Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1938
Page 9
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SM ud JiiUr AUTOMATIC SAFE TUNING $1995 PHONE 33 AUG.26-SEPT.2 MM^M owa't Ttr- 'it?rial Ctnttnniol With hundred, <rf Model rooms of 100 ywrj.'* ! ^ trains RACES Histpiy pf rts plow. History ? j trtiii harvester. Uvestwk of J83J g nd ' 18lh Century style sboWj Old relln 4nd antiques frnm nil In...'.. * ' AUTO RACES Old-time aw show. , t > ( rotu ox •CENTENNIAL BELLES" LIVESTOCK ACRES Of EXHIBITS 4-H SHOW KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA i O W.4 Conrad Blome, Old Timer, — _ •••" / FUNERAL AND BURIAL HELD AUEDYARD Lcdyard, Aug. 1—This community was saddened to learn of the death of Conrad Blome last week Iliuvfiday at his homo at Des Moines. 'Mr. Blome, who was in his 73rd year, was born October 21, 1865, In i.ermuiiy and came to America in March, the year 1888. H e settled -'' iQ<m bb !" cl ' wllcrc ' on Septerabci ', .is.)", he was married to Minnie helped Raymond celebrate a birth- The Ralph Heflers, of Granada, Minn., were Sunday guest* at Leon Worden's. Mr. Warden and Mrs. Hefler are brother and sister. Mr. mid Mrs. Gerald Warner, employed at the General hospital, AIgona, were hero on a business mission Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Tillmoney, of Am f. came Sunday for a vacation at J. W. Hartshorn's and L. W PAGE SEVEN Is Dead After living at Hub'bard for some >-i years Mr. Blome decided to look for cheaper land in northern Iowa to Kossuth, loaning on a f«rm three miles ind in l!)02 came lonhwest of Ledyard. In 1!)0-1 Mr. Blome moved to Ledyard and clerked in a general merchandise store several years, 'alcr he became (.he owner of a store which ho operated with success. Then he sold out and returned to farming for several years. On March 13, 1!)22, Mrs. Blome lied. They had seven children: 'orome, Clarence, Harry, Mrs August Klinksiek, Mrs. John Meyr« Jr., Mrs. Louis Meyer, and Ella. 'Mr. Blome (|Uit farming in i<)23 n d on Juno 5. 1027, he was marled to Mary Mclntosh. After liv- in Lakota several years they noved to Des Moines in the fall o£ •).'M. Mr. Blome had good health ill October, 1!)37, when he suf- erod a light stroke, from which ho "ever fully recovered. For many years Mr. Blome was n active member of the local Evangelical church. In his later ears he was a member of the Re- ormed church, with which he was till affiliated at death. He is sur- ived by his wife, two brothers, ne sister, the seven children, and 5 grandchildren. Funeral services were held here unday afternoon, with the Rev. A. A. Depping officiating, and burial was made in the Highland home cemetery. •Clarence Blome lives at Davenport; Jay and Mrs. Klinksiek live I here; Mary and both Mrs. Meyere and Ella live at Lakota. Pall-bearers were Simon, WHIiam, Henry, Rudolph, Alfred, and Ernest Blome. Out of town relatives who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. William Busch, Harry Walters, Adolph Blome Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Chris Blome, Alfred and Ernest Blome, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Wiemer and *...,.3. -iixnuiu riur/.ug have moved into rooms over H D Mnyne't - - • ' Geor£ Walnut Grove inesa errand. The Clifton Engelbys were Sunday guests at Otto Richter's, near Wlemer's. Mr. and Mrs. W. drove to Rochester Sunday brought home Mr. and Mivs. Wiemer. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heiv.og in7'"Bu77hph. C m' 1( 'f w ' ln , t . nresn -, ( f on e at that lime, ive moved into rooms over H D „ AI • mother and the sis- * * * * * * * * lull's for his mower and was fix- At Arthur Luedtke's, east o£ the |ould mow e » ? ° ^ **** "^ Elmore. The George Thompsons Sunday at the lakes. spent WEST BENDERS WIN THE 12TH BALL VICTORY wlth m " e . She ,sa.vs she helps her Daddy with the West Bend, Aug. 1—The West milking. Bend Bulldogs defeated the Pfaff •-, -i..,., ui L ,, c ifuuiu mow. Lotts Creek store, threshing was ialfa to put n ProBresn last week Thursday. «i d . Edward was Art said he had plenty of straw, ijhe mowing HP yet the oats looked pretty good, Lst of his father and he was thankful that the crop I » i'* * was as good as it was. I At the. Tni,,, ah,,i , * * * * I , At the John Shulz farm, east of E. C. Behnkendorf, southeast of H!, nBton ' tuhe men wel- e threshing Bancroft, was hauling alfalfa hay ,|hm, t ™ K ,, ? ats were runnin g last week Thursday. It has been it, , bushel s to the acre. John H,-, *„*,„„.,„ 4 sked whether we ever stole anything. He has a big black dog that Wtes people who try to steal. The dog did not 'bite us! The dog jumps over, a high gate. He not let a fence stop him. * * * * Nick Sandt, east of Bancroft, fame in from the field with a load last week Thursday, some job to get hay dry between showers. The little girl that had her arm hurt in a clothes wringer two years ago still shows a scar, but the arm is : 'now-all right. Bakers, Fort Dodge, here Sunday L Ge °' W ' Nj™ 111 . « o ''th of Lone fl™ e in from the field with a load 5-1. This was the Bulldogs' 12th' ck| hils lived on the sam e farm ? r f lay ^ust as we got to his place s ° me 20 ' at week W Blome, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Elmer Blome, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blome and a son, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blome, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bunte, all of Hubbard; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Blome, the AVilliam Kedlsmiers, Alden; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Atkinson, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Busch, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stauder, Bancroft; the William Busch family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Perry, Blue Earth; Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Brand, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Arthur Brand, Mrs. Fred Brand, and Mrs. Frank Deim, Swea City. llnlversons are Sunday Hosts— The Otis Midthunes, of Elmore, with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Westerlund and Mrs. Alfred Johnson, of Bricelyn, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Johnson visited Sunday at Edw. T. Halvorson's, and other Halvorson guests were Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Gyldenoas, of Elmore, Mr. and Mrs. L. Blomquist, Albert Lea, and Mrs. Roy Martinson, of Washington. Movie Given Sunday Night— The free outdoor movie usually fe .ven Saturday nights by the business men was shown Sunday night this time to avoid conflict with a carnival which was here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but met a rather wet reception, due to rain Friday and all day Saturday. A fairly large crowd attended Saturday evening in spite ot wet and mud. win of this season. Fred Guckor, for the locals, allowed six hits and struck out ten batters. Vinson, Fort Dodge, gave up ten hits and struck out four. West Bend scored three times in :he eighth inning on a walk and ;hree hits to put the game on ice. West Bend's lone loss this summer las been a defeat by the Thor Cardinals. The Bulldogs will play a return ;ame at Manson next Sunday. They recently defeated Manson, 5-4, in a 13-inning battle at the West Bend ball park. The lineups for West Bend and ?ort Dodge Sunday and the play n detail follows: West Bend— AB. H. R. X Kucker, cf 5 Wilders, lb 4 R. Balgeman, 3b ... 3 some 20 years. He is a 'bachelor. ' ast week Wednesday. He invited At times he has had people live "u 3 to help nirn to put the hay into with him, but most of the time he ' nay -' of t, but we had other fish u - "--' ' « • •• to fry. Nick is always full of fun * * * * 'When we saw Fred Kading, north of Lotts Creek, last " Thursday he was at Arthur Jack- -. -„„. ....,., irfui, iiii/oi, uj. tlllj L1U1U lie has lived alone. He is now planning on doing some repair work on his building. John Kylen, near Swea City, who was there i«.