Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1938
Page 5
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14, 1938 CALS Ltd 3trs. F. E/ Sawyer left for a week of touring in [gin. Strett, Chicago, nrrlvod , iv for the summer at his t»her Anton Streit's. He at- Loyola University, Chloa- vear and Gil' I it*- 11 * un.*- -"-. _ in a canning factory at " Til 'Li jfv's. Zeno Bass, of. Stra- »nt the week-end here with :°-M»r Mrs. Walter E. hnn *ri p01 «, 'V' 1 wook Rt tllc °- h? J % M ff W , {llUor ' who ls i nurse n a California hospital, ]ms spenl two months with her parents, Miami Mrs Lester Walker, of Notts' Creek M iss Shalto 1* employed in the relief off ce at the courthouse. Mr. iiml Mrs. Howard J wh ° 1f«l boon ghler fehter, ge, . . Anna Rose Baas, anoth- , went with her par- three weeks with the iiiiiii'j' . _ , l. sterling got home E.itur- , nm Chicago, where he had he week buying furniture. |0 visited a sister at EarlviUe •brother at La Salle, 111. Mr. ig is employed at tne Foster Into" Schncpf and her aunt, • Waterman, the latter a •island teacher, left Tuesday BW days with relatives at >liss Waterman had been the A. J. Schnepfs since [ was out. ir Hole, Woodbine, spent Hie ind with his mother, Mrs. foole, Irvington. Mr. Dole, lorhs for the John Schu|,< company, is a brother of I and Evelyn, employed hero I courthouse. land Mrs. H. M. Olson spent >eek-end at Ruthven with bison's parents, Mr. and Mrs. fjohnson. Keith Capener, of I spent the latter part of last iwith his uncle and aunt, r and Mrs. Olson. Green, of Illinois, went st week, after a few days ms mother, Mrs. Barney Cas- jlr. Green works in a factory LHe attended a family real Waverly which Mr. and [Caslcr also attended. [ nnd Mrs. T. A. Koschlcr, of jonville, Fla., are spending Jummer with the latter's par- IJIr. and Mrs. Ole Moe. Mrs. ller is the former Delia Moe,^ |er husband teaches electrical" iring in a Jacksonville | and Mrs. William Norman, lice, Neb., with their baby Ire spending this week at the fcjis, but will be here for the fend with Mr. Norman's par- iMr. and Mrs. Oscar Norman. |am is chief clerk for Swift's atrice. ^ and Mrs. Herbert Furst and |nd Mrs. Tom E. Dailey, with alley daughter Maxine, spent 15- at Jerry Schutter's, West The women are sisters. Mr. is a mineral salesman, and lailey is a Botsford contractor guilder. [. and Mrs. C. N. Robinson, of Algona, have returned a short trip to visit Mrs. ison's sister, Mrs. A. H. See- Bona, S. D. Mr. and Mrs. * Rickabaugh, Harris, and iLco Demuth, Milford, accom- lii them. Is, Elsie Ciuly, with her daugh- Evelyn, accompanied Mr. and I Edward Cady, Houston, Tex., Bear Lake Saturday, and all Ined Tuesday. The Texas •s are here for a few days be- Ireturnlng to Houston. Edward •musician. Ix Richardson, New York City, led Monday for two weeks I his parents, Mr. • and Mrs. B. llchardson. He is employed at [telephone laboratories, and •graduated from Ames a year I His father is a railway pos- fclerk here. Borney anil Mrs. J. E. Lynch, I soa s Junior and Tommy, and •liters, Margaret, Mary, and T)', all of Herington, Kans., left Jay, after a week here with |A. H. Borehardts. Mrs. Lynch 1 sister of Mr. Borchardt, who [local druggist. T. and Mrs. John Ludwig and j daughter, Mrs. Pearl Harton, P Fort Dodge, spent Saturday "moon with Mrs. Mary Dole, of ngton. Mr. Ludwig has been I for some time with heart dis- J ; Mrs. Ludwig is a sister of late Fred Dole. ~tro Stroben, Visalia, Calif., is 1 s niece, Mrs. Fred Engel, a i -•' s "'is week. Henry JPetlef- luavenport, grandfather of Mr. , ?"