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The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 4

The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 4

The Roanoke Timesi
Roanoke, Virginia
Issue Date:
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rvUR KOAKOKK 'J II ll )A CLITON BroMsol Mercantile Co A THE HOAMIKE TIME A PRESENT Get 500 To 'the Boys 20 Campbell Avenue West no need of worrying about where get to worry about where get the worst Look wiser the failure just as it and Stop EARLY ALL OERINGS DR ALRED SNAPP Osteopathic Physician AUTO llonnoke Vn Mr phone 150 TO THE AIR i Grapd Millinery Opening No 1IHI I and 22 Cloth Top Button $350 i 11 Bi 1 1 s' John I SAM GLASS 38 Salem Ave an 'i ni' vmi: ri bniti hi house 4 The Htnl SllO 2:19 1 1 IM A GRADUATE I 4 4 4 5 5 Smart Sailor Suits or Misses and Youns Women our nn tsivlna urn clinun Il 4 horse Best ladles' KU 1 ted saddle all roadster shown In light UJ I Lace Curtains and Curtain Draperies nnd Brussels Nrt Curtains en HEIRONIMUS COMPANY 1 1 4 or the Right Style At the Right Price At the Right Store was not fell Into but our utility single another this af Kanera Indies' IRST CLASS POCKET KINE hoi so driving will this I Inrthrrger IIiim tn Meet Thousands of I'alr He Offers HI alter tlargalna Than Anybody Else THE BEST Clothes nmMHraraaag8ffia hundred kept feet If the NOTICE TO When changing ntltlrcsa be certain to give old as well ns new address Shoes of Character! Thenew styles are in yonr School Shoes here and you get the best September 20 In our new and up fo I question put tn thnin CATTLE JUDGED the awards In tbo cattle de yesterday were the follow the cars and could stationing of more handle the crowds blocked and It is traffic flquad man While many I rAi I nrr I BURGLARS HOH Ml Ml SAE ALLEGED ROBBERS POST OICE CARD DIRECTED PROMPT SUICIDE GOT $50000 OR KOREAN MISSION Make your selection from a quality stock and be certain of satisfaction Inspect and purchase SCHLOSS BROTHERS SUITS and SAM PECK Young and Suits the Standard of America for thirty live vears 2 2 Republican party after government is over in front and there is ample space foryhe cravat 15 2 for 25c Civ Mt Peabody Co' Maker New Suits for Men PHONLS OnniBrNS Office Rrpnrtorial Hoorna TUESDAY WEDNESDAY AND THUKSDAY Entered at at Hoanoke Vi aa second class mail matter M'BSCBIPTION RATES Daily oae year Dally rlx moafha Dally three months Dally oae month Salt day edition one Is an Nn 1 Best hnrneaa to speed wagon: Richmond Va Sept Police Justice John Jeter Crlitehfield today passed the sixty sixth milestone tn This the woilld bo a time killer until the big event These same people angry hungry and foot sore went home and today few good words will be said for the air Asso ciation The hope lb that a bueiessful flight today may cause better feeling The police uork at the ait has been splendid and the order kept on tile grounds and at the entrance lias lieen excellent ew arrests have been made ami they were for small of fenses The Roanoke Hallway and Electric Company has kept up a fast sched ule to and are always THE AIK Sill Beautiful as it la and wonderful ns It Is the flying machine has about ns many whims and moods and notions us an unusually pretty girl of eighteen who has been spoiled and petted all her life yesterday's disappointment nt the air Grounds was severe Undoubted ly the fair management was to blame for failure to notify ilia public that a flight from the grounds was unlikely or to arrange for a flight from one of tlm neighboring heights The manage ment however Is not informed of the1 ways o( air ships and Is said to have believed to the last that successful rise eouhl be made in the available space But1 there was not room The machine needed about 800 feet more space than It had are concerned particularly for' the reputation of the city We con fess to some soreness at the thought of the people who came here on the assurance of Roanoke people and the newspapers that the exhibition would be given ami who went home last night angry and feeling that they had been tricked There was no purpose by anybody Io deceive nybMly We are con vinced of this There was bad Judg ment but unaccustomed people not be expected to have sound Judg ment about an aeroplane Wo hope sincerely that the promised flights for today ami tomorrow will he triumph antly successful and will put a good taste in the mouth of everybody this is the result tlie success of fair will bo complete from the gates and cars waiting at either the city of the route The conges iwiier of Jefferson street Meals Burke Clothing Co Busy Order "Martha ashington" Candy and You xh'UI'i tho inest Con fections nt the Least You can't buy these fine candles in Roanoke anywhere except at Becker's resh daily plenty Of assortment from which to choose Delicious et most reasonable Only nt Becker's remember ami only $lp pound Shoes for Men I Laird Schober Shoes for Women tion at the and Campbell avenue Is a draw buck to the operation of be remedied by the than one officer to The sidewalks are impossible for the un ip iu ncep mem vicar peopm await transfers the real con gestion is caused by people who stand and watch the crowds and prevent passengers from reaching the cars of We are now offering the fin est line of Boys' Sults it has ever been our pleasure to offer to tho people of Roanoke These goods are of the latest style Including all the latest waves and uibrics They are honest goods at honest prices 'The prices are as low as con sistent with the values offered We want the parents of Roa noke to bring their boys to our store to he titled up and we haAe decided to offer not only exceedingly good values with he very best of clothes with every suit bought at store we will give a SCI IDOLS CLOSE EARLY TODAY Tills will be Roanoke Day at tho air The city schools will clnsu at 2:90 to allow the boys and girls to visit tlie grounds and witness the balloon ascension and aeroplane flight WILD WEST SHOW ARRIVES Among the arrivals at 'the grounds yesterday was VVIId West show Members of this aggregation gave exhibitions of horsemanship on the track in front of the grand stand between harness races of to every school A Woman in White Dress A rosy cheeked woman wearing a white dress white slippers white gloves hit hat and white snsh went in her ei'ilai to feed the furnace She entno out of the collar after tiring the furnace Just os clean and neat as she was when she went down stairs low did sho ntnnugn it? She burns Roan oke gas house coke the dean fuel There's nothing about coke to soil the hands or clothing It makes a hot fire nd costs less than half as much The gas company sells coke at $3 ton delivered 12550100 lent avenue and Henry street: Miss Peters a skilled and artistic mil liner is with us again this season Our hand some 'millinery parlors will be tilled with the very latest creations of famed milliners show ing the very latest adap tations from Ikij'is trust the ladibs of Roanoke will honor us with their presence up 4 pack of cards drew'nn coked at It Then he dropped the according to a younger brotherthe shotgun from beneath the Placed he xzle in sb is mouth trigger James in his article In was Ho Tainted out that the Republican par itjbcgan to legislate fifty years agoJ ery constructive beneficial and 1m ytant act since that time he sayss been the work of RepublicansjThe truth is the Republican party first ten years on the warjjinext fourteen on sectionalism and li lived the last twenty six on 'jro tlon and paternalism aided by ne Democratic blunders The first of its life was spent trying toDish Southern white men under ne es The lust half lias been spent Ung to crush Northern white men vjder nabobs' Its earliest efforts were weakness and vice of party Is that it never Or can understand lite and strength of the Always It Ims believed that tricked and Indefinitely by appeals to their They tt not Your Chniitlrur Our new all and Winter styles for men are now ready for your Inspection We offer better values for the money than ever before and our Ham burger Bros Suits are strictly up to the standard throe it ton of the baseball dia mond and then Mr ly seeing he coufil not leaye the grounds without a wreck suddenly came to the' ground and coasted along on the wheels for over one hundred feet stopping over half way across the field This closed the flight Back to the garage the aeroplane wns pushed by liie Willing volunteer workers and as It was locked up for the night a heartily sore crowd left the air grounds blaming the management for not an nouncing the inability of the aviator to use the field and for having taken their money knowing the conditions Hundreds went out merely to see the aeroplane It was advertised positive ly aa an attraction of the day Many men left their work lost a day or half a day from their labor took? their families and paid anywhere from $100 to 3500 to see th aeroplane as the principal attraction and the air as Among partment Ing: Section Hull 3 years old and over first pre mium Elmdorf arm Lexington ky second premium It ('row gov' Wytheville Va Bull 2 yeats old and Under first premium Rosenberger and Edwards Tiffin Ohio second premium EIrndorf i' arm Lexington JCv and third