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The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 8

The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 8

The Roanoke Timesi
Roanoke, Virginia
Issue Date:
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vjv If MBBtBES? W'R 1 4 1 BwlWii Ail tLi1 'i JUMmiA1! 1 1'JilJ wU kufcnw i I W'SW'WW 'iUv is'A suMut ttft II STATE hANCLS Pants Sale! OR SPRING 1924 4 The Old Reliable Just Opposite the Passenger TWO MILES A MINUTE by BARNES BRUGCD I Universal ood Chopper (DIED IN 70TH YEAR 6 SMALLEST GRAND I1XO ME The Bathing Hour NEW ORLEANS MARDI GRAS The deceased Piano Department Michae' Manager 4 DEATH nr A CHILD in an 1 1 by Atlun Blacksburg and armville will II com nmnlMnw hill If thev CCt CITY EMPLOYS ROBBERS I THE ROANOKE GAS AND WATER COMPANY Wtwkc Unekfew 'ft! ft No ether store in sells Sults others REDUCED SHOES 4 Clotiiing' Rle'ey A Ramsey TU POANOK get Do do the 4 did ers $100 $150 $175 $20 $275 $300 $350 $400 $450 Suits o'hers 00 07 ask $10 50 for only uUiU I ancy Scotch fluid Cheviots fancy striped Cauhmcrcs Laney dlagoual Worsted REV TV C' CAMPBELT vv hen eu pants Piano they at We usq nothing" but I'orlland In all cur work We a'ho do tlon If you need anything line drop us a catd to No Campbell tt A I 44 1 It anything new under the un I have it death took place last eveninj 7 30 clock of Mr 1'1 RE IN DALLAS Dallas Tex eb ire this af ternoon destroyed the Grayson College building in this city entailing a loss of $60000 with only $17OCO insurance Here are some o' our Moving Prices: ESTEY ORHANS Tbe Hobble Co actory Distribu tors PRACTICE ECONOMY In dress as well as In other things 'Hie ccat and vest of your winter may be a little dingy but si 111 by shak ing well and dusting thoroughly they ein be made to do A pair of new Irons ers will stimulate the suit wonderfully We'll help you bu select a pair that will blend well In color and quality fire the $100 black chfeviot sell ng for $200 ancy easBl nicre and pure worsted trousers reduc ed iron) 75 cents to $150 a pair frem original low price There is a splen chance for you to buy good trous chenp during this month SCHLOSS St CO Phllndelnhh One Pries Clothiers New Orleans eb With a pa geant of surpasfing splendor and the balls of Rex and Counts the mardi gras carnival celebration closed to night Rex entertained a multitude of subjects in Washington Artillery Hall and in his brilliantly Illuminati 1 throne roon chose for his queen Miss Josie Halliday Counts reached bark to Babylon the of all beauty for his sub ret and give a gorgeous moving picture ot the Epic of Izdnbar in twenty cars which traversed the vA principal streets of the city The ball of the Cornu krewe at the rench opera was Hie leading social event of utiie season Rex merry monarch of the Mardi passed through the streets the head of a magnificent pageant today choosing for his subject tin Realm of The thenre fa it was beautifully bandied in twenty two cars rank IIlrne the changed bls title for the day impersonated rex No llfi 8ALHM AVENLU 'i'L1 Ut'i" I jn ifl Sulls others G7 ask $i8 only I 40 I Silk mbed fancy fancy cheeked teel Wor led fancy uium flni lied urine! "lotton and Seme Views ns to the Revenue able This Year ask 50 for only I IUv Silk mixed fancy Wor ted faacy checked otcal Woiated fancy sulpcd mixed Cashmeres Suits thers fi 07 ask $15 fur on I Uu I ancy black unfinished Worsted fancy dark striped Wotstud fancy striped mixed Cash tiiero By telephone and you will prompt and efficient attention not forget that all ears stop here Should you decide to walk or drive make this your objective point You will be welcome at tubs drug store and we hope to make it an object for you to deal heie too We have every reason to believe that after yon once get started tint yoi will make this your drug store Our best efiorts are directed towards bringing you to that point We want you to see and feel that we are exerting ourselves to de serve your good will and patronage in more ways than cne With your help we will continue to grow and you will be proud of your drug store 32 Salem avenue through to 31 Camp h11 tvf iif Mr Smythe proprietor of the Staunton Daiy News Is in the city miss Jane Loyd 5zt East avtnue who has been quite ill for the past week is very much improved AV Coe of Rcancke was In Blue field on Monday Mr and Mrs Stcgar have beer called to vJBlueheld by illness ot luetr son Hugh Blair is in Bristol on business Bryant was in the city jester day from Welch Va Mr Johnson manager of the Pcrtnor Brewing Company left las night for Pl'mont Va where he will visit his mother tor about ten days before return ng INTERMENT THIS MORNING The funeral of the late Capt