Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1938
Page 4
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FOUR FOR SALE—1931 MODEL A DE- Luxe roadster, good condition.— Arlo Larson, phone 760. 12C43 •AUTO LOANS — REFINANCING r> a* Wor payments - — Western *-»rGQl t Co. On oAI.O __ oUoUtl FOR RENT—3-ROOM FURNISH-•' apartment.—Inquire Long's ed Store. ,J c a pound.—Wm. C. Dau Garage. 10u44 FOR RENT—3-ROOM FURNISH- ed apartment.—Mrs. J. T. Bo- . hannon, Algona. 10u'I4 AlBERT BLEICH, WESLEY, IS 72; SURPRISE PARTY S?' . J " Iy ,, 1!) - A 'amily gel held at hf V™ tn iJn v,K 01 ' bur , ser horao 72nd £ ^° rt B ° ich cele bmte his 72nd birthday. It was a complete to him. All of his chil- and the families, except his est daughter Katherine, now Mmaluin, of Jefferson were present. She was unable to LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS °'' llcc ° u "t of illness. Those pros™£ 01 ' r ?. nt; n!so sleeping rooms.—-« '.-u 01 ', 6 . ¥''• ? nd Mrs. John KOSSUTH COttNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA THE MOVIES ByT. H.C. HAVING WONDERFUL TIME- Thls production had all the measure of the Call this week counts.' in the even the producers with Its excellence. . ' The local dancing queens, and, incidentally, Mr. Gene Litverne, their able instructor, packed the New Call to the very rafters afternoon and evening;, and they gave a very creditable account of them_ - . n o t-atn * . marks of an ideal hot-leather dish the Iowa i remarkably cool Snd s ? lv ? s ' II ls SUr P 1<isIn S how effl- -a dash of fun, a bit of beautiful j that big polar-bear and nen^n lcl ,? nt ° U i' youn f dancel ' s become outdoor scenery, little plot, just a 'sign on the marquee is no bolomv > l * T ,°",' y a short reh earsal. Picture for relaxation. But I'm I Each bill of the Double fonf, £ ' ! Ma T ed ftt lhe graceful man manner . e oue fon, n?, n L t V eport that not »» these outpoints anythng a : th- Can t£ " whlch ««* went through their nlffc g ~ Cal1 for P aces u »der the skillful guidance ,, Ml '' Laverne - And, by the way, " S ' S 110t a bad n, e ?ni nl j ffcatlons were entirely M- 1 the week. Maid's Night Out ni ° ff .!, the usual riot and con n fm.,i.,j , , houaeh «>'«l. the liervous 8h °PP«ng tours, crowded ,. comedy for hot weather r-onsumD ', S ta 110t a bad ™ y to earn a Ilv ' ,. lion which, though highly improbli 1^7,°^' ° P ara P" ms .e In the ver- John chil- _ _ . nn wo chll —412 N. Minnesota. , , subways, Pandemonium. But arrived at the scene of once MARKETS noos Best light butch., 140-ifiO $8.50-9.00 Best light butch., 1GO-180 $9.00-9.10 Best liglit butch., 180-220 -_-$3.il5 Best light butch., 220-260 $9.10 Med. hvy., 250-270 $8.80 Mod. hvy., 270-290 —$8.60 Med. hvy., 290-325 .... $8.35 Butchers, 326-350 ' $8.10 Butchers, 360-400 — .