Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1938 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1938
Page 3
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:- >i KOSSUTti COUNT If ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA PAGE THREE P^» ( \ * ' ' ' ^*L. ^MM .^^K. "' "' " .' ~.~-r^r-^rT- ' ." - --•" • - • - - ..- .. — I..H-..I..I—.... •oadsNear Good Hope Receive Fresh Gravel LIAMSROAD Four Lorenzos Are Coming ,„,. Aug. 23—During the weeks this neighborhood scene of Intensive ed activity by road construe- Some miles o£ had become rough nHToles which could hot, r «cd by grading machines, roads have received a nee coat, and two miles llrt grade, one past tne >lnman farm, the other ,he Ira Kohl farm, have been ./for the first time. . presence of the graveling ^been the source of pleas- interest to the community. •iiitams has developed an or- |llltil»iO * *•»•• nf PI . which-is tops lor ein- but with a crew also cour- ' an d careful on road and in outfit moved In ' monster e and screening machines, , and trailer houses here a =EO Saturday, and within two of arrival of the lasrma- were spreading gravel. Some , were employed, and they from early morning till B arc served in a dining and from the odors the nerlenced one day about '*• _ i _. _».•<*4- V»rt *• nr\ «•_ visited relatives at Northrup, Minn., last week Thursday. The Conrad Allgs visited the William Kerkers, -Pioneer, Sunday. The P. J. Dahlhausers, West Bend, were Sunday guests of Whlttemore relatives and old friends. iGlen Johnson, Algona, spent Sunday at Banker Frank Besten- lehner's. Mary Catherine Rooney HERE'S THE LATEST 'DOPE' ON PROGRAM AT THE STATE FAIR Deg Moines, Aug. 18—The final ten-day entertainment -program for Iowa's statewide Centennial celebration at the state fair here next week has been announced by exposition officials. Running two days longer than usual, and including a larger array of attractions than has been presented by the fair, final program includes: A statewide 'centennial pageant, Cavalcade of Iowa, on the opening two nights, August 24-25. Sixth annual rodeo, three nights * 1. lltj UUllli VVUlUlvJUky VV11U ITJ.I a, — — «— • - ——- - -* — « — , u ... vv u . o .. »— Phil Cullen attended a family re- and four afternoons from August spent a few days the past with the Tom Millers at week Armstrong. Mrs. Anna Doi"weiler, of Mankato, visited relatives and rlends here Saturday. •Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orlger, son lharles, and daughter Catherine are spending a week with relatives n eastern Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Floyd, Lenore, 111., and their son Arthur, with Marguerite Salz, Winona, 111., spent last week with ocal relatives. The John Waldrons and Mrs. ever this union at Tuttle Lake Sunday. Mrs. Samuel Sampsel, Butte, Mont., her family, and Mrs. Orvllle Neise, of Beech, N. D., with her ,family, spent a few days last week at Waldron. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conrad, of Peotone, 111., visited at thee W. F. 26 through 'September 1. National Circuit auto races August 26-28-September 2. Thrill day Saturday, August 27, with an afternoon of aviation, auto, and motorcycle thrillers, including collisions, smashups, and other hair-raising stunts. Irvington Cars in Corner Collisions, But No One is Hurt Irvington, Aug. 23— The automobiles of Emma Krause and Geo. Wagoner collided at the Ramus corner, west of Irvington, at 8 oclock Friday morning. Mr. Wagoner was returning from Algona and Miss Krause was just turning the corner from the south.. Both cars were damaged. .Miss Krause, who took responsibility for the accident, said she did not see the Wagoner car because the road is hidden by tall weeds at the corner. The Ralph Parsons car, driven by Mrs. Parsons, was struck last week Tuesday at the corner just east of Orover Reed's by a car driven by a Mr. Finkbaum, em- ploye at Hovey's, Algona. Mrs Parsons, who was accompanied by her mother-in-law, Mrs. Morris Parsons, was driving south, and the Algona car was going north. The accident occurred right at the