Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1938
Page 5
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HbAY.AU.QUST.il.., 1038. •Gronmill* clerk at the A. Ire, spent Sunday with ft Whlttemore. , • Grcenberg and a Doctor •Bancroft, left Monday for \itli relatives in Chicago. Frankly who manages the I Oil statioii.on.west State, ,c week-end nt Waverly CALS dren visited friends at Sioiiv r-itv laat weok-encl whllo Mr u,,ti n* M^tln-r^' 11 . 0 , 1118 »»™ So* "n,"n "TV" lhe Oko-|Pippert nnd Mr. and Mrs Lelind to.", Silent: rem,S IV wm llftU ^ P1CP ? r> ? arrl8 ° n ' we "' WeekSd maidnta (Wage occu ,1 T tho ! KUest * of Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold van. Mrs. y> Sullivnn °\«^' s . u111 .- P ert a '' e Parents of Bruce, Richard, Tuesdny for the re n ?h hnc , k * rt; -J' n "Y ]t ' and Mrs. Pieper, and (in...i. ..... I..," 1 , 0 ! week ' Ml ' Brantl t is a Decker salesman. A WhHn n h foi l IIKn<0 r ' S ' il!1Ilcr and her nephew, A Wliitc homo Hoger Didriksen, 8, went to Clin- Uiarlcs White.'ton yoAterdnf for a couple of ^ " vlsii. nt the wore Mr. arid "'> " 1! " m '' week, us. Jlrs. M. 0. Bourne sp^nt at «• light case ofVood-' (: ''"'-'o« and i ~ ..«,„.., u IIKIIL CafiO O !scSch n f; 11 ^ viI1K . dcvo1 ^- 1 (meeting. had evei - - ~ w. . u. u v/ll UHOllUJfjrt, (IMj. . , - -•- <*-• ••• visiting Dick Pike son of '"«cnnn. I( ;;"' nr r i br1, H ll,o5fl of w''!" wiU/™'—"? S ' wo » e '' who. '"•», daugihter of Mr.°and Mrs' «t l'c ,,Vi lg ?',. is fipolld| ne the week [il »G imbolrti. m.oot „„ LaVonne, tr!til1 Mrs. Ray Mr. nml Mrs. A. c:. Hoornemiii . Mr. Frew who had been visiting the Cnr c ; anif A^ Hagg [ s 'a S ---"' 8> ^^ -^ M '' S ' Hre imci spent it with ral- i Basle Grove. lin ,n Jflllei' returned to S" 68 " it I Jr. H. r,. Me Monday af Hawcott &'Mrs. \oung i s a slatar of ; miar a. two weeks vacation, I,', 0 . ,'° ;m<! .™''s. II. ]j. \y] fit spent at home. Whittemo,,, is MI-H. SHIRLEY TEMPLE'S PLAYROOM r home at Prestor " r - Hocrnvr, Dubuque daughters, days as guests at the at ™ ' icwel cottage Sfflrie Amesbury is taking * Clear! ';"" m >' - • |t «iisnr«;r and Mrs. M j puffy, with their throo d . lUKl ,'. ' _ v u s }. )e ?<- Sunday at Albert U-n, guests vacation from" the Chris" M.., p, Dutf y'« Parents, Mr. an d - - 1UIS - Chris Larson. " 'f Hurt, and lor, Madison, Wis., this week in a C ot- i , . - Ji- Irene is employed '•it Irenes Beauty Shop. Miss Ri,, K . e formerly lived nt Whlttemoro. i j " f ,. ls now ;l n «>n"ly operator at proved. nure, where she is a clerk. jailing at Carroll and Clear _ Tolgt, stenographer In Mr !;" c "' c ' d »»gh<cr of ity treasurer's office, spent'"."h "°. Wllld s t™yer, Vend with her parents, Mr. f Herman Voigt, «i.a. ^ill-is i.nr.son. M rs . Lai-sen" , 11 ' VI "''" S ( ' ( '»ton, Chicago Heights whojja. been sic k, ,„ mwY ?*£ >";, ^caliingo „ old ^ »fe of fhe j ..^, r , r ,,,, uiuil W 111 H_ he was pastor of the local Congregational church, and she is now teaching home economics in the Dubuque schools. Mrs. Hoerner recently attended summer 'school at Minneapolis. ' \ l »y MeUuhim, his mother, Mrs Nellie McMahon, and Gordon left Saturday evening for weeks at Washington, D. C., nn manager for lived at Emmetsburtr A,T«-H._,. _ . ^"^" ut fo, Witter of Mr. and Mrs. |" e " falher w °>*8 at the ice cream Itillman, went to Dolliyer I 1111, \. I to spend a week with her „,.,„ ,,''V, 1 , 0 ''''"N'crs have had a fronts, Mr. and Mrs. L. P-'at the iea ' C " 1 °" thc " orth and Mrs. A. J^tT^f"^ns^^rormm-Vchl week-end n.t Clfinr.,,, 0 " bloie Quarters. It will be useu a s an entrance way for PI-I and machinery. C " s Mrs. Christ N'nllnkiiit • children drove to Ad; v i"ice employ. n AlJ V"' Grundy Ce H Ml ' S< lra 'vemcn, Clinton went "K.