pre mium Crowgev Wytheville Va Bull one year old and under first premium JOhndorf arm Lexington Ky One entrv Bull calf under one vear M'Trst pre mium Rosenberger ami Edwards) Tif fin Ohio second premium same and third premium Elmdorf arm Lexing ton Ky Cow three yearsold and irst premium Rosenberger and Edwards Tiffin 6 second premium Elmdorlif arm Lexington Ky 1 Helfer two years old tinier three irst premium Elmdorf arm1 Lexlng toi Ky second premium Rosenberger Sdwards Tiffin Ohio Helfer one year old under two irst premium Rosenberger VEdwards' Tif fin Ohio: second premium Eltmlorf arm Lexington Ky I Helfer calf under one year irst premium Rosenberger Edwards sec ond premium Elmdorf arm Lexing ton Ky third premium same Herd one bull and four vows irst premium Rosenberger A Edwards sec ond premium EJtndnrf arm Exhibitors young herd irst mliim Rosenberger Edwards ond premium Elmdorf arm (let of giro four animals irst tnlum Rosenberger premium Elmdorf Beppo Euripides Mount alvlr Time 1:19 ikVrses BE JUDGED Tins MORNING The following classes In tlm horse detiurtrnent to be shown In halter bi called promptly at 11 o'clock morning: (lass I TRADE MARK Un iSc Hpr Wh'tc I i li Rolnt tirely pew designs all HAND MADE and mounted on the finest nets full width and length with plain and scroll centers nt $29 $3s to $12 an pule Point de Arab Curtains beautiful patterns ith tin! ret grade of nets In the rich Arabian to $2000 pair LYING MACHINE A DISAPPOINTMENT Continued front irst Page grounds from which he could easily have made the fllglit III Try Again t'nder New (tons Air Ely after his tfnsuecessful at tempt at a flight hustled about the air loca nui ke the going over and around the Something of value and exciy iiiiy (iso boy in Roanoke These knives are not worth less articles offered for the pur pose of drawing trade but we feel that they will be daily re minders of our store and busi ii ness It will bo well worth the time of parents to investigate this offer Clnsg(Hass 'lass Class and girl under 19 years on ponv CONTESTS TONIGHT In the riding and driving contests the following classes will bo called st 8 o'clock tonight: No 97 Best No 98 Rest adjoining properties to tlm grounds and selected a desirable tion from hich he will try to a flight today 1 from outsldo grounds grounds and allglitlng Inside The crowds gathered about the gar age in which the bamboo birch Jrlsh linen and aluminum machine known to Vie world ns an imroplane was resting On cute little bicycle wheels early In the As the hour for tlm adver tised flight drew near the crowd grew largsr and when the door of tho build ing were thrown open a nd with "give us a hand fellows" the mechanicians started ft out willing farmers dt aens and school boys got behind tlm flying machine and pushed with slich a vim ft camo near firing of its own Volition As the big cloth banner like ear came Into view there was a sllg'lit cheer This grew as Mr Ely stepped Into the seat and gave the word for tho flight to start The garage is on the extreme east end of tlm race track and the plane was headed toward the West end of the enclosure In the cen ter of the track Tho 115 horse power engine puffed the' crowd cheered and then the wheels began to torn ns the oar glided along the path toward the sotting sun or 200 feet It kept to the ground Then there was a percep tible rise us tho machine loft ground or approximately tunce of abou over the weeds or questions of know the conditions we had reached after fifty jiurs of Republican supremacy wete not wholesome They saw polit ical puwet being gathered in tlm hands of few bosses in the States respon sible to larger bosses at Washington They saw legislative power living drawn Into the keeping of three or four men and the power of the people to demand and direct legislation prac tically destroyed They saw shame less corruption in State governments rnd legislatures and most dangerous combinations between political powers and financial powers working together and helping each other against the people They saw the grip of financial and industrial kings steadily tighten ing and the commerce' the Industry and the financial and transportation management of the country swiftly and surely gathered Into the hands of a few Therefore the people say and see that the Republican party has failed in the management of the country's affairs ns shamefully and abjectly as it failed in reconstructing the country Therefore once more they will take the work into their own hands There fore Air Tawney and Mr Hale and tin: rest of them are being overthrown 1 Therefore the its failure in throwing