$7.70 Packing sows, 275-350 $7.50 Packing sows, 350-100 $7.20 Packing sows, '100-500 $6.85 CATTLE Caiiers and cutters $3.00-3.75 Veal calves $5.00-7.00 Stock steers $5.50-0.50 yearlings $7.00-8.00 : • __T " l Mtl CM Theatie Thursday and Friday, J ujy Daily Matinee 2 p. m 2<*,v Knmp Carefree thine, tnln *"•"""' nvp,r „,,* 'rfT V to ° llot to Walk UPO l_W\^A\Lj UJ Stock stecrs —- $5.50-0.50 for the worse ' ni a M m the " oster -! KS.J 1 ' mmr *~ ^"* ^a-**-* ^ Fat yearlings $7.00-8.00 Franks' i " t ' 1 '° ductio » to ^uglas ing, due" to oSSeSptoltSrf;',, Wft a "< 1 »"• *"»* Wlnkel Jr., K cow? ' """K^ And bv ?h» ' S r 10t '"'oP'tious. tense story of the Spanish 4 a r' S , talt ?"' IH " wlth thoir «™ Mar-i^ins "?|M"SM w'nt^J^' . mustn!t '"'set "fatly acted by Made.aC C a ro i X! 1 ' .?"'" home recently. Mftor '£"t"-":™- 'n^ ' n LIVESTOCK FOR „ _ quick, easy, inexpensive way tu find the buyers—Advance for-sale ads. . _ WHO WOULDN'T LIKK A GOOD Bosch, MinniG Larry Lang, Wesley; t «i \Viitson, Wodun; and Mrs • . 'P!* »... t i . . . . '. bad"v Kutchara, Cl Tltollk «- 'V birthday gift job? You can have it if you al-i wns l } ' les ented to Air. Bleich'. FOR SA7.K--32 CHEVROLET none other Ginger Rogers, — even convinc- - in ;i hot-weather role fLl^^^l^^^n^^^^rag. moving, rollicking fn ™ talCe * Sat throu * h the two feature llAIJf , Mrs. Frank Winkel. J'rank I because (i; the theater VaTTnnf Jr ' is in Western Union employ, \ N °- 2 mixed corn _....l5%c and (2) both pictures wen. "nn° 2, s ' also - nre two brothers, Cliarbs, |N °- * wlll te corn .(fie Frana, 111., and Ben, Gibson, Ohio. No - 2 yellow corn 46c Mrs. Winlcel has ten children, and """• ; - wll1 le oats iflc of them have been here to see Na 2 white oats, new 18c ,„«.. ,.,-.„ IOV WIFE- You ought to, know I wouldn't Pohi t on P™« > ' l '° m s on v i if Iein ember the picture is onl - , n 8om «#ow the I attend Toy Wife, that outhern ' her at °" e t)me or ' " fl '° m this on v i if only half '' s Hou ' ,j*. t -* 1 n>ivwijlVl - I I'll "-> HAUUI it 'I U SU71 *-* uoor sedan; motor, tires, paint, y ,<i e to B;l »croft Sundav to 800,1. A b,ii- K nlii.-Bud U,;bln a o,i: Sr ? 1en . UleTbaU ^m e between ' the I in A 'Kona. .j j.Jun.or League teams at Bancroftkl lno nto comn t i completely «««n. .tto tOWards the n a this i-," unless" there O was"a.b" s " mmer -, He r seven daughters are nothing else to do- a " married. 3 > r - nll(1 Mrs. John R. Jacobs, of "' their J ' No. 2 rye, new 37c EGGS 20c meaning to be either disre- if , a , nd son Bernard, spent Sun- develops, 1 spectful or slurring) li'ad their crv »f y wlth Mrs ' Ja cob.s' mother, Mrs., i'iou s drama of;at this show. After all, a good O l!"j| e Wi "i ce !; T hey al ?° canle to w ^ Q No 2 lANIELL IWiliMIM In i Ki« tijjm ."THE RA6IP HELEN D.recled cry Walter t) phone 7-17.J. POSITION WANTED^ iitu threshing make. Experienced. -05 S. Thorington. Sweet I-I—I26c rom.TiiT teams two cade at Anthon near Sioux comin /,„* M HUdmans and Studc"s JoTtv" at dawn " d the seen een| , im,. grandmother.'Springers, over 5 lbs. | 1 to 5 i , several weeks. HP44 f 0 n e , r ' bui ' din K material, feed, and r , ren.ing.-Farmers Co-Op. Assocl-i ( ". ation. Irvlngton, la. 17p38-4S ' Vninllj- in Itounioii— and Mrs. Milton Giddings dreary ' Mt that theme for th time, outings, received lbs. l.3c j3^» Hens, over 5 lbs. " ~~~i.)r •- • • •- ft.. ::::~~:::::;S & ' «,»„ '\;™«: : ,-saxj?