Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1938
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA 4.40-21 4.75-19 5.00.19 5.25-17 93c A Wo.k \f*\ 'you want thrifty long jleage, real Center fiction safety, grip that 1 pull you through the tgh going — all at ( a Le which lits your pocketbook, R-l tire for you. the. Every famous Goodyear feature at an ordinary cost. See it first. OODYEAR IAU-WEATHEH lew 193S odi- |c-3AU-Weathet I more Baldly, comiorl —• a no moral Ear COOL Summer Driving IYEARSEAT COVERS $ 1?. 5 clean, com- _3T8 us install .. these quality ran. Fit all can I tjpe. GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY A real husky —lor tough going — with Lifetime Guaranteol Ai low as.. A WEEK •^H B^ ^C»« ^Ul I HH w • •" " • •» . Vuality Sponges ............ 19<fcUp Top Grade Chamois 40* lln . v"««moi5....<jyp up NewJPastor ALFREHEHDEB FROM KIN6SLEY ACCEPTS A CALL PAGE SEVEN NearFenton C. II. KLAMP, Field RcnreRentntlvi all the work, building country, and Mi Brones ) rones . ;l "orBe as he w" e-tato, to-wit: , -" " nuinu an I1U Wa.S putting fly spray ollto th , , , learned, Mr. Drones did not think ho , Ponton, July 1!)-Mr. and Mrs iHichard Horigel, daughters Vir- iKiniii and Marian, and Mr. and l Mrs. A. D. BlccUwenn ai.tocd to i A nKK1lcy1 Sun(1 'iy to hear the Rev. Alfred Reader's farewell sermon /"ere. Mr. Render has accepted n 'will }° ' h ° Filirvillc clu irch and Kcl, daughter, and the Blccicwenns ' l "e watershed" divides! The fa mil At Ron nn,mkn • c ' -:^^ '?•• s cS-Tio sss s^r^, u r',,s' i , 1 s ; sir:!™ ,£ H f =p;z,'-;=«£!-,£ ss s^rx,, K? ;;°» ±«£ <~ ™a if , lannl.v. | he Fnirvillc people re- that going turned thai nicht. i faio Creek, „. Union Slough.^ ^ ^ ^ | Thoy saicl Uley -j lad -,,,. ,, 'soil with sleeping vvnen we cahed Friday at the * * * * ---.-.. on many Fenton Hoiko Bruns place northeast of! At Ernest Pelorson's south ,,f ..Saturday and was an over- Titonkn. we did not see Mr. Bruns,! Titonka, the men had como m , vu ;' tor 'V' 10 Don Wclsbrod for he was In the field. Mrs. Bruns '. from cutting oa"s when ™ ,r homo. Mr. Peters ,s a former .«nid she always reads our farm'rived. Ernest said tie oiN on Fenton teacher, having taught news, winch pleased our vanity -round not fnn ,iM, ,,, S/J!L th !^y™!, h ^ ei S 'Uh,Th-arc_ three girls and ^"boV^rVn^chor iand the'cTop^ ers, Edw., Wm. and Henry Marty, trustees for Emma Marty, Albert Edward, Carl, and Emilie Pergande and The Travelers Insurance Co., Uenholders and Incum- orancers of portions of the said Real Estate hereinafter described: To H. C. Allen, township clerk of Lu Verne township, and John Bormann, township clerk of Sherman township, Kossuth county, Iowa, and the County Highway system of Kossuth county, Iowa, and to ail persons having or claiming any right, title or interest m and to the following described real (94-27). Southwest l-«r,n,. Buckling gnuies here about 12 years r go. M" the family, and the boy is light. Here ve ;,,,, . ".""•.'" J"=."« M«O. ••• '."<-> irtiuny, aim t.ne noy is light. Here we had -i HtMn fun I his a his nm visit here. He was j youngest a fine bright lad, not a with two little boys. They have on his wav bnnk to Minnesota.-bit afraid of this writer, who a wagon, and thev wanted to give lives, and where .seems rather fierce-looking toais a ride. They 'are great boys ennui en. , They showed us a i ~ — " — i-t-'-'j-'wi.ivjiLi iis * >i. >ft tr'PV '\\*orc buildintr ; to purcliii.se a new Plymouth ear. I Bernard Looft, northwest of " * * * * He is teaching in Washington and Bancroft, came in from a field p - A. Holcomb, northwest nf has charge of the music in the j where he had been cultivating s « r ea City, is rebuilding his house high school at Puyallup. | corn just as we drove in last week I! '« now mostly now, and it has a Wednesday. Ho cultivates with ful! basement. - The size of house i» i i- , t . vaes w . e sze o ouse Helnlivps lit Slovens Jlom.!