Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1938 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1938
Page 15
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JV. AUGUST 11. 1938. AT SHUT, SATURDAY, AtWUS'l' 12 AM) The Sure Way Jj snrc W ay to determine where your food dolliirs 1 |'i j s to mnkc your own comparison. A host of disci- Ivnlnewlsc shoppers recommend Council Oak for i|iia1- |cc nnd courteous service. Mutton Sale | s un excellent hot weather food. Wholesome, nourish. Id easily digested. Select the cut. of mutton fur your fa- fuMsh nt the following special prices: JO' Mutton Roast, pound 13c [ton, Shoulder Roast, pound 9c ton Chops, pound 8c Iton Stew, pound 5c Pork Loin Roasts ^selected Pork Loins we ciin supply masts nt various jirlc- *'choice center cut roust at 211 per Hi. A loin end must, per Ib. and u 2 to 'l-lfo. lilndc end roust at 130 per II). Pork Chops • middle cut chops will ttc cut thin to fry or thick to stuff lake »t a special price of 216 p<sr Ib. Tenderized Picnics cd I'icnics that hare been "Tcndc-med" by H special pro- They cut like expensive hams when linked 21 minutes per ,n slow oven. 5 to S-lfo. picnics priced nt 24<i per Ib. Mil ^^^^^^^^^^^BH^^^^M^^^ !•!. !•! •mil I, M Morning Light Peaches [tlon! Can you afford to can fresh pouches when '.Morning ; Peaches in large No. 2}6 vims cnn be hud this week-end Same price on sliced and Inrgc luscious halves. Peanut Butter Icil Onk Peanut Butter is an economical .spread thai retains Heliclous flavor of Fresh Rousted Peanuts during the hot- Vcnther. A special price of 21 <i on the 2-lb. jar. Grapefruit Juice t undiluted juice of tree-ripened grapefruit. A most refresh- lot weather drink. Buy a supply of > T o. 2 size at a special i of 86 per can. White. Loaf Flour |tc Loaf is au economical dependable flour for nil cooking j baking needs. You get more loaves of light, fluffy brenil fbaif. The W bbL bag of White Loaf Flour will sell for only 29 this week-end. ST PRIZE FLOUH, V\ bbl. bng -$1.09 Salmon Steak Icy salmon steak cut from the middle of genuine Alaska k Salmon. The choicest part of the salmon in Lib. flat cans I special price of only 126 l )er <-'uu> Corn Kix i will be delighted with this new "Ready-to-Servc" cereal. It i a new kick In breakfast. Ituy it this week-end at a spec{price of 2 pkgs. for Large Sweet Peas i peas in the home garden will soon be over ripe. It will »be nice to be well supplied with Superb, large, sweet, ten[ peas in the No. 2 can. Buy Superb Peas at this sale at a jcial price of 2 cans for 236 Catsup lno.il Oak Tomato Catsup adds to the enjoyment of the meat P fish course. Also enjoyed in salads and casserole combina- ps. The big 4-oz. bottle at a special price of 106- Our "Red Bag" Coffee ise who fancy a mild wseet Coffee prefer our lied Bag Cof- K*d Bag Coffee is worthy of a trial at our low price of 1 per Ib or 3 Ibs. for 456 Black Flag DEATH TO INSKCTS |ll(|nid spray that positively exterminates flies, ants, and other •""'°. Special prices at, Council Oak this week-end as fol- /£ pint can 116, pint 176. « nrt '1'iart can 296- pystal White Soap, 6 giant bars _ _ _23c led Super Suds, large pkg. iSc They've just arrived! FALL HATS •Toques! •Berets! '•High Hats! $1.95 Others up to $4,95 Citing new fall hats, !u edes, felts, velvets • • every new type, wthem smartly ---later with new fa] l costumes, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Former Corwith Girl Bride BRIDEGROOM IS PAGE FIVE Revue Acrobatic Number POSTMASTER AT SMALU/ILLAGE ('orwilh, AUK. !l—Word has been received here of the marriage ot Virginia, daughter of ,Mr. und Mrs Merrett Stark, Union, Wash., to Woodrow L., .son of Mr. and Mrs .' Oscar Young, Medical Lake, Wash I The event took place at the homo! I of Mayor and Mrs. L. D. Hack, of I Sheldon, Wash., nnd the house' was decorated with baskets of! I roses, snlren, ferns, and bowls of' white daisies. A single-ring cere-i mony was performed before the' fireplace which was banked with ' flowers, and the minister was the, Aev. Forrest Tibbets, Tacoma. The bride was dressed in a Palm Beach suit ot dusty pink, with powder-'blue accessories, and filio wore a corsage of gardenias. Her brldesmnid, Alice Isakson, of Se.utl.le, wore tlusty pink crepe,! — Broom wfl"" u C °> r , 0 ? es V, Tlle i jride - '. sch ° o1 - The vacancy here has not gioom was attended by Gene Stark, yet been Tilled brother of the bride. | , The bride, an only daughter was <"' r l I'lans Commercial Course— graduated from the Luther (la.) i Mr. and Mrs. William Duckett, | high school in 1333, then took a' Ml 's. James Oxley, and the altter's I year of post-graduate work in the daughter Elizabeth drove to Des 'Sheldon high school before enter- Monies one day last week to make ,COME OP THE "Diamond Revue" chorus prove Ilieir acrobatic ^ prowess in this "pyramid" pose. "Diamond Revue," with a cast 0C -10 singers, dancers, musicians ,and comedians will appear evon- before the grandstand at the Kossuth fair. SEXTON t Mr. and Mrs. Ever! Hodgln, of iWebb, are spending the week with _..,.