Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1938
Page 6
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IDDITORIAL PAGE &tomtce Iowa, undoe TBRMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Rodman.' 8111™^'°^*^, year t— Advanc Woden, $1.50 *-Advance alone to all othe7postofflces"year $2.BO. *-Advanc 0 arid Upper Des Molnes both to same address at all postofflees not exeepted In No"! $4.00 county and out-of-the-coimty points named under No. I above are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at publisher's discretion. S u b- scrlptlons going to non- county points not named under No. 1 above, will bo discontinued without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If not but time for sted in writing. government extravagance is paid for only by the rich, would do well to give sober consideration to this statement. They may pay more or less than this "average taxpayer," but they do pay, and government extravagance Is therefore a matter of direct concern to them. If "Average Taxpayer" pays as much in the last half of the year as in the first, his direct taxes will approach one-tenth of his income. But everybody who does any thinking at all knows that visible taxes are only part of the burden. There are hidden taxes on everything one buys. Probably estimates that average taxpayers have to pay some 20 per cent of their income to government in one way or another are not far off. When a man buys something he wants UL gets value received in the things he buys. Similarly he should also get his money's worth for what he buys in the way of government. The question always is, Does he get it? HODGEPODGE Webster—A stew of rations Ingredients J a mixture. J'HKttK WAS AN airplane flying over town Tuesday, taking passengers at a *1 per. Years «ffo there was another plane over Aigona, but it was advertised as "aeroplane." It appeared at the county fair before the war, when the late T. P. Harrington was secretary. ***** Is State Checking Approaching a 'Racket 9 ? Eagle Grove and Webster City Join Aigona in Complaints Against Over-Auditing fily W» F. Hunter in IVcMcr Clfcjr freeman.] Chance for Debate That Will Probably be Muffed Something politicians cnn never be honest Timely Topics figU1 '° S that if only Per rent nf H e font ot the voters in the country's congressional district* switch from democrat to th Considerable criticism of state checkers Is being indulged in and the Eagle Grove Eagle aska: "Is the state checking .service developing into a racket?" That is a question that the Freeman cannot answer, but there appears to be some evidence that TV Tiifs ti<»ni.ri»,, points Iu that direction. -Here Is a in J.HIJS Ah HO ILA3SL the pilot sat in a bit, of that evidence'furnished by network of struts and braces way out ahead of the E ag'e Grove paper: the wings. The motor was directly in back of ' lcast February two checkers him, and the propeller was between the front Went to A1 S° na and stayed ss r r ±,,/s --r; s' "-<c,™ r wings the same length. There were two'hori- 1 sontal wings on the tail and a kind of "pilot" ' wing out in front of the pilot. ... THIS OLD AEROPLANE got up speed on the ground. The pilot got into his sent. A large group of men hung onto the wings while the propeller went faster and faster. Then at a signal from the pilot all elected. Which may be beautiful "Serin'" f^ ^ " 1C " Iet S °' and ma - vbe <»* I»«»e took some people, but it wouldn't be wise to bet nything that it will happen. ***** about is the taxes they levy. Taxes for naming the state government have more than doubled under democrar.i- rule. b , lt , tcud of bold , y lldml the ' and defending the increase the state administration continually tries to bide the truth and M the people rest under the impression that trio tax burden is nbout what it 1ms ahvavs been, or h ils even been lessened. It Is true that the property tax burden has not been nicreased materially. may even have been lessened somewhat, and if current gubernatorial outgivings result ,„ appropr , ate ac _ non, may go down a little farther. But it is a fact, and no amount of political Si™" 011 Ca » " ide » "•«» anyone who Uwyors ,„ thls juciic(a , d , , happen ,. 