£: "s™?=,-s r™ «trv- s? s The children, Wednesday to take c Wallukait's father, David ' ha - is manager Council Oak store. of the •pent the week-end at Clear •tending a county agents' I Ten other countixes were Itcd. lid Mrs. Albert Hagg, with Bldren, Ralph and Lavonne, Friday at West Bend, in[ the grotto. Albert is a here. M 3rrs. Everett Woold- flcar Lake, were Sunday bf the Roy Wooldridges. °, -2 CK ' i brother of Roy, is acityi?' ?° b f. c V ullo «g'>- The boys at- ricr. M f d hl , Kh schoo] together at FcclniH, Agnes Bigger, and v° wnton ' the McCullough old home. *.•» ...^. p °- h - t -- Ne 0 w n ^k o u° i :;: 1l1 ; iuend coiic ^ f » - .- of the A. A. Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. Mary Lou and James, went home with her, after having spent most frs. Bishop, of the summer here with a daughter of grandparents. The elder thelr man-.Mi _ , r-i^,. 7 "~~S" "; "• i- 01 - ul ' e , 'eft western railway company" Cherokee Sunday to manage The Her. and Mrs. Chas H Sew- A. & P. store there while the ard, who were returning to Porwt i.s on vacation this and City from the lakes, stopped brief- last . a f "" We ""esday M ISS SHIIILKY TEMPLE, a small girl with yellow curia and clear, blue eyes, lias just completed a vacation trip to the East Coast with her family. She was welcomed by the President of the Republic, sovoniors of states, mayors of cities, anil had hot clogs and went swimming with Slstie and Buzzie Dall at the Krum Elbow estate of the Hoosc- .h T1 ,Yr amazt "6 interest taken in he fo of this talented youngster of House Beautiful. Shirley jiveg ,„ „ ramb ,, n htont! house on a wooded hill in hanta Monica, overlooking the Both the outside and the Jf the rambling home are completely charming. Shirley has a bedroom and a nursery of her own. Her favorite colors are red and white and they are carried out in the decoratve scheme. Both rooms are full of sun and toys and color and are gay and brlgllt ,„ k , « the charming child who lives in a daughter of the Bleichs. Opal nd Mr* m , n r lliver6arie s of Opal A. note received this morning nd Mia. Blelch were celebrated, .written Monday night at the Ad-' MA "' <cl - 1rclg e s and little klns Tourists' Home, Ashland, Ky , utli Ann Butler, of the I. M. Fin-! ell home, are expected back via ! he Sioux tonight from five-weens ! t Spokane, Wash., and Priest! iver Ida. In a letter received, eserday Mrs. Meiggs reported hat the weather at. Priest River as cold enough Sunday to freeze own a garden for her brother, J., Tiss. The Flnnells here will ssure her that that was some con- Buiiday guests of I now •tore. Fred Hiirtholoincw drove to jike Tuesday evening'to be Ithe rest of the week at the lof a sister-in-law, Mrs. tebrick. Rose ( Ne ,w York this fall. Kose ! Mr. and Mrs. E. W. him to . -. T. Herbst, wnu ! their two sons, left Wednesday for a ten-day outing at Virginia, Minn I Mrs. Southgate, mother of Mrs !Herbst, is at home with the little , and J - S , ew '? rd n ™ looks to be in per- Mr. nn,l Mrs. Charles E -end guests at H. R. .Mr. Roof is circular,, „„,.