Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1938
Page 12
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EIGHT _ WESUYANSli PICNIC SUNDAY AT CLEAR LAKE Wesley, July T ' cw , Leona and Frances Seimcr M«. Tony Llndenschmidt. and Mr and Mrs. Edw. Dusold. All _ News of the Hlrner (Jinn 5URt PROOF or mi imERoeptnoEnc W WOUSTRY AMD AGWCUUURE^ - -.., -11., left for .. U«y, after a week here with rela- Staon H 1St We ? k w °anesdny the bimon Hirners, Mary Hirner, Rich- George Hirner daughters' Lucille and Anna Mae had a picnic ami fished at Lost Island. 1 Mr"'''," 1 < ' I " lrc ' 1 ' Conferences— Cowrie, brought Aususta^Swanso^ to Mrs. Esther Skew's a few •s&'&'Szjf'-vSrs.'-i ffi.-s&sssixFvz «'" go to Colorado Springs for a Swedush church conference there to Wesley sometime Konnens Away for Tour— K °PPens left last day for a week' THE PECULIAR CHINEE. TAKE? Off HI* SHOE? INSTEAD OF H\9 HAT WHEN HE • A HOUSE_ CHS SATf MEAL!) THE CATFISH. OF THE NILE RIVER, SWIMS . SBflSoRIGINAUY WERE COLONS THEy COVEREP THE LEG UP ~ Ur THEY WERE PEJIGNEP TO PROTEa THE IE6 FROM SPM5HEJ OF MUD AUP l«ATER_ T ' WHEN THE WERE 5HORTENK> SO WAS .THE " JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Thi r Mondnv • tz> Fenton> years a s° m u barn r, called Rledel ' - Burtl other "««" i»e meaei oarn ana othei buildings were struck by lightning Harold Speraw and Divorced Wife are Remarried June 19 Last week's Livermore Gazette carried the following news of interest in Algona: Mrs. Frances Speraw and Harold Speraw, who were divorced sev- sral years ago, were remarried in lie Baptist Minn., June church 19 at Truman, will there - nt A 's° na and have * nd he attended school both mad ° afte >been marriage, residents there most of the time since their divorce. - — » Fairville Minister Formally Installed Fen ton, July 26— The Rev. Alfred Render, Kingsley, was installed Sunday Lutheran , afternoon pastor. as Fnirville Because the juuiuiuii pastor. juecause tne ihurch is undergoing repairs, the services were held on the George uman, i Sienis lawn. The Rev. W. H. make Discher, Whittemore, delivered the in Algona. sermon, and the congregation held Donald, who had been . a reception and n grocery sliowe home in Livermore for the new pastor and his wife their home in Algona. Their son Donal making his home , u ^ivermore !,, Ml '' <ind Mrs - Bert Brown (Mrs. Speraw's mother), has now gone to Algona to make his home with the reunited family, and will go to school there. Harold Speraw is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Speraw, who were in business in Livermore .some Casey Loss, bd. & lod&<5. Chas, I prls. .; 271.35 Dr. No. 7 ' •"-•- " prls. C. H. Ostwlnkle, del. tax coll. Wm. Shirley, travel, erp. .. L. A, Wlnkel, travel exp Miss Doris Welfare, 8th grado exams * u ,. Mrs. Leo O. Wolfe, 8th grade exams 5,00 Vera B. Schwletert, 8th 1 grade exams J. J. Dooley, office exp Advance Publishing Co., print- Ing 73.nn Haggard & Waller, printing 103..