Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 12
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY **• B> rt - - QUAttTON & MILLEK Law Offices. Faones: Office 427, residence 81* Algona. Iowa. J. L. nONAll Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office phone 460-W. Algona, town SULLJ7AN, McMAHON & LI9NAH 3. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahoc L. E. Linnan Attorneys-at-Law 0«lce In new County Mutual Blda Phone: Office, 261. Algona, Iowa HARRINGTON & LOWE Attorneys-at-Law K. J. Harrington - J D 1100110 2 " R.'j. H ; 44f B. J. TAN NESS, O. W. STILLMAJ Lawyers Office in new Heise Block. LOEBIGS, OF WESLEY, HAVE fiEROGETHER Wesley, Aug. 30—A Loebig reunion was held Sunday at a Mason City park, and attending were the Edw., Victor, and Myra Loe'"•?s, the Charles Ken-ins family --gene Loebig; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Arndorfer, St. Benedict- Ruth ^'M?''^' W ,elter, hcr children, ana the Al Doughmis, Corwlth • Mr ind Mrs. John Huber, Buffalo Con-' er; the Jos. and Fred Doles, El- lorn; niul the Barney Doles Iiule- tendence. rethodbt Aid Niimes Officers- The Methodist Aid met last week ednesday « t the church ected officers: Mrs. Arlo Dawon, reelected president; Mrs. P 4ayne, reelected vice preside nh,\ MM?* Krnus - replacing Mrs ohn Mullin, scretary; Mrs. Ammon Lease, treasurer. A gift wis presented to Mrs. Mullin, who ]s mov lng to Corwith. The AU will hold a business meeting this week Wednesday at the church, Mrs Charles Kraus and Mrs. Wilbu I'lsher serving. KOSg§»P K COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA Here Are Two Spectacular Stunts by the Suicide Club Kossuth O. D. Shumway E n SHUMWAY & KELLY' Attorneys-at-Law Hutchison Building. Algona, low* A. WINKEL Coanty Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Hutchison Building. Phone 180 HIHAM B. WHITE Attorney-at-Law Hutchison Building. where Jerry will enter the school of aeronautics. They wif be accompanied by "Buddy" E\v- ing, Sioux City, who will enter r.^t tSallT K°^tudycom- c- ine senior Aldriches . ,j~." '" e a way a month nnv Aldrich will substitute for on a rural mail route. (Two Girls to Tench— e, Sunday evening. Anna' Richer has returned from Cedar Falls (where she attend** summer in P. A. DANSON Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J; Reg. 315 Boone W*&®' Opening Day September 6 A, HUTCHISON (deceased) DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISO* Attorney D -at-Law Security State Bank Bldg. Phone 251 Algona, lown MAUBICE C. McMAHON Attorney-at-Law Office in Heise 325 n Jn Famil >' Picnic- „ attended: the J P <an, &-f~S~'*&S* •vesiey, j. B Onroo Minn. ' es ' Farewell for 3 JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Ottice over Rexall Drug store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 C. H. CRETZSIEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 a .. Iowa MELTIN G. BODBNE Physician and Surgeon Phones: Office. 197; residence. 194 DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist Office in New Call Theatre Bldg Phones: Business, 166; Res., 788 Algona, Iowa GBO. D. WALRATH, ». D. s/~ General Dentistry Pfcoae 80 Algona, Iowa Leo Studers leave Wesley— Ihe Leo Studers have moved to •*• "* "W^ll but our guess should1 fly thi«» 6Ulue W1I1 bers of the "Suicide Club" gratification of thrili title of this picture, feel so good if they i driver's face. Mein- almost daily for the a/tV ~v* stunt wln be but at the Kossuth County Fair ~. uc iciurjieu Saturday from two weeks- at Blairsburtr and Jewell. Rnaaiio AI«- . J? .: Alne Friday tn~- at Bancrof t with her father, who is a carpenter on new_ parochial schoolhouse there visited _ thJ ™ John the Edw. Yonngwirths, Whitte- f n ,? a £ and the Jolin s 'ye"took home Delores Young- and Earl Styer - wh ° ^d vif- ited them several weeks. Mr. and Mrs William Martinek have returned from a ten day tour ThpVn, d aCk HiUs Vla Neb ^ska. They made stops at several places Four on .Fishing Tacation- Rufus , . and William Erd- Wta- W iffi' trf Tom caon, with the daughter Patricia, drove to Charles City Sunday for- a re- nnton of Tom's mother's people, son Harold „- WordenV,. frs. D. T. Hobson arid returned last week 20 DAREDEVIL DRIVERS. *• one Thursday fronTa Tew days wHh Mrs HV.K,,—i- .1 , uays Wltn „, — ' «»«n a, iew Da Mrs. Hobson's brothers a? alltown, Hubbard; and Union. TUT Hans Koestl'ers,. the R E Moyers, and lone Moyer spent Mr - and Mrs. O. H. Graham, Mr M rS ' ¥ W ' B «tt<"ter, and 1 Mr M r f' *•„*• c »*n»n went toi Moines Sunday for a few days' Har ° Id Graham's and to attend the state fair. ' , Mr - and Mrs. E. C. Bierstedt, ac- Jompamed by Mr. Bierstedt's eis- mpr' t £' A?