'f,'" 8 AK1{OI>r "^\K took off from the in- be democr ' '^ o - to be democrats will without a ticket of!" Why does not .it, ;..* 11* • ' '»u> UUcS IIOL «...MI. »>uui t e sn ' S nnr StatB " ke Iowtt end °" ce '°r alllhv pi lots todav. uu. s,iiij, unfair system by which judges are •-'hosen on partisan tickets? The money invested in the ne or quarter-stretch at the that would probably not He made flights two i the record, that the tax burden in Iowa in he tew years since Governor Turner's time and under democratic rule, has gone up no Jess than two and a half times. This * not because old taxes have been increased, but because new ones Have been laid, -aacl these new taxes are as much a p, the tax burden as the old forms. They out of the people's earnings just the .Turner^ day it cost approximately ._,, to run the state. No w the state collects seething like the same sum in old taxes, but be- C! I ft H o n n 1 1 ^ ^ i _ -__ v , u «_. till ever The third day something went wrong ••leroplane crashed into the \lgona i right near the grandstand, The pilot "" ' con- from end , the grandstand was on the everyone . In Aigona mayor protested and practically tossed them out. Two other auditors came up and 'investigated and two weeks later, the original auditors had not come back. About all verbal criticisms of the city of Algona's business was an objection to spending 40 cents for cigars and about 40 cents cents each for lunches for firemen from Whittemore and Emmetsburg who came to Aigona to help fight the Call theater fire. Mayor Specht, of Aigona estimated this year's audit would cost Aigona $!MO. The work was formerly done in one-third the time at one-third "a ot a million dollar bank about three days' time. The Eagle also says that east side of l falae ot southern 'i^nffAn Sig " S a ''°, kept in P ! «« and repainted iu often as need be. The cocky little Japs seem to have bit off more than they can chew. Their undeclared viPtnrv ,-, • Wh , lch was to be crowned with uctory in six weeks or so is now more than a year old. with the end not yet in sight Who's afraid of the bad little Jap any more' city attorney •* * * * TUESDAY THERE IV lie enormous and enthusiastic f , r 1 ., whlch welcomed President Roosevelt .V' a ,° 1>ma mean th at he can be elected for a tniru term, maybe not. Tim nr^K-t-.. ,-,.•,__ t<"-r granted, knew They several ot high City Clerk Larson for data °". . 1 costs ? f au dits, now and " ~ """ ' " This attorney ? of the may be [several years back, that the carry liability Insurance on city trucks, etc., but the city did carry such insurance, nnd It was lucky that It did, as the heirs of a man who was killed by a truck secured judgment of some $4,000 against the city, which the insurance company had to pay. There are other matters in which the checkers are liable to make mistakes. In the course of his opinion- In the Frank ouster case, tried <ln this city a couple of years ago, Judge Clock said: "As to whether or not there were wrongful transfers or charges against the wrong fund in this case may well stiH be a question. The budget law does not say how the fact of wrongful transfer shall be determined. The fact that 'state checkers (as they are commonly known) said that some items were wrong transfers does not, as a matter of law, make it so. It was their judgment in the matter, which judgment was disputed by the city officials, and in each and every instance the items complained of were subject to reasonable dispute." And at Eni*li> Grow Too. [Eagle Grove Eagle.] More and more are Iowa cities . "'^ *w»*ti U1LII.O ..~. n^-t,.-.,...