Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1938 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 11
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^•^^•WBV^^^^' — —VT^^^^MH iproved Farms IFOR SALE KOSStJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA eed, $32,000. Wcrs, Kossuth coun- Smiles south o£ No. lea. build- , Wlnhehago ps~i&--si 1 $20,000. •1310—Peterson, Pocahontas county, 160 acres, 7 miles west, 1 mile north of Pocahontas. All ditch iissessmonts paid. Buildings recently reconditioned. Rural school across road. Price, $17,600. 6418—Stonltos Henry, Kos- siith county, 320 a. Adjoins section on pavement. 300 a. tillable. Good buildings. Price, $32,000. 8187—Dale, Humboldt Co. 240 a. 2% miles N. K. of •Bode. Good livestock and grain farm. Price ?22,800. Former Fenton Girl Married Sunday LLOYD SUNDE, ESTHERVILLE, IS BRIDEGROOM Famous Band Leader To Come Here re other farms in Northern Iowa and South- nnesota for sale at reasonable pricss on long hntracts to responsible purchasers. Let us Me number of acres and county in which you lerested. NTRAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 111 (Mutual) nsurancc Exchange Building, DCS Moincs, la. |C. F. Mawss, Field Representative, Milford, la. ission paid to licensed realtors. Ponton, Aug. ;)0—At St. John's Lutheran church Sunday evening at 8 Edna Theesfield, Armstrong was married to Lloyd Sundc, Estherville, the Rev. II. W. Kabelitz performing a double ring ceremony in the presence of many relatives ami friends. As the couple took places before a flower-decked altar, Tusueldsi Kabelitz played the wodding march from Lohengrin. The bride wove white silk lace over white satin with train and cap-shaped veil trimmed with lace, with long train. White sandals completed her costume, and she carried pink tea roses and baby breath. Alice Sunde, sister of the bridegroom, maid of honor, wore a blue not floor length, gown with white accessories and carried yellow gladioli and white asters, With ferns. Viola Struecker, bridesmaid, was gowned in a pink lace, floor length, dress with white accessories, and carried blue delphiniums and white asters with ferns. The bridegroom was attended by his brother Raymond and Howard Mitchell, both of Estherville. Harnard Jentz were ushers. Follow- Believing that a good show can be made a better one with good music, 'Diamond Revue," coming to the Kossuth County Fair, includes as one of its features a ten-piece band, with Don Tranger, well known to readers of Robert Rlpley's "Believe It or Not" as the,man who plays three trumpets at one time in 3- part harmony. First Annual PEWRITER SALE ow muc l|OU C3 .,$ the rest of August and till Saturday, Scpteiu- hnth we are going to hold our first annual type- |r sale. During this period we are going to offer lew portable typewriters at a substantial dis- ]to cash buyers I Our stock Is now large and we rdering a number of brand spanking new mod- jfill our stock ifor this sale. Come in now and your choice. The following is a list of the type- Jrs which we handle and from this list you can lyour pick to fit your personal touch, make of *ine, or to fit your pocketbook. M. E. Otterness, Mr. and Mrs. Will- Lutheran League convention in last week to accept a position as iam Julius Anna Finn, Gladys 'Estherville Friday to Sunday eve- teacher in No. 3, Irvington town- Sieichter, Miriam Ter Veer, and ning. ship, where a vacancy was caused Edith Dahl. i Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt by the recent manage of Eleanoi I entertained at dinner Sunday, the enkins to Ronald Gardner, Plum lAirt Gets Two Invitations— '(Martin Meyers, Algona, and the Creek. nm-ri Tont, „ „ IT ii I "The Methodist Aid has 'been in-j "Henry Laucks, West Bend. ' I Mr. and Mrs. George Hackman ,?J H, \ I ushers. Follow- vited to a t day ftt Seneca tnls Tne Rev and Mrs j. G . water- and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geige ng the ceiemon> a reception was k Thursday and anot her at man spent from Sunday afternoon, drove to Fort Dodge Monday to ac- lheld at the home of the brides. night, and Monday with Mr. Wat- tend a family reunion. nvril linr Pin vnnr>n A +iiir»_orvii rco 1 *-k*i. A _ T7»«* nn . "'&"*•! w.