Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR SALE—CHESTER WHITE boar.—Orian Rutledge, Algona. AUTO LOANS - REFINANCING Crort1 W n er payments - - Western ^ redlt Co - 8u30tf WANTED—10 OR 12 CATTLE TO pasture. — Peter Halsrud, Al- lOp-16 SPRING CHICKENS FOR SAVE— —George W. Godfrey farm Bhnno fiTJ 1 ') 1 ) •"'i-.y larui, pnone i, 11 „ - SOM U SHORTHORN bulls. Roans and rods. — F J Balgoman. Wliittemore. 11',,,j(j FOR SALE—HAMPSHIRK FALL .gilts, bred for Sept. farrow.—c. Baas, West Bend FOUR-H GIRLS ATTEND GAMP AT CLEAR LAKE Daily Programs Keep Campers Busy Over Week-End. Ex-Algonian In Mystery Pictures in Magazine Look The picture-magazine Look for August 16 features « "Mystery at Hillcrest" in whidh Dr. A D Ad- JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOQNA. IOWA DANCE SCHEDULED BY COUNTRY CLUB Another dance will be held at the Collntl T club clubhouse as an actor. The 'plainly recognizable friends. Jealousy 1 is The doctor, supposed years older than pictures are ' Ulst and llls next -th Ceo furnishing IIJ Kaehel Keeker. Indian Avar whoops, yells, her of an affair a s are by Algona Hi 6 ™ uslc ' ? ickcts are available nt the theme. M, 6 ^ 1 ] 1 , 66 dru S store, Steele's, and to be 20, M ^ bachs Us wife, accuses ' ,,.„ u , tch juneheon will .be the at«•« IT iic ( M.UUUOUCJ f„- i* ,, M *** .uc LilU clL~ id takes her off tlaou °i 1 for men at the clubhouse to a house where she will be safe , s even 'ng, following a two ball Ihls house, which s he hates, is foui ; s °me tournament. In this type , p burned down. Tne housekeeper, '°J, tournament the 1 who sympathizes With the wife, "" tethtt ng the ' f ti,, Ti T 7 '"-"'" mi' and wide the Methodist camp grounds at lea,Uke from iast week Thurs- !2plG-!7 "ay till - i from ACTION ker- arose from naphtha released from a broken bottle, ; and the wife tw fakes another confession, that cob- ft webs In the attic vfere set afire by''I s a candle, ihc game is to deter-, ""true- uJelkeT " ^^ "'"^led^ players altei- ball, only Former Local Girl Tours in the East Burt, Aug. 1— Maude Schenck, of Minneapolis, and Lois Schenck, of Chicago, spent Friday night at L. H. Schenck's. Maude, who is president of the Minneapolis Teachers' association, recently returned from New York City, where she attended a national teachers' convention. Thence she also made a boat trip to Norfolk, Va., stopped at Washington, D. C., and visited relatives in Pennsylvania. MRS. KKXrA S. BRADLKV <,-„„„ „! ,, " Il/1 " 1 ">'» brought here for burial In Riverview yesterday, after funeral services at the Methodist church conducted by the pastor, Dr. F. Earl Burgess. Her parents were Leonard and Miriam Ayers, and she was bom October 29, 1854, near Ban-j gar, Pa, The family came here when the Milwaukee was extended and farmed in Cresco township. Kezia attended Miss Worsler's "Select School." For some years' Rena Duncan, Jacksonville, she was a teacher. married Anaon D. In .1877 she Bradley, who chrbs nff n, ->i T Bo , th l )lny si's Play off the first tee, .but the best of ft!? e t 10 ^ is used from then on. A of the pairings has been mail- ads. easy, inexpensive way to tlic buyers—Advance for-sale ! tf i gona. President tribes—Oinahn. Wlnne- 11 I'ox. Patricia Ma tern, 1 Kossuth Cresco Chums was elected chief -«- Wallkce at Historic \ MAKLVG LONG TIME TaTm' i()d «. during which i he 1 " 6 loans at -IV, % interest will be taken of plav>rs they tee off on the first hole and the pictures will be shown at a later Dutch luncheon. A luncheon for the women is chairman of "the entertaining 8 com 6 niittee. Former Mrs. Stull in Train Acciden Mr. and Mrs. A. P Anaheim, Calif., are ' guests of the latter's son r>i