^!.,. null ut;t:ii 111 coming to realize that the exorbl- the defaulting official It w ;'"L^l, U "™ nablc cos ^ »' the timated that the checkers occasional audits is not justified. \nd If the various cities followed a'ccldent. But this same checker files a bill for broken glasses, "C. W. Near- gard, Repairs, $8.50", and, of course, thinks that charge perfectly legal. Of course these checkers must do something to justify the tremendous Increase of the cost of these audits. We await with Interest the report of the city attorney of Keokuk who is asking each city clerk In Iowa to report the charges being'innde by these self-appointed Hitlers who are assuming authority nver contemplated by the law. We will also await With patience the blllwe are going to get for our recent audit. It Is going to cost us around $400. Also nt Clarion. [The Clarion Monitor.] Clarion also had some experience with state checkers and the end' is not yet. Not only weeks, but months were spent in auditing the city records in ascertaining the shortage In the city clerk's office. After the audit was completed and ;he checkers returned to Des Moines to make up their report another $1,000 shortage was discovered. This last amount, which should have been found at the very outset, was not reported until after settlement had been made with was os- bill home j llst grounds. wl 'on In i] After the'", south ot " ° W| >S nil,. VHIICO (o try tl'at iianio hi' But linbli ,„! to many no,,,, "y forgotten. A Rion c* Planned for ,,, ebrution, ( . V|1 ,... was to torical pat of '100 sc.hr and other nod. were: EDWIN AfOi 1n the navy „ had boon lion,, cause of poor would amount to over $2,000, but assigned to so far no bill has been presented, ing Ger he dictatorial orders and ,= |w,ien and if one is" preSed * t nendations of some of these check- will probably be pigeon holed ci S. •t.tlP.V \vnii in ho mi t n int A?! state checkers not a part of come same. In y $20,000,000 sides, collects some taxes. $30,000,000 from . The Webster ' eCa " 8 lhat Bryan and City -v ee re- cu\ed like campaign ovations, but not at elec- this old . t imer m « new the record. hadn't realized it? Well, "Let's look at :ord." Here are the figures on receipts for the year ending June 30, 1937, the latest pertod for which statistics are available: Tax on beer revenue $ i 2Kfl « Rr Bu siness tax on corporatlon - » f^'f^ 1-nain store tax ~ __" "-».»".i Gas tax ~ "_~ Inheritance tax '_ _ Insurance tux L.TI.!!'!""" Oleomargarine tax I_~ ~_~~~_~_~~ Personal income tax _ _ ~I_~_ "" State property tax—ge~neraf~re~ve"nue Purposes levied . K R<u „,, Retail sales tax 14 m'o« Cigarette tax ~~~":: ^gSjg ToUil 40,344 14,979,889 965,261) 1,842,379 4,134,810 tion time. The United States News, Washington, D C estimates that 12,750,000 persons are now' receiving government checks. This includes the government personnel, war veterans AAA ^"T; Ul6 " nem P Io >'ed, old age pensioners, etc.. but not the army and navy. If families °tner dependents, and WPA-PWA workers are Deluded, the total runs up to some 40,000,000 Write your own comment. Sounds "nutty," but in Germany they've be- rW fU h' n ? al \ aut °- truck Passing honk that ™n p heA ard-p,tched too higji for the human ear. An auto comes up behind a truck, the driver pushes an alarm button, a device in • ft f ? J? UrrB t0 U0tify the truck ^iver, the *.itter flashes a rear red light to show that it's What next? 8 ' '^ ^ ™ l ° drlver PUllS by " Opinions of Editors lift. * * * * *• f,^. 0 !?:. YeS ' erday>s m «™> becomes „ „ the common-place today Thfc ?«an is a wonderfu, tin i to of inven- fast that do, when they are illy give such" advice. One checkers told Webster City authorities that they could not somp nf ,h ' , he instrum ents, at least and ~ -. u, e > are my some 0 , them| Qn the instrument boa pre p ared t g . ve guclf J^W Pilot s compartment. of the checkers triM Wot^fo,. ™».. ***** THEY I)U) JVOT know Hew with only a stick, instruments . He measured: his with a twig, all d W as camefu.1 not to put too much in because the plane migbt not •they would be out a lot of noney. I For instance, C. W. Neargard.i who made the recent audit of Eagle Grove, said the city had no right to carry liability insurance on its fire trucks, and demanded that the council get the insurance cost back from the agency writing the policy. The city has already realized several times more than cost of the insurance from one Comment From IfiimliohK. [Humboldt Republican.] The work of the various auditing committees over the state seems to have left a distinctly bad