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The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 3

The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 3

The Roanoke Timesi
Roanoke, Virginia
Issue Date:
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I ai IB Bn Kt Ifl II i anHjT Br ii 1 Kb i I iff 5 I 1 THE ROANOKE TIMES RIDAY MAY 1 1903 CAUGHT AT NOROLK PLAY BALL S300 $300 Water Color Exhibit Roanoke Va Right Price BEDORD CITY HOME THE GROCERY STORE' ROW WADE WAS NABBED Richmond Virginia EXCURSION nual Outing just arrived 'this THE DUST PLAGUE OR SALE long GREATLY ALARMED tl lie 1 drugg north tide Woods ave 4 ui made Smoke Cigars Union made 2 to Smoke cigars Union made State Sank Building BLUEflUO WVA ROANOKE VA 1 SHOERS I 0AXX Thebaly Is healthy because during gestation Its mother used the purely vegetable liniment Singer Sewing Machine Agent iVho Absconded Brought Back laine Cotne ft ti the plat forming on Sixth plat fronting on Sixth plat south side Woodi ct tr a Ul finest in at Bach ed Roanoke Shoe Go Spot Cash NloneySavers Amateur Baseball Season Opens at Athletic Park Tomorrow i' i or your dressed poultry see MARKLEY keeps the best the market affords Bad Negro Who Played Jesse Jamts Held Up by Police Roanoke's days past winds your money to to 3 a HoW the Elks Will Dedicate Their Beautiful New Building A A Waterman TO HOUSEKEEPERS You want the best meats for your table especially when the best cost no than meats of Inferior quality UNION MEN Buy your coal and wood from the Roanoke Co operative Supply Co office 13G Campbell avenue Yard 52S irst avenue Both phones emergency or sale by opposite passenger depot Now he says and he num folks to A real warm Smoke Cigars Union made id oS re gio o71 II at 141 Salem avenue ODORLESS! ODORLESS! ODORLESS Is the name of the Refrigerator thatve show you when you come and of en sell you before yon go JENNINGS BLOXTON A 111 lie life may be sacrificed to a sudden attack of croup if yon have Dr Electric Oil on hand for the OR SALE Blacksmith shop complete set of tools two desirable lots adjoining Best situation in Radford An estab lished trade of $2500 per year Good opportunity for right man The above property will be sold at a sacrifice as the proporietor has to change business on account of ill health Address A HOWELL East Radford Va Three times the value of any One bird faster One third Good surry Will sell cheap No Campbell avenue AVe sell the Odorless Refrigerator come and see it and let us explain to you why it is Odorless JENNINGS BLOXTON Now speaking of your Oxford's there is nothing manufactured that can come up to the' Pat Pat Vici or Vici Kid The Dorothv Dodd at $250 just as good as any at $350 You can only find them at Baehrach's as he is the sole agent Style Tone Comfort Service 1 Smoke Cigars Union made in and take a peep at Edwin and Kneeland up to date Shoes and Oxfords the town They are dead swells rach's Tho price of LUCK" Jinking Pow der to pie housekeeper is tun cents (Ift'ts) for full pound (It? O'A )') packed In moisture proof tin can This is the lowest possible prl' at which the best linking can bo manu factured Base Ball North Carolina University EWER GALLONSlW EARS KONGER ewer gallons takes less of Devoe Lead and Zinc than mixed paints Wears longer twice as long as lead and oil SEE THE HORSE OWNERS Rushing to Pharmacy for Dixie Nerve and Bone Lin ment on for all swellings and ness New Shape Aluminum putter Call anil sec it Ball runs true from any prt oil the face ROANOKE CYCLE CO 103 Campbell Ave "West on the Roanoke market and ample re frigerating facilities enables me to keep my meats pure fresh and sweet A trial order will convince MARKLEY 111 Salem avenue Smoke Cigars Union made The upon many sportive ever since been blinding clouds dies who are out on shoppin and the disgust of the busy citizen and sight seeing stranger Water ev erywhere but none upon the thorough fare Roanoke seems destined to lose what reputation she may have had for cleanliness with the ever increas ing dust plague arched full instep foot looks its pret in fixfords or Colonials They of 0 dust which has been lying thick principal streets tor was caught up by the yesterday and has eddying around In to the despair of la tours Van i feS astfOttraS GRADUATES IN PHARMACY Cor Salem Ave and JefTervon St UOA NOKih iv SHE EXCITES WONDER Does MADAM REYNOLDS Her re markable development of Palmistry en ables her to warn you of dangers ami sickness Lends yon to the road ot happiness and wealth Reunites tin: separated lovers Readings 50 conis up 9 a to Eureka House opposite postoffice Parlors 5 and Has for sale desirable lots ana par Harrison ave and Sixth 11 cv WVV with bouse on Gilmer avenue 50x130 feet feet feet a Supper 6 to 8 non ri hv ftp month Meal Tickets (good for 21 meals) $100 All the Delicacies of the Season The trouble which took place at tho True grocry over in the Northeast last night between Lipscomb the manager of