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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 28, 1938
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THE WEATHER t . , | Ely 25-July 30—'Moderate tera- liures in general. Not much tpitation indicated. lume 37 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 28, 1938 ^^ . ..„., m rages 80 Uolumns Number 45 WO-DAY CELEBRATION PLANNED .. •-» «-^«*• y* "n s~*m »-»•—K * .-._. _ _ mmi - - ' ~-" .—... _ , ^^ ^^H ^HiiiiiiliH m^HH^r :RAP EXPECTED AT S>rs at the oday, the ditch owne •or .lateral reassessment of L drain No. 2 was in this morning at the board of su- courthouse. This portlonm'ent of the i-out of the main, trict, which work r ago with CCC assessment a vol- was filed because vas spread on the lateral laud own- 3 new assessment, hearing is to be assessment for rs was increased, owners was de- creased from the earlier figures ^ Two Points of Difference. Two arguments arose following tile first assessment. One was based on an engineer's estimate when the clean-out was approved, which estimate placed the total coat at TO per cent of the original figure. When the work was done the cost was -11 per cent. Another bone of contention was the manner in which the assessment was placed. The basis for the assessment was the old figures of some 30 years before, and it was discovered on investigation that these old figures lumped the totals on main ditch and lateral together Following the first assessment hearing in April a committee was named to adjus make correctec in-es, and it is this committee being held toda Mlljr It,; However, the written object! sessment on fil of tile two nffe is feared that may end up in was the case n 6!l some montl case the land o invalidated. T ing to have a ditch, and it Is tractors are sh work, feeling t assessment fig- upon the work of to the new as- tlie whole affair in a court battle, as Xossuth drain No. ago. In .this CO lers had warrants They are now seek- clean-out of the took advantage of a technicality to avoid payment of a just obligation, and might do so again. Area in District. Thus today's hearing may take a like turn. All the work has been done, and county warrants, bearing six per cent interest, have been issued for thousands of dollars. This interest adds a burden each month that the assessment mains unpaid. The drainage district starts „ mile east of West Bend, in -Garfield township, and angles southeast into Humboklt 'county between Lotts Creek and the Rock Island right-of-way. It drains a low area which was once swamp but is now excellent farming land. re- ( ueen Contest Race Tightens OF-ALGONA CHANGES; 16 DAYS LEFT enbarth, McEnroe id in Today's Tabulation. March of Progress Quee fet is marked in today's repot 1 return of Josephine Eisen Irvington, to first place in |ut-of-town district. First ha by Adeline Illg, of Bode lesday's report. The votes rein the tabulation 'follow {counted as of Monday night i votes put in the ballot boxe | that time are not considere< report. ' are given twice weekly .y's report in the Upper De is according to the coun the preceding Friday even (Reports in the Advance on day are as of the preceding , Because of the larg of votes requiring count . check-ing time, this sched as adopted, Two Weeks Itemaln. |ly a little more than twi Is remain in the contest, and ] anticipated that this will hi isiest two weeks for contest land their friends that they [experienced, ' feature of the last two weeks which will be of aid to al • candidates who are working s fact that July bills and ac is will be paid during the per [This will make for hundreds sands of votes, and •vril. opportunity for some of Sirls to be in the winning list fst prize for the girl who ac- plateg the most votes, will ._. 18-day free all-expense tour of west, including San Francisco I.^s Angeles. Second prize 1 $50 in cash. A condition of atest is that both prizes can• won in the same group. it the trip prize is won by "Ma girl, the $50 cash prize to the girl who wins the ugona division, and vice [Six Cameras as Prizes. recently announced six can- Irv- have been purchased S, three for each class prizes may be added dur- " 6 *' two weeks, depending e financial success of the Judges are to be named, £f isi °u will be final In .The winners will be an- 1 during the March of Prog- festival Wednesday, Aug- report Helen Lewis, n,' who had bee » In P T T day J» m P ed to , earl Alt - Burt, jumped o 9th to bring nevr °v h , e . flrst ten in the out district. The first three Algona district. Kathryn Marcella Thill, and Poa' I'VKifviUMB* Jjftr" s trJ vanced from m «i to [Kohf'^l^W^^lthM^ ninth Bfrrtce Storm he-Id Cretz meyer advanced to 6eve ath. Maxlne Wima u Kelley tenth. Contest Bl'" 22. Wilma Riddle. 