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The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 4

The Roanoke Times from Roanoke, Virginia • Page 4

The Roanoke Timesi
Roanoke, Virginia
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THE ROANOKE TIMES RIDAY JUNE 18 1909 more cost 143 the our and STRAW HATS them 0 BURNS Manager thiit you 20 their A Channing Week End Outing Yellow Sulphur Springs THE I VIRGINIAN RAILWAY YELLOW SULPHUR SPRINGS this whut in ust be $150 Table Cloths at 98c In consideration of all those A regular $150 value in our riday sale at 98c whom All Our Parasols mens HEIRONIMUS COMPANY it was hi the conversation chart Master heart we will have by mid two miles of railroad is likely years inlevelop aro just greatest country myself I would rather a dogcart right thanin a band at the expense of my convlc How has Judge Mann also candidate for the nomination fortho con that memo climbed on as many of The people test the for Congress the people is a government of the people are well revenue is necessary Witten: deal and the entire Western Light Weight SummerhSuits We have everything you need to make you comfortable these warm A very good range of colors and patterns in and with special riday Sale price reductions of 10 per cent on'any Parasol Jn stock Buy early and get first pick They are the thing for sum mer and there is noth ing that can touch them for style A perfect fit guaranteed dried sub them waste do for No the fact KC the legislative thmnh lo me tell When wu Let us show you our SUMMER SHIRTS ft must maintain the upper its own maintenance and In this struggle the obser the naturalist make a con A choice buying opportunity that you should heed Summer time is here you know how badly fruits stain the table linens You need plenty of these table furnishings if you wish the dining table always to look dainty and attractive These table cloths are the very thing for use during fruit season i Union linen satin finish in a splcndidhissortment of very pretty patterns size 2x2 yards i NOTICE TO S1TRSCRIRERS When changing: nddres be certain to give old a new addrea on Co Tlic Test of a Man The real test of a man is adversity It Is also the test of a leader of po litical thought When a politician Is on the high tide' of 1 1 1 arlty! when Special Pricea Thia Week on hall racks at Peoples urniture Co has special ROUND TRIP WEEK END fare of YOUNG TO'UETIRE James Browning of city last night with a Leader yet too young from business THE WrclTIIEB or Virginia: Showers riday and Saturday moderate variable winds mostly southwest ton county Va is eighty four years of age and an active farmer Re cently he admitted that he was get ting old and did not feel as spry as he did thirty years earlier but with such a splendid example before him the Colonel did not think he could be content to live a life of idleness At present he is running his big Abbs Valley farm of about 4000 acres and he finds a good deal to interest him Whether he continues on the farm or engages in other pursuits he has no intention of leaving the section where he has spent the best years of his life Bluefield Leader is we have feeding and of the earth old strug civilizatlon the the the minute BEVILTi General Passenger Agent BILTRITE $400 OXORD Tim shoe of quality lasted silk stitched New York office Tribune BuildingTbn Sheffield Special Agency Chicago office Eipre Com pany Building The Sheffleld Spe To II On my personal trips I could $5000 to $7500 worth of or Tlirift of Negroes in Virginia The negroes of Virginia are an ex ceptionally thrifty class of the South ern African and in proportion to their thriftiness they become the better cit izens The Tidewater negro is bet ter and richer than those of the in terior Statistics show that our blacks have been so successful that they own and pay taxes on one twenty sixth of all the real estate In the counties east of the Blue Ridge they own one sixteenth of the prop erty in Middlesex county they own one seventh and in Hanover county one sixth taxes on exclusive town and zen Keep cool these warm days by wearing one of I If success In this life is to be tired by the accumulation of dollars then IT Harriman Is the greatest success this country hns ever pro duced and In comparison with whom the other llmc llghters pale Into Insig nificance or the honor of being America's King" Harriman has paid the dearest price that could be pnkd the forfeiture of his health He hns lost It and the combined viiluo of the railroad he controls will not bring it back Harriman Is not an old man and but for his Impaired health would be In the' prime if life po Is a past president of the Company Mar to the Manufac Round Trip $125 Round Trip to the it ancient and real the In Georgia the negroes pay $18000000 of property of that in the shape ot city lots Virginia Citl in values created by human effort This pest according to the estimate of the Department of Agriculture caused a loss in the United States last year In grain alone of $100000000 while the total damage It wrought may reach thrice that sum or nearly a million dollars a day exceeding the total tire loss It is true that the rat is to some extent a fertilizer and a disintegrator of soil but modern ap pliances have rendered that natural sen ice to the farmer far lv than machinerj' continues the gle for existence