Chien, and S anud ° ftull. Mrs. Mathias noXv f , n '" Was the wlfe ° r the a e Dr. T. H Stull, Algona. Mr Mathias came by rail A i <,-„„„ „! ,, d ,, P i? n ° e ^ G , M ° nday Mamie Chilly's, Idled In .1916. later was for many years associated with the late Frank Nicoulin in a dray works where the Thorpe atjshop is now located, Mr, Bradley There are four other August SALE CorronHn, m , .. e are our oer c.onectionville, and the body was children: Earl D., Muscatine; Mrs. BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING TOWN ATO CITY vrvr-r .n ESTIMATE 'will ,neet A^S e 36° W38 0 «r°j! 1n0fmLOnef n^i Koss " th , co "»^ Iowa ' r,_«, r CL '»"*.usc Jo, MAS, nt 8 p. m., at the Lone Rock bank, Lone I"! plain crepes, only Wash Dresses, regular to $ 0 ' the du work for the 1816, ever Lu- Estate Lands Offered at Auction Leghorn cockerels, $2 F horn pullets, $9.90 Hatchery, Bancroft. NEXT" Studied. discussions, led bv ran. Ames etc. Ella sale of '•"* iii>;;i. Have cleaned NOW. Green f un 1 a o-ROOM MODERN BUNGALOW for sale -ood location, on pav«d street. Priced right if sold —bee L. <\ McMiihou or \n important executors Kossuth farming Innds is 311- un posture,'" ounc ed by Jos. Harig and P T A Mr. 'fate, a l- Kohlhaas. executors of the will of vo ,the girls some , tlle 'ate Jos. Harig, pugology." They ! wealthy landowner, insects on hikps l;il '° in Irvington ^^&^^^£$?.s to do ra and Mrs. Mathias suffered injuries when she wa., being helped "from the train at Grand Junction. How here. not Tivo More K'Jtiill Games. Barry's won from the kittenball team Tuesday 11-7, and tin "" " The , <l | farms Pioneer evening, now only league. 18-8. The Hub one . game behind which leads the much, for they had plentv < liini, Blank, showed " •!^fr«-a J 7.Aug U8 t™:| a i B i I8a8 t t crs. and Mr. Soults writiiu mission and other and Phone "12!. L'lgiG FOR SALE—S feet. ^!f ,°'' A ; H ' Bo "»steuer. admTn-,.- istuuor of estate. West Bend. |Fr ... 31p.l6' ed ONE MINUTE WASHER _ ASK M«vie s and Swimming to see the synchro-mesh trans- 1 Luci 'e Pepoon, Kossuth H D efficiency i'ea-'. , owed thl 'ee reels of Life'in' in on photogra- snowed movie reels Indians liv- fo rests. Visitor at Wesley. ,.u Ve n e l'..^ Ug ' 2 ~r Mrs ' Pe ter Havson Moran days with a 20-day tures. son's. On di.splay at L. W. Swan- ,'•?! k'' n SUe had an J-PPendicitis at± k .,, he! . sa , me , e Y?n'nB and had to came Monday for two relatives. Moran has leave from the navy, seaman's branch He is in the a deck rat- has been stationed at Long by AUTOMATIC HEAT — L KT THP Butler do your firins?. Does it tere: more efficiently than you can do b >' t it yourself. Get information.—F S ' "' el T *,,„„„ m-i-nn r; Norton & Son. 2 4(2)4B Learning to Drive by ^raj^ 5 ^!^? 1 - 1 !!^™' parts. You actually get more mile- when^-'cWeh" ' ^^ , age - lew motor wear.-Johnson', were arrayed been ty and :iighw;iy a cump- THERE IS A PLACE FOR when you are ready for it ready by taking a course I,,' Man- Uances - 0 o 20(3)46 war paint, and Ind nke te to J ac re^e ^ ''° WS throu shout the ~ ing Beach, Calif. Moran has the navy M months * Miillins Jlegrins Corwith, Aug. _—Detasseling c aner s and begun oa 425 acres of hybrid I ^ ea ' calves corn which John Mullins has un- Stock steers fmn^'^n 10 "- There are approx- ^t yearlings ^II'JfB&OO imately 150 men and boys in the' Fa t steer s ^r, 8 - 00 fields this week. The work win F at continue '" hHS HOGS Best light butch, 140-160 $8.00-8 25 Best light butch., 160-180 $8 25-S 50 Best light butch,, 180-220 $8 90-900 .. , 270-290 "III fo'L hvy., 290-325 -. J?'