Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNT* ADVANCE, ALCtONA, lOWA Coming: in the Big Tent Theatre TILTON & GUTHRIE 4 Days PLAYERS 4 Days ] STARTING THURSDAY, JULY 28 Opening idiiy (Greed)—n rural comedy drama in « acts with Hilly Guthrle in one of his best red head parts. ALSO FMATURE VAUDEVILLE BETWEEN ACTS and tin Eight Piece Orchestra One Lady Free on Opening Night nidi each paid adult ticket, prices 10-25c. Don't iniNs the season's best show. A, A, JOHNSON 96, NO WORSE FORJJETRIP Corwith, July 1.9—A. A. Johnson, Corvvitlfs Civil war veteran, got home last week Thursday i from Gettysburg, Pa., after at the 75th anniversary of ^ ^^^ *.^*-rpJKJ»_,J.J.J. VJVSl/l^-LJL £\.t-> T ^m\^JUJ| .CU-JVJ WJL^I^Xt JIW f T «• ' ..._.._• 1 ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MBMMMI^^BMlB^MB^^B^M^^^MMi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MI^epB^^^^BiHIBiB^B^BI Corwith Veteran Home from Gettysburg Pair Newly weds Are Feted By 60 Ottosen Relatives Ottosen, July 18—(A party AV;IS given in honor of the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wehrspann, when 50 relatives gathered at W. H. Wehrspann's home Sunday evening. The couple received many gifts. Attending: the Irvin and -Alfred Bruhns, the Herman Snv- Battfe^of-Getlysbu^there^as" 1 : 2f r % EdIntt Bruhn - Edw ' Toll*, Ed- government guest Mr Johnson ?i «' Uhn ' Robert Wegener, and vho is 1)8, stood the trip well and »* - el "' y BruhM ' a11 JWvHlel t was an enjoyable one. He trav- ,I'P nn "^ w. B .°) lln f e , r f'' Fenlon ! eled in the company of his grand- ' ,° eok ? 1 L K Pt f? da 'j 1 "; ' Lotts on, Roger Johnson who cnrrlprl , ok ; tho D e'bert Geitzenauers t camera and took umerousTsnan n ld , Ln 7 reilce Oelteenauer, Lone hot s which will bo tenl« kee " n° C '^ the Jolln Geitzenauers and Kept ns keep- the Edw. Georges, Armstrong; Mr, , . ^ hrls Meyer> son Walt e»'. YOUR FRIEO «v i ^^•^•a STORES! AT HEAL TIME AM) S.VITHDAY, ,in,y oo Ax|) 2:i Care Free Shopping is? ;r ssttss S'±i,£ ( ;^;'S',,:£i Ss.H«-SgSi«a=« Veal Roasts Fresh Ham Roast Mild Cure Summer Sausage, Ib. _ Fresh Frozen Northern Pike, Ib. Smoked Jowl Bacon, Pi Ib. for Luncheon Meats _ 22c 9c 9 C Son for Schools 11 cud—• A boy was born to Supt. and akes. Passing through Chlcntrn HIP IT _, -.» -.--> .,...^,., air were met by Mr. Johnson's * ™' d *£?;,. Herma » Boos. Mr. on and Roger's father George ?> H f ?' uW1IIianl Lfiuck - and the ohnson, and the hater's famify '£± lph HanoverB - n " of WlHtte- Vnother son, Burr Johnson, em- joyed in the government printing ffices at Washington, D. C.. made numerous visits to the camp at Gettysburg to s ce his father. Mr. Johnson and Roger had the Pleasure of hearing President! Roosevelt's address, having seats close to the speakers' platform. Roger look advantage of the opportunity to get n picture of the president, but it did not turn out well. Mr! Johnson was tired when he got home, but after a few hours of rest he denned his working clothes went to his printing office, and 1 made ready his column of "Christian Mattel's," which he sets him Mrs. W. P, Truesdell Tuesday, July 12, at the General hospital, Algona. The Truesdelis have one other child, n girl. Other OMoseii News. The Lutheran Aid met week Wednesday afternoon church, ' ' quilt LAKOTA R, R, ENGINE STUCK IN THE MUD Lakotn, July 19—Harry Moe, brakeman on the mixed train" No. , n , t Iast <13G ' which run " from « the Iowa Falls on the Rock Tsland, ro- ra ? ports a wrock "<• Neils F| - idt >y af - waa served hvh ' jU J Ch ternoon ' Tho C1>cw Wfls Bitching Hehrv Lovl* n«H h ° Btoase l; , Mrs ' and OI1 n sldi »S the engine left the g Ml ' S> Dolmar rall » nml * ct »<^ i« mud. I is w v •>•.•-• -u im \« cn-n, Ji>n tti iuuu, ii, its tliought that rain had undermined Longseth's. Movis to one I was sent to take the train to destination, but the engine was West Bend. 