Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1938
Page 5
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21, 1938 fipa; (TIMER AT (ERNE, DIES - July 20—Death claim- here when at 4:30 _ n ing Peter Thompson, Lrner and farmer near later for many years a I town i where, he was idled at 8£. He came to |n 1883 and had lived _ ... caused KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. Mr. and Mrs. Win F d relauve. at spirit' County Agnnf, nnd gnn, nnd Mrs A T Brown attended <, district ' conn Mrs. Harold Unison was niton „> the Kossuth hospital Sumhyfm medical treatment. Ho" rs ',., I works at Swift's. »»*••>.>.id 31 r. and Mrs. o. \v. £££s«™ JJreesmans, who have o Herman, farmer nenr • is n brother of John. mid Mrs. M. W. Sunday nt Charles Ciiv M. Millers. M; '~ Ti- Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Goals, Cl.'n- ton, Minn., with a grandson, went home Monday, after a week with the nephew, Gordon Kuhn, and old Agona mid Irvington friends, ihey are former Cresco township farmers, nn d Mr. Boals is still farming. Messrs, and Mesdnmes E. R. DeLano, Carol Johnson, and Edwin Loeblg spent last week Thursday evening at Medium lake, Emm.'ls- ourg. Messrs. DeLano and John- are in DX gas station employ '. C. D. SchaapfMr. Mc'Callum, who worked 'or the telephone company les :eo to be held 'ternoon nt the Methol of which he was n services will ein- Mrs. Albert K. (Jroiitprs, with hc-r weekend ,10 in ' i ' POnt lllo! Mr. WlMrs W'ir children, James and Carol will IiefSion E"!S ^ ak ! n h^S^\^!'"f»" r "c5ldSn r ! 'wm ^.S^.^^L^' J " ™: ritelBon. Surviving are \. *»niuerii.o UHf, w lnhln is taking K "' v ™V ""? Mrs - F - '^1 Hur-, 'weiHui. ._. .. her vacation this week |Y W1 H, ' t!l tllc 'i' children, will'L „ ,' Kossuth hospital, and i, „"?„,«„?. < ] £™ Snlurdny for a week it George* Ledyard; -Ice City; Burt, IOAVO ICbarles, Dodge -Center, rS**F~A £ T "'*Sr is'SFB ; ™?* "«'S3^ Hfn In ^ ed s$r to-sri IST-JS;^ 5 ; ™A ssir IKK-SS July 18—La Vonne, Idaugliter of Mr. and] * "«"»imnj »UUi« 3>eais ago, now works for the same company at Mason City. .Mrs. nntfa J'lke, Clinton, with 01 son Dick, came Friday for visits with Mrs. Anton Didriksen and other friends here. Mrs. Didriksen. and Mrs. Pike were teachers together at Lone' Rock, and they spent Tuesday there, visiting old friends. Mrs. Pike and her son return to Clinton today. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Geis, of St I'«ul, with their son Roger came Tuesday for a short visit with M™ Gels s parents, Mr. and Mrs C R' 1 ?V^ oren '"?- Another son of'Mr! nd Mrs. Geis who has been vtolt- ng here will return to St. Paul with his parents. Mr. Geis ducts a grocery store and allei Bhe Ca MrlvS. k| Tte s'chloKte "^ 'T' tclephone exchange. He [tired, owns PAGE PIVB r^,., AI 1B « 3U «>cnti. Conner Algonians, are farmin near Staples. Mr. Schlchtl died year or so ago. Mrs Walter Mlddleton and Mrs Wilshire Schroeder, Emmetsburg were guests test week Wednesday of Mrs. Matt Strelt. The women to study the "properties" fo con- market (here. Mrs. L. ('. Schiditl, Minn., Presente the pageant which here on the Fourth. A gent wil be presented 8 ,t Einme'ts" burg next month, and Mrs. Middle ton will be director. u'Jlr" If'*-. Andl ' ew Jasperson 0 ' SPent yesterday 1 , f i , -..v mn;». (IJIU M]'S wn'and seven BOHB: |"«; q ^ a « on "'Is'woek r^m "hclft^o s^urrt.v' 0 / 1 • — -""' i= "^MU'tter ° l ^^'^^'S r ^ of'M^S. tW ° W " SiW ^ S S^r" R &^« 'IAt a ^^ W ^"Z i t »^™«Sr -^ -au^J. . week from Washing- Hr. and"Hi-K"r"Tr '? ll lll ™ el> - i ton state, where they have visited TW neach r\iif ^T el l Ce> i 0r; ^ Iatlv0fl durln * the last - montft. WanamlnRo, nigin for -, VisH win, i ? Ia ^ 1 " ley wl " spen(i tllc res t of the - " * 4 f Pn t rl lt 5r t ^.. f . om ^ B SUm , mei :. he '' e ..