«t week Monday, work. does that kind of Ralph at t Tjaden, north of Wesley, F. Kucker, p 1_ 3 R. Banber, 2b ... 3 L. Balgeman, c 4 Bleuer, If 4 J. Barber, rf 4 Totals .' 34 Fort Dodge— AB. R. Jackowell, cf 3 4. 4 4 4 J .Jackowell, 3 b Roberson, c Barnes, If .. Fox, Ib Deuklan, 2b 4 darkens, ss 3 Anderson, rf 4 Vinson, p 3 H. i 2 0 0 1 1 2 1 2 10 H. 1 0 1 2 1 0 0 • 1 0 rule he is busy in the fields when we call, but he said he was taking a little rest, for he had been stacking straw the day before. He wished it had not rained, for he had his straw stack only about half done. * * * * Harold Wilhelmi, southwest of 0 Bancroft, is trying out a new stunt by putting a lot of alfalfa hay into a small .barn. He had already put in eight loads when we were there laet week Monday. He run& 2; it through an ensilage cutter, then Totals ; 33 6 1 Children's Tonsils are Removed-Yvonne Johnson and Geraldine Sweeney had their tonsils removed Thursday at the Doctor Givens office by Doctor Chase, Fort Dodge. Other children whose names were not learned also had tonils removed. Farmer Consults Specialists- it into the barn. It looked like good feed. Harold said this was the first time he had tried the stunt. * * * * •Robert Dransfeldt, southeast of Bancroft, farms only a small part of the place he lives on. The farm is owned by Walter Ditsworth's father, and Walter, who lives on an adjoining place, works part of the time on tills farm. H. * * * * A. Blanchard, who is in the hardware business with his father, Jesse Blanchard, at Lone Rock, claims he gets a kick out of our farm. news. But H. A. was busy all the time we were in the store, so we did not get much of a visit with him. The big Blanchard family is a great credit to the village. * * * * 'At John A. Nyman's, west of Bancroft, last week Monday we found "the boss" in hl& blacksmith shop, and he showed us some of runner nonsuits specialists— T". F> """ "° «""«">« "» sume 01 t ' Roy DePew was taken to Roeh- " ls flne tot>1 ?- The llttle sh °P saves ,. ester Saturday to consult Mayo' 1 s , reat ™ an y tr 'Ps to tQ wn, and J. specialists about his health. He is A " Is a dalldy with the tools. specialists about his health. He is a farmer northeast of town on the late John Lud\vig place. Mrs. Simmons to Clinic— the Mayo clinic. She has been in poor health for some time. * * * * At Hugo Faulstioh's, west of the Lotts Creek store, the men were threshing last week Thursday. AUrs. Jeanne Simmons went to There were three machines thresh- Rochester Monday to go through ing withm a ml)e of each other. It tii/» ivr/i.r.-, „!;„:„ av,~ i— i s_ Iwas noon when we were .there. After dinner R. 0. Dreyer greased' the running gear of the thresher. This is a company machine. Hugo was doing oiling on other moving Other West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wessels, week with the latter's mother, Mrs. H. A. Sloan, and other relatives. Delayed by Threshing in this locality ceived a definite setback last week-end, due to unusually heavy •ains Friday and Saturday. Man} machines were standing in watei Sunday, and many farmers found shocks floating in water. Thresh- ng could not be resumed for sev- iral days. llrs. Friets Has Oiierattoii— Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zielske drove to Buffalo Center Fiiday to see Mrs. Friets, who is recovering rom an appendiciu.