Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1938
Page 10
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EIGHT WESLEYANSlN PICNIC SUNDAY AT CLEAR LAKE r and Mrs! Jack Ken!'' T ' Kent, Leonn and Frances Selmcr Mrs. Tony Lindenschmldt. and Mr' and Mrs. Edw. Dusold. All sne t >eivs of Hie HJrner Clan- Mrs. George Hirner, mother of Simon and George, her daughter Mary, and the grandchildren Rich ard and Hubert Soebblng all of Qu.ncy I,,., ieft for home' si ur- 1 y, after a week here with rela- tnes. Last week Wednesday the Hirners. Mary Hirner, Ricli- ?Kh fished r Hirner /'" 0 t Lost ' daughters Lucille "» (1 a Picnic and Island. To Aden,! Uinrrli Conferences- rnu'''- a 'l Mrs ' AlUo Monson, of to M« W AUSUSt!l SW » S ° ; to Mrs. Esther Skew's a few AWII.J- for Tour— e K °PPens left last ay for a week's V ES*raw*aiw£^ <HOr rtnnn_ __ _ . . _ ^•SBK* TAtCK Off M SHOES 05 WDUSTRy AMD AGRICULTURE THE CATFISH, OF THE NILE RIVER, SWIMS UPSIPE POIVN FROW SPIA5HES OF Now /7,000, 000,000 .^.A SUM EQUAL TO A MMUTf FOR EVERy jur fwce rue ye/* 1 A-D. JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BI^^HBpBBBBiMBMBHBMMMBHMIBMflMl^lBMIBMlMiBi^ lei and Maxine Jentz, Fenton. years ago, and he attended school Jame s there. They both made their home James Longs were called -y to Walter Rledels, .Burt, when the Riedel barn and other buildings were struck by lightning. Harold Speraw and Divorced Wife are Remarried June 19 Last week's Livermore Gazette carried the folio-wing news of interest in Algona: Mrs. Frances Speraw and Harold Spernw, who were divorced - - -• . T u» u V*l1>\Sl\jCU SGV™ oral years ago, were remarried in the Baptist church at Truman, Minn., June 19, and will their home in Algona. . «t Algonn. and have after been their marriage, residents there most of the time since their divorce. — ; - » Fairville Minister Formally Installed Fonton, July 26— The Rev. Alfred Rehder, Kingsley, was installed Sunday Lutheran afternoon pastor. as Fairville Because the •i-mLiicitiii JW.HIUI. ijecause me church is undergoing repairs, the services were held on the George amnn, i Siems lawn. The Rev. W. H. . make Dlscher, Whittemore, delivered the >me in Algona. sermon, nnd the congregation held son Donald, who had been ! a reception and n grocery shower hlS llOmfi in T.IVprm/Afn fm> i ?m ti/iiir nonfn.. n «rl l*t« ...lr« Casey Loss, bd. & lodge, prts. 271.36 rls. .. .................... H. Ostwlnkle, del. tax coll. m. Shirley, travel, erp. L, A, Wlnkel, travel exp , . Wm. L, A, Wlnkel, travel exp Miss.Doris Welfare, 8th grade exams Airs. Lee O. Wolfe, 8th grade exams , .Vera E. Schwlotert, Stb grade exams .T. j, Dooley, office exp iv.ns Advance Publishing Co., print- Ing 73.35 Haggard & Waller, printing lflif.10 Clark & Clark, printing .... 