Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1938 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 4, 1938
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THE WEATHER Aug. 1"6» ' nc '-—Seasonable teni- fperatures f or most part; local Mowers several days. 31 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 4, 1938 8 Pages 64 Columns l oer a MiWion Votes for Thill mi COUNT [CHANGES LEAD IN BOTH GAMPS )nly Eight Shopping Days are Left in Contest. 1 Marcella Thill, Algona, jumped hto first place in week-end bal- THE COUNT fating on the March fueen contest with of a Progress total of ore than a million votes, leading |be next neares/t contestant, Katli- McEnroe, by approximately 100,000 votes. The latter was in jiret place in Tuesday's report here is a marked spread between lie top two contenders in the Aliona list, but in such a contest jnythmg can happen. S There are now only eight shop- ling days left in the contest. Only jwo more reports will be givun, text Tuesday and next Thursday lefore the voting closes a week from Saturday. The winners will fe announced at the March of Progress day ceremonies Wednesday, August 17. Boost for Lone Eocker. In the out-of-Algona division aurena Laabs, of Lone Rock, tomped from third on Tuesday to Brat place in today's report, with I total of nearly 300,000 votes. Ad- Iline Illg, of Bode, and Josephine (iseubarth, of Irvington, are close *hmd and have been staging a 'atfle'for 'the' top"p'osilion:' J ' ' "' There were only minor changes n the standings in the first, ten fther than those mentioned, and larfcieularly in the out-of-Algona District there is a possibility that fcuy of the first dozen or more con- lenders may be in top position. lome of the girls, it is believed, ave been holding votes book for a final spurt to be the "dark horso" irmner, hence predictions are not ft all conclusive. Contest Ends Aug. 18. The 70 Algona merchants cooperating in the contest will con- Rlude the giving of coupons Saturday night, Aug. 13. Sunday, Mon- Bay, and Tuesday mornings will bo (allowed contestants to pick up votes, and bring them t r newspaper office. The ba 'boxes will be closed Tuesda on, August 16, and the final an cidlng count will be made a tot time. Ballot boxes are locate pt both the Advance and the Up IP" De s Moines offices, and ar only places where votes ma > Placed with assurance they wil > in the final count. The girl receiving 1 the large? .number of votes will be awarde pe 18-day free all-expense tou lot the west and south, includin .. - to Catalina Island. Br; Ish Columbia, Warner Bros, stu low in Hollywood, and Old Mexi TwT° the SM highest in the vot "B n the district 'other than th ne i n which the trlp wag w a |i«i cash award will be made.' Six More .Frizes. S'x other prizes will b'e in each division. Thes Alffoiin District. 1—Marcella Thill I 08-1 075 2—Kathryn McEnroe ... 9S3,'.125 ..—Donnabolle Mcrron -_ G!)S 275 •1—Darlcen Slott " GOlVbO 5-Mabel Kohl _. ~_ 5ZG.225 G—Maxine Larson _ 41^ ooo 7—Wilma Kapp ~ 445.075 8—Bernice Storm . 444625 n—Jane McWhorter 435^75 10—Juno CroUmoyer __. 37:) 750 1.1— K'dthryn Kelley 332,'550 12—Bessie Humphreys ._ 282'850 lo—Evelyn Capesiu s 265,200 14—Lucile Calhoun 261 80H 15—Rosella Volght 235^100 16—Phyllis Coleman 232250 17—Irene Fitzgerald 200,875 TEN TEACHERS ON LIST HERE WILUJE NEW Laing Announces the Complete Faculty for Schools. 5 ' ° r *g es ™ Columns Number 46 NJWLTOJLCONTEIKIPT PllLIm TT-* - ~ ~ ~— — ... _"""""— of last 18—iMarjorie Phillips _._ 156,'975 13—Ann Veronica Stebritz 124,125 20—Edna Nordstrom 106,450 21—Prances Hegarty 103,275 22—Wilma Riddle 08,125 23—Marie Ohm 04,100 24—Gertrude Baylor 90,075 25—Norine Grelner 80,250 26—Marie Pfeffer 67,325 27—Angela Mae Hagg 66,500 28—Arline Holdren _ 65 775 2fl—Myrtle Olson 50,450 30—'Mary Couch 42,925 Out of Algonu District. 