-10 Clark & Clark, printing 10u Chas, B,' Chubb, engineer Gg.UU 7.SB ::,'.& s 2 en 82.10 10.28 , n ____ . Matt J'arrott & Sons Co., sup. piles .. .................... m r.r, Jenklns-Fergomann Co., gup. . Piles ..................... 13.90 Algona Uemlnddr, printing. .75 White Rose Serv., supplies. . .50 Algona Flour and Feed Co., supplies .................... lin.Jl ', S. Norton & Son, supplies 21 t of .JJMck'Bnacle, labor T, No. !)— Clarence Hentges, labor James Kelso, labor . Dr. No. n— Goo. Looft, labor .... 1n nn John Welch, labor °- 00 Dr. No. 20 — Dick Baado, labor Geo. Graham, labor Dr. No. 33— Dick Itandc, labor Dr. No. 56— ; George Looft, labor John Welch, labor . Dr. No. CO— mi me new pastor ana nis wire There was a large attendance, in eluding the Rev. Mr. Shaffer, Liv ermore, the Rev. Mr. Heinrlchs Mallard, the Rev. P. J. Braner, Algona, the Rev. Mr. Kabelit!!, Fenton, the Rev. Ernst Fiene, of Lotts Creek, and Teacher Paul Jensen Whittemore. Board Proceedings LONE ROCK LOCALS COUllT I10VSK 9: °° O-Clork A. M JmreSlnS ijonru di supervisors met to e.'ill of M,!i I^.'H "''"' !!" '"embers pivsniit for I'liKteL/'-'c^^"^;^ 1 ^ -\,,, K " s ; suth c°«nty. Iowa, n-nri „•„]' i " l "" lri1 "'IJonrnml until U.OO o clock n. in., .Tiinp y.t Ifl.lS B. S. KLNSEY, .Secretary. District Algonn I IH-. ... Kaiicroft Inc. jiurt inc .'.'.'".:.' I'cnton Inc. .. Lakota Inc. Lcdyurrt Inc. .. Lone Hock Inc. I'll Verne Inc. Swen City Inc. Tltonkn Inc. COUHT I10USK 0:00 O'clock A. M. Vine "aV IMS Hoard of supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with till members present and continued to approve "Homestead Credit, Claims." Motion by Helken and seconded by Morris Hint the Homestead Credit Claims for 1!)38 be approved ns follows: Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inc ° Has ,u, Acd.lont 1.,, i u , (,n,j ucl^ ill Oareld Leming's and brought home the daughter Lucille, who ton, who had spent a ,_, o ulumel . sclloo i thpvp Anna reranlly ,,,ff,,,j „ „",''J "IM wrt,, ,-hll, , te ^l™™ *sssr$5£ srrst. *x£K£?&S££g«~ on the \vay to Ames The 1 were roommates" while they we're attending school at Ames. WP. .. Crcsco Twp. . at dinner Sunday evening h °n ? e A!dHc!l so" Jen-y birthday anniversary. Hutchisons Back from Trin— Banker and Mrs. John Hutchison Rot home Sunday evening from lo-day tour in most of the LOI'IP,., v Uer al ' e r °rmerly Ames, ai mp hM» ePS> '1" d Watson is a r °r- thera f °> mer buttermaker here. Mr. and!home. C'm-i , Hch attended a state rural j Mr. and Mrs P L is' «*™ss? f ^ipsurssLr tt *«s Durr, of Me- M'man s, « — — James and T. t Robert Mrs. C. W. , Heerdt, of . . . eer, of Vlgona spent Sunday evening at Mrs. °ar-' ohne Ackarman's. Mrs. Ly'e Mar' Chlldren spent ' Attends Col1p^~Su7,,,,,. r