— horses, as ho has no tractor. Some '« 26x32. P. A. is donig a lot of Air. and Mrs. G. B. Stevens on- ' of his crops were drowned out this the carpenter work himself for year, so he planted 15 acres to . he is very handy with carpenter beets, and about five acres were tools. He owns the 160-acre farm ''"" ...... "' ..... " " ' ' ' " ~~ . . . tertamed relatives Sunday. Attend"" r Ol -.... Lu .. .»..!.. jjitvuLuiu "--i..j, IHILI W.UUUL uvu acres were i-^^ 1 ^. uu uwus me lou-acre tarm Dos Moines, Bill Stevens, (drowned out. He said he and his where he lives. There are four ../, and Jack Stevens, of i wife were expecting company, fnr. h °ys and two girls in this family Boone, .sons of Mr. and Mrs. Stov- his brother William, of Saskatche- One of the girls is married, and ens, and Mrs. J. Ersland, Slater, wan, was on the way. This is the the other is not at home at pres- Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Ersland and oldest boy of the Looft family liv- ent - The boy s are fine boys, and Joan and Jerome, Ames, Mr. and ing. A sister, Mrs. Douglas Me- they help their dad , , . Oi Paulson, Forest City, j Kinsey, i Miss Olh ' e El 'sland, Dos Moines, Sunday. Toronto, was expected Mr. and Mrs. Looft have Polishing Cloth.... .from 15£j! M l' s Auto Pnlick A IVT OT-i i i ! ' w '" u "louuiu, uua muiims, """uti.r. ivn. sum ivirs. L.OOH nave " ',.rousn.ooz. 47? I; Mrs. Howard Flower and daughter two children, Beverly, 7, and Dar-' wa ' Polishing Wax , 39#J Jean > IoAVa ^'"s. and Miss Joan win, a year old in June. l wh Touch-Up Enamel ' """'" ^ " r "" '"''"" °' ' Top Dressing, '/ 2 pt...C_ Paint Brushes from 10«ii TCH'S Super Service * * * « John Drew, north of Swea Cits', was doing his noon hour chores ten we saw him last, week Tues- jday. He told us he and Mrs. Fred Schwarz, who lives at the' Drew had been south of Fort northeast edge of Lakota, was re- !Dodge to visit frienQ s. and that in Khinrrlinp- iiic. iTr»nc- rt 1^,.!^ TT_'that Part of the state rain was Holcomb. Sac City. Mrs. Stevens' mother, Airs. J. Ersland, remained for two weeks visit. f _ „. .... r , .. ~ ~ I shingling his house Friday. He >.nic lonimned at Dopew— I also planned lo paint it. This is needed - (:onnrmation exercises_were held a fine home for these good folks.' r ese goo at St. John's Lutheran church, Da- Mrs Schwarz remarkpri tint ' 'Martin PHONE 83 pew, Sunday for two boys and of the „..,,„. ou 6UL Iluu neu in one seven girls, conducted by the Rev. year, and this had left his family A. K. Gaard. In the class were pretty small. Irene Berkeland, Marcella Knud- * * * * son, Esther Kallestad, Geneva 01-! Albert Kramersmeier, son, wilma Weltzen, Mae Ander- Ledyard, was getting his binder son, Donald Twait, Robert Belkan, ready for cutting oats when * * * * Becker, southeast of Burt, lives on the Claude Samson <™f m ^^ • A • — "ait, IIVBS on me uiauoe s h^^r^^r'f 11 ™- «"" ^e was cutting oats last week Thursday. Mrs. Becker and her little daughter were gathering green beans in the garden. There was sweet corn in the gar- den that ily will soon the fam- _ ., , „. _ — v ..»^..., . ^m.,, ivfi V.UH.1116 UttUK Wlltill WtJ J1 T . ...rill „ 1 L> Anna Marie Mitchell. Monday the saw him last week Monday. We lif R "soon have roasting ears. class went to Algona to have pic- took a look at some of hi«; annle Becker daughter Rachel, who tures taken at Brown's Studio." itrees. These areToung M*&*?J?£!?™ '"!?*} 5"*"* j trees. These are young trees, but | they have a lot of apples. Albert says he does not know what kind There's no need for you to worry and fret About dessert when it's so easy to get Completely delicious, really taste-thrilling. Delightfully rich, yet not too filling, •F|lled with choicest pecans, butter-toasted, too, A rare, special treat that will credit you With great art in planning true taste-dc- light- •iTry Butter Toasted Pecan Ice Cream tonight. Ktiy lliiskc is 5; Party— • Vr n -ITT -^ i ± . . i ' ^^^^ ti> ^ uueb IIUL KJIUW wnat Kina Mrs E. W. Ruske entertained they are . Thia , ook ,, h Q illlrf1o\r nfiniMirtriTi in >»«««>* nF ' , ra"«" apple year in north Iowa. * * « * Last week Monday we called on R. M. Valvick, north of Swea City, ....