Woodson whoj death took place his residence 119 Church street on Monday will be lield at 10 this morning services being held the house by Rev Hawkins In terment wlh be at airview MARKLEY'S TABLE TALK Among Roanoke's fresh meat cslab llahm nts none can approach that of II II Markley Co Sitleni ave near Commerce This largo nmr ket store has just lu itallcd the mt Bst improved electric plant for grinding meats of all kinds fonw of the good things always lotted it are tender beef pork veal mutton lamb ail poi It saus age poultry and gave in season country butter and eggs and pure country lard Markley lias both 'phones Markley makes quick dellverici Markley will ph nsu you the pictures as follows CO cents 8x10 £0 cents 10x12 1100 The Roanoke Baggaqe Transfer Co Tet the Roanoke Baggage Transfer Co handle your baggage We ar? bonded with the Noriolk and Western Railway Co to insme sale handling and 'can sav' you trouble and annoy ance We meet all trains Office baggage room Both phones 72'J I1ENRETTA BROS Props Is doing business at the same ole stand and lots of business too Peo pie often remark arc al way so busy down We know it and we make our business just wha' it is We are not asleep and the av erage buyer comes here because be get just what he wants and always at th very lowest possible price This am other reasons makes this the bus store Let us fill your next prescription? WU LL TRY ON LAD CHECK C'HARG One of the cases set for trial on the docket of tl corporation court this morning is ihit of the young man Baldwin charged with forging the sig nature of a woman named Bert Swan son to a check for $35 which he af terwards passed at Ike shoe store DIED CONSUMPTION The death took place on yes'erday morning of Mr Robert Cooper at No 27 ourth avenue who was only 20 years of age fell a victim to consumption and had been growing weaker for some time The funeral services will be announced later Interment will be at St An cemetery WE EAT TO LIVE That being the case one should se (x lect only the best place the place where things are cooked to taste need to Buffer Indigestion Noti if you 00 to the Arlington Cafe Hero Wf' 'p you get quick service at hours 1 You got eveiylhlng yon can wis for TJie dining halls cover I'L space than any other cstab 4 llehment of Its kind In the sta'c In V'Uigcnt and polite waiters No bois terous talking Yon bteatbo here the air of refinement yon dine in pence Regular boarders and commutation tickets Breakfast dinner and sup per 25c Manager Smaw gives the bus Infers his personal nt tent Ion No 11 Campbell avenue GAS ARC LIGHTS GAS ARC LIGHTS GAS ARC LIGHTS ILtle one year old PYTHIAN GRAND LODGE MEETING Some twenty five prominent members of the Uniformed Rank Knights of th as are in Petersburg attending llm Grand Lodge meeting of the order in that city' nPythians from all parts of the state are represented at the ses sion and business of mmh imprtan' touching tlie Pythian order will come up A lot of and $250 and $300 shoes A lot of shoes sold at 50c and 75c 2'c A lot of and shoes sizes 5 to I sold at 75c to $125 COe A' lot of Slices which sold at $300 consisting oi heavy enamels and box cnlf $11'8 Uothur Shoes In the line also greatly 1 educed A small lot of the $300 and $350( Women's Shoes left (advertised last wi ok) at $138 1 1 You Can Easily Reach Us Suits others OR 07 ask $8 for tfnly cuZ ancy dark brewn Checker Cash fancy dark gray steel Tweed iancy dark blue chykod Cheviot Bring In your films and let us make yo i some cnlargmtn nts 'These 111 greatly enhance the value of DP 6HREUS TEETHifIG SYRUP Bis Iwn Vcd by J'mhen rcommend''d by Hows find prescribed by fax tors foi ji nrsi it the finest laby luriictne far Colic Crain Jjifltih Ba Sour oniwh tthoicm Infantum and other ilinehtsthat cause 1 Te'tlng Crvtnr ul 5igut at Su ktiess Vw it Otci) ai you wit nlwsvs life it Yiuean tep nd iit it a' al dntg ston a Write tn Ors I uhiuey i Son UagurstowuMd(l eBureiouiem(in this r'prri and asx fora TRIAL BOTTLE REE M0Ak BARNES He puts up Prescriptions Onnnaitf jeoen vr Tfapn' IN NEED UEL The Itoauoli City Charity Associa tion corner of Campbell avenue and Roanoke street 13 again phort of fuel' supply the cold weather for come tune past having taxed the association to the utmost The quantity of both coal and wood on hand is entirely In adequate to meet the ids of yes terday and should iiiinh cold weathe ensue many poor families supplied by th? Association through Mr Boyer will doubt less suffer Contributions from the coal and wood men or from private sources will be thankfully re teive 1 at the association headquarters at this particular time PtRSONAL MENTION 'a REE ROUND TRIP TO NEW YORK We have just arranged with Wood Harmon Co