curve. Mr. Finkbaum said he didn't see the Parsons car till it was too late to prevent the collision. The Parsons car, badly damaged, was taken to Algona by a wrecker. Mr. Finkbaum's cat- was also considerably damaged. America's Largest Selling Coffee! Eight O'Clock Mild and Mellow Coffee 3&47c 1 Lb. Bag Ific TRY IT ICED! lonu FLOUK, 40-11). bag Sunn) field FLOUR, l!l-ll). hug 95c Reimers home last week. Mrs. R. 1 An open-air circus every after- P. Morris, Wembleton, N. D., is noon and evening. spending this week there. MrS. Frank Jergens, West Bend, and her children are visiting the from August former's mother, Mrs. William F. ber 2. A huge musical extravaganza, Centennial 'Belles, every night 29 through Septem- Dau, while Mr. Jergens is in Colorado for hay fever relief. Centennial fireworks and festival of light every night from Aug- ier ex; J time Ely satisfactory. Williams ie the meals must be thor- •well known road-makers In Iowa, hay^^ 61ii veled in five, counties' last =!^B This year he has the west — ' ^' O f Rossuth county, and he has completed 'the northwest .The work In this vicinity I finished Friday, and the outfit I moved to the Plum Creek pit same afternoon. en the season's work IB com- Mr. Williams will .go to forhia, where he spends The aerial Lorenzos, coming to the Kossuth County. Fair as an infield attraction, were photographed in the midst o£ an "ankleswing" during a performance at the Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland. The man swinging away from the towering apparatus, hanging by his ankles, Is Charlie Lrenzo. His brother, Paul, Is holding him. Left, on ladder, is Victoria Lorenzo, and right her sister Jackie. No nets are used in this performance; for their safety, the aerialists must depend entirely upon their skill, and the meticulous timing of the tricks. The apparatus is 110 feet high. As a climax, Paul performs a headstand on the tiny pedestal seen In the center of the rigging. He does the stunt without supports of any kind, an accomplishment that has not been duplicated on an apparatus of equal height. The Arthur Rusch family, Lotts ,ust 24 through September 2. Creek, were Sunday dinner guests I Horse shows August 28 through at the W. A. Rusch home, and the September 1. Nick Genglers, also Lotts Creek, Midwest national horseshoe tour- were there in the evening. ' nament, state checker tournament, Eva Lowman, Lillian Bargman,' old^ fiddlers' contest, team pulling Maurine Helmke, and Darlene contests, and numerous other con- Freis, all of Rodman, visited the test events. Erwin Barymans last week Thursday, With the centennial exposition and state fair combined in one, of- The Louis Greinerts and Mr. and ficials expect an attendance of Mrs. Edward Greinert left week Tuesday for ten days relatives at Watertown, Wis. this more than 400,000. with his Iters. Lung Runs Hare Sessions— U Good Hope threshing runs for business and social ses- Priday evening. What is led the "South Run" met at Teeter's. The north run, nt stockholders of which are C 'Hanna and August nidt estates, Henry Kueck, •ence Householder, and W. J. irne, met at Henry Kueck's. • meetings are real social al„, aa well as occasions for the Uing of individual accounts of iers and other business. Mem- r of families attend, and re- Ihments are served. The W. J. jrnes were out from Algona to End both meetings. Mr. Bourne's hnt, Mr. Teeters, is a member of [South Run, and Mr. Bourne is jretary of the North Run. ,• People's Party Planned- committee consisting of Mes- jes Fred Plumb, P. C. Gardner, ink Cruikshank,. W, H. Efcr- [dt, and Allen Wood met at the Hope parsonage '..Monday jg to lay plans for a party Lorraine, [the young people of the church [the: Community room next Mon- evening. Another : committee, pdamea James Knoll, Jens Sorn, Orlan Rutledge, and Wood, : at the parsonage Tuesday to pert plans for a dinner to be ]ved at the new Pioneer Hi-*Bred Corn building in Algona on 10 by Good Hope Aid. . Easterly Goeg Home— (Irs. William Easterly,'who had the guest of the W. J. nee, Algona, returned recently T home at Cedar