1—Laurena Laabs, Lone Rock 2.93,025 2—Adeline Illg, Bode 246,800 3—Josephine Eisenbarth, Irvington 237,775 4—Rosetta Barker, Bode __165,950 5—(Mary Ann Arndorfer, St. Benedict 157,500 6—Ruth Carlisle, Wliitte- more 146,550 <—'Helen Lewis, Lone Rock 114,775 8—Lillian Higley, Whltte- more ___ 112,200 9—nSusie Frideres, Bode -.,-106,100 10—Lucille Hildman, Wesley 104,225 11—Donna Stuflick, Lu Verne 100,675 .2—Darlene Hanson, Burt - 07,625 13—Marie Carter, Burt 96.775 14—Pearl Alt, Burt 15—Vernona Klatt, 93,000 Fenton- 84,<iOO are . I re Candid cameras, taking 16 pic a ro11 of fllm - A U Pri^ a \ arded during the Pro at etreet. ln A1 °aa busy almo3 some w bere they ask depart- thelr have , work te The contestants C0n8iderate ain No, 2 Hearing Saturday -Kossuth drain last Thursday, be hew Q, as hursday, e A i Bfttu ' r *»y »t the court- number of objec- to I th * 2 and the to thl « Saturday attorneys to ons. This tor ™* done 181 ' ditch 7,^ ai * in S °»* the l« the first' 0b Jections were filed Jt was rea8 - 6—'Darlene Brayton, Burt- 69,900 .7—Mildred Fox, Wesley .._ 65,900 18—Gene Marie Sarchet, Burt 5G,825 9—lona Godfredson, Burt . 46,875 20—June Adele Kunz, Wesley 41,025 21—Ruth Hantleman, Fenton 41,175 12—Theresa Origer, Whittemore 34,250 3—Mary Ann Smith, Burt- 31,400 24—Jackie Conoway, Lu Verne _ 30,575 25—Dolores Krause, Fenton 28,075 26—Maxine Smith, Lu Verne 27,825 27—Marcella Thaves, Lakota 27,275 28—Arlene Patterson, Burt- 21,850 29—Mary Alice Bigings, Lu Verne 24,025 30—Ruth Weisbrod, Fenton 23,100 Supt. Otto B. Laing announces that there will bo ten new teachers on the faculty of the local public schools .this fall. All told there will be 42 teachers, or „ M: Laing. The we°ek nCW teachers was hirea Concerning the new tear.be"3 Mr iimg has prepared tlia following data of interest to parents' Miss Holster, who is from Hemsen, obtained her college .preparation at Northwestern Junior college, Orange City, and the University of Colorado, Bouldor, Colo Slie has taught at Ida Gro/e. Miss Hedges, who lives at Mount Vernon, is a graduate of Cornell college. •Miss Johnston, a graduate of Drake university, lives at Des Moines. She taught at Oilman. Simpson Graduate Coming. Miss Chester, who hails from Cumberland, holds a bachelor's degree from Simpson college, and she has also studied at the State leachers college. Recently ehe has taught at Charter Oak. Miss Christensen, who hails from Peterson, Clay county, is a graduate of the state university, and she also attended the State Teachers college. She has taught recently in the Brooke Consolidated schools. 'Miss Hess, Pipestone, Minn., a former Algona teacher who taught at Clarion last year, is a graduate of Miss Ward's primary school at Minneapolis. Also a Coe Graduate. ..Miss Bohlen, Sac City, was graduated from Coe college, and she has taught at Mouona. Mr. Wilson, who is a graduate of the State Teachers 'college and taught last year at Edgewood, lives at Newell. 'Miss Blair is a graduate of Cornell college, Mt. Vernon, and she lives at Mendota, 111. Miss Dilling is from Fletcher, Okla., where she attended the Oklahoma college for women at Chickasha. She also attended the University of Oklahoma and 1 the university of Iowa. This summer she Is completing requisites at Iowa for a master of arts degree. Her special preparation is on stringed instruments, which she will teach, and she also will direct the orchestra. Teachers S"ot Returning. Of 1937-38 teachers who will not return this fall the following will fill teaching positions: Paul Berger will teach in high Entered in National Ball Tournev ' * 'H * * ./ * ifr * * v Brownies Are Given a Good Chance to Take Semi-Professional Title . - - _. the state and contenders for the national title. The n mi Ji le i. 0f «sn 1S Week su ' bsor iP«oa papers were OMLn .^ uu olttlB su . ee[ to ODtal f nrnwnt 0 * ° *%?"