to represent them in the sale of their lots In Greater New Yprk These lots are offend on payment of $iu down and monthly payments ot frem to $9 ree deed In case of death A number of business men cf Roa noke city and county have already In vested In these lots '1 hose who have inspected their 'ots since purchasing have Increased their holdings Will be glad to explain the plan to seeking profitable and safe in vestments Agents wanted In city end points In Southwest Virginia STRAS WALTON COMPANY Gale Building Reancke Va Smoke Cigars Union Mad? The abo it IKnighton who for a long time past has served as janitor of the Melrose school The deceased who lived at 613 Third avenue was in the 70th year of his age and sitecumbed to catarrhal pneumonia He wag the father of Mr Knighton a con ductor on the Norfolk Western and a father in law of Mr Newton of this city an ex councillor The funeral services will he hold on Thursday afternoon the hour belnc announced later Interment will take place at icairvlew We are not exactly giving away pia nos and otgsriH but our low prices and easy would almost make you think so We are alone in our tn thisrospect Simply because we represent dlrcet the largest manu facturers in the wot id ami why you have rptes to sign" in buying from us Think It over an 1 then let us talk it ever Roanoke Music Co Jennings Manager 22 balem avenue west'" McPhail Pianos are becoming very popular in Roanoke They are of Highest On Monday ebruary 8rh shall commence our great Semi Annual Pants Sale Men always need Pant? and here is an opportunity to buy them for less than they are worth Pants for rough work and for the dressier wear all si es eagle: clothing house ulW The Bobbie Co sold the oc ot bherManse a Behr BroB sold thtra a fine instru ment Wc could not afford to get any other sort and you could not atl'ord to sell us any otlher than a good instru ment A piano in a home has to run the gauntlet of too many eyes and ears not to be a line one We are delighted with the piano amt from all who have seen and heard it we have not had an adverse criticism I remain aithfully yours CAMPBELL Pastor irst Presbyterian cliurc'h Roa noke 1 I 24 Al EM AVNUE Spot Cash Meant that you order your goods pay the ceh down for them thereby saving wncy pronte cakes good Laundry Soap 1 tweet Maiden Soap box Bica par lb 4 cans Tomatoes Hams per lb California Hams per lb Coffee per lb 1 Prunes per lb BUILDING MATERIATa McCelieo Norrnoyte will furnish vou cstimnlftU on houses built of the Palmer Hollow Concrete Building Bieck find prtlflelal stone trimmings ot nny design and ro'oi Also nn all kinds cf stone work nnd cement work for sidewalks and eeRais etc and Portland Crmcnt Concrete for foundation' to not cent any more than lime stone wall Thin work can be done In one half the time It takes to put in stone We furnish you any sl'n cap stone for piers nn 1 can build you chimneys out of these blct ks all one pRce making chimney fire proof uement i'xca va in our 8 8t ready for yon with fash ion land's latest shapes and col ors Never before have we been In a position to show the variety of styles and shades as we are this season Recent changes In our HAT DEPARTMENT places at vour services one of the most complete HA STORES in the south Every make handled here is controlled exclusively by ue in Roanoke and by buy ing direct from factories places? us in a position to give you th? best values that money will buy anywhere 25c 10c 5fi 25fl 12C 8C lOtiC ffa Now we want your trade and if close prlMO and equare dealing will get It Wt tkink we W'l beer fmm WM1 whan Ml Hd of giwerlor SiWlW MOT CASH GROTOmv rtfi L' 'HKMiei 4W Now Ml i gi Suits others A nn ask $1 2 50 fur only OO Dark mixed Imported Wo'ateJ light steel chocked Cashmere fancy gray cheeked Worsted AT LOSS OR NICKNAME An article in the Norfolk Virgin ian Pilot of yesterday reads: TTfl Vnrfnlk ninln9rri0? This ln Crtrmnflnn io cniifhf hv thp mnvnr other city official? In order that it may be tent to Inquiring parties ta tta wno nave com munication to Dr Riddick on the sub Icct An Informal discussion was held in the office of tire mayor in regard to the matter Several old residents of the elty who werepresen ted stated that it had been rolled City ly the Sea" but there was nothing to prove that nom Pllime had been universally adopted by the Inhabi tants In fact the nickname foumlttl too and unromatlc Another objection to the name was that other cities have laid claim to it and No folk Is nothing if not original Kelly of Atlanta Constitution In a letter to mayor stated that he understood that the leading cities pos sess nicknames based upon some local condition in the history of the place and mentioned as