„for the Austin Daily Herald Mr. Rasmusson is the public - „ band leader. \E. Kent returned Mon- 'Minn^i'"H*" 011 , dl '° ve to Vir S«nia, la week with her mother,!^ V , week Thurs day to get Graham, Indianola, andi,Hf, f , a , nd . son Bertl Jr., who had r. Kent's sister, Mrs. John•'J ls l t !i,. rel lJ, l , ves . a " d w ends there — are away. Mrs. Walter Jf. urday at Burt, hei & h7 d «" wh.le the Sat- town, of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gra- Mr. Graham has for 40 or less, had a farm im- "-"^ "^ ictL ^Xlgujlil. HO remarked humorously that the doctors took everything but his gall. Mrs. Seward'was also looking well. • Mrs. 0. T. Solberg and Mrs. Clint Lighter drove to Bode Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Chris Holland, former neighbor of Mrs Lighter. They brought back the Lighter daughter Marian, .spent Wednesday here with ,, c , parents. Marian works in a pic- ,ture studio at Bode. A friend of ;hers, LeRoy Peterson, Humboldt, = Saturday t the'S^ ^__^ 3lrs T h'^'l .*"•• ami airs. A. B. McCall Ken-'.nT'r ./ J "V I T" 1BC "' Graettinger, 'got home" last week ^Tue'sday'fr^S 5-I.o.ha.. Wis, with their son, ciA.Se^ ^^ SSffft'SSnTS 1 " ^^ » d *^> . spent Sunday •at Fairmont. Mr. |ger of the local McCor- ping shop. is IVurrcn, Eagle Grove, is [the G. w. Banwarts. Tlie k for some years farmed I Algona, but are now farm- "agle Grove. Finaniore, Burling) Sunday for a week with '. Mrs. Roy Laris a certified ft, daughter of Mr. and Klein, near Bode, who : a commercial course at P. in., came home Monday |ontn s visit. IMrs. D. j. Bredall'have "his week a niece, p a - ""ner, Spencer. i for the .. «-~—ivi.^v* Aiv,in college. Doctor Shierk i s a podiatrist. .Mr. und Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen went to Clear Lake Wednesday for the rest of the week at the newly purchased C. R. La Barre cottage Mr. Knudsen works for the Pratt Electric Co., and Mrs. Knudsen is office nurse for Dr. M. G. Bourne Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele .drove to Spirit Lake .bring home Mr. and ^,o. jSteele, who had spent 'a weB it I there in a cottage. The Wm. P. Steeles were Sunday guests at the ". P. Norton cottage at Clear •Mrs. L. If. Crawford, son Larry, and June Miller returned to their respective home's at Minneapolis Sunday, after the week-end here relatives. The women are street, next west of the old Courier shop. They are to occupy the building when it is completed. Mrs. Gordon Kiihn, with her children, Helen and Bobby, and her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Clum, Emnietsburg, left Sunday for two weeks at the old home in Ohio. Helen is taking a vuca- tion from her duties as bookkeeper at Swift's. Mr.' Clum owns a rec- parlor at Emmetsburg. If. C. Anderson and her son Jerry spent Monday at Britt with Mrs. Anderson's sister, Mrs. A. P. Nelson, the former Phylida Soner- holm, once a beauty operator at the ^ local Marigold shop, Mrs. Nel| son's husband owns a produce sta- ,tion at Britt, and Mr. Anderson is gona Wednesday from Mankato to a tend the wedding of George j Stewart Jr. and Josephine Dahlhauser George is a grandson of i Mr. Peck and a nephew of Mrs.; Lampright Mr. Peck is spending. 