**** "... .-»*• tr* , 1 . , , brother Clarence. A two-course Other Fenton. III till SJl/Cll L 11 LMli OU11UC1..T eii.i,Ci**v»w*M "' " - ** ^ »« — -. w • L, .U-UUQV >•*. night, and Monday with Mr. Wat- tend a family reunion, lermonn's sister at Ackley. i Mrs. Kithcart and her family I Fred Wolters, Arlington, Neb., recent visitors at Thad Wick at A. R. teacner j n the local parochial wire's, have returned to the! juiuiuui ^uireiiuo. ji LVVU-UUUISB i Uincr renton. i luncheon was served at one long Armstrong next Tuesday. table centered with a three-tiered Sunday dinner guests at A. K. ' teacher j n the local parochial wire's, nave return wedding cake. Dining room and wmr ett's were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lutheran school, came Friday to home at Belle Plaine. table were decorated with pink and Schwartz, son Clarence, and Mr.' atw c s la mer's. I blue crepe paper and garden flow- and Mv s. John Wibben, all o£ La- i '. -. ' ers. Table waiters were Elma kota Mr> and Mrs. Frank Seeley, —— ~~ Krueger, Lone Rock, and Maxine Algeria, and a daughter of Algona .Tfiiitz and Herthn. Rulinkfi. Fenton. ,. c.,„,!„,. n -,, a v,; n iy • Hinnor LOW-COS PER-MILE ... and YOU can get it with STANDARD RED GROWN THE LONG MILEAGE GASOLINE '•• — "a**-1 —~»»w AVUW..., it.»u *.*«,..-.~« ^tigona, iinu ci ucniuuLei UL ixiowm* ^^ Jf^U i lf~\ 1 ^ I ' I * Jentz and Hertha Ruhnke, Fenton. were Sunday evening • dinner f\jL»rl JvyllN I The bride is the daughter of Mr.' guests o f Mr. and Mrs. W. J. ' ' and Mrs. Cbarles Theesfield, Arm- Weisbrod. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. L — ~~_ strong, formerly Fenton, and she -Weisbrod and their daughter Flo- Ruth, Robert, Everett, and i.ve- attended the Fenton high school. I ren ce visited Margaret Dorweiler ] yn Black, with Jack Long, Al- When the family moved near Arm-I and otner friends at West Bend ' "' l " J strong she attended the Dolliver Saturday. Miss Dorweiler is a for- liifrVi «nhnr»l frnm wVlipVl cVia •wn« __. _ . TT* A i T . high school, from which she was graduated in 1937. The bridegroom, son of Mr. and mer Fenton teacher. Mrs. Edw. Weisbrod and her gona, drove to West Concord, Minn., Sunday to visit Mr. arid Mrs. Irving Urch. •Milton and Eunice Burlingame,' o . »u ui* vuu "i ~.w, , IVil S. J-t\l W. KV GIOUJ. UU- ciuv* .tiii* J.YJLII.HJ11 a,uw ij*»j.i*v*v* *-»«. »»» o »»» —, The bridegroom, son of Mr. and daughter .Ethel visltied Klemme Wayne Wickwire, and Josephine Mrs. Nels Sunde, Estherville, was relatives last week Thursday to'.Eisenbarth attended the state fair •graduated from the Estherville Saturday. .Mr. and Mr. Milton - 4 1 ~>"- '**"<•"<"• i<vfHav high school, and for the last sev-' "Weisbrod attended the state fair eral months he has been employed Saturday to Monday. Henry Gill, in the Orleans grocery Estherville, dau gi,tcr Shirley, son Robert, Mr. whprp lip. hn« pharep. nf meats. < 1 iur..« nn^^o-^ rirtofooli otiri Mva , an( j M,. S . George Goetsch, and Mrs. where he has charge of meats. ^ Immediately after the reception A~~J. Kennedy" attended the fair the couple left for a week's tour p r iday to Monday, i,, vric»o,,H Th 0 v w ni HVP n t F.B-I Ml . • &nd Mrg j w Madden, of at Des Moines Friday. Mrs. J. F. Black has returned from Iowa City, where she visited her daughter Mary. Ruth Black began teaching at Mallard Monday. This is her second year ,.._ —,..-_ — _-. _ - .rnuaj w ^u^uaj. primary, teacher there. in Missouri. They will live at Es-1 Mr ; an(1 Mrs. J. W. Madden, of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigel took therville. 