Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1938
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE C. H Us the an- oftf moon there ne. We met poo- IT'veteHnaflan, but he %1 after the game 16 , ia d been answering ountry faaid then to doctor were some hood which After the up town irfrs Mr. arrlef. Pet and -there Helfner, jjeifner IB a also had a north of Lakoln, Friday Mr. Shon wns not at home, but Edward 7 UnUi n i 6 f' 5| Were there ' and th2V said Daddy was at a neighbor's, threshing. They also confided that they had a slater, Maxine, who is •i, and they further said that six cows were mllked ()n the fa and Edward milks one of them. * * » * T. A. Dunmire, coach in the Tl. . . , -1 [ onkft schools, lives on an acreage tendent of the Ledyard consoliated i hc bou sht east of Titonka. He has schools. This is his second yean il flne lot o£ b °c«, and he says he as superintendent hut for some len J°y s working with them. He has £tf S .,Jll fol ' e * hat he w *s coach, i b « e " . c °* ch| n.K ten. years, and he , The floors of the schoolhouse have < told Ua thnt il is llk e taking a va- been repainted, nnd the buildini;i C!Ulon to wol ' k "with his bees. Mr. Is ready for school to begin "'"' """" " ' ' September 6. * * * * S. F. Blonie, southwest i and Mrs. Dunmire have three fine I little girls. of El- 1 corn more, and son were out in the *,„•„ . field last week Thursday when wo -{ ence f 1 There were spots where"'" had drowned out, and in * + * * Wayne Miller, southeast of CITY BILLS July 28, 1038. The City Council met in regular session at the City Hall, with all numbers present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. 'Motion carried to request Chi-Journal of Commerce, mdse. Howard Hardware, mdse. Moe & Sjogren, mdse. — F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. Botsford's, mdse. A. H. Borchardt, mdse. — Adv. Publishing Co., mdse Treas. of State., sales tax- Telephone Co., service — .. „ Express Agency, expr. —_ UK<i Tr -..,• -ey 4 *.,«l,vV* 4.75 6.81 6.95 95.75 "38.75 4.71 273.03 161.68 Cecil McGlnnis, salary Nelson & Lenslng, rent Telephone Co., service — Ezra Blanchard, gas Cooper's Service, gas Jesse Lashbrook, salary _ E. Skilling, labor Willard Gregson, labor -_ 18.40 i Oliver Bakken, labor .94 |F. Skilling, labor John Helmers, labor Mrs. Collinson, rest room rent matron rest t TT V , « lenuBHL ".u, H w Post freight 54.021 John Helmers, labor ____ Jess Umbenhower family to vacate '"ouncil Oak mdse ..... " 77 Herman Lyons, labor ._„ ' '"'" ' ' 50.00 10.42 3.32 13.67 18.99 70.00 87.01 Don Palmer, labor 74.69 Vern Scobba, labor 44.28 Dick Helmers, labor 13.89 Ryner Helmers, labor — 47.74 W. 0. Riggenberg, mdse.- 42.35 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. Dr. Sawyer, room ' SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary I Algona, Ins. Agcy., ins. 6.17 20.00 Kossuth Motor Co., mdse.- 11.81 | Standard Oil Co., gas 4.?3 SWIMMING POOL FUND A gency f adv 7.50 Cha*. Harvey, labor 42.35 io The ; following billswere .1- | j^^"; ™' — : ^ : ^ ^^.^ £74 APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE B. A. Thorpe, repairs j Kossuth Motor Co., repairs ELECTRIC'LIGHT FUND \$£$ oi^'af ".I::::::: J. W. Kelly, salary 97.50 ! A . A . Fisher, mdse Leo Bellpck, salary 70.00 Chester Webb, labor . , • —• TI- F. C. Dailey, salary 70.00 Rntufnrri mdse onka, was taking wire off an old'Tom Halpln, salary 67.60 Leichton Supply "md'se""" fence FVlri-v The fence was part-, Walter Gorman, salary „ 67.50 K n ned?-PaMoni mdse " piled up InlH. E. Stephenson, salary. 