Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1938
Page 9
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BUTTERFIELDS, OF SWEA CITY, HAVE REUNION Swea City, July 13—A family picnic honoring Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Butterfield, Chicago, took place at Reynolds park here Sumlny, the W. 0. Nelson and George Bullor- KOSSUTH COUNT y ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA <! - "• KLAMI', Fluid Representative corn the day after the field families attending, also the I Fourth, using , a two-row horise- drawn cultivator in one outfit and a trnr.tor in another. One of Lewis Kent's boys, west of Wesley, was the ' William Seimmn family and Evelyn Butterfield, Lake Crystal, Minn.; .Mrs. Donald Evcnson, Minneapolis, son Joe; Mrs. Goo. D. Moulton, the James Vaiix family, the Hugh nuttorflelds, Mr and sc^r^i it ter^;< : !:«=™s!= ;c™rr a. H s by a few pounds. * * * * Howard Mayne, the filling-station man at Ledyard, always wears, a smile, and he told us last weelci PAGE NINE and Mrs. Clyde nuttorfiold, the t , ° lcr ^B been Thursday that business was good, ' Nick Roskopf were doing the, a s usual, he had n nickname for , * t „ I"'is writer. He (and everyone Hansen, northwest of els ^ can cal1 us what they Fred Butterficlds, the Stewart But-! painting. terfields, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Berggren, the Jay Larsons, the Nolan', . -..- Nelsons, Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Ncl- c OJr> nncl his hoy were on their I son, and Mr. and Mrs. George But- ! " Nortl1 F «i'"'." as they call it, on! , terfield Sr. fc Tuesday, July 5, but were taking' 'f* *«* Thursday we called time out for dinner when we saw « ' ol ' ,, K r *™>™bf, ^«t of Swea 0 s l vhuv n, r , y * b " y * T. K. Patient I'ronmmccil Cured-- fhcm - when tnev work on the Mrs. Geo. K. Nelson, with her North Pnrm ll >ey take eats with children, Donald and Doris, went thcm ' They had a big umbrella on r-i4,r ™ f . 1 -\r -rr 1 < 1 ,°""UD her' duckt She' , nut nnt nnrt w th put °" 1 ' a » d wlth ° »' to Forest City this week for a scv-i Uloir tractor seat, which gave the ', , cral days' visit and to be present hoy shadc wnile he was cultivat-'.!,. k ,"' at the parental home on arrival of lne - Ho(v doc s it work in a heavy I «„„,,„,, ,< a sister, Alma. Watson. Miss Wat- i breo! ' jC ' Julius ? son, who has been in a sanitarium J Wn „„,,„., TT ,.- .. and killed a planned to have for Sunday dinner. * * * * Carl Lunn, east of Swea City, e e nr- H[ - w nounced normal. Another sister, i wain , n ' / 0 ° UK .-cmarked that he ! Thursday. Hi s shirt was plenty Mrs. Lester Sohmer Waterloo, wrus | ll!U , Hv ^ d ih Koss uth 20 vearl and ! ^et with sweat, for he had helped also at tie Watson home, and Don- ho lh ht , ^ noi be Vo g '°' ld ^ fuck loads. He .said it to WateHoo for"'! ^^ "' \ now U » we «"» '• crei ' to Wm as "n was the landlord's share. 10 waieuoo 101 a visit. oldtimer. Well, there are two 1 * * * * I'Hsto- ('•>„ *,.!„„.„. >ir «i,r klnds ° r oldtimers. One is just' A. E. Doitering, six miles north- Th? n»v htlllt v, S ,'V a • l"oldtlmer." and the other is "oldest of Bancroft, was hauling ™ rm w»h n vi i i, • " ' Umor trom il ^y back when." The 'small rocks into mudholes his pigs ' f h1ljdron \ l()1 l crtl second kind runs back to the real had made in the yard, when we i5tOP1( ' edf hC e e Mondfty! Pioneer*. Not many left of thnl'wero there Friday. A. E. likes to en loute to Spencer, io kllld I10W ,, nd all tn t ^m-^njkeep the yard in good shape. He lcy ^ een ca "°. d jwere young children in the real takes good care of his pigs, 'and he pioneel . times * * * * When we called by word that the Rev. Goorso Sei-1 mens was critically sick with kidney stones. Robert and Ruth re- When we called at mained 'here for a visit at Charles Kessler's. i was the .only one in the family at j arm four weeks ago. The arm was Wind Itlows Derrick Down— i the house, for Chris was cultivat- soon to be taken out of a sling. In a storm here Saturday even-; ing corn. The Brandts have a lot The other children are Cyril, 5; has 100 spring pigs, with 25 fall pigs ready for market. Mr. <and Chris! Mrs. Deitering have four children, Brandt's, northeast of Titonka, a j two girls and two boys. The older week ago Tuesday Mrs. Brandt girl, Betty, 6, suffered a broken ing a derrick used to pull up heavy more work this year than before, material in building a new town' water tank blew down and crashed into the pump house, doing for they bought the Fred Boyken 160 acres last year and ire now fanning it in addition to the place considerable damage. No one was where they live. Chris has re- hurt, and the cost of repairs was paired the house and repainted it. " " * * * * Last week Thursday we called on Paul F. Kriethe, west of Burl, on the old home place of the pio- covered by insurance. Minnesota Storm Reported— Anne Clark, who spent the week- J-KOHLHAAS '•'• Insurance Telephone 22 tall Loans p to $300 harass- 11 f HOID PCRNITCBE, ETC. »«, courteous, confidential end at Lake Crystal, Minn., re- neer PotPV Kriethes. He was mov- ports that a bad storm struck that' in £ a turkey shed and roosts into a place Saturday night. Madelia was j Pasture. The Kriethes have 1700 hit still harder, much damage b e -it urkevs ' an l tn , e flock^s an ^ extra ing done by wind and hail. """ "" "•---'- — Diabetes Patient Doing Well— 'Marian Butterfield went to Iowa City Saturday for a check-up. She has diabetes, but is getting along famously. fine one. Turkeys take a lot of work to get them raised to where they do not kill each othei.