taste In the mouths of the citizens. It is said that the committees have ""!' , h °'' lta '""" v . th '-«* "me* v was planning , 0 branch of charged sometimes as high as $1,000 to audit a city's books—and a small city at that. The general THE MOVIES By T. H. C. Edls ° m ' , So now. in round figures, the state takes ^50,000,000 from the people's pockets to run the state government, whereas in Turner's time it took only ?20,000,000. For reasoning persons this record is inescapable. This fail it will be exposed and attacked in scores of republican newspapers and in hundreds of republican campaign speeches AY ill the democrats boldly meet the challenge 'limit the truth, and defend the increase on tne ground that the people get back value received for every dollar they pay in taxes. Will the republicans even so much us hint that tax- Payers get anything back? What an opportunity for a real statesmen's debate. But the chances are against it It wouldn't be politics. Instead the republicans will doubtless play up nothing but the increase, and the democrats, instead of showing thai the extra money is well spent, will make Ji mountain out of the molehill of a few mills off on the state levy (see Governor Kraschel's ];)« week's preliminary announcement— pure, traditional politics), and the debate will be on the level of street stuff, more's the pity. Which, course, means that the politicians on both Tbat Hoarse Canadian Lauirh. NeWSU P° n Bearing Skat the inventor of all time,, brought luxurious comforts which people oday demand "LY: glU - Yet EdiS ° n " as °*« dead ouy bhort time, and his inventions HOLIDAY— Columbia pictures pulled a .„„ prising rabbit out of an old' 192S silk hat, dusted it off a trifle, added a few 1938 wrinkles like' reference to Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and RPD'S sur- the . e Tiered as marvels by * ai-e. still remem- of the most endmg and sends is that "something • Pioneers Didn't Play the Beggar [».v Editor Frank Janus la Humboldt Republican.! , [ ver y well remember the self,? '± *rt" " haPPy S "! fi ? iency .."' ™ *»ny on the fstic bacfc-somersauts, and kisses him in that last-minute recon- the navv eyes would not i, e ' , ' the work. so * * * t man another home feeling that it isn't such bad world after all. Cary Grant, fresh from his success in The Awful Truth, shows the customers old farm where T spent my bo ' hood. ££ Father So far as I can remember was ' • up-to-datenes.s. fit any who are not so old. iSomehow, the p£ y seems to * * * . TDftrA nr*rviT\lrt4-ni,. •„ j _ Po™^ ™ m ™™ *** in tr^ns- ^1 I'.' 0 ' 17 T ° day we travel at 50, 60, 70 Per hour on concrete highw nenver, near,, 800 mile ^ B ° When U wa * ™Uten by Ph p • B arry and produced on the we the people are pretty dumb— as sides think — indeed, perhaps we are, judging from the political Muff we swallow in every campaign and tlie things we do at election time. Do We Pay Too Much for Government? "Mr. Average Taxpayer," a Des Moines family Man (identity ;l secret) with a wife and two children who is keeping track for the state daily press association of the direct taxes he pays down to the penny, has filed his report lor the first half of 11)38. The gentleman's income is about $2250 year, and this j s the third year that he has Government by the CIO. Knoxville Journal—If the courts are to b P openly defied and executives continue to ie / se enforcement, government in America no longer exists. Popular government is impossible when respect for law is destroyed. What tins country needs i s some of the forthright courage and character of Grover Cleveland national and state governments. .lust the Direct Taxes at That Rock Rapids Reporter-Iowa's contribution o federal taxes, as reported from the office of harles D. Huston, of Des Moines, amounted inn* <M> SUm ?