Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1938 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1938
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Qladioltis Show Opens Saturd '"Y ADlOLUiS FANCIERS from Ml ovpr fhlo „ . , »111 be coming to Alg ona Saturdly aJa Sufd^ V* M A ddle Wcst - of the Iowa Gladiolus society, which win HP h ft r - the , state n of the high school bulldlng.Thta Dlcturo of M - d 'V' 10 gym . H. Miller garden was taken a* *«„£fl^* 1116 Lara ™ In FiTti xiiTi 6 8 ^""<" ouiiaing.Tiiis picture o JR. H. Miller garden was taken a s a publicity ph, bred in daily newspapers in the state this week . " IB beins THILL AGAIN HAS LEAD BY SMALL MARGIN Laabs Holds Top in Outside District's Close Race. The see-saw race between Mar- 'Ha Thill and Kathryn McEnroe or first position in the March of ^'•ogress Queen contest, which closes Saturday night, continued into the last w^l, with Ma rcel)a ? ™^?^" ^i™ 1 ^ '«- 1870, in an- One of continual other stlrtel'^ SeT^ So, a yfnlr^ll---?""?g as rapid sent a miniature years, and are well worth The Advance, founded in 1008, U i± r K°~ -?™?™ h U> with 1001, since ho i— """ciBiiip since nn fi^ 6n °' OSe l y , associated track, been . say at the race Queen contest has - -v-^wii ^uiiLeau nai r? a ^™° '.'""the begin. 1937 Watermelon Day Picture — _ »,„,* i u^y AI -( ning. In Tuesday's Moines Kathryn Upper Des was sling Match Will Be a Lulu ^^^^••T^^^^^^— • to- o»ir=,;r™".rc™ Bl »„ „. UAY IS HELD AT BANCROFT Ella Harr, of Cresco Chums, New Health 'Champ.' By Rachel Becker. Flashes of blue 4-H uniforms sunny smiles, and cheery "hellos" were familiar 4-H characteristic* sraVVtF*"^ •>«'- sc= - as e i3 2B :-H r s,s p s ught a race in the ont-of-A,^ er, a nd ^ = g, l& gj the lead by 150,000~ votea". In I * Adv ance Marcella Thill is ahead some 40,000 votes.. In the Algona district the balance of the candidates are in about th« same relative positions they ~_.- neia for some weeks, with Darken Stott third, , iarson --- Kohl s'ixth, Maxine seventh, Bernice Storm eighth Wilma Kapp ninth, Jane Cretzmeyer tenth. Out-of-Algona Bace. and i. out-of-Algona e out-of-A district, with Laurena Laabs and ---— ~"i <*«u Aueiiae --„ ... the three-way battle for top honors. Josephine Eisenbarth jumped from third into second position in today's report, replacing second on f« »' Patricia Matern, county dent, presided, and Mrsf day. presi- BRIEFfoment-When the ^crowd parted Dned nf Woto,™,,!,.., j_.. • ... ^«'«.cu An idea of how the votes • are coming in can be seen by the 'n- lon a n S n e n f ]'° m T Uesday to today of nnn f ° r Lauren a Laabs and ih A? Jose P hin e Eisenbarth. Thm f !> 0na district M arcalla Thill turned in 200,000 the a corn- Clubs Give Demonstrations. 'Club demonstrations on this Finals The final This Week-End. two days, Brownies Off ILL PLAY IN MISERIES' * »4^ iiueti IYVU and Saturday, of wo Contest are expected to be "mad house" days for the leading contestants in the two divisions, with the winner to be probably decided by purchases during the two-day period. Positively no coupons will be given out after trading Saturday evening closes. The candidates will be allowed till Tuesday noon to collet sign, and turn in the ballots to boxes at either of the newspaper offices. At noon Tuesday the boxes will be sealed and turned over to the judges, who will count the votes and return the standings in a sealed envelope to the newspa- archs, the Iowa Brownies have onei P ^', re P r f_sentatives. This envelope of the fastest semi-pro c,ub s ^n ^L^ ^e^^^nf^e the nation, adding that this team March of ProgreL ' celebration would make a serious threat for when from a platform at the coiu-t- >wn. house square the final standing given in the morning; four more in the afternoon. The winninc team, Ola Mae Miller