„ „„.. — •••—.•-— ""'~ ° who lives on the place where the was presented with a favor. Guests Valvick boy traded a little wagon were Juanita Straley, Carmen Mil-, for a jackknife.. This was when ler, Virginia Ruth Mueller, Jerry j we caUed the ,. e last year> but we .„ , „,. „„ .„ -erhart and Ward j noticed this time that he had his Kay received a mt1e wagollj so he must have trad . Saturday afternoon in honor of her son Kay's fifth birthday anniversary. The afternoon was spent in playing outdoor games. Lunch was served and each little guest I-Iolldorf, and Lynn Ruske. number of gifts. tatter toasted Pecan y choice of those who ap- blend "*'or Pure, with flap flavor. of •"*»*. '** <*««Ped pecan meats. Ice Cream more twty, toasted pecans than any ei> lc e cream jnja4e, Made Fresh Daily at USBY'S TH| JANT ADS Hoy's Birthday is Honored— Mrs. HaroU Goetsch entertained Friday iftei '.oon in honor Oi her son Dale's ninth birthday anniversary. Outdoor games formed the entertainment, and lunch wa served by Mrs. Goetsch. Guest were Robert Kaoelitz, Jackie Ger hart, Ward Ruske, Btllie Stoeber Lloyd Kramer, James Haiuelnian James Holldorf, and Fr'dnklii Mueller. >V. J. M'cisbrods in Tiinada— Word was received from the \V J. Welsbrods and their danghte Florence, who are vacationing in California, Washington, and th Canadian states, that they arrivei at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada last week Tuesday. They planne' to attend the Round-Up, held a Calgary. ('onfirinant Honored at Dinner- Sunday dinner guests at Alber Mitchell's in honor of the Mitchel daughter Anna Marie, who was confirmed that day, were th Chester Skaars, Primghar, Mr. am Mrs. John Micklick, Thor, Mr. am Mrs. Ben Mitchell, Mrs. Morris Mitchell, and the letter's children Oliliilioinans are (iiicsts Here— The Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Petei and three children, Breakenridge Okla., came last week Monday foi a two weeks visit with Mrs. Peter's mother, Mrs. Anna Meyer, the Martin Meyers, Rev. Peter's mother Mrs. Carl Peter, near Algona and other relatives. Picnic Honoris a Birthday— Mrs. E. K. Johnson and daughters Marjorie and Eunice and son Kenneth, and Doris and Donna Dehnert, guests in the Johnson home, enoyed a picnic at the ed back. Carl * * * * Rath, northwest of 'Swea lluuio, CHUJPU a ^»%-«»^ .»v k»«*. grotto at West Bend Monday afternoon in honor of Eunice's 12th birthday anniversary. Californlans Visit Relatives- Mr, and Mrs. Lewie Olson, Los Angeles, arrived Saturday for an extended visit with their son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bertel Berkeland. They will also visit at Mr. Olson's brother, Samuel Olson's. ilbergs Yisit Daughters- Mr, and Mrs. Nels Wilberg left last week for Dubuque for an extended visit with their daughters, Mrs. E. A. Eisenschmidt and Mrs. Clarence Anderson, and their families. Sister of tfrs. WiJlrett Sick- Mr, and Mrs. A. R. Willrett and family drove to Fort Dodge Sunday afternoon to visit with Mrs. Willrett's sister, who is seriously ill in a hospital there. Other Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clarke, West Bend, and their daughter Mrs. Fern Bardsley and daughter Bjetty and Johnnie, of Neola, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George yager last week Thursday, aa4 •*" same day were -""«"• »»«"*« Mr. aud Mrs. C. City, was not at home last week Wednesday, and we missed him, for he likes to kid us about our farm news. Mrs. Rath said he was helping. with harvesting at Bert