10o.05 Matt Pnrrott & Sons Co., supplies 173 55 2 En 5.00 1)2.10 1Q.28 . I'»es . . .................... Jei:klns-l''ergemann Co., sup. ..................... Algona liemlnddr, printing. While Rose Sen',, supplies.. Algona Flour and Feed Co., supplies m £ h)s llolne ln Livermore with Mr. «nd Mrs. Bert Brown (Mrs. Speraw's mother), has now K0 ™ l ° Algona to make his home with the reunited family, and will go to school there. Harold Speraw is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jesse Speraw, who were In business in Livermore ,?ome for the new pastor and his wife. There was a large attendance, including the Rev. Mr. Shaffer, Liv ermore, the Rev. Mr. Heinrtchs Mallard, the Rev. P. J. Braner, Algona, the Rev. Mr. Kabelitz, Fenton, the Rev. Ernst Fiene, of Lotts Creek, and Teacher Paul Jesscn Whittemore. . -~ lld.Ji _: S. Norton & Son, supplies .|,(M City of Algona, supplies 3.BO M. a. Hotirno, ' ' med Board Proceedings COUKT I1OUS10 LONE ROCK LOCALS to Ced-ir V,'!!""/""" nlclue > - went to «f« » als Inst week Thursday i^ity. att™d«, daUBhter A n"a- who is who attendmg summer school there Mr. Anna recently suffered a broken "t'ht wr lst whiie_she was ska?ln s " ~ >HoominBteH in Get-Together- ^SSeSS-irr The GSr.oSJjC^nlShfVtT.r 111 - ^ Shick's, Dakota Angus Jr. and Julian?!-, ,±1''°^' LinBenfelter.|here for the rest of tho lemalned Shicks and The Shellito. Jl.?L th ,S..f Uramer - 0:00 O'Clock A. M in ll'or ,v}M S "" 1 ? rvlsors lnct to rail o l,n !,,,.,, f f" » leuil ">''s present for ' fKm Se .° C i l "', l ! r °y.""f "M'Pllcnttoiis in-N iJ, 10 .". 11 ' 8 '™' 1 Credits" claims for r?., nl " 1 , Ko . s ,suti county. low,,. n.nn • , , M " '""ii'il niljouriicd until »:00 o clock ii. m., .nnip an m.is K. S. K1NSKY, Secretary. COURT IIOUSK 0:00 O'clock A. M. '.lime'aVlKIS Itonrd of supervisors met pursuant to iidjouriiincnt with all members present nnd continued to approve "Homestead Credit Clnlnis." Motion liy Heiken nnd seconded by Morris (l m t the Ilnmeslvnd Credit Clnlnis for IMS be approved us follows : Kossiith Hospital, hosp. Dr. C. D. Schnap, dental Robert nurikofskl, bty rainier TJoyket:, bty. . . . Rwrln Ilcenlccn, bl'v Harold Ubhen, bty.'. Will Lnuch. bty Rru'ln H. fjltns. bty H. W. Gcelan, bty Hlchard Beonkeh, bty. .. Ralph Geerdes, bly.' Hrwln Gelsklng, bty Cort C. K/ppcnfrop, bty. Verlc Nolsnn. bty. .. George Schmidt, 'bty. '.'.'.'."" Harold Johnson, bty Wallace Anderso, bty. .. Arthur Prlcfoe, bty. Oliver Your.g, bty Hownrrl Andres, j. p. foes Inder ICromlngn, const fees TT ] ;- Snet «<, mayor foes .... FT. A. Van Alstyne. marsh, fees M.vrllo Jordan, mtg . Maude M. Hnnna, mttr '"' G. T1. I-Inrt. mtg |' ' Chambers,'' 's\ip- District Alfi-onu Inc Unncroft Inc Hurt Inc. ...'.'. Fenton Inc. Lakotn Inc. ... ''(.'dyiinl Inc Lone Itock Inc. 141 Verne Iiic- Swen City Inc. Tltnnkn Inc ..... Vslpy Ino ..... hittemore Inc. Hutchisons Back from Trip— Banker and Mrs. John Hutchison sot home Sunday evening from 35-day tour in most of . Mr. Hawcott - Algona, . Luverne Schroeder sunier School Kuffuln Twp. Blirt Tivp. . Cresoo Twp. Uncle Twp. Fenton Twp Garflelil Twp. Uerinnn Tn-p. Grunt Twp. ... Greenwood Twp. Hnrrison Twp. irebron Twp Irvington Twp. Ledynrd Twp. ... LuVcrne Twp. .. Lincoln Twp. . .. Lotts Crop Is Twp. Plum Prppk Twp. Portland Twp. .. I'rnirio Twj) Kninspy Twp. ... Hivprdnlp