Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1938
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA PAGE FTVEJ [or New loes •eHere [new styles, all liecl heights. i AAAA to D 8 to 10 nice color combinations $7.50 Verne, was Dr. K. I/, (lorbin, JJU vunie, w a business visitor here Monday. H. 11. Tiecth, Indianapolis, 0,1*1*iVfid '7 1 1«f>«'1«" J-— _-(_.«. - . uncle Dr. Tuesday to visit at — C. C. Shlerk'fl. Ho attends high school nt Indianapolis. E. C. McMahon and M. G. ton got home Monday Mrs. 0. >V. Kriclcson will leave Saturday for Rhinelandcr, Wis., for (wo or three weeks with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Wesley. Mr. Rrlckson travels for a hardware company Mrs. Erickson goes to Irene, and Lillian [band, a well known local physl- Fairmont, brought) elan, recently died suddenly is Dorothy, ijllll KlTlfljTlf f. u... »»»W.>UJ >^I.UU^]>.w their grandmother, Mrs. Leonore Peck, and cousin, Billy Stebritss, home Sunday from a two weeks visit there. Dorothy, who works in Fairmont, is and Mrs. Ju- a jewelry store at the daughter of Mr. planning to go to Phoenix, Ari/,., sometime in to spend the •the next few weeks winter for the ben- FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINT- ed—Any size film, 30c, and one enlargement free.—Lusby's. 13(2)41tf ing graduate preferred. Write full particulars— C. 0. Ritland, Y. M. C. A., Fort Dodge, la. 24p-lD FOR SALE—ONE-TON CHEVRO- HOL-! ] e t truck with 36-in. grain box, . . . Nor- ' Wisconsin for thc relief of hay fever> nay evenng , > from a week-end business trip to' " iu ' r >" H'shop, who had been vis- North Dakota and northern Minn- i itillg hls Parents, Mr. and Mrs. A esota. Clco C the Ames end here with A. Bishop, a Week, went to Iowa City yesterday to visit his sister her fathevrgL' rolurnlng ° • Loul8 Vn or n nH v ™' F. A. Richards, . . lius Blinkman, and Irene and Lil- liiin are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. George Blinkman. Harbor nn«1 Mrs. Charles Clement, with their two daughters, left Saturday for a week in northern Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Curran, once well known Sherman township farmers, live with Mrs. Clement's parents, at Detroit Lake. In his time In Kossuth A. M. was known as one o£ the republican wheelhorses for candidates for county office to see. IVllllH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell, spent the week-end with LU syenu uie winter LUI ui« uen- _, r . T3 c, ATT ^ rrmrrk T A-onr* efit of her health. She is troubl-l FOR SALE,— rwu LiAKWii —-— j iei, u-uun wiui oo-m. giani UUA, ed with arthritis. Her grand-) stein cows, heavy producers, Just | $100. Also Monarch kitchen range daughter, Peggy, daughter of R. |fresh.—Andrew M. Hansen, Ti- Scott Fraser, Hatfleld, Pa., left, *""«*• m n .i».,i. Monday night for Rochester, N. Y., to spend ten days with an un- 10p48-40 ., cle, Dr. Walter A. Fraser. Peggy came late in June with her father and uncle, and remained when they went home. Her father plans to drive to Rochester to get her Mr. iind Mrs. Alvin Weber, who farm near Lu Verne, entertained relatives Sunday: Mi\ and Mrs. Louis Zahner, St. Louis; Mrs. Lulu Jordan, Waterloo, daughter Edna; and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jordan, FOR SALE — ARGUS CANDID camera and case with 4-5 lenses. with water front and one dak kltc'hen cabinet.—R. J. Keen, 421 W. State St. . 