Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1938
Page 4
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PAOE FOUR KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA THURSDAY. H5?.«. VACCINATED HORSES FREE OF DISEASE No Case Develops in Many Treated at Lu Verne. Lu Verne, AUK. fl—Dr. T. L. Williams, local veterinarian, reports 30 oases eucepluilomyelHis, or sleeping sickness, among horses in this vicinity. He answered calls to Hobarton, Convilh, Bode, Hardy, and Llvcrmore Monday. Local I farmers are taking every precau- j tion against the plague, and 483 | horses have been vaccinated by > Doctor Williams, not one of them | getting the disease. The vaccine, while not guaranteeing complete | immunity, is estimated by govern-1 ment experts to provide better j than 85% protection. The disease) varies with different animals. Itj creates tin inflammation or fever: which affects the horses' brains. I causing the horses to become drowsy and helpless. In severe cases the horses usually die. The only preventive thus fur discovered i.s vaccination, and this should be done at least 21 days before the disease occurs. Mrs. Setehell-Girl and Woman ALGONA TEACHERS FOR SCHOOL YEAR STARTING SEPT, 5 FOR SALE—BO-FT. STEEL tower, i ' windmill.—A. B. Hopkins, Algona, 1Q P' 17 j\,|ANY OLD FRIENDS were distressed Tuesday afternoon, whei ivl news sprend that Mrs. Nannie Setchell Imd fallen ns she stepped out ol' the rciir door of her millinery shop and had suffered a 'brok en loft hip. Seventy-eight years o'.d, she has for some years been in frail health. She was taken to the Kossuth hospital, where her condition yesterday was reported fntr. Mrs. Setchell's shop is the oldost in-live business establishment In Algona, having been in operatior mure ilum 50 years. Algona. Girl Sees [THE PINK FAMILY HOLDS Famed Goblets fl j Prairie du diien, Wi.s.. Aug. !l — ___ A (ioxpn wine goblets, exquisitely! Sexlon Au <, <)_The •uinual Pink etched and wi,h delicately turned rc ™ wa^.eld at the Am.ro stems, are among treasures ho US -, A ,. „ , fc Sum , d a ed ,n ,he \illa Louis. T atito : boll;a:iij lclllc tllllnel . homo of Col. Hercules L. Dousman. first millionaire west of the A'lc- jihenies, who lived at Prairie liu ''hien. 1741. and they were discovered vnB se ,. V ed. Attend- n^ were: "Uncle" David Pink, SS. Buffalo '.'enter; Mr. and Mrs. David J- Pink, also Buffalo Center; M'-. Mrs. John Pink, son Robert, , . _..._.. '! Naomi DeWilde, daughter Con-i and picturesque Pnunc de rh.en ' sUulce , T()y , „„ O J Mason City; Mr ' were ninoiiK Places recently viait-1 nnd Mrgi John p , k d u , ; ?£„'. nTv r*' 1 A1 *° na i Alice, Mrs. Ella''Pink, son Clifford! tpper Uos Monies. |B ulli s , all of Hampton; Mrs. Lil- j . , ~. . 7 . ilia-n Simon, Latimer, daughter Ilo AlgOnian IS Again l^ay: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dehmlot, U « t i /-M • Mt ' Lake ' Minn. Hospital Chairman' M>. and Mrs. Harold Grothus and 1 'Mr. and Airs. Henry Grothus, Delft,! Colfax. AUK. 10—'Dr. W. D. An-, Minn.; Mrs. Marie Pink-Amesbury, ' drews, osteopath at Algona. has idaugter Jane Marie, son Billy, the: been reappointed chairman of the j James Asas, Thomas Elroy, all of committee on hospitals of the Iowa Algona; Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders,! Society of Osteopathic Physicians Sexton; and three visitors; Mrs. and Surgeons for the year lf)3S-3!i.