23. Marie Ohm. 24. Gertrude Baylor. 25. Marie Pfeffer. 26. Norine Greiner. 27. Myrtle Olson. 28. Arline Holdren. 29. Angela Mae Hagg. 30. Mary Crouch. OUT-OP-ALGONA DISTRICT 1. Josephine Eisenbarth, Ington. 2. Adeline Illg, Bode. 3. Laurena Laabs, Lone Rock. 4. Rosetta Barker, Bode. 5. Helen Lewis, Lone Rock. 6. Ruth Carlisle, Whittemoro. 7. Mary Ann Arndorfer, St. Benedict. Donna Stuflick, Lu Verne. Pearl Alt, Burt. Darlene Hansen, Burt. Lillian Higley, Whittemore. Mildred Fox, Wesley. Susie Frideres, Bode. Lucille Hildman, Wesley. Verona Klatt, Fenton. Marie Carter, Burt. Darlene Brayton, Burt. Gene Marie • Sarchet, Burt. lona Godfredson, Burt. Mary Ann Smith, Burt. June Adele Kunz, Wesley. Jackie 'Conaway, Lu Verne. Theresa Origer, Whittemore. Ruth Hantleman, Fenton. Dolores Krause, Fenton. Maxine Smith, uu Verne. Marcella Thaves, Lakota. Arlene Patterson, Burt. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. Mary Alice Bigings, Lu Verne. Ruth Weisbrod, Fenton. Phyllis Lichty, Lu Verne. Betty Foth, Bancroft. Ruth Thompson, Burt. Evelyn Bierstedt, Burt. Sophia Schipull, Burt. Mary Elaine Smith, Fenton Lorena Dreyer, Fenton. Virginia Frank Fenton. Violet Schumacher, Whitte more. Marjorie Pettit, Lone Rock. Dorothy Stigman, Fenton. Maureen Wolfe, "Bancroft. Eleanor Moe, Lakota., Mary Williams, Bancroft, /Lorena Borman, Bode. Calista Elsbecker, Bancroft. Lola Warner, Fenton. Lila Kappings, Lakota. TWO WEEKS REMAIN FOR PLAY GROUNDS UNIQUE BALL GAME PLANNED AS OENEFIT Eight Nines in Tilt, Proceeds to Youth Who Lost Arm. By R. S. Spcrbeck. Swea City, July 27—Officials of the North Kosuth baseball league have completed arrangements for a benefit man, the game for Jesse Whit- 17-year-old youngster who lost an arm when his car sideswiped another whie he was on his way to play with Swea City at Wesley, Sunday, July 10. It is reported that the Hub clothiers ivlll contntoute...!>alls, that the city will give the light service, and that the Junoir Chamber of Commerce will look after ticket sales. WOMAN KILLED ON WAY HOME FROM A VISIT AT ALGONA Mrs. John Boe's sister, Ploy Gamble, Minneapolis, was killed in an auto accident near Mankato early Monday morning, while she was on the way home from a week end visit here. Upon receiving a telephone mes- im- particulars of the accident have not yet been learned. Miss Gamble vjas treasurer of a large Minneapolis steel company, and Mr. Boe is manager of the new Buick" garage one door south of the Advance shop. sage, Mr. and Mrs. Boe left mediately for Mankato. Pull -*- Only two more weeks remaii of the supervised summer play round program for .the youn sters of the city. Tomorrow there will be a na- ure study exhibit of birds, rocks, tones, and other things of interest. Next week Monday will be Hobby day, each child to bring a hobby ixhibit, such as an autograph col- ection, stamps, books, or anything Jse in which he or she is interest- d. Next Wednesday there will be n exhibit of photographs of trips n- scenic points, and next week Viday there wil be another free movie at the Iowa theater through ourtesy of Manager Rice. Children must be at the play rounds at least twice that week o get into the movies. Week after next, on Monday, here will be a "soap-box derby,' nd on the following Wednesday nd Friday finals will be played n a tennis tournament. On every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Storm. . ttal: lere is supervised he swimming pool. swimming at Another Slumps Patient Gordon, the five year old son of County Agent and Mrs. Brown, has the mumps. A. L. Band Concert Following is the program for tonight's band concert by the Algona Muucipal band on the Bryant school grounds:' March—147th Field Artillery- King Medley-Cowboy Medley --^-Yoder Selection—Fauet Gounod Popular—Ti-Pi-Tin Grever dely—Best Loved Irish Melodies - - Hayes March—Maa of the Hour- Fillmore WaJtS-OlribJU-lbin —- Pestalozza Popular-You're a The game will be played at Al gona between teams of the nortl half and south half of the leagu Monday night, August 1, beginning at 8:30 o'cloej'k. Eight Nines jn Play. All eight teams of the leagu> will take part in the game in th following order: Bancroft and Whittemore— two innings. Titonka and Lotts Creek— twc innings. Ringsted .and Burt—two innings Swea City and Wesley—threi innigs. The section having the mos scores at the end of the nine inn ingg will be counted as the winnei of the game. No Free Admissions. Gregor Deim will be manage for the north half teams consisting of Bancroft, Titonka, Ringsted, and Swea City. Nick Gengler will manage the four south end teams — Whittemore, Lottfa Creek, Burt and Wesley. Every ball player and umpire will pay a 25-cent admission as well as the general public. There wil be no free admissions. WEATHER IS 'FINE' BUT RAINFALL LOW The weather man has been dish- ng out right fine weather at a time when he usually lets old Sol do the derndest to sweltering humanity. Only once in the .last week las the mercury risen into the 90's, and that was on Sunday, when the highest reading was 95. During the rest of the week the mercury was mostly in the loweT BO'S. Temperatures in the 100's have >een unknown here so far this •ear, and the mercury has reached nto the 90's only six times in uly. A high of 99 degrees was registered July 12. Rain fell early Tuesday, and gain yesterday morning, .66 inch being recorded Tuesday morning .nd a quarter of an inch yesterday, 'his brought the total,for July to nly 2.30 inches, which is more ban 1% inches below normal. The record for the week fol- ows-: uly 19 - 81 66 uly 20 82 67 Uly 21 84 61 .02 uly 22 82 59 uly 23 86 55 uly 24 95 66 uly 25 84 63 uly 26 80 62 .66 * STILLMAN TO BE YOUNGEST IOWA JUDGE? Age on the District Bench Will Give Way to Youth. DETASSELING CORN BEGINS; 125_ATWORK Expect Picking Will Start on or Near September 1. Watermelon Day Is Coming Work on the Seed Co.'s new Pioneer branch Hi-Bred plant on the northwest co^er of t'he No 169 and 18 intersection has ressed rapidly. The building 'V tS final aDPe not yet finished or Seventeen workmen have bean on the job, and the work has been li? Sh , e , d to " nish "* September Machinery is to be installed, in- cHiding shelters, graders, gravity machines, sackers, elevator, con- wT 1 ?' e > F A concrete roadway will lead from the highway into and around the interior of building. The roofing and a special siding are yet to be laid. Dctesseling in Progress. The company began work two ° n detas seling corn S , • which is being grown for hybrid purposes in the county this season. More than 500 acres are being grown near Algona on 14 different fields, and 300 more acres are being grown in ten more fields near Whitteinore. During the detasseling period the company requires the help of 75 to 125 men In the fields. The detasseling is necessary to crossbreed corn. The workmen have been hired mainly through the local reemployment agency. Payroll $1000 Week. This work requires that the men go through the fields at least 12 times during the month, in some cases every day. The payroll for Pe WU1 amount to PICTURE, taken at last year's Watermelon day here, gives an indication of how the younger generation, at least, likes the generous pieces given free during the day. $1600 a week. A state requirement for seed is that a field must have less than two per cent in tassels. . Following the detasseling period, which ends in mid-August, the corn is left to mature, but as soon, -H— s,i llliC1B iouu u time SB n~ ^f*"™ ^V? 4 drop . s . to h . e , ha ? si . ven h!s brother a- drink PAIR CHARGED WITH STEALING 25 CHICKENS Two Bancroft Men in Jail to Await the Grand Jury. The long arm of. the law has caught up with a number of law violators in the last week, after a comparatively quiet summer eo far. The county jail patronage had been reduced to only two last week, but four more were behind the bars yesterday. Two Bancroft men, Albert Hopkins and N. J. Nemmers, were arrested by Sheriff Loss yesterday, charged with larceny of domestic fowls at the Bryon Robinson farm, near 1 Lakota, northeast of Bancroft, where 25 chickens are missing,...... Brothers Arrested Too. The same day Sylvester Nemmers, also Bancroft, brother of N. J., was arrested for illegal possession of liquor. Officers found that Newspapers elsewhere in judicial district have called this attention to the fact that youth will displace age on the district judiciary when Judges DeLand and Heald leave the bench,' It has .surprised many people to lear.n that Judge DeLand, Storm Lake, still seemingly as "spry and chipper' as a man of 40, is 79. Judge He_ald, Spencer, is 68. Is now only 