School- Margaret Flom is attending sum- er school at Drake university at '" mer at Chnrch Social "hT Success— A Methodist ice cream social on a lawn -up town last week Thu rs day night netted some $26. Timers Win from Itancroft— S ! ey Tigers ^feated the nine, 6-3, there. Sunday. Other Wesley News. p ,, Au r eliar A1 'K- ^^ ^ hittemore, visited the Leo Waldschrnidts nf W^f M ,° nday tiH the ng Wednesday. Edna May feig was at Waldschmidt' last week Wednesday till ™^ niSht Elbert, Algona . Burt. The M. 0. Richards tended " Delpha Krueger. "™ \rTT' BIa nchards, Mr an d -Mrs. Howard Blanchard, and WH Twp. . -« >»< ** 11> u Twp, Ledynrd Twp. ,. Lti Verne Twp. .. Lincoln Twp. .. . Lotts Creek Twp. Plum Creek Twp. Portland Twp. . . I'rairie Twp Ramsey Twp. ... Itiverdnle Twp. Senecn Twp Sherman Twn. .. SprlnpficM Twp. Swen Twp T'nion Twp Wesley Twp Whittemore ~ \vm;..«. -r^.7', "-"b 0 , muni., HL Sunday* Bllsboi 'o«gl>'.s, Algona, Luverne Schroeder is spending th, s week with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Schroeder, Fen- ^'"A d w u f- hter ^uth sP e nt Sunday andV^^ff'^^rmont. Mr. E. S. Klnsey, and Mrs. with Algona, '-'"•*-. -llfllxL'II, Motion carried Tbere being no Auditor's Office, July 1st. 1S3S , 3 , fl :00 O'clock A M B' ard ° f Supervisors met pursu t JCU "' nment wlth a " mem be" Claim Number 1 to (Mil " 1 to 115 ' 1 to !)4 • 1 to 7fl Inclusive ' • 1 to 51 Inclusive ' 1 to 1(1 & S2A & S3A Inclusive ' 1 to (ifl Inclusive ' 1 to 110 Inclusive ' 1 to 72 Inclusive ' 1 to S- Inclusive .' 1 to OS Inclusive Claim Numbers Inclusive 1 to r>0 Inclusive 1 to •(! Inclusive 1 to 41 Inclusive , 1 to 21 Inclusive . 1 to 07 Inclusive 1 to o4 Inclusive . 1 to 04 Inclusive . 1 to 10 Inclusive , 1 to 41 Inclusive . 1 to 31 Inclusive , 1 to as Iricl'islvc - 1 to 03 Inclusive 1 to 49 Inclusive 1 to 34 IricliiMlve 1 to 44 Inclusive J to fiS Inclusive 1 to 2 0 Inclusive 1 to 37 Inclusive 1 to 50 Inclusive 1 to 35 Inclusive 1 to .il Inclusive J to 4.i Inclusive \ to m Inclusive * J° ;+ Incluslv i J.O ;)S Incluslv i 10 ;KI Incluslv I to :>3 Incluslv 1 to Cl Inelusiv :his time Die." -Ity of Algona, supplies Jr. M. G. Ronnie, mod. Kossuth Hospital, hosp. Dr. C. D. Sclmap, dental Robert nunkofskl, bty. . Blmer Moyker, bty. ... Rwrln Heenken, bl'v. ... Harold TJbben, bty.' Will Latloli, bty. . .. 3.00 12.50 care KM,60 4.00 50 55 30 10 1.80 • ". W. Gcelan, bty Richard Rccnkeii, bty. .. Ralph Gecrdes, bty. .. " -win Geisking, bty ~..rt C, Rlppentrop, bty Verle Nelson, bty Ocorffo Schmidt, 'bty. .'.'..'.".'. Flnrold Johnson, bty, ... Wallace Anderso, bty. .. Arthur Prlebc, bly. .. Jliver YOUIIR, btv. . . flownrd Andres, j. p. fen's joinder Krominea, const fees -. P. Kpocht, mayor foes . I. A. Van Alstyne, marsh, fees u.vrtle Jordan, mtR 1 . iiaude M. Hanim, mtg. ..!"' G. D, Hnrl, nitff. .... '"' ''Vies * Cllar nbers,'' 'siipl 770 in 'no '95 M 200 ' Jntnes Kelso. labor .... Clarence Henlges, Jabni- Dr. No. SO— Bea' & o n[,S? Blamr D^No.