and " g Budlong, of the Buffalo E. Pinnell's want-ad in Tuesday's Upper Des Moines for women wrestlers for his athletic show Watermelon day started things humming, and two gals, in competitive businesses, are eyeing one another and muttering threats to go to the mat. Anyway e. challenge was thrown before the ink on the paper was dry. Yesterday morning Mr. Fmnell received a letter readable portions of which follow: "I see youse wants two woman mud rasslers. I have had much experience and also am a good mud rassler. My last rasele was at K. C, where I won in two fall* That was July 4 and I got the last mud outer my ears yesterday. If youse wants to see me work out meet me under the BIack ^ Friday night at 10:30." ,,, Th ,! s . wa S' interpreted as fun" but maybe there'll be big doings in the mud under the Black Cat bridge. Anyway, there was a challenge flung, and one of the gals is getting taunting in her remarks .about the lack of rassling" ability of the t°h Be r ,,, ch , allen eed. Maybe there 11 be something doing.' The wrestle will take Place, if a t a ll, in three to s x inches of mud, and the final instructions of the referee, will be: "Now, let's Keep it clean, girls!" Seriously, however, there 19 a nice cash offer "which will proba'bly bear fruit by Watermelon day. Patricia Matern and Zelda Long Cresco Ohums, won s econd .with Tfiev a wm\ FrOCks for Cha1 ''"" They wi 1 have a chance to compete again at the county fair- the winning team there will T' Ames next spring. 16 CLERKS HELP AT THE OPENING OF NEW S.&L, STORE SHOW ROOM TO BE COOLED BY REFRIGERATION From 3,000 to 4,000 Blooms Expected as Entries. Aid-conditioning equipment for the s tate gladiolus show to be held Saturday and Sunday in the SEVEN BANDS WILL PLAY ON PROGRESS DAY Residents of County for Over 30 Years to Get Ribbons. - -—*«.j ri-.ii take part in the _ —. of Progress Centennial celebration here next week Wednesday. Prom out of Algona will be the Humboldt, Burt, Lu Verne and Lotts Creek bands. Algona bands Playing during the two-day obser- Icho'ol will be the Municipal, high .(__ nitjii orjsj'flnizfL- LlUliSt, thJ he n'^f between the hotel and tne Botsford lum'ber company r ™ £ ™ Ded °« from tmmc y rooms the Congressman to Speak. Practically all details of the Program has been completed. Wednesday afternoon the bands will open the program in the early afternoon at 2:15 the March of P^Tese Quenn will be announced. 2:30 Congressman Biermann speak, and his address will' be followed by marching band numbers. Both evenings, in addition to concessions, there will be a free cinh 8 .*^?^ by the Rh y thm Club, a nd the huge dance floor is i°^. e _ se l u P *? tak e_uP nearly the , "9 1 only make .91 those attending for 'Lort bu " ding east - At °the intersection between the hotel and the old postoffice will be located the iPrn a Tirhanl « «. J j i. A force of sixteen assisted in the opening of the new S. & L. e this moaning, chosen from applicants for positions in the at work are James Raymond McCorkle, W. Gillespie and F. A. Bunting attended a gladioli show at and ferns wheel, and Bunting won eight seconds, an d two He also had the best show- h -~. -" tne Pink division, arid he had the grand champion spike in the amateur class. Among his nrll es was |15 in bulbs. Mr GUles" ^rv'y, 6 ,^, eight Gllles - Sioux t0 Cit!y e alfeW^ The Today. ar- Two ere Ve Cleve '' at,,- mi. i"«>'uuiia m me — -"uaiour uiass. Among his nr\i T^ t° Se at work are J ames « Was ?15 in bulbs. Mr GUles" fcl Elai^Re ymoad McCorkle, »£ w °n five firsts, eight seconds" Evelyn Haynes, Harold Hennagin' lSUOW lng m orange? He 3 a.}™ ^^ w a il yS P ^ tZ ' Phyllls Good . Haz " f/5 in bulbs. John Schemef woH (Walker, Phyll) 9 Kuckynka, Rob- flr *t and a second. Mr Bu nt Tn C i, erta Simpson. Dolnroo TOIK^* /-v_. sunerintonrtn^* „» ^_ _,_ ,7 nun £ ls various er the merry- of the F Governor Candidate Coming. ^v b ^!