Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, JOwA i^MH^^. . _^ •'— ' ''^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^E^^^^^^HP^fy**^*^** 1111 **^^ 1 *^**^^ DogThat Attacked Chickens Shot at Irvington THURSDAY KILLED FIFTY CHICKENS AT WAGNER FARM Miscellaneous Showers For Two Ottosen Brides ;Raymond Wehrspann ^tu^day""^ j 81 " 3 " 1 Ulc " fty w!th the latter> * P«r- jthc Lutheran church. There'was I"' 8 ' : Mr - and Mrs - °- T. Thomas, n short program: guitar solo, reading Fort Dodge. !«,««.,,, fi , 'Mr. and Mrs. Peter Holt, dnUsh- contest, l ters Verna and Mavis. Mr. and Trvington, July 26-George Wag- Mrs Tonii" TT n -. "" ner had to kill a stray dog at .his j, ."' H°"' s1f , "f'kson; farm Fridav after it had killed ™ /, . ,' Jacobson; ^..^o,., ; - - - «-«..« chickens, a 4s « ^-d do? and l " ko lomanco - Thc m ' i<ic then'Mrs. Merle Holt, Mr. and „,.-„... , . --, dOK ami onennrl many gifts. Some of the 1 " 01 ^" Daniels, sons Keith and ! ls spending n week with his mother, IMPORTANT JOB FOR FR, FOIEY, WHJTTEMORE Whittemore, July 26— The Rev. , formerly belonged to , Ago u ,? s ' ome ot th business ,„„„. but lad been give H • f",' '" S we ™ fl '°'» HBrti<°«l°y. nnd Donald to a fanner some ti ' I " cludl "S »« bride's mo'th- ™™ Sunday dinner 1U ' nt J. J. Folcy, S. J., Cleveland, Ohio, Wehropann ,\ ,, „ M . miscel1illlc " us «liower 'Mi's. I'eter Wntncm guests W Ol ' ;!vll «' lfl 's. Port Dodge. ' ' nt and her flag had been trained to rctru: pheasants, and it is believed that ' w ., a „•,,.„,, rV"."Vi ',T'"", , """ nvl l,i,,',',','^'l T"! "'"•" ul " "»" »tr ho might have been sfirtcd -it kill ' , ,1 ,. rs ' Dolmll) Cooper 'laughter Lola were Sunday t'inno,- ing chickens Ft , ,e,ior^d 1, t w '° ? mnulnit >' clmrch last week ! ^"est s at Lawrence Hanson'p, rt after he w s b,-ouihl v?„, o weddin"''T ^i"" 5 ' lllld <l '^ck, W'"'len,orc. Mr. «nd Mr,. Henry - left, but later so.h? - : "t ' ^' ^_ Wls ._,^e eiitertal,,, ne ,,t. |Hei..-lk 8 on and Mrs. Rasumsen | \\ere at loin Olson s, Bode. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stone, Altn, hn must hiivo killed up to 50 chick-1 ens before his work was discovered. Krfiirn from Jaunt — and Mrs. Frank Long .home Saturday from a two weeks 'Peter Movicks, tour, Mr. Truusdnll i;;.i tnc r.arase * " ' 1 OlllGI .3 Utlll Drunk fined'One Dollar- Louis Crantos was picked up Saturday for drunkenness and disorderly conduct and was fined a dollar and costs In Mayor Russell Brady's court. Other Wliitteinore. Mr. and Mrs. William Moron, of Dolliver, spent the week-end at . -- — _.. r —, ...... the William Rusch Sr. home. Mr. from there were to leave for Nor- and Mrs. Ruseh nnd the Willjflin way. Doctor Glasior is a former Rusch Jr. family spent Sunday He was installed by the Rev. W. H. Discher, Whittemore pastor. Former Dentist Here Culls— Dr. and Mrs. William Olaslcr, of Carlsbad, N. M., called at Postmaster and Mrs. John S. Cullen's Saturday. Dr. and Mrs. Glasier were on their way to Minneapolis, and Mrs. Irvln Harms and Ole Gim- derson, dentist here Three jVcn- Local Hii/ilcs— A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. ^, c . 1 , u ., .,„„ llllt . c ^muiea went t.uy Parrel Sunday, The Parrels home Sunday, after two weeks nave two other children, a girl and, with Mrs. Woodcock's parents, Mr, ft. (If! V ]\J 1' n « A "Vf i.n n — 1 ., 1-nr.li. . ' i •* r *~* >-..