^ 11 ' lab °'' ;::;;: Clms. - oaoo, .lol.il Welch, labor .'..'. llioo. DorcnbiiBh, labor R. Pomeroy, labor j^nerBffren'AEft.,' In' p'reml ''P' < fi"v t e!'' n HutcI>l|nslo> n. n O. P A". oe Kchalier. migf." ].' rr ^', nc|l|n (f haus.'mctff.' ',',''" ''•.."• Harms, mtR '"' "Jlke Wnsrner. mte- . "" a^r'o h p. C ?-...fr m n "^' U '' ^ n " ml " lnn Co.. supplies'.'.'" K^nLT" rCSm T nn . C °- s »PnliOS Ivl pto Loose Leaf Co.. supplies Laidlaw Tiros., supplies PUPS . Fuhllsllln e Co;. su P : fcNn iVv Co.'.' it'inpYips ' ; Ass'n., Dr. No. 83— Clias. J3. Chubb, engineer Homer Nolle, labor ? ' fernley N6Hc, labor James Kelso, labor Clarence Hentgos, labor']' n^'lr" ^"'''oloum, supplies 08 ui, i\o. on-— Geo. Looft, labor . . , John Welch, labor . " "• ' Wes 00 '" 0 " 1 & ™e Co.', Dr. No. 8C— Dick J3aade, labor in.?-, ;I.Uf XG.Zlf 5. On 4.110 Oeo. Looft, labor ;'obn Welch, labor Dick Bande, labor .James Kolso, labor ssulh Publisher's IjOo.se TjOfif C Bick' Baade, labor |Dr? e Na G /o£l mi . ' ab ° r Geo. Looft. labor .. . John Welch, labor I Dr. No. 106— £. L Fitch, labor ... C. L. Pitch, labor . James Kelso, labor '.'"'.v ''"nsi,..' 1 «il'l . J. B. .-, Porter COURT FUND aVldSOn ' COUrt re- rj\JU GROUND FTTlin a'p 8 ,"" 1 Cotlllt y Agric. ]$£%, --• J. Palmer, labor , Botsford Lumber Co., I Dr. No. i'li— Geo. Looft, labor .. |Dr ll4_^y elch ' labor ••• Lyle Sampson, labor W I- E.'tch, labor \.] s'upl tlie board adjourned "Sine E. S. KINSBY, Secretary w. B. MCDONALD Chairman guests at Macumber's were |Elfeab7th'n t «erSd e WP' '— Macumbers, Algona (guests at AD Hann^ _ Al 'mstrong, visited; Glen_ Sanders MrS " 6U M e '' ant present. 'Y° tio " by Morris and second b and WilllStns fo S r UI s e " ty B °"S ° f Pau Droved. Ayes: a°l'l. " |411 ' 4 - be a P A^a^h H e e pefi n t,o a n n< for^Td d ie? *oK HebroJ n !?o^8Mp n bS /p raser and second by = application for qlg- ••••••' and bond of Sidne\ Algona, Iowa, be approved" Lick- m with . r, gona wi their twins, brought Mrs. Margar oher. The J. „..,.,_, Luela, and Friday afternoon. son Claude T. Meurers, Mrs. Sunday . . l M Meurer's. The Weslev .upper guests of -Mr and ^ George Hauptman. Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Richardson drove to Blooming Prairie, Saturday to visit the letter's ----- -,.«._. Brun.son. Smipson were Sundav Edw. Blanchard', and Mrs. O. H. Do Jean, Mr. and Mr-- i ner, and the Warne- all Tripoli, were sen's. Mrs. Dale Schutte Minn., came Sunday nd "B'llv ,- ue =- s ' at ' Motion bv Mo ' thc " he :cond by for per-' "'ell Veron? 6 T? H and Mlldred L ^°, and s "^ E cvJ u J veiona Radig got home ^nn-d "'-. hat f jurs "ai evening f rom p^ ari ^ abat "l d ^ ;?ect,o ? 