the Stand Pat leaders re sponsible for pre ft Edwards second arm AND RESULTS purse $300: Man In be Mnrrled lu'lwr Window Toiln' Mell Known Here Mr Carl Beckner who' Is to 1 be married In Thurman ft Boone's show Indow toilay is a former student' of tin NutloiLil BiiwlntjHS College thin city and Is prosperous merchant of PlzJ urro loyd county Alisa Mnmle Sow der tho bride to be is a slstbr nt Mr Samimi Sow der a graduate of the Na tional liiislimss College class of 1909 who now holds a lucrative position with a coni corporation In West Virginia CUTON 2f in ki BEDOCD 2( in kijh Arrow Kotch COLLARS 8 5 Brownie Toilet III ROANOKE SHOE CO 13 South Jefferson Street West kjnlem Avenue Niturallv many hundreds of num) thousand of strangers who come to the Itonnoke air will visit the fur niture stores where thev intend making purchases None of these strangers should full to inspect tho big and va'r leii stock of furniture and liousofur nlshings to bo found In tho model store of llartborgor ft Son 135 Salem ave Hnrtberger offers refrigerators porch rockers and felt mattresses AT COST He oiers finest sewing machines and porch swings BELOW COST Nottingham and Net Curtains double thread 'with overlooked edges" full width and length choice of EO 88c $125 $XU8 to $7 pair lat Nd Curtnlnn made on best nets white and Arabian Renaissance borders In newest effects nut edges real and 'imitation cluny at $198 to $15 pair Norfolk Va Sept Hauling a 1200 pound safe ilrom the office to the work' shop some (llstancc away to be frightened oft before the job of opening it could be accomplished1 thieves lei lie 1 ords I tho in a blo yard of Lawson ftseNewton corner of Eleventh and Williams street last Iffh IXM1 I a Roux tlie boy aeronaut made a successful balloon ascension and double parachute drop at 3:45 In the after noon The Mg bag went straight up to a great height when the lad's father standing on the grounds fired a pistol as a signal for the youth to cut loose from tho Mack air traveler The nv later pulled rope and shot downward a distance of 100 feet when a large parachute unfolded Almost Immediate ly anoi her report from the pistol told the boy to cut loose a second time this ttnii he divorced himself from the um brella and fell another distance 1 when a second parachute filled ozone and under this canopy La Roux rode back to terra flrma The parachute and Its fearless passenger tell through the limbs of a big tree on the banks of Roanoko river Just outside the south lence oi Die grounds The lad Injured Tho collapsed balloon tho river Master La Roux will make ascension and parachute drop Icrnoon IREWORKS at NIGHT There was a fine display of fireworks on the grounds last night following the riding anti driving contests There was no display of fireworks during the afternoon the statement 'being made that the day fireworks did not arrive There will be another fire works exhibition tonight MORE ENT1UEH THAN EVER BEORE have in this building seventy iiiuit' enuigg innn we evr said Huperfntcndent Cronice of the Exhibition Hnli Cronfee and his tireless assistants Miss Jessie Iflppey and Messrs Quinn and Keister are busy every minute of tho day but have a quick and kind answer tor every VlrHt BaceTrot litvl Mngftifj John red Antro Bill Alto Downs T4t Rlttricil 2 :2 1 D2 222 1 2 2:22 Second 2:19 pace purse $300 (tern 1 Aliljor Viceroy Sir Henry Torlnd Willis 3 Time 2:24 1 4 225 1 4 1 4 Child 2:25 pace stake 1399 Zimmerman 1 1 Shires 6 Grade heavy draft fi Light draft Heavy draft sweepstakes Eight draft sweepstakes1 Nos 88 and Best boy Amherst Nabs Lj ucliburgers Lynchburg va September 21 ive prominent Lynchburg people are to be arrested during the next twenty fotir hours Upon the charge of exceed ing the speed limit on tint new Amherst turnpike ASTHMADOR A GUARANTEED REME9Y OR ASTHMA SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS ON THE MONEY BACK PLAN Dr SclilfTmann's never falls to Eire INSTANT RELIE In (be worst cnsei of ASTHMA No WAHTNtl for RE Its (lUion Is immediate direct and I UR TAIN and a CURE is tho result In all curable cases A BSD LUT A A A II JIADUR" to slvo IMMEDIATE RELIE In the most violent attacks of ASTHMA So positively certain are we that It will do exactly MuinuiiNiont mat we nave authorised Druggists the to Refund Your Money a Ithout question if It falls to benefit you 8 Schumann Co Proprleiors St Paul Minn were responsible for tho failure ofreconstruction but never could realize or would acknowledge that they had failed The Htarid Batters of today are repenting the history of the Stal warts of 1880 They tire Bourbons of the same kind and will