34, has been raised whether he will be the youngest judge in the state. Judge Hudson, of Pocahontas, is said to be 42. Here is how Editor W. I. Branagan, miiitantly democratic published of the Emmetsburg Democrat, sized up the situation politically in a blackface feature on the Democrat's first page last week: Judge Stillman and the question "As will be 'seen elsewhere in .his-issue of the Democrat, the republican lawyers of this district, in convention at Okoboji the first of this week, decided to throw overboard two of,their elderly, capable and seasoned jurists In favoi of younger blood on the bench Two young bloods, in their late hlrties, were named to succ39( Fudges DeLand and Heald. If we emember correctly, many of these ame republican lawyers were only a short time ago crying to the high heavens against the 'auda- .ity' of President Roosevelt foi vanting some younger, more pro- ;ressive blood on the United Stat:s supreme court. Ho! Hum! and gain, Hi! DiddleJ Diddle!" shelling is started, usually about September 1. Nearly 15 men in two shifts are required the building till that work is done Capacity 80,000 Bushels. Sarbers Meet Here; Come from 9 Towns A county master barbers meet- ng was held Tuesday evening at he Henry Furst chop here, and ine towns were represented. Mr. fyrst and Elmer Hartshorn are he only barbers in Algona, who elong to the association. Other owns represented were Fenton, Vest Bead, Whittemore, Vesley, Baacrofti Ledyard, ity, aad Titonka. Sales Here, 2 Months, $12,000 Algona's state liquor store sales or May totaled $5,956.78 and 6,039.37 Jn June. The Bancroft gures were $3.372.39 and $3,909.92 respectively, and Livermore's were $3,092.41 and $3,333.38. For some reason the Eagle Grove store does a small business for town somewhat larger than Algona—2,65:u60 and $2,640.15. The Emmetsburg store did a little better than Algona's. Humboldt may be the,/ only county seat in the state without a store. There are now 168 stores. Beynolds Eeported Latest reports from Lyle Reynolds, who as stated in the Upper Des Molnes, suffered a heart attack last week Thursday morning while at work at the Hub clothing store, are tant he i;* getting along well and will probably be back at the store a few hours daily next week. He is expected to be up around the house by this week Friday. T. C. Shermun Latest reports from Tom Sherman, who 's at aom§, are that he Is coatjautag recovery from his repeat auastroke. It Is aot kaowa when he will retura to $3 duties at the local liquor store. bushels of hybrid corn The second floor of the buildln had a long "U"-shaped hallwa surrounding bins In the centd where 'inspection and grading o the corn is done in September, an it is here that the 150 workme will grade and sort the ears a tliey are delivered at the building Windows surround this part o of the building. The first floo contains bins for storage The north end of the 'building which is "T"-shaped contains dry ers, shellers, and other machinery Robert Poindexter is manager o the plant, and Perry Collins field man for inbred corn. Th company will employ only five o six year-around men. Pay is 30c Hour. The hybrid corn-picking does nuot conflict with ordinary picking not conflick with ordinary picking in the fall, for the hybrid corn is picked before ordinary corn is ready for fall picking. There are almost 80 men now- employed in the Algona neighborhood, and between 40 and 50 more are at work in the -West Bend- Whittemore' neighborhood. The company pays 30c an hour, and the men start work at fi:i5 each morning, working at dark, thus putting in grading, right in the courthouse. The trio of offenders were taken before Mayor C. F. Specht, and Hopkins and N. J. Nemmers were bound to the grand jury under bonds of $1,500 each. Sylvester was held under bond of $500. 