25p49 camera and case with 4-5 lenses. WT . nnt , -pni T«T.T mTrwtmTirw Also Argus enlarger fo,-develop- ^^par'fetf ~PoSf ^ ing pictures.—Inquire Advance. , i llstrmls floors. No 18u43 his parents. He works for a fur- Waterloo, where they ware delegates to a Legion Auxiliary ventlon last week. Mrs. Arthur Holing two children spent Sun Dodge, attending a Graomei ily reunion, persons in attendance. Lorraine Armlorfcr Is inking Mr. n ml 03 'Dana, 111., left Monday after ten " 1S !»" U " LH - "« woms iui >i iur- >''" day« here with the former's moth: ! ™ ce .. co ™? ^ ^Molnc*, an * er. Mrs. A. D. Richards. F. owns a farm near Dana, and FOR SALE—14x16 ft. tent, 4 ft. wall, 12.41 oz. tan duck; $50 new, used five weeks. Weight, 100 Ibs., ?25. Also 8x12 tarp, $2. — Kate Biirton, Lu Verne. 31p49 START ON TIME OR YOU WILL gives you lustrous floors. No drudgery. Simply apply. Dries quickly to glistening gloss. — F. S. Norton & Son. 22(2)49 STEADY . WORK — GOOD PAY. Reliable wan wanled lo call on farmers In Kossuth county. No experience or capital required. Make na anu Mr. ana Mrs. i_<eo joraau, OIA.IVI vji\ nmrj uiv iuu YVIUI-",* ~~ — • — „?,, —«» »r— Ventura. Leo, Edna, and Mrs. I be left behind. To get in line at- up to $12 a day.—Write McNess required.—Write or photic, Mrs. S. 13, Chase, 1320 IOth ave. North, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Walnut 13M. THE MARCH OF PROGRESS Queen Contest and Centennial la now a matter of history. Algonm is still the best town for Its siz« in the State of Iowa, the beat state in the Union. Let, us all strive to show why Iowa Is great I take this opportunity In expressing my appreciation for the loyal support which I received In the March of Progress Queen Contest —Kathryn McEnroe. THE FIRST TRUST JOINT Stock Land Bank of Chicago owns and so, Edna, and Mrs. I be left behind. To get in line at- up 10 »n a aay.— writemuries.. n f,utvn«l children of Mrs. Lulu tend Mankato Commercial College, Co., Dept. S., Freeport, Illinois offers for sale farms ol all types Weber are . , Jordan, and Mrs. Zahner is their Mankato, Minn. Send for free cat- p aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Weber, with alog. their son Jerry, left Monday for 1 aaiurcmy irami,i llV K here with the formoi-'q mnth lnace company at JJes Moinns, ana iiui"-- mi. «,»u i.n=. "«="«'. «••-" they ware dele- e r Mrs A D Hich; rd« F^ A" l lle wns taken l ° Fort Dod S e ^ thelr son Jel ' ry ' left Monday ,?° r i Auxiliary ,.,on- owns a' firm iJnr nW -mil 'VJ llls Pa™"tB Sunday, thence return- 1 The Dells of Wisconsin. They c. l"nd hrVfamv livo ih™ A nic-h ^ ^ bus to De * Molnes - At Fort! were also to visit the Irving o"'«*K «nd her ft reuntanV eno eeltwl'-o Dodge the Colwells called on Mrs. Urches, former Algonians now it Sunday at Fort i, to Iny'lnano, elsewhel ° i Colwoll's brother, L. A. Hill, who farming near West Concord, a Graomer fam- ^rs/VLS ,,,,,! r,.,. H«,,^ tn ,. had been in a hospital a monlh, Minn. Mrs. Urch is the former Dor- 22(2)49 Lfl I IllUlf-t • •»-.»,- i r vu OOT1CO1 J| ^rrT^nnin^and her daughter I had" been Tn^a" hospital V'monuT, Minn. Mrs. Urch is the former Dor- r «vlna were guests at the 'John j bu iJ s ™ V J*™P* : ratins . at home : I j McKnroe home over the week-end. illoj I WANT TO EXPRESS MY SIN- Irving! cere thanks and appreciation to now all who were so kind to me in my -..„ - ,,„„- , lrs . ,„„„„,„., .,,,„ ne , dnu-htcr had been hl a hospital a monlh, Minn. Mrs. urcn m tne lormei uoi- Thore wore some ir,l lj!