Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1938 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1938
Page 11
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. JLtbY 28> 1988, Tie%te^s Swell at the 3f nnieipal Pool And Season Ticket >RICES HAVE BEEN CUT I/T TICKETS NOW $1 Cft "(were $3.00) 1 « w io15 YEARS OLD NOW $1 ( (were $2.00) *•* DEB 10 YEARS NOW (were $1.00) l e water is in excellent condition, "best share of the swimming soa- [ js left. Buy a ticket now [insurance against Ang^ I heat. / AUXILIARY AT COBWITH GETS NEW OFFICES ''orwilli, July 20—Tho Legion Auxilinry mot last, week Tuesday at the LoRlon hull, 16 members and five junior members nltending. Inslallalloii of now ofi'lseM look place, with Mrs. Mauiio RiRnie as iii.slalliiiK officer. 'I („; officers art! Uly Robinson, ;ielia^ ser^eant-iil- imns; Mrs. Jergenson, sergeaul-;il- iirms; Dorothy Welter, second vice president; Kthcr Beer, chaplain. Appointed by the president to conduct, a ha/iuir: K'.nel Deer, baby KOSStJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGENINB C. II. KLAMT, Field Representative I booth; Uly I'HKC, quilts. Report! and a card from Gail Skelley, thanking the Auxiliary for fruit Uair R. Heifner, northeast ot, kofske. who lives oast of Burl und litonka, was helping shock outs ho offered the ballplayers $5 if at his father-in-law Mark Bacon's'they would bit a home run Al- last week Tuesday. They ex-jbcrl, too, enjoys ballganies change work/and as Mark had 1% f * * * acres in oats he was in real need I WG tailed Friday on Waiter of extra help. The oats appeared Faulstich, who lives on the \Vil- Rood, and the boys were doing ft liam Hugh farm, southeast of good job at .shocking. ;Btirl. This is a half section The ,.. * ** * mon were busy cutting oats, rind We were nl Jos. Klsbocker'w, they hoped to finish that day The southeast of Bancroft, last week oafs stood up bettor than 'most ^hursday, Hiul his boys and Florin oats this year. Waller had 90 acres in oats. Hi s son John was driving a tractor, and Walter was opera i- '' iv ° l1 ' '" K ° <" tllc werc car, as wo , where , they hoped to finish work ti,al. afternoon. There were 160 aci'cs in C'ity hocad. n p- hoTpd "° " gram Maude Higgle ,. ci ,d the Fidac i ' V '°"V *V dl essay which won first in n n:,-| We called on the Rev. M A tional Fictuc. contest. Lunch was Schulx, new minister of (ho Tl- sorvcd by Maude Higgle and Mary jlnnkn. LiKhenm church, last week ! r)u » la P' • i Monday. Me and his wife, who are young people, came from Alhnio- YODK FRIEND AT 3IKAL TOIi; FRIDAY AXD SATURDAY, .riM.V 2!t AM) ISO Food for Thought Inuncli Olfli means nvcryililnjf one could ivish for in cinnplelc iodern tyud stores. Our selected slocks of fooilslni'fs arc Ihc ssoncc of <|iiulity, and our irtie economy prices malic every Icin » real value. Beef Roasts i choice army of lieef roasts at your Council Oak .Market al cs- lecially l«w prices. Priced at 146 and 176 per lh. this eck-pnd. Beef Steaks pour favorite cut of steak this Saturday at special prices. 1'or- |<>r House, Sliort Cut or Sirloin at 256 per II)., Hound or Swiss pt 27c IHT H>. and Rib Steaks at 226 per Hi. Pork Loin Roasts and Chops savory 1'ork Loin Roast or Chops to fit your lasle or purse. End Cut I'ork Roasts or Chops at 146 P«'r II). and Tenderloin End Pork 'Roasts or Chops at 176 l>»'r II). this week-end. JEEF TO BOIL, per pound _______ lie >ICKLE & PIMENTO LOAF, Ib. _24c IACARONI & CHEESE LOAF Ib. 24c )LD FASHION LOAF, pound ____ 24c Canning Fruits [There is economy and convenience in i-epn<:l>Iiif,' .Homing Light tXo. 10 Fruits. The Morning Light Label is your assurance of I'tlie-fincst fruit' packed in u No. 1(1 can. Light Teaches, sliced anil halves Light Red Pitted Cherries ______ - 436 546 Apricots [.Those 'cots are a thing of beauty. Perfectly dried, yet what I freshness! A special price of 146 per Ib. on these choice ]i. Blenheim Apricots this week-end. Loaf Flour .White Lonf is an economical niid dependable flour for nil cooking and linking needs. You get more loaves of li(?hf, Huffy lirend per bnf,'. The M bbl. bag of White Loaf Flour will sell J for only $1.29 this week-end. FIRST I'KI/K FiblJR, }i llbl. bag $1.09 Macaroni & Spaghetti Macaroni or'spaghettifo'r ; a delicious, economical and satisfying meuL Serve it with Morning Light Tomatoes and some ground |.»eel, A special price of 2, IbW'for 15c on Saturday. Tomatoes j Solid pack, red ripe, luscious tomatoes that are rich in health I K"ln(,' vitamins. The No. 2 can of Morning Light Tomatoes this | (week-end at the low price of Bt Marahmallows Manhuiullows that are specially packed io protect (heir fluff!ness. ^They stay fresh longer in your pantry. The Mb. bag at a special price of - - B For Summer Drinks • Use Zephyr for making delicious summer drinks. Comes In 5 ijj?P UI Hr flavors. 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Blue Super Suds and Blue Super Suds ut a combination price 01 "*"* 23c uilJj- I I WANT ADS Itiil Slill Drives— 1 sota. They have no children. Mrs. and Mrs. S. U Thompson and '.Schulx left recently .Jos. Williamson left one day last 'with her for a visit parents, who still live in iiiK a. binder. South Dakota shocking. youiiK man from was doing the SEXTON Mr.[ and Mrs. Wiibort Shepard, State (.'enter, were week-end visitors at A. L. Greenfield's. Mrs. Shepard, a cousin of Mr. Greenfield, and her husband had spent Thursday find Friday at Spencer, week for Baxter to visit, relatives, i Minnesota'. Mr. Schulz said he attending a rural and iron, there went to Morris-, conducts services ..,.,., rn • r i , '• — ..-„., in Gonii.iii once t.o\Mi, Ohm, for an extended vuca- ; a month. Me has one of the finest no rib convention, and urdny. mail carriers' came here Sat- GOING AWAY? Then you will want a "Travelers" personal accident 'ticket—25c per day, 10 days, $2.00. Be sure you are equipped with our Motor Road Service. Automobile Insurance with our agency includes carefree motoring. Enjoy your trip and drive with safety and protection. Pull map service and tourists' guide for the asking. THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY ril one 55 c. H. La Barro Vacation's in line . . . It's GLUEK'S for Mine! Mr. and Mrs. Merman Wise spent Sal in-day with" Mrs. Wise's (parents, Mr. and Mrs. John lion with other relatives and old brick church buildings friends. Morristown is the Thomp-.Town. .son old IIODIO town, and Mr. and * * * * Mrs. Thompson have gone back' Jerry Schutjer, the Joi-n Deere' near"j"u Verne every your for some years. Mr. .implement dealer at Titonka, is I Threshing begin bore Thompson^ is^ now 8-1, but he still, busy a" the time, but at. that he ' Some farmers hrave n rivo 1 - . ~ -.. * i - > . I... ~.~ lirvcs od , one nves a Ford V-8. Me says ho be-iw.ll stop to swap stories at times. ' their grain but most wm thresh evcs in the "slow hut sure" metli-j "c said trade was gooJ and that I Marie and Elizabeth Pfeffer were 1 of 'l"vln B . ° 11il ° S01d "">'•" twno if 'callers on their is hnirt . ,. I , , he had had it. Last year the Schul- Groen Mond-iv r- l.iers built a fine new house of Mrs' 0 -nee Gr Here's a beer with an unusual flavor. Try it for just three days. It's safe to bet you'll never again want to drink a sweet beer. Two Couples Conclude Tour— j.ier s ount a fine new house of j Mrs Grace Green dauchiPi- Mr« Dr. and Mrs. P. E. Wulley and brick, and this is the only brick Keith Shemu-d ami Z iLue "s Mr. and Mrs. Glenn .Dunlap re-.houae 111 the village. baby Janice spent last week WeU- turned Sunday from a ten-day va- n „ *« * * nesday at the W I Gi-pnn hnmn cation tour to various northern ^jjn- ^Uer. ^ ^^^^^£^^ hZe Frank Bergers and various points. They left Corwith Friday, July 8, for Buffalo Lake, Minn., and bad Just come in from U,e Berger's mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. (IULL. i nv;j i (Jtui insu. v iti. i^uiiiLii ] ' * and sponl some time at the Wis-l, tle ' e and tho - (r show cousin Dells. They had good knows how to cal ' e for that he weather all the time. Ten (iirl > a Catholic young people's organ- isation, spent last week at a cottage at Clear Lake: Mary Jane and Dorothy Ann Welter, Donna Grey, Helen Schaller, Bernela Studer, Ruth Penton, Glennes Oxley, Mary Widen, Jean Merriam, and