even if has progressed beyond battle with the beasts of forest The war is not because it is with the foe may be contemptible but it can not be ignored Ths ravages of the rat are only an example Myriads of smaller foes in all the gap between the grub and the insect prey upon the substance produced by human toil and make war upon health and life In its fight against these wastes as well as against the microbes of disease civil ization wages the war that knows no truce but hand for progress vations of trlbution to the conservation of life and property that is as far beyond estimate as It Is removed from popu lar appreciation They reveal foes that are not to be despised because their attacks are Insidious" Special Prices Thin Week dining tables at Peoples urniture healthy leaf of a tree made its the leaves of the maple small worms will be found a small bunch of something like fine wool down as white ns snow The lightest breeze wafts this little bunch of wool or down which carries with it tho worm It will Hout on a zephyr breeze a distance of a hundred yards and will attach to any twig In its path way The pest would be hard to com bat for the reason that the leaves upon which the worms gather or are hatched from eggs curl up and pro toot tho insects and the lluid of a spray would not reach them Owing to the provision of nature for mat tering pest it may in a few years be very disastrous for already It is apparent that In order to save tho maple trees some insecticide must be used When there comes a puff of wind around the tree there Is a reproduc tion of a snow squall and the ground under the tree becomes thickly cov ered with the down This may be one of the pests common to tho other sections but it is something new to this Some Idea of the ravages of the Insect pests in this country may be gathered from the following from the Washington Herald: is the little wastes that count In the aggregate more than the oc casional Isrgo extravagances It Is the vermin of the earth that destroy more wealth and that wage more ef fective warfare upon the well being of mankind than do all the raging lions and stealthy tigers of tho wild erness The productiveness of civil ization1' pays Its heaviest tolls almost wttbln its own thitshold Where the cobra strangles Its hundreds or lives the despised rat destroys Its millions What It Would Mean When the Anti Saloon League threatens the cities of Virginia with state wide prohibition it is charitable to believe that the members know not what a Pandora box of evils it would open upon the poor old state The condition ot affairs which exists in Montgomery Savannah and other cities subject to state wide prohibi tion be in in other cities of Virginia under state wide prohibition Is there sufficient reason to believe that the conserva tive and liberty loving people of Vir ginia will vote to bring about such a condition of affairs as state wide prohibition has produced elsewhere? The people of the rural districts have in the Mann law all the prohibition they can have in state wide prohibi tion and they will not vote for state wide prohibition merely to force pro hibition upon the cities against the wishes of the people of those cities Petersburg Index Appeal With the State Press TOO Colonel enhontas and in a man he said he was to think of retiring Since his recent big sale to the Big Vein Pocahontas Company there has been much speculation among his friends as to what he would do and many of them have suggested that he buy a home in Richmond Norfolk or Washington and njoy life Colonel Drowning said that such a life would not be attractive to him Ills ac quaintance in either of those cities would be limited and ho much pre ferred the society of bls lifelong friends Besides he could not think of retiring from business His fa ther Jesse Browning of Washing Brotherhood Mercantile Co master In the art of railroad build ing but ho forgot that the law of com pensation applied to him did not realize that In the acquisition of great wealth that he must pay the expense which must of necessity be great It did not dawn upon him that exaction would come in the form of a forfeiture but it did and now in a voice scarcely carries across the the sitting room" he declares he is to quit" But it is too late Nature demands her of flesh" and it must be paid field less But arguments from Judge Mann or any other per son the people of the old Tenth dis trict well know that Mr Tucker would never have been defeated gressional nomination In rable canvas if he had the popular bandwagon the party leaders did of the Tenth district also remember well how Mr Tucker acted when put to the test His own words at the Amherst convention still ring in their ears ride In wagon now a for governor met the same test? He has been brought face to face with the test several times in his long ca reer as an officeholder We can now refer to only one instance: or years and years he was counsel for the Norfolk and Western Railway Com pany Judge Mann says that during those years he rendered no services whereof a minister of the gospel need be ashamed A few years ago there arose in this state a great "howl" against the railroads Judge Mann was already a candidate for governor Instead of continuing his high and honorable relations with the Norfolk and Western Hallway he resigned This he had a right to do But