£ $24 ' 443 ' 768 ft »' the year ending nvn, ,1 an >ncr ™ se ° C five and a half million T nl 1 '^ 8 ^, col l^? d , dupln ,8 the year ending time. ' *" * * * * * ***** their amassmg a fortune, seems to ind°- IQ« • . Hoover complex. The- 1938 spirit, typified, perhaps by the vague bewilderment of Johnny '* < picture " of Sta ° r she °Pach Ml several hogs and a „,,,, „ , ---- **i'i/*co, 1J1UU1H, , convincing perform- ° f ". Bf ' a " d « very variety of garden ance with the clnmsy efforts of s ! V. Fath er raised a few young Douglas Fairbanks in w ha £ J hHeatf every year that he should have been another motion f round at the local mill. T & e corn Picture triumph out which failed *° r .fl.meal was ground on a larrn., The fruits canned, or . miserably-Having a Wonderful ™ an > Grant llas " wha t ^ , !> ut °ver these farcical , j e ' ° r stored ^ the basement. roles and give them that faint b ,L^ n " ot remember of mother glimmer of reality which i - ' Uy ' n& a Ioaf of bread, a pound of or can »ed Soods of a nj 'kind mat wa « salted, ,. . reality which is so difficult to define and yet which is so essential to the success of this " ' of pictures. But fs -and nor it rather which dramatic finale" The story, a little difficult to bring completely into the realm'of reahy, has to do with the of folks who are lousy with and her father are for difficult kept minute track of his tax payments. Only . taxes he pays himself are included He is rente,-, but though be knows that part of his rent goes for the owner's taxes he does not know how mucli and hence includes nothing tor rent. Of course he is also unable to trace taxes on anything he buys where the amount of the tax is hidden in the purchase price. Here are the figures for both June and the first six months of the year: T1TI*K of Tax- ' j nlle Sales ---------------------- 1 182 State gas ___________________ 231 Federal gas ________________ .77 State cigaret ________________ [77 Federal cigaret _____________ 1^50 Auto registration ___________ — _ State liquor (est.) __________ .65 Social security _____________ I_g9 Federal tickets _____________ — _ Telephone _________________ _ State income _______________ _ Federal playing cards _______ City auto test _______________ , _ Fishing license _____________ Other taxes ________________ - C Mos. $10.04 13.95 4.65 3.40 10.20 20.00 2.10 31.24 2.60 .50 14.32 .20 .50 1.00 .32 Totals $9.52 _$»5.02 People who deludedly imagine that because they have no property they pay no taxes, and aud when the end will be. Long Xanies Primary Handicaps. n ,.nv' U H* H ? egistei '- 0u '' late Iowa primary pioved that a small name is worth more than n big one. The Smiths, the Browns, and the Joneses had it all over the Hickenloopers, the 1'aulkensteins, and the Van Neummens The more letters there are in his name the weaker the candidate will be in a primary election lor the minor state offices in Iowa. Uoo/e Then and Now. clear Lake Reporter — Before prohibition mere were 225 institutions of the Keeley cure type; during prohibition they were reduced to M; and since repeal the number has mounted to more than 400. There are now 1,350,000 young girls employed in liquor saloons and taverns in the United States as bar maids and hostesses, more than the enrollment in all American colleges. A sad commentary on the present way of handling the liquor traffic, You Must Pay Four.Fifths. Traer Star-Clipper—Those who believe in the ancient fallacy that the rich can pay the cost of government will be startled by a recent survey showing that if everyone had to turn over to the government all income in excess of $5,000 a year, the sum collected would pay only one-fifth of the total cost of government—federal, state, and local. In other words, the great bulk of taxes are "hidden taxes —and they are paid principally by the persons of small means. town 'irthplaces protest that every the r named after it. In "! _ fU " ° f them ^ motorist* at railroad , --•• "i mem: aJ 111<° Walt , forma ^ minutes which rni f« which California boasts are from the East IJoorishnoss on the Highways. Northwood Anchor—What a lot of discourteous impolite, selfish, and boorish automobile drivers travel the highways. They honk and honk and cut in ahead; they act Hke spoiled children; they blame the other fellow for being unable to read their minds. And yet w;ien you meet these same persons in their places of business, iu their homes Dickinson is stronger Tow than "e t been for years. That should be good news to Kossuth county citizens, whether re Publican or democratic. "Did'' was i?I victim of " Smear .