Olson's, three-fourths of a m'.le east. An insurance company owns the farm where the Raths live, and it has built a new barn, 32x40. The Raths have two "girls and one boy, and the boy claims that he likes gum, which is a strange thing. Next time we call we expect to discover another queer thing—that he likes candy! * * * * Henry Spear, north of -Titonka, was cutting oats last week Thursday. Some of the field 'was being cut only one way, for a lot of the crop was lodged. Mrs. Spear's! father, Wert Ashe, Titonka, was shocking. He can not stop work, for he had always been on the farm till he moved to town and had always been active, never having learned to sit on a store box and swap idle gossip. * * * * John P. Trunkhill, east of Burt. an oldtimer there, was not at home when we called last week Thursday, and Mrs. Trunkhill said her husband had left her. She likes to ,1oke. John is very ambitious, and when he is at home he is at work all the time, but his wife said he had not felt his best since a sick spell last spring, and so had gone to visit his folks in Wisconsin. She hoped that the vacation from work would 'help him, and we join in the Wish. * # » * At the J. W. Brones farm, ten miles northwest of Swea City, last week Tuesday, the boys- were putting the sickle into the mower last year, is now bookkeeper ror the Advance. She is also one of the Advance's local and society reporters stenographers. and one She cuts of the stencils for mimeographing and runs orders off on the mimeographing machine. Ingham's She reported recent fair Harvey grounds speech for the Advance, and Mr. Ingham wrote that she did a very good job. You wouldn't think that a busy man like-Mr. Ingham would bother to read the Algona papers, but in fact he is one of their devoted readers. NOTICE OF. HEARING ON CLEAN OUT IN THE MATTER OF JOINT DRAINAGE DISTRICT HUMBOLDT-KOSSUTH NO. 1, HUMBOLDT AND KOSSUTH COUNTIES, IOWA. To A. D. Burtis, Frank R. Gronbach, John Tiede Jr., Dorthea B. Marty, Edw. and Peter Blumer, Bertha ScMpull, August Pergande, Fred Pergande, Edw. F. Pergande, Bertha, Fred C., and Robert J. Blumer, Alvina Odell and Rosa Grirnsehl, owners of the real estate hereinafter described: To the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, Land Bank Commisslon- South- South- South- South- South- South- Vt Lu Verne Twp. The Southwest Vt of Section 31. Sherman Twp. (9-1-28). The Southwest K Southeast J 4 of Section 34; pt. of Northeast Vi Northeast Vi, pt. of Northwest % Northeast Vt, East 1/3 Southwest >/4 Northeast Vt, Southeast Vt, Northeast 14, pt. Southwest % Southwest V t , pt. of Southeast 'A Southwest ^A, pt. Northwest Vt. Southeast y,., Northeast 'A Southeast Vi, pt. of Southwest J A Southeast V*,, Southeast % Southeast *A, of, Section 35; pt. of Northwest Vt, Northwest V*. Pt. of Southwest *A Northwest Vt, pt. of Southeast % Northwest *A, Southwest % west ft, Northwest Vi west V,,, Southeast ^ west V\, Northeast *A west %, Northwest % east V\, Southwest Vt, east 14, pt. of Northeast Southeast *A, Southeast - :1 . boutheast U of Section 36; and all public highways included in District. You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now pending before the Boards of Supervisors of Kossuth county and Humboldt county, Iowa, a petition signed by more than 25% of the owners of said land asking that a competent engineer be appointed to examine and survey said lands; that a cleanout and general improvements be made to the district. That the engineer so appointed na s reported favorably thereon recommending the cleanout of said district. That said report and plan has been approved by the joint Boards of Supervisors as a tentative plan tor said improvement. That said report and plans may be amended before final action by the Boards of Supervisors. For a more complete description of the proposed improvement see Engineer's report on file. That