Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BUSINESS DIRECTORY LAWYEKS Vi B. Quarton H. W. Mille QUARTON & MJXLEH Law Offices. Phones: Office- 427, residence 81 Algona, Iowa. J. L. BONAB Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office phone 460-W. Algona, low* r, McMAHON & I/ETNAI Of. yr. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan Attorneys-at-iLaw Offfce In new County Mutual Bid* Phone: Office, 261. Algona, Iowa HAEBCrGTOIf & LOWE Attorneys-at-Law R. Jr. Harrington J. D. Low Phone 287 R. J. H. 440 R. J. TAN NESS, R. W. STILLMAJ Lawyers Office in new Heise Block. Phone 213 Algona, Iowa O. D. Shumway E. D. Kellj SHUarWAY & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Over James Drug Store. 58 Algona, Iow« L. A. Cowity Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Over James Drug Store. Phone 180 WilLSee Sister Take Boat for Europe 3AY, BROOKES, BURT, WILL SPEND 3 WEEKS IN EAST Burt, July 12—-Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Brooke expect to leav.e Saturday for three weeks In the East. m OS [ They will visit Mr. Brooke's broth-1 world er in Boston, and a sister of Mr. Hodgepodgi Webster—A stew of rations Ingredients; a mixture. The toughest part of a vacation is the return, an endeavor to catch the strands of work after a two- weeks layoff. Things move quickly, and two weeks puts one behind on events, particularly in the newspaper profession, where it is most essential to be up with the Brooke who lives in England will meet them there. They expect to visit Washington, D. C., and plan to see Mr. Brooke's sister off for England at New York before returning. Mr. Brooke has for a good many years been Northwestern railroad agent here. Sunday Gathering at Hmrcott's— Mr. and Mrs. Lee 0. Moody, of Waterloo, three children, with Mr. and Mrs. William Hagedorn, of Fredericksburg, and three chil- dinner guests _. __. _. Mr. and Mrs. John Madden, Spokane, Wash., are spending a few days at the Hawcott home, Mr. and Mrs. Hawcott ind all of the guests went to West 3end for a picnic supper Sunday. Other relatives met them there, ind the group numbered 35. Dinner Honors Coast. Guard— •Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson, of * * * * dren, were Sunday at R. F. Hawcott's. Mgona, nd the their three Chester Sills, children, Galbraith, In tourist camps over the west there i s an under-cover resentment against "California" drivers which occasionally comes into the conversation between occupants of cottages. California drivers have the unenvied reputation of being the orneriest critters on the road. It is said that they want only half the road, but that half must be squat down thy middle Meeting a line of cars there is always one or more which Is half In line and half out, and it's a safe bet that the out-of-line car carries a California license plate. er woman particularly seems to pick thos.e gowns which makes them resemble a cloud going over a mountain. ' . * * * * Unions are strong on the Pacific coast. For instance It was neces-» sary for the Kiwanis convention committee to h're a union pianist to sit and do nothing at $5 per hour when program numbers with their own accompanist were given. For Instance it cost the convention !|>5 for such a pianist to sit ten minutes while a mother played a piano accompaniment for her 11- year-old son 'playing a trumpet. * * * * In There Is n monotony in scenery the west, .strange as that may seem. There are mountains, It is true, but the long stretches of sage-brush country, uninhabited and uncropped, spoils the trip for the driver who must keep his eyes on the never-changing vista of " Y( »ing Folks" to Entertain— ONION LAD HIT BY AUTO HOME FROM HOSPITAL Union Twp., July 12—Henry C. Lieurance, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lleurance, who live on a farm near the Black Cat, was brought home Monday from the Kossuth hospital, where he had been a patient since early June, when he was struck by an automobile in front of the hoine on No. 169. He is recovering, though sloVly, and can now move his legs, but as yet Is unable to walk. * *»* "Inspection" at the California * "" mo vyuiiiuniic) border l s as rigid as any to get into a foreign country. Bags must be emptied, questions answered, and time lost. Seems a prune-scab or some other kind of a disease of fruit is what the 'Californian hopes to keep out of the state. Such monkey business will ruin one of California's best crops—the tour- ere Sunday dinner guests at E. 3. Paine's in honor of Mrs. George chenck, Arcadia, Calif., and daughter, who are visiting Paines. HIKAM B. WHITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Stale Bank Phone 206 Algona, low* P. A. DANSOJf Attorney-at-Law Office *>ver Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J; Res. 315 A. HTTTCHISOJT (deceased) DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODOBE C. HUTCHISO* Attorney 0 -at-Law SecuBlty State Bank Bldg. Phone 251 Algona, low* MAURICE C. McMAHOH ! Attorney-at-Law Office in Heise Bldg. Phone 325 Algona, Iowa DOCTORS JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 •£ H. CBET/MEYEB, M. D. Surgeon and Physician •Office John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 I 0wa MELYIN G. BOUBNE Physician and Surgeon Phones: Office, 197: residence. 