°n2 tands wil1 b ° oper- Tv s lg ° na> and oclock, with music bands. This the national crown. "The Brownies are much fast-| wlu be er that the Shepherders that fj n - awarded, ished fourth ninna <.* tr««,— •—* I 1x1 5 ex-« ,vui 400 P L';r«;"a;'- *"*"?* ^"CKynKa, KOO- flrs * and a second. Mr^BunthT^ U tha ^ n , ear)y a » 6 vartettes^H} havo Tnnl mPS n n ' 1 ? olpres Elbert - ° r a superintendent of the gladioii "how g °5!?'* lBed en t ry »«ts haV6 I.Ton« a T...M,. n Roy .Besch, Jo be held here this week and M*L.^eastern and western hio™ 0 one of fol- •» -. J ? y> " by Marlan the final standings announ ced and. prizes Decided Not to Because of Expense. Brownies in is Peaceable semi-nmp "°w tne na- WlchitaT fls ' onal ' tour «a- te'&r -«"*>• said."" ""* "' '"' WI0 ' >YUKlns °n. I progress Queen contest has-been Subscriptions Only $89. Kossuth county, and it has held A total of $29 was subscribed by the Participation of the group of -jns to send (he team to Wichita, £ andidates as has no other. There but after some discussion the team na ? been no trouble of any kind, and managers decided not to "o , good feeling ha>3 been excep- It was found that the team would talt Three Judges are to be I have to win the first three games named to count th e ballots, and before playing in any of the "mon- even the newspaper men who have ey" events, hence the gamble was ? onducted ttnd sponsored the con- too great. test will not know the name of the The younger Mr. Barr was , nners "" announced from rhe graduated In June from the Kirks- platform ' ville college of osteopathy, a six- Present Standings, year course, and he has had one The standing of the candidates year in the Kirksville school's in the final count before the fin- hospital. He was graduated by the ish follows: Algona high school in 1931. | ALGONA DISTRICT Marcella Thill 1,302,400 Kathryn McEnroe — 3,260,750 Darleen Stott —. 859,850 Donnabelle Merron __ 818,500 Jane McWhorter ,J— 716,350 Mabel Kohl 648,050 Maxine Larson 634,825 Bernice Storm 598,125 \\7flr»^o tfnr\r\ -IT,»» nfn Rue lasnh TodLv —•*•— — •«•**! j-wii-uci niftnagfir S. & L. gtore at Devils Lake, Jamestown store, came last and in the .short time has P;T.;; K r, demonstii ations,, ., Jt , -. — ™. Portfolios, Ruby Berg and week - and in the .short time has ton. Swea; Hooked transformed the empty room intb Rochleau, Helen Kol- a . ™te™ stor0. Mr. Preld is mar- imore; Handicraft of i, 16 "' and the couple will have the Heirlooms of Tomor- "• Cal dwejl home after Sep-- —' ^»ances Inman and Bei-- °" n dyne Hunt, Bancroft; -* Irnt- ft A *-. . ' clerk on the Mllwaukoe. S. kete ?«« Bancroft; Wastebas- . The AI f°n«- (ftore is the 26th Luib«nthn a^ enillch and Hegina st ° re - and the r third in Iowa, the LUbenthal, Sherman. . others being at Estherville and team U wf °f ^ ih6 Demonstration F 0 ^ Dodge. Ot|ier Iowa stores are teams were taken at 11:30 and at contemplated. ! • today _. l««t™ 0 f The' weelTat "th^" the (slum, and baSs ^ "* - gymna and Suffers a Cu^l^ Js Plann ^ „ „„* „„ tue repuoiican tiekaf- Because this S p eec h may be the opening gun of the fall campaign nis remarks will be vipweH urifi, interest by politicians all^er^he' at Free Watermelon Feast. be Cresco Girl Health 'Champ.' ,^ ate ,A n ^.afternoon e, "secrat" was let , out— Kossuth's ot George Schenck, 86, i« Dead at Topeka — -_-~ ^^ j, amiuet Js PIannefl iam a^ a , rger> father of Mr »- Will- L ( . Sta> , tur ^ a>r evening, at a banquet tfisriS fs^^l^^ss. xri n n ^ a LL°'? "^.and suffered ."S- ch^'TheVl^ 6 «f««-«%H i ^ vea^'t J h t d f f, 1 nd P lace °f nex — Ult , v .Schenck, 86, brother of the late Myron' Schenck and Mrs. up Storm Monday Does Damage at Ledyard Ledyard, Aug. 9—A storm early Monday morning did damage, in his vicinity. The lightning was q harp, and it struck trees near the hn Max Nltz and Welch hojpes, also he light wires ' going into the) felch home, where the me burned out. The electric uurremi was so nearly off that the motor on the cooling system in the Wenzel meat market was burned out. | _ health score of ua.i n -,.