- tactics> since s tje Proved, and those who like fair play w m vote to undo the wrong of a years ago. * * * * WOJEKJT AHE PLAYIJfG more and more „„,} tt s , "" U "tore " d JL'lL I * M ? re to see the * on the shorts and shorts. course, particular* when and those combined affairs of s s And the peculiar thing i s that after the J ance the average male doesn , aot j ei she's wearing shorts or skirts-in fact 'ti ™«J some gals resent this lassitude 'tis ***** THAT TEXAS also does not "•e big-shot interference in. its primary. Both udmmistration^backed candidates lost, and two cursed by the administration won out Politicians are beginning to fear being labeled a rubber-stamp. That is an encouragl After all, aren't they "representatives" an encouraging sign, as well as congressman?" A CODPW OF 'yoYng* State streeters will be married in the near future Tte They're known as "nice people " ***** or at a so- 7 ., . --,--. v« v< i*v/j-»JtO UJ £1 I <t OU~ cial gathering, they are kindly, gentle cour- =. ™ d , or. other's Hgh te and con' the answer? vcniences. (ost of Farmer-Lubor Votes. Clarion Monitor-Last week this paper estimated the cost to the taxpayers of Wright county for the four Farmer-Labor ballots cist at the primary election to be at least $100 Now comes the Aigona Advance and states that three such votes in Kossuth county hvhere many more ballots are printed be cause the population is larger] would entail a cost of $300. Something f. wrrag vrltt ou? election laws which permit a small group of men to saddle an expense of $10,000 or $15,000 on the people of the state in order that they may be heard. ttl ap- as New sus- THE IDEOTJTr of the Algonian .who Plied for the late Odd Mclntyre's place as Corker Day by Day is yet unrevealed, but » u »- Picions will be verified by time, an investiga- i.or disclosed, after being assured the Hodge- podger had no aspirations as well as lacking the intestinal fortitude. The finger points at a hitherto unsuspected person. ***** WHICH IS MORM important-the right to strike; the right to work; the right to retain a job at which you've worked for years; the right to take a needed job from a man on strike; the right to hire at the market price? Perhaps Solomon would decide it this way- close the factories, thus depriving all. Then. it would be discovered that industry is much like that famous baby—one-half is not much good without the other. —D. E D , latter point of view. That is the picture. Screens i-it " a swel ne S v D B°^ ld ° gaen S ^vart and Sid' ney Bucliman have done a job while Director George i with an amazing smoothnes' finesse. It is the happiest c nation of screen-writing, din ship and a well nigh perfect «, OL rof i»^ e0me , <town the somewhat (of late) crooked picture "pike" for many and many a month. is any doubt about Kath- burus ability or appeal, . ought to dispel these mis S vings. She ts particularly £,n- vlncing in her restrained me when she intervenes for her sister knowing full well with a womanly intuition that she is madlyTlove wth Johnny She avoids the maudlin sentimentality of broodin»- too much n her own unhappine^ She rises to superb dramatic heights when she joins Johnny on the floor of the steamer where he has landed after one of his character- He r "••" wi jnuwaru Horton-s hap p, eBt roles , it with • aie ti» s for the boy s and the girls S" e b- also reserved to the point >r effectiveness. Broderick might have Lew l ° ™ does some exception- rt -n/- " 6 Workl especially in the drinking scenes, which might eas e Production, when his sisfpr T t S , scenes smoothness and Shin of £0?