Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1938 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1938
Page 14
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EDITORIAL PAGE Kocsut!) County Atottu* nt Eoaotttlj (Tounfu •NTO3RBD AS SECOND OLuVSS MATTER DE. cember r, IMS, at the postofflce at Algona, Iowa, under tiie Act of March 2, 1S79. TBRMS OF SUBSCRIPTION 1-To Kossuth county postofflces anil bordering postofflces at Armstrong-, Bode, Brltt, IP-iffalo Center, Conyith, Cylinder, Elmore, Hardy, Hutchlns, Uvermore, Ottoscn, Rake, Rlng-sted, Stilson, Weat Bend, nnd Woden, $1.60 Rodman, year I—Advance nnd Upper DCS Molnes both to same address at any postofCice In Kossuth county or any neighboring postoffice named (n No. 1, year •_ __ J2 .BO I—Advance alone to all other postoCflces year $2.50. 4—Advance and Upper DOS Molnes both to same address at all postofdces not excepted in No. 1. year ALL subscriptions fo/ papers going to points within the county and out-or-the-county point- named under No. TH UKSDAV. AU W , S 1»38 AUGUST S M T W T ISMS F S — 12 I! 4 5 (i " S !( 10 11 12 l!t J 1 15 1C 17 18 1!) 20 21 22 24! 21 25 2« l >7 28 21) :tO 31 above are consider continuing subscription to be discontinued onl; on notice from sub pcrlbers or at publish er's discretion. Sub scrlptions going to non county points not nam od under No. 1 abov will be dlscontlnuei without notice on month after expiration of time jj.aid for, If no time fn i >-i if \\ i'ti. DHL uino rni payment will be extended if requested In writing The Debt, Like Banquo's Ghost, Will Not Down. One of the Humboldt papers remarked the other week that fanners interrogated about tilings political and governmental were more concerned .by the steady rise in the government debt than anything else. This suggested that the republicans would do well to base thpir campaign this year on criticism of democratic financial irresponsibility. That the growth of the debt has become an important political issue has been recognized in current events. Henry Wallace, keynoter f ']• the recent democratic state convention, do- -••oted most of his address to the debt and endeavored to minimize its importance by pointing out that while government obligations have gone up private debt has gone down—a specious argument of the kind that confuses most people and needs an expert to expose Us fallacy. Then, again, the political importance of the debt was recognized 'last week by the two spokesmen for the respective national committees, Charles Michelson and Franklyn Walt- iaan, who devoted to it the "columns," which they prepare weekly for s uch newspapers as v/i!l use them. Mr. Waltman devoted his "column" to the Wallace speech, and Mr. Michelson, after comparing our debt and taxes with great Britain's --to our advantage, of course — pointed out that our bonds sell far above par, adding sarcastically that "Bankruptcy is so imminent, and the confidence of the people is at such low ebb, that every issue of bonds sold by the treasury is over-subscribed from six to 14 times, though the last issue bore only 2% per cent." Mr. Michelson neglected to say that some persons believe the bonds are kept at par or above by the government itself, through fed- and sundry hamlets of this country made upon nlm as soon as it was known that taxpayers' cash was again to be flung about for the asking. At last reports it appeared that after the three quarters of a billion has been scattered about (and next fall's election thus made safe tor deserving democrats), there will be some $855,000,000 dollars worth of projects on file .'or which no funds have .been allotted; a situation which looks alarming and may cause Kmmctsburg, Spencer, and Eagle Grove to vote republican unless something is done about it at Washington. And of course eomething'Kvill be done about if. The ambitious communities in question, all over the United States, having had their sleeping lust aroused, will form pressure groups, and the spenders in the government will listen, and next winter congress will be asked to take care of all these deserving demo—par- uon, ambitious towns—and nil the congressmen with towns thus disappointed in