the store and AV Davis a colored insurance agent was aired for several hours in the police court Hits morning Quite a vicious fight appears to have takenplace between the men in which a club and a weighing weight were used Harris Hoge represented Lipscomb and A Oliver acted for Davis Judge Bryan decided that there was consid erable blame on both sides bur ally lined Davis $5 for his part in affair LIGHTEN WORK By using Bissels Bearing Car pet Sweeper It preserves your cur tains and 'draperies as well as your carpets and makes sweeping a pleasure No No Just comfort We have a new shipment just in GILES BROS BRITTS other easier The only Sewing Machine that does not fail in'anv point is the Wheeler Wilson JENNINGS BLOXTON Todiv you can Tomorrow may be ou Insurance protection re talking about McClanahan cu The Insurance ioi JetteiWH Pt i furniture warerooms 1211 131 SALEM AVENUE Slazenger Imported Scottish Irott now in slock ROANOKE CYCLE CO 103 Campbell avenue West police headquarters here this morning In young Star will be at Knepp's livery stables every riday and Saturday during the pres ent season Respectfully Reaburn 11 NACE VA HOT WEATHER COMING If you need a Refrigerator see the Odorless sold by JENNINGS BLOX TON Wi) fjn The Junior Range idoses June 1st Send in your cupons See our ad Sth page THURMAN OVERSTREET BOONE THE WEATHER MAN Was right when he said we'd have a cohl wasn 'lief we're to have a warm furthermore advises the buv liaht weig'ht suits day will catch you in that old winter suit if you look out! bet ter look in if you buy in haste you can get your money back equally quicker We are sole agents for clothing the best in the land SCHLOSS co One Price Clothiers McMillan who was formerly tn the employ of the Singer Sewing Machine Company In this city and who in the summer of 1S9S suddenly depart ed for parts unknown was arrested in Norfolk yesterday and brought to Roa noke yesterday morning by Detective Baldwin McMillan who was a remarkably clever salesman had been employed at the time jf his defalcations in the ca pacity of city and country salesman and did much business for the com pany A new manager Mr Bryant took charge of the office in Roanoke about this period and pre pared to go over the books McMillan was told to be present on the day In question but gave an excuse for going home for a short time promising to appear on time never came instead he was found later to have hired a horse and buggy and to have driven to Cloverdale Here he very generously presented the entire outfit to a boy where he was stopping and bought a ticket to some point near Buchanan Here all trace ot him was lost It is believed ho went for a while to Baltimore and later return ed to Newport News where his family are said to be residing at the present time The warrant served on McMillan charges him with having embezzled $1069 from the Singer company This was made up of small and large amounts collected on machines for which no return avas made McMillan has been looked for by the police in vain and' has long succeeded in elud ing capture He was well known in Roanoke and exceedingly popular with many ountain Pens Wo wish to show evry one interest our complete stock of WA'I OUNTAIN PENS One Guaran Come to see when you come to the Carnival A STARTLING TEST To saw a life Dr Merrill of No Melioopuny Pa made a startling test resulting in a wonderful cure He writes patient was at tacked wit li violent 'hemorrhages 'caused by ulceration of the stomach I had often found Electric Bitters excellent for acute stomm and liver troubles so 1 prescribed them The patient gained from the first and has not had an at tack in 11 Electric Bitters are positively guaranteed for Dyspep sia Indigestion Constipntian and Kid ney troubles They lhem Only 50c at Pharmacy On Saturday the (imatmir baseball season will open with a flourish of trumpets and music by the band the Red Band The Tri City Base ball League promises the people royal sport and every nine in the organiza tion say they will give a good account of themselves The first game on 'Saturday afternoon will be between Vinton of last year's championship fame and the new Nor folk and AY estern nine The Vinton ites play in their old time form and expect to do business from the open ing of tile league season On the Other hand the Norfolk ami AVestcrn team is a strong youngster and have demonstrated they know a thing or two about the game AVhen the Iub commences on Saturday afternoon at Athletic Bark mayor Joel Cutehin' will before the eyes of the astonished lookers shoot the first bull across the plate 'preceding such' action by a few happy words of felici tation on the opening of the baseball season Then the band will play some more and the cry of will start the great American game going the accompaniment of many voices iroin tiie grand stand The Virginia College girls are expected to lie out in full force at game match is called for 4:15 o'clock A general