( vina we" Kuest" Tt the John i bul is now recuperating at home, othy Johnson, and the Johnsons !„„,!„. . u.ivuui wuii, t,uthih a i me jonii| „ , ,, i.-,_i... ^_, i_j.. l,,r,r] dm 'WoViovo nro nlrt ripie'hhni's. -Hrs. J. V. Klriiy, Schenectady, T n i..7.i n i. . t V—, | ivici-jiiroB Home over tne weeK-enti.',. i; , ; ••', —. -,*' Lorraine Armlorfcr Is taking a The MannhiKs who are motorine N - Y " nnd ner son Maurice arriv- vacation this week from the Lus- to eaS p\Ks wnT remn^ in i«f M° npd %f° p th « ^ °* the ^ e ? k by drug store and Is spending it lwc , weekg to thell . home nt Rock at B. P. Rlchardson'fl. Mrs. Kirby n the Black Hills and with rein- Valley. Mrs. Manning is a sister " nd . ¥'?' Richardson, who were tlves in North Dakota. Itonnie Itonur returned . JU from the Okobojis, where she TO Vallev Mrs M-mninc ( ,j ^ McEnroe Sunday j Mr nnrt Mrs R W was. w HI, the i aUer '« ' who were are sisters. . Roeder Mauri ce, who was graduated from. and the Webers are old neighbors. F. 1-. .McJfah'on, his mother. Mrs. Nellie MoMahon, and I. G. Dewel got home Saturday from a two weeks tour to Washington, D. C., and New York City. At Washing. ton they visited old Emmetsburg •Nettie J. Herman. p49 in almost every county in Iowa at GIFT OF DRAIN TUBS — EACH| attract i ve prices and upon easy purchaser of new One Minute i _ „„„„„ pioiA. Washer this month receives $10.00 terms.-Write W. F. Uraaa, Field- set drain tubs absolutely free. See them on display, also new One Minute models.—L. W. Swanson. FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish. A new improved method guarantee- Building 38tf ing satisfaction. — Cowan Supply Co. FOR SALE — ALL MODERN G- from the Okobojis, where she \vas. W i'th'thp I'lttp'r'q ' motiiPi- \Irs'l the Anles col 'ege a year ago, has friends of the McMahons. On the a guest last week of the C. B. | Mary Sweeney got home'Tuesday since becn ln General Electric'.going trip they traveled through Murlatfw. The MurlaRh have a from a week-end with™Mr Aoed-' employ ftt Schenectady, where, the blue grass country m Ken- cottage on Manhattan beach. or's nqrontq ATr\nd M,T'opnr.'p! Dnnilld P - Dewel is also employ- tucky, then over the Alleghenies, Atlomcv nnd Mrs. n w SHU. o±,^' ents .; „ ^. nd ...VJl 1 ,..-. 01 "; ed. the Appalachians, and the Blue room bungalow. Hardwood the floors, full basement, $3,000. Good terms. — C. W. Nicoulin, Algona, Iowa. 18u4!) Alionicy nnd Mrs. 0. W. Still- Roeder, man, with their two daughters,! i, spent the week-end at and other Mr. Roeder -"n" -~...,, , y,uj.-,mf^, m I . ivuuutM it, ti Dolliver.jkee railway postal clerk. inATiwnn is a Milwau- Mrs. Louis Ciir.«on, Hawarden, i. tne jvppu lacnitiiis, emu LUC AJIU^ | 31 r. and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, with j Ridge mountains into Virginia. At i P arrot their daughter Jean, were Sunday, Richmond they saw the Confeder- lhlim rni dinner guests of Mrs. Thorpe's sis- ate "White House," which is now SHOES FOR CHILDREN — POLL- a museum. They also visited at all-leather shoes are growing feet. Stand the hard knocks. Extra mileage in every pair.—A. E. Kresensky. guests of Mr. Stlllman's parents, .„,„. limlls ,„,-.,„„, niiwm-uun, . .,- n „ , ,> „ Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Stillman. with two children came Tue-sdnv i ter ' Ml ' s ' Geol 'S e Cole - Maxwell. „ ...uo^-.... —^ .... Mr. nnd Mrs. George Nurnan, f or „ tow davs with the W. c.l Ml \ c ° 1e ' former Algona hardware! Mourn. Vernon, home of George MTNUTE WA SHER - Brings Mason City, were visitors Friday n-us and other friends here The dealer ' now owns a variety store; Washington, and saw the sights m at S.