their districts will immediately perceive that another overpowering emergency has arisen, and the money will be voted, just like that! What a blessing it is to have a paternalistic form of government, the kind Mr. Ezeklel is for—(see Knoxville Journal clipping in another column). Of course it wasn't envisioned by the stern patriots who wrote the constitution, ,but, after all, what are the fore-fathers and the constitution between friends? This Isn't the horse-and-buggy age, and it is time to make America over. So let us be joyful while we may, and let us continue to pile debt on debt till the structure JCKins to lean like the Tower of Pisa. Em- netsburg, Spencer, and Eagle Grove' shall lave their slices of Uncle Sam's money, even hough uncle is getting in pretty deep; and uaybe Algona, too, by working its imagination overtime, can in due time think of something t won't spend its own hard-earned cash for. HODGEPODGE IVebster—A stew of Tnrlous ingredients; n mixture. 'D tale of the week was told r -o a friend visiting on Algonian. The pair were en route to the golf links for a game, and to Play the Merry, Merry Game of Grab Enimetsburg and Spencer, Rich Iowa Towns, Ponder Projects for Federal Spending O IV. F. Hrannffiin In the KtnnirtBbnrff Homocm). page one of this issue of the | restricted almost exclusively to have many occasions to use a pubt Democrat appears a letter from) use for school affairs. The 13m- lic building of this kind. opnvntnvv nf HI'P Km inietsburg high school gymnnslum It seems to us thnt today, with , D «.I,H.I.HIJ ui uu. j_mi | jg use(J exc ] us j ve ]y f or sc hoo] nth-(communities everywhere through- Ca seo [Killlor Mauri,,, , hnoMir Dr. Moi-dm.jii at the junction of Nos. 169 and 18 tho strang- ImctsWg Chnmber of • Commerce,'^ic er noted the new Pioneer seed corn company'suggesting building being erected, and asked inn what it was. "Why. that's the 'iall," said the Algonlnn. "This . ., , ... „ ^. j J...V.IC tn^; iiitviij »YUI LII » iinu .-iU£,-|USeu IUT IM'IVULU HUU ptlUllU Ulllll'.uo, SlU'y UUUUIIIK Ul L1I1H 1VII1U. WJF gOV- "•••""."> i ince lor dances. The lower floor will be used gest ons in it, some of which, at farm meetings, public athletic con-1 eminent offers to grant '10 per cent w »l<-h for dancing, nnd drinks will bo served lip lcas ' me ''it serious study. (tests, nnd other purposes, but tho'of the total cost, provided the com- l ' 10 (i( there where you ece those window? r P t nv Democrat, in reading over public has depended entirely upon munlty interested Js willing lo as- ! People." "-'--- ' y " the illst of suggestions, believes ' the generosity of the fioulli side stime the balance of the burden on I Thorn out the United States taking ad- thine- vnn «••,„) TT,, i , — lu8 Llsl ol suggestions, ng.5011 want. Up on top where that long that! our outstanding need in Em- management for allowing such use. very easy terms. new | There is no place In Emmets- 1 The day will come rail is where the youn? couples can walk and metiburg at this time Is .. _ lv . .„ ..„ , ... , ,.„ „„, ,„.„„ „ ..„,, ,,,„. ... . •Aalcli the moonlight when they don't want to communitybuilding, to be used for burg that will accommodate a melsburg must erect a building of forni when you |,. 1VI , ,. . Tugv,-,.|| . " '" Em- ls " lo a n ',,' tlle '" 1 A drink or dance." The goggle-eyed strange many public purposes. During the large enough crowd for important, this kind. Certainly now Is an op- ol ' v tll:| l tlu. idr.,],. number of years EmmetsburK public meetings; for important po-,portunity for early construction, |° rv opined it wo* n lot ,,f hniM; t ~~~"*- past; number ot years ummetsburK public meetings; for hall h,,i M u R " dance h ".nad no building in which real-illtlcnl meetings; for nan, out tne unperturbed Algoninn said they ^ 'W «nd important events c.in'and nmnimir -rmviQ- came here from 100 miles around just to at- bu 11eld - Ol ! r city h{ls three lodge jwhlch tend the dances. "Why," sa id he, halli), all privately owned nnd pri-.'used; "big for profossional and at almost half cost. We be- i oj< ( i ancea j n ]| eve OU] . mayor and citv dads' 0 '' ' ' ' tin.' Tim I HIP King's orchestra is coining for "W'lvne ' j'mciLcv uiuiiuu ami yjj- usuu; lor meiciwnis uispiaynijoi tins /tina 11 uiey /el . vately managed. It is actually tin- style shows, cooking schools, etc.; j citizens of Emmetsburg tne opening fair to expect the officers of the,for many of the important agricul- hind them. WR tM,,t , .1 < , , ,1 ^-M"-^ 1 - "><= ui'i^is ui uiu.iur many ui tne imiJ'jriaiii agncui- nilul tncm. »e tnniK nothing of paying $1,000 for various lodges to throw open their, turnl purposes of our town and We should not 1O « rt " TMi „ _i . tlt*iirUlnlt.t11_r«. u 1-11_ ft . - .. I . good band." The stranger never learned the D '' ivute halls for public use nl-'county; for conventions. name" orchestras are!would seriously entertain a pi'DJect i merchants' displays,|of this kind if they felt that were „ | these lsiii HS rr,;,,:,,,,, up present i " 10 - v ton want ., ... 'ialisu. lhe|Conimiiiiisi Ki .,,„, ,,,•»'» bo-1 «"«'«.«,_,„ ,v, iyP !iVS (opportunities. Other communities, 'slate." nuni-i Those things of a public nature from large cities down to more for ! > l"i;Hit "])(•-•{>• ,,,','.'' Ve Timely Topics ' Iad secretl - v hoped that the Jap- border imbroglio would run najor conflict in which the Japs in'o a would be I , i,"w uni*fy \VUU1U Uc alight a much needed lesson you are nrobablv oomed to disappointment. For tne lime bens Uiey'll both doubtless avoid the real thing Jne s afraid and t'other dassn't! " "Algona has been building up a lot in the ut lew years,' remarked Earl Bradley when e was here last week for his mother's fun- i.i . A Romans should be proud of the fact hat such is the impression which the town's onstantly improving appearance gives to vis- ing former townspeople. Let the improve- * * * * DC ONK OK THK more interesting places in Algona is the Norton Machine Works where they do things with metal and iron. There are many lathes, shavers, welders, and other machines that cut and shape metal like a boy carving a candle. In the back, used as a storeroom, is Kossuth's first courthouse, a two-story frame building listing badly to the east and threatening at any time to collapse into the yard SSf—i. S.:r^.' ? «»*"™ 1 iw^!^»T^ The funds <""• *~ Knl not .. ,, - -- (ind | are held in Emmetsburg on too few |hamlets, are taking advantage of, '"en ..,,„!•,,„ me K. ot I. orders. .occasions, mostly for lack of a the government's generosity. We n " iirhitrniy fmmetsburgs only theater is proper place in which to hold must all eventually pay the taxes t'mn <i. rcpi-,,, privately owned, and is not avail- them. There is no one, or no or- for these fine national permanent T he rnal ,„„., aoie for public purposes. Emmets- gaimation in Bmmelsburg, or in improvements. Why should not "'ing "to || 1( . ourgs high school auditorium is Palo Alto county, Mint would not .Emmetsburg go after its share? ! them. IV. I'. Jarnlgiin in the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune. ! m ^ U 'j iK|0 '. v At least two of our neighboring | exhibition building and field house I street improvement has already 'tral'ized''"^",' cities are losing no time in getting,at the Clay County Pair grounds,|been announced. ' ',people down aftef chunks of the nation's pumpi a , city hil "' count -V .1 flil and sher-| Activities of 'both of those sub- have steadily priming billions. | iff a residence, water treatment .urban points should spur on Storm the economic condiiinn m .7H plant, water softener, street wid-.Lake to greater speed in seeking P'-c and t,, ,,rm,,i 'TT'M Pi-iiple," siiniinris WS """" iMocntkl "I'Oi'nlcd to in 1 With characteristic Speiicer has so m «,i M iv " lodes ^ . Proposed administration and jail building." • i , «|ing and .combined city-county federal funds for lake restoration, freedom ,.,„,( ..ffoi-d nothing new about thisi ' The favorite game at present is neither aeeba I nor kittenball, or golf, or the latest s ' or a » hi »S else in - eral reserve buying operations, and he overlooked the charge that Ube bonds also .sell readily at low interest rates because government policies have scared purchasers out of the market for anything else. But, after all, why should a hired writer publicize opposition argument? No doubt Mr. Waltman also