«n ora Q'>c orn v'-" 0 Med. Butchers", Butchers, Packing sows, 27"5-350~IIIIIII$e.90 Packing sows,' 400-500 Illllllfeioo 325-350 ey'jQ 350-400 1:£ 40 ° niim O^7Cor"/\ . . CATTLE cutters $3.00-3.75 $5.00-7.50 ?9.00-10.00 I $4.00-5.00 - kato Commercial College, Mankalo, oCjT' y IIOt , nln S of other "tribe" mem- 1 Get ' .. came downstairs to put i " * tuilts> " Pant«"n!in Ml and war In Minn. 24(2)46 The candles, CnndJcs Out to Sea. one ait a time, PLORHIDE FOR FLOORS — WE strongly recommend Pittsburgh!wishes Florhide tor painted floors. Holds!clubs' lustre, gives long-lasting service.—'candles on JV&Norton & son. 22(2)40 carried by Uie'glris ^ ^.uarcT on "Dick" to He Speaker. connection with a two-day statewide Odd Fellow nnd Rebekah jubilee at Clear Lake today and aw L. J. Dickinson is sched- i- a speech at 2 p. m. Friday " new improved method guarantee- satisfaction.—Cowan Building 38tf & Supply Co. BARN AND ROOF PAINT—Spec- ? d 'f, t CllUrch at Cleai ' Lake. Later *' the water. An Early . Sunrise .service was conducted Sunday morning by the Roy H. Cox, pastor of Meih- Band Concert Nq. 2 No. 2 No. CHAIN mixed corn - diuc white corn " 4 |c yellow corn -~~"_"~42e 4 yellow corn (new)'I-I ""s3c FUNDS Cone Iw ' E. M. JENSEN, , „ Town Clerk. 1 • 2 3-4 6 67 Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- Expend- expend- on hand ed sur- ed income necessary itures itures 2 11 ? 801 ° ther tobe for year for year balance llmn '•n'Bed.by 1937 1936 on hand taxation taxation General Improve- ment Grading Sower Water Light Fire Equipment Waterworks Bond Bond Interest _. ? GOO $ 400 200 C3S $ 5-11 $ •150 1,000 180 1,742 COO 134 450 400 200 452 .1,000 241 474 1,000 301 Totals _ ..$ 2,230 $ 5,01.1 Adjusted taxable valuation (1937) Moneys and credits (1937), $19,586. S50 .f9-i,673. 800 2,331 2,337 Bring Your Car Troubles To Us X .ob nght, BUI POXTIAr A w^.> J.1AC the ,. e< l ui P m ent and facilities to do HIP according to factory specifications WP -— q " ip "~ ALITO-UTE OX CHRYSLER DODGE PLYMOUTH - GARAGE 25 . 6Q All Sportswear _ _ . _ _ Ha , f p rj Dresses, values to $3.95 now _. $1 ^ Slips, taffeta, regular $1.98 value 90 Blouses, values to $ 1.98, now _ _ _ 93 Silk Hose, regular $ 1.00, 2 pa i r _ $] J Summer Bags all go at only_ _ _ c ft Pajamas and Gowns, cool batiste 88° Paradise Footwear $3 J Knee-Hi Hose, regular 79c J 0 _ White Shoes, values to $5.00 Anklets, values td 25c Shoes, Odd Pairs _ _ _ Coats and Suits Knit Dresses, regular $ 1 1.75 Odd Lot of Silk H Group of Hats Batiste Panti House Slippers Summer Suits ~~"\ Cartwright Dresses, spring and " summer garments .1 p ri Wash Dresses, 14 to 48 \ i ^ Slacks and Shirts ___ ea< ! so r . . each tMJc Forrnak regular $5 to $8 $2 . 00 ShuOey Temple Dresses ........ $U9 Children's Sandals Silk Lastex Girdles ose - ----- - — — 39 C ~..25c ties . n . "ri ce .50c 98c KRESENSKY'S No. 2 white oats, new No. 3 white oats No. Rev. ial Pittsburgh paint product for!, exteriors. Colors red or Wonderful covering S. Norton & Son. -„ a swimming carnival was held, and in the afternoon a music pairennt was given under SANI-PREEZE ICE CREAM delioious, it's delightful, CapflCitJ ; -,!':: j direct;'of Mrs ~ T he girls ate CRRAAT IT'S htt!1 - iuid whene . IT . s |hall. k . s (were -ite in a large mess whenever one or two late they had to sing a lit- March-Bear at Huffins Rag—Georgia Girl Kin- Overture—Silver Wedding __"."___ B Schlepegrell (new) EGGS Hennerys No. 1 . I No. 2 -~~~~.~~"~~ Cash cream— No. 1 __ No. 2 ___ s weet -::::::::::::::::::::;26c POULTRY Springers, over 6 Ibs . ific ers, 4 to 5 _.. 14,, -- — — v. ««c>** *•*•«*( 11 o i *• —-.— „« otii.i^ n ill.-' ready to serve. Try our special i 1 ! 6 SO11K - To 1'etrieve a lost article Banana Nut today.-Barker's Drug. I the same SO »S had to be surg, . 