'Mayor Specht also found one Dermer, Wesley, guilty of speeding on Diagonal street and fined him $2 plus $2 costs. Fort Dodger Fined. In Justice Delia Welter's cOUi one Walter L. Castell, Fort Dodge pleaded guilty to two charges one of reckless driving, the othe illegal transportation of intoxica ting liquor. He was fined $100 on each count, plus costs of $11.50 on the first count and $29.85 on th second. The arrest was made by W. H. Stewart, marshal at Burt on the highway between Algona and Burt. L. E. Linnan was Cas tell's attorney. William Cooper, Wesley, wa: given a 30-day sentence by Misi Welter for reckless driving ai that town. Also Des Moines Man. Guy D. Finch, Des Motnes, was fined $3 plus costs Tuesday fo speeding a truck at more than 35 miles, which is the legal limit. Cases pending in the Weltei court yesterday were a charge against Jerry Myers, Algona, towing a trailer without a tail-light and without a chauffeur's license and a charge of drunkenness against Charles Gloss, Fenton marshal. hours daily. times till 10 to 11 -*• County Has 329 on the Old Age Rolls Kossuth now has 329 persons receiving old age pensions. This is an average of more than ten to a township, counting Algona. The pensioners get an average of $18.72 a month each, and the total for the county in June was $6,158. There are now nearly 48,000 persons on the state pension rolls, and the expense is only some $54,000 short of a million a month. This means an iddition of some $12,000,000 to the ;ax burden which the people of Iowa have to meet. Algona Girl Given Job by Government Forence Dehnert will arrive Friday morning from Baltimore, Md., to visit till mid-August at her 'ather William Dehnert's at the European hotel. She has been ia. social security employ since February, and recently she passed a six months probation test, which gave her a permanent appoint^ ment. To Eater Big Harold Lauber, professional at he Country club weat to Mianea-, yolis, yesterday to tiatke part ia an. opea golf touruameat la which here Is a $7,500 purse offered. He be there till Sunday. Haggard v p fttead fl» Plaj Jpha. iTl&'a.'Vt{&&>',' f-TVr-'* BROWNIES WIN STATE HONORS The Algona Brownies the state send-pro baseball tournament last night at Storm Lake by defeating Rock Valley In the tourney finals, 10-2. This was the fifth game between the two teams. Algona won both games here, and Rock Valley had won both games at home in previous contests. The Brownies play the Pfaff team from Fort Dodge at the local ball park tonight PIONEERS TO BE HONORED OPENING DAY Heirloom Display to Be Held in Store Windows. Final plans for the combined March of Progress old settlers' day 17, and on Wednesday, August Watermelon day Thursday, August the VANCE TO GO TO MITCHELL, S, MHURCH Will Leave Algona on September 1 for New Post. The ^ Rev \ Geo ' c - Vance . Pastor of the Algona Congregational New Car Sales Far Under 1937 Record Ten new motor vehicles were old in Kossuth last week, and hese sales brought the total eo ar in July up to 41. The whole umber so far this year is 328, vhereas last year the number for he first seven months was 650, r practically twice that of this eason. In January there were 28; in 'ebruary, 30; in March, 46; April, 3; May, 61; June, 59; July 41. A ear ago in July 97 cars were old, against 41 this July. Total automobile licenses is- ued in 1938 had reached 7035 esterday against a total of more :han 7200 last year. The showing ndicateg that people are driving Id cans. Truck licenses are now ast the 1034 mark. • New car owners for the last are J. T. Meur'er, Delbert M. Beaton, Wesley, and John Whlt- ord, Lone Rock, Chevrolets; E. Sheehan, Kent Motor Co., AJ- ona, H. E. Luedtke and A. eterson, Fenton, iFords; R. lartlett, Whittemore, 0. 'hompson, Ehnqre, Plymouths; nd E. R, DeLano. Algona, Inter- ational truck. by Boat The jokesters up at Swea City ere telling one a we^k ago about fellow who came frow to Syea City by tale was ^trlctly true. H church for 2% yearsT has Tendered i £ n> and nas accepted £ on sregational church S. D., effective Sep- This i e the same town at tember 1. to which Dr. J. H. <Edge went a year or s o ago when he became president of a Methodist there. college Call Is Unanimous. An item in the Mitchell paper, sent down by Dr. J. H. Edge (who -may have had something to do with direction of the Mitchell congregation to Mr. Vance), gives the following details: "At a Tuesday night business meeting of the membership and congregation of the Congregational church a unanimous call was extended the Rev. George Vance to the pastorate of the church. In extending the call, which Rev. Mr. Vance has accepted, the church group voted to acquiesce in the unanimous recommendation of the pastoral committee, named to secure a new minister, to take the pulpit vacated, when Rev. C. E. general committee yesterday afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce office. The former postoffice buildin" which old-tamers will remember as the old First National bank building, through the courtesy of John and Julia McEnroe will be cleaned and used as a. registration booth and rest