Twp. . Soneen Twp Shcrmnn TWD. .. Springfield Twp. Swpn Twp. .... . T'nlon Twp Twp. Claim Number 1 to «0(1 1 to 115 1 to 04 1 to (14 1 to 70 1 to 51 1 to 10 & S2A & S3A i to (in i to 11n 1 to 72 1 to S7 1 to OS Olnlm Numbers t to r>n 1 to 41 1 to 41 1 to 21 1 to f>7 to 31 to fl-l to in 1 to 41 1 to 31 i to :ts to 03 to 40 to 34 1 to 44 _ to r>s 1 to 25 1 to 37 1 to 50 1 to 35 1 to 51 to to 1 to 4 to 38 to 50 Morris, CosNays: None. E. S. Klnsey, Auditor's Office, July 1st, 193S ,- Supervisors 0 met' present J0l "' nment wlth all ani1 Sec 1 1 1 to 01 tills time Die." Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Incluslv Incluslv Incluslv Incluslv Incluslv tlie board adjourned "Sine E. S. KINSEY, Secretary w. E. MCDONALD Chairman 12.150 care 164.50 4.00 50 55 30 10 l.SO 1.50 7.70 40 50 95 55 . . . . 2.00 !)5 Uli 1.00 12.55 13.00 Clms. B,' Chubb, engineer r. l>o. l— ••"" rJr UIC N k o B Tl c ' Iabor LOO Clarence Hefitges, labor James Kelso, labor .. Dr. No. 1!!— poo. Looft, labor ... John Welch, labor ., Dr. No. 20— Dick JJnnde, laboi 5.? 5 0.00 10.00 . , — Dr D '#o. ^-i" 0 ' "I" 01 ' George Looft, labor J.v. ,1 . 141 Dr. No. 78 2.80 8.00 . James Kelso, labor n,. Cla / e "cn MonlBcs, labor -*1 . iNOi Will, ,,, COI % labor ..'..'.'.' Clms.' E. Chubb, engineer Goo. Looft, labor ... John Welch, labor I'heo. Dorenbush, labor'" It. Pomeroy, labor Dr. No. 83— Clms. IS. Chubb, engineer Homer Nolle, labor . fern ley Nolle, labor ' ' ' James Kelso, labor . Clarence Hentgos, labor" , * . . F ')V)es Biirro'iiRl'is supplies 2.50 s.'ho 1.15 2.20 '3.110 l.UO Add Ing ' Miich.' Co.', ... . r ""' n »' Shlpton.'apfnry'l P' 9r°vost a Hutollls °n. oo Sohallcr. mig. ". '" . . A. „ Ike . T . Harms. WaKner, Co - . m(g. mle- 150.00 2705 10 00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 "', 101 ' V M Di No 85—'° '' Geo. hooft, labor . John Welch, labor Jao o8c ?r nt * Dr. No. SC— Dick naarte, labor Goo. Loot I, labor ~)' N" iV cIcl1 ' ln »or' Dick Bnnclc, labor j. j 0 ' Graham, laboi •James'Kelso. labor 7.PC 10.0 7.0f SS.7- 2S.OC 3. Of 77.50 1!>!7 : 4.00 ii:7 B ! .0.7 .so 1 40 Dr? No. Dick Baade, labor Pllrs S sup- Dr. J. B. WlM'TfnflnBp... wee night netted some $26. >Vi n Other Wesley ^ «i Al Ji elIa Alig> ^ittemore' ed the Leo Waldschmidts' ast week Mondav till the >ng Wednesday. 'Edna Ma» was at Waldschmidt's Sunday guests at the Clarence "" Glenn Burt Sunday afternoon at Jim man's. Mr. Ackarman is cu '? bers - Algona. guests at A. D Hanna" PP6 ' n Motion by Morris and 8 Algona. visited Ackar- helping . — "1'ittiiK, uaugnter Helpn lAnna , Plai S. Mrs. James AckarmaS' ^ ™ Luela ' a;ld l Pnda - v afternoon. ' vMr - and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard 11 '*- Mary Brun «". and "BMlv"' uests at A. D. Hanna's. G en Sanders spent fro,,, wlfL?^' 1 '! ™? « Frasei . S^.Jf^ca.KVp&Sr^i ;idt'.s The J. T. Meurers, 2tfrs Hplen Bertha Meurer's^'The wlsleva^s were sunnm- ,,„„=..