pur- eues the same policy. What's a hired writer lor, unless to put everything in a favorable light for his own cause and to minimize or ignore whatever doesn't look so good? Let us forget both of these paid propagandists and turn to the facts, which in themselves are startling enough. The national debt on June 30 this year exceeded 37 billions, and the total public debt—federal, state, and local- aggregated some 57 billions. This was $1800 to the average family, whereas in 1914, only 25 years ago, the family total was $269. In 1913 our public debts represented about 2.7 per cent of our wealth. Now they represent around 20 per cent. Last year our federal government spent the astonishing—not to add alarming — total of $17,000,000,000! This was some $540 to the family, and it compares with $34 to the family Jr. 1913. Duplicated 1C times! For goodness' sake, who gets the money and how can such a record be justified? Since 1931, in only seven years, accumulated federal deficits have reached the enormous total of $25,000,000,000, and the current fisca year is expected to add four or five billion: more. Last year total government costs took 24 per cent of the national income, against 16 per cent eight years ago, only nine per cent in 3913. The taxes last year took 18 per cent of the nationol income—nearly one dollar out of every $5 bill. The yearly interest on the federal debt now nearly equals the total debt of a quarter of a century ago. On all public debt the interest alone today exceeds the total cost of all political units—federal, state, and loca —in 1913. It was remarked above that the facts are startling enough. In all conscience, is it no so? Is it not high time to take stock and find out whether government is giving back value received for the astronomical sums we are spending on it? There, indeed, is a question worthy of the talents of Messrs. Michelson and Waltman—the biggest political, economic, and government financial question that this or any other country ever faced. T , ( , else in the way of pre- Deal athletic or mental exercise; it's unking up ways and means to get a govern- lent appropriation for some community reject. Ihe community concerned mav be •ell able to finance itself, but why bring btiat This sheet has never supported Governor Kraschel politically, but it confesses a dispo- s.uon to sympathize with him in the Maytag matter. He has had a difficult role to plav one in which he was bound to be damned' whatever he did. To pass judgment you have to consider how you would act yourself if you were caught between the devil and the deep v-idowers" in Algona who eat sandwiches and take care of when the morning or of women in golf has brought a number of husbands into golf togs for the first time in years merely as a means of self-defense. ***** STRAXGK lion" SOON the daring becomes the common-place. A couple of years ago a girl who wore some of the abbreviated shorts and skirt numbers would have been roundly discussed at bridge parties. Now the bridge party women are wearing the shorts, and the world moves on, nobody noticing how much change has taken place, and nobody going to the devil any faster than before. ***** M'EN THOUGH a certain matron in Algona may think different it still doesn't look so nine peanut-butter the children A newachool rtr henorth- i new a 7^^? *' ™!?_» ta J<' !««*. "and wb« Vece^to" £ 3 that end. cooperation of this THE MO VIES By T. H. C. THJ) AMAZING DR. CUTTER- I Pertly directed, and sustains intcr- HOltSE AND CHICAGO NOTES— est tin the ver >' end; and whether Age Not in Issue in Judge Pickings [Ity Editor Jaqua in Hiiinholdt Independent.] Wo are » lot further down J lane that leads to one-mantel mont. and tlu- end of our tional system of constiiut democracy, than was ever i ined by the most s Doubting Thomas, stay-at-k calamity howler, economic i ist, modern Lord Macauley, or'tal Prince of Privilege in the i ally i hear a relief, thp Rooscvolt category of vitupei n«i n ,i ,„,. i epithet emasculated for the DeLand and Heald and the mails." thej was because of their ogee. That is. Genera) Jolnwon said thu we | not the case. The last issue of the !same General Johnson