Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1938
Page 5
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4, 1938, LL ieatre M, AUCftJSf 6 fa DAUGHTER" | MONDAY j and the Kids poinedy -and— fBUOME EDDY DAKKIM/Q •Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. c. the son Fred jr morning for ft - '' the South. drove to,., nnt , the Clear Lake. Wilma will Mmrtny but the rent will Wednesday. Mies K n pp J beauty return lay till Uona'fl parei y Lnsche, Dj i and .Mrs. Kt IOWA . j < j "«. j veH, a formpr Ti vinBton farm youth,' now work ago, AUG. 7-8 ,.„.;„«= K7S =,„„ ona M ,. - s ""k s r-,,,:s s - " S-O&K »»- - •FOrXT. l>IUl\A(f|.; ^ourt, Houfie, Auditor's Office, 11: on o'clock o. m. ' ' ' Board of Supervisors' of M^ 1 ;" 6 / 8 ,! 0 :.."^^- a «^ tiwt this S. KINSEY and 0. H. JOHNSON, Secretaries. Auditor's Office July 28, 1938 •'uly 28, 1938 Boar,! of S^c^^e?-,„"_„« VISORS, KOHStm? COUNTY 8 "' IO \V_\ ways and other property Ir K , ,m s^^wir^r^. 01 ^. 1 ;r '^ n ^- Isston and distribution of elecf"le »-ui ^.\j (j(j prior 'fo-the 1 time'io-n^ed 'for' htSK tj( Upon roll call on the forgoing i m ,. Those voting ayo were Cosirravp •Fiaser, Hcihen, Morris a.mj M^I/on H JlJ, .*.*-<jf«« Those voting Nay were: non- opted "i°t'°" was deeiur-J ad- TV. E. MCDONALD, Attest.: Chairman. County Auditor,'KossuthVounty. Iowa, I ., o uper Humboldt and Kossuth MEST PICTURE! WDEST SUCCESS! IfENTERWIHMENT! meeting hold Juno ,8 with the following members' 3'it. Kossu'th county: McDon- en; Hum'boMt County, n'ooth- -Hoffmann, Sawyer, and Weir. |. WEDNESDAY J 9 A\D 10 [from 1 o'clock j big show on Intl Wednesday una nt the former's brohov , " omc lle ''o Monthv ri Klce h ' u rsaay. Mary Susan had i , ^ " Ilerr >-, of Tarzann, Calif T scoi> otarles of the mei Rev. W. G. Muhlenmn., 10 ^' 11 ? 0 r °U* to Roc, estei- ^.f wTcr o en'heen visit n B here, and the tfru |" l ° P ? ed rhcre ^^ Tuesday to Ay « 8: A »•i professor in tlir> I,' , c '" TJfe ls Gills are n^nn. , IIle J - W. . Accompanied her when etie wont STeet a few oldlfme (friends A* n' Tll ° m'nutes nf the lasKmp tute. Ulfi H ««"'n.Tn.tl- work^tKe-n. h^' M - who^nie. Betty is the dnughter „ i y °"" R » lan Mr. Whlry w^s Mil- Were re -d and on motion by Similar mu-sfs at W T F,,n - hr °ther-l n -law^^ iF lb » keii y '°'' 1U« ^Presontatlve and Mrs P. j I*™*** agent at sWea CityThen ''''*, and Bonded by HoHn were Mrs. D. ,T. LoWiV ivrJ -vu°'' K '»«"il<-cn Hid in,,.- - llce ' ?p, lhn , as - I le ^came cashier if one of the I aml votc ' the - v wol ' e approved Maurer, son Will^Hnd MrsV' of M <'- <"K I Mrs "r^^'^f 110 ™ „'''° K °I' " 11(1 Mrs ' A 'fed Jamea,' ^ nks the «- Somelw y«r B a so ' °°*«*lons «.s filed byTheloilow- "« Boylan. nil of Spe nee r The L " Vcni °- w « ' KUes?; f'' ell " n - 1°v TV' ^"V"' 0 gueats Fri^' S-°' 'f 8 ?' he 4 ved to Calf- ^f "^ed land owners: Theodore livoe women are «isLJV ^ <U11U ' Mrs Glon S Uobts of their' "; ly °, f Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs! ( , ia and ha « eve- since lived £ er> by Adeline, Marcaret '«,»<='•- 61S ° f M "-,Mnriorle. who , shpT Tue8day - iM^ T '" te * " iece of Ml ' and , her ?: At present hi is roprosont- S^ Mflvln ' Cal '° H » e - an^Mn" '.shi,, .I-H health rhn,?" town - ! i«i r 8 ' Who were en route i lng ^:/- Gi ' bg on, reil estate broJ^7 d ^ aber: M^n Bonnstetter: '"' exnmlna ion in ^'° n ' took,' 10 .