'Mr. and Mrs. Bob Naevo, Albm-t .;lty, and a son visited ihc Oliver Klnseths over the week-end. self each week for Hustler. the Corwith Table Peaches Trj a "Hreakfast of Champions" Wheaties & Bananas Superb Corn Council Oak Bread Canning Fruits Sin-iM-iso for I'lm-ntnl : .„ _ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Masterson were pleasantly surprised Sunday, when their children and the families came with well-filled dinne: baskets to helu «tlium celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary Phe dinner table was centered b> a cake.trimmed with 33 candles and a small bride and bridegroom The cake was baked and decorated by Mrs. Floyd Masterson, Mrs Harold Evans, and Mrs. Lee Williams. Present were Mr. and Mrs Floyd Masterson. Lo.i Jean; Mr and Mrs. De Rae Godfrey, of Lu Verne, son Robert; Lu Verne- Mr -ind Mrs. Reginald Bastian, Hum- soldt, and Rennie Lou: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans and'Betty Lou- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams and • ary Lee; Roberta, Margaret, and ranees Masterson, and John Evans. Another daughter, Mrs. Gordon Hibbard, San Diego C'alif vas not present. A nephew, Jesse Bindley, wife, and two sons Clif- prd and Max, of Clarksville, were here. luys n Guernsey Bull— 'A Petersborough, New Hamp««O»«> *>C»Y ilcllllp- hire, paper recently had the fol- owmg item: "A purebred Guerney bull, Rose Sequel Master of Suamyview, 259011, was sold re- ently by W. L. Lawhorn, Garner owa, to W. J. Slebert, Corwith la., according to the American Guernsey Cattle club of Petersborough, New Hampshire." Mr blebert is a prominent Corwith tanner, living east of town. Shower for a Hecent Bride— Mrs. H. 0. Chambers and Mrs. Leonard Mullins drove to Ottosen a week ago Saturday to attend a post-nuptial sho'wer for Mrs. Merle Holt. A large crowd was present, and Mrs. Holt received a fine assortment of gifts. The shower was held at the Lutheran church. Mrs Holt was formerly Frances Chambers. See fine and Clocks— 'Mr. and Mrs. Harold Olson, daughter Lucille, Mr. and Mrs Floyd Masterson, and the Masterson daughter Lois Jean drove to Decorah last week Sunday to see the ice cave and the Wonder cave En route they stopped to see the clocks" at Spillville and .state park at Fort Atkinson. Brother Killed in Accident DITTMERS, OF BURT, RETURN FROMA JAUNT Burt, July 19—Mr. and Mrs. E. B. JJittmer returned Saturday after more than a month's absence m the west. During their absence they visited the Claude Salisburys at Fort Benton, Mont. They accompanied them to Oak Harbor Wash., which is on an island in Puget Sound. Here they visited the L. L. Salisburys. They also spent a day'in Victoria, B. C. On the way home they visited Salt with other relatives. Mrs. Waller Is Mrs. Olson's cousin. a Lake .City. They also visited a sister of the late C. W. Schryver at Twin Falls, Ida. Their speedometer registered 5809 miles trav- tho E. C. Bierstedt attended a reunion at hirm llurcnii Women 3Jcnt— A county contact meeting for Farm Bureau women was held ill the county chairman Mrs. Jerry Heetland's Friday, with Mrs. Wynne Jacobs, district chairman, in charge. Townships represented were Ledynrd, Lincoln, Harrison, ~ ' " and with Mr. Tamen's mother at Buf falo Center. Mrs, Tamen Si-, was suffering from illness caused by the heat. James Bruer has. been sick, his Illness caused by heat exposure. He wne somewhat improved Monday. He has a milk route In town, and John Wortman has been helping to deliver milk. Fnrincr Mils Eye Trouble- Waller Hans, farmer northwest of town, wont to Mason City last week Thursday to consult an eye specialist. He has been suffering with an eye infection. The doctor ailvlsed him to remain for treatment, and he Is in Mercy hospital Mrs. Hans and the children visited him there Sunday. Other I/nkota News. lnc Mrs. Charles