„ H oi nR Banor< >«. runner^,. „ , ~. — P- « cor .ed 99. had for years b,een feeble, and in Miss Harr, who is, only 15, has L th , e last few moiithe had failed rap- )arkling brown ; eyes, brown hair y ' Deat n came suddenly as his e&rH ft f\t*fin 4-nn *- C- ' Jii - , . * \Vlffi nnH a HAV. I ...««- , . i •«'«**W4*kj*i. Algona> died Jul y 26 r at Topeka, Kans. He had for years been feeble, and in h wears a deep tan, is 5 ft. % ln . fn l'H and ^ elghs J1 ° P°«nds. A few filled teeth constituted the only defect the .doctors found. She will represent Kossuth in a state health r^ S L at J he ' Des _ Moines .fair - as s wife and a son were putting him to bed. Burial 'was made at Burlington, Kans. He was born at Elgin, 111., July 34, 1853, and died — —--«* v,v* a, i- the side of the head - J eight stitches to »• "*^^ *^ 84, is i rt » .-, *-- —•«*w. »A\ic-L»i"esiaen . from bruises and ^,™ •*** society. This office is expected to leave tho by the f ~— •- - - - -—,ltal today. It is not state snow ^7'" )Whether he fel1 °ver the f' illman wa s chosen" ss:"^^ ™JK«>* d °wn fl»r J asr WI1 t i g i * ;r\r*rt{nn. U. » —__ - be set. G. „ Present vice-presiden • fi ociety. This office is town in which the to^ be held, and Mr a year ago ; . -•*'•*"& "i ion yrone QOWTI rhA -^f*w«n3nt «.isona stfUrs, his head striking sShing Jud , glng wil1 ^e done Saturday °" *>>* way. Mrs. Shirley la thl ?? On ^ ff by J " Eld »n Carter of wife of County Supt. Shirley, and R?* M ° lnes ' and this part sbe is deputy superintendent. lshow '" "-«—- - -Baby is Born Here Fo ing the ffi born to Mr Mn 1 IV i U l ° mr - all < Neal Docherty, Shreveport, -—«„„ wl , fcuo - i/B» • ivioines Daughter of Mrs.. Edna Pa •f ft .uciui^e OLUiUI OyOjlAU Wilma Kapp 567,350 Jane Cretzmeyer 413,650 Kathryn Kelley 362,075 Lucille Calhoun 325 825 Bessie Humphreys — 297,225 Evelyn Capeslus ^ 289,600 Phyllis Coleman ., 2(J9,525 Rosella Voigt 260,700 Irene Fitzgerald 243,925 i\/Iia *«-lfM»l e\ 1DK{114«*._ ' -t efo *<ntr ——o....... ^ ana.. auna i'areons Harr, she will be a senior in the Algona high school this', fall. Handiwork to State Fair. Many household articles made by Oft 4-"H" P*1lOa lirnnn. ._ n .. —„,.,, MVUHWMUJlU t ^ i uuiea iflw-ue Dy S!J-^,«i r J* J?: 8 ™.. on exhibit. evening Dr. S. Genera cated and once served two terms Q O • f^nfPnvr I «_.._L -r~ as Coffey ' county, superintendent, i Kans., school daily all The storm s truck at 5 o'clock, and i b itz '• — * 9d A 9K by-7 the sky was clear again. The L Gertrudr'ia'vw""" its?s rain fnllnwod » h oav v Hntorinni,!. ^+' ,Vm S,j^f y "•" 13 ' 876 Wilma Riddle - 112,750 XTrtttlnn n.i«Afnn«* . 1 1 A OTC rain followed a heavy doWnppur «« Saturday night.' Farmers in this |o' vlp.inity wonder whether their 04 grain will ever'get dry enough to 25 ' thresh. Many are reshocking to Ug' let the oats dry out easier. 2 7 ^ r- -^ 2g ' Permit Needed to ' || 09 Marjorie Phillips 158,125 Prances Hegarty 132,400 Ann Veronica Ste- britz 1 124,425 f"lai<ti<iiHn TJoiflrt.. 1O One and the exhibits, and she "r the following to be sent to state fair: Interesting centers, Ola Mas Miller, Buffalo, and Berdyne Hunt Tin r\ n-n^Pi. . i i ' ' _ ,* . »%**ifcf and tfef 1 ^T^^.^p^"'*" T^ I Guns, SheHs| Forms for applications by deal? era (or' permits to sell firearms and amuiiition will be on hand this weefc-end, it is expepted at the local internal revenue office in the pbjJtoffice building. Dealers must make application, and for a fee of Ji per year receive a per- rn.it and license Dumber for use in ordering from manufacturers, 4.