„ „» .... ,-I?" 8 dr^f; f ndn , Mrs '. R - K. Richardson drove to Blooming Prairie, Minn Saturday to visit the letter'sTar" ents, Mr. and Mrs. WJlllam Car?oll" and got home Sunday evening c «™' i " -- .... John Larson's trrove, Sunday, and another in, Lawrence Larson, -yyho works visit I0n ' °" Was at home on a Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Erdinan jLee, and Patty Ann, with T,!/;" 7 " Conle >' s - Livermore? for a S'L^T':^..^ Ambrose'A' Schutte. of St. Cloud ^carne Sunday for a visit relatives. Other Sunday .. at -Meyers were the Ernest Meyers, Burt. the Frank Meyers Seneca, and the Ll oyd Hutchin- Eugene Blanehard, Mason """ ^ nd at the ---'s, and Mr. and Blanehard, Waterloo for a visit there Citv om came Mrs w T r M ;* JenS6U entei 'tained Mi s. W J Cotton, Mrs. Angus Cotton, and Mrs. Harley Shellito Fr uay afternoon. George Crow, who had been attending summer school at Boul tier Colo., arrived Saturday for visit at the R. T. Angus home " and last the r. and Alri Rev. and ti A H" w°V nd . , A H w A baskets Mr. spent Mrs. week Harley Shellito Thursday with The , ay a «™~a JSe Bob Muehes, Albert Lea H . H. Mrs w " T MIS. W. J. - Algona, were H . the daughter Cotton's. The Will Mrs. Phil Walker, Schal- --•-. ... u. i.ouon-s. The Will Christensons spent the afternoon on Reynolds home, Al- The Hugh Walshes and the Bernard O'Donnells spent " ' lunch h resided rooms here Ymm'iv V6 ttoved to r at Humboldt Mo., , there , T ?? r i ha ^ the Seml-Annual Report ?,,.i r. ' P urc y- Treasurer of ]Cos?. utl1 County, Iowa, be approved and the County Auditor be instructed to publish same. Ayes: all. T.T a .* otion by Fraser and second by Heiken that the quarterly reports of tees collected by .1. J. Dooley, Conn- ty Recorder and E. S. Klnsey County Auditor, and the Sheriff's report for the quarter be approved. Ayes: l?rn r ,?,, tlo JV bfyt , Morrls and second by Fraser that the apoHcntion for clii- tte permit and bond of B J San_'. 'Smltty's Service Station," Sex- or. be approved. Ayes: all Motion by Heiken and second by that a Pauper Notlge.be serv- '''?. foll ow!ng persons: May Chris F. Nlelsen'.'iab'o;-'.":' T j' JJ eI '''y'nan, bridge work A y <?m y m an> bl ' ld ^ e "'°' : k: « Vn fa i? Uh ' sa lary r i T; Nl 'Kent, salary foluj D. Fraser. rodman Clarence ^ufalls. B ravei v L. Huber, labor 3en Nolle, labor . Goo. 'Looft, labor .,, U' Fitch, labor v . ^. Fitch, labor . " ' James Kelso. labor .'.'. J. Palmer, labor . itsford Lumber Co., |Dr7No. Ill— Geo. Looft, labor .. |Dr n n 4-i VelCh ' Iab0r '•'•' Lyle Sampson, labor i?n Dawaon, labor . T"V ii'"j»i. labor iDr^No.Ysl,^ lab ° r George Looft, labor ^^.Welcb, ia bqr [Dr. No7'"l4'7~" James Kelso, labor Geo. Looft,. iflbor John Welch, ' ?.oo 3.20 2.SO '•••" In,,, i, eoiiniv "in ,,A', rind ff.i fp " r " "n Mii'd'£' ''>•'• liifi ri^i^K^ supl "No" ill * *• "tiLUJJHOlli pnes '" Lumber I Dr H.-k.' NO.' 'O.VB— Rick BaaUe, labor r^M'J^JV 1 " 1 ' 'ibor . labor .' Co., sup- 6.on 1.10 4.00 3.50 12.00 2,1.00 20. or, 9.03 5.50 2.40 2.10 io.no 7.00 2.51 4.00 3.50 25.20 20.30 Jj.60 Deputy . - ner - Patrol natrol pafrol ' ! ! lullln, "dep' n Motion Mr. and Mrs. A 02.75 104.00 92.05 72.00 68.95 32.75 99.05 90.05 r \v' tr . Ji. W.