-0. Anderson's. Both Mr. An-'. S onaBn were! Algonlat when ¥r>f e ' The , C °'« you ^er daughter , both Washington and New York, derson and Mr. Nurna are In In-'Carson was traveling for Swift's. 1 Elinor is lo be married at_Chrlst- \ ternational Harvestbr employ, :«•• r' n ,-c,,,n ;„ v,™,, nmnimiori in nimas time how tan calf and Mack suede ^.,.^. J . l was traveling for Swift's, i „, . ,, jMr. Carson is now employed in ai» ln s time to Maurice Christie, i "•..".— - J Ames graduate and Smith-Hughes and' agricultural teacher at New Prov- O j.idence. cirls i ''' ce l' cc< '' Chicago, with his son of Mr -ind l Keithl arrived last week Thursday Mrs Clark is' fo1 ' a few dflys with his dau s' 1 - lerimLioimi rjurvesicr employ, jMr. ('arson is now employed ir Mr. and M^rs. Raymond Kramer, | meat market at Hawarden. farmers near Lu Verne, wore Sun-| Mrs. AV. C. Clark, Hubbard, i day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hortsman, L. Gisch, north of Algona.. Mr. T ITt - 11 •'• »••— "»<i- ~' Kramer is a nephew of Mr. Gisch. Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Paetz, with !„,,„. ^. iv . ^^^unu. ^.o. w. tl .» .three of their children, are at; Mr. Horlsman's and Mrs. DeLano's you new washing and wringing conveniences. Equipped for either electric or gas engine power. Ask about terms.—L. W. Swanson. (49) Mrs. three of their children, are at; M r. Hortsman's and Mrs. DeLano's ^'"- »""• ™\ lj \ K ^' a " d Jf { ^ Duluth and other points in north- mother, and Mr. DeLano drives a, Mls - Hagg took them to Del Ra- ern Minnesota this week. The truck for the locoi DX station. ^ s ' s - ?•• S " nday f. 01 , a ^^."j" n~^., <> n niii» c^,.,,,,. „„,.!!, «p =„,._ j| r nll( ^ -yffXi Harold Schuh, of' yesterday with another daughter, Paetz family farms north of Soxton. $5 dance. arian. i Berkeley, Calif., are parents of a Dr. anil Mrs. Larry Mosbach, I son, born August 20, weight eight ...__,__,.,. ,,_,-_. '- pounds, ei?ht .ounces. Mrs. Schuh, the former Dorothy Dooley, is a daufihter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Humboldt, were Monday evening guests of Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman and attended a Country cluh Dr. Mosbach is a veterin- Dooley, Algona, and Mr. Schuh is •ian. lemnloyed in a factory at Berkeley. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lowman, Dorothy "Whitney, who has been with the daughters Marilyn nnd | attending summer school at the Shirley, went to Colfax, 111., last j university of Minnesota, will come with another daughter,: Mrs. Hjalmer Hagg. Mr. Reed is i a night watchman in a Monarch 11 foods building. E. L., a cousin of j works at the Norton ] FOR RENT—PRAIRIE HAY Ads re- j home tomorrow for a short visit machine ahop here. Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, daughter Helen, and son Bobby got home Saturday from a two weeks vacation in Ohio. They visited relatives at Lima, Ada, and Cleveland. The Kuhns accompanied Mr. and land. MALTED MILK—WE'VE NAMED it Barker's Special. But by any other name it would be just as good! Try one. That's all we ask -Barker Drug. (49) WANTED — EXPERIENCED competent girl, 20 years old or more, or general housework. Reference man, Plymouth, Iowa, or Harold Oldham, Iowa Sales Supervisor, (49) '4201 Urbandale Avenue, De» Moines. ** ONE CENT Dress Sale ONE CENT TRIAL BAG — FEED ONE BAG Sargent Mineral Meat Meal. Your money refunded in full if not satisfied. Get information. — Anderson Grain & Coal Co. (40) —F. W. Dingley. 