Gutknocht, Emma its and Lena Gutknecht, Mrs. J. H Wai-burton, and Genevleve Brewer drove to Mason City Saturday. Mrs. Wai-burton visited the E. R. Wor- leys and Genevleve remained to visit relatives several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Olthoff Luciie Pepoon, H.' the Lewi ews Wegener home in Algona for a picnic dinner. The Wyot Stotts, Mrs. Tressie ^ . . ,, ut, •wn/tl'O, MH fti ^ J-(Jg«JI() Ringsdorf, and the W. J. Davisons visited relatives at Bode Saturday and spent Sunday at the Ross Ringsdorf home at Mapleton, Minn. Corwith Farmer is Wearing Gas Mask Convith, July ID—Kermit Johnson is wearing a gas mask. He l«n t afraid of foreign troops invading the country, but is using the mask as a protection against dust in the harvest fields. He suf- ei-ed a rare poisoning last sum-' ner from oats, and was advised by doctors at the Mayo clinic at Al and Mrs. Brown were present. ICQ cream and cake were served at the conclusion of the meeting, by the hostess, assisted by some of the other Ledynrd women. Two Sick from Heat— The Tom Tamens spent Sunday eled on their trip. As ster-in hw « oo \ o ™ at the May ° clinic at i^£'"^ — ...-U..-UU fcjin.iowuij') ttliu 11VGS in Nebraska, made the trip with them. The Salisburys they visited are Mrs. Dittmer's brothers. Schwieterts Have a Picnic— The Schwietert relatives enjoyed a picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday. Those attending included the W. H. Schwie- terts, Mrs. Bertha Schwietert and son Willard, the E. C. Schwfeterts, -.ester Schwietert, Clear Lake, the Merle Schwieterts, Charles Inger- solls, Mrs. W. H. Klamp, and Mrs Vernal Hardgrove and daughter Algona, the Melvin Hunts, Dolliver and F. W. Baum and daughter Elsie, Lakota. Two Girls Visiting Here- Mr, and Mrs. A. Des Moines, lieces, Betty ever working with the oats. Voters at Corwith Favor a Town Hall Corwith, July 19—A special election was held at Corwith Tuesday, July 12, to determine whether or not the town favored building a new city hall. There were only 58 votes cast, and 54 were in favor Plans are not as yet completed as to size or material. —. . ,,,.!. ..a , k ,, ii-ui u.3 U1LI1OLI drove to Arnold's Park Sunday and spent the day there, bringing back their twin daughters, Fayc and Perne, who had spent a week's vacation with nn aunt. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wiltse, Freeport, 111., and a daughter, who had spent several days last week with Mrs. Rachel Kienitz, left for home Friday. Mr. Wiltse is an uncle of Mrs. Kienitz. The J. E. Telkamps, the O. J. Rippentrops, the Alvin and Court Hippentrops, and the George "En- nens drove to West Bend Sunday came su, 1(1<iy tne Rev. m ,d Mr. and Mrs >e sumluy r , ,"' sioij, Ilev ' nnri M,. S a ./ c «'fc I- i . ' '' h - ( nrl » t '' r ' r ' last 'lay visitors nt Mason ®®®®®g RaspberriJ S»VC money |, y spDerrios (M , () , |r , i k "' I<: '"" !"'"'• Only,,] » pound, ID ,, crcSt " season Iic^his nn boxes or pans. Jos. Shan £ miles ciisl of ' I l-n •am&ndim&nmi TO PTOSPEmT^ , the Catsup the Sardines arc Gedney Dills Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams, son Oary Lee, and Mr. and Mrs. Edw. vulliams have returned from Cerro Gordo, where they were called by the death of the last-named Mrs. Williams, who died in a car accident. It is believed that he had a stroke while driving and drove the car over an embankment. Two Connies "taking Trip— Dr. and Mrs. P. E. Walley and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dunlap' left one day last week for a vacation t ip to Duluth and points north. Virginia Walley went as far as irumun, Minn., where she is visiting relatives. Mrs. P. Ja(;obs is ass.stnig at the Duniap cafe during their absence. Oats Heavy; Yield in Doubt— fhe oats harvest will be practically completed in this con by the end of the week. 00 me "l^ r l y oats . had them cut and Superb Mustard Council Oak Coffee An "Always Fresh" blend of the choicest coffees. Ground socially to jour order at the low price of 25«£ per Ib orV IhV tor 73*. Exchange the empty bags for useful premiums. 