Rapids. The limes took her to Ames, where 1 caught a train. They were ac- ppanie'd by Mrs. Kate Annis and daughter Beth, and at Ames called on Phoebe Morgan, is making a Valiant fight to iver.from a breakdown she auf- a last fall while teaching at pldon. Miss Morgan was to go LEININGERS IN REUNION AT GALL PARK Whittemore, Aug. 23—A Leininger reunion was held Sunday at the Ambrose A. Call state park, and attending were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Leininger, Boone, and a son; John Leininger, Mr. and Mrs. Rd- dolph Will, daughters Martha and Alice, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lorenze, daughter Joan, Mr, and Mrs. Rudolph Tietz, son Donald, of Burt; the Jos. Leiningers and the Louis Hackbarths, Lotts Creek; the Fred Haacks, Lone Rock; the Arnold Meines, the Walter Frajn- bachs, Mr. and - Mrs. John Meine, and Frank Meine, Whittemore; and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Balmer, Estherville, daughters Elaine and Gathering at the Grotto- worth and grandson, Ralph Sebers. Attends Estlicrvlllc Funeral- Mrs. Leo Swanson attended the funeral of A. A. Bixby, Estherville, last week Thursday. He was the father of Mrs! Leo Schoonover, of Cedar Rapids, friend of Mrs. Swanson. Mrs. Schoonover is well known here, having made many visits at the Swanson home. Ex-Whlttemore Boy is Dead- Mrs. J. S. Cullen received word Monday that Frank Russel Jr., of Staples, Minn., had died Saturday in a hospital there. He was a Whittemore boy whose parents moved to Minnesota, and he is survived by his wife, parents, two sisters, and two brothers. Ex-Teacher Here In Call- Mr, and Mrs. Emil Lindstrom, of Marathon,, Minn., daughters" Mildred and Elsie, and son Elner called on the J. S. Cullens and the W. T. Olivers Sunday. Mildred l/indr strom is a former public school grade teacher who now teaches at Alta. Simpsons to Family Reunion— Mr and Mrs. Melvin Simpson son Wallis, the latter's family, Mr Miller, Milwaukee, is' visiting at August Mielke's. Miss Miller is a granddaughter of Mrs. Mielke. 'R. J. Vaughn and F. W. Elbert were at Lu Verne on a business errand Saturday. •Ella, Dorothy, and Bobby Braatz returned 'Sunday from a month with relatives in Minnesota. The Orville Barbers left Sunday! to visit relatives in South Dakota. Gwen Kelly is spending this week with friends at the Okobojis. ROOMS — IP YOU WANT TO find a suitable room in Algona, make known your wants in this section of the Advance. Will Be Sold This Week at Sacrifice— Modern 6-room bungalow, 3 bed- ooms, oak floors, located in vicin- :y of Trinity Lutheran, First Lu- heran, and Catholic churches— iwner will sacrifice this week fo :ash, and it is priced to sell—firs :heck 'for $3,000.00 buys it. See Joel M. Herbst REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE X)COMMONLY l>' " AD MKDHM lACKl'l a MOMK NKWSI'U'KK IS KATKD AS A COM Ml >m \SSKT $1.19 98-11). bag $2.1!> 5c 25c 21 c SiilUina RED BEANS, 1-11). can DIM, PICKLES, }6-gnl. jar lonu Sliced PINEAPPLE, 2 15-oz. cans ' Ball Mason FRUIT JARS Q t8 . 69c n».59c Pure Cider VINEGAR, 1 ga. Mason Jar CAPS, doz. IMnty Moore IJecf STEW, 2 24-08!. Cans Iformcl's SPAM, 12-oz. can 29c 29c Canned Grapefruit GRAPEFRUIT JUICE .Inlce Feature! Fancy Quality Canned O No. 2 00& Cans 6OI, 46-oz. can lOc SPECIAL OFFER! Heavy Silver Plated SERVING FORK ior only 25c and label from ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING Pt, jar 21*, Qt. jar The New "Soft-Weve" WALDORF TISSUE, 4 650 sheet rolls — A Clean Towel Whenever You Need One! SCOTT PAPER TOWELS, 2 150 sheet rolls 19c 19c PRUNES, No. 10 can CHERRIES, ESP. No. 10 cam IVORY SOAP, 2 large cakes FRUITS! VEGETABLES! CELERY, I/I r large stalk, each — J.v^ ORANGES, 1 Qt* a i*a «a«. do/. -f.