^«" at their cottage of Staples, ,„.,. ., • „ ' »i"*"i. jesitjruav r AT t h V, 01 ' mer ' s sisters, Mrs. H. U McCorkle and Mrs. H. B. White and with the brother Elmer in Plum Creek. Mrs. Jasperson i s a •neat former Belmond girl, and her hus- 1and has n government position. "- .Taspersons are en route home visits. Robert, Emerson, ,,,« 0 - i iviin,, „, ' " """iiiuiK'),' n Clit fnr •, ,,!„;< in ,™ " •'"-•' ""• »i'c«u uiu rest A. Barrett, who are f*' nn j; was » guest from Suntliiy!",,",. vl' 1 v ' Ul dle fo ™ 0 ''' s summer here and at their ,e summer at the par-"" Wed "f day of Margaret nrown.if^onrn, h ""^ H< Fl>eG ' The !lt the OkoboJId. !?. nnn .v. .„„»», nf ! office girl at the Algona Produce^ Ke w Jo,s PV - ^f" Visiting in »rs. Louis I>ehe and lon - X^t lsc> iind othci ' Points in the Peffer. Fort Dodge, wem Ulli DU»»t"lWJ « v w«»w J.-1.*.- nPPt L Raney's, south of °«««'I I °.t «,uh o nolnfn! nn- OtatlOll , I met with a painful ac- Inesday while at play joning board with bthor Thc bonrd was knocked otiiiK and a hot iron' iVonne, cutting 'a deep ON u ONeill ., isals he ''c- Barbara —. „ ^ uu&l=l went home ....,, „,.„„„ „..„ T ,, ,. ,. | ^turday, after two weeks here niece, Mrs. H N i lc , f , !," , ' '• ( " Hutchison ; with their sister, Mrs Lena Lo~-— Kruse, | western trin in i dne . sday1) for a: " n(1 the lil "°'''s daughter Princiili.' niece of Mr. Kruse, other noinm TI An K^s and Princiili had spent two days in 'gone two or /, ey expec j e<1 to be Port Dodge with her aunts pre- hpne two 01 three weeks. The i vious to their visit here head near the left eye, • |t V"" c S' » cldest Daughter of Drug- H, ?,,, \J°" rf tni ' c 1 wecks - The i vious to their visit here, ov the left ear. The | Ist and M '"«- Carl Vohs, of West Coast R foi ' racrly livod °" tllc i T1 '« > v - C. Irolans returned Mon- uffereri burns. Mr. Bar- ...?""',. spent the week-end here i i>,.' ,,,,,i „.... Tr , dn J" from four days with relatives McC.orkle, at Bloomfield and Ottumwa. They |lo\v .rly of the Ledyard I now superintendent at - - -* - iow is Dated pour Days Here n-Gutlirie players, in |l play here next week, mrsday nnd continuing . The opening play, I rural comedy drama in [with Billy Guthrie in I best red head parts. be vaudeville features 4s, and an eight-piece jrill furnish music. One l be admitted free on night with each paid Mrs. G. L. Vohs. Mrs. William Lntham, Kansas n» children, spent the Meson City ' guests of ou "K s - Mrs. Youn K is lie Church vices in Grove |July 19—The congrega- hc Fairville Lutheran 1 services in the George |ve Sunday afternoon. •lie church, which is be- eled and made larger, r enough along for ser- i in a few weeks. -*- aS«5" .»fe vd S? ! nutt ° f M -"" »^»e.»T no ; of^.^1^ ^ Dpi - ""tor Pe-"" 1 is in Standard b'il Mr. uiid M^rs. Wilson, Ti- ''' WIn ' icI ' MorrU. 111., tonka, were Friday evening "Hosts ! «" i , Ge S °" Sl Ciimc one (la - v •••--•• of the former's parent" H, ,nd > * Visit wlth the 'ormer's Mrs. S. D. Wilson. J. E. eon'di'.r.^ E! 1 - 1 '.! 3 "' 8 ,', Ah : > ... iU ? d . Ml< «- y >''^ Behl- "1M11" Turner, son of Mr. and ..... ,j mer. Mr. Winkel i s visited Mrs. Irelan's paren's, Miami Mrs. H. C. Black. Mr. Irelan is with the local office of the Equitable Life Assurance's real estate and loan department.' Mrs. A. 0. Sonerholm, Crystal Lake, with her daughter Arlene and Mrs. A. P. Nelson, the latter of Britt, spent Friday with Mrs. H. C. Anderson here. Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Anderson are other , iui . Mrs. H. L. Turner, is taking a va- FrVS Keiif Ir u t cat!on this week from LoiigV, K ro-i4o's. p -rv eery and i s - " -vith rei- dv, f« V s , ' Sa eery, and i s spending it atives^ in Wisconsin. J. E. llnycs, in the employ of (ho Metropolitan Life here, left Friday night for New York to attend a company meeting and visit the main offices there. Mesdames Conrad Herman, J I Troutman, William Dehncrt, and W. H. Klamp spent hist week Thursday at Mason City, guesis of Mrs. Harry Shellburg. Mrs.^Delmar Clopton is taking a week's vacation from the Chris- chilles store, where she is a cleric Mr. Clopton is the local tailor who has the former Guehl shop. Paul, -Hobby, and Gone, sons of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lemkee, farm!„.,'._ „ fs south of Irvington, spent Tues- IBcaths in Family. day at T. T. Herbst's. Th> Lem>, July 19—Mrs. S. F.jkees live on an Herbst farm Keived a message Mpn- _ . . ing the death of a sister i S. F: Phillips at Fre. This was the fifth ke Phillips family in two . are nm- »"«> her husband i, daughters of Mrs. Sone?holm Mr. if°" c ° nduct s a produce station. Mrs. R. w. Anderson, . , ' adrla eo£ " e !ocil1 * o ° Storm . . ",' rew T Ith Uleir tw ° sons and Mrs ' n- Fred, who ' derson's mother, Mrs Lottie phon ,,, ( , ' school at W i Bloomfield, last two been caring for h-is nn.h cough . Phillips - and pied before their t, . Healy. Mrs. Southgate lives wit! her daughter, Mrs. T. T. Herh sister Lu Verne •^— ^— .^^ |rmine is the name of a if Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay n June 16 in Colorado. was Armiutha Jo'fin- arles Boyle, daughter i and Mrs. Louise Paff, Dodge, spent, Friday ut raska.'s. Mrs. Boyle and (rare leaving sometime |to visit another dau?h- Lee Walters, Kansas from i * —— u — «.*-»j XI.ILI. j.. 4, jJtjiuaL. three) Ann Nelson, who teachos in summer school at a Shadron, N 7 eb., state teachers college,J s expected today for the rest of the aummer with her mother, Mrs. Alma Nelson. Mrs. L. M'. Fox, with ti:e son Billy, is spending this week at Sioux City with Mr. and Mrs. Al Sterzing, former Algonians. Mr. Sterzing is a state road patrolman. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walker left - "-»U..U1 , AT11O, J. !Wheeler, left this morning for its with relatives at Primgha iDe s Moines. Mr. Anderson, who I works for the telephone companj here, is taking a two weeks vacation. Helen /Ittritsch is taking a two .. who j weeks vacation from duties as IT -i* i i W , wnoo P in S ; stenographer at the local Metro- Mi. Markle works for thelPolitan insurance offices and is iway commission. spending this week at Belmond, ,, , .. nn(1 "« r 'ene Buck, chil- guest of her sister, Mis. Glenn Mf- dien of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buck, | Murray. The McMurravs "ormc, left Monday for Lamoni, where | Algonians. still have T tney are spending the rest of the store there summer with their grandparents, Mrs. Oliver Farus, Forest Citv Mr and Mrs. H. R. Miller, and with her s on Gene, were Sundw with uncles and aunts. guests of the Albert Ha*gs They H-fwn'f, Tn Jnller ' Clerk at ille ftl ' e former A te°nians, and' when Hawcott & Ogg store, will take a living here Mr. Farus .worked for two weeks vacation beginning G. F. Towne. Mr. Farus is now at next Monday She plans to visit Lake Mills, Wis., and the rest of a brother, Edward Neitzel, Fort the family will move to that town Dodge, and will also spend a few next week, days at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Herman re-Ur. and Mrs. H. A. Tuttle are at turned Tuesday from Echo Minn Minneapolis today, attending a where they had been since Satur- Northwestern drug company sales day, guests of their daughter; Mrs • niPoHnP 1 r P1lrt Til+ 4-1 AH 1TT.I11 ~~ i _ 'IT 1 A T> i.l__ mt . . . .