° se Barto and ^^ Bierstedt, Algona, left Ttresday for a cpuple of weeks with relatives at Fargo, N. D., and Sioux Falls Wednes., Thurs., Sept. 7 and! 2 Big Days of Harness Races The Samuel Alnes and Mrs. Edwards housekeeper at the A; M. 5 /° Ve to M»anesota Mrs/Edwards visited at A ' nes at P, ™ s a u °e S n. The Carl Thompsons, Ivanhoe ' j G/rl i s Mother- Forest of KABL R. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in New Helse Bldg Phones: Office 44, res. 116 DR. C. D. SCHAAP Dentist Algona, Iowa Hutchison Building. Phones: Bus. 133. res. 174. Mother and Babe Home— -—-.. Monday. She had there emce birth of a son weeks before. ~Tlan 8 one , . ., as B« D "rward Mbores, of Cedar Rapids, visited from Friday io Sun- a n ^^rward'i parents, Mr. SSJ^f ' o U i M °° re - The Leonard f f? •»?' Bode ' also s Pent Sunday at the Moore home- The Quinn Albrights, Des Moines, visited' at C. C. Smith's Sunday, and Jean Albright remaln- or a few at F - L. Pratt's. mt, r I,: JD "•'• *• •"• traits. Pt,f^?r 1 S and ^ ls .. s p ent sun- been two Auxiliary will hold a membership party neVMonday and a membership will be awav. A m,n,,,,7: ,. . e will VETERDfAKUNS L. W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street, Algona Themes: Office, 475-W; Res., 475-H Other Wesley News. 'cousins, Mrs. Edw Lewis, f Betty, and Mr. KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL DJSUBANCE ASSOCIATION $19,000,000 worth of insurance in force, A home company. Safe, se- •ure. p. p. Paxson, Secretarj LOA3VS AND INSURANCE HURTAGH & SON Loans Insurance and Itonds Hutchison Building Phone 105 Real Estate ° U an> m mother, Mrs. The Frank 'Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kopel the r Loretta been , - -••- ••- "»^**i.uo, caring for — s rather, who was sick ,^± ate -* enned * »* d ^ Sun- The'ReV: and Mrs.. J. M. Doms got home Friday from a week or t, two with relatives at Henry and i- WatertowB, ff. D., and services at . Mathaas family *r 0 J"™?r^™°*™* w «?e re- Center Sunday for The O. F.' Kraushaars visited from Friday to Sunday at Cecil Me Donald's, Slbux City she attend^' " § Base Ball Wednes. - v« Bancroft Lion, r uP- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jurgens. The women are sisters Cedar ^ ,, ^ j Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Loebig . . mun Loebi have given up their apartment a g ° nandare ' T ?. m McM ahon will enter her bridge club this w°ek Thursday at its first meeting since spring. Yonr Money's Worth in BEAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE LOANS, AND INSURANCE JOEL M. HERBST Office OTer la. State Dk. Phone 93 Algona, Iowa See D. D. PAXSON 1 For Town Dwelling, Household Goods, and Automobile Insurance Do not neglect your policy for often loss occurs when insurance lapses. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADYANCE Weekly Newspaper Founded to 1901. Entered as Second - Claas Matter December 31, 1908, at the Postofflce at Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2, 1879. were Mrs. Neuroth'a Mrs. Anna Vanderah, of Mmn, and the l at ter'» two ada. northern Mr and Mrs. Julius Kunz, with two daughters, attended the state ---- Diekmanns and the Carl Franzens were there Sunday the Clarence Wards, Friday Mullins has a booth to di brid seed corn for the Seed Co. at Corwith. Mr and Mrs. Frank Lindenmey- i, of Hammond, Ind., arrived Monday to visit the former's mother. Mrs. Mary Goetz, and other relatives. Delia Goetz, Washfngtor •rivort Sn«/i«,, A Q __! ., . Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Charles Froelich were at their daughter Mrs? Eugene Huber's, Algona, Sunday. n 11 ™ , Benton and Edith and Delia Welter have returned from a three weeks tour in the West ald and Don- «t Ti * ""*~° o."" xveuuein uon- ovan left Monday for two days of fishing at Rapidan, Minn. Mrs. August Engstrom will en- tertaln the Priscilla Phoebe soc'efy this week Wednesday. The Lawrence Hansens were at Thompson Sunday, dinner guests at Orland Anderson's. A number of Wesley people attended a Catholic festival at Pocahonta a last week. Mrs. ™ Ward> h er Tom and Clare. . L. F. Wingert spent last aterlo ° wltb fa er sons »•••••»••• *»»•»»»» BLANK NOTES 25—In Pad—25c —Alao-- Clittttel Mtg. Notes Pub. Co. eFo>t Dodge Saturday and brought back Mrs Eldon Waldbillig, and Edw. Waldbillig • The Ward ly llved Wards"" 6 Mrs. Raymond Haneen Airs Lawrence Hansen, two children, Mrs. De Spence Bentley, daughter Ardls, Mrs. Milton OlddinS and the latter's two children attended S? n ,^, ld . ery club meeting at M . rs - Grl«in's at Algona last week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lemkee, Irvington, and Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Abbott, Chicago, were entertained at J. T. MeurerVlast week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Meurer called on the Lemkees Sunday Wend p (t f, ,. Kunz eight girls Friday. and entertained Donald — Glamen, and i, Milwaukee, vis- , wauee, vs- ited Saturday and Sunday at C. S. '' BURT d Mrs ' ' aen, w' ^ nn " Vl6lted from Saturday Monday at R. F. Hawcotfa. Mr. . Mr 1Z *" to »- awoott'B brother Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen, 41 and Mr - and Coma's. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olson and their daughter Letha were Mason City visitors Monday. Letha called at a hospital for further treatment of her nose. The members of the U and I Circle and their families had an an. tfual picnic at the Ambrose A. and Can- Call park Monday. The Rev. W. G. Muhleman, district superintendent, will hold the last quarterly conference of. the year at the Methodist church next Sunday evening. The Moore Mattress Co. hae rented the vacant Stow building on Main street. Employes of the firm are living in four trailer houses near the Shell service station Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Thompson attended the state fair Sunday. The A. G. Volentines are driving The Paul Macauleys,'Mrs. Mary Steward, and the Jack Hennings, M e ° na = J lslted at Hollandale, Minn., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bleich vis- ted friends at Marcus Sunday The Rev. and Mrs. John Brandt, Dorchester, Wis., with four children, were dinner guests Monday at the Rev. L. Richmanu's. Mra. Brandt is a cousin of Mr. Rica- mann. La. Vorine Grlese returned Friday from Iowa City, where ahe had epent a few day s at the university hospital. Barbara Thompson went down Friday for treatment at the hospital. • Florence Hash, who had been employed at the J. W; Porrance home a year, left for her home at flrti»«ri4-li Qn *•»*•«!«_. «« •«•" '.' . "- tils has Friday, Sept. 9th THRILL DAY Fe atoing ,Mil. and .pill, by member. SUICIDE CLUB See "The Suicide Club" ih act' driving . . . motorcycle race. . .^ 8en8ational Rollover car . . . stunt A Singing, Dancing Revue Each tveninar ATHREEHOURSHOW 5a - AB EAUTIFUL GIRLS-50 f £ Cwioad of Scenery, tne most spectacular show* on the road thit Madden, MAMMOTH CARNIVAL and Wall, United Show* ~™"*""*< «* ? V>%«* f *Vi |i Corwitb Saturday. ww ww the State Teachers \ college fall. Shirley Marlo^, who ha ?^ n !i?',^^2«»^^ will % are Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Anderson and May Vanderllp, Dow», Harris Sunday i tend school at Dubuque Jensen) The Rev. I* i^amtaa w " S W n a 7. 8U S? er «w«8t»"»t Rev. *' w and Mrs. P. J. Braa,«, AJgoaa, were also there.- * ^ •s^ss^SS5555S5 RnlBwfVA^J |?.iL.*L», r± ' _^ ^ Exwb,t Q,,,^. .PICNIC OROVNBS ._. M.I. Buy Your Season ft i* ™— sww * •miiiiiuiuiuu.......... ___ *Vm FlOW Save t !i«' rfi^

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