-Nels Jensen, Algona; Rollo Trout-! Doctor Andrews was graduated | head, Festina; Keith McMillian, from the Kirksville College of Os-'Los Angeles. i teopathy and Surgery, Kirksville, I * ! Mo., in HI28. He is a member of the American Osteopathic association. His re-appointment comes as a recognition of his work as a physician and as an active member of the Osteopathic societies. Victim of Malta | Fever Recovered *. Irvington Team is Burt, Aug. 10—The Rev. Tho- jburn Speicher filled his pulpjt in ,the Methodist church Sunday (morning- for the first time since he • r» > W1US stricken with malta fever in Halted in Runaway, January. His recovery has been very slow, but he hopas now to be Irvington, Aug. 8—A. McLean a ' ble to resume his work. The Rov. suffered bruises on the arms andj c - B - Mitchell, Buffalo Center, has j a minor back injury Saturday, preached during most of his 111- when a team belonging to Ray ness Fitch became frightened and started to run away. Mr. McLean who is working for Mr. Fitch, was Lightning Strikes Church. St. Benedict, Aug. 9—lit has driving, on a bundle rack, and he| been found tnat lightning struck was thrown off, but landed on his tlle St - Benedict Catholic church feet. He managed to keep the reins ^__ fw _ Saturday, July 30, but did little in his hands, ami TheTiorses were dam age. The bolt struck the steep- halted after running about 40 le ' ran .. dow ? a lightning rod, and AND TIE EXPENSES ERE'S Anybody in Algona \vnnt to go away for a ivock's vacation and have expenses paid, at least in pnrH Here's your chance: A former Algona boy, onco an Algona high school football player, now and for many years secretary of a Chicago agency, comes back once a year for a vacation week in the old home town. Heretofore he has had the use of the W. F. Walker home, but this time the IValkcrs have company, therefore cannot accommodate him. So Mr. "X," as he must be known in this mention, is advertising In today's Advance for some home owner who will let him in for a week, with lus wife and half-grown daughter. He will take the home "as is"; that is, the home owner doesn't have to pack things away; and that the home will be in the best of hands can be vouched for by the Walkers or many other Algonians, including ,T. P. Overmyer, Miss Coate, Mrs. Hortense Ferguson, S. E. Me- JTahon, Dennis Gocdcrs, Geo. Holt/bauer, and A b n e r Long. So there you are, folks; your own week's vacation paid for by someone else, anil your home cared for during your absence as If you were there yourself. Call the Advance for the advertiser's name and address. rods. 20 Years Ago Wesleyans Wed 14 Tears. Wesley, Aug. 2—Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Meurer celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary Sunday. i MJnncKofaiiK Wed Here. i They had as dinner guests the A. I Arthur E. Sjoberg and Emma M. Lemkees, Irvington, and the N. M. Anderson, both of St. Paul, J - Meurers, Plover. tore off a few splinters from the first cornice on the steeple. I * I The complete list of Algona public school teachers for the coming school year follows, with the new teachers marked with stars (*): v Elementary Grades. BRYANT Grade 1—*Cynthia Holster. Grade 2—Fern Pederson, Evelyn Gi'siham. Grade 3 — Irene Lounsuerry, *Margaret Hedges. Grades 4-5-6 — Katherine Carlson, Audrey Fritz. Departmental — Margaret Mul- lerman, Aria Rockswold, Dora Carlson, Principal. THIRD WARD Grades 1 and 2—*Ruth Alice Johnston. Grades 3 and 4—'"Alice May Chester. Grades 5 and 6—"Helen Chrls- tensen. Principal and elementary art supervisor—Carrie Durant.' SOUTH SIDE PRIMARY IN H. S. BUILDING Kindergarten—*Madelan Hess. Grade 