Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 2
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'AGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. 1C>WA former superintendent here and at Lone Rock before going to wick. The Clarence Ackersons, Ren- Ban- DHICA60-SWEA CITY CARS IN NO, 9 CRASH Swea City, Aug. 20—A party of motorists from near Chicago was involved in an auto crash on No."9, iust inside the east town limits,_ , _ _ . late Saturday afternoon. A carl EagIc Grove Sunday for the day at containing three women in a west-!" 16 Bla »che Jenks home, where croft, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Warner, Algona, spent Sunday at Asa Warner's. Ambrose Lentsch, Swea City, was at Julius Lentseh's. Mrs. E. G. Carney and Mrs. Pauline Hardt., Fairmont, were callers ftt George Hagge'e. The Alfred Zielskes, Mrs. Harriet Matzener, her three children, and Bernard Hllferty drove to bound Dodge sedan struck a ".car driven by Charles Lickman, Swea City, as he was turning into the highway from his driveway. No one was injured, but the Chicago Betty and Marjorie Matzener are Irving. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lloyd was considerably damaged. ; pltr fjj there. got home last week Tuesday from a week's tour to Sioux Falle, along the Missouri river, Rock Rapids, and Wilmert, Minn., Mr. Junkermeier has< a brother at the last- named point. Mr. and Mrs. William La Cour, Amboy, Minn., drove to Des Molnes Saturday to take Dorothy Black and Karen Hendrickson, granddaughters, home. Naomi and Alma Junkermeier, accompanied the party for a week-end visit with a cousin. Blanche Rotterman, who has been employed at Chicago three years, is at home for a two weeks vacation. -_ ' Mrs. Harvey Jackson, of Spirit drove to Iowa City Sunday to see Lake, came last week Wednesday the son Edward, who is in a hos- to visit the Richard Zielskes, and IAJI. jnext day accompanied the Zielskes The car was taken to Estlierville' Tllc Alfl 'ed and Walter Millers'to Eldora for a few days of visit- for repairs, and its occupants had ' were Sunday guests at Edw. Mil- ing. ' , not decided when this was written i lers ' E'more. 'Mr. andjtfrs. David Fan-el and whether to abandon n .ind return to Chicago. trip west! Wallace Hngedorn was confirm- the Peter Fan-els left one day last ied at an Elmore Lutheran church week-for a ten-day tour to De»r .Sunday, i River, Minn., and Canada. A relii- (JiHts a Government Job— I Mrs. Wilson Brack spent Friday ' tive l' v es at Deer River. Harry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mag-' ! >t her father's, south of town, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poppe Sr., lus Peterson, recently resigned a Miss Esther Dearchs, Algona, vis- 'Monticello, and Mr. and Mr.s. iob in the national bureau of ar-|ited her there. Mrs. Brack's sia- 1Henrv Poppe Jr., Anamosa, have :hives at Washington, D. C., to re- ter, Pern Lewis, goes to JDubuque l)eel1 visiting Mrs. Mary Poppe and turn to Iowa to teach history in a sometime this week to enter a unl-] tne William Poppes. Last week 'edar Rapids high school. He is versity. j Tuesday they were all guests at i graduate of Coe college and j A large number of Ledyarditas 'Adolpli Ponpe's, Lakota. holds an M. A. degree from the attended a fall festival at Bancroft Mr - and Mrs. Milton Holcomb, of University of Michigan. He was last week. i Willmert, Minn., came last week The Clarence Tokheims, Arm- Wednesday to visit the former's Leaching at Cedar Rapids when he was appointed to the Washington strong, spent Friday at Lars father, J. H. Hoicomb. All left iob and returns to the same Skaar's, and Kathryn Tokheim re-; Thursday for a ten-day trip to .school. His wife and month-old mained there for a longer visit. j Kansas to visit relatives, laughter, Patricia Anne, are at j George Hagge and his daughter! Mr. and Mrs. Herman Herzog, present