** T'^ by virtue o£ Binning the district tilt, but they have Brownies are this week playing in a *~ ~ "ave 'field' Sunday - • are now rated among the top A ° gUSt 15 at Wichita,Kans., and the exee o£ the team ' The y are en- a. 31—Ruth Thompson, Burt _ 23,000 32—Phyllis Lichty, Lu Verne 22,800 33—Betty Foth, Bancroft — 22,200 34—Evelyn Bierstedt, Burt_ 22,000 35—Sophia Schipull, Burt - 21,725 36—Mary Fenton Elaine Smith, 21,250 37—Lorena Dreyer, Fenton- 21,200 38—Virginia Frank, Fsnton 21,200 39—Violet Schumacher, Fenton 21,125 40—Marjorie Pettit, Lone Rock 20.650 41—Dorothy Stigman, Fenton .-20525 42—Maurine Wolfe, Bancroft 20,450 43—Eleanor Moe, Lakota — 20,375 44—Mary Williams, Bancroft 20,250 45—Lorena Borman, Bode _ 20,150 46—Calista Elsbecker, Bancroft 15,100 47—Lola Warner, Fenton — 12,500 48— Lila Kappings, Lakota. 11,100 Three Drivers are Mulcted by Danson Lester -M. Beard, Algoua, was ined '$5 plus costs of ?4.45 by Fustice Danson Monday on iharge of drunkenness filed by Marshal Van Alstyne. The same day Brad Caldert, of Rhinelander, Wis., was arrested by Unstable Ernst Thiel at a point mile and a half south of Algona, charged with passing Thiel on hill and not using his horn. Cal- ert paid a fine of a dollar plus osts of $3. Carl Blum, Peru, 111., was ar- ested the same day by patrolman John Hendricks for failing to bey a stop sign, and was fined $2 lus $2- costs by Justice Danson. Two are Fined in the Welter Court WUHana Cooper, Wesley, was enteaced to 30 days In the coun- y jail last week Wednesday by usttce Delia Welter oa a charge f reckless driving filed by Sherf toes. George Larson, Algona, as given a fine of f5 plus ?4.06 osts Monday by Justice Welter v drunkenness. The charge was led by Marshal Cecil McGlnuia school and assist in direction of athletics at Westfield, N. J. Doris White will teach speech at Elrnhurst, 111. Carmen Raskopf will teach music in junior high school at Maywood, 111. Naomi Hewitt will teach primary at Cedar Rapids. Josephine Hughes will teac kindergarten at Rawlius, Wyo. Lucille Ward will teach in th elementary schools of Counc Bluffs. Ruth Arnold Married. Ruth Arnold was recently mar rled, and her husband, George Me Candless, will teach commercia subjects this year at Marcus Gladys Beighter and Florenc< Young were also to be married thi summer. Activities of the staff have been varied this summer, with summe: school, travel, and employment a various occupations. Dora Car son has been at the State Teachers college; Ross Cutler, at Iowa State, Ames; Cynthia Holster, a the University of Colorado, Boulder; and Harvey Lettrell, David Phillips, Hattie Wilson, and Jane Dilling, at the university of Iowa summer school. Home Economics Change. Of special interest to home economics girls will be the fact that Smith-Hughes home economics will be introduced here this fall The department will be in charge of Miss Reif, who taught here last year. The course will include more projects than before in connection with home-making, these under the joint direction of Miss Reif, the girls, and the mothers. Miss Reif's work will extend over ten months. Part of her salary will be paid by the federal overnment under direction of the BOXING SHOW BOOKED FOR CELEBRATION Other Concessions for Watermelon Day are Dated. Among the many concessions which have been booked for March of Progress and Watermelon days is an athletic show that will be an event for 'boxing and wrestling fans of this part of the state. So far three present title-hold have been the card o: state board for vocational educa- .ion. Leaves for C. M. T. C. at D. M. Leigbton Misbach left Friday for Fort Des Moines wihere he will attend a C. M. T. C. camp' till August 12 or 13. P. A. Dauson got >ack last week Tuesday frpjn two weeks at a similar camp at Fort nelliug between Minneapolis and St. Paul. ' Two More Mumps Cases, Good Hope. Aug. 1—Mrs. Henry Engstrom was abed last week with the mumpe, and came down with them Sunday. > ers from three states booked to appear on the attraction, and enough