65.00 He was us- ! Ray Barton, salary _._ 65.00, 15.20. Spear & McVay, labor — 15.40 10.32 Dick Helmers, labor 12.50 3.86 Ryner Helmers, labor — 11.25 15.57.Vern Scobba, labor 11.25 2.00 Clear Lake Sand & Gravel 46.80'' Co., sand 28.44 11.79 Milwaukee, R'y, freight -- 36.46 37.72 J. D. Adams, mdse. 428.00 2.64 , - (iu tstorm years. ••«" uui,f tinu in , i - - — •-• •• i».j MU , — -•-»,, .uu.i bu*i r £juiu-i j ______ WtW i . - n _ H ri these places eoy beans had been B n tract01 ' to P u " the wire out,:C. C. Wright, salary ._.„ 42.50 ;J- w > Kelly, salary - 37.oO Beenken,! so wed, then worked in with a trac-' alul thc scheme was working all' Adah Carlson, salary""" at Titonka, and hejtor and a spring-tooth harrow. S. right. town. Ben . orth of Ti- picked the beans will make enjoying living fchq lives ten hand too, John Carlson, near fanother friend we i : a6ked , Whether we mes of all of the peo- Wedldnt know quite . but.we can .call, a f'men in Kossuth , by .mes and get away F. figures by the time the 'corn is « * * * Tuesday we Strieker, , ^ had a north of ) Wayne Stephenson, labor. * * * * Joe Kelly Jr., labor ' good r^ Hoover, a mile north of the'John Spencer, labor , Doan church, was not. feeling his Midwest Supply Co., mdse. * * * * ! host Saturday. He had been shov- West. Elec. Supply Co., Jesse O'Keefe, west of Ledyard elinK &™ve\ for the yard, and had mdse. as once the Ledyard barber, hut slralll .ed his back. His oldest boy. Terry-Durin Co,, mdse. ._ were hauling Elec. Supply Co., mdse. __ Gen. Elec. Supply Corp., cow feed. was etlyard barber, but now he 1a a farmer. When we saw was and thc hired man manure. him last week Thursday he w ila raking hay.'and Mrs. O'Keefe was, , , at the house, preparing dinner It Larson, north of Sexton,'.T. T. Ryeraon Co., mdse. _ 123.54 looks like Jesse is as eood a fnrm i showecl u s some hybrid corn Sat-i la. Machinery Co., mdse._ 364.14 . . . C5""« IV nil 111 l.vrlr... IT „ 1, - _. . _ 1 1 r*l-_11 T> - . . rt » . 70.oo i Harry Barton, salary 48.GO Frank Ostrum, salary — 4l'.00 Laura Mitchell, salary — I'fiO Nat'l Meter Co., mdse. --- 5'oO Neptune Meter Co., mdse.- ]W. H. Bixby, mdse. 49 17 J, B.'Clow Co., mdse. 42^551 Thorpe Well Co., contract 59735 | Ge°- Holtzbauer, mdse. -|H. W. Post, freight - 9.11 10.05 51.49 25.58 61.79 2.01 .75 23.38 3.20 9.53 12.21 1.87 . mdse. 329.72 Tom Frankl, gas day, and wheels, for je and his family have ling to scljool, for they 1 Russia, though they nd reared in Germany, to Russik, then to the ,=••«>•«. .0,..-^!, j, and nc)w they want sisters and FAmerlcan citizens « * * * IX northwest of Wesley ; er as he wa s a barber, for always on the Job. * * » * Stenzel Bros., southwest of ho El- Kossuth Motor Co., mdse.- __ _ Skelly Oil, gas urday. He ha s some ground where Shell Petr. Co., fuel I.I. 378.87 i Treas. of State, sales tax. 241.87 Adv..Publis,hing Co., mdse. 12!58 Harold Roth, labor GENERAL FUND cornstalks will lean, some clear to Milwaukee R'y, freight .. the ground, the soil there being Gen. Electric Co., mdse.— rich. This hybrid corn, however, Malleable Iron Range Co., more, had taken thc steel wheels' is 8tandin S "P f i"e, and we noticed; mdse. 527.17 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary off their tractor last Aveek Thurs-1 tlle ears were already denting., Matt Parrot, mdse. _._-— 2.37 t Arthur Moulds, salary — dnv. ntirl ImH r\nt t\n ^nuv,n.. n i ' —. * «^ . ... 