Illustration Boiton Hub of the rhiladel phla City of Brotherly Love" and others He warned to know the nickname of Norfolk 1 4 Richmond Va eb No ques lon Is of greater Interest just now jaa that of the fii anres and the probable revenue that will be avail ible during tho two ensuing fiscal years the revenue available de pends the fate of many bills carrying appropriations for various purposes aow pending in the general assembly Senator Henry AVickiham has pre pared a statement in which he bases ins estimates on the figures given out ay Auditor of Public Accounts Mor ton Marye The summing up of the tvatlable revenue that piay'tairly be anticipated as figured up by Mr Wick ham is tuiac for the two years ren suing the aggregate revenue available will be $55aGG577 H0 deducts fromhis total the dividend payable for two years on the state holdings of Rich mond redericksburg and Potomacstock amounting to $74864 leavinghe aggregate revenue available at48380177 which he contends belongs ro the sinking fund Taking Mr Wickham's own total Scnaror Georgt) Wayne Anderson after consulting the Corporation commission and other authorities shows that this is an ultra conservative estimate and that the available funds of the state fur the ensuing two fiscal years will be $66306577 at the least and will pro bably exceed ueven hundred thousand To Mr total he adds $G6 900 interest on $1115000 bonds ret aside some yen rs ago unused $10000 additional revenue from dispensaries $7500 increase in interest on deposits and $(0000 ag a conservative estimate of the revenue derived from registra tion fees and franchise taxes by the Corporation Commission thus making up his total Colonel Anderson fur ther points out that the auditor In his figures which Mr Wickham accepts estimates the amount from capitation taxes at possibly what he estimated It under the old constitution making no allowance for the reasonable expecta tion already partially realized that un der the new constitution with pay ment of capitation taxes a prerequi site to suffrage this sum will mate rially increase Mr Anderson Is sat isfied that the receipts from capitation taxes will exceed the sum derived from ibis source las' year by at least $40 000 This he regards as a most con servative figure The state hospitals for the insane are asking for about $15u 000 more than two years but they never get all they ask and do not imperatively need that sum in the opinion of Mr An derson Against this total $683000 (in round numbers) there are now pond ing bills proposing appropriations nt $250000 for tjie capHol $25000 for heat power and light plant $17 010 for the Medical College of which is really but $12000 more than ast year The Virginia 'Polytechnic Institute asks $290000 the armville normal $700t0 This does not include appropriations proposed In various other bill including Mr pub lic school bll and o'hers All three proposed appropriations combined would make a total of $752000 or near ly in excess of the 'anticipated revenues according to Mr figures It is very rare that any Of the in stitutions asking special appropriation gTt all they ask and usually the bill oclrc for tllinnt livlw UlllCh 05 tllOV tnno tr rd extieciintr that demands UV VZ on the revenues will be scaled i i qouiCiDing uui ii ujvy fvl cent of what they ask they will well The same may be said of additional $150000 asked by the sane hospitals Granting that these vero halved tho capiiol bill might still get through end leave a balance Even If all asked by armville and the insane hospitals Avaline the daughter' of Mrs Allison died Monday night at 7 o'clock of pneu monia The fun will lake place at the residence 72? Tazewe avenue this morning at 10 o'clock conducted Drs Campbell and Miller as much Clnfhintf as we dn and nctsvilhstandini tne reductions advertised by other we still maintain our decided leadership It is because we ate manufacturers of ail lhe Llolhinjj nil and we sdi it without chrgin the ual wholesale profit that all other dealers must add to their More people are finding out every day the advantage 4 buying their Clothing here It stands to reason th as maniac turers and retailers we can offer you better advantages than any other clothier in xoanoke and enable you tu buy any thingin the line of Clothing at less than any other retailer would have to pay for them wholesale '7 Smoko cigars Union Made tmiuKo Uigurs Union Made Chops row or cooked meat better than any other machine Chops all kinds of vegetables and fruits fine or coarse as desired Into clean cut uniform pieces without mashing them In this respect it has no competitors Size No 1 $125 Size No 01100 Your Worth or Your Money Sack ROANOKE HARDWARE CO No 22 West Campbell Avenue