visiting Mrs. Peterson's Alice were Algona shoppers Fri-' son Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Harold parents at Des Molnes. ! day. Lee Pierce, Albert Lea, Herzog, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Green, jwas n Sunday guest at Owen Ber-.Mr. and Mrs. William Green, Building Trades .Picnic lli'ld- An annual Swea how's. daughter Esther attended a Greu- Motion by ttclken, seconded by Morris that the meeting adjourn to August 29, 1938, at 2:00 Q'clock p. rn. Ayes: W. E. McODONlAMD, Chairman. B. S. KtNSEiY, O. H. JOHNSON, Secretaries. HUMBOtL'DT KOSSUTH. COUNTIES •UHNE ROAD Court House, Dakota City, Iowa. August 11, 193S. 4;00 Oclock P. M. operative, It, was hioved by and seconded by Cosgrove that following resolution just read lie 1 passed and adopted: (BE It REBOIiVlHD, By the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, that tho petition of Humboldt County RurnJ Electric Cooperative of HumAoildt county, asking for a franchise to .establish, maintain, and operate a line, or lines, 'for tho transmission, distribution, use and sale of electric current outside of cities and town In Kossuth County, Town, and for such purpose to erect, use and The Boards of Supervisors of Hum- maintain poles, guy wires, towers, ca- •toolcM nrul Kosmitli counties met In hies, conduits and other fixtures and • Joint session athe Cnll of the Auditor's appliances necessary for conducting on August 11, 193S, at the Court House electric current for light, hettt, or in Dakota City, Iowa. The following Power over, along, and across public members were present from Kossuth Innds, highways, streams, or lands OC county: Mornls, eossrove, Fniser, i any person, "company, of corporation, Hellcen, and MWDonnlri; Humboldt and to acquire the necessary real escounty: Boothroyd, Hoffman, Save- Into for such purposes, appearing to rude, Sawyer, and Weir, and County be In due form nml property executed, wli.? 1 ? f oh " son nnd KJnsey. |wlth the plate and engineering sped- w. . engineering sped Motlon by Saverude, seconded by floatlona as required by law, and that McDonald act rhi,.ma« n * M Chairman of the meeting. *,Vr»tiVi» Sey V ° hv :by , as proof of notice thereof belngr on file Ayes: All. showing that said notice irtvlmj the ti 1 8ecomled rolltes am1 termination of the pro- H. Johnson and posed transmission lines was publish- A 1 "*" 0 !*- ftct na ed ln the ' Algona Upper Des Molnes, mcetdn E' /yes: All. , an official newspaper of general clr- i an r oU ndn ^ ecomted S llteti °". Published at AHgona. town, August 28, 1938, at 1:00 for two consecutive weeks tlie lost t th ? Co " rt Ho " se ln P*»««on be™ g had on August !)th, wa, be set as the date ]«38. all as required by low and that ' - tllls Boa "' " as J«risdlc?lon "to hear ™ City, , 1R0tfltf0 '' 1 | he1 4 her f by Approved and granted, and tors of TTnmi ,' t- o' prove an grante, an t?JL i Humboldt and Kossuth Conn- that the Chairman and Clerk of this ties be and hereby are ordered to pub- Board under the seaV of ralrl Pnnmv sh notice as provided by law. Ayes: shall Issue' to the Humtoofdt County ATTEND THE Kossuth Co. Fair SEPTEMBER 5 TO 9 • We Extend a cordial mvitaU 0lUo you to vi.it our booth i n tll . Floral rialk Look f or booth. 0 ALGONA FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN C. R. La Barre, Secretary K. S. KI'NSKY, O. II. JOHNSON, Secretaries. The Board buildins 'Mr. and Mrs. Ole Lage, Wilhmr,' Ker reunion at Clear Lake Eunday, trades picnic was held Sunday at Minn., and their daughter Agnes' 45 present. suth County, Iowa, met at their office a.t the Court House at Algona, Iowa, on the 2flth day of August, 1938, at 0 p clock a. m., pursuant to Its reso- T- V<VJTV™TI . T T, I i—*«- thereto annexed. h.. McOO>NiA,L,D, . By agreement of all parties It Is ex- Chairman. Icepted front' the petition previously I published and now one file In the