Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 7
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1, of AH* H*-"*WV ng's ,d Shop lYy a peck I hundred - M-*» IhellS: KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA MANY MOVING AT LUVERNE TO NEW HOMES Lu Verne, Aug. 31—This week will see as much moving in Lu »'. II. KM Ml'. Field fti>f>r<>Nr>ntmi*«< Verne as is generally observed in March. The Dr. A. ,1. Kiisons are 1nc jwit,h horses. Herman thinks more farmers should farm with horses. pilot; per trs— fper doz. - per,doz. riegar, gal. • American moving to Algona, and the Albert Schneiders are moving into home which they purchased. C. 0. Smith moved to Mnnly last! rf t)uit wcre tne cas e there would week, where he will teach in the i 1)0 il better market for oats. Trac- high school. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert tors (1 ° not do w ell on oats, but French have moved into the house ; norses do. Herman showed us a When \vn called on Herman Mexican ,girls drowned a few Harms, north of Titonka, last week weeks ago he saw the crowd and Monday he had just come from the! thought there was a picnic. The field, where he had been plowing pit in which the drowning took place lies across the south line of his farm. He soon heard about the drowning. « * * * Rollie Steele, west of Lakota, owns the 160 acre farm on which tonka, was bidding on cal PAGE SEVEN •es. Geo. Luiiivci) vrno ijiuuui.£ uii \jtii v co, vc*J. H. Miller, west of Bancroft, was there too, and lots of others whom we did not have time to cqntact. * * * * C. W. Hamand, superint( the Grant consolidated had just , got home las t week Thursday evening from summer school at Minneapolis. H s school opens August 29. W. C Nelson, the custodian, former we 1 known Union township farmer, hoe the buildings all cleaned and -epainted Inside. The floor in the gymnasium is in especially fine siape. Mr. Nelson takes great pride in keeping the building and gr< unds in tiptop shape. Ted Gabel, 2% miles ndent of schools, north of dandy suckling colt. He lives up tojhp lives. He does the neighbor" ' raising his own hood threshing, and he said this .74* vacated by the Smiths. iThe John Phillips arc moving hls Ul eory by Into the apartments above the nol ' Hes > Looft meat market, and the Jo'hn I ' - -- - - Ramuses are moving into the 1 l Nick Koppen's, southeast of|own crops were drowned out. You was the wettest season he had ever threshed. Some 40 acres of his 24-29* 2-lb. 44* . AkW lamuuxsKi (VI iv 11IU f I Hf-, | f| ^\J L1IK ' ~ I. 1' —•• •• f «H/U u u» WLI.U b "«. I U TI »1 yj t W j/d >» Cl C UlUVYllGU UULi A'JU I property they purchased from Mrs. : I " lk()ta > list week Monday some re-Joan hear a story at every farm in . peaches While. Are Cheep Ollle Godfrey. Vehslage will house, where been living. Mi-, and Mrs. W. A.' decorating wa s going on at the 1 northeast Kossuth about this seas- live in the Wiese llouse - ."Nick" took time out for a | oil's wet weather. Some different the Ramuses dust Ledyard, was plowing Friday. The farm is owned by his father, Conrad Gabel, who iives a half mile south and owns 320 acres altogether. Ted and his wife hfve a boy and a girl, Jackie Eugei e, 3, and Marlene Marie, six months. !mve short vis "- w 'th ua ' 'He SE > f( l that]from a few years ago when i at leaat 20 acres of his crops were instead of water was on the I drowned out. this season. Why is| * «.' * * Evangelical WOIIIKII 3lci'l— |' L tllal - northeast Kossuth has hadj 'At Carl Trump's, southwest ofj.. The August meeting of the Evan-, so mucl1 more rain this season than Lakota, we found Mrs. Trump and' n H. W. Waterbury, 2% miles northeast of the Gran. school- She has been employed at the Kent garage, Algona, two yeavs. James O'Rourke, Britt, was a. business visitor here Monday. •Many from this neighborhood attended a miscellaneous shower at St. Cecelia's academy, Algona, Tuesday for Irene Capesius, who will be married soon. Ibert spent Sunday with Sister Mary Mathilda, Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thilges spent 'rom last week Wednesday till Saturday with Father C. R. Ernest, Akron. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuecker Whittemore now has only two acres toes. gelical Women's Missionary soci- neighborhoods right here in ^ y waa !l eld " a ^ Mrs. "ciulmrine the sa , m ° county? The farmers . He farms more formerly, Hampshire ±±^ P 'Z^^±: »w. ^' bred for Wg.. in pota- or stock has 50 Three Quality Is Fine" »s Food Shop hones 214-215 e. many quick deliveries. , me same county? The farmers canning last week Wednesday.! 0 "" 0 "'" w"/"I,," CtJ '"' .. -._ --.- Mrs.™"? Lakota h ^e literally had Mrs. Trump says she and her fam-1^ ^ W ^terbu,y W two Fred Merkle led the devotions and i!°., (lod P showevu all summer to ily get a great kick out of the farm g|.J"' Ba , d t nat ' tn ™ haTcompany, August Gade, the William Meyers, and Myrtle Barber, the latter of Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at Edwin Lieb's, Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Severin Opheim are parents of a girl, Irene Louise, born at the hospital here Sunday. Gregory Arnold, Garner, called at Arthur Heidenwith's Monday afternoon. Sick children are reported at the Samuel Mogler, Tom Schaller, and Ted Meyer homes. Theresa Duffy left for San Francisco, Sunday, after a month with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duffy Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Geelan, with the sons Jimmie and Jack, spent Sunday at the P. J. Schilz home, Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. John Salz, and Mrs. Leo Esther leader. Krilzemeler was Mrs. Merkle and lesson look aftev their E ern mountains. The sotvety was to 1 meet again Thursday atw. . ' l er's to avoid a conflict in dato with the county fair. them was driving a team to unload hay, while the other was working in the hay ioft. They said mother was at one of their sister's, news. Mr. Trump remarked that he might run in the foot-face at Lakota on Sauerkraut day this year. He always likes to joke. Tuesday. | One other year he claimed that he and one of t was going to climb the greased pole. At that time he told us about how he used to climb tall trees in , Germany when he was a boy. He j got 25c for every young chicken- T °D?Tnd i Mr" li R 0i L~C'orbiu ind ' I''"™ *°£? Th ° Be folks have * "no'hawk he could capture. The hawks Joan'K-eri, Srt^'Bi But S? H ^n i£tom ^'"W *" •>«* day on »in extended trip. They Wilma, 4, and Sharon, who is 3, Fairmont, and the chile ren were having a great time. * * * * F. G. Darnell, north (if Ledyard, was doing his evening chores when we saw him Friday. He was alone, for two daughters had (taken Mrs. Darnell to Blue Earth to catch a planned to go to Denver, possibly h . lyrack mounted HY I worms a . ICKEN DINNER! at Your Flock ' ith Dr. Salisbury's tfa-Caps (W. Lusby fcruggist, Algona .to Arizona and New Mexico, other places of interest They on in tall pines, there, Some trees grow to be 150 feet tall. have rubber an(1 tired wagon, and after the hay is West. Mrs. Herbert French is tak- in the loaded they pull the load in baa model A Ford. This does ing care of the doctor's office work I fnst work . Those Ma|ts Ms cer . and Dr. Beardsley, Lwermore, will itainly know farm work t make professional calls here. would climb them, and once when he had climbed a high one he found a snake in a hawk's nest. This frightened him, and he got down in a hurry. The Rev. A. F. Boese, the Lu. theran minister at Lakota, was not Otto Boettcher, southeast of El-'at home last week Wednesday. • .1 I -.- • . .