- ' +™~~~~~~^<*^^^^:^ 11 ~; COOL THURS. THRU SATURDAY meeting. The Tuttles will go to Des Moines Saturday to take down Mrs. Tuttle's cousin, Lela Fulton, who has been here a month. -Mr. nnd Mrs. Ann Dreesman, with John's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Dreesman, spent Sunday at the Okobojis with the last-named Mr. Dreesman's brother, who is spending the week there. John con- , s er auger rs • - E . A _ Paschke . They brought their granddaughter, Jean Marie, Paschke, here for a two weeks visit. Mr. Paschke is a depot agent-for the M. & St. L. Mr. and Mrs. G. j. Zanke, son Jerry, and daughter Marilyn will leave this week-end for their home at Chicago, after two weeks with Mrs. Mamie Winkel, sister of Mr. Second' Feature "THE LONE WOLFE IN PARIS" Plus "FIGHTING DEVIL DOGS" SUNDAY THRU 1VEDNES. 2—TOPS—2 A Gene Strutton Porter Story With "Ah Wilderness" cast. ERIC LINDEN JEAN PARKER —in— "Romance of the Limb crlost" Second Feature SHIRLEY ROSS LOYD NOLAN "PRISON FARM" The underworld's most hated institution. came Sunday with his daughter Mrs Carleton Siahs, and her husband, of Waterloo. The elder Timrn, who is a widower and re- hotel at Oneida , , . . . ..... " - nea which he rents, reserving one room for himself. He was his son's - - v ,, **.& Jtirr fHJtl a guest at Monday's Rotary lunch- • • * *• »TTT-VW^ GOING AWAY? Then you will want a "Travelers" personal accident i ticket—26c per day, 10 days, $2.00. Full map service and tourists' guide for the asking. : THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 55 PUTT,* i^. it. JLa Barrc < THCRS. AM) FRL, JULY 21-22—Daily Mat, 2 P. M. TOPS RISKIN—CUKOR-STEWART TOPS Producer Director Screen Play made 'HOLIDAY" This year's sensational hit! «?Iv™ KATHE »«ra HEPBURN BARNES JEAN DICKSON EDW. EVERETT HORTON —Plus— ' RUBINOFF AND BAND—NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 23 A timid soul — married to a gangster's moll! THEY NEEDED A DOPE ...SO HENRY GOT THE JOB1 "ItfJUX TROUBLE" SUN.-IttO]N T ., JULY.24 aad 25 It's another "THREE COMRADES"! Saturttav fm. rw + »f dUCts ft P roduce station here. Zanke. Mr. Zanke is in the omplov basebafl 4tme SunTv V w i^ , The *»* ^ A. Sjostrand spent of the American Engineering Co oaseball O ame Sunday. Mr. Walk- i ast Thursday and Friday with his and has an office in the Marquette parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sjos- [ huilding. • trand, St. Peter, Minn., and Mon-| Mr. and Jlrs. Earl Byson, Ana- day he attended a pastors picnic mosa, spent the week-end with the for the northern Iowa district at former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. the Crawford park, Fort Dodge. |John Byson, and with his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagg, with]Mrs. I. L. Seeman. They also vis- basebail game Sunday. Mr. Walker, who is in Metropolitan employ here, is having a two weeks vacation. Gayle Jerguson, Madison, W 1 ,-,., spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Edward Jerguson. She also visite'd at Mrs. Nellie Van Al- - -- •<wu'ui5iia iioui|i**«vy vioiccu jtt iurs. iNunie van Al- Wednesday till Friday len's. Gayle clerks in a drygoods w, j. i. Elrod, former - l ~" •i Pastor here, and his sir home is now at Du- |«ey had been vacatlon- Inson, Neb. The daugh- 'W who wa s graduated schoo this y eari wln lor_college in the same she attended high )SPITAL _. GENERAL. store. Pauline Klassie, KcnwJclf, is spending the week with the J. W. Littles. She is a daughter of S. H. Klassie, Mr. Iiittle's partner in the garage next south of the Algona hotel. Wayne Douglas, Donald Wi'la- son, Bruce Miller, Davil Sm'th, and Dwaine Lighter spent the week-end at the Okobo.1js and ca'l- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIH ZENDER'S ~ " of VALUES! i Swim Suits