1—Bertha Godfrey. JUNIOR-SENIOR H. S. Senior high principal—J. G. McDowell. Junior high principal—Hattie Wilson. Science—Byron 'Arnold. Home economics — Dorothy Reif. Girls' physical education —' Gladys Prescott. Nurse—Antoinette Bonnstetter. Bookkeeping, geography, agriculture, arithmetic' — C. E. Ridenour. English, American literature — "Viola Bohlen. Manual arts—*Leonard Wilson. English and Latin — "Marion Blair. Physics, chemistry, general sci-' ence—Ross Cutler. Boys' physical education—Lawrence Findley. History—Donald jtfiller. Speech, economics—David Phillips. History, library — Margaret Fussell. English—Margaret Gilmore. Mathematics—Alvena Miller and Esther Quiuby. Junior high mathematics—Har- vely Littrell. Junior high literature and art— Jane Mahin Junior high English—Margaret Englund. Music and English—*AIice Jane Dilling. Vocal music—Blanche Stehn. Band—Hilbert Rasmusson. Superintendent—O. B. Laing. • Big Botsford Picnic Sunday. Managers and employes of 57 Botsford lumberyards attended a icnic at Waseca, Minn., Sunday, lie total attendance -being &ome 00. Attending from Algona were lie M. J. Pools, the Tom Daileys, .ie Ralph Donovans, and the W. C. rlcDougalls. The Botsford terri- ory includes Minnesota, the Da- otas, and Iowa. » Portland Visitors Depart. Portland Twp., Aug. 9—'The Elert Stewarts, Hamburg, N, Y., will eave this week Thursday for ome, after a week here with Elert's father, D. M. Stewart, and 10 brothers, Roscoe, W. J., Bill, nd Edward. Elbert is in the em- loy of a gas company. FOR SALE-r-3 SHORTHORN heifers.—Charles Egel, Irvlngton; 8p-17 MJTO LOANS — REFINANCING. Lower payments'. — Western Credit Co. SuSOtf FOR RENT—PRIVATE SINGLE garage on North Jones street.— Phone 82. 47g WANTED—TWO FEMALE MUD I wrestlers' for the Athletic show Aug. 17 & 18. Girls over 65 need not apply. Write Advance. WE FIX RADIOS! WHEN POOR i reception develops, we're at your service. Complete line of tubes and parts. Phone B20\V or 99.—15. A, Gcnrlch. 24(3)47 ;6ne week, beginning August 27 or 28, by former resident of Algona; three lit family. Will take .beat of care and furnish excellent references from people known to you Uvho have Accommodated Us before but are unable to do so this year. Give details* and prl6e.—Aak Advance. 56(2) Urenn, WILL TRADE — A GOOD FORD- son tractor for livestock.—Howard Witlmm, Algona. llp-17 WANTED—RIDERS TO CEDAR Falls August IS. Return 19th.— Box 187, Whlttemore. 12p47 FOR SALE—HAMPSHIRE PALL gilts, bred for Sept. farrow.—'C. C. Baas, West Bend. 12p46-17 __ • MALTED MILKS! WE M*ADE them famous here in Algonn. Now they're making us famous! Rich, wholesome, delicious.— <Bav- ker Drug. 19(3)47 - i -GREEN COLONIAL FURNACES : are built to give more bent, year after, year, at lowest' cost. Write Green-Colonial, Des Moines, for information. ES47 (3001) V.ALUKS IN tISUT) CAKS- 1936 Bulck sedan, radio and heater, $695.00; 1935 Huick sedan, | radio nnd heater, $495.00; 1936! Ford tudor, 85 h. p., $396.00; 1929 ( Kiesel conch, $85.00; 1927 Chevro I let sedan, new paint, fine shape, I $65.00. Terms and trade. 1 Wrum-Olson To, ' '120 Thorlng_ton St. , Alsonn | .. -I5pl7 For Sal, LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — THE quick, easy, inexpensive way to flild the buyers—Advance for-salo ^ds. tf FOR SALE-^FOUR HEAD HAMP- shire sows, bred for fall farrow. Vaccinated.—Carl Hutchins, 24F3. 14p47 RUGS, FURNITURE — ALWAYS a buyer for used household articles. Tell your story in an Advance Want Ad. SEE US FOR PRICES ON LUM- bor. building material, feed, and fenslng.