™, after two months, with rel- *'' rnVB ana. who cea'.s in ran° -lS dwal ' d Wehrspann; Wendel henlth ohamnolh he co '" u . v , S at Eagle Grove - Mi-. James IS 8 ' acreagea, and estate in n e \^nw, Edward C. Webrsp f •n....i.i i."P'onship confpst i who was .T innmv,,,,. »f .i.,., ,...' San Fornnmin «»i,i-.L '"'iHermn.n T^i=onh nl . ( . -r. T „ ,' «"i)' 'I-H henit f b , llerman town-!.*"' 8 - Jnmos, who were en route i'" g R " P " Gi ' bso »' real es '"« exami,nuo' ,^ an JS lon ' took,' 1 ?.™, after two months, with re- e '' at TnVB ana. who c|ea! S health chamnioMM? he colllU - v .' Ves at Eagle Grove - Mr. Jamli If 8 ' acreages, and es'tat^ n ,'' . — • Bavid W,]?,?.tu P COIlte st. |Who was a member of this Metho- "T Fornand o valley. OkoboJIs cnm la , t """™« of Humboldt, fil , st conference many years serv- ""•"'' " ' if lim-« - . '«int WGBK 'iMiiit'orl n I Pfi n c- no «!•-, i ^ ' t-u as pastor at Garner and r ft~\\j ti c? i it i K ! _ . . ...„.,.., came ast homc visit this ny for ""-»' u ''•lends ... , lei- brother ^ visit this week 1 —• U '"-»•"' -n. uurner and rvt _K '» =xr ? Hs^ ss S Mr s s« „„, 1 (last week-end in Ihe'ri u ; ! ' JUwa i'd C. W j Herman Elsenbast; D. j. ,._„«.„„,.; 'Uieodore Evenson; Mrs. Christie .Sinltli, Ced3r -Falls, and l ^ he ? d o r e Evenson; Mrs. Christ! Smith, Aiies, came for! Moy '? k; Pote '- A. Holt; Frank Te ik-end here with their S 00 ^' 101 ' 8 ' 1 ' R ' B - Gil 'ton; Clemon; Mrs. Neal Smith T 1<J - "lersch; Marcnrpi Voii,.- TJ^ loeil w e n ? Unc " Oilk i I' 1Vllllnnl «Plincrt and her m °,f he . r . Mrs - N eal Liith. Leona ^ Me «oH: Mai D Artni y allukft| ls will d auBhter-ln-law. Mrs. Robert Pad- Wl " flnlsh a f our-y4r course "t ? arms; Hermat 3 Adel o visit nnatlier f e «- w ent to Mason City Monday Cedar Falls this «>oijth. Harriet s "am Habeser; I J. a civil engineer. Thel to visit th e former's granddau-n ^»eral secretary in 1 the chemis est G " Hab eger ^allukait is ,. O H,.O,I Iter. Mrs m™,.« t » i, T 7,,?. a . u . g " try d<>r,,i,.tmo,,f / t 1L _ ne , c . nemis : .Ben1am,ln Wn,h 0 the' emon Leona L^ 6 '' 60 ^ Margaret Pehr; Henry Harms; Herman W. Harms- Abra ham Hab Plus B J\J 10¥¥? THE DAY VfS COOL ^ evenlnK rronf lv '» le M "'V « to ''e. The local w e ,,, Uncil Oilk , , ' Vll " nni T)l '"» CI 't and- her Arthur iffagg nenr p M r ""?. Ml *' with' Mrs T r L tt few days i 1!e) '', the ' ormor Velma Hedriek i Seve j s ' Dalla Pent a few day," l,?, T ICroek ' other f tends ^ ^'^i^ton and !wa s taken home Monday. The P a d-'5 leat8 of Ule 'or couRln. IJivonnP H^ i Wlth wl >" is an old A, ' MlSe ™«er.l« et 8 mov ed here recently, and Mr f a "' was a Cl ter of Mr. and M?, AlhSf i""^' ^ ^''«- Har- Lf' S ° n , a f-hool ma te|P ftd B el t * working on the new;S? U S a ? d . Mrs ' ^» Black, and p 6 