boxers and wrestlers have' been obtainec to run the show both days from af- ternon till late in the evening. The men booked are scheduled to take on all comers in their weight division. An attempt is being made to secure a couple of "mud' wrestlers as a new thrill for local fans. Wrestling in Mud. In "mud" wrestling the wrestlers really grapple in the mud which is from three to six inches deep all over the ring. The arena, operated by E. E. Finnell, will be located in the lot next west of the Pratt electric shops, facing on State street. The card of athletes to be on hand to meet all com- mers from Kossuth and surrouud- counties will .be announced later. Other plans for the two-day celebration are advancing rapidly. The opening day, Wednesday, August 17, wil be March of Progress day, and the old postoffice build- ng has been secured as registra- :ion headquarters for old settlors and other residents of the county for long periods of time. Special •ibbons will .be provided for those vho register. Display of Belies. Of particular interest will be the leirloom display in the store windows. The winners of the March .f Progress Queen contest, which ios been conducted for two months >y the two Algoua newspapers, MYSTERY: WHO IS TO BE NAMED 4-H HEALTH 'CHAMP'? The title of "Kossuth 4-H health champion" was reserved for some bright-eyed lass here Tuesday, when seven girls from Kossuth clubs competed in tests. The winner will not be revealed till next week Tuesday, when she will be announced at the annual Achievement day at Bancroft -All of the girls Lad Ugh scores, ranking from 97 per cent up to a high of 99.1. Judges were Drs. M|. G. Bourne and G. D. Walratli. The health champions from competing clubs were Ruby Berg, Swea; Betty Shilling, Bancroft; La Tonne Ringsdorf, Portland; Faith Finne- .stad, Fenton; Mnrjorie Me- Clellan, Sherman; Geraldine Bruns, Buffalo; and L'llii Harr, Cresco. Marjorie Jensen, Burt, and Annette Simpson, of Whittemore, did not come to Algona for the contest, and Union also did not hare an entrant Think Driver Wh6 Was Killed Slept for Fatal Moment John Boe, manager of the local Buick garage, got home Monday rom Martinaville. Ind., where he attended the funeral of Mra. Boe's ister, Floy Gamble, Friday. Mrs. Boe remained for a longer stay. Miss Gamble, 54, was killed in n auto acldent while going 'home rom a week-end visit here. She eft Algona at 4 a. m. last week aonday morning, and the accident ocurred two hours later on No. 69, six miles this side of Manka- 'GLADS'COMING TO SHOW HERE BY MAIL PLANE Blooms are Kept in Refrigerator on Long Journey. Next week-end, by plane, boat, rail, and car, hundreds of the best specimens of gladiolus in the United States will be coming to Algona to compete in the state gladiolus show. Blooms from the east are coming by special air-mail to the Twin Cities under refrigeration, and will thence be reshipped by train to Algona. Because many of these flowers will arrive a day or so ahead of the show next week Saturday and .Sunday, two railway fruit express refrigerator cars will, be spatted on local railroad tracks for storage of the blooms in the cold so that they will retain brilliance and strength for the judging. The interior of the high school gymnasium, both floor and balcony, will be used, and from present indications some hall space may have to be used to accommo- JOIN UP AND GET YOUR MAN, GIRLS IN SORORITY SAY A few of tho local Beta Sigma Phi sorority girls are thinking of a membership campaign with the slogan, Join the sorority and fret your man!" b Three of the group were married this week within a few hours of each other, and two of the events were complete surprises. ,. Th £ ffkls knew ahead of the Valeria Pickett-Williams wedding, which took place > i ue , s ™& bnt the Ruth K °land-Billingsly wedding Monday evening at Des Moines, and the leona Lichter-CIap- saddle marriage Tuesday at Cedar Rapids