Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1938
Page 12
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INSERT KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGOttA, IOWA Former Residents Hcjnored at State Park Picnic .THURSDAY FRIENDS GOME TO GREET THE WM, GURTI8E8 Irvington. Aug. S— A picnic dinner honoring Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam Curtis. A'inton. was- held at the Ambrose A. Call state nark •Sunday, and .•itloiulin .. were !'ae Merrill Solomons and Mr. and Mr.-. 'Doc' Solomon Spencer: the Elmer and Matt Kelleys. the Harvey Johnsons, the If. T. Sabins, Mr. and Miv. John Jolmson. Mrs. Stella Sabin, Lee Iliserodt. Mrs. Alice Sabin. and ihe Kalnli I'ar.-on^ family. Mr. Curtis was born and '.'oared on the f;irm snuthwe-t 01 VI- I-'OIKI nmv owned i,y Jolni .Ioli!i.-c;! and occupied by Mr. anil Mrs. Harry Felter. Ho is a brother of Mr.=. John Johnson and of Mrs. Matt REVUE FOR. FAIR K MlS. I'lll'liS relatives in 'or several i y (' .\ Ir. Tr •oiu:h. bnr.ra.~o ho wants .-. ' y! : nder shop fir.-!. T'.ie is ;!.i\v reviTa! ''hi'-iy.. •;. vn: ,,;' iheir iii'ivinu- to ' hi > will probably ;••-:>; IT'ey hou-o. whirl: 's '!!•• available I'.ero ncr.v. The v. :il cuntiniie to live in :o here, and Mr. ihul.-.r.! ni'ini siiiiis. He has been :'or different oonin.inie.s -i few years, returning arher busiiies,- nvor the AV. rather Hits Minnesota Corn— Mr. and Mrs. Armour Lemkee accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Jo.-. Meiirer. Wesley. 10 Amboy. Minn.. Sunday to briim home Mrs. Kli'n- bfth Lemkee. Aigona. who lut-1 been visiting Mrs. Uonneti. at Mrs. Dora Bonnet i's. The Irvingtonians have reported that the corn does ma look as well there as here. A heavy windstorm Saturday ni-vht blew niurh of ihe corn down. North of Amboy the crops are •.•uf- f. rinu from lack of moisture. The Meurers also visited ihe former l>oroihy Keefe. who is living in the Amboy vicinity. Teacher Makes I.OIIK Tour— Myrtle Jordan and niece. gie Hardkoi)f, who have been in:: in ('a'nada, and in the arc now on the return trip, visimg all places of inierest route. Thi-y tra\el in Mi.- B Joi car. and have visited Tlif-y were ferried aero.-: VL-tour- east, after en- lian'.; Qllt-bt:?. the St. Lawrence river. They crossed the New Hampshire .mountains and ,~iayed for a time on the Atlantic i-hi re. .Miss. Jordan, Irvin.L'ion teacher, is a urcjit traveler, nnd h;r- \ i.-iU'd. mostly in summer vacations, practically every stat<- in the I'llion. Surjirisc Honors a Birfhday— A group of friends went to Si- nu-oii Leigh's Sunday evening to Kurjirise Albert Leigh, who was celebrating his. 1'1'nd birthday. The guests were Evelyn and 'Ralph Kramer, Mrs. Mary Dole, daiiL'h- ter Marvel, .Mi-, and Mrs. Stephen Lo, u s Jr., and the Stephen Loss family, all of this vicinity, and also Ruth Lund. AlL-ona. and Edward Dean. Corwith. club with Mrs. the INuir-H Club .Meets Saturdaj The Jrvington-Cresco -l-I-l' rnc-t Saturday afternoon Phyllis Maxwell. The lender, Ralph Brown, and eight of 1- members were present, and the afternoon was spent at finishing up work for Achievement day. The demonstration team consists of Patricia Matcrn and Zelda Long. The next meeting will be. in two week.s at Hci-nice Reaper's. Schools to K.