-:«.ts-1'-=, , ™« h be " er adapted for the role, recent crashes lines . . strike was being conducted by the LOS Angeles news guild, a nationwide organization of "white lar employes. One of the letter from col- en- the 1% lbs. ___„ oc ,2 lbs. _ g(j Geese, live Gc Ducks, live "c,, — — — — — — — — — — — —___^Ol* On the stage, 9 p. m . each Living Mod - - —- __ FOR SALE— MINNEAPOLIS steam threshing outfit, 36in.-G4-in sep- gioup were entertained at the A i GldUillj;: - s home for dinner Sun- FO RSALE—160 ACRES, HIGHLY improved, good land, near Al- Bona. .$2,000 ^casli, balancT long /ii /c. O. B. Anderson Forest ( '^^_______2^43-U LEGHORNS, $4.00; heavies, ?5.90- Legnorn cockerels, $250- Leg- SherT^jg-^^ WHILE PRICES ARE LOWER inspected 0 "-"' 11 " 6 Cleaned and ' Furnaces, the Alf Studer home us the son of Mr. and Mrs Max Studer of Mason City. Mrs. Studer is now employed as head saleslady m the ladies ready-to-wear department of the new Martin Zerker store. WE CAN SELL YOU 80 ACRES of good land with fine buildings with electric lights and running water at $115. Also have a bar- gam m 120 acres thoroughly tiled and srnnrfl Vtnilri;™^— _i »-.-.« i might oe playing musical parts much better. So, all in all, I wa s disappointed, and I didn't want to be. Give me credit, at least, for being in the mood. no-hum what's our motion picture world coming to? AT THE IOWA The little old Iowa took the Pertly^d^c^T 6 ' 1 "^"^"S cfuze^^Sr his is the kind of movie stuff ror Avhich I have been praying all summer - fast but inane, farcical entert ar in Ulat Oh aS T b V t °" e ° bject ' lo to 31 - *»or aSKstern Ls are" *-'- H™ *?™> ™* say; but IT t . Small Loans Up to $300 Kresensky's 1 the heat that a a attracted me in Cowboy from Brooklyn. I'll " rnwh? owboy yea '" s straw that a at from Brooklyn surprised card. It -had the edges running Each number rei to 'whom were their hours were time expired the Gd *«** for who , ,- n «* for wholesale drug company at Los ACTOMOIIII,F,S I-IVE STOCK pnnxiTmtK. BTC . courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO '••»» to Cpppr Deg Moines offlo* Phone 125 ONE MINUTE AVASHED — Features the giant Hi-vane agitator 01 cast aluminum. Ask for demonstration and information — L W. Swanson. E&s ' FLOORS SANDED, REPINISHED with permanent floor finish A new improved method guarantee_ LOCKER PLANT FOR SALE OR Pd ^'~£° v° W " > Dr oPerty w.-jut- w7 EQd . T Wei8brod. Fenton. 33u44 FOR SALE— USED BICYCLES S5 _and up.— <j oe Bloom. 9043 BUY PITTSBURGH SUN-PROOF paints, if you're planning , o Paint, see us for prices, colors information We can sa ve you money.— F. S. Norton & Son. (2)44 IN VICINITY, GOOD medium .sue °n.* 40: " beaUtiful s " w " Piano, pay only balance o, P n ^™s.-Write Dist. Auditor, P. 0. Box 37, Austin, Minn . - - __ 27p4 SARGENT CONCENTRATES — Complete balancer to supplement jour own Kroun(1 feed f all needed elements. Saves work money.-Ander.son Grain & c^l — __ _ 21(2)44 FOR SALE - BEAUTIFUL " P layer piano, bench and rolls, Ike new; also email modern upright, m vicinity of Algona. Your choice $38._wrlte E. Steam. 6710 ' one at $80 on easy terms. Would >ou be interested in 240 at $60?