Choice Cui and Carnation al 1 ajmrp hand ALLON mcfat PhViUV 2117 Rwmuku Va kt in wrre granted tbem the sums asked would hardly fin hair useii in enlargements and improvements before the two years end In tlc event that they were given half what they ask they wou be back two yearn hence for the other half This assem bly cannot propriaic money on bbe expectation tint another will supple ment the appropriation however Op tin figures submitted there ap pears to be good prospect that the capiiol bill may pass at this session though Jt is being stoutly opposed try the advocates of appropriations for other purposes By far the cheapest best and most economical tight offered the public today Investigate plans and cost and you'll have no other AIRHE ART KIRK CLOTHING CO 102 SALEM AVENUE 105 HENRY STREET 1 ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS URNISHERS AND HATTERS INTERSTATE PHONE 164 Bargain Givers nn a Aizr a I 24 saiem Avenue CEO PAYNE Sole distributors for Dunlap Co would be anticipated with pleasure by the mother or mad and children as well if a corner of the bath roctn were stt aside Per that ticuisr purj'Oite In order io give Individual atti niton the children's toilet' the perfectly ap pointed room should be equipped with a 1 'Standard" Porcelain Enameled oot Baih with pure running water hot or cold as de lred Besides being the best and meat con venient for the children's use the foot bath cah be utilized by all members ef the family for taking a hot foot bath which is one of the best known of Natures' renrdes for the relief ot colds and preservation of the health While this fixture canret be deecr bed a an urgent necessity it is nevertheless an important feature of the Mod ern Bath rcom If you contemplate making change in your present equipment or Intend building anew we would be pleased to have you call and examine th sample of Porcela Enameled Ware we have neatly displayed In onr show roctn Our prices and the quality of our work will have your appro vkL Engle by Bro Co ROANOKE VA Speed That Will be Attempted New Automobile Club Norfolk Va eb A committee of the newly organied Virginia East Coast Automobile Association went to Virginia Beach in their motor car bun day morning to try the beach to south ward of that resort preparatory to ar ranging the Eastern Automobile meet 'i there President AV Royster of the association Dr Lomax Gwathmey II Trice Carey Weston and constituted the committee which make the inspection trip over some twenty miles of the beach i They are entirely satisfied that thebeach is suitable for tho attempt which will probably be made at the Eastern Automobile meet to lower thirty cne second record for the mile It is believed that on the stretch at Virginia Beach this can be lowered to thirty seconds The most prominent automoblllsts in the country are ex pectsd to be present at the meet Ooening of The New Hats Quartos Grand Norfolk Va eb Edward Jla JJ ley Edward Jones and William Stay lor "good governihent" employes at the City stables in the ourth waul 4 were held for the grand jury Jjy Po lice Justice Taylor upon the charge of robbing Rodgers of $52 in cash at Sunday Rodgers an i uptown oyster dealer appeared with a badly bruised face and marks of vicl ence about his throat He said he had to beg for his llfo to prevent being choked to death when he accused Haley and others of getting his money rel INSURANCE IRMS AIL Baltimore eb Applications were made today by holders for cinnlnf UL JUL LHC Baltimore ira Ipstiranee Company and the HomeInsuranee Company' of Bnl tlmore N'o (Specific schedule of the as seta were made but the plaiptiff in cactl caS8 a(18e(' insolvency The proceedings were not assented to by the companies and no statement of Ila billies oj tpaeu ccuid be obtained wowvj urau Al A Natchtz Mirs eb IG Tue seventh riao eee vxvuiaciUU C4UJU 10 lllld CUU 'LooiffhL Governor Vatdemnn and fit 'L ty members of the state legislature "5: 're 'were guests of the mardi gras as Bociatlon coming to the city on a spe cial train 'ormer District Attorney EII Rat cjltt was the klp of the carnival and MUs Aylette Conner queen fa a ''NM ire A ty 1 I re? re' re rei j'i ol kLA i I 1 reT I I At fM ml' 4 5 i i va 1 1 i i 11 KTTVS WEDNESDAY ErBUAEY 17 r7Brw2l "re're'lre 'C1 i I re 'ra re Orlop' i II iBk re jrr ait ui ii wfcWiiMa a 1 I TV 4 tiB: va II Kl II i i 1 mH 4 9 i I fa I I I 'fa ll fa I I Af AH i 4r ii' I i fa a fl i ii MY I 4 fa re a i nil ii I rel I 1 I re 9 I Mu '9 jsr XmiNT HIDTHINR VA 'y 1 Kn fi wa Cm ltd ita' i A 1 I fa kt Il I I i'i'B th I H1 I I Hh If 1 i $: I 5 I fi I 6 I xb I 1 re I re fi 7SA Egigle I i iRMmatwsw tre Kw1 re Ife' BW Ko Bk4 £'((.

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