__ . ( . ~ ' ~— — ».. V1 ^ UI , M* ,.,. tti, iiv/mti icio u »T ccn. TT cuiicouilj • Attenu Reunion at, .Mason ( i(y— ;more. was not at home when we Mrs. Boese said he was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hof and, called last week Tuesday, but was members of the church. There are daughter Thelma, Mr. and Mrs. Ir-!at his brother-in-law Fred Runks-lfour girls-and three boys in the train to Illinois, where was sick. Mr. Darnell farm land, but lives 01 and keeps chickens er stock. Ledyard F. B. Give Play Tomorrow A Farm Bureau mee an uncle rents his the placs, some oth- and Geraldine and Geraldlfte lory spent Sunday at the state fair, and Geraldine also called at her brother Edwin's. Raymond Kenne and Wilbur Hoeber spent the week-end at the state fair. • TRACTOR TIRE CHAINS Do not let wet weather interfere with your Fall plowing. We carry a complete line of tractor tire chains, Greenberg Auto Supply Women ing will be win Hof, Alfred and Florence Hof meier's, northeast of Elrhore, and Boese family: went to Mason City Sunday to at-1 they were getting a hay-stacker Ardis, Arnold, tend a family reunion at " Park. There were 55 present, coming from California and held at Mrs. Gus Kopiien's Friday at 2 p. m. The Ledyard women will, stage a play, Mflid Service, and taking part will be Mrs. Min- Henry" Margaret, I "«« Leste1 '' Mrs ' A H a Robert, Frances, East ready. Many farmers were haying:and Naomi. Mrs. Boese was doing last week, but north Kossuth "ainti some canning for Mrs. Jasper Nebraska, besides those from Towa. Otlicr Lii Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Merkle and children are spending the week in St. Paul with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Gels. what she used to be" in the haying ' Smidt, who has been sick. The Mrs. Bertha Jensen, and Mrs. Alvin Rippentrop. The bublic is invited to attend. Hcfstesses for lunch will be Mrs. Al line. We remember when Ledyavd Smidts are members of the Boese i Mrs - L - Sa ? ns ' and f l t the hay center of the United church, and they live southwest of Warburton. (States. Them were the days! .Lakota. ' Trainloads of baled hay going ev-1 • * * * * er >' wheve f >- om that little ^^ °- A - R eese, northwest of Ledi u " in tne Noi ' th End ' yard ' Was hauling dirt tO fil1 ln at | * * « » ihi s hog house last week Thursday, M- -ur T r ' Olat F J ctlalld ' southeast of El-; and he and his two boys were get- Mrs. Henry jutte ana Anna, 01, nlore . was hauling sweet corn to a ting it from a dredge-ditch bank DEALER Webster City, were week-end cannillR factory at Blue Earth last,south of where they live. The dirt guests at^the A. D^Burtis home, j week Tuesday. .This factory eni-jwas dry and hard, and 0. A. said „ „,„„„ -nr«4 n ,. „„ „,„„ „ p loys a great many people in the if that if it would only keep that canning season. When you go hard in the hoghouse maybe the SELL AND :OMMEND ISULATION • FIREPROOF VERMINPROOf ^M^BMM \otsford imber Co. > Pool, Mgr. IA BONDED FARMS Louis Coleman, Waterloo, was a guest at the Coleman home from last Wednesday till Saturday. •Mrs. Mary Dunphy and grandson, Bloomington, 111:, were guests at John Jackson's last week. Mrs. F, I. Chapman visited from Saturday till Tuesday at the Edw. Mason's at Charles City. Alfred Hanson, of Des Moinss, Rich Point Elmer Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith, Swea Buckels, James NOTICE OF FKOItATK OF WILT, No. 4419. In District Court, State of Iowa Kossuth county, ss. March term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an Instrument of writing purporting t.o be the last Will and Testament of Mat Hansen, deceased, dated September 21, 1933, having been this day filed, opened and read Tuesday, the 13th day of Septem- Dei, 1938, is fixed for hearing proof nf same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa', before the District ^ourt of said County, or the Clerk 3f said Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, August 17, 1938. KATHERINB McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy. QUARTON & MILLER, Attorneys. 