„. - lu „.„...„ Mrs. Hodgin's parents, Mr. and ; mg the Medina Baby Home at:P la »s for Elizabeth to enter the Mrs - Harry Steven, and are help- jSeattle for a year's training. She 'American Institute of Business. j in # wi H> threshing, jwns then employed as nurses' at- 1 ,,, . , ,, —;—7 The W. J. Greens werp Sumi-iv tendant at a state custodial school, * i " lsl ' 1c s «<">™» Jn Ari^- . dinner guests ^^ <£|en's moth- at Medical Lake. I A aul Beckman has returned er j.j r< , OI-TPP fvoon «„,,. T,,' The bridegroom was graduated from Columbus, Ohio, where he" en ' " edl Lu! rom the North Central high school attellc ' ec l .summer school and com- from the North Central high school of Spokane, in the class of 1934, and is now postmaster at Four • Lakes, Wash., where he and his teach m the schools there. r^SAnner was prepared ^YZi» *f™*T i^M a'u^leV^bi^^irlS 6 ^ ^^ , peas at the ends of the tables, i Places were set for Mr. and Mrs. Young, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Stark pleted an art course. He will re- 1 , Ploi ' enc . e M a'''e Phillips, Algona, turn to Manchester in a few weeks Is s P endl "S this week with her to fenfih in tho «Phnni 0 ih 0 ,. n grandmother, Mrs. Edith Greenfield Saturday Ml Sarah Wise. spent and Saturday at A. W. Young's, with threshers. j t > The Dale Thompsons spent Sunday at Clear Lake. The Victor Youngs, Mason City, Other Corwith. were guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. William Wood,'^^,^',^ *"•£ --- - ;i.uiiflev Hester week-and at wnose p t visited Mrs. dale> Calif . cause of distance: The "couple fek mas W °° d - " °"i Mr^wnfam^fmonf ^^ immediately for a short wedding I Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Severna, and spent Sunday afternoon at the OB-' trl £. 0 , .r;-*!;**,,!!, their children, A. S.- Beckman, car Hamond's. ihe Starks are former residents , daughter Dorra, and son Kenneth j Sarah Nele Phillips, conference at.has gone home, oung, .andM 8 .Mcstak. , : rs. am Wood, |Geno Stark, Mis s Isakson, the Rev laughter Jeanette, and Rita Faye-. 'and Mrs. Tibbets, and Mayor and ™ e y spent the week-and ' Mrs. Hack. The bridegroom's par-!. Ua '' ' where thev of the farmers' efevaf.or. the Okobojis last week. , here 1923 till 1930,, when the fam- Mrs. Harry Brown, Mrs Fair- jily moved to Union, Wash., and Mr.!Held Dean, son Edwin, and Mr ; btark now operates a grocery store and Mrs. Robert May drove to Spi- itwo miles from Union on the bea-lrit Lake last week Sunday to visit utiful Hood's Canal. Mrs. Stark the Elmer Mairs writes that he has a good business] Mrs P w Milio ivrt -IT and the family likes the coutnry. andI her son ElmIf C er ? on> Building Here Are Remodeled— iX, i , site(i old friend s here last week.' Several buildings here are under j: f Millers onc e operated a cafe going changes. Charles Martin's e- radio shop has been remodeled in 'Hannah Johnson, Gibson, 111., jthe interior, and a back room has !s visiting the Edward Mehls. She been set off for a work room, leav- and Mrs> Mehl were schoolmates in * " _ T 1 1 i It «11 n \ ing a front rooni for display. Rob- ,ert Sutcliff has built new shelves Illinois. Mrs. Claud Stull spent Irorn last - --—u »* u.*i, ii\j IT uii\;j, vGO ••*»HI ^/*t*,uu KJLUI j SllcJJI, Iro 11 JflSl and counters in the front office of week Thursday till Sunday at her Walt's super-station, and the ; daughter Mrs. Earl Palmer's, Dun- shelving is so arranged that all can. three walls of that office will be The Charles Ericksons and Ger- used for display of merchandise. ' - - - - * su " b alm uel The Corwith Lumber Co. has completed a new foundation on the north side of the lumber yard .building. The Stambough house is trude' Dunlap are spending a week's vacation at the Okobojis. with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hamond. USED HEATING STOVE—IP YOU have one and wish to sell it— try an Advance Want Ad. may cause head- jbeing repaired; it is to have a new I coat of paint. The interior of the' K. & H. oil station is being