7(2)48tfl FOR SALE — MODERN 6-ROOM house.—E. C. MoMahon. ,9u48 W66k~911'l to fl-ttGlid fl xjuwui'Ui i G~ i noiliu luniuriuw iui a onui i. »*"•»• ^. _ union. The Lowmans farm near | wlth ^ her parents before resuming.!««-; Ruhu Rnd Mrs . clum are Sexton. i teaching duties at rroctoi, Minn. . nm-t^ rivnvo 7n^ mil- Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Bredall were H er father, W. L. Whitney, is a " lst fi-s. Jlhe pait> diove 703 mU called to Akron Sunday by news vete ran Milwaukee depot employe \ « m 16% ^ou^s, stalling nom WANT TO TRADE—PINT FRUIT jars for quarts.—Phone 745-J. of the death of the former's uncle, Doctor Hyden. Mr. Bredall is here. in International ploy here. suede patent leather [trim, med. heel Harvester em- $3 Bernard L. Hoone. Sheldon, was a guest last week at the Frank Tietz home. He is a student at the Iowa school for the blind, and he visited Frank Tietz Jr., here, who is also blind. John Denmray, Joplin, Mo., arrived fast week Wednesday for two weeks with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy McWhorter. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Demaray. Helen Chubb has returned to her duties at Attorney H. B. White's, following a week's vacation spent at Twin Lakes as guest of her brother, Peter Chubb, City, and his wife. Rockwell [Burnt copper ton $4 Donald Johnson took a vacation last week from Dutch's Super- Service and spent it in northern Minnesota, fishing, swimming, and boating. A friend from Ft. Dodge accompanied him. Dr. H. H. Runey, Wesley, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Raney is again looking after his veterinary practice following a serious sickness thought by doctors to have been malta fever. _ Mr. and Mrs. Everett Miller, with the daughter Kay Joyce, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Millers —••"— Deh- the Robert, and Harold Hester, of Earlham, have been guests a few days of the R. R. Hutzells. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell lester, are to come for them today. Mrs. Hester and Mrs. Hutzell are sisters, and Mr. Hutzell s manager of the local McCormick Deering shop. Edward Cnllcn, clerk at the Kohlhaas and Spilles hardware for the last three years, has resigned to accept a position with the Malleable Steel Range Co. He will leave next week for Beaver Dam, Wis , where he will work in the factory for a time before traveling for the company. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele left Saturday night for a two weeks stay in northern Minnesota. They will spend some time at Two Harbors, on Lake Superior, where Mr Steele finds relief from hay fever. Lawrence Misbach, another Ohio and night. at 1:.30 Saturday morning letting homo at 6 oclock that Mr. and Mrs. John McEnroe, and daughter Patricia, Mrs. O'Hara and the latter's daughter Marianne drove to the OHara farm near Titonka early in the week. Mrs. O'Hara and Marianne, cousins of the McEnroe families here, live at St. Paul. They accompanied Mr. and Mrs. McEnroe to Algona on the McEnroes' way home from Fargo, N. D., wher they went to get Patricia, who had been a guest at the Clark and McEnroe homes BUTLER AUTOMATIC coal burner. Works in your present fur- iace. Great fuel savings, and perfect heat.