-opcn Soon- Most of the schools in this district will open Augu.st 2<i. Directors and teachers are: No. 1, Herman Wise, Donna Dewley; No. 2, Mike McEnroe, Helen McEnroe;' No, I!. Leslie Jenkins, Elinor Jenkins; No. .), Edward Mawdsley, teacher not hired; \o. ',, Hugh Black, Helen Lemkee; No. G, closed; No. 7. closed; \o. 8, John Schulx, Helen Schulz. Uauiirs Leave for ironic— Thomas Bagur, Paducah, Ky., arrived at R. J. Shilling's Sunday to get Mrs. Bagur and the child- n;n. Mivs. Hugur and the son Murry have been here several months. The youngest .son was born here early in the summer. The Ba-^urs left for Kentucky Monday. Six at LaJip i:«K« B p_ Anna Mao and Ella Harr and Murjorif and Bonnie Phillips, with Mrs. Douglas AVildin and Mrs. lone Bacon as chaperons, spent last week in ic cottage at Clear Lake. Mae has been taking treatment for ec.xema there. Other Irvlngfnn. Lynn Abbott, Chicago, arrived at A. M. Lemkee's Monday to visit a few weeks. His father, Edward Abbott, carpenter, is reroofing the John Deere plant at AVaterloo. Mr. Abbott is a brother of Mrs! Lemkee. Mrs. Nina Schichtl spent from last week Wednesday till Sunday evening with her daughter, Mr Jos. Wilhelmi, Bancroft. The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on Crowned Christians, using as text, Hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.—-Rev. 3:11. Pauline Black, who has been in a beauty shop at Britt a few months, will return this week Thursday for a vacation. Wendell Blythe, Dubuque, who is visitnig at M. L. Roney's, spent Sunday night with the P. D. Schichtls, Lu Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cameron, Des Moines, recently spent several days with the latter's mother, Mrs. L. A. Johasoii. Howard Simpson, Sibley, was a recent guest at Paul Hudson's. Mr. Simpson is a sign-painter. Mr. and Mrs Martin Pitts, Liv-, LAKOTANS TO REUNION AT SAN ANTONIO Detroit. JLnko.; Their son Charles remained'and M ^^ Clifford Garrison, Algona, "spent .Jtof ri Week's visit. I M x A '« j the week-end at A. D, Newbrough's] .Mr. and Mrs. V. r,. Wlmlon a , i r./ '' "" (1 JIr « A iTI He leaves this week for a visit (it! jack Benjamin, and At re oih, ' "" ( ' r ° cl t. \v« " '•' home nt Innesfreo, Alberta,JStowe, DolliVei-, spent Saturday -ii '" llln v - ' " T-Tnirn Mnrlnw's ' ' u i 'I'ho \i r Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Cnrl tin, Minn., and Mi Dreyer, Aus- Hugo Marlow's. The Mite Society met TJnirsrtav *f nittl/lnii itrttli H*.,- /"I _ i . -_ '"!,> • ' .-— —-- ~~~.wi,.r nnjc tirsdjtv MI. i ' " '"" and Mrs. afternoon with Mrs. Calvin Iloiiso n! " J|K ln «t ilmiin TlMif^; I 1« nl >1 «.• HT U _ -r* _._,.__ . . _ * iio\.. I ' ' I. E. Wortmnn, the William Ukenns, the Arthur Schissels, and Ubbe Dreesmnn drove to the ttnm-! Hcnrv Dreyori Algomt, were Frl-jhoTder" Mrs sey Reformed church in Gorman j dny gu) , pei . guesta ot Mrs. Dora'assisting, Valley Sunday afternoon to attend IT .-.I.- i ,„, w,. n ,,ir wi i the funeral of Henry Meyer, 74,; Mr ;' nnd Mra . wnllam H arrlman Mae BlaiSlmrdI attended" a Raymond Blcratodt who died at his home at He was o. brother-in-law Dreesman. , , 1111. tlllvl 1T1I o. YTIlllillll 1 J.UI 1 IIIUUI litoiiutn.lnnd children, Clear Lake, spent of Mr. Ackjirman's. Uikota, Aug. !) — M Frank Krnll left by ..... Monday for San Antonio, where they are spending „ vaca-, Spear Sunday nt Robert Betty remained here for a visit. .. . . ,. .| C Mr. nnd Mrs. Calvin Household- Umiirlitcr lor the Spews- cr nn(1 Ml , nml Ml , s . naymond v i IT™ lIn " Kl l! cr who ° h , ns bco( " Bierstcdt made a business i.Hj, to Mrs.'named Rosalie Raye was born to| Fort Doris bin _ ............. ,„. „„,„ levelling at their home here. " brother, i Trump, was formerly Margaret nnd this is the couple's 1 . The •'iSnndnj 1 nf ,*,,„,.]„„ nt Umlles „_ ,, ,n,i,\jtn.iv;i.i ii FJ lit CM" Bin I Ill's .picnic at Ooldflold Sumh- •Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Yalos mid daughters, Clinton, II]., .spe-u s,m day evening nt P. M. Chrlstemuin's Mrs. James Acknrinnn ;ind son' Donald, and Anna a week ago Tuesday at ? Sl)C|i Lone Rock tinn with 'Mrs. Krall's Jack Reynolds, nnd his family.'first child. Mr. Spear is nn online Reynolds family is having a ployc at the Schissel elevator. reunion, and other in attendance i are the L. R. Reynolds family, of i Richmond, Va.; the John Me'yciw i Polo. 111.; the B. AV. Huniplireys. j Hopkinton. la.; and the Edward Mayors, Wesley. The brothers. L. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ackarman, R. and Jack, had not seen each .Hurt, were Sunday evening call-, other before In 30 years. Mr. KralLers at James Ackarnian'e. Luclla lias been Lakota's depot agent 21 'Ackarman spent from Monday till! year*. F. W. Evans, Fnribanlt.jWednesday evening with Tena Jen- ! Minn., is i,,^ charge at the depot I sen. j Mr. Krall's absence. | Verona and Evelyn Radig had. „ TV, .,— i as Sunday dinner guests Lucille 1 ns :irr -Ms.lors Here- ; Moycr all(1 n cnha r ot raU. i, ot . R , ana .Mrs. William Gilmore, Creek. Viola Bierle, Cecilia Krniisc, ii. Kans., were visitors at and the Harold Gross family. 1 A\urburtons Friday. They; Mr. and Mrs. Arend Nccland' pnent Saturday evening at Dick i Jiinsen's, Lakota. The Orville Burfingtons, Woden, were Sunday j guests at Necland's. j •Mr. and Mrs. Do Vere KicKtcr, i Elmore, Minn., and nephew Harold ! were i Ray: spent I The Spirit I well, wore Laidleys, ... Sunday callers of M I ,H P< "'I °,f MrSl Willl » m -mi ton_ and they had been visiting -fr^^ilimm ^ arburtons at Chiv-T-°; v M V " IS: , CI '° lilst WCfik ,-,n a fllc , J '.. drovc to l' r)i »t s !" w-v 1mm j ' Cy , W01%e ° n thei '-more, M, run - en the - v st °nped here. : Manthei, Zumbrota. Minn re ' S ° n the Advertising : Sunday afternoon callers at QFKKKINO SOMETHING- differ ^•^ ••"•'• ::ii;i ri'frrwhinEly new ii fun lias not been overlooked, in for n s master-of-ceremonies Dun outdoor entertainment, "Dim-iiui Tranper keeps the evenines merry .Rovue" will he presented ni'-lirly 'with comedy that is planned and .before the grandstand at the Ko. : - timed to a nicety sulh ''"'''• Tranaer i, rc'trning to the out- , ™ "Dm,,,-.,,,! Uovuc" wa, firs, pro- door duced in 1!!:;1, and each year it has Nov.•i»-n .•n'.-ii-.K-d and improved until over now „ , s classed ns one of the fin- -ihai - -- — •• !..••_ iiu*t:itioiii statf of the Capper publications. Fifteen to Altroim Onthoriiiff— Fifteen women of the Presbyterian missionary society drove to Ai- gona last week Thursday to attend a meeting held at Mrs. Alvln Huenhold s. Mrs. Huenhold's mother, Mrs. AVilliam Aalderks, of Lakota was assisting hostess. Songs were sung. Mrs. AV. E. Gutknecht had charge of devotions, and Mrs. I E Wortman reviewed a chapter in the book, Rebuilding Rural Snyder'c;. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, son Jesse, (laughter Doris, and Beverly Sones returned Thursday from a visit at John Flynn'.s at V m e ric-, CM mus:,,,!., of it, kind. Il,e Kossmh i ilM . IKIH behind i, » !nng tradition for spectacular :-'nu,d,tan,l ,,hows a ,,d th!« year's show, from mfnnnation sup,,li s d i: . rs managemem. „ probably inost elaborate ever s,ug,d Barne^-Carrtuhers, stage from two .seasons fh York musicals and a swing . _ the leading theater circuits 'Mrs. Vrorliiiur Lose took him to Hollywood and • The Re and ]tr<>fli*r O H ' • .ocuiiery, costume*, and lighting and mechanical effects are on a scale of great magnificance, but other coast cities. Ripley's "Be- king came home lieve it or not" has twice featured Wednesday from a month at I ranger a* the man who plays a cottage at Twin Lakes in'Minue- clarmet and saxophone simultau- sola. They went to Dubuoue Pri eously and also plays three trump- day. and Mr Frerking assisted bv Son?! He ATA^ hm h ?ol 2^£ctr l^^^ .h^Tpir^o-r^pJS^ scenery and many Attend fJennaii Valley Fiiiiei'nl are Jerry Ukena, Mrs.' Ida modernistic novel lighting effects. There -10 people in 'the company. Ukena, ADVANCE .41goriR, Iowa .'The Building and Loan Pl m The Builder and The Our organization is under rigid state and federal