share the same fate The unhappy Slcmp like many another small fish is caught in the bad company of obnoxious whales and will be pulled out In the stunts net Tho intrinsic the Republican has understood majesty sense people tho people cmild be astray and amused campaign devices and passions or cupidity realize that when the American peo ple determine to do a thing they do it and go Straight to tho core tho point and that no art can them aside and no power can them SV Doilie Dillard 2:12 1 4 3 4 2:12 1 ourth Running: Ore emphatic than convincing fiiincu ou i ma lied and pulled stlie It developed had been ac custpuied since hlblhood to making decisions with the aid of cards Ills ii'liitlvvs believe therefore that medi tating fiullde lie determined to leave nts into 10 tho cards and he drew unlucky card Bristol VaDept 2 The I iounshf 11 missionary to Korea 1'roin tho Holston Conference "'Metho (list Episcopal Church South has been in Bristol this week He has just completed the task of raising $50000 within the bounds of conference to be used in the missionary work in Korea He will therefore return to Unit 'country soon nnd resume his work among the Koreans Mr Houn sliell was ably assisted dn raising the money by Maj A 1) Reynolds a wealthy Bristolian who contributed liberally Bristol Tenn September1 Cohen Moore and Walker Bayes arrested near Charleston charged with hsving robbed the postoffice nt North Holston were brought to Bristol yesterday evening by Deputy Marshal Ada ins of Charleston and from here were taken to Jail at Abingdon to be held for federal court was fmmd open by a poiieertmn early this morning and member of firn firm was notified Win he ar ni) THE II 1 1 ODD ST ANBHEW Nnsbvlllc Tenn Tickets on sale Sent 41 Uli 4i BEVILI or the convenience of out of town visitors to tho" air our store will remain open every dav Wo have nunnged to give our clerks 11 opportunity to enjoy the air without Interfering with the of our visiting customers from a distance 1 'vuuuu 01 our safe had been moved' Into the work shop and Hint an attempt had been ni iui to meag open the door was not accomplished and that i I 1 1 a Ifaffr it vv it'll 1 Ml I ftp 1 sate breakers were working indicated that they hart been Trlglitened off wliilc they re tit work This was tho third time thtil the office of Luw son ft Nev ton hMButbognJontered and on tho1 two pre vlotts occasions sAiall articles were stolen1' 'l nt 10(1 Trp Plan uropran Motel nrCHMOXD VA 1 11 feet11 clearance Thff name of Justice John Illustrious one and one th it to from tho Atlantic to tho from Maine to the Rio Grande and it would not be hyperbole to say that his fame is weu nigli international His administration of the ho 1 sees them in the nollce over which Im has presided since July 1 1888 has made him famous" sound common sense In dealing with all classes of criminalshas made him st man tn be quoted and his humor haS' caused many a hearty laugh Visitors to Richmond never feel that they have completed their visit unless a trip to "the court of Justice John" has bean made IHE ROANOKE TIMES STIBIISnEU tk ISM Mercantila Co BURNS Manager Ronneke Va lost He then blewout hisibralns with a shotgun clnu ge Despondent it believed over a love a fah Vegllo wentto Ills rctgim night ami esc aped without securing any booty hat time the attempted robbery oLa ui rod not Known 5 but the back BULLETIN 1 11 HOUND THIP I'IIID Dates of Sale NOROLK WESTERN HAIIAVAV A A LACH EXPOSITION' Knox Ville Tenn ept J3 to Oct 12 Eiciir CONCERNING JAMES Jn the October number of Munsey's BtMagazlno Representative James A Tawney of Minnesota had an articleentitled the Republican Party Should Retain We thought we knew where and when James Bi would get hts and put the article aside and waited H6 got it Tuesday got Bjt right where the chicken caught the Bit axe Bif And we want the thinking and intol llgent Republicans of Virginia to think a minute or two about Mr Tawney He has a national reputation As chairman of the tremendously im I portant appropriations committee he Was tho most important member olthe house next to the speaker Prcs I ident Taft himself went to ids district I to help hitn and made a speech prae I tlcally in his behalf President Taft Mr Tawney defended the Pnyne Aldrich tariff as AH' Slemp is doing and as Mr Parsons Is sup I posed to be doinir so far ns ho can I say anything The Republicans of Mr It dist rict are an exceptionally I high order of American citizens Like the people of the Ninth and ifth Vir I ginfa districts they live chiefly I farms Jn the ten counties the Tawney district there is no large city These