admission of 15 cents will be charged ladies lieing admitted free OR SALE Stylish bay Hackney mare five years old City broke Has good speed and has been taught to high step or par iiculars address Martin phone 52 or Box 22G Pulaski Va TAV KIRKBRIDE CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Eighth AvenueS E( last night at a meeting held by the Woodworkers of the Roanoke shops all arrangements were completed for their fifth animal picnic which will lake on May 30th the objective point eing Lynchburg This excursion which is always looked forward to by Roanokers promises this year to eclipse anything: ever attempted by the AVood workers rom 1500 to 1S00 peo ple have been' carried on these ex cursions in previous years and it is expected that this year the numbei will bo oven further increased Tim music by a first class band will be in attendance and will add a wonder ful measure of eclat to the occasion by their presence Last year the AVood workers took out of Roanoke some 23 ears of pleased excursionists and at the date for this year's excursion falls on Memorial day an even larger crowd mav be looked for So far the A ood workers hold Hie banner for the lar gest number of excursionists so lar as known NO COMPLICATED MEASURING Necessary nor need you try on the clothes several times before you are fitted You see the garments here in the finished state ready to wear select the style you want to try on your size and there you are clad in clothes of the latest style that fit you per fectly and which have all the distin guishing of the finest to measure made garments the only difference is in the price The ma joritv of men want clothes that look just 'right If you are such a man we have what you are looking for Suits $750 to $22 MEALS BURKE CLOTHING CO Masonic Building corner Jefferson St and Campbell avenue EXPERIMENTING WITH CLOTHING is costly The parents of modern means i who wishes their boys to be well dress ed will avoid dissatisfaction and save money by 'buying clothing which is guaranteed to be just what they want such clothing we sell and if it is found to be different from our representation you can have your money back Norfolk Suits 4 to 17 years Blouse Suits 3 to 12 years Sailor Norfolk 3 to years AVe protect you Smoke Cigars Union AVo will have on exhibition for the ntxt week $1200 worth of Imported AVater Colors pointed by the most famous Italian artists Prices from $650 to $7500 Don't miss this opportunity of seeing the most artistic line ot pictures ever shown in Roanoke It yo i and take linn oi I'lifuitiii oke to jin mol' va 1 1 load of tinks Crunk week at against loss MEALS BURKE CLOTHING CO Masonic Building corner Jefferson SI and Campbell avenue HOW IS IT DONE? done by a simple twist of' the tongue and paying spot ettsh wbm ho buys Swift's Silver Leaf Lard 10 cents per pound a good lard for 1 cents: best Western meat lie best regular hams 15c 'best sugar 5c: biickle's Coffee 10c Obelisk lour $425 per 'barrel 3 lb can Tomatoes 7 cents and everything carried in stock at closest possible prices The nicest and best line of fresh meats carried and sold at the lowest prices at SPOT CASH GROCERY CO corner Henry and Church AV Guerranl manager ANNUAL MEETING GERMAN BAP TIST BRETHREN BELLE ONTAINE The Norfolk AVcstern Railway will sell excursion tickets May 29 to June 3 tickets limited to June Gth By depos iting ticket with Agent Bellefontaine extension can be had to June 30th 1903 No fee required On May 29th through cars will be run from stations ou Shenandoah Valley Division and from Roanoke Write for rates AV BEVILL BRAGG A A Roanoke Va AVhen you want a pleasant physic try Stomach and Liver Tablets They are easy to take and eleasant in effect or sale by ail Exceptional Value IN A Pal Tip Turn Oxford This in our Jafiest invoice and one of i ho ni'xvcst dc igns inNcw England the cklia wlodg ed birth place of foot wear tiansbit rg the nolice a shots' were fired before AVade gave up The two negro boys whom he robbed and who spent AVednesday night in the cells for want of better accommodation have not left the city and will appear against AVade at Christiansburg in connection with the robbery The ba record held 'by Wade will likely in Ins gettm term riend The committees in charge of tho led ication arrangements at Home opening al Bedford City consists of Messrs Phillip Kelly of Richmond A Pack of Roanok'e anti Laza rus of Lynchburg The committee after considering various plans de cided to have on the occasion of the dedication an old fashioned Virginia barbecue it will take place on the grounds of the Home and a fire class man one who is skilled in and famil iar with such undertakings will pc en gaged to look after the barecning of the meats Mr Lazarus has a list of meats and the address of welcome willbe made by Mayor Campbell of Bed ford Other addresses will be made Governor Montague SenatorJohn AV Daniel Air Ti anning of Indianapolis Ind chairman of the grand trustees