19 DENTISTS DB. H. M. OLSON Dentist Office in New Call Theatre Bldg. Phones: Business, 166; Res., 788 Algona, Iowa 6EO. D. WALBATH, D. D. S. General Dentistry Phone 20 Algona, Iowa KAEL B. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in New Heise Bldg. Phones:. Office 44, res. 116. Oldtliners in Visit Here— Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Shanor, Mason City, called on O. P. McDonald. Sunday. Mr. Shanor's parents lived here 35 years ago, and his wife was a Sarchet girl and popula store clerk at Algona. For man years W. E. has been in North western railroad employ. Freeman Farm is Leased— Isac Freeman returned to hi home at Des Moines Saturday While he was here he rented hi farm, on which the Charles Scott are living, to Alvin Anderson. Th Scotts have bought a farm ane will move to it next spring. New Daughter for Stainbrooks— Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stain brook are parents of a daughter born Saturday at P. L. Stain brook's. They have one other daughter. J. K. Hansen to Hospital J. K. Hansen fell seriously sick Saturday morning and was taken to the Kjossuth hospital. He lives with his daughter, Mrs. L. H Schenck. Social for Saturday Evening— The Methodist Aid will serve ice DB. C. D. SCHAAP Dentist Algona, Iowa Over James Drug Store. Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. VETERINARIANS L. W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street, Algona Phones: Office, 475-W; Res., 475-R INSURANCE KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL DfSUBANCE ASSOCIATION $19,000,000 worth of insurance In force. A home company. Safe, se- eure. D. D. Paxson, Secretarj LOANS AND INSURANCE MURTAGH & SON Farm Loans Real Estate Insurance and Bonds Security State Bank Bldg. Phone 105 lour Money's AVorth in BEAL ESTATK, BKAL ESTATE LOANS, AND INSURANCE JOEL M. 11DRBST Office over la. State Bk. Phone 93 Algona, Iowa See D. I). I'AXSON For Town Dwelling, Household Goods, and Automobile Insurance. Do not neglect your policy for often loss occurs when insurance lapses. SHOE REPAIRING Algona BUNGE SHOE SHOP Shoes Sliined and Repaired. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE Weekly Newspaper Founded in 190L Entered as Second - Clae Matter December 31, 1908, at th Postoffice at Algona, Iowa, Unde Uw Act of March 2, 1879. WANT cream, pie, and cake on main street Saturday evening. Other Burt News. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Grooms left last week Wednesday for their home at Chicago, after a few days at Charles Scott's. Norma Scott, who had spent three weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Grooms, came home with them. Mrs. Grooms is Mr. Scott's sister. Lurena Wessel spent the weekend with friends at Dows. She made the trip with Mrs. George Worden and the latters children, who visited relatives there. The Wessels lived at Dows when Lurena's father was Methodist pastor :here. Mr. and Mrs. James Larsen, of Jenedlct, N. D., arrived Saturday or a week or two with Mr. tar- en's father, Lewis Larsen. The '. D. Larsens are moving to Olivet, j :il., where their only son is a' eacher in Olivet college. Druggist and Mrs. F. L. Pratt went to the Methodist camp at Spirit Lake Sunday and brought home their daughter Zelpha Rae and Maybeline Miller, who had spent a week attending a Queen Esther camp there. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roetman and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Buysman, Sibley, spent Sunday at L. E. Roetman's, and Marjorie Roetman went home with them for a visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Roetman, Sanborn. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow, Mr. and Mrs, Henry Gettman, Mrs. Lillian Sheldon, and E. 0. Chipman attended an annual picnic at the I. 0. 0. F. home, Mason City, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Krantz, of Titonka, stayed from Saturday till Sunday evening with Mrs. Krantz's mother, Mrs. Lydia Koestler, who was taken sick Saturday, but felt better Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cast, Seneca, and a daughter were Sunday dinner guests at Martin Larsen's. Mrs. Carrie Larsen, Algona, and her daughters also visited the local Larsens. Helen Meinzer, Los Angeles, returned Friday from Amiret, Minn, where she visited relatives, and is now at her nephew A. H. Meinzer'.s. She lived near Burt many years ago. Leona Lichter, Algona, was a week-end guest at Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle's. Jack and Jill Clapsaddle, Algona, are also spending a few days at the Clapsaddle home The G. H. McMullens took Mr McMullen's mother, Mrs. Gertrude McMullen, who had spent a month here, to Webb Sunday to visit another .son. Lorena Schwietert, employed ct the Mason City bus station, spent Sunday and Monday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schwietert. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clark were Sunday dinner guests at George ham's, near Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. John Recker 1st. * * * * A trip through such previously her unexplored country certainly rais- the es heck with prior concepts of geography. Instead of one string of mountains there are several ranges scattered helter-skelter. In between ranges are wide level valley areas. Washington and Oregon are mountainous, but would probably make the 'best place • for an lowan to live. The climate, believe it or not, is much superior to the much vaunted California variety, and the people are more sociable and less citified. Westerners honk loudly about the mid-western heat waves, but in the western valleys the heat is hotter than it is In Iowa, and there is seldom rain to break the monotony. On the coast the mid-westerner shivers with the cold. In San Francisco the "usual" weather does not get much above 70, and 60 is the average "in the shade" temperature. In Washington and Oregon, behind the mountain ranges that keep out the Pacific clouds, there s universal irrigation. Here rain s unusual and unwanted. In fact i ram raises heck with the farm- ng schedule, and causes old timers to shake heads over the crop situation. Irrigation permits water when and where it Is needed, and ram upsets the schedule * '* * * Water i s paramount in the west and water rights are more valuable than laud (and often human) ights. A -proposal to permit the ederal government to establish ams without the consent of the tate in which the dam was to be uilt, met with stern and uncom- romising opposition in congress •om western senators and repre- entatives. * * nothing interesting. There are beautiful drives in the hill regions, where the road winds among uncut pine forests that does make up for the monotony of driving between the hills. On the plateaus the roads are straight and stretch for miles without a curve, but in 'the mountains there Is one curve after another as the grade goes up or down. * * * * There is little concrete paving in the west. Most of the surfaced highways have "black-top" or oil roads, and they are universally good. Speed limits are reasonable, and in the open country the average driver keeps up a 60 to 65- mile gait, and even then is passed jy car s which must be going 75 to SO (and usually bearing California license plates). * * * * Had one occupant of the next tourist cottage ask: "Still think that Iowa is the hub of the universe?" The reply was brief arid •" • • > *t**j ** afs uj itJJ. illlU fervent!, Funny,, .but this Ohio 'fellow thought his state Mary Tjaden, chairman of the Young Folks committee of the Mothers & Daughters club, has called a committee meeting for this week Wednesday at her home. The Young Folks will have charge of an M. & D. meeting on July 28. The program committee consists of Mary Tjaden, Jean Sarchet, Eleanor Vogel, and Kathryn Bode. Oats Harvest is On— Harvest lias begun. Some oat fields are ripening sooner than others. • Fields ripened were sown before the snow In early spring. The oats, It is believed, will not be heavy, because of the extremely hot weather at "filling time." Schencks Plan Summer Tour- Mrs. Sadie Schenck, Minneapolis, leaves this mid-week to join her daughter Mildred for a tour Of the Black Hills, Mrs. Schenck has been visiting her sons Lloyd, near Burt, Horace, hear Crystal Lake, and Alfred, Union. Mrs, Winkle's Father Sick- James Hanson, father of Mrs. Claire Winkle, was taken to an Algona hospital Monday for treatment of a stomach hemorrhage. He fell sick at his daughter Mrs. Lloyd Schenek's/'Burt. vSpcnr Homo front Hospital— Mr. Spear, father of Mrs. Roy Sarchet, was brought home from Iowa City early this week, but Is confined to his bed at the Snrchet home. Other Union News, Verena Krieps returned Sunday evening from a 'week at the McWhorter cottage at the Okobojls, where she was ft guest of the McWhorter daughter Jane. Mrs. Ben Gould spent two days last week with Mrs. Soren Didrlk- se, near Brltt, helping the latter celebrate a birthday anniversary- Claire Winkle is up and about again, following a week in bed with his old ailment, sciatic rheu-, matlsm. I Fred Schoby was around last week, gathering acreage and other data for the county allotment committee. ; Louis Bode recently had a nasal operation for relief