48-5C City, visited their sister, Mrs. J. K. Black, Friday, "f Mr. and Mrs. John Guyton, Gm- arrived Sunday for several PREPARE YOUR CAR FOR FALL ANI) WINTER For Fair Week Only Special Tire Sale GET OUR PRICES ON YOUR SIZE We offer uncomparafole values. D U T C|H»! "SUPER SERVICE Specialized Lubrication, Crankcase Flashing, Motorola Cnr Radios, Goodyear Batteries, Brake Testing, Washing, Standard Oil and Gas. spent the Smith's. week-end at Lloyd Sexton for Sale « Aetna Bonded Farms In |thtee weeks, all of them in lovra. I still have a wide good buys. 1 to sell. Farms that S a real opportunity— -all - s . ..241 * acres on r el road, 3 miles S, E,- of Improved and tiled, .all 1 loam, all tillable. . Small Payment and Jong term |1'contract on balance. , "• write, or phone T. HAUPTHA1W .. A Phone 6»»i ;, I°Wrmi,.iawJt 47-51 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aiuley went to Marathon Saturday to attend the funeral Sunday of Mr. Ainley's sister, Mrs. Harman Andersen, who died last week Thursday after a lingering illness. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Young spent Sunday at Mas~on City with the Victor Youngs, and took home Stephen Young, who had spent a month with relatives here. The Harry Woods family spent Sunday at Clifford Young's, north of Algona. Sarah Nell Phillips, of Algona, spent last week with her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise, at the Wise store. Walter-Aman spent the weekend at Des Moines and attended the state fair. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Taylor and J. A. Mitchell, Chariton, Mrs. Ben Blue, Billings, Mont., and the latter's daughter Bonita were weekend guests at W. C. Taylor's. Mrs. Blue is a sister of JJrs. JTaylor, and Mr. and Mrs. their parents. irough Blue Earth on No. 169 you , hogs would not root it up. o right by the factory. * * * * Fred Christ, southwest of Laota, was doing his fall plowing ast week Wednesday. Lots of uch plowing going on now. Fred as all new buildings on this farm, iut up in 'the last two years. His lome is a fine one. There are hree children : ' Eugene, 6 ; Mar- ;aret, 5; and Elnora, the baby, Eu-' 'ene gave us that information, but * * * * Jasper Steen'hard, a mile w,est of Grant school house, will move to Armstrong in the spring. The farm where he lives was. sold recently. We shall miss these good folks, who are fine- people. * * * * L. J. Mousel, six miles east of Bancroft, was having a farm sale last week Thursday. Farm eales in August, are unusual, tout every- le said he did no't know how old j thing sold. The sale was attended he babv was. He was sure, how- 'by a big crowd from near and far. ver, that Elnora was a very good j Fred Vokoun, of the Lakota Route >aby. Fred told us that on the 1. was there, and he was swapping Sunday evening when the two stories. Henry .Anderson, near. Ti- l,Cl*3lJ| 61* * IVtiV* KJUA1UU days with relatives he ton is the former daughter of Mr. and Sill, for many yea Vn\vrt nere. Mrs. Chris Chase friends in this neigJ Chases, who lived years on the Burli moved recently to St Maxine and Jeannt guests at R. H. £ week. Evelyn, youngest Mr. and Mrs. Paul leave Monday for C< attend the State Tes re. Mrs. Guy- Lueille Sill, Mrs. C. J. rs residents is visiting borhood. The for several ngame farm, uth Dakota. Devine were killing's last daughter of Black, will dar Falls to chers college. —vtfW W. Taylor are Mr. Mitchell is Mrs. You Know Jou Can Save 'A* Much n A* 40% On OMOBILE IN8URANCK II. S. BOHA1WON 10|, W. C. Taylor's father. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Robison and the Paul Robisons, of Albia, spent Friday night at John Flora's. Mrs, Clarence Robison is a cousin of Mr. Flora. Mildred Flora returned Saturday from a week with friends at Bancroft, and Frances Diers, Bancroft, came with her for a visit here. The William Albright school opened Monday, with Neva Albright as teacher. The Edw. Wolfs, Bode, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Wolf's brother, Irby Benson. Mrs. Eliza Richards, of Algona, spent from last week Wednesday till Fvlday with her sister, Mrs. A. L Grenfleld. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield, with rth§ daughter Edith,' spent Siinday at the grotto at West Bend, where a reunion was held in honor of the Edward Saltzmans, Dixon, 111., who spent the week-end with relatives here. Others attend- Sr were the M. 0. Richards family, Lone Rock and Mrs. Eliza Richards, Algona. Mrs. Green&W aX MM* Richard* are aunts ot Mrs. Saltzman. The Oscar Hammonds were d inner guests Sunday tf Clem Cuns. Mr. and Mrs. Uenry Mrs. Naomi DeWUde, and the latW'B Daughter Cojwtaace, all 9 t Mason C}ty, were week-end vte- itora of Mr. and Mrs. B. B, San, 4f Mrs. Rosa Fitch and P. W. Han- aware spending a few days with relatives at Bloomington, Minn. ' Otto Neuman, with I have decided to quit fanning and will sell the following descriUd prop erty at Public Auction on the Doininic Stuflick farm, 1 mile south o± bt. Benedict, 4 miles south and 1 mile east of Sexton, 6 miles west, 2 miles north of Corwith, 8 miles north and 1 mile east of LuVerne, on Sale Starts at 12:30 59 Head of _ 3 Head o§ Horses One gray horse, wt. 1400 1 one roan horse, wt. 1600; one brown hojrse, wt. 1400. Pour Guernseys, 5 Holsteins, 1 Hereford, all young cows, 1 fresh and rest to freshen soon of Otto, who nttf spent here, were Sunday dinner guests of the Henry Neumans, Algona, Jn4 in the afternoon ths gjou teat to Carl- Ebert's, near WhH temore, Mra. Ebert ** * Carl and an aunt r and Mrs. Henry Slave, Britt. a with their - 11 neiters II One roan 2 yr old heifer, will be fresh in six weeks., 2 Holstein and 1 Hereford will be fresh this fall Four yearling heifers, 2 spring calves|, 1 small <?alf. _____^_^^^^^»M 35 Head of Hogs One sow, 6 pigs, one yearling Hampshire hofrr, 37 sprjag pigs. *'WW^J new W-C AlHs-Cbalmers traictor- new i» ** **•• , . -. Ain« AlljB-Ch%lm«r ,cu]ttyator with - • 1 Int« -national 18- 99)cornplant- '*|n|i« row: cult- re, wagon with new OU-o-Matio gal barrels; three 5 gal. eream cans; 1 new W gaj creap , , ---- „„ grind* tone ; < ha ir. fork • - two 2 sets of breeding harness field, '"srchickens, 16Q White Ughwns, W mjfito®* Oat 19& ^Whippet car, one 3-wheel tj^er and - other'srtlcjef TEBMS—Cash, or ' "^ "" 1)6 removed until settled for> ro SCOTTIE HATS Colorful felt Scottie toppers or calots; Choice of several popular colors.,. TOTS and TEENS DRESSES Dainty washableslna qay variety, of color Important new. styles and clever, details. m Our t ffirooui *'Jupe Preston" dressea arn included .in thi exciting group. BOYS 1 DRESS SUITS SKIRTS A grand assortment of styles and colors. Just UM thing for school. MISSES GYM SUITS Regulation stria • and colors. Well made throughout. Sturdr malarial. Stan 6 to 20. , FINE QUALITY PERCALE Dozens of new pattern*. Small figured print* suitable) for child re.n* a dresses. Per Yd. Here's style, and how. . . , New patterns, new colors, new sport backs. Suits that are'exact copies of leading University fashions. Suits he'll be proud of. SLACK SOX Boys'ankle socks in fancy patterns ...Laslex f EC top. Per pr.»* T SHIRTS & Shorts Assorted oaftern broadcloth shorts shirts; Ea. CHILDREN'S COTTON STOCKINGS A'good opportunity to stock up. They'll be needing plenty soon. In assorted tan shades. An outstanding value." Per Pair aentlon. PULLOVER SWEATHS MS;'.'- •ami w H>i "Cqllingwood" For th'e' r ireshman'or senior.. • for the classroom or Pan helenic.., {or the vivacious sports girl or the demure lassie, here's the answer to your •wardrobe problem OVERALLS Sturdy, fuilcutblue deniin over- ells. Triple sUlclwd wain «ean* Roomy HickpTY stpjp^ddente or covert cloth. All-in-one ,tyle. Easy to keep a|^H^ ^^W^P|| ^^ff ^B^^^P* $5 FUR TRIMMED - , COATS s atop the smartest styles in yevs. Enertty i«ilor»d"in a thrilling collection of handsome fabric*. Warmly interlined, CHILDREN'S Durably «H leather shoes in many smart styles'. ." 7i>?*j

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