-. evening at Nick Gengler's, Lolls Creek. Mrs. Arnold Woodcock, Buffalo Center, and three children went liciijiimin Fin-in i s Improvi'd— while Mr. Long was away Doctor Benjamin, Pipcstono, I , Minn., is having extensive repair- I ' O1II '-H 1'Icnic nf ing done on his farm east- of Galbraith, tenanted by the Prosper -!'nueres tamil>'. This is the for- " ^ v *'"-- iv '".> i.-vunjii^. i nc.v w mer homo of Mr. and Mrs. Henry j Cl "»l>anicd by their leader, land a son visited the John Stones ... -.--..sot:Sunday. Tho Jacob Ryg a -uid the univei ' slt y; af ter receipt of word from the Jesuit -provincial headquarters at St. Louis. Grove. Mrs. C'larence Purely, ! Vivian, at Linn daughter Gies, now of St. Paul. The house is being remodeled, cribs built, the land tiled, and other improvements made. Doctor Benjamin i.s a son- in-law of Mi', and Mrs. Jesse Bedell, former Irvington people-, and The -I-H Si Is had a cnic at the'rT"', L ° iS JilcobsM ' •""> P-trloIa Ambrose A, fall state ar in :!„??;'% Iav ° 0ret1ui ; ued from » W* Wednesday evening. They were ac" !"!, " h ' S ' Purdy s " el » tlvc * in ^~ companied by their leader, Airs, "'.v* .ri,«,... w „ Mrs. Hedo Benjamin is the former Manc-l Friendly Club Ilns .11 ^ The Friendly club will meet next week Wednesday with .Mrs. Lucile l'::.;er.!on, Mrs. Elizabeth Grill assisting. The hostesses will have ehargf of the program. "The club was to have me( with Mrs. f'hc!-- tcr Schoby liut ;i change hail to be made because Mrs. Schoby is mnv «l the General hospital. i.unTering from tile same poisoning \,vhk:ii caused a similar sickness lact spring. It is reported to be causod hy a plant. (•ii'ls llave Siviiiiiiiiiii;: Tarty— The following girls wery enicr- tiiimui hist week ThursJav at an Algona swimming pool party: Lorainne and Joan Thomas, ' Adelle Lenikee, Camilla Fninkl. Phyllis Maxwell, Betty Mae Miller, Pauline and Kathleen Seip. and Dorothy Leigh. At 4:30 p. m. the girls returned to the Roney home for refreshments. Lorainne and Joan and Lloyd Thomas were presented with gifts from their respective •Sunday school classes. Leonard Holden. Other Ottosen Jfcws. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Holt, Arnold's , Thorn Watnem, Burlington, land daughters Georgia and Priscilla came last week Thursday for visits Avith relatives and friends. Joan Enoclison visited her „„„,!( ,i ---- , -n...,.i. 0 ju.uj ivnucnson v s ted her spent the week-end vism,,, -grandparents, Mr. and MrY Tobn here and took Fae and Mae Van S« tern, at Bode Ins t week - ' Buskirk home with -ihom for week's visit. The .1. Van Buskirks spent Sunday at Ksthervillc. Mr. Jhe Walton Fishers, Omaha -came Friday for a visit at the Shipley home. FORMER LAKOTA PASTOR & WIFE TAKE VACATION Lakota, July '2G~ The Rev. and supper at Interlakcn Sunday, and a large crowd attended. Other Lakotn News. , 3 ; .:'\ my Boeckholt, Titonka, j *•" •>• j-"-.' ^ and children brought the former's ter Cathrine father Jos. Faulkner, to Lakota Sister Cecelia and Dorothea are baturclay for this week with local daughters of Mrs. Foley, and the l-olfit.ivpo nnrt nlrl f,.: 1~ n,.—i ..._i -™, _ , ' . anu A ianiv, and nis sister Josle. i , ----- -»..w. u....ui\^n, <i &n. unu . « .tu IVLI». >vuoucoci\.s pa Father Foley, who has been at ^ Mr> and Mrs> Rnlph Walker and Mrs. Gregory Elbcrt. Cleveland a year, will be principal Y "f} 1 ' 6111 , 8 of » b "y. first child, Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGee, of i of the Marquette university high' v? i M ° lldn y- ' Ml> - ind Mrs. Edw.. Dougherty, daughter Mary Ellen,! snhonl nt MII,,,™,,!,^ during the i, a " s bave a new girl, born Stm-jnnd Mr. nnd Airs. James Coyle, of y- |Mason City, spent Sunday at Mayor! 