—F. S. Norton & Son. (49) AUTO LOANS'— REFINANCING. Lower payments. — Western Credit Co. 8u30tf FOR SALE—LARGE SIZE silage cutter. Good condition. — Herman Becker, Irvington. Ilp49 FOR SALE BY OWNER — WELL improved miles from vance. 160-acre Algona. farm 5% - Call Ad- 15u<J9tf MOTORISTS TURN TO D-X. Famous lubricating motor fuel saves wear on cylinder walls, valves, pistons, rings. Quiets your motor.—Johnson D-X. EXPERT RADIO WORK — COM- plete overhauling and check-up will make your radio like new. We carry parts. Phone 510-W or 99. E. A. Genrich. FOR SALE — MODERN 2-STORY building, with restaurant as ten ant. Good income. Age, illnesi reason for selling. — See Ralp" — ' reason lor eeunig. — oee «.aip. FOR SALE—USED RADIOS. ONE Anderson, agent, Ringsted p48-4 2-volt table model, ,$5; one 2-volt I at 1 tJ VU1 • J-*« « * W»»«V ..--r- , hay fever addict, is braving it out at home this season. Donald, son of Mr. and Harry Ward, has begun work the Lusby drug store. He will be a sophomore in high school this fall but wil be at the store in out Lttli, wi*(. ^^ ^^ TJoovfl- of school hours sley, who has there. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilmer, Atlanta, Ga., are expected here Friday night for a day or so with Mrs. Gilmer's grandmother, Mrs. C. E. Heise. Mrs. Gilmer is the daughter of Colonel and Mrs. B. A. Seeley, also of Atlanta, and Mrs. Seeley is the former Bertha j Heise. Mr. Gilmer, like Colonel 1 Seely, is' in the army. From here 2-VOil LaUic iiiimci t «pw» w*».v — ,—.- , — Console model, $4.00; one 2-volt i BAHiNHIDE PAINT— MADE B' Console model, ?6^-Joe Bloom.. CAO. FOR SALE — SEVERAL GOOD farms of various sizes. — F. W. Dingley. 10(2048tf [ AM RESPONSIBLE FOR BILLS contracted only by myself— -Hi- —Pittsburg especially for barns roofs. Spreads evenly, always uni form in color. Durable, econom ical. Get estimate.— F. S. Norto & Son. (49 WANTED— MAN OR WOMAN, over 19, for position to begin soon. +»»»»»»»»» 2 Days- FRL +»»«•»»•«•*•• 250 Cotton, Silk, Knit, Rayon Bemlierg, Lace Drosses Sizes 11 to 52 ALL SPUING AND SUMMER DRESSES BUY 0> T T! DRESS AT REGULAR, PRICE THE SECOND ONE— ONE CENT DRESSES $1.98 and one at DRESSES $2.98 and one at OTHEBS AT 84, 86, $8 ram Ackarinan. WANTED—WORK FOR, MYSELF and four-year-old team of horses.—Phone 18F3, Algona. 12p48-49 the Gilmers -'will go Mrs.'Mont., to which Mr. to Missoula, WELL IMPROVED 80 FOR SALE. —Wyot Stott, 4 miles east, mile north Burt. May be permanent. Normal train- grandmother, -Mrs. William nert. Mr. Miller works in creamery at Mason City. been assigned, He spring in the Philippines. Gilmer served •eaiueij t»i. >»u~-« ----- TM-I. . A card from Mrs. Helen Dickinson early in the week said that she would get home yesterday from' Mountain, Wis., where she had been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Helen Frederlckson. Mrs. M. L. Vlnaas, Burt. was a guest Saturday of Mr. and Mrs W. H. Klamp. The Vlnaases have for some 35 years operated the Burt hotel, which is one of the best-small town hotels in Iowa. Mrs, Ann Perry, Beacon, to visit her sister Suede, Wine Suede $3 Charles Beard- siey, wi.u ..u= worked at the store four years, will enter the Ames college this fall. Roberta Simpson, former cashier in a grocery store at Grinnell, came recently to accept a Position in the dress department of the new S & L store. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Simpson, came last fall and are living on east Call street. Mr. Simpson is a salesman for the Selby Produce Co. Mrs. R. A: Evans and nor daughter Kathleen returned Saturday from Wyman, where they had spent a week with the_ son Wallace: Mrs. Walter Fraser has received word that her elder son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Fraser, Hatfield, Pa., are the parents of a boy, born Wednesday. The baby is to be christened 'Walter Scott after both his grandfather and his father. This is Mrs. Walter Fraaer's second grandchild, the first being Peggy, nine-year odl sister of the new baby. Scott teaches mathmematics in the Overbrook high school and at Drexel Institute, both in Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. George Isenberger, Clarion, and their eon Bobby, and Mr. and -Mrs. Wilbur Isenberger, Iowa City, were guests last week Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Wal- ha ! WANTED — EXPERIENCED girl °° or woman for general housework. —Phone 109. 10u49 last SEE R. S. JOHN FOR FEEDER pigs; 200 head on hand now.— Phone 6 on 92, Burt. 13p49 WEALTHY APPLES FOR SALE, 50c a bushel. Bring containers.— R. S. John, % mile west of Burt. 16p49 THURS. THRU SATUR. TOR SALE—lA'PPLES. Some windfalls, 25 bu. — Godfrey Schultz, miles south Lone Rock, phone 3816. 14p49-50 FOR SALE—FINE IMPROVED .80- acre farm, close to Algona. Good terms.—C. W. Nicoulin, came Mrs. t . . ter Klamp. George, a retired rail- r^PoUer: Mi,: PerryVdaugh- ter. and husband, Mr..and Mrs. M. 0--Morgan, Des Moines, with two children, are also visiting Mrs. Mrs' W. K. I* 1 '* *ud her daugh ter' Betty went to Des Moines this SornUVr a' week visit with ^Laird's sister Mrs. A. D. The ives family, formerly at City, moved to Des . recently. The Rev. P. J. Braner is attending a Lutheran pastoral _cpn- terence of the Iowa Dlstrlct^West which began at Whittemore Tuesday and will close this afternoon More than 100 pastors are in at ed Sunday, leaving Mrs. Iowa City and - ei-'s to recuperate. Wyman Is a small town some 25 miles from IO Mr. C andMr S . Ned Brown, ana Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hansel, both couples of Emmetsburg. were last week Thursday visitors at b>. N Taylor's, Mrs. Brown is a Bister Mrs. Hansel a niece, of Mrs, Taylor and both Mr. Brown and Mr Hansel are farmers. The vUl- tors attended the Watermelon day Ce ^o±" Glllesple, Fort Dodge brother of L. W. here, was a guest 2 the localI Gillespie home rom at te oca Set week Wednesday till Friday. arid Mrs. L. W. Gillespie, with her daughter Marlene. accompanied him to Fort Dodge, thence for a few days at the Thomas Gillespie cottage at Twin Lakes. Thomas of kiamp, and Wilbur is 'George's son. Wilbur attends the state university. Mr. and Mrs. Klamp spent Sunday at Clarion and brought Gail Isenberger home with them for a week's viait. .Mr. Klamp manages the Phillips 66 station here. • ' ! • Georga Anne, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Fred Geigel, south o) Algona farmers, came home last week Wednesday from Storm Lake, where ahe had visited college friends a few days. Having been graduated from Buena Vista college there this spring, Miss Geigel will begin teaching music this fall at Cushing, She was graduated from the Algona high in 1934 and completed her • four-year Iowa. Algona 16u49 FOR SALE — FIVE PUREBRED Shorthorn bulls, three reds and two, roans. Outstanding quality— John McGuire farm.. 16p49-50 ESTRAYBD—ONE SPRING LAMB 85 Ibs.. from McWhorter Stock Yards. Finder please notify ^^f McWhorter or phone 535. 