4S?S of S-, n ou O for a ' with the A. J. Meyer fami other relatives. Other Sundav at Meyer's were the Ernen " Meyers, Seneca, son's. Eugene Blanchard, Mason Hurt, the Frank Me era and the Lloyd the _ son Arvin, were at Mr eons cousin John Larson's Orove, Sunday, and another in, Lawrence Larson who at JVTarion, O \vas: ^f K^>« visit nome La r E aK e on a Hutchin City, — —~ at the parental M Bianchard's, an d Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Blanchard, Waterloo, same Monday for a visit there. M,"=W T r^ 1 ' Jensen entertained Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mrs. Angus Cotton and Mrs . Hap , She] ^ F ° day afternoon. George Crow, who had been at tending summer school at Boul Her Colo., arrived Saturday for a visit at the R. T. Angus ^ «?SOLVED, by the- Ron- TtJ Board of Supervisors «.^;s-;-=iBssaB!i»=i J a ?? r i hat the Semi-Annual Report 0 ,i ^ J ' P uff y. Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, be approved and the County Auditor be instructed' to publish same. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Sll en ,, tl "i t the quarterly reports of fees collected by J. J. Dooley, Conn- fv I } ec °™ Jer and E. S. Klnsey, Count> Auditor, and the Sheriff's report for the quarter be approved. Ayes: Motion by Morris and second by Fraser that the apollcatlon for cls- arette permit and bond of B. J. San- tey, ".Smltty's Service Station," Sextor, be approved. Ayes: all Motion by Heiken and second by •laser that a Pauper Notice.be serv-, nr nl ?i n t -!l?-,# >llow , lns ' Persons: May §Jf MM afM wSffl5i n a^' «S Otto and family, Tom Lee. Mlllard hoopman and family, Prank Blair uullin, Mr. and Mrs. A Vehpljri. 1 mip5 Um " > \ and Willla m McKinlev Anderson. Ayes: all lorrl-°^~y .?': as .':. 1 :! and . second by Chris F. Nielsen','labor T.' 1. Merryrnan' br . iaeo w '° r 'l<' fl. Jil. Smith, salary °' ' Dn °," ^ Nusent, salary '.'.'.',' fob,, D. Fraser, rodnmn ... -larence Ziifalls, gravei '-. L Huber, labor . Ben Nolle, labor ...'.'" iDr^No 1 .' 1 !^ 10 ' lab01 ' ' Geo. Looft. labor . [Dr^No.^' ' nb ° r ' -loK^We^Sa^r -. .j i_ ,_,,., „„ --. No. 147— teS s Ke l?°' la >>or '-•.. No. 100— •Geo. Loott,. labor John Welch, labor serV - . . a. patrol ... vnn r t- W , ood - labor i:"" A T nT ^i" che nreuther, patrol' A .7 . Hlldman, patrol ""'"'• v A ' Fisher - Patrol':" l° llns: ' Patrol ... ' Sanders, patrol ...... B s , andel 's, patrol ..... Baker, patrol .. ...... Butterfleld, patrol " " Baker, patrol "' Verne Molinder, patrol ...... goelf R. Miller patrol ..... Henry Wohlrs. 'laTor 0 . I ..... - a - Eekbolm, labor ---Patrol ...... 'J.-JV. iNO, 1; _ ?' ? tin , s trom, labor . . . L A " ders °n. labor .' ' e r n . r ' Umb « r Co.. sup'., H -- K - No. 2'-36— ........ 