'Haifa, were Sunday dinner guests their daughter George Anne to Attending the reception were Mr. at Jos- Madden's. J. W. is Joe's j Gushing Saturday for first year as and Mrs. Charles Theesfield, Mr. f a ther. Lavonne Madden, Adeline music teacher. ™r>A Tu^t. T Actni. fTnooofioirt Arm- T.__I_! a t7i..:~,, -\r~AAnn *v.ft Mrs. Clifford Aalfs, Sioux City, and Mrs. Dick Wight, New Mexico, visited their grandmother, Mrs. Eva Gardner, Iaet week Tuesday. Edmund, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, had an appendicitis operation at the General hos- auu mrs. injuries IUCCTMICIU, tm. f a tner. Liavonne Maoaen, Aaeimu and Mrs. Lester Theesfield, Arm- Perkins, and Vivian Madden, the strong; Mr. and Mrs. Nels Sunde, i a tter of Haifa, spent last week at, Nina Lillian and Merle Sunde, Jack tne Qkohojis. Loie and Maynard Sill, Kenneth Swanson, Lola Rid- Dorow, Garner, spent last week at 1n» n 1. A Vn *VlQ»*ln£l MVfTQvH oil flf »r T^ _ »»l. _#n«,p> oill, xvciiii^Lii o vr aiiiauii, j-t\jio, *m» JJO1OW, IjttlHei , open ler, and Katherine Nygard, all of Henry Berghofer's. Estherville; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lavonne Newel spent several pital, Algona, Friday. •Pauline : Black, who had been engaged to teach a rural school in sare eight models of Remington portable type- Ire from which to choose, priced at ^•^ (} $54.50, $59.50, |6^i ?73.50, $79.50 and Three of these models are noiseless. Let us [you our special cash sale price. READ THE AD$ Along With the New* Royal Typewriter Company has four _ a oice.^^^^^.lb, $42.50, $54.50 and W. This is a wonderful typewriter and a favor frtth-many,- Ask for our special cash sale price. lisinervuie; mi. auu mio. v/cn» IjaVOIine INBWei siieni severm Clausen, Welcome, Minn., daugh- oay ' s i ae t week with her cousin, ter Marlene; Mr. and Mrs. Hillard E Un i ce Johnson, near Fairville. Theesfield, Ringsted;' the Rev. K ar i Schwartz, Rockwell City, and Mrs. Kabelitz, daughter .Tus- spent Saturday and Sunday here gaged to teacn a rurai scnooi m nelda, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thoe w $tb his parents, Postmaster and Ix>tts Creek township," resigned field, sons Larry and Dickie, Mr. Mrs. J. A. Schwartz. ' ~ ~ and Mrs. Walter Jentz, daughter, Mr . alld Mrs. Ben Mitchell, Mr. Maxine, son Maynard, Marion Kip- an d Mrs. Sam Olesbn, Mr. and Mrs. fer, all o£ Fenton; Theodore Krue- Lars Finnestad, Mr. and Mrs. Ole ger, Lone Rock, daughter Elma, solberg, and the Solberg daugh-; son Harold. ter Esther are attending a Luth' eran convention at Eagle Grove | Icnrj- Arbogast, 77, Passes— Sunday to Thursday. Henry Arbogast, 77, Mannah, j^r. and Mrs. Jake Zweifel, and Minn,, died suddenly last week daughters Ardie and Iris, Mr. and Wednesday, following operation Mrs. clarence Menz, and the Menz for ruptured appendix. The funeral SOn Larry Lee returned Sunday was held Friday, at Mannah, arid from a f e w days of fishing at Nest from here attending were Mr. and Lake, near Sticer, Minn. They Mrs. Hans Baago, Mr. and Mrs. ma de good catches. William Huskamp, Mr. and Mrs. Tne R, G. Hengels attended the Ervin Huskamp, and Mr. and Mrs. sta t e fa j r Saturday, and Marian Clarence Arbogast. Henry, cousin and Virginia Hengel, who had of John Arhogast .here, epent sev- spen t a week with their uncle and eral months last summer and fall aunt( M r . and Mrs. Prince Roming- here, caring for Mr. and Mrs. John e ,, r accompanied the parents home. Arbogast. Mr. and Mrs. William Tne Melvin Kerns, Sexton, and Mullen and Mr. and Mrs. John Mr and Mrs. Dean Nellis, Ren- Shears, Plainview, Neb., who ai- w j c i ti we re Sunday dinner guests so attended the funeral stopped at at tne parental Carl Kern's, and John's Sunday, en route home, n osema ry Nellis went home with Sunday, Mrs. Mullen was'a sister ne r parents, after a week here. oE Henry. | Mr. and Mrs. August Lauck, El- 0 ' -• ..'