*rt/ 93c size 288, doz. PEACHES, crate A&P FOOD STORES IEGULAR BLOOP ^HOUNDS "After Customers Our Want Ads OVYNLO AT,O OPIHi T[Q BY T H I f. R I * T ATI' C AND IT WILL BE IN THE PAPER pllKllilllilllllllllllilllllllllllllll I AND Mr. and Mrs. William Koeh-| and Mrs . Ralph Reimers, two necke, Sheldon, and Mr. and Mrs. daughters, Mr. and Mrs. W. F Harry Elgersma, Hartley, drove to Re i me rs, the Harvey Simpsons, West Bend Sunday to see the Grot- an( j Simpson attended a famwho: ily reun ion at Fort Dodge Sunday. Mrs.' to, and Whittemore people joined them were Mr. and . , - ... n i Otto Bell, daughter Irene, Mr. and 1 Son for Whittemore Coupl Mrs. Rudolph Hanover and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Roeber, son Melvin, Emma and August Roeber, Mrs. Alfred B«ll, her baby, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bierstedt, two children, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, son Ells- i. Moines for special x-ray (Mrnent next day. eUon Visiting Hera— L. J. Nelson (formerly Ma- I Beck) and her daughter Mary i are here from their home in lorado for a several weeta stay 1 Mrs. Nelson's mother, Mrs, Beck, who has. been In poor all summer and spent five in bed. Mr. Nelson is ex- i soon, and Mrs, Nelson and daughter will go .home with The Nelsons live 09 a cattle ^ in the foothill* Candidate^ Picket• "odds, A, J. DJttmer, James and Glen Jenklnspn, mem- « the nominating committee w Hope church, ,^et.i»t' the a list of candidates, for the 'B offices and committees 'of i^urch to be pressed for ap- at the quarter co.nference eek Wednesday'^ evening, Other Good Hop*. ! George c. Hanna an4 her ter s Pearl and Myrtle were : suests at W. J. Bourne'a ay. Pearl will soon return to Russians in this country. She specializes in forms of speech instruction, including the correction of speech impediments. E. L. Broesder suffered a painful cut on one hand one day last week, while he was opening the hay-mow door. No bones were broken, but the injury was serious enough to lay him up a few days. Mrs. Kate Annls, BetU, the Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood, and Martha Madson were dinner guests last week Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. R, Fl Hawcott in honor of the Annlses. Mrs Arthur Jackman is recovering from a painful acute illness Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Schumacher are parents of a boy, born Sunday. Mrs J M.'Fleming ha« returned from two weeks with her daughters Marguerite, Joan, and Mary 3orrine. a . ,;..;•-; Other Whittemore. Myrtle Barber returned to Doctor Meyer's at Algona Sunday, after a week at William Meyer's. The Martin Meyers, Garner, are spending this week at William Meyer's and Fred Struecker's. Mr. and Mrs. Theo Ziemann and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Becker, of Fairmont, spent Sunday at William and Herman Meyer's. Sunday dinner guests at the Louis Braatz home were Mr. antt Mrs George Zabel, Milwaukee; - "- - _ j * We're Ready for You with Everything Boys Wear j New Fall Suite AT NEW LOW PRICES $5.90 $7.90 $9.75 New Sport Models Ages 6 to 16 Boy's Wool Slacks tf SPECIAL VALUES 98c $1.19 $1.98 $2.95 Ages 6 to 16 Boys' School Shoes \. You'll be pleased with the New Fall'Styles and New Lower Prices, 98c $1.29 $1.98 and better. the Merlyn Stauffers, and villa Olson, Minnesota Lake, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Braatz, Mapleton, Minn.; and Mr. and Mrs\ Wm. Oldenberg, Elmore. Teacher and Mrs. H. W. Behnke a Russian organisation to ""^ to newly arrived SELL AND ECOMMEND 'NSULATION NEW FALL Polo Shirts By Model rew^ Neck, Zipper, and Lace Neck. Others 79c and 49c Ages 4 to 18. CLOTHING AND LUGGAGE FOE BACK TO SCHOOL OR AWAY TO COLLEGE! School Shirts In New Patterns That You'll Ldke. 49c 59c 79q Best Values to Be found Anywhere. . ., . > Ages 4 to 16, NOT UNDERSOLD ON FIRST QUALITY GOODS BY ANYONE ANYWflf RE. THE NEW LOWER PRICES ARE IN EFFECT HEflE ™"" of lasting benefit t 9 Kossuth County munity in me.. p innp p r Hi-Bred Corn company ^:^*^ w » wi * is nw Al - gona. iness men of tt Hi-Bre.d Seed Cprn- the at«r- 'Com is br»d *S » n * *"9 B ' the iioitherB corn belt. No. BOYS' OVERALLS AND UNIONALLS, Dark Blue or Striped 2 Great Value*. * ^. and The kind of e^ boys like t0 wiar. tsike better e$»e of theiri. They CORDUROY JIMMYPANTI $1.49 Jacket* to Match $1.49 Aget4tolO ^^te,;^.

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