'ck Baade, labor g eo - Graham, labor ...... Qulnn, Alme, labor' patroi ' 92.75 104.00 92.05 72.00 68.95 .12.75 .19.05 90.05 94.85 72.00 r )7.90 13.50 167.110 .68.60 125.00 88.20 S7.50 58.45 89.60 88.90 -i, rLe ,5" sT . La ';son. labor . Sk med. • . an, prov Mpe & siogren,' prov Albert Schneider? p?o v ' to •-— ".yes; all. Motion by Helken and second by 1 raser that the following nersons e appointed as weed coTnmi ' 9.03 5.50 2..JO j 2.1D lo.r.n 7.00 2.51 4.00 3.50 25.20 20.30 2.40 14.99 11.00 10.15 '4.01 1.03 .SO .77 1.70 .30 .83 50.00 i!9.00 8.00 50.0'J 10.00 28.00 3.50 27.00 3.50 5.00 15.00 11.42 16,00 39.50 7.50 8.00 $.00 ti.OO 15.00 Let Us Refinance] Your Car I On terras suitable to iMa —pay oil yourprcailla vanco more cash and Q a lower monthly rnjiw cash to pay bills, la b needs and other worthjft on convenient lermj local service Teleptaj rooms here V6 m ° ved to Mr. and ft "I with were Mrs. O. P. Melvold, Oottonwood 2« for torn he '' dau ^ hter LillUtn since last week Wednesday Vthe daughter Mrs. Frank Kouba's Jr' GUrtv. i»..v Crysta , La^/;^ Harley _ -•-_—•-. last week Thursday friends at the Okobojis. M Mrs. H. E. Morgan, Algona afternoon guests at the da Mrs. W. J. Cotton's. The Will Christensons spent the afternoon at the Lyle Reynolds home, Al- 10113.. T l le Hugh Walshes and the Berrt ";&!"..•«?'*»<*'. Leona Schulz, last employed there S" : ,sf -KS£r^ S£=S?5Kffi,fe ?»»-«£ S»S^ S " ; " ;S|S?«SS'H »«. _n, g.™,™,^";?"- "•": iS'S^uSff,7S t ,.''K..»';.W?; ordered o mowoeut,, Herman Warmbler, Shef- d ° pi=li&^ii Henry Schultz, Whltte- Cree Lappe. Ramsey Creek general fund e cou h being <?,,"nA~ T? 6 L ° eblg had as h er Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jorgens, Kanawha, with - ' I IA 9TW1 T XXII In f\~*~ _ J * 4 _ -..- ...aj oiuuer drove i - Bend Sunday. Sunday dinner guests at Vinren CrUU6 A.^ *~ Cruise'J'Ta? « ser Lillian Johnson Waldschmidt. Donald rs Hampe Britt, Jean Dunwaller. of cooking Monday Fbrest City, and Norman Rice, of Visitors at A Klein's Brm, .Pent Sunday at the were wm Esser, patrol Mergen. patro J. Burke, labor y, «'2S hr o l , ews - m ed. wb^fESS&^ : « Piles ..~""« UBr uo - sup- "-• Griffith Drue On' "°, S P «p«lS"& B f«S5i SSii !S^S«- « I***c« .... - - - p s 1st day of July A'*!? J°,, ma , k e necessarv reerular meetin« 'of tl?e J°"?^ \"B District D Supervisors of ^Koss-uh L° f , n N o°'x£ 0 ' , N °. «V A «.£,«. "j i_:! I On rnntiii« •?-» » I unt-.i-.ii * • ** SUDD. 27.46 «;W. Heise, Vent Algona Flour * »;,••• i i,>\ sunmin;, our « Peed :.« L/«PP"«. 10 r. r i >" &>?• Johns proved. Aves- nil "• J i? B; ail. — ••»." «o. 4 »pSrWaFS£P^-a «• E, McMurrlv 8 ,"e?I J es'.... ill 2 jRK^K^ad^ M6 BlSSaSfSri % h V» :: ' ::: '• '•'' '• 7.3B L s »PP»es .. Furn 't"re Co.. ft ;; i jjues . ----- -~v., au^j- m&****F&st i" v Hiies •.. — wu> > » U P « SS' h . 0 « : -::'*-oi:.-iai 4saa». r ~ TT , '» i—«v*4*o UOle. Salnrx. J • • • • . m -Al^:fcnfA s ^iS,-:::::: :cond by W.%SffiSS^S""?: * y .iiiioi IKMTHWifTflN riUPHONI "

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