rather took them off their feet date the exhibitors. Only one thing is hampering the work of the local committees handling the show, and that is a lack of suitable flower baskets for basket displays. The committee is asking that Algonians and others Interested loan the use of the their local baskets for club during vill be announced and presented o the crowd. Fred Bierman'n, con- ressman, has been secured ;ive a non-political talk. to Watermelon day will be an repe- lon on a grand scale of the two rior Wateimelon days. More mel- ns and "a multitude of serving lands to pass out melons to the rowd are being provided. Both yenings there will be. a free ance on, a huge platform erected n State street, and music will be urn(shed by the Bhythm Club or- hestra. Bingo stands and 1 other musmentts and devices and con- essions wiUbeoperated. To Ejpiter Flower Show. W. W. will' go- to Sioux ity Friday to enter aowe of ladiolus in a flower show there aturday. o. It is thought that Miss Gamble fell asleep while driving, for it was evident that another car did not hit here. Her car landed ia the ditch. Miss Gamble had been secretary of the Brooks Elevator Co., Minneapolis;, for the last 22 years, but her hpine town was Martlnayilie, Off for the Coast. Justice Delia Welter left yesterday, with her eister Edith, who is employed at the county agent's office, and Aulbrey Beaton, bookkeeper at the Algona creamery, for a two or three weeks tour to the coast, w&ere they will visit relatives. ;he show. They will be returned Immediately after the show. Elaborate baskets are not required W. W. Gillespie, H. N. Kruse, G W. Stillman, and F. A. Bunting will receive the baskets and label them. Comments from growers and exhibitors are complimentary to the Algona Glad club for the manner in which the show Is being handled, and it Is believed the number of blooms on exhibition COUNTY W. C, T. U, WILLJ^EETHERE A. W C. T. U. county convention will be held Tuesday at the Presbyterian church with the Algona unit in charge. The forenoon session will be devoted to a bus^ mess meeting. A pot-luck lunch will be had at noon, and coffee and dishes wil be furnished by the local organization. In the afternoon there will be a talk, with the speaker to :be obtained by a committee composed of Mrs. N. A. Smith and Mrs Frank Geigel, and there will be musical numbers. The convention will be called to order at 10:30 o'- FAILS TO PAY FOR SUPPORT OFHISMILD Wives File Charges on Two Other Ex- Husbands. Henry C. Hoeck, north Kossuth, was ordered jailed Tuesday by Judge A .Heald, of Spencer, on a charge of contempt of court when Hoeck failed to show up for a hearing on the charge. The contempt proceeding was brought by Hoeck's mother-in-law, Mrs. Bratha Brighten, who charged Hoeck with failure to provide support for hia child, which was placed in her care. Two other husbands were called into court for contempt hearings on charges brought by divorced wives of failure to provide for child support—George Good, and larence Crouch. Mutual Adultery Charges. The history of the Hoeck case goes back several years to the time he was .sentenced to the penitentiary on a grand larceny charge. He .served 14 months. In November 10o4, after his release he brought suit against his wife, charging her with adultery. She filed a counter- suit charging him with abuse adultery, and being a felon. After a discussion in court the case was settled by awarding the divorce to Mrs. Hoeck, together with custody of the child. Mrs. Hoeck also received $500 alimony settlement, and a $100 attorney fee for her attorney was paid by Hoeck. In, a stipulation of' settlement Hoeck agreed to furnish suitable support for the child, tout the amount of money was not set forth in either the settlement or in the court order. Hoeck Not In JalL On July 13 Mrs. Brighten filed a non-support complaint, stating that she had cared for the child since March 25, 