61.00 I 55.1)0 1 stockbiiyers in that He nlay jit spring,! for move to he has 80-acre farm near tb,at • * * * iunting, lace east ( Wesley, iorses wh Who lives' on if Frank Fox, was treating ch had sleep- put on rubber-tired they were going to start fall-plo'wing. There are two two brothers living there. * * * * John H. Furst, north of Lakota, was not at home last week Thursday, but was at a neighbor's, helping thresh. Mrs. daughter were at daughter was lesson on the musician, and her hear her play. Bernadine Plathe, St. Joe Girl, Weds Theodore Hilbert Irvington, Aug. 23—A large ! number of peflple from this vicin-1 ity attended a miscellaneous show- re at home, and the i er honorin B Bernadine, the only s practicing a music i ughler ot Mr> and Ml-s ' Herman '. Piano. She is a good \™%*, south of Irvington farmm-s, Furst home, and her when we arrived last [esday. So 1 many horses | the disease again this ..J ' §T, Johnsc|n, south of a fine flock of . chickens, more than Me aimit to raise only noticed that he has [up his yards by taking the big trees, which fof they might some windstorm. [Smith, £Jouth of Led- (eady to go threshing at iwhen we saw him last , unday at the St Joe Catholic church. The afternoon was spent at cards. 'Mrs. Matt Faber won a 'At A. C. Bierstedt'fi, Lakota, we (1 °or prize; Rosalie Erpelding, • a were shown a new baby, a girl, 50 ° prize; Mrs. Carnia Wagoner, Friday. She was born August 3' a bridge prize. Lunch was served] and has been named Gwendolyn at 4 o'clock. Mae. This is- the first daughter, Miss Plathe was married to and everybody in the family is ! Theodore Hirbert this week Tues- proud of her. There are three fine da y morning at eight o'clock at Eday. was in a hreshlng jthere has tak- Itlme, the! grain being pld us' that his sugar Idoing w^ll, and he income again when fwith us. I he ; Wednesday we called iGrariner, the superin- boys. 'Paul, 10, was named after his grandfather Paul Nemitz. Then St. Joe, and a wedding dance was given at Floral hall, Algona, that there are Max, 6, and Gerald, 3. i night. Mrs. Nemitz was there, helping! Th e bride is a graduate of the can some fruit. How handy these 'Algona high school, and she had good, capable mothers are some- taught school for several years, times! Theodore is a son of Matt Hilbert, * * * * St. Joe, and a brother of Frank Rufus Thompson, 2% miles'Hilbert and Mrs. Herman Becker southeast of Elmore, was mowing here. The couple will farm near weeds in the yard Friday. He said j St. Joe. this has been a great year for weeds. Thts is his third year at farming for himself. He believes in raising good cattle, so he keeps a purebred black Angus bull. He Girl's Kneecap Dislocated. Corwith, Aug. 23 — Eva Mae, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gee, visited her grandmother, Mrs. a i/uivuicu uiui*n -n-n^uo uuu. aiu | • -- • has 14 cows, some of them high Amelia Wermersen, last week grade black Anguses, and he has! Thursday,and while there suffered ten calves ten months old which a dislocated kneecap when she he is feeding for the market. stepped off a porch. It will be * # , » inecessary for her to use crutches When we called at E. M. Slum's,!four or five weeks. The Algona Auction Co. We arc here to serve both the seller and buyer at our pavilion in Algona every Saturday. Saturday. Aug. 27 CATTLE Two cars of Feeder Cattle, white face, weighing 300 to 600 Ibs. HOGS 300 Feeder pigs weighing from 30 to 100 Ibs. MACHINERY Two 14 inch tractor plows, two hay loaders, one John Deere 5-foot mower. « We have calls for all kinds of stuff ,so bring anything that you have to sell as we have all kinds of buyers. Open Every Day. Sale Barn phone 77 Start on stock at 1:30 TERMS—Cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. RIDDLE & Operator and Auctioneer K. C. Implement Co., mdse B. A. Thorpe, mdse. Standard Oil Co., mdse. ._ I Botsford's, mdse. IF. S. Norton & Son, mdse. ... n l \ Howard Hardware, mdse. °°-°X!C. A. Heard, mdse. ^•~!Kent Motor Co., mdse. — ,'co 'Joe Greenberg, mdse. ^'2, Skelly Oil, gas otn'nni Hal 'ris Bros., gas gen i Carol Johnson, gas ?',„! League of Iowa Munici- J'eo I palities, dues 30.00 i 01! Bert Whitmarsh, labor — 25.00 D.ol 3 S USED TRACTOR BARGAINS 4 McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractors, $200 each. 1 John Deere Model "D" 1527 at $200. F-12 Parmalls, good as new. 2 regular Parmalls in ver> good shape. Pordson, late model, priced cheap. These "tractors have all been overhauled and repainted and'are ready for work. We will take livestock in trade. We have a number of used plows, cultivators, etc., to go with these tractors. —ALSO— 1 1934 International 160-in. wheelbase truck. Has all brand new tires and Class D license. This truck has very low mileage and is in perfect condition. 