™ '., i nda> leave s the hapies - n db « Wm a tea- f,,T j " "'us mm a tear- fu : and most sympathetic farewell ' the fresh breath [Knoxville Journal They Hated Roosevelt Twent Repeated Plain Talk, Des Moines, copies the following from one of its exchanges which calls it " a classic example of editorial denunciation:" The menace of the Roosevelt campaign does not lie in the third term, but in the state of mind that could desire four more years of Boosevelt in the White House, four more years of personal government, four more years of lawlessness, four ic of autocratic rule, four more of executive contempt for congress, courts and constitution, four years more of centralization, four years more of wanton extravaganye, of denunciation and demagogy—in *?! !^ e ° f .*^ tha?^ m 1- 'ghts. criticism graph appeared in World 26 Theodore recan elthat - =; . of the J j? .a just they Para- York aimed be can- ainst Jt ans the new national alms, thai wants a federal interference with every form of human ^n for bureaucracy the bill of and or be rejected and wered have to believe Plished. some will accom- 43 Billion Debt in Another Year months from now, ac, cording to slide ru , e calculation or a government economist, the national debt of the federal hin. WU1 be in excess of billion dollarB-double ^hat it gov- 43 Avas ie fiscal year 1, next, con- ° Vernment omist (who e ot » « ernment eco »- «re for 48 hours. more that re is Were filed. ...THE DKMOniuVs had i ated a full ticket in i convention: Frank C ton, for representative;" Lakota, for auditor' p Cresco, fo r treasurer h A. Lonergan, linncroft, for to court 'clerk; M. D . R| J J ton, for sheriff; Mrs. B pT ""•" Aigona, for recorder;/ i' for county alt ? r 'n^i r ' Scolc 5'' for coroner. J. McChesney, who had beei nominated for treasurer in the maries, had withdrawn Boals took his place. MAYOR WADS WORTH vase ing notice that Aigona ordinut concerning speeding, cutouts i 1918 automobile license plil would be enforced. The spt limit on State street was ten i an hour; in the rest of town, miles. Many drivers were si using 19H licenses. A UETTER fron/Nellie Burt war nurse in France, I told of an air raid by mans who dropped bombs'on i hospitals. One plane was bra down, and she had two Gem prisoners in her camp. THE REPUBLICAN county« vention had been a tame event) offices had been filled with no 'nations in the primary. A. Peterson had resigned as chairman, and E. J. VanNessl taken his place. * * * » A LETTER from an Algonta France had been received i printed, but the name of inert had been withheld. He loll conditions where lie was busy I train convoy. Many captured ft man soldiers were used In rat ing ships and «t other work, i for a time lie had had some them working under him. Hlsd became lost in a slurm on t lish channel, hut was saved In floating into a mine by a n chaser. HENRY BECKER* had from Prance that he was ivitlii short distance of the front could hear (he big suns, tin his ears were not right, folio* mumps and a cold. He expected be at the front in a few days. ANDREW HOLTZBAUEH Lawrence Konpen were bells in France. They had written t they were to sail on June Holtzbauer was a cook; Koppa truck driver. * * * * j.i A MINNESOTA couple and 1 children had narrowly < death, when their car stoppwl in time at the Milwaukee ral» Crossing. The train enough to knock the front < the car off the track. The crossing here was then at tie! of Thorington street, and It» dangerous crossing. The tras«j which Mr. and Mrs. A. P. """ Mrs. E. R. Mawdsley were there is still recalled. # * * * THE CHAUTAUQUA »' open July 5, with Japanese eti tainers furnishing music. A ^ dian soldier was to tell ot from German military camp 1 from Germany, and an inspector was to speak of hit It J !Sl 1 new immigration ' eaK o a a took"' y ?', yes ' ^ to h. congressman was to spea anclng the c war. * * * * MAJOR SEELEY had of conditions in France, thlat People at home couliin . lize a war was on. He aW vesting all surplus funds 1D 1 erty bonds. t HAROLD QUABTON «a « way to Helsingfors, Fir. 1 • the American consul had written- that strained r«'» V-* tt__ A n:«n and • " and between the Allies might cause transfer rived there- t ANOTHER DRAFT was in late July- and th:s '»• most of, the remaining Class 1. Some 337 were, to go from this county ' Gorfloa i a Georgia. Aire« had been called, and tw w«W expected ,the eft3 01 esPi« Id I! 5* (it ly *6

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