office of the County Auditor, the fol- "lowlntf: that portion ot the hlchway i a lone the west line of the Northwest !Q», a rter <NW%) ot Section Sixteen • 06), Township Ninety-seven North (fli'N), Hnnge Twenty-seven West Auditor's Office, August 30, 193S. of Supervisors of Kos- Winnehago, . , ... The William Hans family, Rudd, Minn., and a daughter called Sun- Mie last tive or ten years. The pic- was at the parental Peter Hans; day at D. A. and Elvin Carpenter's. nics are sponsored Myhre, former Swea by Henry home over Sunday. . . i Mrs. I. Storey returned to her i.ityian inj Mrs. Elsie Berhow went to St. home at Cedar Rapids Friday, af- son Dr. B. A. charge of the Northern Lumber Co. ! Paul last week Thursday to visit a ter a week at her 'it bstherville. | niece and nephew, then went on to Storey's. Many at Shiiigeliind Funeral— Out-of-town relatives at the funeral, of Mrs. Ole Stangelaud here Saturday included Mrs. Birdie Ar- j vig, a son, and Mr. and Mrs. Ar- i thur Uhr, all of Los Angeles; Mr. i ind Mrs. B. K Arvig, Minneapolis; i Mr. and Mrs. Grant Uhr and Mr.' •tnd Mrs. Seward, Wlnnebacco, Minn.; Mrs. Ole Govig, Mason i''ity, and a daughter; and many 1 neighbors and friends from Dele-'; van, Minn. i Stetsonville and Bentwood, Wis.,' A threshers' picnic was held at to see a brother and two sisters Lou Nitz's last week Thursday whom she hadn't seen in ten years, evening, and Mr. Nitz's birthday She expected to be gone a week. I was celebrated. More than 50 Mr. and Mrs. Ethv. Junkermeier, persons attended. Ice cream and Naomi, Alma, and Irene cake were served by Mrs. Nitz. Board Proceedings •n,™i ™ f \ < ^ Hui "boldt County Those votlnjr Aye were: Heiken, ura.1 Electric Cooperative for a (ran- 'Cosgrove. Morris. Fraser, and Mc- hise to construct, operate, and main- 'Don'ald, lieinjr all of the memlbws of nln electric transmission lines over, ^ the -Board memiutis or •long, and across certain public' lands, i Those voting Nay were- None vShh^h s X reams . a n a Private lands Thereupon the resolutions were ae- vlthln the County of Kossuth, Town, clared adopted Board'" 1 " 6 ' 1 " P and examlne<1 bv t he | n . . ' W. E. McDONAiUD, Afip;. in nni-no. .,71 ,. J Chairman Board ot Supervisors, iffi fu'li rcrs,or ha rb'een he hTd 1 Attest: ^MsT' l0 ™' ^^^^^sssf^ss^^. Coui %uVry u ;owr suth Home from Week's Tour— Doris and Palmer Jensen returned Frday from a week's vacation tour to Wisconsin and Iowa noints. Their first stop was at The Dells, and from there they went to Beloit to visit a sister of i 'Motion by Cosgrove and seconded i by ITeiken that Fraser make neces- Audltor'-s Office, August 11, 193S. 'J:0fl O'clock n. m. I s-ary repairs on Drainage District Xo. Hoards ot Supi-rvisors of Kossuth 12S. Ayes: All. county met iiurHitinu to adjournment Motion by Cosgrove and seconded with all nn-m'bers present. by Morris that Hellten mnke. neces- .ilution by Heiken and seconded by ; sary repairs on Drainage District No. Morris that the following record en-14 and No. 3. Ayes: AH. try lor ISils budget be made as fol- Motion by Morris and seconded by Fra:ser that McDonald make neces- lows: BIO their father. On the homeward trip ^! ^ c \ ay f ° rsA "* thev stoi'jnerl nf Dnvpnnnrt niui • /•'. ?.'! r i "._ '" "P e ; they stopped at Davenport then at the state fair. Other Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. William Siemens, .___ ,^, t .,,, 1 ,.^, Lake Crystal, Minn., came Sunday! 11 ! 