who; sum- Republican carried a clipping from J houtin . Lr ""nsevclt supporter i Manager Rice gives his Algona'mer. audiences. This i s natural. There J One of my friends has spoken the Algona Advance that covered grass is a S-PP^- S (Wh ^ U J! nk t ]le depreciatingly of a jazz "short" oni the subject perfectly. The contest ma-it F ls Sieener in the other pas- the same program with Dr ture. Ana that goes for the movies house. I saw onlv the in Mo knows we're i '- was ce ,,. „ f . . . for a high school gal to be puffing away at a trawl tn nn, f, n / e ,l do is tO The Enimetsburg Democrat recently twifed the district republican judicial convention with having adopted the Roosevelt idea of yuunger judges; but the HuMboldt Independent is quite right about it when it retorts that tne age question cut not the slightest figure ft was wholly a location issue. In the event that you've had a few drinks and are arrested for erratic driving, beware ot the apparently innocent toy balloon. The officer may ask you to blow one up for the entertainment of any juveniles who may be present, but if you do you will trap yourself 1 no judge and jury will need only a whiff. What was behind the governor's back-up relative to the national labor relations board's nearing? Did he find that after all the national guard nnd martial law were not good enough legs "to stand on?" Some interested citizens who were hopeful that for once the federal government would have its interfer- g nose singed would like to know. the defense of the high schooler—in other words she is defending 'herself. Not travel to ters" and look around at the°offcr- They will quickly discover gona is still getting the of the motion picture crop. Sa ™ e but reaction - thati had somewhat the 11 j .,,. • — --. . This may be a so-called "big cen- swing age, but certainly we do not; =,„„„, „. .„„ _„_.. have to go through 8uc y h a ^not cated and screwy of screech tiedlam THK STItlKK WAS COSH! ! [Sfiiry Cifv m-riild.] ,,,,,„ . , . i The place where they I hey wanted in. j washing ninchlnos has recentM counties, come known for i costly stiJ There are eight A nd costly is the right word.S Some counties felt that they had been left out of long. would defend the right of high sehioVbo^to # Kofolen^ ° hiCag ° beats ![°-. be a «»". am o retan ,-pnii . tation as "moderns" There ou£ht icOUIUies in lhe '"strict. One, the 150 ° raen ll!ivp already lost hill mill *moke—why defend high school gals who Lured by a personal appearance smoke? When both sexes are older is the time ° f Rudy Vallee at the 'Chicago the- , j .. fc * w ** wl<1 * iJ *'OTQt«l»lt»4-^«»**^1»-..l_ll_T. .<• to decide. However, few wait that long, so ..,,,„,. , u . whats the use of arguing. ***** S00\ BK TDIE for the collegians to "go back to collitch." They should be having the .best time of their lives, and should realize that the activities in which they now participate will be remembered and called for years and years. ***** last week while I 'vas there the semi-annual . , even to "awlnriv home of the third J ud ee, was neu- milll °" dollnrs in e " lo swln si'» ,f,-al. That left the four insurgent pnny has !os( " similar LITTLE MISS BROADWAY- If I had the time and patience, it rr\lllHK^;«j j.! . * counties with a majority of* "the lncome nnd profits. Jasper com) vote, but not enough to nominate ' is out $ 50 ' 000 in relief and r More, each of the 'four had a can- """ "" ""' " didate. They could police costs. The business 1 'in Newton are out scads of i ^ -,— ~—-. v*..».wiii iij«i jvci. ti lit _ ..u T, . .-..— i*.n,.tiiv.u, IL t "-v.ni.vj. i ucy uouiu nreven^ flip'"' '•' j " 1 -"- 1 ".^ ""L ^^u^.3 «.«.»-.