-K. No. - Ln1aon . labor District No. ' Cl ° We med and second .'o. Jiyes: all. Motion by Heiken and second •j en i Heed pro due- ^ ~ "ia-1, . A ii j T ' Lnur i union AlSona Creek ' eenSen> Flum A ' eona A ;., B . Lap'p'e', 'Ram'sey '.'.'.'.'' Binlo'r'nVt g" 1 Schwietert. Portland 7 sSrt Herman Warmbier, Slier- Henry Schultz, Whittel l irr' g ek . hol Elmer Ewlngr. Earl Earing, patrol .Take. KelleF. patrol j e °M D ? lperdan e. Patrol" J. M. Long, patrol Merwln Marlow, patrol Ves Robinson labor ' !','^ 16 JT °h" s on. labor'i inir K? Johrs °". labor Nick Nemmers, labor ' ? C( ? U ' med - •• Andrews, mod. . Janse, med • . ° V 50.00 29.00 S.OO 50.00 10.00 2 S.OO 3.50 27.00 3.50 5.00 15.00 11.48-1 7.60 Mo ««.<IO Let Us Refinance Your Car On terras suitable lo youraj —pay oil your presenl bH vance more cash an) j a lower monthly payaj casli to w bUls, b la, needs and other v ' on convenient Icn local service KOII11M '''"ins Telepktul ercwl hni ....... B s ' Creek -,—.-.., with lion 4S29-a3 i nniai, i uncture vine c »iria) annual substantial failure to f the State Wenri f'S?.r Swea City .Swea City • .Swea City., ea City .Blmora, Minn. « Minn"' -Minn her ' °°»onwood, daughter Lillian - er augter Lillian left for home Monday, after a vitit smce last week Wednesday at the daughter Mrs. Frank JCouS'/ Jr * Gladys Peck, Crystal Lake, was a Sunday supper guest at Ho Waldschmidt's. The Vee .» ""^ *•""=""" «. iv. uotton's the week-end, and Mr. Shellito iu'c* weedi I "tho 0 exDen a p *f' ir "F a " itruction to be^ plid - ° l Suclv de ' »-"-"' fund, and t a"kaln« y the We'rtHS^?"/ tax IcoTgro've t^at M lfa r i l Sh i ^" S «>"<» by ^'^^£mm^4^j^^s own snip f QI* 1937 . e ee MulUns attended a ball game at Stores Cit Sa West Bend Sund™ ° rove to , northeast of Burt ; . :,ul"et y ,± ne L g "^, at Vincent ^n?™^™'^»- ^.. Saturday night. Mre. Tilie Loebig had as he —--• ••••o iA«;uiB aaa as he Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mr Floyd Jorgens, Kauawha, with O He and Louie Oppedahl, and Lo Bruns, Ti tonka. Luella Waldschmldt Donalc Hampe, Britt. Jean Dun-waller, o Forest City, and Norman Rice, o Brrtt, spent Sunday at the Oko bojia. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flehler, of Ringeted, with the daughter Dorothy Jane t . were Sunday dinner guests at Emil Wester's.' Mr. and Mrs. George Kelsh, Rita yes: an. Motion by Cosjrrove Morris tha* •>•-«--accept $20 "a.M«o«a iv iV 1 «y«»: all. Motion by Helk« n and second In : : all. . and second ehnk e, rent No. 3-1 nt States' ' 9 -°° 4.00 .72 10.00 10.00 10.00 16.00 20.00 $.00 12.00 4.20 are dancj timej on the hiqhwayr They are extra qoo times for 7 °.°0 cafe - W ,. No - 12 '". Ayes" all "• • No - K eo -' L - Huiit Mfi rZ" sllpp y tr«. tVVF^"^*•*»'»' b, 1 SyfifS? ufiSl&^'KS ' °»«-^'&^SS,«^ °- fesss-^g-si®'. SO.OO 15.00 29:80 6.93 4.3C 18.00 24.00 3.86 5.40 10.00 10.00 10.00 ! 27.60 <•• w v 4.12 1.78 3.93 3.51 1.67 .. -\•*.-*» u, •' because tonq are n lowest every from 7p to 4:30*J i,M and on £un<M

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