what reason did he give for doing It? It is this: position as counsel for the Norfolk Western Railway was being In other words it rendered him less popular Will the judge abandon any position or a stand upon any question in order to gain popularity? Is his position on the matter to tie determined by the of popularity? That seems to be test which he has marked out himself Amherst Progress 2000 miles Va to Cincinnati and Co Ohio: Norfolk to Bristol church for stay away It things they them It is women and to preach to men or may not enjoy the furbelows of rhetoric men unquestionably do not To say that men do not attend church is to say that the church has lost force Bring back the fire of Savonarola the conviction of Luther' the power of Knox and the men will crowd to thu churches reason for this was for a puzzle but it is now fullv It is because red clover with ail other leguminous the power through the agency of certain bacteria which at tach themselves to the roots to ab sorb and utilize the freo nitrogen of the atmosphere Tho writer believes that if the agri culture of this beautiful Piedmont country could bn generally placed upon a correct scientific basis it would contribute much to the financial pros perity of this whole region WILLIAM NESBIT VERY COMMON OLKS The reading public hast been given nauseous dose of the dally life of Bome very common folks in the print id records of the Gould divorce case now in progress i It is not pleasing to accept the tes tlmony of the servants of a household In proving tho character of the wo man who presides over it especially when the testimony has been intro duced at the instance of the husband but it is clearly fhown that Mrs Gould Is a female sot a state of depravity foreign 'to the standards of woman hood1 as they are known In the South A female sot would be socially outlaw ed south of the line of Mason and Dixon and all of millions could not secure for the debauchee an entree to respectable social cir ties Disparage as we may the the claims of birthright sneer at the man or wo man who lays an abundant store upon the blood in his or her veins the spe cial instances of exhibited common ness and gentility are so convincing that it is impossible to escape the reasonable conclusion that gentility is an heriditary trait This is convinc ingly shown in the case of Mrs Gould Bhe is simply a type of the very corrf mon folk and her proper place is (Where Gould found her behind tho curtains ot a gaycty theater doubtless dreamed that he garnish her glaring defects magic touch of gold but he is championing popular measures and his ears are ringing with popu lar applause wp cannot measure the sincerity of his ideas nor his faith fulness to the dictates of his con science But when the time comes as usually It will In the lives of all such men that the popular view of a great question does not coincide with his view and then if he speaks the honest convictions of his heart he is met with a voice and perhaps a vote of disapproval from his constit uents then it is that we get the meas ure of the real man Such was the test to which II St George Tucker now candidate for the 'Democratic nomination for governor was subject ed in 1896 The free silver question is now no longer a live issue despite statements and THE AND TARI MAKERS Soma of our exchange are still making much ado about the attitude of Southern senators and congress men upon the' tariff but the criti cisms are desultory and like unto the Virginia gubernatorial 'umpalgn are Secidedly indifferent To those uncompromising journal uhfch are religiously oppusgd to a protective tariff the fact that much of the demand for a down ward" comes from nominally Hepub Jlcan Democratic rep resentatlves are voting for protection1s enough the I it Inferable that these representatives are confessing by their sets that there is no longer a Deino tratlc party? So far as the tariff 1 concerned Democrats Congress have been even more M'fadical "standpatters" than most of tt' Ke'feepublic anafThe llepubllcan par S'C? protectionist In theory and 1U iv HU AM Men and Church There is considerable agitation just now over the failure of men to at tend church The complaint comes from the large cities sounding most loudly in New York and Philadel phia Apparently there Is a falling off all along the line" but the men bear the brunt of the attack or the answer ministers must look in the church itself Men go to certain things if they is evidently because the seek are not provided one thing to preach to quite a different thing omen may but hostile repeated in Norfolk in The Primary The primary Campaign and elec tion kepi the community stirred for a considerable period of time and in terfered no little with business But it was well worth the cost Agitation is life The danger to this country is not in political agitation but in poltlcal indifference which means stag nation Tlte indifference of the voters is the opportunity of the professional politicians If the people do not at tend to their own affairs the profes sionals arc quite willing to take the Joi) off their hands But the primary is over and we should put It behind us and get down to business It was a family fight and there should be no soreness and bitterness Let us forget the contest and return to our work of building up Newport News That is good sense good morals