1 New Idea 2-row corn picker. A bargain at $200. 1 McCormick-Deering No. 1-B hammer mill. Good as new. CORWITH IMPLEMENT CO. P. J. GBEINER & SON COBWITH, IOWA 26.00 15.00 4.50 27.68 30.75 30.75 6.95 116.21 14.82 lotsford's, mdse. FI'RE MAINTENANCE FUND C. Wright, salary 22.50 Darl Bowman, labor 62.80 lapp's Service, mdse. — 2.50 >elyn Graham, salary __ 60.00 Martha Palmer, salary _.- 40.00 Bob Sellstrom, salary — 66.00 Phil Bergfield, salary __. 65.00 Telephone Co., service — 9.30 Kennedy-Parsons, mdse. . 23.18 Treas. of State, eales tax. $5.81 Algona Laundry, laundry- 20.21 DEPOSIT FUND M. M. Green et al, refund deposit 101.93 C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. For Sale RYE SEED Anderson Grain & Coal Co. Algona, Iowa Phone 308 Improved Farms FOR SALE 8926—WEINEB, Palo Alto county, 320 acres, two miles north of Curlew. Rural school across the road; 300 acres tillable. Buildings -new in 1933. Priced; $32,000. 3123 Myers, Kossuth county, 159 a. Five miles south of . Algona on. highway No. 169. 120a. tillable. Good buildings. Price, $8,800. 4808 — -Asher, Winnebago county, 240 a., 2 miles northwest Forest City. Rural school one-half mile. 50 a. rolling, balance level. Good buildings. $20,000. 4310—Peterson, Pocahontas county, 160 acres, 7 miles west, 1 mile north of Pocahontas. All ditch assessments paid. Buildings recently reconditioned. Rural school across road. Price, $17,600. 5418—Stoakes Henry, Kossuth county, 320 a. Adjoins section on pavement. 300 a. tillable. Good . .buildings. Price, $32,000. ., 3487—Dale, Humboldt Co. 240 a. 2% miles N. E. of Bode. Good livestock and grain farm. .Price $22,800. We have other farms in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota for sale at reasonable prices on long time contracts to responsible purchasers. Let us know the number of acres and county in which you are interested. CENTRAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY (Mutual) 1000 Insurance Exchange Building, Bes Moines, la. or see C. F. Mauss, Field Representative, Milford, la. Commission paid to licensed realtors. Kossuth This Year'. Jto.tuth Coun- ir » defined to be the KOSSUTH'S Greatest FAIR greatest in history! Hour by hour, day by day there we event* to interest you. Se Opening Day . 7 DARING track driver* participate National Circuit Chwnpioiwhip event. Racing Stock - judging . . . demonstrations . . argicultural exhibits - • • horse rapes . vaudeville . . . ferris wheels .... they'll all be here Harness RACES 2—BIG DAYS—2 America'* Greatest Ar ray of Trptter^and Pac, ers, coming direct fromSj^te Fairs. Two solid Hours of Racing With *«AU Star Show on the MAMMOUTP CARW - Vaudeville EnUrged Exhil|it ^ Greater Livestock Exhibit 5p*ce QALAf If WFWWF —^CIE -IT n^ »-—>•• - t T--; Entry D*y, Setember 5th ' DAY Featuring Thrill, and Spills by member* of the World Renouned SUICIDE CL^/fi See "The Suicide Club" in action... see the sensational Rollover Car ... Stunt driving .,. motorcycle races ,.. chariot races . *. fee cars "high jump/' YOU CAN'T MISS THIS DAY dF TttfttlLS GERTRUDE A Carload 9! §cen*ry. ',-. . , ' ~ir 0»e of the most Spectacular Stows > "*!), _„!_ '&- * . . "*^, ^& ^y^ * * ^Iia!'i^ * T **/'^*ii§ S<ftii tx>n i ; a^F.^iw^a-f-gftl j , "»it^'f Z~

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