1 the summer with his daughter ' Mrs. George Stewart Sr. Many years ago Mr. Lampright, who is the father of Harold Lampright, of the local postoffice, once ran a blacksmith shop here. Mr. and Mrs. George Hackman r; 1 Knoxville, Tenn., and their Daughter Joanna are leaving today, .after having spent the summer I here with Mr. Hackman's parents, '•3?,,Vh f ;•, Ge ° rge Hackn »an Sr., I?? uth ° f Algona. The young-r 'Mrs. Hackman and her daughter THURgBAY THRU SATURDAY AugTist 11-18 ,Edw. Crowley, Duluth, and their , brothers, D. W. Hall, Duluth, and | A. W. Hall, Pengilly, Minn. D. W and A. W. both work in Minnesota iron ore mines. ( Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Engel, Davenport, came Saturday for a visit at their son Fred's. Mrs. Fred Engel, who had been visiting at Davenport a few days, came home with I them, The Wm. C. Daus, relatives ]0f the Engels, the two Engel fam- iilies, with Mrs. Dau's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ehlers, Swea City, had a picnic at a Swea City park Sun, day. The local Mr. Engel is a mechanic at Dau's, | Mrs. Donald Hunnicutt, of Blue | Earth, went home Sunday, after .three weeks here, caring for her grandmother, Mrs. A. D. Richards, f,.; i x j,"" G eor S6 uuuumjjg ele2 _ . tiical studies in the industrial arts i de P ar . tme nt °f the Knoxville high! 2 5 O h O°°puS. Ch ^ an enr °»™«tof ! I Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Van Arnam, I ^""JfPolis, with two children i and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Norman, of i iWinnebago, Minn., were Sunday! guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Barnard. Mr. Van Arnam, a cousin of ,Mr. Barnard, is in the employ of a flour company at Minneapolis. The 'l 1 "?.?.?" 1 ^ daughter Lois, who Bob Steele in "Thunder in the Desert' Serial, "Fighting Devil Dogs SUNDAY-MONBAY-TUESBAY August 14-15-16 and a week . » — — — > — -• «•**« -.-.»*j. A, A, jji*jinj^j. i Ljjm. WtiS ** friend, Mrs. Billiard, who is the former,six weeks. land has been visiting her Jack"Tult"v""hn1h" T'n " '/' enu ' Mrs - ""Hard, who is the former,six weeks. Mr. Hunnicutt "and '" A 'ta Stiles,/since fne^Thl^fL 0 /^ .^'ws,'Margaret Bishop, will meet her Mrs. Richard^ so" M 0 Rich- w««ir.. n H with the for-,husband sometime next week at ards, Lone Rock, with the latter's Mis. Chris International Falls 1 , and they'Will family, were here Sunday Doriysjtake^a week's vacation together.) Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Solberg ac- • --• *iiia * Thursday. , t,SK& -as =--«" «""• *--- Gisch. She S Mr ' grocer - » nd Tulty nance" company.' - J . !«. an employe o£ a ' ^ J - Maude McUroom and Ruth.Bish- companied Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Lehnus, Rolfe,. to Arnold's Par Sunday to attend the fourth annua .........v .^v luu ,,, a,,u ivuui.£>iau- ouiiuay 10 auena tne rourtn annua Mawdsley, op, who had been at Minneapolis summer Bible and missionary con jJPital, Mason City. «*bCl» D&s Moinefi Jpff ' nn >*^i. o * i " « ' ~ * """" *•"*"•'»i u i j » »» "^ nau uecu ttt ivnuiiei l"2d A/' 8 ' 1 Since ^- ida " ard and dSfte^Zrv'C ?rf a " P m Ti' WWe here ° Ver " the | Ference oFthe ciri B Tlan*& MiaBton hcBtor?