-i operation in a hospital there. Jacob Stubbe drove to Waterloo iunday to bring home his wife and daughter. Come for IHome Funeral— The George Heetlands, Lakota, visited at Martha Gable's Sunday afternoon and attended the Blome funeral. Mr. and Mrs. William La- Cour and Dorothy Black, Araboy, Minn, spent Sunday at Edw. Junk-r emeier's, and also attended the funeral. Mrs. Glenn Behse Sick- Mrs. Glenn • Sense, who has been bothered a lot with gland trouble this summer, suffered another attack last week Thursday. Two Have Tonsils Out— Veldft and Doris Estle had their tonsils removed at the General hospital, Algona, Saturday. They came home Sunday. Other Ledyard News. Mrs. Blanche Jenks and her son Clifford returned Saturday to their home at Eagle Grove, after a few days with Mrs. Harriett Matzener, Clifford laid new sidewalks in. front of the Mrs. Jenks house, where the Lew Andersons live. The William Gerrys visited relr atives and friends at Fairmont Sunday and, brought home Cog»ie Garry, who hdd spent tvo weeks at Clair Babeock's, came home witn Ztelske, son Wsl- tfce 'Arthur aa4 Alto* tb.e Cedar Rapidis > "~caine""Su1a:day7or'a p . art f' - 1 ? 6 is a separator man. He [week with the latter's mother. Mrs. stacked his own^straw. At Edw. Dontje's, on the first farm west of Gerled, we found Herman and Frank Dontje, Ed's brothers, who live in the same neighborhood. These boys are (ill They will go to Buffalo Center to visit Mr. Wessel's parents before going home. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Walker, with the daughter Betty Lou, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Walker's sister, Mrs. Merle Bell, Newell. Mrs. Bell is the former Dorothy Walker. (Mr. and Mrs. Felton, Emmetsburg, a son there, and another son who hails from Los Angeles, with the Edward Grethens, Mallard, were guests Sunday at Frank Doyle's. Lu'cile Sweeney and Margarita Kisch arrived Mcmday from La Crosse, Wis., for visits at their respective homes. They are studying in a 'convent there. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stone left Sunday for a vacation trip. Mr. Stone is proprietor of a woodworks shop here. SENECA a jolly bunch. They had taken a transmission out of their tractor and had put in some new bearings, and were planning to start threshing as soon as the ' tractor was ready. toans, west of the store, pitching bundles into a threshing machine He said another bundle-pitcher ]\-a s needed. Arthur was stacking straw, and he was doing a good Job. He remarked about Canada, here he formerly lived. A good irop is reported there this year. * * * * Mrs. Edw. Kressin'was at. home -lone last week Thursday. Her two boys were helping with threshing ilt Arthur Luedtke's. Mrs. Kressin does a lot of the yard work, and ne also helps the boys with farm •vork. We have seen her stack :orn fodder, and she does a fine ob. • * * * * Last week Thursday we called m Ross 'Browning, southwest of ..one Rock, on an insurance company farm. The old barn has >eeii razed, and a new one, 36x40 ilso a hoghouse, 24x30, and a hicken house, 14x30, are being >uilt. The foundation had been inished for the barn and hog louse, and the men were pouring oncrete for the chicken house. Leon Worden'and his crew from Ledyard were doing the work. Mr. fnd Mrs. Browning moved there last spring, and three from, west of Elmore They have two girls ttlm uiree boys, and they all like ttie new Neighborhood. 'ORSES FOR SALE? MAKE IT known by the usual sign—an Ad- ance Want Ad. Small Loans Up to $300 ON AUTOMOBILES LITE STOCK 80D8EHOLD PUftNITDRE, ET« . Prompt, courteous, confidential . service'. ORTH IOWA FINANCE CO •«xt to Upper Beg Molmg offlr* M Itt Abrona. low* Farms for Sale My company has asked me to sell the following farms which are now offered for sale: 3FO. 2257-P CHRISTIANSEN 447.53 Acres Located 5 miles SE of Livermore on good gravel load. Improvements consist of good 7-room house in*'* f, 2 * 46 ? 