of sinus trouble. this year that will establish the Humboldt county fair as giving the best showing of livestock and other agricultural products to he seen in, this part of Iowa. We are also planning an entertainment program that will be the best we have had In many years. Every effort is being made to make the Humboldt county fair truly representative of Humboidt county, a three- day showing of the finest, m Iowa." iHLYi Dates are Out for Fair at Humboldt The board of directors of the Humboldt county agricultural society has announced the dates of the 1938 Humboldt county fair as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, August 29, 30, 31, and September 1. President Otis Nelson says: "We are making plans I use the Telephone fro keep in touch with my friends •this hrincjs me Ms of pleasure" *-V. was the , *-'— —— 0*^*1.^ »T ao my best! People from other states are queer that way! Trains in .stream-lined. * * * * the west, are not The'"name" trains, BIG DEMONSTRATION at Our Store... ' ConTentions, particularly the ational and international in char- supposedly the big-timers, are still old-style with the single exception of a stream-Ifner placed in service last month between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Excursion rates of $6 between these two points make for cheap train travel. * * * * In San Francisco was an unusual newspaper corner salesman — a fox terrior dog, equipped with a special harness around its neck to hold . the paper so the headlines would be readable. The dog kept UP a constant bark, often sat up on Its back legs In begging position, and gave a peculiar yelp every Us" 6 a PaPer Was purchased from * * * * •0* San Francisco's Market street , theie are four street car. lines. The street is at least 100 feet wide, and the cars and autos go 35 to 45 an hour when the lights are in fact it is necessary to JSn/^f. 11 * ?" 1^^ for p/des- to a little fellow —D. E. D. SEE THE AMAZING fv™ from the sticks. Sleeping Sickness " Again Reported Lakota, July 12-^Sleeping sickness in horses swept into this vicinity last week, and many horses are sick. Farmers The telephone brings friends together for visits and good times—it helps to save the time and expense of trips. Coleman SELF- HEATING IRON STREAMLINE MODEL No. 609 By telephone you visit with neighbors • . . arrange church affairs, bridge parties, picnics . . . save trips in town and to farms and other towns. S • —c,--,,— *„» i, tic me ii who own dress suits and their wives. It is amusing to see the men strutting around in white tie and tails looking a lot sillier than they think, particularly to those unfortunates who do not have the fine plumage. Evening gowns, so- called, are apparently designed to expose as much as possible as in— w~ t.'vtjk>jkrjc CVQ Hi" securely as possible. And the larg- v ^. t uuu LUC vtJtorin™ arians are busy: "day and night. The stock of vaccine was running low Monday. Hog cholera Is also prevalent, ,but most hogs have been vaccinated. Farmers continue to lose cattle with sweet clover blpa,t, one farmer southeast of town having lost nine head. Red clover is also proving fatal to some cattle. JSi 8nd •? h ° W this marv «l°"3 new Stream- Big Demonstration at our Store— SATURDAY, JULY 16 Be sure to come and see this marvelous iron Howard Hardware In an emergency such as fire, accident or sickness, one telephone call may be worth more than telephone service costs in a lifetime. If you don't have a telephone, stop at the telephone office lor information about the service. No matter what kind of a si you are ... no matter how o you may be of quality.., ja. always enjoy this full flavor^ fying beer. Old Style is i km beer ... it has always beto b. by old fashioned, slow and o methods ... Old Style L possesses a wholesomeitanjfij low zest, that only old Wii brewing methods can cmld sands-of •spommen'prefcr OML Lager. You too, will like lliiJ fine beer ... try it today, | >. Heiloman Brewing Co., U C KENNEDY & PUS Distributors Phone 221 Algou,! GOT A PACKAGE TO papers to file away lor ceeping? Ten sizes of hearfl la clasp envelopes at till nee office at 2c to 5o eaekl JlfS "\" v v - ——** *v^,^ii.^ji Gnu Mary Lee Peters attended a family reunion at W. J. Bourne's, Algona, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller and Mr. Miller's father, of Armstrong, were Sunday supper guests at Arthur Pandel's. Mr. and Mrs. R. A, Iliff and Wesley Schob, Webster City, were Suaday supper guests at J. H. Graham's. . #*<j & THE ONLY LOW-PRICED CAR WITH ALL THESE FEATURES: Perfected Hydraulic Brakes 85-Horsepower Valve-in-Head Engine All-Silent, All-Steel Bodies Genuine Knee*Action* 'ON MASItR Dl LUXl MODfcLi ONLf ••:'.>,, f ' s v ^X;> '* y 'CHEVROLET KOSSUTH MOTOR f!TiAW1i!'Vl!R WrtWB A T.T. Al« n «» •EU..J <n. « _ ^^^ ^B^P

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