- 8 -*?' N " Kru8e.'S' Wnnebaw Sunda^Mn^?J ^T 8 """^ 1 but j etul 'ned Monday to jary Alliance. The conference wa KLVL 0 ?! st *te office l 0oh r nn Gr a v° S Z±v t0 T±,l e [r a charJe o*f t'he «£ ^'IT r^ ?" the » ubli « ^chool campus nas cnarge or the state university in a large tent which seated 160 school of elementary education, people. The Rev. R. R. Brown, o The --- —— v . j^ Y\ state off ice, John Opa p Bi formel . Irvlnsim . x- , H,.O * farmers. Mrs. Gray is a sister of at' Fa? rm rtl?, 1C ^' d ^ nnd Sta LB! «*. both still Mrs. Merle Solomon on - a^nuui ut cicumuuu y euuuanua. i peopje. me Kev. K. 11. Bro' Miss McBroom is a sister of Mrs. i Omaha, noted for his radio Bishop, and Ruth is a daughter of mons over station WOW, Mrs. f Betty ser -- -• — -- u — - — — i •— — ••-* w i w. abu,,*u*i fvvyTV, ha at the' "™" "*""* """* i « t ="o ouiuuiuii tho Bishops. |charge ;e Mon-i|nl^ rS ' F> D - Solomai1 - both of ' Mrs. C!Iara M. I)«Hou, former La-1 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutchim Mrt ^'; ,Y e ''l K^ Unday ,, L U6St i of i k °tan Avho .occasionally has spent moved Tuesday into the north Mrs Estella Sabin and Mrs. F. D. a good deal of her time in Algona, apartment in the Jos. W. Wads oOJOmnn. Ristpr nf Mv« .Qnhln ^o_'v,«o i....u. n « *« „«,, *\,« A i * .3 *,. , . — .. '»«•**» Miller, . . . . n na, bolomnn. sister of Mrs. Sabin, re-!has written to ask that her Ad- two weeks iu a cottage tin > refiterda > r - from Walsh wr tes ' e now a Partment "" worth house on east Call street The apartment was occupied til -- -- recently by Mr. and, Mrs. Edw viT'/'w'Yi. • ! ave - Ev£ > ns ' on . HI. Her husband, Mitcheltree, who have moved to tioiet Jlalbrook, color artist at deceased, was Guy Dalton, Lakota Spencer. The Clinton Lighters FOWTl o StlirUn iifill K« *-olr/iii u« n i» n .. ...i. nnn __i._. *ii, «•*--- - ° . , — rf »« V w. M«,^ . *,*v*i *>.» UU4* i Ytmuc auui cats uc UJiallgcu 11 ujlt Mrs. F. D. Soloman, is a postof- San Pedro, Calif., to 726 Hinman Brown's Studio, will be taken home today from Mercy hospital, Mason City, where she had an operation for appendicitis one day •-----. last week. She will be at Mason wano city two weeks longer, at the homo banker, whose parents were gona pioneers Al- late of Bode, have the south apart- Iment. Mr. Hutchins helps his fath- •**** jf "-"ix,^*"» i MICA*!.. iTii. Aiuuijiiiua umptf uio laiil" A card from the Dubuque post-|er, H. D. Hutchins, secretary of master has notified the Advance t'o. the Algona federal farm loan asso- change Mrs. Louise Hoerner's ad- elation. . ' '' . dress from 1844 Bennett street to Mr, and Mrs. 153 ° Na Algona street sou ner could satisfy some K redecorated T?^v T, M 5 8> ^' C> McDougull, sou ner could satisfy some curiosity pesday by Harry R»i>on Bobb y' and Ml- s- Glenn Roland: here by finding out how that street F also painted MI« «»*»,' spent Monday at Des Moines, visit- happens to bear the same name as m Brown home.T *" in & Mr s- Dennis Bilingsly, the for- " -~ J •-"•-- •-- ' •-• red. c in ereen, me r Ruth Roland, who was mar- , ' Hoer- Mrft R - E - Kaln - Philip Schemel E - S.' Rehm ^ 2S-- K«,!ng' Mr . n ried last week Monday. Mrs. Bil- ingsly, before marriage, was bookkeeper- at Bjustrom'6._ spent »Mitor fo r tne A n a ^" few days last week with friends at mpany. c ^»en i*, jvjr as0 ji eity, and the rest of "the t'uriuodv -oT-kui week was spent at Arnold's Park Son GeorB B i i' k' th Ml< - ^ nd Mrs - Albert Dieter- 'Mrs. Sunday afternoon forn ierly li v , AH who havA w an ' Plan to «%»*;«; * ont;f?: fter » »«4 ate-' lug, Bancroft. Mrs. Foth is a clerk at Graham's, and Mr. Deitering owns a garage at Bancroft. 