the same will come up for hearing before the Boards of Supervisors of Kossuth and Humboldt counties, Iowa, at the Court House in Dakota City, Iowa, at 2 o clock p. m. on the llth day of August, 1938. That all objections to the Improvement of the district must be made in writing and filed in the office of the County Auditor, Dakota City, Iowa, at or before the time set for such hearing. Witness my official signature with the seal of Kossuth county. Iowa, hereto affixed this 14th da'\ of July, 1938. (Seal) 43-44 HARVEST TIME Cola Mr. 1< firmer enjoy this fine Cola at home— large double size bottles cool and refreshing with your meals or in the harvest field. Buy Pepsi-Cola by the case. REFUSE IMITATIONS SOLD EVERYWHERE FORT DODGE BOTTLING WORKS DISTRIBUTORS E. S. KINSEY. County Auditor. Red Barn PAINT 98c Coast to Coast Store also visited Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Yager, < Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Bai'ley, Seneca. 'Mr. Clark is a brother of- Mrs. George Yager. •Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Huskamp anc daughter Bert and granddaughtei Joan Wesley went to Des Moines Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with Joan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Witter. Bert Huskamp left rom there for Chicago to resume her duties in a Beauty Salon after a two weeks visit here with her >a rents. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod en- ertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Irs. Carl Reece and Buddy Munch, i'ort Podge, and Curtiss Tidwell, 5 hiladelphia, and Mr. and Mrs. )on Weisbrod and daughters Anna lae and Merllyn. Mrs. Otto Smallfield and granddaughter, Jackie Moore, Davenport, came Monday for a week's risit in the rieury Jteimers and E. " Weisbrod homes. Mrs. Smallfield s a cousin of Mr. Reimers and Mrs. Weisbrpd. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Alt, of the Letts Creek neighborhood, became larents of a new daughter, born Wednesday, July 13, at the .Arnold . Mr, and Mr*. W. V. Yager guests at tfee Kenry • Every month, tvtry with you put off buying your new G-E Refrigerator you are very likely money out. Your present refrigeration almoit surely costs more to maintain than the new low operating cost of a G-E. Don't put up with an inadequate, old-faihiooed refrigerator any longer, G-E, tbi first (boic€ of miUitus is now popularly prietd! Value tb«n ever. 2—Low Cuwat Coat. 3~lwi$ Life. Kohlhaag & Spilles Onward The deeper we go the sweeter we get, and the next song will be a dance. Now it is a blanket sale. The genuine Nashua Blanket, and at prices that will fill your heart with joy. If you ever expect to have any use for a blanket now is your chance to get them. There has been a blanket war on between the wholesale houses and we took advantage of their quarreling. In this sale we will spill the beans. We are making prices cheaper than you ever heard a Nashua blanket offered for. We are going to sell blankets for one week, 1000 of them and at a price that will close out every blanket. Instead of selling a few each day all fall we are going to make a price that will . sell them all in a week and have it over with. These are all great large blankets, 72 by 84. They are 2 inches wider and 4 inches longer than the ones we had last year and a grade better weave. The price on these beautiful blankets is 5»c each or 2 for $1.10 You will find them in our Bargain Basement. We also have part wool and novelty blankets at prices that will make you buy them. This sale will start Friday, July 22 These prices are good for one week only. After that blankets will cost you more. Roosevelt is giving money away and I am giving blankets away. Mother says we are both on the road for a bust up. Jimmie Neville $1.00 JIM STANDARD RED CROWN THi M/lf40f

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