'Russell Brady's here. | .Minnesota tVeddhig— I The Maurice Mallorys spent last J-ouis Brnutz is having a vaca-|week at Arnold's 1'ark. Mr. Mai-. v. Onnlnii ofrvt'n 'imii* ...„ - i,.. ..t _ _. _ ,»... A _ I son. Herman Zumach drove to Sioux City Mondtty to buy cattle for butchering purposes, « iVossels Off for Burt, July 26—1 Rev. and daughter [ ' tof » for W(.K S ,,|. S , PI . r 0 |,. , "' v "'ill a ,™" 1 § S"» « r " ^ school at Milwaukee coming academic year. His appointment was announced a week ago Saturday by Father Raphael \(. McCarthy, S. J., president of the. (Inn r " Father Foley succeeds Father Thomas A. Finnegan, S. J., native Milwaukeean who had been principal since .1928. •Father Foley is a graduate of Presentation . academy, Whitte-1 Mr" to Geelan store, lory was having a vacation from family attended the the C. L. Cavanaugh drug store, of his niece, Edna Braatz, Mary Alma O'Brien, of Albur O. Puts Tuesday at St. querque, N. M., Is hero for ,six ijs Lutheran church, Maple-1 weeks with her mother Mrs ton, Minn. more, also of Creighton university, Omaha. He entered the Jesuit or- ,,iscn P der in 1024, was ordained to the church priesthood in 1036. He has taught j at Zavier university, Cincinnati, and at Creighton, besides having done church pastoral work Philadelphia. Other guests at the Foley home this week are Sister Mary Cecelia, music instructor in St. Mary's academy, Massena, N. Y.; Sister Mary Dorothea, teacher at St. Mary's college, Cherokee; Mr. and Mrs. William Greeley, Indianapolis, sons William and Francis; Mrs. Tom Flood, Chicago, daugh- Hnby Girl j s Huptlsod— baby d George -- ~. ^. w«. j.,^ tt iv^iiLUIl'. baptised by the Rev. W. Ciithrine O'Brien. j The Reinholtl Zumachs, Wafcr- itown, Wis.. came last week of. Wednesday for several weeks with 111. relatives. H.: A Mrs. Hamilton, Eslhorvllle, _.. out a few days last week with sponsors were ncl . daughter, Mrs. Delbcrt John- Must This Go On Year ^^£?|««ro ( ,!;«s ? r ^-iS33l ;.'"".'"'.!» fr««n THERE IS A WAY OUT Let 119 (oil you how to handle the financing of Comi.lci Waler System; Drilling of a Well; construction of ihr w n M." lpn " nl ten Hand Pump. a.Windmill with a Jack, or an Electrically > ' ""flipLI aary Water Supply Piping; and KOI1LER PLUMHINt; i.'i"" 10 ' 1 l '° n "'" room; or the in.itnllnllon of Heating System*, Oil 11 IM1.A. TIME PAYMENT PLAN.'Easy Down Laing & Muckd Phone 434 relatives and old friends. Phillip Mussman, of Ellsworth Minn., came Saturday for a visit ' at his uncle Harry Mussman's He! Greeleys and Floods are cousins. expects to take an ^ - . ~^, ,.* -"niiui.il. 11-ICUI.U5 UllU others in the vicinity Saturday af ternoon and evening. Early Sunday morniiis they drove to the Okoboji.s for a few davs in -iitpurl I Vr"" " lttc .' H , u " u s'"-er anc. Ht a Bibie confer'enc" "S M ™™" L ^ ^ Kay Sankejs I'lan .Hove The Ray Sankavs. who luive lived at Irvington s-evcra: years, are contemplating a move to' the Fisher farm, just south of the Rodney Van Ness gas station. It i s reported that the house where they have been living, owned hv a Hrit't man. .is to bo torn down. ;-iut it is not know,-i whether he plans to rebuild. . er small son John Byron is mean- Wl !' 10 wil '', his Paternal grandparents at Klemme. Mr. Nelson is tormer Methodist pastor here and at Ledyard. MV I'astor at Kali-ville— -— „. ..