« Evelyn M arolf, Wilton, B °' Mi's. Engel, are making a « the Engel home. Mr. Engel '.i w au i' s Sarage here, » a Ik i' r and Dorothy Wallace's sister, Mrs. W. K For' gusou, and brother, M. TO. n'iat, a month, left for homo at Hollywood Calif Tuesday. They were to travel through Montana and Washington, thence down the coast. Josephine I'lililhjiiJ.sc; to work Monday at the KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA •,, , »v"iimiiM. j-ier imuner Vcrnpn took her to Fort Dadgo, find ., u v . k ,1^,1 LU XMJI and from there she went train. Mr. anil Mrs. TO on by — •-••'• ••'• L. Hngg took ,* V .°H" 0 I : rcw l ? R «thvon Sun, u hild R1)ent • i «visiting here. La Vonne, who Js the daughter of Mr. ind Mrs fn', foi ' mo1 n of Uumboldt, is spending days with he Chri.s C ^,e^"ore Cl ^d n wi,. a return , ^^^ ^ RfUph Men ' ,„ u.,.. .,..,, .. UI1U win i etui n Kol, Salt lake City, with their son Hugh, are visiting the M. P. Weavers and the E. 'A.. Schemels, and will accompany the Schemels to Casa Lake, Minn.. Saturday for a. week's fishing. Mrs. Sohemel and Mrs. Menzel are sisters, and Mr. Mens-.el is on the staff on a Salt Lake City college. Mutineer C. H. Swnnson will start his vacation next week Mon- now ' Iay from the A ' & p - atoi ' e - Mr. few nncl Mrs> Swfl "son, with Mr. and , - ~. h.ii.iuimrcms there Mrs ; Cl , W ' Mol ' ck - will spend two but will return to Algona next! ™° f " ^ ort ] leni Wisconsin. Mr. iloso nnd ChrisUm; Arend, with Morck works for a The Swauson daughter Foth, owns a garage at Spencer. Mrs. (taorge i'ctor«, Lenox, 111., or more ago for inn «P T»..... C11._l came two visits *™£L*\^^™l™^X\*»°* fami '- v «"»- 'rom Oszood, (laughter Dorothy, her roommate' Faye Shaeffer, and - gether. same farm west of Algona. Besides stopping here, she is making visits with other relatives at Kanawha nnd Corwith. She has a HU m nephew, Roy Delbler, farming In i ney' Buffalo township, nnd another' ... the , Dorothy, Faye, and Ruth nephew, Charles, on the homo also there. attend the University of Minnesota, and Miss McBroom teaches m school there. Mr. Whit- ins, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Medford, Minn., were summe farm. Mr. and Mrs. dinton Lighter and MHcheltree' • •".in mm i imsiiiH" Arend with ^-runnuu uiiujjiuer juKsaiio their niece, Judy Kay u'ockes wl " fl ' 10ntl the two weeks at Cen- spont Sunday nnd Monday at rieni-'i tol ' vllle wlth her grandparents. ROD. Vicif (n tr itnlr. I *, T-I _ . . . . ', Vnvn f lluitli «« A TTUi.,. fi , Mrs. Carl Pearson, with 's brother Norine Orofstnd is an insurance nf Mr. MHcheltree travels for the , out via the Black Hills Uhcl. and Etta Bacon got i Fentm F, a visiting relatives. Rose is tak- ' ' •"**•• <in i ujuu v*JH. ixuSG IS