11 ' fou ,"'l tha't the notice oTtlm'e'ami IT IRIKM-DAIiBElRED: That on of August ,193S, the Coun- f Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met In session for the purpose ot a hearing upon the budget estimate o« fixed by the Hoard. Tlu-i-e was present a riuoruin as required by law. Thereupon the Board investlsatecl Cosgrove that there being no .further business at this time the Board ad- to Call of the Auditor. Ayes: 1 E. S. KIN'SKY, County Auditor. Helen Marie, who had week here while her spent attending a Bible conference Medicine Lake, Minn. on the ajth day of July, 193S, in the wore ! -i^' 01 ' 3 - Upper Les Koines, and on the were |^rth day of July, 193S in the Bancroft at.lHerfster. official newspapers in said county, and that the affidavits ot Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Nelson went to Armstrong Sunday to meet their grandson, Allan Nelson, who had .spent a week at Minneapolis with his cousin, Jos. Fretty Jr. The Nelsons took him to Gruver and spent the day there with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Molan, with the children, Virginia, Orville, and Irene, drove to Boone Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Molan's mother, Mrs C. W. Lindgren, who was formerly Mrs. John Enders and lived here before her first husband's death. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hansen, with the ' latter's sister, Mrs. George Benz, Fort Dodge, left Monday for Minneapolis, where Mrs. Beuz was to consult doctors about her health. The party expected to go on to northern Minnesota for a few days of fishing. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McAuinch, with their daughter, Mrs. Charles Faugust, and her husband, Pilot "rove, Minn., drove to Williams Sunday to vsit Mrs. McAninch'e sister, Mrs. O. M. Trumbar. Mrs. Martin Dahl entertained Friday at bridge, four tables, Mrs. Edw. Peterson, Fore;st City, winning high; second, Mrs. Arthur Collins; Mrs. Virgil Blomster, low. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hansen got home last week Wednesday from a week in the Black Hills. They were accompanied by the Curtis Lar- sens, Maple Hill. The Howard Pichts, former Swea ( 'ityans now at Shell Rock, spent last week-end here with their daughter, Mrs. Butterfield Jr., and other relatives. Arthur Johnson, Minneapolis, is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson. pu'blica,tions thereof wen? on file with the County Auditor. Thereafter and on said day the estimate was taken up and considered and taxpayers heard for and against said estimate. No objections filed, and no tax payers present. Thereafter and after hearing all taxpayers desiring to be heard, the Board took up the estimate for final consideration and after being fully advised, the Board determined that said estimate he corrected and completed so that when completed it should be In words and figures as stated herein. The chairman of the Board and the County Auditor were thereupon directed to properly certify the estimate and to file same in the office of the County Auditor as required 'by law H. S. .K1NRBY, W. R. MeDQNAOD, CW ' AU< " tor ' Chairman. Motion toy Heiken and seconded by Fraser that a pauper notice be served on Henry Helmers and family and Mrs. Hettle Sprang and family. Ayes: by Cosgrove and seconded by Heiken that Chas. K. Chuhb be appointed as Engineer on Drainage District No. JS. Ayes: All. Motion 'by Fraser and seconded by Morris that Cosgrove make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. SO. Ayes: All. sary repairs on Drainage District No. SI. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by iourn All. All. Motion H.-K. JOINT DISTiRiICT DItATN NO. 1 Court House, Dakota City, Towa. August 11, 193S. The Boards of Supervisors of Hum- bo'ldt and Kossuth counties met In joint session on August 11, 1!KS, at 2 o'clopk p. m'., pursuant to adjourned meeting held July fi, l!W8. said meeting being had at the Court House In Do- kota City, Iowa. The' following members were present from Kossuth county: Coserove. Fraspr, Heiken, Morris, and MaDonalld; Humboldt county: Boothrovd. Hoflfman, Severudc, Sawyer, and Weir. Motion by Sawyer, seconded by Boothroyd that McDonald act as Chairman of the meeting. Ayes: All. Motion by Saverude. seconded by Boothroyd that O. H. Johnson and K. S. Klnsey. county Auditors, act as secretaries of the meeting. Ayes: All. The minutes of the last meeting were read and on motion' liv Boothroyd, seconded by, Heiken, they were approved. Ayes: All. Motion l>y Sawyer, seconded by Morris, that the supplemental report filed by K. J. Smith. Drainage Engineer for H-TK Joint District Drain No. 1, be and heretoy is accepted and approved. Ayes: All. Hearing was then had on the petition for the reconstruction of Hum- bol<M.