'T, : W ' "' Wehrspann; Mary Albert 1« a no-. nii ,Vf 6 UnKB ' ««»B In the P?fi , had been vis - K5m " aslu ™ at Lu Verne. Mr Paul IS a farni r Goeldner; Otto Wehrspann; Mau-H«. Karl iro ff,^ ^ nterwlM , 'StorV Uk. befor" Wl " Vla1t « l HUtv'"" 1 3ri ' S> Jl V " Mc Milli n> of *'• «"* M«...Donild C. Hut- ^ ne ^f 1 ™: Erlin ^ Olson; I,-J ' drovp <n T tr her Se;l «le returning to -" utc(hl » s - were Sunday supper ™ ' ', ^ theil> sna11 son, will ^ ln M ' 0] s°n; Christ 0. Hau B en; "ho | LeMnrs .Ifr. » n il >!,-• | guests of Mrs. Maibel Wermersenl? Decorah today (Thurs-'n r O!son '' Thore Olson; Elmer i— TT' " CI " mn vv - Harms; Abra. ^ UI10 Lllla niontn. Harriet is nm Haoeger; Herman P. and Ern-- o.^ ^ ueil - ^" e '' al secretary in 1 the chemis-'1 st . G ' . Habe ser; Emil 0. Fisher; 'erett Miller, who has ™ y de P al 'tment at Ames. Mr <md : ? Jalnm Hai beger; Edav. J. Ha- bospital there. Mis !^ ro< Raw] eigh Pau'l and Mrs' Jos \^ 1 "' Atlgust Fisher; Abraham brmer Velma H°d;-ieV i evers> Dallfl s Center, were also Habe S el " Jake Bauman; John E 3me Monday. Th^ P ad J j£_"*?„„. Ul ?_ Smi t b s Sunday. M «. T^ Wl ^_^? e 5 ru S et al; and jf Sunday. Mrs. cousin ofi the late Neal Mrs. Jam^s> Black, and and On- ND 4 DAYS HE OtD WEST NEW ftG.GUN SMUGGLEPS guests of the Woodro'w ..„,.., near Irvinston. Mary te a teacher, and Fern clerks it Ha-wcott and Ogg's. Mrs. Johnson is_the/ormer Kathryn Deim. Mrs are Phiiiin ° wns nMd operat I hill p s S ervice station on Mr M». &£, WeiTan " waT S M ' " lei '\ ^hey have h eT lvin g in' Rnicha rf Wetland and the lattort ^ llnM ™- KPr « nk Milldr houle?now i_^,^° b ^_. and ?°S«r. Tuesday ^r db j^?''4 u ! and his Ralph :<ind '. Bobby and ^^ Tu^ay S^ M^ ^ ^ ^ - - rwa SMr 1; el , We T7e rSe wV n °/ i ^^^^^^^ Potter, and mul - tuw spent f last week Thursday till Sunday at L COt a f? at the Ok °nojis. The men joined them Saturday evening and brought them home next day MW..B. A. Thorpe and her rtouc-htR,. Jon,, nre KUestg of «. el Norton here, are also id Howard ""* EllflOl'6 the Okobojis Saturchv' ' ^ing home Rita and s'S'^rrvrr™-- 1 si*"'»---'-."« Clear jpected back 1 Francos '.. came ...„ .uu<., JCl j, mnerai yesterday nas been county superintendent at is U stUl 1 7in f gla th y aa y S mond ye h a as' S? I some years been head of the de- ! partmem of education in Manches- h! C h _h' PaUl ' and Willis is e both Ires, the Al- Chicago, was 'Pes ai-e ex- • (Thursday). | J i*, Milwaukee, ( - week at Hauberg's. ' M. are brothers, ows ' IV. and doctor and.'J« Ted all of I, George and Donald Park, 111., were BORDER , raine JQHNSON Whlttemore, and Irene is an ope'r- Mo , nd ay noon, ator at Irene's beauty shop here -Hr, n.n<l Mrs. C. T? Holt drove , • — •- v . iv. jIUIL iir'jvu to the Okobo.iis Sunday for their son Jimmy, who had spent a v/e»k f1 '""- at Ca.mp Foster. Sunday Bert Cronan and Nelson g:pent ~i ^r with Mrs former Algonian. She will vacation from her duties g — 1. ..„„„,. "Sonny") ,, a vac ation from her duties Sawyer, son O f Dr. and Mrs. F. E. at a ^moda store there for a vis Sa ^_-er,_ also attended tbe camp. } l | n .Wisconsin, and meanwhile" M «-». - -Justis- ? Daughter Marilyn will \n 'f .. — , v**.»