20(3)46 i n ? ucl1 to t!le amburrassment of die Popular ALL makes, singers, for the song ended up with, 'I'm a nut! I'm a nut! Mrs RADIO REPAIRING Phone 520-W or 89. We'll come , Soults taught the gi'rls" othe'r clev promptly. Well stocked with parts'er songs, but this otfe win no" and repair materials.—Ed Genrich. doubt be remembered longest 19(3)46' Kossuth (iirls Attending tlie Kossuth girls who the camp were Patricia CHOf_'OLATE MALTED -MILK—' Its nourishing, absolutely de-' attended Jicious. Served with tasty wafers Mat ern, Zelda Long, Esther Sch°o- Come in. Rest. Brin K your friends. •—Barker Drug. 19(3H<j FOR SAI.K — H7-ACRE FARM, we 1 tiled, K0 od soil and good buildings 2% miles east and V, south of Wesley, $ioo per acre- Herman Dallmaii, Britt, Ja. 27p45-16 THE BIGGEST the Midwest HOG FBKDERS! fiellhig feed , n v _ .,., UWBSL 1H E"5? n ,L MlIl . eral Meat Meal. Costs man, LaVerne Gander, Lois Barr Dorothy King, all of Cresco; Annette Simpson, Mildred Simpson and Phyllis Vaudt, Whitemore;' Virginia McWhorter and Rachel Becker, Portland; Majivjorie JTen- sen, two Flaig sisters, Burl; Mrs Harold Miller, leader of the Buffalo club, Miss Pepoon, and i or three other girls. As Miss .Pepoon is now in a local hospital, recovering from an Double Dare You Shand a=rS'°L™S March-Chicago Marine Band ._ • Hens, 4 to 5 Brooks i2c Ducks, live ____________ III~II.Sc JACK SPRAT/ /STORES m I I I i two much and Coal Co. than sts i appendicitis operation, a complete * T P ' IlMT VVflC MTTnr^j i l*-»iKl , 6(2HO GOT A PACKAGE TO MAIL OR papers to file away for ' safekeeping? Ten sizes of heavy man- Jla clasp envelopes at the Advance office at 2c to 5c each. _ nt ' Ad " 34tf CARD OF THANKS—WK WISH to thank neighbors and friends and Algona fire department, who aided u s during the recent fire on our farm.—Mr. and Mrs. W H Rie<lel and family. ' p BABY CHICKS ON HAND FROM one day to four we«ks old. Baby chicks purchased now and properly fed will start laying in December. U. S. approved; pullorum tested. — Welp's Hatchery, Bancroft, Iowa. 31(2)45-46 AMBITIOUS MAN OR WOMAN TO handle established grocery route. Must be honest and energetic. No investment or experience required We teach you. Earnings shoul average ?25 weekly to start.—Ad dress C. S., 175 Liberty St., Wi noua, Minn. 30p4 Good Hope Farmer Loses Finger End Good Hope, Aug 1 — j en <5 S or- ensen lost the end of the digit finger on the right hand two weeks a r u Wednesday while at work with his mower. The finger was severe just above the finger nail. He having some trouble with an ii faction., which- is slowly clearin ANO Augutir Executors' Sale of REAL ESTATE bidder: Centers will sell at public auction to the highest ^ e 5 0uthe ^ Quarter (SE :i ) of Section 25; The West Haif W ) all in Township 95 North, ty, Iowa, known as the [GINGEC .ROOT - -»i. Alt I HAVE A BARGAIN IN A FIRST class well-improved 80. Also have several well improved am tiled quarters at from $100 to $115 and I can sell you one of the besl half sections in Kossuth county al 1110 and give you long time contracts with small down payments. —M. P. Haggard. 52u45-46 We-U glodJy arrange a loan of f SO ExiMi^"^ 5 hospital bills, business" neSf clothing, repairs, toes, insurance! uA%uick'ocK SSuKti P. J. Loans Insurance Telephone 22 Zlk. i<*f> CONCENTRATED SUPER SUDS, 2 CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 30c value f or 18c Frid on AT 2:00 P. M ° f ° f S6Cti ° n 1938 T . Jack 49-11,. sack 2 bags can ANDERSON'S Store PHOJSE 8 WE DELIVER T ALGONA, JOWA «« mto . llon JOSEPH HARIG, PHILIP KOHLHAAS, . . E * ecuto '*of the Jacob Harig Estste

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