repainted. Attend Grundniece's Wedding— 'Mr. and Mre. Robert Masterson drove to Perry Saturday to attend the wedding of their grandniece, Dielcie Louise, daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. F. L. Hoofnagle, Perry, toi Wilbur, son of Prof and Mrs. W. J. Overmiller, York, Neb., The wedding took place at the U. B. church at Dawson at 8:30 Satur-' day evening. After a reception Mr. and Mrs. Masterson 1 drove to Dallas Center, where they visited Mrs. Masterson's sisters, Mrs. W. G. Hoffnagle and Mrs, Mary Miller, and thejr brothers, Ernest and B. B. Becker. Another sister, Mrs. Dick De Boest, Waterloo, and the latter's husband were also present. O n t h p fi vp n the evemn S n C ° 101 ' ed C ° nvith August 15. OPTOMETRIST Faulty yision aches, inflamed eyes, nervousness. Yonr eyes should be examined periodically. A. W. AMUNSON Optometrist Above Borchard Drug Store Our Constant Aim is SERVICE to the Communities Newest Addition to Our Equipment, Shown Above New 3-Way Cadillac Funeral Coach It is our constant aim to service the various communities with the very best of equipment and services that may , be provided from any establishment in any city or town. The new Cadillac Funeral Coach, together with large Chrysler Imperial Invalid Coach, truly marks our equipment and establishment as a standard for measuring services of the particular type We are called upon to render. The best of equipment, ripened experience and special education, together with a spirit of friendly helpfulness, enables us to serve our patrons in a manner that insures complete and lasting satisfaction. L. M. Merritt, Licensed Mortician and Funeral Director Phone 11 Night or Day Algona, la. Bosworth Family Has Reunion— The Bosworth family gathered at the Fountain City park at Gold- | field Sunday for a reunion and a picnic dinner. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bosworth, Armstrong; Mr, and Mrs, Arthur Bosworth, the Charles Riggles, the Lester Hash family, Keith and Winnifred Peterson, all of Cor-with; the H. M. Doc-littles, and family, the Frank, Glair, and John jBosworths, Mrs. Mae Short, William Bosworth, Daisy Fielder, and JThaeron Dpolittle, all of Webster .City; Jimnjie Hurlbut, Missouri; iMr. and Mrs. Cliffford Bosworth, jGoldfield. (Legion Auxiliary Has Meeting— The Legion Auxiliary met August 2 at the Legion hall, nine members present. The president, Rose Oxley, was unable to attend, due ! to the sickness of her father, and I her place was filled by the first jvice president, Inga Woodbury. Committees reported, and a card from Mrs. Nellie Rockwood, thanking the unit for flowers and cards sent to heif during a recent sickness, was read. Lunch was served by Ora Tabb, and Oma Jacobs. The Junior Girls group I met August 4;-Group 2, on August 6. Wins in Plptnre Contest— "Bill," son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Johnson, won second in a Mason C}ty Globe T Gazette Picture of the Week contest last week. The picture was of the crowd that atend- ed the Fourth July celebration at Clear Lake, aud it was taken from the top of a Ferris wheel. "Bill" has a collection of other pictures ,-he has taken this summer, and he 'hopes to yin first honors before long. ; JJlUan Meyers, Teacher, Resigns— Resignation, of Lillian Meyers, Cedar Fall?, science and mathematics teacher here two years, has been accepted by ,the local school board. Miss Meyers has accepted i a position ' in the Tlpton high That was the price the U. S. Government paid the Indians the land and territory of Kossuth and adjacent counties. We've Come a Lon ay Since 1838 tor «*' Cooperation Made Iowa the Best State in the Union - and Built this Insurance Association - Ibuy those apples- if you'll he knoiyaFyfeere they SJre. Pse A<Jiya»ce VBjant Ads. Growth of Business in 24 Years Founded in 1887, Thia Organziation'» Growth Has BeenOne of the Steadiest and Most Consistent in the State 191S-4 5,000,000 1925— $13,000*000 1935— $18,000,000 1920-$ 7,500,000 1930-416,000,000 1937— $20,000,000 The Above Represents, Within Fractions, the Tptal Insurance in Force By This Kossuth County Organization 75 PERCENT OF ALL FARM PROPERTY INSURANCE IN KOSSUTH COUNTY IS WITH THIS COOPERATIVE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION "PROGRESS" IS THE KEYNOTE OF MANAGEMENT OF THIS ASS'N, TEMPERED WITH A SOUND, CONSERVATIVE FUTURE OUTLOOK Ask Your Neighbor About Us - We Invite You to Talk It Over Kossuth Mutual Insurance Ass'n IOW4- • Slaw, Mill m Itoey.

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