—Farmers Co-Op. Associ- ntion. Irvlngton, la. 17p38-4S FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINT- ed—Any size film, 30c, and one enlargement free.—Lusby's. . 13(2)41tf AUTOMATIC STOKER — Inspect the Butler. Less fuel, Perfect steady heat. Little attention neces- |sary. Ask for details.—F. S. Nor- I ton & Son. 20(2)47 ONE MINUTE WASHER—SEE its beauty, test Its marvelous efficiency Superior wringer design is an outstanding feature. See it demonstrated.—L. W. Swaiison. 22-17 FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish. A I new improved method guarantee-1 Ing satisfaction.—Cownn Building; & Supply Co. . 38tf: YOUNG- COUPLE CONTEMPLAT-! ing marriage. Can you use $50?] If so write box 442, Algona, All Information confidential. Not n.' "racket," but a chance to get $50. ' 25u47 ' SKi; TOUR NKAllKST WHAT,.ESTATE DKALEK for Information about attractive [ J farms In your locality for sale on easy terms by the First Trust AT STAN,, :, MM,I:S ox <'• , tt ,, T WANTED—OLD AVEARING Apparel—ladies coats, suits, skirts or dresses, preferably purchased at this store for display at March of Progress. Bring pieces HERE. Chrischilles Store 24 u 47 T AM MAKING LONG TIME farm loans at 4V, % interest with no .-.took to buy nnd no red tape.—M. P. Haggard. 21u45-48 LEGHORNS, $4.90; heavies, $5.00; Leghorn cockerels, $2.50; Leghorn pullets, $9.90. — Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. 13u41tf BARN PAINT — PREPARED BL Pittsburgh for wood or metal. tt's a real economy paint. Lasts longer, looks better; red or gray. —F. S. Norton & ;Son. 24(2)47 TRY TANKFUL OF D-X—YOUR motor will appreciate it because D-X lubricates all upper-cylinder parts. Save's motor wear. — Johnson D-X. 20()347 The first letter ling had come from France, and she said the nurses were well treated there, not only by the were married here Monday noon from Delia Bar- at the Trinity Lutheran parsonage, the Rev. P. J. Braner officiating. S YOUR FARM FOR SALE? Tell the public about it in an Ad- ance Want Ad. children but by the adult civilians. She had not been there long enough to see service. Miss Darling later became, and remains, Mrs. A. A. Theile, and her band is an Emmetsburg dentist. * . Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mclntyre, also St. Paul, were witnesses. Maids are in Demand. The employment office reports a j ~.,.o, .shortage of girls and women to 1 hua- fill housework and cafe jobs. Persons interested in these types of work are asked to write or call at The attorney general of Iowa had rendered an opinion that the county convention nominations were illegal under a new primary law holding that if candidates were not nominated in the convention the old party convention system had not been eliminated. Local politicians were awaiting further word from Des Moines. * •* # * George St. John and Leora Klahr, the latter of Walla, Wash., had been married here by the Rev. A. English. Mr. St. John, who was a carpenter, planned to move to Colorado. the office in the Hutchison building. MARKETS HOSPITALS KOSSUTH HOSPITAL. August 2—Mrs. Ray Punk, Algona, medical. August 3—Frank Powlowski, Algona, medical; Mrs. Russell Eer- geson, Lone Rock, girl. August 4—Mrs. Lloyd Rippentrop, Titonka, medical; Beeke, Lu Verne, boy. Mre. Matt August 5 — Mrs. Floyd Clabaugh, Algona, girl. August 6 — S. F. Barger, Algona, accident; Mrs. August Grendler, Armstrong, boy; Mrs. M. H. Doherty, Algona, boy; Tressie Abbas, Titonka, surgical; Edna Abbes, Titonka, appendectomy. August 8 — David Moore, tousil- lectomy; Erma Schmidt, Woden, appendectomy; Lucille Strayer, Algona, appendectomy. August 9 — Mrs. Nannie Setchell f Algona, accident. HOGS Best light butch. 