_^ t^iiLui utt y for 3, -[» *1GI G. week-end visit with the letter's r , ' " nd • >lrs> Ra 'Ph Menzel Salt aunt OuBta Winkie. Mr. Rolls ," Lake Ci t>'- with their son Hugh in the insurance business. Hustis-, "5® euests chl '6 week of Mrs. Men- tord Is eome 335 miles from «=-««>- «- - -- ™ en gona. EATURE 10Y nnd TRACY SAW" [-issue) n^ T !'^ ^ . V> C » 1(1 «'clls have rented their home on east College n^VV 1 /- Fried ' mana ^ r °"th. f' 1 HOW ,S. & T< ctnra mu« n-ui..._ii lie, ii " ' ^vn. \JL ±VlrS JVlPTl- Mi's parents, Mr. and Mrs M P Wpoiroi, T»l,_ -\r^ , ; -t ' Menzels had been racationing at "ts. Docto 1 ' chemistry Cass Lake tw Menzel is head o department in col — - - — — i uiuuu.^,^1 Ul UIlC i " **!*•** IJ1 new S. & L. store. The Caldwells I le ?f at Salt La ke City. P'an to leave early in September L ( ' l ' r ' r "' le /en(I «- came horn to spend the fall and winter in the Sund a>' '™m LaCrosse. Wis, n fte We 4 t ' * visit thel- e with her sister Mrs -Murparet VJgrars, nost-smduare ^ , Haml1 ' two weeks. She is thp student at Chicago University, is *"«Shter of Frank Zender here "'-""ted home today or tomorrow , he "ammtls recently moved to wo months with her parents „ \'' oss e fi-om Mason City ind .Mrs. W. A. Vigars. She is " am " now ^as charge of' a graduate of the I. S. T. C. Cod- CmsRB io^'" 1 "" -'--- Mr £a • . Mrs. Clarence Morrall and son- Bernard are spending her two llrnnl, L ., ~l»-i«uiU6 IWU weeks at the Morrall cottage, P'ne - " *"' tost *» we sell good I Meats. _if you rjiie few W ho ' fc °i«e at once • ~ yOUrSfilf 1 -, — " " "•^••"•MMf »r tm lid _/ * . —•-_*_ ^ wutcj. l e t! >e othw foi' I ,?*. dau ^ h t fi i-6. spent last week ' .Kathleen, daughter of Dr. <nu1 I el Iel ~ w 'th the former's sister, Mrs. Mrs. R. A. Evans, went to Iowa 1 o» ? h F lnkbaum at Atlantic. Mr. Cltv Tuesday and had a major eve btlllnian's father from Dolliver °P ei> atioii yesterday at the univor- was a guest Sunday at the Still- si ^ v hospital there. She had ' a man home here. I minor operation there about a Mrs. JJoyd Hayes, Beverly Hills mouth ago. She was accompanied i-allfornia and her granddaughter, , to Iowa City by her parents, but Jean Hayes, Minneapolis, arrived Iler father returned yesterday Tn,."*""" 1 .°? da > r f °r a visit till next week J - «• Peterson, Minneapolis,' and I'M an a ' F|>ed Corey - Mrs - Hayes ^o sons came Saturday to vis girlhood friendship. 6 eP " P "(--Isters. Mrs. A/E/Clayfonltud Id Josephine DahJiauser resigned and Eva Peterson, j. R j s , Saturday at' the Algonquin Con- teacher in the Dunwoody Institute . . T*h n. ^>tnfl«. u _ l_*j. ** . .»«.*« «• Front. 's Grocery. Crosse jewelry sho'p" Owen .Mathes, Davenport -e spending this week with Viiicen' -— The boys expect to be at ^.^sc, ,.