« (m which I was endeavoring to dol^ vould be ln 'eresting to go over my j nomination of either of th- "nlrtpr i And now > to l °P ll off ' the 5tJte 1 in three daVR Whnt nrrtllinvllv tol,«ol aOZen > more Ol' leSS. rRViRWa ahniit iinripoo V,nt n«,,u .._! ". . . . Town io QTlnnrlillL' enmo thhllSIH will re- this rather unusual picture, you forgive if I digress? The Chicago theater has always held i charm for me. Back in the real old days (25 years ago) I used vn«r OI-I»T always to leave Algona Saturday J*M> sta-G-LASSKS certainly con- ni sh|. on a Milwaukee train, arrlv- fuse a person. Some shapely damsel you think ing '" the win(J y Cj ty Just in time vou don't know speaks sweetly, and snaps • listeiTtT ^tT l ° ^ Chlcago and your head around, and you stutter and try to Jesse,' Crawford.' Vhu?waTh^the place the figure, not being able to tell the da y when great ornate palaces of m three days what ordinarily takes 1^"' m ° re or less > reviews about fudges, but could not sav whirh nf Iowa is spending some thin five), I went to see The Amazing'? nlrlev /emple. I'm sure that I.their numiber should win withnnt !nf dollars a dny to maintain Dr. Clitterhouse. | h f. ve «u«te exhausted all the corn-laid from the older judge- i«n the strike stricken comi Before I go into the merits offc, 61 ^, words and phrases' And so it developed that the •- tiring ' • Which should prove that it's not the fig- amu « eme nt like the Chicago were it the face that neonl* rpn n ^,i,» ^1'. a PP e aring in our larger cities. Opinions of Editors Algona, Wake Up — There's a Spending Spree On! It is disappointing and discouraging to discover that if Emmetsburg, Spencer, Eagle Grove, and numerous other ambitious Iowa towns are depending on the PWA to help finance projects which they have figuratively sweat blood to think up they may have to go bootless despite their heroic exertions. For PWA is run by one Harold Ickes, the 67-(or thereabouts)-year-old secretary of the interior who recently redemonstrated the say- ang that there is no fool like an old fool by marrying a 25-year-old girl who had no sense of the fitness of things either, and, Harold has found that the $750,000,000 spending money allotted to him by generous Mr. Roosevelt fails by naif to me«t the demands which the various (irul> While (Crabbing's Good. Northwood Anchor— Senator Ashurst of Arizona, one of tins most loud-shouting 'New Dealers of them all, said: "I therefore declare to the senate, as I said last summer in my address to various civic organiaatlons, 'You are wise m getting from Uncle Sam's treasury wmle the getting is good, for under the law of ' 1 ' od ' fniinwo followed , h P1 ' od te al e ''a by a regime that due time will be will make Calvin roohdge look like a spendthrift'. Torn Fairy Tale Exploded. Knoxville Express— Hot days are bad on humans but most people say the hot weather is good for the corn. Probably it is hardly worth while to try to convince people that it is a mistake to think that 90 degrees, or 100 or 110, is good for corn or any other vegetable or animal We. Warm nights that keep the mercury up to 75 and above make corn grow ^ast, because it grows the whole 24 hours- but wuh warm nights and days about 85, with enough occasional rains in July and August, corn will make all the growth the laws of nature allow. :ace. ure but the face that people recognize. ***** THK NKW ADDITION to the Algona hotel is a fact. It was completed last week. Anyone can see it. It's a new coat of paint for the windows and the tower. Somehow there has been a rumor for several years about the new addition, but everyone thought it was to be of brick. ***** The grandeur of the .building, available, in Little have sor ' . probabl y had rMaona. How- am going to « • * - . a rM KoiiiE n ,-ov f disa PP°inted-I am ever, it was a political f h»ti? h, ° my t3 ? 8 ae ch!ld this judi '" !al district, and AN "ARTFUL ItODGKR,"EH(| [From (ho Onklitml Acorn.] Mr. Roosevelt, undoubtedly cleverest politician to ascend I o to fey ley h, «n ™v nc 1 all my doubts vanish, and I sit spellbound and , completely hynotized by this little charmer, who simply steals heart away before I realize it crisis in, t' 16 presidency in many years,» , i was noti a large number of voters fin Shir- in any sense dependent on the nees , convinced that lie is personally again or the work of the judges Isponsible for any ! " my * 4, -,, — in the current production, Little Miss Broadway cnatvi »<-> »!•>...._ _ . 11 . . ... • ' THE BACK.TO-WORKER.S (Webster City Freeman.] seem m I which business may show. At« •'same time he lias convinced i " i of these same people that he is J ,. 