and good business Newport News Times Herald to it would Richmond in Petersburg and representation tn Congress appears to be divided into two sorts of protec tionists in practice But the Demo cratic party which is anti protection ist In theory has practically no repre sentatives left in Congress who en deavor to put into practice the doc trine of its platforms and the major ity of its membership turns out to be stand pat high protectionists The tariff has been the one demar cation Issue between the two parties for about a century Transitory is sues would arise have their day and disappear But there has always been the tariff to fall back upon Now this issue has disappeared and that by the practical action of the Democratic party in Congress Does it then mean that the Democratic party as a his toric body as a collection of princi ples and as an institution has disap peared? To say the least what Is left of it is a dwindling organization and a considerable number of votes and officials So it would appear that tho only Democratic dectrine left alive is tho famous dictum of Hancock that tariff is a local issue" The constitutional duty of revising the tariff rests on Congress and this Congress was elected for the express purpose of revising the tariff The ex act position of each candidate for Congress was well understood by his constituents and the result was that the Congress was chosen almost whol ly of high tariff protectionists The failure of the Democratic party to ad here in Congress to its platform is probably due to the fact that prac tically the only Democrats who suc ceeded in getting elected were those who repudiated their platform before election So the people voting for congressmen practically instructed Congress to pass a high protection bill But President Taft was elected on a revision downward promise This he openly advocated In fact every Ite publiean president in recent years has advocated such revision It will be remembered that I President Mc Kinley's last speech delivered the day he was shot was a plea for lower du ties And yet McKinley was the lead ing protectionist in America Presi dent Roosevelt was an avowed tariff reformer and was practically gagged ly Congress which compelled him to stand pat on the tariff Jn order to get other reforms which he regarded as more urgent And President Taft Is a downward revisionist and owes many of the votes he received to that policy It sounds like a Joke to say it that while the people believe in tariff re form they will beat anybody who tries to give it to them There is no way of getting tariff reform down ward out of any may elect This the people and aware that a big to support our government and that the practical way of raising that rev enue is through the imposition of a tariff In fact they have come to the belief that the great prosperity which this country enjoys is primarily due to our tariff They may as political partisans declaim in favor of free trade talk of a for revenue only" but when it comes down to the casting of their votes in favor of mak ing the practical experiment courage falls them An Ideal Hot Weather Ginger Ale BECKER offers a refreshing drink tor this sold at mestic the for some CREDIT TO WHOM CREDIT IS DUE The broad policy of the Norfolk Western Railway which has led to such extensive accomplishments throughout Southwest Virginia and West Virginia can hardly be appreci ated without going back about thirty years and obtaining a general perspec tive ot that which has really been ac complished from the beginning to the present time These developments are so vast in their entirety as to be near ly incomprehensible Mr A Witten American urniture tlnsville Va writes timers' Record some of his observa tions of this policy of the Norfolk Western and that popular journal thinks enough of the observations to reproduce them Said Mr travel quite a good have recently been over main line of the Norfolk Railway and through the States of New York New Jersey and Pennsyl vania and 1 have not seen any sec tion that bids for as much improve ment in the next 25 years as I have found on the Norfolk Western Railway With tills in view I want to give you my opinion which you can publish if you desire to do so and I would make the heading of the article the Thumlb Screw on the have recently been over one of the trunk lines of our Virginia roads and the very nature of my business has caused me to 'take notice' I first saw daylight 40 miles from a railroad and was about grown when I had my first ride on a train which was from Ingleside Va on the Norfolk Western to Central now Radford Va something over 25 years ago I have had a fair opportunity to see the development of this great road since 1881 We only have space to mention a few things this great corporation has done since that time and the same de gree of development may be said of all our great roads of the country I desire to say a few words about tho develop ment of Virginia and West Virginia which has been accomplished In tlie last 25 years the development of the Po cahontas coal fields the Norfolk Western had a main line of about 408 miles from Norfolk to Bristol Tenn Today this sarfie company lias I be lieve a little less than Norfolk lumbus Tenn Lynchburg to Durham Hagerstown to Winston Salem Bluefield Va to Norton Va Pulaski to Galax Va and many branches