room for the pioneers who come for the Wednesday observance. Ribbons for Oldtimers. Ribbons to denote number of years of residence in the county will be provided for those who have lived in Kossuth 70, 60, and 50 years, and perhaps ribbons will also be supplied for those who have lived here a lessor period. It is expected that everyone will register in a special book provided for the purpose. A total of seven or eight bands have already indicated that they will be on hand for the day's events. A talk will be given by Fred Bierman, congressman from the eastern part of the state, and a speaker will also be secured for Watermelon day. ,"Queen" to he Revealed. Perhaps the event of greatest local interest will be the announcement of the finals of the March of Progress queen contest. This contest closes the Saturday preceding the day, but the name of the winner will not be announced till Pioneer's day. The "queen will be presented to the crowd, and the trip award made. Awards of a $50 second prize and others will be made at the same" time. The .streets will be lined with concessions, and according to Major Saul, who is in charge of this part of the two-day affair, more concessions than in previous years will be here. As has been the practice in the past only legitimate amusement concerns will be permitted. Dances Both Days. * On both days there will be a big dance to music by the Rhythm Club orchestra. A huge dance floor will be set up on the pavement for dancing, which will be entirely free both evenings. One of the more interesting features will be the decoration of store windows with old relics and antiques of pioneer days. These need not be of Kossuth pioneer days, though it would make them more interesting. People who have such keepsakes and relics are asked to get in touch with Algona merchants regarding display of the articles. Appropriate descriptive cards will be provided. Second Day Watermelon Day. On Thursday, August 18, will be the annual Watermelon day", with free watermelon for all comers Arrangements have been made to take care of the huge shipment of melons which has teen ordered, more than in any of the previous watermelon days. A new wrinkle Reidt resigned several months ago. this y ear will he the addition of ••iv/r^i,.,— _^._^_ ., .. several more stands for the easier serving of melons. Bingo stands and other amusements operated by and for local benefit will be set up for both days. Members attending the meeting Tuesday night requested the Rev. tfr. Vance to be here for services the last Sunday in August. A church vacation was voted in the nterim. Preaohes at Mitchell. "The Rev. Mr. Vance filled the Mitchell pulpit last Sunday. He was accompanied to Mitchell on hat occasion by Mrs. Vance. They have three small children, one ive, one three, and a"baby. "He is a graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary. This will >e his third pastorate. He served our years in the Congregational hurch at Smith Center, Kans., and s now in his third year at Algona, owa. "A committee from the board of rustees has in charge the painting f the Congregational parsonage, reparatory to the coming of the /ance family." White Rose Still Leading at K'bail The White Rose kittenoaU earn is still comfortably in the ead. following games Tuesday vening in which it won. from Bio- .eer team 9-3, while the Hub Clo- hiers lost to Barry's, 4-3. The Jub had been only oae game be- Ma'd for the lead. NO LICENSE FEE ON YOUR CORN SHELLER Persons who have paid motor vehicle license fees on corn shell- ers, wood saws, hay balers, and similar equipment for 1938 are en- tmsa to have their licenses fees Persons who expect to receive a refund must, however, file claims within six months after registration of la the league at pre- ent follow: White Rose 7 i luto Clothiers 5 a Barry's ,„— , 3 5 ""Uoaeer „ .. i 7 .875 .625 .375 date of original the vehicle. Due to a recent decision of the Iowa supreme court, that such vehicles, if used in farm operations, are not required to pay llcease i fees to use -the public highway, owners may obtain their 1938 fee refund upon surrender of the lie- ease plates to the county treasurer and filing claim for the refuad, Such equipment will act require a license i n future, ft is esseatial that the vehicle be aot used 'for trftttsportatioa, except ia carrylnK equipment from place - ? ** W6 where its services are Suffers Harvey Larson^

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