140-160 $7.00-7 50 Best light butch., 160-180 $7.50-7.75 Best light butch., 180-200 $7.75-7.85 Best light butch., 200-220 _.. $8.00 Best ;ight butch., 220-250 -__$7.65 Med. hvy., 250-270 $7.40 Med. hvy., 270-290 $710 Med. hvy., 290-325 $680 Mutchers, 325-350 $6.50 Butchers, 3501400 $6,25 Packing sows, 275-350 $6.25 (Packing sows, 350-400 $5.80 Packing sows, 400-500 $5.25 CATTLE Canners and cutters '$2.75-3.50 Veal calves $5.00-7.50 Stock steers _ —$5.50-6.50 Fat yearlings ; $7.00-8.00 Fat steers $8.00-9.00 Fat cows $4.00-5.00 Bulls —$4.00-5.05 Fat cows $4.00-5.00 GRAIN No. 2 mixed corn -'. 37MsC No, 2 white corn 38c No. 2 yellow corn ___38c No. 4 yellow corn (new) 29c No. 3 white oats I5c GENERAL HOSPITAL. August 2 — Mrs. Harlan bouse, Ottosen, boy. Boben- August 3 — Miss Pommer, Brltt, tonsillectomy. August 4 — Mrs. Bernard Arndorfer, Wesley, boy. August 5 — Lucille Struecker Fenton tonsillectomy. August 6— (Mildred Ryther, Algona, tonsillectomy. August 9— Mrs. Neal Docherty, Sbreveport, La., boy. August 10 — Jerry Wolfe, Lu- Verne, tonsillectomy. No. 2 rye (new) EGGS -30c Henneryg No. 1 ... No. 2 Cash cream— No. i 25c No. 2 23c Sweet 26c POULTBY Springers, over 5 IDS. I6c Springers, 4 to 5 Springers, under 4 Ibs. ________ lie Leghorn springers Hens, over 5 Ibe. _____________ 140 Hens, under 4 Ibs. _____________ 9c Leghorns hens ---------------- 9c Cocks, under 4% Ibs. _________ 8c Cocks, over 4% Ibs. 9c Geese, live Sc Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. 12c Ducks, live, 4% Ibs. 8c Ductoe, live, under 4% Ibs. — -:-6c Popular site post binder* in in - « -- — — »-» ».. *VW*WBV *«/«*»•»«• w« **M*V%*9f CVUMVr out/its, sheet*, indexet, nng b,tokt, columnar pad* in a variety of rulings, and many other RUBY LEDGER OUTFIT and A-2, 26 division, leather tab index. Durable red or black landing. Sixe 6x9M E»cb EAGLE LEDGER OUTFI 200 sheets, and A-Z leather tab i tation leather or canvat, ledger tern*, all moderately priced. — Loose leaf binder, 200 theete, $400 — Durable brown corduroy binder, .Each RAVEN POST BINDER —Bound in black imitation leather. Toplock or eudlock. .Each Sizes 7J^xlOH and RING BINDER SJ«te colired canvas binding. Three rings. Capacity 200 sheet* and indsx. Label holder, metal <4 7 (I hinges. Size llx8J-$ ^ , Each * | IZ LEDGER SHEETS — Peeiless Ledger paper, "Regular Ledger" ruled and printed both sides. Standard punching. Size 9}<xllJ$ J.... Hundred LEDGER INDEXES — Heavy Buff Delhi Ledger paper. A to Z, division, leather tabe. Four dotted holes. CUR Set*|!*B COLUMNAR PADS —Canary bond, red and blue ruling; Buff Load, brown and greea ruling. 50 sheet* to pad. All sizes and (OQ5 every transaction. Size 11x17 BUY THI rulings. Box of 10 pads. ALL-FACTS OUTFIT— Sliwple, complete, bookeeping outfit with instructions and specimen pages. Printed headings .Each M TODAY! FOR SALE—60 COWS, 3 to 7 years old, 20 Jerseys, 12 Guernseys, 10 Holsteins, some Shorthorns, a Brown Swiss bull. T. B, and Bang tested. — Stevenson Bros., Britt, Iowa. 27p47 REDECORATE WITH PITT3- burgh Paints! See us at once for prices on Pittsburgh Wollhlde. Wide variety soft-tone and semi- glass shades.—F. S. Norton & Son. 24(2)47 —« iii^'j-/j_ji.m JJ LJ 1> \_r^VJjVJ W for sale, good location, on paved street. Priced right if sold soon. —See E. C. McMahon or phone 129 21g-16 5-ROOM MODERN BUNGALOW RELIABLE MAN WANTED TO call on farmers in Kossuth county. No experience or capital required. Make up to $12 a day —Write McNESS CO., Dept. S, Preeport, Illinois. 