-Ko«suth Joint Drainage District No. 1. No c/bjE'Ctions having been filed in writing and no one appearing in pei-son to object, motion was made by Hoffman and seconded by Hclken, that the County Auditors! of Humboldt and Kossuth counties he and are herelby ordered to publish notice for letting of contract, for excavation and installation of overflow pipe, and the date of letting be on August 29. 11I3S, at 2 o'clock p. m. at the Court House In Dakota City, Iowa. Ayes: LEDYARD Mr. and Mrs. Jule Wood wick, of Tappen, N. D,, and the son Walter arrived Saturday to visit the Glenn Yahnkes and next Sunday accompany the Yahnkes to Clear Lake for g Thompson reunion. The Ross Brownings and a Mrs. Thackeray, near Lone Rock, were Sunday guests at L. D. Mayne's. The J. A. Zwelfels, Corwith, were at George Thompson's. The H. M. Granners spent the week-cud with the Kitleye at Hardy. The A. E. Lauritzens spent Monday and, Tuesday with the H M. Granners. The Lauritzens -were oa the/ way home from Boulder Colo.,.;Wjtiei - e Mr. Lauritzen attended Bummer scuppl. He is again superintendent at Parkersburg. Mr. Lauritzeu Is former superintendent here; Mr. Uranner, present superintendent. Robert O. Morris, music instructor here last year, is at Greene this year, under Supt. M. K. Sperry, NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING AT YOUR SERVICE TO.HELPYQU RENEWED COLORS ••• j: Have You Heard? Our newly installed equipment actually brightens the colors of the garments. The solvent is perfectly clear for each tumbler full of clothes—no gum-like coating left on the garments to deaden the colors and we can clean your clothes in less time. It's time to have fall garments fresh and i/ ready for cool days. Our alteration department is at your service if garments need repair before cleaning. Try Our Laundry Service Modern Dry Cleaners Phone 537 f27W> of fhe Fifth P. M., Kossuth County, Towa, now occupied by the Interstate Power Company, n distance of approximately five spans; nlso ex- uttlon entered July 28, 193S, relative to'ceptlng the following: "beginning at ^ i nr J?il de A' atlo . n °£ the Petition of the southwest corner of Section Two. -lumboldt County Rural Electric co- Township Ninety-seven North Range operative for a franchise over certain 27 West of the Fifth P M ko«euth Vayld ° ther " r °P ert y In KOB- county Iowa thenc a" In KOB- county, Iowa, thence art on the S?". Ul Iine of tne ' sald sectipn two, a Th Bmrn i ! » , , msta " ce of "approxlmiliteily one-hnlf of ine noam WHS called to order by'n mile. .:.:_ E ,:_ A , rol ? on a 1<1 ' Chairman. Roll call The foregoing resolutions being CHARGE YOUR RADIO OR CAR BATTERY Light Your Home. , Enjoy Electric Current. Coast-to-Coast Store JOE BLOOM Before You Insulate \ Consider the Advantage of Dealing With Your Local Lumber Dealer Years of experience enable him to advise you intelligently ns to the kind of mil .ferial that will assure permanent satisfaction. | Your local lumber men have investigated the insulation materials and ln»| made selections which they know will be justified for many years of service 1 least possible costs. ' ID A local purchase benefits: Your carpentars, your lumbermen, and YOU. AU-MINERAl . FIREPROOF . VERMINPROOF . RbTPROOF | u The Modern Miracle of Insulation" SI Your local carpenter or you yourself can install this dependable fool-proof insulation in a few hours. 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