«W__ » m t ,m_ — 1 A **_1 wuiua xuuuie ij.i,vou Norine Grelner : !_ .110,875 Edna Nordstrum — 106,450 Marie Ohm 98,175 Marie Pfeffer „_ 86,125 Angela Mae Hagg _. 67,575 Arline Holdren — 66,775 Myrtle Olson —„__-_ 58,875 Mary Couch >._ 49,925 Outside Algona. Laurena Laabs, Lone Rock ——_ 475,3^5 Josephine Eisenbarth, Irvington '. —- 358,150 Adeline Illgr, Bode __ 297,025 Mary Ann Arndorfer, St. Benedict ——-J-- 186,850 Donna Stuflick, Lu Verne 180,650 Rosett» Barker, Bp.de 177,(k20. Kuth ^rtlsle,, ' Wfeit- . .. '- tesaore ' 17?,J,50 TUIMroH FoX, "Woalov 19.f.<t1K , , .ne un Bancroft; reseated chairs, Mary the Irene krausVan^ L^VonSe Newel, Fenton, • Articles Show Variety. Hooked rugs, Elizabeth Ann In- IflTI . Ron/»nrtf *. m_ i_i _* •. - who were also IMngT tmifers and the three familiel p^nn'ed to spend a vacation together/but the S2^%°Sss-«"* ™* & it 12. ^Isie Helen Lewis, Lone ' ri • °^» -V***«HJOIU ^LllU lu~ iman, Bancroft, Patricia Matern, I I ,T<ae/»r\.» stitnni* _A_'J _.. ' .. _ " , ; Higfey, Whit- m-tains, Miller, 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. croft; window lifi7Tn Smith, and Ola 116 ' 75Q I Buffalo' 112,200L. La "?. dr y bags, wall pockets, Lor-,_.. «. v , «„.,, _„__ 111,501) etta Kisch, Whittemore, La Vonne Marie Carter, Burt . 108,250 Singedort, »~-*i~-^. — ,*Y UU ° Darlene Hansen, Burt Vernona Klatt, Fen- the baby tfir S^ ih ^ c S Parents of an 8-year-old son Local Store Clerk Given Sheldon Job Clothiers; the third ^m be 6 near wlli h° Wa theater: and the fourth wi 1 be near the Richardson furniture store. The stands are scattered to divide the crowd! and a new system has been worked out to give prompt service. A total of 1000 ribbons has been Sroldtf th6 ' ld .-« me « and fif i, old -^ mer s who register at the headquarters in the old post- office building. Girls will assist- in the registration and will tvne : a badge giving name andI date™? arrival i n the county. This with an appropriate ribon denoting the Jecade. will ho ni«««j ^_ A ,_ re- cause the undertaking to state show of the calibre one this week-end is a the rde i n ocal A Sf er r S Tre^ullS Proud of the excellent Job ?K£ ious committees have done fn mak 'ng the show a success Dickinson on Vacation. Senator and Mrs. L. gistran't. Belies on Exhibition. Colors of the ribbon will denote Je length of time in the county iflose in the county 70 years or more will receive a gold ribbon •• 0 years, purple; 50 years, red; 40 £« r H I Ue; aud 30 years - white..' The headquarters will be open all' day and evening for the use of the old-tin™,.* '""'• others attending- Interest in exhibits of old-timers S *° K m the windows la expect-^' erf t" be as .high as during the Dia-' Jubilee U years ago, andi haye Plans for special windows T e h e e n ^hivt b5r U6arly every re The exhibits range from clothing farm J m Plements. The first of ! Wrlndo 7s was put in Sunday at! e Moe & Sjogren. store. Darlene Brayton, Burt Gene 'Marie Sarchet, Burt- 58,750 19—rone. Godfredson, Burt 20. 23. 22. Maxine Smith, £u-~ Verne , Ruth Hantlemau, Burt AdelV 46,875 Jensen, Account Bo -,/erlets, Jren ton, Stella Mae I covers ,.„„ v «w«, 4 ^S^^^JLBwfr 43,200 Consway, £u- tteore yonas W |^n -n T ——^ a.oco,unt there. ks Krause, Fen- silo 1 decora- • > .» , .i Playground East of Bryant BJ«Jg, 3ink« f"T"» **t>Mi< ___. Fanton, P<?rtlaad. the west end of the lake. One-Man Chain Gang Nabbed by CL •*!. r ^--"o . »*.wi^* uy Sheriff Loss to Even an Old Score September 1 |i a. Council son of ,w <Mwre ,.. <w «fio «T* iT-T* T *«»» l *wj; conferva- ,_ early «„ VMS >p. ne f \ *** Wings Wiw ^ij^, Si ±±'.S«?:. WW ».TO in SSaSKA^^S^^^^ i* »^± &£&*pMZ'M «»PW!9,t y the 9»JF ($."

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