3 """ Oxydol Oxydol per/onus most satisfactory ]„ (jfc hardest water 0 dol is a combination soup and water softener. You will Ilk.- ir lor the laundry and for dish washing. Packed iu 3 sizes for convenience and economy. Buy tt supply at these special prices Medium 8g. large 19«S and the giant size for "BURBANK PLUMS, orig basket 49c SUNKIST LEMONS, Irg. size, doz. 23c CALIFORNIA GR'PEFRUIT, 3 for lOc Wickwlrc. of and their grand, __„., Graham, of Des Moines, and Shirley Ann Holding, Pontiac, 111., visited Sunday at the J. H. Graham home. The girls remained for a longor visit, with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham, and other Burt relatives. Shirley Aim will also visit her other grandparents, Mr and Mrs. J. N. Holding. Wendell Pattersons Here- Mr, and Mrs. Wendell Patterson, Chicago, came a week ago Monday to spend a three weeks vacation with Wendell's parents, Mr and Mrs. C. W. Patterson. Sunday Wendell and his wife and Arlene, Russell, and Genevieve Patterson went to Lake Okoboji to spend a week. Mrs. Patterson will go up Wednesday, and Genevieve will come home. * Fox Cottage Is Moved— Win. Fox, who had been at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Harry Putz, in Algona, several weeks, has returnsd to his little home here, which has been moved onto the lot back of A'. H. Meinzer's jewelry. Tholdirns floin s to Okobo.jis— The Rev. Thoburn Speichers visited the Okobojis last week Wednesday. They expect to upend next week at the Methodist camp there and attend the Bible conference. Hurt Loses to Itingsted— The Burt league team was defeated by Ringsted in a game play- e pay- ed there Sunday afternoon, the score being 8 to 2. ^Vessels Have New Auto— The.Rev. G. H. Wessel is driving a new Plymouth car. 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Severens was hostess to a group of girls at a picnic at the city park one afternoon last ?lf K. u le picuic was in honor of the birthdays of her daughters Virginia and Barbara Ann. Other Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. Don Clark, of Britt a son, and the Clarence Toil J^gle Grove, snent l as t week "•s. Fred Bush, her son re- ^'-v" d 1^"'Arthur Scheffle- lunity :-;•-. — •'"'=•" UUUIB men- Some Mar J° r| e. who had spent ° om ! there. The Rn«»m«n= < .. — ..«« OI^CIIL o. week ^The Roetmans expect to week Roet at Mason at tend .id the I. C Sunday. A sou was born to Mr. and Mrs ?.!™ J^d« July 8 at the . Algona. KO to New London this Wednesday to visit Mrs. iluol .man's parents a few days, and Marlorie wiH remain for a longer Clifford Holding went to Fai-n- hamviHe Friday to bring home his wife and sons, who had been visiting relatives there since Sunday, when he and his mother, Mrs. J N. Holding, to'ok them down and also took home Myrna Skinner and Leona Swearingen, who had spent a week here. Mi-s. Ella Steward and her daughter Mrs. Paul Macauley and son, went to Mrs. Steward's home near Garner Friday. Mrs. Steward had spent several weeks here. Mrs Macauley remained for a visit with her mother. R. C. Dremmel and Mrs. P L Dremmel drove to Osakis, Minn! Saturday and on Sunday brought home Mrs. R. C. Dremmel and children, who had spent a couple of weeks, there with Mrs. Dremmel's parents. The R. E. Gabriels, Armstrong, y at the M. M. Chip-_- home. Mrs. Chipmau ami Joan went home with them for a few days visit. Mrs. Gabriel and Mrs. Chipman ai 3 sisters. Mr, and Mrs. William Waller and son Wilfred and Mr. Stevenson, Madison, Wis., visited Monday to visit the Charles Olsons and PROSPERITY SPECIALS i Carriage Boll Assortment Popular -jk A sizes. 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