*. Mrs. Kriethe said the young birds liad to be watched every hour of the night. Both of the Kriethes take great pride in the beautiful trees in their grove. They have a lot of walnuts which some day will provide them with real pioneer lum- Other Swea City. •Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Butterfield, Chicago, and Mrs. Ronald Ever- ber. The dry seasons of two or son, Minneapolis, with her son,'three years ago killed some of the Joey Fretty, of Minneapolis, drove best trees. down from Minneapolis last week •Thursday to visit the W. 0. Nelsons and the George Butterfields. They went back Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield are spending the remainder of their vacation at Boy River, Minn., at Mr. Butterfield's uncle Edw. Countryman's, and are We called at Leander Menke's; Alden, Minn., visited the Fred Johnsons Sunday. Mrs. Schmidt was Lowa Johnson. The Johnsons are also having a visit from their other daughter, Mrs. Buell Pearson, St. Louis, and her children, Buell Jr. and Marjorie. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kessler were entertained Sunday at the •£. J. Smith cottage at Arnold's Park. The Smiths are spending the summer there. Lily Nelson, Rutlwen,' was a guest of Darlene Kessler Sunday. Miss Nelson taught the second grade here for several years. The Gilles family has moved into the new house in the north end of town. They have a modern bungalow. 5% miles northeast of Bancroft; last week Thursday. Mrs. Menke said her husband cultivated corn on the Fourth, for he wanted to get finished, some of the corn being more than five feet tall. On seeing such growth a number of the I IOWA FINANCE CO IK Dea Holnet ilgowu low* ^Lumhw CT5» ARMSTRONG Mr. and Mrs. Matthew .Law and Mrs. Virgil Law, Centerville, Dewitt Law, West Los Angeles, and a Mrs. Millard Nicodemus, of Des Moiues, with a son, were week-end visitors at Rayinon Mardick's. Christie Kreul, Laurens,' spent the week-end with Mrs. Robert Wiegands. Miss Kreul is vocal music teacher here. Lois and Walter Strong, Ho;stein, are spending several weeks with their sister, Mrs. Clifford Rasmussen. •Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lorig, of Truman, Minn., their daughter Marlene, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Twedt, daughter Connie, Magna Center, and Mrs. Jos. ffillstead, all of Estherville, Mr. and Mrs. Linus Laffey, son Dennis, Marie Irmiter, and "Butch" Laffey were Sunday visitors at John Lai'fey's. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Halvorson, with the sons Everett and Irvin, re at Blue Earth Sunday to attend a Hamilton-Story counties picnic. '--Mr. and Mrs. Gene Martini, pf Whittemore, visited Sunday at the parental Thomas Finnegai}'*- r-ityr. and Mrs. H. M. Irmiter left Monday for a tour in northern Minnesota. They were accowpau- le^i by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boevers, Ledyard, and the Boevers daughter Doris. Lorraine Johnson, who attends e Mankato business college, has concluded a week's vacation at li father Jos. Johnson's. KOTICE TO BOND BUYERS Tfee 'Board ° f Directors of the Independent School District of Lu Verne, in the, Counties of Kossuth and Humboldt, Iowa, will offer for. sale *t 10 o'clock a. ni., on the Ttajr of July, 1938, at the Lu rae Independent School, Lu Verne, Iowa, Six Thousand Seven Hwlre4 DoWars <*6,70QV School Building Bonds of said School Dis- paa aft Attorney's will be furnished by the School *** XBVIN w. Board of Pirectors. jrid seed was used, but in seed was of their own raising. They farm 200 acres, and only a ittle of their corn was drowned out. There is one child in the 'amily, but he is a recent addition, aeing now only eight months old. His name is Maurice, and he is one fine baby. * * * * At. Reinhard Johnson's, south- iast of Lakota, one finds fine horses, though Reinhard now has a tractor, bought this spring. Some of his ground has been too wet to work this season. * * * * Fred Schroeder is the mail carrier out of Lakota, and since school let out he has been taking his boy with him on the route. The aoy even carries the mail on foot on muddy roads at times when the roads are impassable for cars. Not long ago we saw Fred parked alongside the paving while the lad walked over part of a mud road and delivered the mail. Fred always aims to give his patrons first- class service. * * * * .When we stopped at Henry Rus- temeier's, southwest of Lakota, last week Thursday the men were jetting the spring pigs separated into stalls for vaccination. It is some job on a hot day. * * * * .... T. W. Walsh, the portable feed- grinder man at Ledyard, was •tending" to the William Garry grain elevator last week Thursday, for Mr. Garry was away. While we were there Bert Carr, who lives southwest of the village, came in with some grain, and T. W. and Bert tried out the scales to Dennis, 4; and Donna, one year. * * * * Vernon Burt, northeast of Swea City, was cultivating corn last week Thursday. He has a good stand; his crop is up with the best we have seen. This is the farm where drilling for coal was done. * * * * At John Karel's, northwest of Bancroft, the carpenters were repairing the barn Saturday. Worden, Ledyard, and his were doing the work. Leon crew Xew Teachers for Burt, Burt, July 12—At a. recent meeting of the school board Pearl Wilson, Alta, was elected to teach the third and fourth grades, and Ada Buekhle, Conrad, to teach 5th and 6th grades. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be received for the construction o£ a rural school building in District No. 6 of the School Township of Lotts 'Creek, Kossnth county, Iowa, until 8:00 p. m. July 18, 1938, in School House in .District No. 5 in .said township. Separate bids will be received Ibr General Construction and Heating and Plumbing, all according to plans and specifications by L. H. Pertl, Whittemore, Iowa. Plans may be obtained from the said L. H. Peril by bonafide bidders. Each proposal shall be accompanied by a certified check to guarantee that the bidder will en- ter'into contract and furnish bond as specified. The Board reserved the right to reject any or all bids. GEO. J. WINKEL, Whittemore, Iowa, Secretary School Tw.p. of Lotts Creek, Kossuth County, Iowa. 42743 NOTICE OF REFEREE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE The undersigned Referee will sell at public auction to .the highest bidder the North Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 9, Township 98 North, Range 28, Kossuth county, Iowa, known as the Robinson farm, on July 19th, 1938, at 2 p. m., on the premises located ,,1-Vfe miles north, 3% miles east, and one mile north of Bancroft, Iowa, and 3% miles 'south and 2% miles west • of Lakota, Iowa. ; Soil: All good black loam. Well fenced. Improvements: 6-room house frame barn 42x32, corn crib and granary 24x24, hog house 20x30, chicken house 12x24. Good well and windmill, good'grove. 60 rods from schoolhouse. Located on good gravel road. Terms: f 1,000 down on day of sale and when contract is signed by successful bidder, • Balance in cash, in 60 days and upon approval of Abstract, and approval of Court. Free'and clear of all liens,and encumbrances, except lease for 1938 to be'assigned; to purchaser. 42-43 P.. J, WBLP, Referee.. . 1938- Humboldt County Monday Wednesday Thursday AUG. 29, 30, 3HJPL1 Plan Now to Attend Watch for th« program of ey* »tf ****** METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. W. D. Eaton H. M. Potter W. E. Roberts G. M. Smith W. H. Walker J. E. Hayes IOWA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE DR. C. C. SHIERK PODIATRIST MURTAGH & SON INSURANCE—BONDS—REAL ESTATE MATT STREIT LA BUDDE FEED & GRAIN CO. DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST EERNICE STOCK'S SCHOOL OF THE DANCE An Invitation To the Public To Visit Algona's Newest Office Building It has ben the hope of the building trades firms connected with the reconstruction of the former Quinby building, and myself, to offer this community as modern an office and store building as is possible, and in keeping with the March of Progress which is. characteristic of Algona today. We feel we have succeeded in this desire. The firms who will occupy the second floor of the Hutchison building will be moving in between July 15th and August 1st and will occupy the offices as shown in this floor-plan. To the general public we issue a cordial invitation to visit the Hutchison building and become acquainted with the new, modern and spacious office quarters, at the first convenient time possible. The S. & L, firm will occupy the main floor of the store building, which has been completely remodeled and rebuilt. The store will provide that firm with a fine business home in a • thriving city and county. It gives us real pleasure to be able to invite the public to view the results of the splendid work done by our local firms who are directly responsible for Algona's newest office and store building. Sincerely, T. C. Hutchison. SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW L. S. BOHANNON INSURANCE Real Estate BONDS H. B. WHITE ATTORNEY General Construction by GEO. L. MILLER Complete Building Service ALGONA, IOWA STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE REST ROOM REST ROOM L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY Plumbing and Heating and a new McDonald Stoker installed in .this building by Materials For Algona's Newest Office Building v . **;. Furnished by MILLER LUMBER co. East State St. at N. Wl B. B, Tracks Painting and Decorating in this building done by u v .; PJjyiflBINQ * BATING Phone 464 Remit. Fortes* Electrical Contracting I;/ Work and Fixtures in Algona's Newest '' Building Supplieji by the Pratt Electric ? .i.vMlt! < % 5 , Merle W«**te* 4 v5 H rr- feV 3 •«^>4 f " ^ -. i •»B**rf»f»

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