LflK- i'i\;ii iiiK a two weeks vacation from her' home Sunday manager of the local Miller lum-Wi | cnmpanied them, and ,,,, u spent part of (he week with heri Confectionery, vacation. SIJJUJIL (Kin. 01 me week with hor' « |-..,,...,,MHOU LUUUI. .uiu »inry i-e- parenls, Mr. and Mrs P l T>,hl ': <S- "'"•l'l« IVitlimii, daughlnr. I maincd at Winifred to visit Mi?a hauser, farmoirs near Wpsl'Henri ' Myrtle Vining, and the lal- i Mr; Donald. Fern clerks at Haw- 3Ir. nnd Mrs. c: L " iiversoll! V"' s dalIKhlG1 ' Harriet spent Fvi-! colt & Ogg's, and the other three spent last week-end f it'(Vd-ir li'fin ' •• , nnd Satlll> day nt. Mn<mn r-if,- iKlrls are teachers, ids with their .nn T ,,.„?.,, _?." i Y miU "K . at Mason City, Witham. son of Mrs. ids with their «on Tyrrnll, who Is' r! • «,? ) i W)Ulam - son of Mrs. j f-ncllo S<rnycr left Wednesday a lawyer there. William Kerr o t ! M T° • Ulanl ' n ° y works for; for a few days with the Irving Estherville, spent. Monday with j ,, mo ™ atlollil l Harvester com- Urches, now farming near West the Ingersolls. The Ingorsoik onco umi ,°Y. IIarriot «nd Mrs. Concord, Minn. Mr. Urch, former lived nt E.sthervill C ,-aiiciI Mr ^^ ^, j" Cel ° bralod bll ' lndn >' s '' '""' ^"' ' Was then in llm lim,u n .. i.....:.. ' ..: n .i 11( 'ay. , . was then in the lumber business i Sjticklor. Botna, Mayor mid Mrs. C. F Snccht v ' n «°, Subs . c1ribc fol- the Ad- ; farming near with Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Hoorn«-l,,nu- B V,. , ,, Sm /, , X want tlle The Urohe a ha man, Preston, .spent the weekend n!mo ,° ' n° Il0m ° town ' We , « nd Mrs ' Urch at Redwood Falls, attending a, a - S h 'ml '° e y ° ars '? B ° lnst J> A " Jonnsons - ».._! F ..... !t__ . ° 1*1(11LI1. alltl I \Vfl d Tll'll'Tirtfl i 1..^ I ~tr-. ____ 1 «r_. . . , , . i a "d his father operate a farm im- .1. A. and ,1. h. Hunt, San Diego, i ploment «hop at Corwith. wppt' T' 6 w S lc 5i srieal ' ly , ln the ^ Ml< - " I1(I Mrs - Fre(i Hartman. of n, 0 r.,,, f , McD °" alds - They Crete, 111., with two sons, arrived wj t , alec ° ntl actors and builders, and •. Sunday for a visit with Mrs Hart- Wednesday | heir father was J. P. Hunt, who man's sifter, MrT L. W O.llesp e. i hpL TH , yea '' S Wa Cl a car P enlcr and ^ women's Parents, Mr. and I heie. The two sons had been mak- : Mrs. C. T. Mansraith. Bancroft. The --- 1 1 "S a lengthy auto tour, which was '•• Hartmans who .meat department manager at i rudely interrupted at Bricelyn • Longs grocery, recently moved to! Minn., last week-end, when their wrecked in a collision Ledyard, the Philip PufforV, Osgood, north of Emtnetsbur?. Th» . ~ rr"-'", "ui LII \jl. J-JIliulelBUUl ~i . II .'!" C6 '"''°' to 5etU ° nenr Mofcvoy* are of Irish extraction 2 GREAT SHOWS IN ALGONA EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK Take Your Choice — See Them Both CALL THURSBAY-FBIDAY Daily mat. 2 p. m. near his father's home, , tlle The Urohe a have °"e son, Albert, with another car. J. A. a with, George Manus, Burt, , , , , , t. , , ,, L1IU >*ViUlV-lJIIU at Redwood Falls, attending an annual family reunion. They returned Monday. Mrs. Hooniemaii m,n,.t P -\t ir ,-^ , " "ILII, UUVJIftC mUllUH, UUl'C. 5 ± ,° ,^:;3 cDonal<! ^ Rotary. L. W. Gille-spies, Algona, , . daughter of the .dinner Monday noon. venrs aco is daughter of Mayor mid l\r rK | c u -Qlufrs ^s^tir ^ 5.!