17p49 FOR SALE—LIVE STOCK AND tractor equipment, 85-acre farm. Some terms to responsible party.— Write -A-3, care Advance. 18p49 college cpurse with honors in ,».. Worley is i» office employ here. their tail and ChoUne calf Hi manages the Iowa Pharmacy. Mrs. Enuna Ptatt, Neosho. Mo., Vobs and his son Mrs. Carl own Wilson the latter or ATUWW »»«•• S Sunday dinner _ guests at eTha'rdware "tore Mr. LIVESTOCK FOK SALE — THE quick, easy, inexpensive way to find the buyers—Advance for-sale In i . tt PIUS DEVIL DOG SERIAL THURS..FRL, AUG 25-26 « \'« 1 I T «,T)AY, AUGUST 27 and' he*&'r Platts, Luling Tex., left Friday, after a week here with the Howard PlatU. Mr* Emma Platt, widow of .the late Platt, who was once .an 'painter, is the mother, Geo. of Howard. George, re- memumeu here by boys of his S5£ as "Shucks," is a painter. Clarence Kordstrom, Spencer, Mrs John Nordstrom, and, her daughters LilHe" and Maxlne went to Minneapolis last week-end to visit Phyllis Hanley, granddaush- Sfof Mrs, .Nordstrom who ha earwa , - Treasurer l ter o rs. , been sick at the university hospital two months. The grandsons Buddy and Jerry Hanley accompanied the Algonians home for a two weeks and Mrs, F. L. Trlbon got Tuesday from Mountain, where they **«•»*• month with their daughter, Mrs. Iseftink, the former Dor- The Leeftlnks, wh,o aew daughter IJUlfC^C vV****r v ' •' *""T . three years, majoring in the pia no, organ, and voice. Mrs* Robert Caron, Minneapolis, and two children are leaving today, after ten daye with the former's grandmother, Mrs. C. r Heise. Mrs. Caron's husband te Minneapolis . surgeon, and she the former Eunice Logan, daughter of the late Doctor and-Mrs- Logan, of Blue Earth. Mrs. Logan- was daughter ol Mrs. He*se. Mai Potter, Storm Lake, another granddaughter, spent from Tues'day till Saturday _ the Caroas accompanied her home for a visit till yesterday. The C, R. Pounnerenta&s, Henry Bilyeu, aud Lloyd Elbert, RUGS, FURNITURE — ALWAYS a buyer for used household articles. Tell your story in an Advance Want Ad. FOR SALE — USED ' BICYCLES. Lowest prices. One balloon tire ike for sale, just like new. — Joe Bloom. C4 ° SUN.-MON., AUG. 28-29 On our stage VAUDEVILLE No advance' in price, BUCK SPENCER CO, Hollywood Stunt Mail. He doubles for Gene Autry, Pictorial . Comedy News KxtraSpec Musical' "It's in the Stars" ' SUNDAY AND MONDAY, AUGUST 28 and 29 Doors open at 12 o'clock, one hour early, to accommodate the crowds! . All attendance records broken in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, -••-.' Come on along to the best show in the land. Sensational Swing Musical! Cassidy, and others, On Our Screen E CKEAM—THE PERFECT dessert- Full fruit flavors. Rich, mooth, and whole. Everybody ikes Barker's Ice" Cream.-^arker TICKETS FOR THE GREAT CLAY county fair at Spencer will go on sale Monday, August , ets are 60c for the grandstand, ' on receipt of This Sensational Story Was Written by an Algona Boy will be forwarded H. W. POST Dray »n<l Tr«milw STORA6E1FALLUNDS Long Distance Hftulinf eus, Woden, and , , . family, Decatur, 111., spent part of , Sunday at West Bend. The Bijyeus also attended a Hoosler plcale a the Tom Trenary home near Butt B. P,ommerenlng Mr. and Mrs- Preview ppll winiiei^ fop Best original' , Pommereni»#s brother, Henry Bilyeu, were evea of the Claude west ol Butt Th#' John Sle Pecatur, IU-, -were U o Brery load IOM and dwn to of Algona, with the Joseph Bily-

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