„, Many from Whittemore attended examination j the installation of the Rev. Alfred — —••--- j Render, late of Kingsley, as new Airs. Raymond Kiester, Mason Fairville pastor, the ceremony tak- ty, two children, and Mrs. F. C. | i»S Place in the George Siems '^ster, Elraore. were visitors at grove Sunday. Mr. Rehdar succeeded the Rev. H. D. Stahmer, now serving- a Hinton Lutheran church. Mr. Render had been pas- i t ' lft «er s daughter Mrs. Harry ' . Mrs. Edward Thaves, of Burt spent last week Thursday with friends here. tor at Kingsley since completing theological studies at St. Louis >"(MV Kaliy i s Itaptisud — Patricia Anne, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Redinx. south of Irvington farmers, was baptised at the St. Joe Catholic church Sunday morning. --UK! sponsors were Mary Jane Reding and Frank Reding, cousin and uncie of the baby respectively. Patricia Anne was born a week ago 3und-iy. Surprise for Algona M'oman- Mrs. Frank Skilling, Algom, was honored with a surprise party Sunday in celebration of her birthday. Guests were the Elliott Skillingi,, Mr. and Mrs. Wilard Gregson, Mrs. Twi. A J tend Jifd ( 'on, cnf ion- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder attended a state rural mail carriers' convention at Spencer Friday and Saturday. The daughters Diana and C harlene meanwhile visited at Mrs. Wade Ball's, the daughter Judy at Jerry Ukena's, and the son \\inston visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis. Hummers Leave for Vacation— The Rev. and Mrs. Carl Hammer have left for a three weeks vacation. They are spending this week at a Bible conference at the Oko- bojis. and will then visit relatives at Sioux City and other points Inere will be no services at the Methodist church on July 31 and August 7. THRILL DAY »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» w » w » >>>4>> . 4 children, the Russell Fry, Fred Skilling, her Jesse La.shbrooks, _., daughter Audrey, son Ernest Mrs. Saiikcy at Hospital— Mrs. Ray Sankey was taken to the Kossuth hospital Saturday evening for treatment of an abscess above one knee. It is thought that she will have to remain at the hospital two week.s. Other Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley, accompanied by Mr.s. Althea Thornton, Livermore, drove to Waterloo Saturday to visit Mrs. James Donahue, sister of Mrs. Thornton and Douglas, returning Sunday. Mrs. Ivan Mullin stayed with the children at the Riley home. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hammond and Mr. and Mrs. Keller, all of Swea City, were Sunday callers at Arthur Riley's, Lu Verne. Mrs Hammond. the former Emma Johnson, taught school here for several years. The Rev. A. Enslisl, preached ^j™ '^ r Sunday on The Witch of Endor, clealed 'f 25 using as text I Samuel 28:7: Then Saul said unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familial Family Calls 'Here— The Jerry Ellmans, Osage, and the Harold Ellmans, Buffalo Center, attended a Ukena reunion at AJgona Sunday and stopped here on the way home to see Mrs. Minnie Heetland and her daughter Hannah, who could not attend the event. Family Gathering for Birthday- James Wai-burton's birthday was celebrated Sunday with a family dinner, and guests were Mrs Samuel Warburton, Mr. and Mrs Harry Warburton. both -couples of Lakota, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Torlne Algona, and Jos. Faulkner Titonka. Former Laotan's Health Better— Mesdames Samuel Warburton and James Warburton were Elmore visitors Friday and called at Samuel Larson's. Mr. Larson is much improved in health since an operation last spring. Eye Patient Getting Well- Walter Hans, who has been taking treatment for an eye infection at. Mason City two weeks, is reported much improved. P. SUNDAY 3 i| JOE MORRIS and his Devil Dodgers spirit that I muy go and inquire of her. Mrs. Nina Blythe, who is with ., ---- — •»' »"^-i ?i ui_» ift YI 1LH her daughter, Mrs. John Frank', , . spent last we.