in the coal fields ollow all tlie main lines and branches and it you are not acquainted with the sections covered Inquire of the citi zens and have them tell you vhat de velopments have taken place since the Norfolk Western entered their section Inquire about the price then and now of land farm products live stock etc and after hearing the story think for a moment what to take place in tlie next 25 this great country whose merit has Just started We about to enter nn era of tlie prosperity tills or any other beginning of ROANOKE SHOE CO 13 South Jefferson Street THE GEO WTDEMANN BREWING COMPANY ROANOKE VA SOLICITS YOUR MAIL ORDERS WRITE OR PRICES ETC OR QUALITY" Special Pricea Thia Week on rugs at Peoples urniture Co warm weather Ginger $120 dozen ror the beet brand and $175 dozen imported Phono These are hemstitched all around why tax your time and patience with the tediousness of doing hem stitching when you can secure these pretty Table Lin ens finished aad ready to use1? 50 dozen in this unusual offering better buy a half dozen at wo se cure any more after those are sold ally year bally air month bally three moatha Daily one month Tickets on sale Saturday good to return the follow ing Monday at 6:11 PAXTON Prop Whnt Cin He Done to Restore ertility of the Soil? In a former communication writer called attention to the that long continued cultivation cording to the methods commonly adopted by American farmers results in a great depletion of the original stores of fertility which our soils possessed when they first came under cultivation and also In seriously in juring their mechanical condition The practical question now arises "How can the lost fertility be restor ed and the mechanical condition of the soil lie Agriculture owes to tho investiga tions that have been made tiy chemi cal science the complete knowledge we now possess of the constituent ele ments which enter into all vegetable substances We also know iith cer tainty the sources from which these elements are derived By far the greater part of all vegetable sub stances is derived from the air and from water But the soil supplies an indispensible part It is tlie soil con tribution which most concerns tho practical farmer Artificial fertiliza tion of soil takes note of four sub stances or ingredients and four only These are combined nitrogen phos phoric acid potash and lime Com bined nitrogen can lie obtained by di rect purchase either in the form of sulphate of ammonia or of nitrate of soda But in these forms it is ex pensive It can also be purchased in commercial fartillzers in which it is a constituent of raw bone blood and all other animal stances used in compounding It may also be obtained in tho from tobacco factories and cotton seed and linseed oil mills Potash can b'e purchased either In the form or sulphat or of muriate or the regeneration of the class of soils commonly found in Piedmont Virginia North and South Carolina if a little time be allowed it will not bo necessary to purchase cither com bined nitrogen or potash irst of all there should be an application of burned and air slaked lime spread on the surface very evenly and harrow ed not plowed in It should not ex ceed in amount more than 40 bushels per acre If the field experimented with is notably thin and exhausted it would bo better to use gypsum (sul phate of lime) instead of burned lime applying 500 pounds to the acre with a fertilizer drill Lime when applied judiciously affects the in various ways It sets up cer tain chemical reactions in the soil which result in the release of potash from its insoluble silicate combina tions It changes the character of the soil from an acidic to a basic con dition It greatly promotes the growth and multiplication of nitrifying bac teria in the soil All fertile soils teem' with these low forms of life and their presence seems to be essential to any high degree of fertility Probably nearly all these Pied mont lands are now more or less de ficient in phosphoric acid If so it can only be supplied by direct pur chase i How can combined nitrogen tho most expensive element in commercial fertilizers one which was abundant in tlie humus of the virgin soils but which Is now depleted almost to ex haustion in some of these soils in this region be most economically re stored to soil? The answer is through the agency of leguminous plants of which the common red clover is the best wher ever it can be successfully grown It has long been known that red clover is not an exhausting but a fertilizing crop ne long time a understood in common plants has We Give Away Absolutely ree of Cost The Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English or Medicine Simplified by Pierce Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids Hotel and Sur gical Institute at Buffalo a book of 1008 large pages and over 700 illustrations in strong paper covers to any one sending 21 one oenttamps to cover cost of mailing sny er in rench Cloth binding for 31 stamps Over 680000 copies of this complete amily Doctor Book were sold in cloth binding at regular price of JI 50 Afterwards one and a half million copies were given away as above A new up to date revised edition is pow ready for mailing Better send NOW before all are gone Address Dis rBNSARr Mbdical Association Pierce President Buffalo DR AVORITE PRESCRIPTION THE ONE REMEDY for