Adele Doughan. They were under supervision of Mary >lettillc. Shower for Bode Newlywed— Mrs. Tony Klooster, Irvington, was hostess a week ago Sunday at a miscellaneous shower honoring the former Ivabelle Miller, young- I We were at H. W. Brandt's, northeast of Titonka, laat Aveek and daughter and son oats, the been finished. * * * * j When we called at W. H. Rie-1 del's, northwest of Algona, last' week Wednesday we were shown a sfory in a bee journal about the Riedel boy Stanley, who was -pictured caring for bees. Bees were on his face and his arms, but they did not sting. The picture was taken at the Riedel place, where | there are 150 colonies of bees. One Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Miller spent Sunday at Storm Lake with their daughter, Mrs. Philip Thornton. The daughter Lois came home with her parents, after last week with Mrs. Thornton. Mr. and Mrs. William Hartley and Mrs. William Hedrick spent Friday afternoon at Lu Verne with the William Hedricks Jr. est daughter of Mrs. Samuel Mil-1 colony has a glass box, and'any- ler, Bode, whose marriage to Glenn one can see the bees at work. W. Adreon took place recently. Glen H. has his own machinery for saw- Frank, ing and building beehives. While is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Adreon, Corwith. Boys return from Camp— Mr. and Mrs. Carence Galloway drove to Ventura Sunday to get Jimmy Galloway and Ronald Stephens, who had spent a week at the Roosevelt camp there. Other Corwith. The Charles Ericksons drove to Marshalltown Sunday to visit j friends over the week-end. John Stull, employed at Iowa City is spending a ten-day vacation at home. M. P. Galloway and Bert Adair, Lineville, came one day last we. were there Glenn Jenkinson, a close neighbor, came, and the two men planned on threshing. Ernest Riedel and W. H. have a thresher. # * * # Henry Anderson, southwest of Titonka, was helping peel potatoes at- home Friday. He is a. handy man wherever he is or whatever he does, and he is always busy at something. He said it was planned to start threshing this week Monday. The Frank Stebritz machine from Algona was standing in the yard, ready for action. * * * * L. H. Schenck, the mail carrier on Route 2 out of Burt, had come week to visit at the Louis and | in from his day's work, but we Clarence Galloways, and Jimmy Galloway accompanied them to Lineville for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Armand Tabb, with the son Wilmar, spent the weak- end with Mrs. Tabb's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paul, Morristown, Minn., and Sunday drove to Kasson | game Saturday, and as we were did not have our., usual visit with him when we called last week Wednesday, for he is one of the Legion committeemen at Burt and was busy with preparations for a celebration last week Friday and Saturday. We attended the ball to visit the Rev. Philip Halverson, then to Rochester to see Mrs. Halverson and James Anderson, patients at Mercy hospital there. Virginia Guild, Pueblo, Colo., and Mrs. E. H. Anthony, Kansas watching it Mrs. Schenck came by, selling gum. We tried a package, and found it to be goo9 gum. * * * * L. E. Deibler, who lives a little south and. across the road from unu iviiK. £i. n. AHLiiuuy, rvcuiaao !7J — " — «w« »*«.*» City, Kans., spent the week-end H enry Anderson, southwest of Ti- at the Corwith Methodist parsonage and are now at the summer home of Mrs. Anthony's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Karl W. Killer, at the Methodist camp at the Oko- bojis. Patricia Wolf visited last week at Wibin Huminding's, near Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. John Schwa'b, Indiana, who visited the former's brother's William and Frank, have gone to Canada, but will come back to Corwith before going home. •.!.