their two. children, spsnt Saturday evening at West BenJ, attending a family reunion at the horns of Mr. and Mrs. Henry unc'e and ed on friends at camp. the Methodist Mell » Mrs. K. MV Toothmuii, Burt, with her three grandchildren and BVK- lyn Toothman, the latter employed at the local telephone offics, spent from Friday till Tuesday at Sioux . visiting realtlves. Bectha Godfre l' left ical- r, er> u ''ry t * nnin S' H. Schoby. of rman Jean Hansel- - , ing f ° r a . . — — cousin, Metta Foster, Erie, 111. Miss Godfrey, who is" a primary teacher in the local -schools, will come home in time to resume teaching. , aunt of Mrs. Hagg. There were some 20 persons at the gathering. Mrs. J. H. Oenrlch and her daughters Betty and Cathryn returned to their Milwaukee home Sunday, after two weeks here with the B. A. Genriches. J. H. and B. A. are brothers, and the former is connected with the New York Life. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vogelpohl, New Ulm, Minn., with their daughter Charlotte, were last week. Thursday guests of Mrs. Henry Lavrenz. Mrs. Vogelpohl and Mrs. Lavrenz are cousins, and Mr. Vogelpohl sells and installs pipe organs. Mrs. Fred /elgler, son Willard, and Dorothy Lund, left Monday for ten days with Mrs. Zei»J.er's daughter,. Mrs. Arthur Galnolj St. Louis, the former Alice Zeigler. Willard is .employed at the Call theater; ited Mrs. Byson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thoreson, Swea City. Earl is a guard in the Anamosa state reformatory. . Barber and Mrs. Henry Furst and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wallukait will spend Sunday ^t Spirit Lake. The Wallukaits spent last Sunday at Rutland with Mr. Wallu- kait's brother Hans, who is employed at • the light plant there. Chris' is ,manager -of the Council Oak store here. Dr. G. D. Walrath drove to Dubuque Saturday night, and took his wife and little daughter Jean to Rochester next day. Jean had an operation there last fall for straightening one of her eyes, and she and her mother are there this week for a check-up and .the refitting of glasses. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. McCallum, Mason City, with their children, Carol June and 'Bofcby, 'stopped liere Sunday, en route, to the Oko- bojis for a three weeks vacation. 98c all wool reduced to $1.65 all wool reduced to . $2.50 all wool reduced to -69* -91.0O ^« GROCER 5ELL AND OMMIND NTION r"'l , rinr>. TRYITANDSEE Cut Your Thistles In Accordance with.the dates as shown below July 29th / 30th August 25th * 26th September 22nd ' 23rd October, 19th / 20th Be sure and cut off Canadmn Thistles even with or below the ground, for the best results. These dates compiled by C. C. Schar, authority on cantrpl and elimination of these thistles. fcOSSUTIi dOVJPTY IOA&P OF $V?1ITOOB8 98c hats reduced to _ 49* and 79* $1.65 hats reduced to 1.27 $1.95 hats reduced to 1.47 $2.50 hats reduced to 1.97 Still a nice selection at __$9.75 $17.50 tropicals reduced to $12.50 $21,50 tropicals reduced to _$17.50 Polo Shirts | /J^} ' • i^^L • OF WASH PANT Regular Stock at Close-Out Prices 98c pant reduced to ________ 79 C $1,65 pant reduced to -_-____$1.27 $1,95 pant reduced tq _. _ 4 _. _$1,47 Boys' and Men's All reduced in price. Complete new stock. 98c reduced to ____ $1.65 reduced to ___$1.27 fg $1,96 reduced to _.$1.47 == $2.95 reduced to __92.2S ~ AU sport and slashed to wJ|ft« the bone, Owr Harvest These are j _ i few | <[)sWkosh B'Opsh Overallf .__.__$! ,39 Work SWrU B '« »"«« tuf Oyer»ll, t»r«y lanforised covert pant ZENDER'S "- ' K " j 3 ^^Hv F .,^'<* ».-« .jMit?' 4 .*.^ . f/ , .. ,-,',./', -*.i*r.^B»i«is» .*. . i*.-V"' - — ii^Vl,*}^ 1 ^7^4

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