-«'i-™.."i ?z.ts" visit the university „ ,,,,, ,„. , luw ( tor school there this fall, and Olen iLako. ,d the of Rich" Point I IIr iin.r"ir,."« T"'"r, -i r,. i SuiKlav at the Mansm'lth home at -n,ed two | Mr. nnd Mr, $.T££ left Ul^tJ a'^Ste?'^ *%Z:%^ ^"ZFu^S I was i Wednesday morning for San Fran- | Margaret Dailey. Hollywood, Calif.,'smith clCG If! i PI «nn I'.rli mtn 41i/-.ir iirtll .^-««„ i. 41.—!.. \VOV f^ll fiut Q ^XT"*-! A »i nnrl^i. ~ i m . -»-% . .» IIBU uionuay. Mrs. Hoonieman Mirv M-ii-Mn "Tini ", 1 ""^ IJ ' v ? 0 i vveuncsaay morning tor San Fran- ™iu- B aret uaney. Hollywood, Calif., smith the former TCmma Speciit, a isiiel'hv co iv ,?m ^ ^ , n '" i cisco ' where Ulc ' V wil! meet tneir wel> guests Wednesday at Tom E. f Mrs. Kiitlierlno Mcl'vov dish-in- ic-ltnv nf «„,.„,. ..... i i, I .'. "'" c OUnt>, northeast of Coun- rlEimrhtnv A,r.,i.,r T?n., n K«.i, ,,,i,~ u_™ Dn lov's! T^,« ,.„,! T __ .... _' ' iv.iunilin, JICI,>OJ, (UStllCt i,n,.ih n tt r r< -~ >*""*•"< >»IIBI« LIIU.V win inuec ineir ••-' ft,"coi. a vvuuiituuiuy nt I om Jii. llrs, Kil her lie 3lp noitheast of C.oun- ] daughter Mary Elizabeth, who has Dalley's. Tom nnd Leo are sons 'court clerk planed to leave 'been visiting Mrs. Robert Middle- of Mrs. Margaret Dailey, who lived torday for a vacation in the en't kauff, Hie former Arba Dee Long. I'"any years hero. Mrs. Margaret She was to be accompanied by her From here they will make a trip : Dniley remained for a longer visit s on John, daughter Mary Gerald- into Alaska, and to several nthnr with Algona .relatives ami nf \vinit. i,,o T^O^^I,!,,. TMI,,-™ -^ ,„ Plans to go a year later. Friday to Dldr ksen" Br ' are spending a I TA, T ^ WlU make " Mv 'v<X° m **™? f ° r a longer visit *°» Joh "' daughter Mary Gerad- will en-I few days al a colt£ro 11 C^ , Bktt / and to several other , ^ith Algona relatives and at Whit- ine, Josephine McEvoy, Emmets.....,„, i- . -LV? at a cottage at Cleai ; western points. Mary Elizabeth , temore. _ Leo, for_many years Clay burg, sister-in-law of Mrs " Me. Soroii is Martin's broi ho - ?™ The boys and he and 1 I, wi o fomerlv ? ° S " - -.-x.^. . ^ .lu IMIjr,n . tlliu IIU uMU Jim ^ ™^™ d ",-. r ". a -. C . l8 "L l '^ Sat- od near Algona, l «°™ »"• took them 10% hours to gel; to i the Seemau farm Iowa City jnoxt yeftr .Mrs. K L. Means, Vliliscn, rime ! Mr. nnd Mrs. Edw SSLl^Mrs.^^the^^!^' 1 ^ ^"^ ^ came with Mr. and Mrs. HernniJ moved to They will have i , , , sser-n-aw o rs. Mc"' Primghar ' and 'n? "I 5 fah ' and Spenoer chamber Evoy, and Margaret McEvoy. also ...... — -»»»- ..... - -- - •school I of commerce secretary, is enjoy- .,,m,, ulau ui- e , a, muce. -me pa * Rh ,' S ,,v nC ^,. J °l "M ecretary ^.t 0 ^.first to Niagara Falls, Mr, and Mrs. R. AV. Caldwell, tho Sioux City chamber. ,, : j *•"• -••-•"• iv. »v, •..tti-.iwcii, -,.,•' ^""'""'-i. i iJie iLinei arv rrom riipro on ro- near Algona | with their daughter Maxine, got »r. nnd Mrs. W. L. Whitney' and ' mains