3Jr. uud'Jfrs. Ole Allison went to Fort Dodge Sunday to attend a cornerstone laying for a Lutheran hospital nurses' home, and from there went to Gowrle to visit Mrs. Allison's mother, Mrs. August Anderson, returning Monday. The Allisons are retired farmers. Mrs W. H. Doherty, former Ad- /yance society editor and io^al re- jpbrter, gave birth to a 6%-lb. boy Saturday morning at the Kossuth hospital. The baby has been named James Craig ("Jimmy" for Bftort). Mr. Doherty represents products In this territory. W, W» SnlllT8» came home the latter of DC? Moines, ^v.^^ panied Father .Schemel, .of Alton —«-«•— ~ — — —— — to La Croese, Wis., Monday to visil Algona and letting local people : the Schemel daughter, Sister Mary know via a note to this paper. I Pauline, and attend ceremonies on Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Pierce and, fest day. Mre. Rahm, whose bus- Mr, and Mrs. Walter J. Ro<berts band is employed at the statehouse, were 7 o'clock dinner guests Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rector, Clarion. Mr. Rector, game warden at Clarion, • is a former high school student under Mr. Rob? erts. Mr. Pierce is game warden here, and Mr. Roberts is now 'with the Metropolitan Life, Co. here. Mr. and Mrs, John' Pippert aud Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pippert, Dy Des Moines, is another daughter, and Father Schemel is 'a eon, of the Philip Schemels. Sister Mary Pauline ie a teacher. ' 3fr. and Mrs, Bert Cronan and Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bleicn, the latter couple of Burt, were .week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cronan, Toledo. Donald, son. of Mr. and Mrs. Cronan, owns a v$rl- Ull, auu lui D* AJA uvo * iw*?t i, ••''.T AMI* aiiu ^ui o. \viuuttii, uwilo <• Vari- sart, with Mr. and Mrs. Richard jety store there, and Mrs. Cronan sovyp—IF you HAVE Sfcjw tsr a»le }«st J)M*f in an A4yauce Want Aa Baseball-Sunday Aug. 14 Gome Called at 8:30 p. m, BANCOFT LIONS VS LOTTS CREEK. had visited the Van Arnams a i week, came home with them. Mr. and_ Mrs. Norman are aunt and uncle of Mrs. Barnard. Graee Van Arnam, sister of Mrs. Barnard came Sunday-for a week's visit. Mr. Barnard is manager of the local Gamble store. Anton Guehl, former tailor here, and his daughter, Mrs. Godfrey Johnson, Battle Creek', Mich., are spending the week with Mrs. Johnson s parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Johnson, Irvington farmers Another married daughter of Mr. Guehl, also a son, live at Battle Creek, and Mr, Guehl has been there the last year, Mrs. Johnson's husband is employed in a factory which makes automobile Parts. Mr. Guehl has two sons and four daughters altogether, and all are married. One of the other children lives at Charles City, another lives at St. James, Minn., and there is one at Detroit. W Second Feature Re-Issue II PAGE FIVB but mailed Tuesday at St. Albans, W. Va., reported Gordon Dewel, Roy McMahon, and the latter's mother expecting to reach oither Richmond, Va., or Washington bv aet nljjht. They had been traveling in even more picturesque country than the