30p-!7 FOR SALE — 2 LARGE CHEAP black mares, 3 steel gray 4 years old gelding, broke; 1 Welch 'mare pony 5 years; 1 spotted riding mare <t years; both ponies gentle and sound. Can be seen at fairgrounds.—H. M. Colwell. 3!)u.!T 1C CREAM SPECIAL — A GENU- ine treat. Call for Barker's. It's just one of the many features in Barker ice cream.—Barker's Drug Store - 20(3)47 •ARMERS, SAVE CORN! FEED Sargent Mineral Meat Meal with vour own corn. Its the shortcut to profits.—Anderson Grain & Coal ~; 22(2)47 WHAT IS AHEAD? IT ALL DE- pends on what you do now. Mancato Commercial College, Mankato, tflnn., will point the way. Send or free catalog. 24 (2) 47 BEFORE YOU BUY AUTOMOBILE Insurance investigate the plan that will save you to 40 per cent and let you carry Public Liability and Property Damage for as little as $4.00 semi-annually.—L. S. Mohannon, Phone 103, Hutchison Bld S- . 36 u 47— SPECIAL GIFT OFFER! DURING ' month of August each purchaser of new One Minute Washer • receives gift of two drain tubs without additional cost. $10.00 added value, at regular One Minute price Hurray in!—L. W. Swanson. 33(3)47 Suit mi a PEAHUT BUTTER 2-lb. Jar. 21< lona GREEN CUT BEANS 4 No. 2 cans. __256 ANN PAGE BEANS Tomato Sauce, Plain or Vegetarian. 16-oz. cans 5£ SPARKLE Ice Cream or Pudding Disserts 3 4-oz. pkgs.. : 10£ Sultana R«d Kidney Beans 4 16-oz. cans 22£ 4 22-oz. cans ___29? NECTAR TEA Black, %-lb. pkg. , Green ^-Ib. pkg. Mixed %-lb. pkg. 20c Iced Tea Keeps You COOl! : Concentrated Blue SUPKH srns. lied SUPKIt SUDS, 2 21-ox. pl;gs. __._ Cleanser BIUTE-I/K, t r 2 14-o/. cans ____________ IOC Facial Soap, o -t » •WOOimURY'S - ^ Cnkps i OC X. It. C. Assorted COOKIES, Hi. _________ »f fona i LIMA BEANS, Kl-oz. can Se I A-'-oz. cans iile , cans Sit RED BEANS, lli-o/. can .Se I Sunn) field 4»-lli. hag .Mason .IAK M'J)S, do/en __________ Jar RINOS, 3 do/on .(usf Out— Amnisl H'OJIAX'S Wf, ~c Copy lOc WANTED; TO RENT, MODERN | comfortable, furnished home for A&P FOOD STORES OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE CHIAT ATLANTIC AND' PACJFK m,,tO«iAjfr • J ' ' 3= SIM r^ ^= == i i CANE ' SUGAR annaa ana on n a n a n 10 Lb Limit FOUR DELIVERIES - PHONE 271 272 SUNKIST LEMONS Lge. Size. Dozen HOME GROWN POTATOES !; Peck I 9C Bu. +«»»»**»»+»»*«»««•»«*»»»»»»»»« 75C jj Borden's ROSE Milk, 2 cans 15 C C & B Date Nut Bread, can _____ 15 C Sal. Dressing, quart jar 25c Grapenut Flakes, 2 pkgs. 19 C Swans Down .Cake Flour, pkg. __ _25c Postum Cereal, 1 lb. pkg. 20c SUNKIST ORANGES 50 — 45c Each »••»••«•»••»«»»»»***+** Exquisite Kidney Beans, No. 2 can -10 C Jell-O, all flavors, pic*. __:__--- —**. Breakfast Food, asst., 4 pkgs 33c Unit Starch, 12-oz, pkg. __. 12c Ivory Soap, Ige. bar 2 for 1& Jar Rings, 3 dozen ^ CREAMERY BOLL _ BUTTER 2 T H Lbs. SUNKIST *•••«»•«•«»•»«•••»»** **« STANDBY CORN FLAKES Brown Sugar, med. 3 Ibs. 23c Heinz India Relish, 8-oz. jar 12c Peaches, Ige, size, dozen 19 C Cookies, cello bag Mason Jar Caps, dozen Watch Dog Lye, 3 cans _ _ 20c BED HEART DOG FOOD. Mixed Fruit, large No. 1 can ______ l5c Jenney Lee Mac. or Spag. 2 Ub. pk« FOLGERS i BUTTERNUT I 2Lb». BANANAS Lb 5C ' • Cu Melon*, large size, ea. Honey, 2 lb. cake. .1 Gum - Candy Bart, 3 for ----- I0c Gold Fi.h Marinaliiile, jur ,.— ," , 1 CHEESE I5c Grocery .- •-: '• :.•.. ••'.,,. •-:;/,._•',•••,.».

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