supervision, just like a bank, and has always passed the examinations with flying colors. Dreams and ambitions Of hundreds of families of all means have been aided by our organization. Through easy, monthly payment plans, paid like rent, it has become possible through Aigona Federal Savings & Loan assistance, to make tho dreams of a home come true, to bring into reality and fulfillment the desires and hopes of a multitude of people. They are our friends, and our staunchest boosters. , Real progress calls for cooperation, whereby investors provide a fund from which borrower of sound standing may carry out their ambitions in building. Let's pull together! Along that line lies Progress. In the Building & Loan we -find the last word in cooperation. Here the in- vestor may pl reap a other:; •'in<! in "''•'in with money with s lll; d return ''-'"iw, in K, '•" ssuth wuntjh, Aigona an,| i much prosit..:. .,. orgnizatioji. ;., wed to b,ip , :i u,^;;;^ Kossuth county and it s sist , which repn-s...,! the n Mt J n S ri cl ilt ul ,,l,v,, i(motlheUn .-J The ,stre.n t ;|]i ,,f our , best be jml;;,,,! bv its p ing among similar group in communitic.s much ] ar ge/|>j] gona. The Aigona Federal Savingiii, sociation invites you to loan or savings plans, and to coal talk over your problems with i'I osia Federal Savings and We Invite You to Visit Us Durin tlie March oi Ehrhardt's, M,;;••-::"•!•; is lielpin'-' v I'" Suil'iav Galbraith. Lent sc!i, Livennore, at U. J. Saiikey's lor I'aul '. h«-r ir.g the Dougas Rileys Sunday, .suffered a deep cut on one leg, when he fell from a bicycle o;i which he was learning to ride. The Hudson has beep, con- accident oecurr vr l when the bicy- bed ^with rheumatism, cle, a.s he was going north past A , ~T1 * T~T7- thc McLea 'i store, just escaped /\UtO Almost Hits colliding with a car which was being driven south. Only a quick swerve 10 the right by the driver 'of the car pi-evented what other— Dwight wi.se would have been a serious ac- was visit- cident. Boy on a Bicycle Irvington. August fl Smith, Livermore. who "'HERE'S a definite air of delicacy about the way the new step-in styles hug your foot ... in soft, glove-light leathers, BO daintily trimmed. So smooth, so elegantly snug that they enhance the outlines of your foot in new, flattering ways! And in llhythm Step shoes this lovely new fashion is yours . . . with extra support! Take 3 Steps to EXTRA SUPPORT You'd never believe that shoes BO beautifully dainty could actually support your foot at three strain points! But wait till you walk on their Invisible Rhythm Treads! You'll be amazed at how buoyantly they support your hed, arch and the ball of your foot! Giving a glorious f'lift" to walking, in styles that are delicately smart*, and flattering! Come in and make i a three-step test! That's all it ! takes to discover thrilling extra' comfort in these adorably light new Rhythm Step shoes I Brown Suede calf trimmed $7.50 f wine chiffon $7.50 Kresenkky's •^l^^Bf^n^^^fc^" . IOWA Iowa, through the last century ( has seen many amazing and startling changes, and witnessed Progress in all fields of development, as well as the ultilizing of natural resources of th the state. e nation Our Heritage is A Leadership - A Power In National Ai Iowa Is A Natural Leader Of States - And Kossuth, In TheSt Since " 1 838", men of all occupations have tried to serve and to build this community. How well they Have succeeded is m full evidence. No commmunity can be prouder of its Progress. We Live Together - We Pull Together Let's Celebrate Together! August 17th - 18th In Aigona %l,,l|"' March of Progress Days Governor ating I owa OLD SETTLERS DAY, AU<*. 17th 's Centennial (This Ad Donated from March of Pr 0g , e8s Queen Contest)

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