'to blame for the slowing <' n ».nh f 3S t0 tbe |the wheels of industry, T numoer of men who wanted to re- blame on business men, who, to work in the Maytag plant'says, are deliberately trying did return for two days It sabotage his program of rei a ^r 1 !?^' from whilt ma y be gath- and recovery. __ """ "" ' t- more, impressionistic than it is today) was the restfulness and quiet which prevailed in this great Ca,.,„ , thedval of the 'Cinema. IHhKh WAS SOME plain and fancy roller- So i regardless of size, this is one skating by some of the younger couples at th > theat i er in which I feel an intimate the verge of auditorium, all provided I change, and her songs are short" ered from'various"Venorts' appeal for me; but the h ^ dancing feet lack the enthusi- from Newton, that 1500 to T nun which impressed itself hi-!?*™ so apparent in big "Bill" Rob- men were employed at the time o" dehb.ly on oiy mind (and my mind. lnstm : and the introduction of the strike It nl^n n «L V^? 25 years ago was perhaps slightly much adu 't talent foreshadow ' appears tbut at •nrttTijaS-ffi ? S~s?««?: One of the members had never had on a pair of roller skates. Sure'someone! was fun for the rest of the party, but awful So, much for the theater. Rudy (r.nd I mean awful) tough on the neophite ^T is 30me tl»Ing • else again. Wha{ I can't understand is that a man i who got his reputation from singing popular ballads should suddenly forget his inheritance and give us ventriloquism, tap dancing, and impersonations. His current program at the Chicago is as flat and uninspired as anything I have seen in a long time. • Fop Rudy now "monotones"—not sings;—sentimental sob-stuff about taxi-drivers, train-announcers, and butcher boys! And his orchestra playfj not the popular tunes of the day, but descriptive arias depicting everything from a fire to a railway accicjent. So enough of Rudy. Amazing Why the Banks Don't Lend. Traer Star-Clipper—At present practically all the money we are doing business with in this and every other community in the country is the money that Roosevelt has bonded the nation for to carry on his gift-giving. Our banks are loaded to the hilt with cash that Tnnv «../% ««* A :-.> „ _ ~»»~M b*.ak a they are not deriving one cent for— but try to borrow some of it! One department of the national government will tell them to get this money out among the people, so things will ' an ° ther derment : e It's Methods, Not Objectives. Humboldt RepuWican-AM Landon made a very sensible statement the other day It was tnat republicans should protest against the general belief that they are against all the oV jectives of the president. Mi- 6 Landon insisted hat practically all republicans are for collective bargaining, for social security, unemployment insurance relief, a better distribution of wealth, raising the standard of living and other social reforms. However, they believe i.hat the methods used to reach these objects ere not accomplishing their purposes. "What he republicans want is to balance the budget and put common sense practices into opera- ion. ***** WITH THE APPROACH of September comes the open season on voters. Fail- week seems to be the starting point for the fall campaign. Wonder how many candidates will .distribute cards printed outside of Kossuth county. 'Some have been distributed bearing the union label. There is no union label shop in Kossuth county. And the work of printing shops is so individual to the expert eye that Kossuth printers can tell where cards and other literature has been printed, , ov * * * • » Tnp Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1.VNT IT ABOUT time for that old old story incidentally, is the same picture ahout the nude couple dancing in the ceme- L hat is bei "S shown at the New tery? It's been several years since it was opening^ ™" S * *"* ba ° k t0 pulled out, dusted off, and sent out over press Chicago d wires to all parts of the country. ***** NOW LET'S SEE-did Kraschel scare the "^efeded 81 '' National Labor Relations Board or did the season's important offerings, the -NLKB scare Kraschel? Somebody backed picture is entertaining, exciting down! Anyway it's a shame he couldn't go Dut pehly Improbable. It shows' through with the challenge. Such a challenge S^^^^S,.