Mr George IP Cronk of Omaha Neb grand exalted ruler of tho United States Mr Meade Det wiler of Harrisburg Pa past grand exalted ruler and chairman of the national home committee and reder ick AVard the famous tragedians The exercises will begin at lialf past II in the morning and at their conclusion dinner will be served The music for the occasion will be rendered by the Roanoke Machine Band which will have twenty five members Music 'will be rendered after each ad dress and eight minutes after each address will be devoted to this pur pose Mr Humphreys of Bedford City is cliaii'inan of the local copimit tee in Bedford City which is looking after arrangements tiler's riend Is soothing softening relax I ji oil ii iiHHscle maker invlgoralor a ud freshen er It puls new power into your back and njps A coming mother rubs it hi from the outside with her own pretty no dosing and swallow ingot nasty dnigs no inside treatment 'I he state of the mother during gestation may Inti nre the disposition mid whole future of the child that why mothers should watch tlmtr condition and free themselves from pain Jiur health that of the child and their lives depend on keeping free from torture worry and melan choly Be of good cheer strong of heart and pencifnl mind riend can and xvill make you Bearing down pains morning sickness soreness of breast and insomnia arcill relieved and diminilied by this wonderful remedy backed by two score years oi suixos Oi druggists $100 Send for our free THE BRADIELD REGULATOR CO Atlanta Ga Bv Persistent Cough bitt Permanent ly Cured by Cough Remedy Mr Burbage a student at law in Greenville had been trouble! for four or five years with a contin uous cough which he says "greatly alarmed me causing me to four that 1 was in the first stage of consump Air rbage having seen Cough Remedy adver tised concluded to try it Now real what he says of il: soon felt a 'remarkable change and after using two bottles of the twenty five cent size was permanently Sold by all drug gists Millar Higdon both phones 129 Grain hay flour and produce 115 Nor folk ave 8 Slazenger Drivers Brassies Mashie Weeks Irons Putters now in stock ROANOKE CYCLE CO 103 Campbell avenue AVest and the price just a little less Ladies Misses and Childrens OXORDS A treat to see these We are acknowl edged leaders in MEN'S INE SHOES In fact it will pay you to see us It was law about 11 last night at Chris He is said to have given hot chase and several Bird Wade Hie negro who yesterday robbed two boys also colored on a freight train Tank near Radford and then compelled his vic tims to quit the tram has been run to earth but not before he gave the po considerable trouble and some tall sprinting i A telephone message was received at 1 that Wade after his escapade yester day was sighted in Blacksburg In some manner he broke awny from the police and regained his freedom was shortlived however as ho again ga titered In the toils of the NO SPECIAL DAY HERE Every price offered is a distinct bar gain al 5 and 10 cent store III rQ Gooch Crosby Co BOOKSELLERS STATIONERS No 10 Campbell Avenue SNlDtB SiOLL CO HO South Jefferson enr CL cP 1 3 si cr a I' I 1 Ort 7 Room 50 i Terry Building Has for sale desirable lots and par pels of land as in the city as follows: Clx ai nrnP: Ktrpfd 80 feet Lot 200x500 street 130x000 street 200x120 avenue 3 250x90 feel 117 Il Uv 5 Lots and parcels ot land from on half acre to five acres on west side of Sixth street These are all desirable building' sites Something Different Tho making of jewelry is an art craft and most susceptible to artistic expression Wo select those pieces that possess a character and originality of their own Seo our new line of Brooches and links I mill 111 AH lawelers and Silversmiths A RANKIN UU 108 South Jefferson St Smoko Cigars Union made Saddle Stallion 1 desire to inform the public that my fine young Kentucky saddle stallion A BABY its siorniat is wuix BEHIND THE CURTAIN will go to er von will see urn uiggesu ver brought to Roan iit HART BERGER war home a paradise Car is vs Washington Lee Today at 4 Athletic Park Admission 25c GAME CALLED AT 4 Smoke Cigars Union made Restaurant Lunch Counter and Dining Rooms Open Day and Night It is the place of all places in the city where you get the full value of 25c 258 25c $1500 3 n1 1 (3 ta S' ts re 2 cl EgT rn oL a Dainty Oxfords Brother shoes are no longer correct AVbruen's tastes have swung back to a love for daintiness A hlgb nvfords or Colonials are very correct Keep on the side daintiness in choosing the style but oxfords must THE CHARM Yet two thirds of the Oxfords do not fit AVe perfect the fit of all and there in lies the1 s'iceess of this shoe store at Oxford selling flee the styles in our I I 1 1 I I a I I I IS I i I i I www Lit CMKM3K fl fl fl 4 i Arrangements Made for Their An il bIWY'0 Imb I If lEuM 1 it A I I i Lewis Thos Col 5 XMj IQ QIOIOIOWKOICICC 1 I I i.

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