-k Wednesday Boon and night ,vith tho A. Headleys and vi:,ii:yj a Jaul Hudson's and M. L. Honey's. The Missionary society met last week Wednesday at the church, with Mrs. E. H. Thomas as leader. Rapid Changes and Review we-e studied. The Rev. Mr. English had charge of devotions. Mrs. Charles E. Clark, who of late has not been feeling her be.-.r went to her daughter Mrs. George Johnson's, near Titonki, Friday ipr a rest, Mr. Clar.i remaining at Britt. Mrs. Ralph Lee left Thursday morning for HilJsboro, N. D., to visit her mother, Mrs. Rodah Tall- rett, and other relatives. She planned to be away a week. Dinner guests at 0. L. Miller's last week Thursday were Mrs. Ella Potter, Sioux City, Mrs. Mabel Potter, Spencer, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hayne. E. H. Thomas, Hanlontowu, returned to Irvington Saturday evening, and took his family to the new home Sunday* evening. Ar villa Hudson is .spending some time with .the James Hudsons, near Aid Venture is Profitable— The Presbyterian Aid served pie, cake, and ice cream on the church lawn Saturday evening and cleared $25. Picnic Sunday at Resort^The Luther League had a picnic Burt. Mrs. Hudson has been sick. Marjorie Riley returned to her home at Lu Verne Monday, after two weeks with the B. J. Sankeys, Kathleen Seip spent a few days la-st wee* -with Airs. Kelsey Burtis, Lu Verne. Mrs. Grace Ramus is now ei,.- ployed at the Barney Devine farm, near Livermore. WE SELL AND RECOMMEND INSULATION INEXPENSIVE • FIREPROOF ROTPROOF • YERMINPROOF Botsford Lumber Co. Jim Pool, Mgr. miD-summER j; Just back from market, buying merchan- ;; disc at the new low prices. And, just look, j; we have all these things to sell to make * room for the things we bought. There o was only one thing to do—cut the prices. o Here they are. JOE MORRIS ANDREW GODFREDSON SUNNY SLOPE FARM Across from Swimming Pool SEE a man leap from a speeding automobile! SEE an automobile leau from a Solid Barrier of Flames! ramp through a ; SJJK the return of Hell an automobile will crash head-on in drlmr mnaiDinB inside < > | SKK an Automobile Fly Through 50 Feet of Space! SEE Joe Morris Roll a Stock Car from Wheels i wheels while remaining at the wheel. : I SEE 11 Daring: Youiif? Jfen Laugh at Death! SEE these World's Greatest Motion Picture Daredevils in person at ANDREW GOPFREDSON SUNNY SLOPE FARM Sunday, July 31st ADMISSION--Adults 25c—Children 10c FREE PARKING FREE STREET DEMONSTRATION THORINGTON STREET Between State St. and Call St. 7 P. M. SATURDAY Shirts Several dozen broadcloth shirts on one table, values to $1.50. Your choice— 88c 3 for $2.50 Wash Suits l /3 Off Sizes 2 to 10 in a variety of combination colors and materials. A PEW LEFT 1-3 Off Men's Uniform Trousers SANFORIZED COVERTS i» three price groups 98c '1.39*1.69 SHIRTS TO MATCH THP TROUSERS 49C and 79C CAPS TO MATCH THE SHIRTS AND TROUSERS" 19cto50c Wash Trousers Everything in the store in 3 price groups— 98c $1.69 $1.95 Alterations Free Shirts Shorts Men's and boys'knit shin and Sanforized broad* shorts, each— 19c Weal Chambray Work Shirts : M™ . fty* 0 -' 8 ' Button Boulder MenV Work Oxfords. _ 1 _ _ . Men's Polo Shirts 39c and Boy*' J ac kie Jumpers _",_."___-- Jantsen Swim Trunks — 1 /3 ' J reeman Sport Oxfords Summer Neckties _!f Big 30 Overalls ^^^^^^f ^^^^^^f ^^^P ^Hr

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