„„ Jsaacson cottage, Clear Lake Minn. Mr. Morrall will join. ™ ost , of the week. Owen's father for the week-end. Mr. ATnr- * ran «: Mathes, now has a restau- wns and operates the Koo-! rant ^ Davenport. The I<= suth Motor Co. cottage is a short distance west Mrs. G._ W. StllJnmii, with her ^Jhe ^ake shore hotel. Dr. aiv l _ through — out to the coast returning- to Illinois who attends the Univevs- . - California, will remain i there. Donald attends the University of Michigan. Hetty Courtney. id Mrs. W. E. Courtney, and a! friend, Leona Lasche, got home Tuesday night from a week's sightseeing in Chicago. They visited the Biookfield zoo and other interest- l^sights and brought home some They stayed with some IH-UUB, mr. and Mrs. Charles Stevenson, Maywood. 111., part of the * As — —— • «j , uuna, Aasheim; Maria Halsrud; Edward Wehrspann; T M n, V ' g: T ^ Ura B ' OIsen and J-. M. Olsen:—were presented to and duly considered by the Joint •Hoards. ^ M °V°Morri MCDOnald a " d second be referred to the'Drainage (lie facts! 4 Good Reasons Why Ice is the~Best IT'S SAFE ... ice does not give off fumes, nor are there any electric wires to cause a short-circuit. IT'S SILENT ... No noise or vibration accompany ice at work; the peace and quiet of your home is unmarred. IT'S DEPENDABLE . . . Power shut-offs and blown fuses do not hinder ice refrigeration in the least. IT'S ECONOMICAL ... No "service bills" because there are no mechanical parts to wear out. Two pounds for a cent. 500 Ib. book 1__$2.50 Telephone 270 for Delivery Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory we see it— MOST PEOPLE honest! It's a veijy thing to see a d ate attempt on of anybody to be honest. IOWA STATE Algona, Iowa Deposits 'Insured ARK rare iliber- 5 part dis- BANK Hood's Store Algona ' Iowa __ : S Sugai 10 Ibs. Special Thursday, Friday Saturday Free Delivery Phones 420-421 Limit Cherries No. 10 Peaches Jfo. 10 Each Black Raspberries No. 10 can SUPER-CAPACITY FRdSTER WITH T / 3 MORE SPIJGE Oranges, med. size 2 doz Potatoes, pk. ---------- I 9c Lemons, Irg. size, dozen 29? Lettuce, large, each ___ Grapefruit, med. size, 6 for --------------Tomatoes ------- 5 Ibs. 25c Grapes, Red Malaga, 2 Ibs. Flour, White Castle, 49 Ibs. ___ $1<19 5 Hour, Gold Nugget, j= 49 Ibs. ------------ $1.29 Omar, 49 Ibs. __$1.69 Prices this _ 44 Tier 'es, _ _" ****J f4.lt v«w ^A.*bUKV|U*U \sVU~ ' " " : «~w »-»»»ii wwtjr Xlli9| JllUlt l a P. Per ha^ _8_>'f ^ elT to make preparations The visitors left for home thi I the hi ».„.** o° r her »PProaching marriage to morning. They also visited th 1 c "iggest Georg-e Stewart Jr. Another girl Elmer Petersons, near CorwWh .'Will not .be hired, for a time, to Violet Halbrook, color artist a take Miss Dahlhauser'e place. i Brown's studio, had an appendici •*r, and Mrs. Walter Will, with tis operation Tuesday at Mercy 2° lr _ cl >llo>en, spent last week at hospital, Mason City, and the lat- tne Okobojis. Ruth, who works at est report is that .ehe is doing * 'ocal theater, and Rita, who is well. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs office, girl fpr Dr. P. E. Sawyer, D. W. Halbrook, live at Mason returned Sunday. Mr. Wi'H is pro- City, and her sister, Mrs. Jack Jectqr f or the New Call theater, j Hilton, also works at Brown's. A-yle Morrin, Georgiaville, L. I., Kathleen Godey arrived Monday Vfts a local Rotary club guest f rom Boston to spend two weeks Monday and was introduced by J. with Mrs. Andy Anderson. Miss *• Overinyer. Mr. Morris, who ie Godey Js a stenographer. Mr. and superintendent of the schools Mrs. Anderson got home Monday tnere, is a Rotarian, and was mak- afternoon from a week's' business ing _vp here. His wife was a Ditt- tour in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We* girl. j They stopped at Horse Shot- lako I>arleae 9^4 Charles Buck re- for fishing, but the fish were not turned Sunday from I^amoni, where biting. Wy Iji^d g pent two weeks with Artene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. tnelr grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Helmke, Swea City, came I • **• R« Milter. Their father, Ralph Monday to visit her sister, Mrs. ICf'flfc- j ' ^ a ^ Electrolux salesman, Ben Ingebritson. Mrs. Ingebritson IK K ^9 Mrs. Buck Js employed at the and en Infant daughter Inez Jean <B| r ISP Cpttee Shop, I were taken home Friday from the J. R Wietol, Mrs. Merle Kossuth hoepital. Mrs. Helmke ,„,,, ajid Mr^, Miltoo MarloWi bad been with, the logeJjritsoas **ft Mter of Sort, fps^nt from test since Imoiher and babe' were tak- i a..^A,y at t jj e en home. Mr. Pot- WJJUn» K»pp, Byelya Freezes more ice, faster . . . ha« one tfuref more space for frozen storage Top shelf provides ideal fro.en storage for small chickens and roasts also extra ice cubes. New MULTI* SERVICE TRAY has 5-pound ice capacity. New EJECT-O-CUBE TRAYS in all family.,!.. mode l.. Here's mpre value for your money! Buy a Westmghouse and save)... SAVES FOOO.,.$AVES' TIME ...SAVES MONEY FREE CUP AJVI) SAUCKB WITH BLUE G COFFEE I POUAB PKG 25C Sweet Pickles, 20-oz. jar _ _ 2Oe Tomato Juice, IGA jumbo tins —___ _2 for 25c R*<1 Cherries, Jfo. 2 cans good ___ 2 cans 276 Bed Kidney Beans, IGA No. 2 can ___ 2 for 17<t Whole Kernel Corn, yellow, No. 2 __ 2 cans 2Sc Early June Peas, IGA No. 2 cans, new 2 cans 25e Sauer Kraut, Stokely's lg. No. 2^ cans 2 cans 19c Milk. Standby tall cans evaporated __ 2 cans ISc Macaroni, Carol elbow, fresh _.. 4 I))S 2 Sc Macaroni, Carol cuts, fresh _ 4 Ibs ' 2 S6 Corn Starch, IGA 1-lb. pkg. ~" ' 86 Soda, IGA 16-oz. package —~—_ _"?c S Cocoa, IGA high grade 2 Ib. box —" 21p IGA Gelatine Dessert Powder all flavor,s 4"for 19t Jar Caps, Boyd reg. Mason, doz. _______ 2 lp Jar Rubbers, red, lipped _____________ 6 do 2 . 23p Kitchen Towels, IGA rolls ____ 2 for * Vienna Sausage, IGA 4-oz. can Marshmallows, fresh cello pkg. 1 Ib. _13p Pork and Beans' LARGE NO. 5 CANS Pratt Electric Co. Ken- Jars Quarts, doz, _ Pints, doz. ___ Harvest Cookies t 2 Ibs, plain __25p MIBACLE Ade All flavors 3 pkgs. Coffee, Red A t ib. 2 Ibs. _. 3 llis. 4«e m WT* Bananas s Ibs, Pure Cider Vinegar .Phone 170 , Iowa Corn Flakes IGA i' -, 17c F« & 0. Soap 10 bars 3Sc HAMBUKGEE POBK SAUSAGJ!, t 9 Ibs, S a 1 ad Dressing, qt. jar POBK CHOPS Center Cuts BOASTS WISC. CHEEJS1 SI/ICED &4COJT Ib, bo* ,i__fiji 15 ^IB 'r&J*

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