^? 1 ,? 80 ." made Coolidge in the Boston police strike. ***** A BACHELOR amateur painter was slain at Algonac, Mich. Beneath a, brunette's picture was the inscription: "My only books were '^".."committing four successful woman's looka and folly's all they taught me." burglaries, the doctor ties up with hope Shirley "retires fore the inevitable day adults when she is no longer , After all, she has already her mission. Shi for mankind than she should now slip the public gaze while her success is still untarnished. .-.„.„, All this is in no way intended to forces. »1 i*n nf Fvtrtw, C"i, i. .i,_« . .._ STUFF AND [From Northwood AncWl . n, lonct Knn "•L. •*«'«««"a '.Jiai ui Why so much talk about a» V tmni ' ° r ° Ut one -t hi '-i of the term for Roonevelt? To hear i" tar. total expressed a desh-e to return'of the talk one might thmk t lie- io tneir jobs. In ail probability were no other good men re- country, either democrat o, ted lican. As the Ackley WorKNiJ oy the fear of in- nal, a democratic newspaperiW easure of strikers, I "The country is not so berelt.1 to make it very un- men of ability and chare so-called scabs. It re-'of the 130 million only one»? considerable courage for' enough. How did the countrf* who e ° detract from .Shirley's still r P markable ability, nor is emnlovp7't'n""inr"»h ^ Jll ,'' sv s u . l ° 3 °' n the back-to-work vive before Roosevelt? sill y-" Temple etill has a trick or two up her adorable sleeve (I hope WILL YOD VOTE FOR [Story City It... ,,,,ed ,„„ ,„,,= ;« loaay !tat"""""" the U. S. Pgj(| Own Record Suggests His Judgment is NotInfaUil*_ Frank Jacjua in (he Humboldt Independent. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace I the same "slough of despond 1 in his speech before the Iowa state ihe found himself in. democratic convention scoffed at T " '"' "" "'""" ema offerings; which should «i- lence) criticism that we are not get- on human .behavior that he turns al himself, even murderer— t0 check P b yschological ***** a RUSSIA A1TD JAPAN are growling again; won't be much r -— ouea muraer which f.ghting. Japan has too much on her hands, in reality was self-defense thTpS "—-- " lae p ' v and Russia haa had many. fight ie to have the of purges The only thing that would lead to hegt8t too a far Ths f iW ^ face. Just with chips on their coup , e ^ „ b of criminals to further his in crime. When he is fin- apprehended, after -blooded murder, a some- its most trial. effective a a ,<*' ™* deClared more than six times as many neo all dh? , debt v today Considering Pie receiving checks from uScle not «t ^ ' n the United S *tes) is *» are sh-ibuted each v,? mpared to twoain men that approximately 40 milHnn f n . „ People are living at Uncle Sam's AlL*?**** „ t expen se , one-third the entire wp- WaUace ulation of the nation! The fant^ f n » ° 8coWs « debt ' I s evld ent that he has * tne true Bituation tbat Secretary the very wan to ___ «» v**c iianun; rna fanto * n A — * ** v*«w VOA y Uliin LO are indisputable. They S peii ,'^ £»!£ " Cognize a «n»wdal wWfc What are we going to'do about it' i^ h « m* 1 ne ^Iceabje occasion Order some more of the same? p er ij yJ^n5? p i? e .'? I W to prop- KRASCHEL GUESSED [Winterset he , Mr. Wallace Ifi »W but practical. He is esseni theoretical. His argumentsj conclusions have no soua They are dangerous in treme. No one would «u Secretary Wallace is i nl diphonest. But a majorit best friends admit that &U to A POINT WELL TAKEN. could - so J » F»ttw production rldlc u i e . VtJl paced, aprivate waj cial Judgment is bad-very [From the KnoxviHe J«»" We note that Henry J thinks the. huge public <w ated during the past a good thing—a m progress and good Henry has always been indifferent to how m"' despite the fact that he pe" came to settlement day "> er's court. And he now the fact that eettlemeat^w ^ come to the country came to him, and the^ better prepared we. to they, nao. jpui. iunj"v • -,;• « make an "adjustment oi which is & polite name K atjon. [from Swea CH) Addressing.the low perty convention last H»*J is quoted tary Wallace is quoi«« r*. ^ j 0 ^4$$t$iW sehc . r Al» much, ji ww^'ffrtir *

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