-.. ' Mrs. Lora Cox and a daughter, with Mrs. Irma Schroeder, and the letter's daughters, all of Hollaa- dale, Minn., are visiting the women's mother, Mrs. Lucy Harris and sister, Mrs. Shelby Stevens. The Earl Palmers were <Bt Doctor Stull's. Mrs. Morris Studer, of Whitteraore, and her son Jerry spent a few days with relatives here last week. Mrs. Augusta Hartwig is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Esther Smith, Des-Koines. Tn e Verle Scribners, Lu Verne, visited Sunday at the Hartwig home. Mrs. J. A. Zweifel spent last week at Fort Dodge with, her cousin, Jennie Mason, who is recovering from an operation in a ho'spital there. Mrs. Clarence Carlew his been laid up with rheumatism, and Mrs. E. Dunfee is caring for her. Mr. and Mrs. Jame'g Greenfield, West Bend, and a daughter visited Sunday- at C. H.. Martin's; %e Anker Larsons nave moved from Lehigb to Anker's father's farm, south of CorAvitb. The Arlon Bogards, Eagle Grove, visited Sunday at Frank Bunting's. Two Unhurt as Car Corwith, July 26— <31enn Duckett and Guy Sweuson had an accident last week Thursday night as they were returning from Lake Cornelia. They had the Duckett car, which took to the ditch and rolled over, when the drjver was bliadM by lights from aa oacoia- ing car. The Duckett car was hftd- ly damaged, >»t tfee men escaped tonka, had just come from his neighbor Gordon Hansen's. where he had got a load of alfalfa, when we saw him Friday, He said he would put the hay into a corner of the hayloft for feed for his chickens next .winter. He had 35 tons of other hay in the barn. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. Orville Nordstrom are a couple of young folks who work for Clarence Riebhoff, southwest of Burt. They came from Nebraska and say they "like it fine" here in Iowa. Clarence was busy at his threshing machine. He has a thresher, and the machines occasionally need some attention. ! * * * * At Marcus Holm's, northeast of Titonka, the men were baling alfalfa hay Saturday. . They bucked it up to the press, and this press was doing a fine job. Albert Cutler, Bancroft, was doing the baling, and. Jos, Koestler and Marcus were pitching the hay into the baler. Alfred Godfredson was doing the raking. « * * * J. F. Coyne, west of Bancroft, had intended to put up alfalfa list week Thursday, but it had rained a little In the night, so he could not do it in the forenoon. He told us that he and his wife have nine girls and four boys in their fani.-jy, but only three boys and one girl were at home. Some are married, and some are "working out." i Buft, on No. 169, bad just come home from town when we arrived la^st week Wednesday. At his place one finds a fine flock of turkeys. Raymond's father, William Vogel, owns the birds and comes out from Burt and cares for them. I .* * # * ' The writer took time out to oee a ball game at Burt Saturday and also there visited with ft, Dumber of oldtimers, such as George. AIl$n aud a Haul Moore. We noticed Charles Scott on an easy chap, watching tne game, so we wept o.ver to sit near him, and it was only Qfter some ti»§ that we noticed that he was wearing a pp- liceman's star. Jesse Blanched * * * * Raymond Vogel, north' of Lone Bock, W^L& also there, aad how he does enjoy a ball Another was .Mbert Letts Creek Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voigt, were Sunday guests of Lotts Creek relatives and friends. Elsie Meyer, Colorado, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Henry Meyer, and brother, M. F. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs.- Car) Reisner, Sheboygan, Wis., are visiting the Herman Reisners. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faulstich, with their son William, were Sunday afternoon visitors at Erail Beirs'tedt's, Fenton, and other guests there were Mr. and Mrs. August Gade, West Bend, and the Herman Gades, Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jackman accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cruikshank, Algona, to Rockwell City Sunday to visit Eleanor Cruikshank, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cruikshank. The Lotts Creek Evangeical Lutheran church will celebrate German communion next Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William Rusch Sr. and the Wm. Rusch Jr. family, Whittemore, were Sunday visitors at Nick Gengler's. Ada Fiene, daughter of the Rev and Mrs. Ernst Fiene, is visiting her parents. She is attending college at Ames. The William