thinking practical American I formers had put before them the same I Arguments In favor of the I' Aldrich bill and the Republican tariff I heasures for which Mr Slemp voted I ind Mr Parsons would have voted I hat Mr Slemp and Mr McKinlay arc I Jutting before the farmers and busl I jess people of the Ninth dislrlcl Tim I Minnesota farmers shrewd nnd care mon watchful of their own inter I and thoe of the country voted I tgatnst Mr Tawney by a1 great ma prity' They refused to renominate I tim to represent them They refused I be convinced bj' his arguments or I hose of the president They would not I ote for him even vvlth his great In 'uence and reputation and even I Jhough he was backed by 4 he presi ent of the country and the head of I he Republican party I I The Ninth district 'Republicans Umio opportunity to select their candl for oongresrf such as the Mln jepota Republicans had Their nom 'jiee was chosen for them by a con ention composed largely of appointed i fice holders and In tho selection of hich the rank and file of the partyad little voice They have the op prtunity to do as their fellow Repub 'Cans and fellow farmers in Minne (jta did They can express their dls pproval of the Payne Aldrich bill rid of those who supported it and ppear to defend and uphold Jt They Jn make their opinion felt at theplls in November Common sense must tell them that Minnesota Republican farmers 4iet have had etrong clear Ifoeone for cutting down a man like If the Republicans at the prth reject 1 1 ale Boutell Httrrowsd Tawney Republicans at the South Jould reconcile themselves easily to ejecting Mr Slemp and Mr Parsons JUSTICE JOHtl IS IT Hill SrONE oted to making mongrels at the ith unsuccessfully its later efforts'e been concentrated euecossftdly making millionaires at the North its youth it lived on hate In Its fness It has existed on greed Hi earlier years it catered to passion ts later to avarice tree great problems have been be i the American people he first was the reconstruction and oration the divided Republic this the Republican party failed Brably horribly criminally until people took the task from Its de and did the work themselvesother two are the currency and tariff The Republican party is us through forty five years with a currency system estab ed under martial law and as a wtir Urgency measure Jt has given us currency system which enables faty men to corner the money stip end a tariff system which enables men to corner the commodities people must have to live The system work together to the end of concentration of wealth power They have given us a of violent nnd tin wholesome uitlonn with extreme high prices Inflation one yeor and extreme low is and depression the next The Heal effect of their policies is Hy before the country Jt has to make a few persons and fant enormousJy rich steadily dmUng ts the producing many This ecisely the reverse of wise stutes hlp which Is to provide stable steady conditions and so to dis te wealth 'that everybody shall tome and hobody more thnn can rtd decently and comfortably 1 ere looking at the genera! la 'and are declining to bo dls id by details or temjjorory issues 1VT A Of rmitrnllw A a I 'V 41J 14'HIUOU Ul Jny Hotel in the City and Kong Distance I'hones in Rooms Tickets sold and baggage checked from ho tel Write for Booklet JAS DISNEY Mgr Hr dec 100000 home grown Two sixes Nothing adds so much to voup place as a hedge riant now allon lorist Roanoke Va 1 Journey Although nearing the three score and ten mark the white haired gen tleman Whose kindly and benign uccomp'a'nies this little epitome of his life Is as hale and hearty and as activrt as he was twenty years ago Indeed hl4 health Is bet I ztl ivi tD ni il 1 1 i nti ven pit Li) siiyivs arc snown any one ot them 1 will be certain to please you At ery )rctty models in serve navy blue or all black The blue ones have red tic and white silk braid trimming Embroidered emblems Sizes 12 to 18 years At ine serge in Peter Thompson style The plaited skirt has a pretty yoke effect At One piece Peter Thompson suits in fine navy blue serge The plaited skirt is buttoned in front a very attractive new style' At $1750 Charming Middy Blouse effects in navy blue serge (inc quality Blouse side buttoning lacing at bottom led inlaid collars white silk braid trimming" white embroidered stars on collar Pretty plaited Call at uiir htoi'B and take a chaixco oil uiu room suit to Em trlvpii slwjiv 1 ML mMbM BMihSIl WL id1 I 25 2 I A A 1 A A A 1 Arav MoanoKt va 1 1 1 ty i 1 1 1 1 VSVr' 1 1 1 1 1 i 11 i 1 1 1 1 i i i I rK id ft.

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