woman's peculiar ailments good enough that its makers are not afraid to print on its outside wrapper its every ingredient No No Deception THE ONE REMEDY for women which contains no alcohol and no habit forming drugs Made from native medicinal forest rootsf well established curative value days CALL ON US NOROLK AND RETURN Special Excursion Norfolk Western Railway Tuesday June 22d Leave Bristol 7 a $550 Leave Bluefield 8 a $500 Ixavc Roanoke 12 noon $350 Cliildren under 12 years half fare No stops east of Roanoke See flyers for rates and time from other stations Returning leave Norfolk 9 June 25th Gould could by tho in st pail j' of effecting this rcstft the gold has been the means for an intemperate in dulgence of the qualities which make for commonness Nor is Mr Gould much better The man who will parade tho depravities of the woman he takes for his wife up thvv on the testimony of the servants of iiicS the household and of hired detectives WfA ean expect little regard and sym pathy from a disgusted public He knew or should have known if pos sessed of reasonable sense that he Was buying a woman of tlie ehar '''Bcter hie wife is shown to possesss nd he should be denied the divorce Which he is seeking The whole thing is a very common Involving very common people Who are received Into polite society for the dollar at their command the ability of the husband to spend money right and left and of the wife to wear new and costly costume for eachoclal function It is a conglomera tion of dollars anl degenerates I OPEN THE DOOR (Edward Everett Hale) Open the door of your heart my Ind II To the angel of love and truth L' 1 1 When the world Is full of unnumbered joy i In the beautiful dawn of youth Castfnn aside all thing that mar A Saying to wrong Tn the voices of hope that are calling 1 1 you Open the door of your heart Open the door of your heart my las To the thing that nhall abide) (S' Te the' holy thoughts that lift youroul Like the stars at eventide All the fadelea flower that bloom in the realm ot aong and art Are your if only give Vv'" 'j room 5 i Open the door of your heart J' Open the door ot your heart my friend I Heedless of class and creed When you hear the ery of a I voice The sob of a soul in need To the singing Heavens I 'You need no map nor 1 But only the love of the Open the door ot your INSECT ESTS The thing of greatest concern to the agricultural and horticultural interests of this country at the present time is insect pests It is in a sense in teresting to observe tho coming of some now pest into the rural section with which the section has not been afflicted and nearly every year there seems to arrive a new one rom whence they come is a mys tery The chief course of introduction is through the importation of seeds and nursery stock When the pest arrives the work of combatting It must begin the earlier the better One of the latest pests to make Its appearance in tills vicinity may be a dangerous one It has been sub mitted to us for information but we are unable to throw any light upon It If any of our readers can give any Information concerning it It will be published with pleasure tor the pros pects of doing great damage are ap parent This pest is a very small white worm thousands' ot which will ac cumulate on tlie under side of large It has only appearance thus far upon To these attached lias known since the time The answer much to do with the clothing of the nations and in order to grow the food and cotton mine minerals and mifnufac tui a the finished products from the raw materials by of necessity to one now to do done? loosen screw on the railroads yon what I iihiiiii lv this paid three cents a mile for railroad transportation we cotitd get more bus iness at tlie same cost than we can today nt two cents per mile lustrum secure ders at a cost of $75 to $100 mid now on tlie same round nt a cost of $65 to $90 1 get $1500 to $2000 and must be satisfied it is not difficult for man to see the point though he be a fool I do not say that this change of tlie rate in passenger trans portation brought about the panic 1 do say It had much to lo with it fa ts I vvoulil suggest to our polltle lans to let tip on tlie railroads and encourage them to resume develop ment ami This is commendable language and merits publicity View It in any light we may there Is no escaping the fact that the Norfolk Western Hallway hns been tiic prime factor In this ex tensive develoiitn nt of Southwest Vir ginia nml credit should go to credit Is due HONEsi Raalneoa Offlea RvOTloriol Room NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS Contribution intended lor the Sun dar Inane of The Roanoke Times should reech the ofdee of publication not later than Saturday noon in order to Insure Insertion NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS Copy for ndverttnomentn intended for Ike Sunday Inane of The Roanoke Tinies should reach the offlee of publication not Inter than 3 Saturday after noon In order to insure insertion and proper clanriflcatlon Resolutions of respect cards of thank or poetry in memory of de parted one will be charged for at regular rates HE ROMOKE TIMES RTARMRHBD IWWI Morntar Except Monday 'ROANOKE publishing CO SUBSCRIPTION RATESp 500 S2no fl2Sno fl 00 1 A 'tv a A5" 1 1 s11 'r 810'" III1 I I 1 hl1 i 'ii i i.

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