken Supper Planned— The Aid will meet next week Thursday at the church, and plans in and around Algo- Marie teaches east Cedar Falle, who of Galbraith and boards with her sister. Mrs. Frank Asa here, spent Saturday and Sunday with another sister, Mrs. Andrew Beck, Algona. Beverly, youngest daughter of Vernon Robison, employed at Roscoe Mawdsley's, ,near Burt, and Mrs. C. A. Wain at Clarksville next Sunday. Mr. Wain is a former M. & St. L. station agent and State bank cashier here. Ijcares for Eastern Tour— cinity. Lafe Griffin, West Concord, Minn., spent last week at J. A. Johnson's. He lived many years here and at Algona. 'Russell Kelley, Algona, also visited the John- Luela Blumer left last week son's. Wednesday for a tour in the east. | Dick Potter, Algona, spent last shn was accompanied by her sister week at Hugh Raney's a ug aney H . barah as far as Chicago, where Mrs. Hugh Raney spent Friday pleasing users is a habit d BLACK ARROW S-P GOAL Inherent high quality; refined by hydro-washi™ ' and mechanical cleaning; screened into con venient, ready-to-use furnace, small egg stove and stoker sizes. * Removal of dust and unbumable foreign matter brings less ash, stepped up heat, improved bum- ing quality and less furnace tending. PRICED TO INSURE LOW HEATING COST, PHONE US FOR FULL PARTICULARS." PHONE 229 A MEW FLAVOR! In Home-Grown Quality Meats... , ing as. text;, David said in his heart one day I shall die by the hand of Saul.—I Samuel, 27:1. Jimmy Scuff ham spent a few days la,st week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Scuff- ham. The K. P. Roneys and Mrs. A McLean were business visitors ai Mason Gity Friday. •Donald Frankl left Saturday to PPAtlnue studies at Trinity college, Sioux City. BROQD SOWS—IP YOU HAVE one or more tor sale just make it known in an,,Advance Want Ad Did you visit our booth at the Pair to see us make that wonderful insulation— ZONOL1TE All-MINERAL » FilEflOOF . VMMIMtftOOF • IQTtBOOF It is remarkable bow the fair visitors accepted this most modern insulation. If you didn't get your job. figured call us and let us give you a price on your job. 256 Jim Pool BRAND £^^*££* s±,str£^ ^!&?aM^:-'?E£ssss?S Packing Company. Within the have to serve them 8 h^pa,e of 4^. it h*.^ Ch^ o; di^ S'S quired a national reputation for. yon will *ee wW'L - •*? producing ^ filM?rt uHfai SJnUSJtalS 1 *?^^ frp.li pork cuta obtainable. Folks b^££tt*W^tt all over the country are n*de S« L W "I ?!" **** #»****« hfppl^r at, their breakfast or dinner table with these quality pork be in the electric branding *ith the name "Tobm* on every onei of our Frankf urts. Honestly we believe one taste of product* that came froin out here. Now we. have added to the building* comprmug our model plant M> that we can supply housewives throughout tfcowntry wHh Fr^u^' •*!"*•'*•' qualify; Sausage ProdiTctf Sf P?!?* T "** Smoke* ftfeats, Q^,™-' * W P ***»* Comn* "choice cuts of Fresh If y<Hif haven't eaten Htm, tlte »«•( >liciou. ever , b •« ta^er you 4o»H *** cut J! •»•*«' __ T . ^^„ j:•- JAC1C- ., SPBAT STOJIE, Algoaa, Iowa. HOOD'S I. G. A, STOBE, A|, gona, Jewa. MOE Si 8JOGBEN, AJgona, U, Al . erwore, Iowa, THE PACKING co, INC. DODGE, IOWA

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