1937, and asked ?5 per week back pay, and a like sum each week for future care of the 11-year-old hoy. Hoeck -was arrested last night by Sheriff Loss, and lodged in jail, where he will remain till released by the court. He must pay, it the court so orders, the-amount asked by Mrs. Brighten, which now amounts to $350. Former Algoniang Summoned^ An order was entered requiring George Good, now of Spirit Lake, to appear and show cause why ho should not be similarly held in contempt of court. The hearing was S et for August 16. The complaint was filed by Mrs. Phyllis Good, who stated her former husband was behind $300 in support payments-of $20 per month for their child. The couple wore divorced in September, 1934. A similar complaint was fiJed against Clarence Crouch, and a hearing was also set f-jr August 16 on contempt charges. The complaint was filed by his ex-wife who alleged he was $30 behind in his payments. The couple was divorced in January. There are. four children, and un<isr the court order he was to pay $5 per child. He took charge of two of the children, joint care of the other two children. Intoxicated Driver Sentenced. O. S. Warner, of Fenton, was sentenced to 90 days in jail Tuesday by Judge Heald after he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while intoxicated. By a special order Judge Heald deferred enforcement of the sentence till this fall and winter after Warner's farm harvest work is out of the way. No action was taken on charges of chicken stealing brought against Albert Hopkins, who is reported to have signed a confession It >vas believed Monday that he tfould plead guilty .before Judge Heald, and receive his sentence, but after a discussion Tuesday disposal of the case iUB "<iay ued. here will exceed all past state shows. The show is open to the public immediately after the judging Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. Expert at tyress QUu Verne, Aug. jj. Babler,, Monroe, Wis., the Legler homes. SJ 40 dreageg in the last at Farm Bureau Women are Planning Big Day County ill meet with Mrs. A. L. Brown 4-H committeewomen evening (Thursday) ~ to lay plans ,for the annual Achievement Bay next Tuesday at the Bancroft public school house, Women who will atend the committee meeting are Mesdamefl Robert Master**, C orwith; Charles Osborn, Fenton; Ardon Reynolds, Ledyard'; G. <j. Petterman! Bancroft; A. B. 6«hsack, of gay Miter, Titoafca liar TVtXSir .*' "***«»»; .begin thfe ™ uw, laiowfa,; ajnd Jerry travel is one a 4^&fttae«K clock. There are three county — Algona, units in Bancroft, the and Swea City, and the conventions are usually attended by at elast 40. Employment Office Gets Jobs for 167 reemploy- The local national nade 167 men and 29 Most of the placements were'for harvesting, and'the office could have placed more men if there had been enough applications. There are now plenty of names on the list to take cars of any prospective demand for laborers. Twenty-two Kossuth claims for was' contin- com l>ensatton. were July—100 fewer than had be . e * anticipated by the state ad minstration. +• So, « Work Starts, weet Bend, Aug. 2— ^Men are wort on No. *4, between, preparatory to at end Flower Club is to Meet Monday Night The flower club will meet in he assembly room of the Algona library % Monday evening a t 7:30. rs. Paul Wille, wife of the cus- odian of the Ambrose A. Call tete Park, will give a talk on the vild flowers in the park. Mrs. C. -.. Ingersoll wil have charge "of a musical program. Huhleman Home is Sold, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Wright have purchased the Rev. W. G. . . man home on .north Thprlugton and. will get possession la October, This Js the former Misbach horns. The Muhlemans will no* ,kn.owv where they will be stationed till the annual Northwest Iowa Methodist conference* Mr. M due to retire M tendeat this year.

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