.' „ t a , ma, spent several days last week Hetty Jean Sch'waWz Hostess— Herman Struecker'e, going ' Betty Jean Schwartz entertained tw week Wedne6 day. The Saturday at bingo and guessing st , ueckers we re Sunday dinner games, and each guest won ft EUeBts at John Katie's, Fairmont. prize. A two-course luncheon was 6 -- •" — - — - . • *,-•.., — served by Betty Jean and. her FOSTER'S FURNITURE Co, Issues A Cordial Invitation To The Public To Visit It's Booth At The Kossuth County Fair Next Week ,., Furniture ... Radios , *, Home Furnishings We Invite Your Inspection - In The Floral Hall HEADQUARTERS FOR QUAUTY AUTO NEEDS F Mrg , w Jetnz'e division of . John's Lutheran Aid met /at mother, Mrs, J. A. Schwartz, ana. Mi , g B c Fauerby'a las' week attending were Eunice Johnson, Wednesaay for se wing. Mrs. Emil Phyllis, Pauline, and Shirley Bierste dt and Mrs. Fauerby were Frank, Kathryn Ohm, Lavonne aR6lingllQ8teBfieSt Newel, Betty Ann Meyers, Dorothy .p rvin Kraiiae Js taking a vaca- Mueller, Phyllis McFall, Marian ^ from nls duties at the Krause Widdel, Anpa Marie Mitchell, Mh- meat marketi and he a nd Mrs. , (» 1U\*W*> *»»*f*»* -•-•"-• - - • a Weisbrod, and Mary Hpudorr, i Kmuse are spending part of this aertulrt family, and the . cylinder, Sunday. Mrs. SUPPLIES GOODYEAR V^ BATTERIES V SPARK PLUGS V LIGHT BULBS V FLASHLIGHTS V SEAT COVERS and Mrs. M. Miriam Brown. F«r«well for Britt Tegclier— Ilnel Goetsch entertained at two tables of hridge last week ursday evening in honor of mncM Bailey, who leaves. Sun- aTt" resume teaching at Britt. •rizes were givea according to mm *ach guest ^receiving a Attending were Mesdames H H. Widdel, Shelby . A. Goetsch, Frank ind Jt C. Goetech. ana *v. --- _ sewn! Hand Typewriter* secona hand typewriters are priced to sell. are in gooj couJition and are of standard office i ,NQ. j • g rrs ,— r ---------- __2'5.00 "" . faetp^l&e payment plans on all ^ &2««S»U!H» i DBH.J Jane Gebriel and Rose ! Ellen Whitlow, Armstrong, visited Saturday to Tuesday at Rose Ellen's grand-father Frank Bailey's and her aunt Frances Bailey's. Florence Weiabrod lelt Monday tor Des Moinee to resume school. She was accompanied by her mother, 1 Mr?. W. J. Weisbrod, who attended the state ^air. i The Archie, Qrse,pp,-'Fpre»t.City, were callers st • R. • C. Goetscn a H. C. I4ft<jge,y's Sunday. Mr, « 'in fn r mer.'manager -of • tne Eve,' Boeftoher to lay plans » trip to rear'and'engage a speaker. ^* ~.*i^*,g9§e,,a •egvlw meeting-' —*-«'<•""V...*.^ Friday with 'Mrs. y0^^^''Gwrmw G-3 Wh«o you start out with the new 1938 Goodyear G-3 All-Weather, you'll have the keen satisfaction of knowing that you have uoder you the w/f*/ tread mon«y caa buy — tb,e Goodyear (vttocipittr-lracttott tread! You'll know that you are riding on the tire that in 1938, for the 21rd cowtcutivtyter, i$ th« leader im |»op- ularity, salei, {xerformaqce. <»et » Wt today! " . for ICOOl |Summ«r _jR<rW»| v IIUTdVEIS E»H> cool, cUm, «;«•- fottakl*—hor» iw Iwtall •*«t coven, Fit «U «•>* —M— —— i_|_,| jl t WITH "unrriMP GUA^ANTUI" GOOOYEAR i a speak0r. 'At'*^ gone,,a weejt. •of the 'Ajwflfary.)^p r .%nd j«r«. Harlan awd . Samuel Warner, and Sfrs. i^lper »,«il4ft, «i,«( ? l,W<3irf a^4 M.r,a. ||d'|j r . ifd Mrs. Sigurd 01 rr^**A (rllAfiTA. <a««<iAM nHATl^ tttOt \UftfA"ftTla • |liP> ™ **MSa* *j3 r t"~ ri . _TjV?- John Gramenzwfre guestt ibstitntes »* I»e4yw*-~ . . Beatrice Kramer has charge ot the Ledyard telephone exchange this week while, Mjr.-an,4 W* P*£' nia Smith, proprietors, attend the state fair. Mrs. pynwnd TM55 ;?, tiling B^trice'e pJace .at the cal tglfphone o|tt<?S- ™-,J, Mr. „.„,*, RJ,fl8stea, WH „,. BW - w ». Sigurd Oleson, Spesa. spent; the we^k-ena »t the gtftte far. ^ T Creek/ at the J*ay / ffi $tw• HpiU) visited ner Bruhn, employed at the Stahmer's, Hi^tpn^ la .tl "T»An1^ wlfrli >VA«* n&r** CTs IK W^^P , r AY. A< tan «ii>ii 3S -""RrrrpTt? i'f h*? &&*^$%$Jii&f£s& -.,;:,. .. •> i , _ 'Ji*rr , ,' ny-.^t^ • iy * _ t ^ _ i ' , ''"v' ', .-" l : '^*fo/'^"^ *. - j.ti^&t^d&HillAi.V^fc^ KM^ . >•<-. <"S"T

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