— most all in cultivation and tame grass, on easy terms.—M. P. Hag- gaid - 78U43-44 RADIO REPAIR ED GENRICH Phone 520-W At Bjustrom's • AH tji)es—all models. Auto IJadJos a Specialty. 42-45 Pnces on our entire line of lawn and porch furniture have been greatly reduced. Come in and see what a sav, ng you can make by buying one piece or a set at this sale. : FOSTER'S IN OUR JULY CLEARANCE Prices on Summer Apparel take another drop at KRESENSKY'S yeisaB&B&BBBm I m m _ _ SUMMER SANDALS SMART HATS Good Hop p ;irsonage| ^0, Lone Rock, 1SF112, Algona. _ 22p44 Mut Must - , SOneral housework. in good health; age 20-30- handle establtehed groce, route. No investment or experience required. We teach you E FREE DELIVERY 4 Daily Phones 420 and 421 Algona, Iowa •MTMAt^O Hood's Sales Means Jobs Store HMss&sssm SPECIALS Thursday, Friday and Saturday July 21«t, 22d, 23rd Blackberries 10 can 42c Pineapple Sliced NO. 10 _ o9c pin, „„„„,, Grape Juice Pork - Bean. 18-k quality Qt. bottle .. Van Camp's 16-oz. 6 for 29* Pork - Beans Carol 16-oz. tins 5 % 24* Carnation Milk Tall 3 cans 23£ Pineapple Cru. or Tid Bits 8-oz. cans 3 40 SILK DRESSES* > to |6.00, sizes WHITE SHOES White Shoes—$350 <unn .!„. „..._., °° and ?6 -°° shoes - a" i every style at only HOUSE COATS Coats, regular Ji.sg »l», sizes 10 to 20, now eaoh 1 99 2 44 BED A Coffee Fresh Ground 3 Ib. bag __41* gam-Near Hurt, $86.00 per acre will buy; over no acres over acres tillable; $i 80 o wl ownership; you ob te j n o interest in crop, this year; you as If Tl, 1 ^? f nd Iast half 19 37 taxes. Ind wIV nt * re8ted> Bee us at . and well show to you. See the crons now growing,— H. D. Hutchins, Real Estate, phone 205-W Over Barry's. Algona. 6 3p43 " - ' - ' - - ' '•- - KOSSUTH COUNTY PABM KRAUSE FARM, US ACRES 4 miles SW. from Lone Rock, 97 acres tillable farm land. Buildings consist of barn, corn cr j b . granary hog house, shed, and silo. No dwelhng on the farm; % m i le to country school. Write W. F. Wrenn a n. Plymouth, Iowa, O r Oldham, 4201 UrbaAdale Des Moines, Iowa Sales Su- sof for First Trust Joint Stock Land Bank of Chicago 44 BLUE G Coffee Cup and Saucer _ Lb. 25* - - — - - _ Pork - Beans BUTTERNUT OR FOLGER'S Coffee 2 lbs. 52* Salad Dressing Carol Quart, jar __25* CORX, 18-k fancy cream styfe" ------------------ ? **»-• * 3 * TOMATO JUICE! 50-o"SoUns ------- * Ca » S Friday and Satu'd'y I.U.UATU JUICE, 50-oz, Jumbo Bananas, 1 Apricots For Canning 15 Pound 89c Grapefruit o ' _._ Hamburger All Meat 2 lbs. 25c Minced Ham Lb. • . .' »^V^^*mm*m New Potatoes 15-lb. peck ___ 19* Lemons Sunkist, doz. _29* Peas, IGA 1038 Pick Pod Bun o» 2 cans Salmon Best Grade Pink Tall * 1-lb. cans 29f Bran Flakes Gold Tost 2 boxes 19* • —— _ Wheat Puffs or KBAKLKRISP 2 tee. pkgs. 19* _ c °rn^Flakes lold Tost We. boxes 17* COTTON DRESSES CARTWRIGHT DRESSES 25% Reduction i! "* • . • • •• — i, SUMMER SUITS H PRICE Pork Chops Center Cuts Lb. 21* Bologna I Wieners Lb 16clLb. . goc MEATS SO DRESSES Cookies Jwst in Pickled Feet Quart Jars 32* Fresh Lard 100% Pure 2 lbs. Pork Roasts Loin End Salmon Pink 1-Jb. tell 2 cans 35^

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