Fuerstenaus . were last week Thursday evening visitors at Hugo Faulstich's. We can help you build this barn This barn is only one of 109 buildings shown in our Farm Building Plan Service Book. These buildings have been designed by leading agricultural authorities for business farmers. They're practical, substantial, and easy and inexpensive to build. If you are planning any construction, come in and see us. We'll not only show you plans, but we'll work out specifications with you, help you in your financing, and show you the materials you'll want—including the famous Barrett Roofings that will keep the new structure weather-tight and •waterproof. Botsford !f! : '. : f . :' - . ~ Lumber Company PHONE 256 JIM POOL, Man,,-_> Atk to !•• Hilt book Cash in NOW on This Exceptional FREE Offer The Harvester Company uisii 4*«f4t rorr -—>^ Will UIY6 rntt"f o. b. Chicago—to each Farmer Purchasing a New McCormick-Deering FARM ALL 20 tractor up to midnight, September 15, 1939 Any One of the Following McCormickImplements: No. S, 2-furrow, 34-inch Little Genius Tractor Plow No. 221-G Cultvator with No. 1 equipment • • No. 10-A, 8-ft., 32—16" Tractor Pisk Harrow No, 151 Lister with Tractor Hitch No. 10 Tool-Bar Middle Buster with Two 14-inch bottoms No. 3 Middle Buster with two 14-inch bottoms G«t the FARh/ ALL 20- PurposeTractor one of the machines above FREE Store E. State St. Buy thl* fernowl tractor M H oriuu'k- Deedi BUSINESS DIRECTORY LAWYERS V. B. Quarton H. W. Millet QUARTOK & MILLER Law Offices. "hones: Office 427, residence Slti Algona, Iowa. J. L. BONAR Atto rn ey-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. )ffice phone 460-W. Algona, low* JCLLJTAJT, McMAHON & LUWJJI f. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon, L. E. Linnan Attorneys-at-Law )fflce in hew County Mutual Bldg, Phone: Office, 261. Algona, Iowa HARRINGTON & LOWE Attorneys-at-Law . J. Harrington J. D. Lowe hone 287 R. J. H. 4« . J. TAN NESS, 0. IT. STLLLMAH Lawyers Office in new Heise Block, hone 213 Algona, Iowa . D. Shumway E. D. Kell* SHUanVAY & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Over James Drug Store. hone 58 Algona, low* L. A. \YINKEL County Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Over James Drug Store. Phone 180 HIRAM B. WHITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Stale Bank •hone 206 Algona, P. A. DANSON Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J; Res. 316 HUTCHISON (deceased) DONALD C. HUTCHISOJST THEODORE C. HUTCHISOH Attorneyo-at-Law Security State Bank Bldg. Phone 251 Algona, low* MAURICE C. McMAHOIT Attorney-at-rLaw Office in Heise Bldg, Phone 325 Algona, low* DOCTORS JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbralth Block . Phones 444-310 ilgona Iowa MELTIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon 'hones; Office, 197; residence, 194 DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist Office in New Call Theatre Bldg. Phones: Business, 166; Res., 788 Algona, Iowa GEO. D. WALRATH, D. D. S. General Dentistry Phone 20 Algona, Iowa KARL B. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in New Heise Bldg. Phones: Office 44, res. 116. DR. C. D. SCHAAP Dentist'' Algona, Iowa Over James Drug Store. Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. VETKItlNAJUAiVS L. W. FOX .1. It. WIKKR1. Veterinarians West State Slreel, Altsnua Phones; Office. 475-W; K«*.. 475-R KOSSITII ('(»( N M 'HUM. IJJSI'JMNl I. .I.WM i » i HI.V •19,000,000 worth m m.-urunci- in 'orce. A home coinimin S;iiv ^e- sure. D. D. PHXSHM. LOANS AND INSt'HAXCE MUETAGU & SON farm Loans Heal Estate Insurance and Jtonils Security State .Bank Bldg. Phone 105 Your Honey's Worth in REAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE LOAXS, ANJ) uretRAKCJB JOEL M. UEJIBST Office bTer la, State Bk. Pkone 99 Algona, Iowa' See P. P, PAXSON For Town Dwelling, Household Go9<j«, and Automobile Insurance, Do not neglect your pplicy for often loss occurs when insurance SHOE BEPAIBIN6 EUNGE SHOE SJJOP . Shoei Shlned and ^ tlgoaa KOS8UTH COUNTY , mi, Entered <au Second Hitter Pecemfcer U at Algpna, th*

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