14 . Double com crib 26x3?, S-crfb hollow tile silo 16x40, tile hog house 24x84 n 86 W, g , ranary ' Cattle ' s * ed ' ™*Se etc Good drilled well and windmill. Concrete feeding floor; 250 acres tillable, balance good blue grass pasture. A real stock and grain farm. Priced l\o. 1587-S STONE Located % mile south of Thor on road. No improvements but barb and fenced. Some tile. 80 Acres good gravel woven, wire You can now buy either of these farms on a reasonable small down payment with annual installments on a long term amortized contract which amounts to about the same as paying rent. I urge you to see me in regard to owning a farm Let ine explain our AETNA BONDED FEATURE which S>cures your investment and home. Write or phone me. E. T. Hauptmann Authorized Farm Sales Representative Aetna Life Insurance Company Phone 59 Convitn, Iowa or get in touch with your local Realtor. " ***++»*»**»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»+«««»«•»•». DODGE PITFALLS If you've never built or remodeled a house before, or bought a new roof, you'll find much to puzzle over. Materials? Contractor? Financing? There's no use worrying blindly over the*» things. We're specially equipped to advise you on Buch matters. It's our business. For instance, if you need a new roof, we will «how you Barrett Asphalt Shingles and recommend capable applicators to put them on for you. We can show you why the combination of genuine, fire-safe Barrett Shingles and expert application is your best assurance of a lastingly satisfactory roof. Come in and talk over your house-building, remodeling or repair problems with us. Our building service is free. Botsford Lumber Company •"""> 150 jnt POOL, ».,, * * * * John Ford, southeast of Bancroft, was pulling eome weeds out of his flower beds about the house last week Tuesday. As a rule Mrs. Ford looks after the flowers, but she has of late been bothered with rheumatism. \ ,,, , . * * * * Win. J. Eden, two miles northwest of Wesley, was mowing yard weeds with an "Armstrong" Saturday, and Mrs. Eden was pulling weeds in her garden." They have three children: Earl, 14; Donadel, 12; and Carol, 6. The children I have a Shetland pony, and they call him "Billy." Mr. Eden farms The Pattersons' and Rasemus- sens held a family reunion at the Seneca school Sunday. Attending were the Henry Rasmussens, of Kansas City, Mo.; the Dan Pat- :erson6, and daughters Martha and Blanche and the latter's husband, of Cedar Falls; the Jim Rassmus- seiis, and Gus Hansens of Rlng- sted 1 ; the O. R. Pattersons, George Pattersons, Pete Peterson, . and Maurice Jensens, of Seneca. Mrs. George Stokes, and daugh-r ,er, of Fairmont, epent Thursday at hev daughter Mrs. Virgil Moore's. Mr. and Mrs. Minard Vander- bung, of Armstrong, were Sunday supper guests at Harley Hoeck's. The George Williamsons, of Mason City, »ad Les, Vtrgil aad Marvin Williamson were Sunday visitors at the Ole Oftedahl's and Mrs, WilHameon's in Seneca. Mrs. Lawrence Hantleman and Mrs. O. R. Patterson entertained he Helpful Thursday club last week. Ailyce Olson spent a few days ast week git Sigurd Olsen's near . Duane Campbell returned home aet weak after several d$yf with his aunt and WCte, th£ Elm,er NOTICE OF FHOBATE OF WILt . No. 4414. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In District Court, March-term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: YOU are hereby notified, that an instrument "of writing purporting to be the laot Will and Testament awl Codicil attached thereto of Peter Thompson, deceased, dated November ?1, 1933, and codipil dated August 19, 1936, having been this day filed, opened and read, Tuesday, the 30th day of August, 1338, is fjxed fop, hearing .proof of same at the Court House In Al* gona, Iowa, before the District Court of said Cpunty, or the Clerk of B4Jd Cpurjj'and at ten o'clock a. m., of'the day above mentioned all persons Interested are ' " notified and required' to end, ghow '$.yw it $97«tM< -"*•« why said instrument should not'be prqbated and allowed ae and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Jove, July 30, 193$. (Seal) I* 4. appear, have, ' 5KATHARINB Clerfc o| District Coi Alma Pejwspn, pe TWIN POWER, of cour«*-fuU 3, p i ow bflt pow«r BOTH at *h» pr ict of *n tractor. • f » t t THE TIME THE PLACE, modern motor car. ECONOMY-reserve pow.r ptrmiti wprkmg in " a*ar at lower tnyint spetd*, 1 P, M. Thwmiay, Angwt IT »%<*.>»>] !?_'„__ 1 !,_•!- , . f * D r i v i s n g if i new and restful i e n i cj r i a

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