Ozarks. At Chevy Chase, Md., ten miles from Washington, they are visiting the Itus- sel Jondreaus, former Emmets- burgers. They planned to meet Donald Dewel, Schenectady, N y at New York City this week-end! On the going trip they made night stops at Iowa City and Vlncennes Ind., tourists camps before reaching Ashland. Young Democrats to Meet Tuesday Young democrats of the 'county will meet at the courthouse Tuesday evening to formulate plans for the fall campaign and. a membership drive. A group is also planning to attend a state meeting at Clear Lake a week from Saturday and Sunday. HOOD'S I.G.A. STORE Phones Algona 420 and 421 I OW a WE HAVE THE VALUES Specials for Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Mon. 18-k Re'd Alaska SALMON, 1-Ilj. tall 27t IGA Mecl. Red SALMON, 1 lb. tall 25<i Pink. 2 for SALMON, 1 lb 25£ Best Pink 2 for SALMON, 1 lb ™™™^ ~~~-m~ Sugar 3 for Beverages, 24-oz. _25<i Fancy Cider VINEGfAE, 18-k pts. 9d Fancy Cider VINEGAR, 18-k Qt 15<i Carol No. 2 cans 2 cans GRAPEFRUIT ___ 250 LIMIT 1 Fine Granulated lOlbs. 47c 18-k 16-oz. 4 cans PORK & BEANS _ 21 <i [GA No. 2 3 cans RED BEANS 25£ Lge. box 2f or POST TOASTIES 17ci Reg. pkg. 2for Grapennt Flakes __19<i No 10 PEACHES No. 10 Blk. Raspberries __L_^ No. 10 PBUNES _ 27e "So. 10 CHERRIES 476 No. 10 PINEAPPLE 59c BANANAS 51bs27c Hilex, gallon Hilex, quarts Soap Grains, IGA _17c Butch 2 for Cleanser Spray, IGA, pts. II_ Parowax, 1-lb. box Fruit Jars, quarts _ Dawn Tissue 3 r'ls Doz. Rubbers and Doz Jar Covers, both __ Jar Lids, Kerrs doz. Lye, IGA, 2 cans __ Cleanser, IGA box __ SUGAR, Fine Granulated Broken, Sliced Pineapple, large 2^ ___ No. 2 can Peas, 3 cans No. 2 cans Corn, 4 cans 29£ Free Cup and Saucer Coffee, Bine G, lb. _ 100-lb. bag Oyster Shell Folgers or Butternut Coffee, 2 Ibs 53e Large pkg. Wheat Puffs, 3 for 2S* 14-oz. bottle Catsup PURE CIDER VINEGAR Potatoes, pk. Tomatoes, 5 Ibs. __ Oranges, med. siz. 2 doz. Malagra Grapes, 2 Ibs. Grapefruit, good size, 5 for Fancy California ALBERTA PEACHES 89c BOX THCBS. AND FBIBAY, AUG. 11-12 SUNDAY . MOJfDAY, AUG. 14-15 IUNEV CANT Bor i/VtfU/lfli4Uj ' H.'d ir.d. On Stage-Vaudeville No advance in prices. UBOWiMK-lH)0 ACT CABL BUKOE.SS - i» a Ventriloquist Act. SATURDAY, AUGUS-p 1,8 The Great American Picture. Best of the Month t EXTRA SPECIAL PORK CHOPS Center Cuts, lb. ———————— Mince Ham or Bologna, lb. _. Sliced Bacon, o lb. box Long Horn Cheese, lb. ____!, Ground Beef or Pork Sausage, 2 Ibs. __2S<£ 20c Fancy Beef Boasts, lb. Summer Sausage, lb. 21c Bib Boiling Beef, lb. _. Pork Loin Boast, lb. FLOUR, Omar 49-lb. bag FLOUR, White Ca«tle, $1,59 99c Error Corrected The use of the Zonolite napie in our advertisement of June 23 was an.error, and the figure 1.666" applies to expanded mica insulations as a general class, of which Zonolite is a trade . product. The name of the publication from which the informa- .tum was obtained was the 1938 American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers Guide, and other reputable authorities. The use, of ite toUto names of Masonite, Thermofill and Rock Sth y^re meant to indicate the class of product as a, whole ihus it would take, as an example, 1,666 inches of' expanded mica insulation as a general d ass to equal one ijxch of Capitol Rock Wool in ,* ¥' v

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