to be plaZed A trip info j the itinerary from there on and re- ...uii uauguLtir muAine, got - ••" "•-«•"• >». LJ. vvinuiuy ana mains to be planned, i last week Wednesday, after Mr - and Ml "s- A. A. Bishop spent Canada is a possibility. days of touring in eight western - •• • —. spent] states. They traveled through San Held. Storm Luke, who went on to Canada for a week or two of fishing. Mrs. Christy is a sisl^r of Mrs. Dohorty. , cer. The Mitcheltrecs visited Mr. Mrs. | Mitchcltree's brother Robert, and . ? P , e . n ' Jose, Portland. Taeoma, and points Mrs. Lighter visited her brothers, Clarence and Harry Ellis. Clar- in Idaho, besides visiting relatives in Washington (state) and at Medford, Ore. They also made a stop at Yellowstone Park. The Me- GENE AUTRY SPECIA "GOLD MINE IN THE SKY W Reissue Will Rogers ia r ' "LIFE BEGINS AT 40? .......... i . once is a carpenter, and Harry graduated from the 1 >C > Unhortv . — ....~ .. ( ii.j ^j CH-IUCILCU i.i uni •Mr. and'Mrs. H. r. An dor 80n and o^Xl f ^ ^^ M Co "\*^ U » s ?™: v „„,! ™.... ,, ,, „ . i "' •. ym.ma. Daisy siiiii Iti'i Maxine was local Mr. and Mrs. Harold lirns,,n nnd Or,',, TT ,, anc " Ulel ' IIMl ^ Stl ' ohra!in ' with grandmother, Mrs. Etta home Satunl-iv fro, ., WPP '• C , a ' m Urvllle Ha "o-j their grandmother, Mrs. S^,i" ±1?«V'JS-^ ? S^rr^'iSI^,;;;!— — •«•"the Yellowstone park. The Andorson little son Jerry stayed -,vill Mrs. Anderson's parents at Crysia' Lake and her sister at Dritl. ' Mi- Brandt is a Decker salesman. ., , "' Vel ' SUy tlU1 ' ing lho vest of | John ., were Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Foth. The Strohmans are . They will enter the col-i former Algonians. Daisy now i lego in the fall. Craig will be a j works for nn insurance company iiicsimiun, Orville a sophomore. | at Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. John Dr. Joseph H. Edge, former Meth- \ Blinkman, Spencer, were also Mr. Anita RDSP Knlillin L i - •' • lunK| '" "• ou « e ' Dormer Mem-I Blinkman, Spencer, were the A "ie^OmXT.tryS B U^coK"' ^' " PrMideIlt ° C ^^ ° f the ™™ S ™^ . . Blinkman, who is a brother of Mrs. ^f^^^^^^ ^T ^^^ft tfflDft .^^ j^ r^ ^*™^ f* ^^^^^ . $^ Store Thurs. thru Sat." July 14-16 i y* Buck Jones western Jn I'HEADINO EAST" Second Feature %EiIers Paul Kelly "*""•"' FROM v %htmg Devil Dogs" ' • thru July 17.20 Gfi ne Autry Special n > Hiunboldt PLUMS Rainbow No. 10 py r . purple b I w Algona Specials for July 15th, 16th, and 18th Free Deliver > """ FRIDAY, SATURDAY & MONDAY ^ Phones 420 and 421' SALE 5 and lOc SALE BLACKERKIES No. 10 can 45c Blk. RASPB'RIES No. 10 can 49c FLOUR Milled by QQf* Pillsbuiy's wvU TOMATOES Larg'e No. 2^4 f« n — : POTTED MKAT IGA, ^4' H ' ZC cans 5^ UESSEKT POWDER IGA, all flavors 5£ IGA Cleanser 5$ Jar Rubbers, 3 dozen 12<; Jar Covers, Mason, do/. 21£ Coffee, Red A, Hi. __-16fi 2 Ibs. 31c; 3 Ibs. 45c Broivn Betty, 2 Ibs. 49p Dreft, Ige. iikg. 23£ Wholesale prices on Kerr .ivide-inouth Mason jars — while they last, jars and covers— CQf* Dozen O3U STUFFED OLIVES, 18-k, 2% oz. lOc BEVERAGES, IGA, all flavors, 24-oz. TOMATO JUICE, IGA Jumbo tins FRUIT COCKTAIL, 18-k. 8-ozi cans 10£ PORK & BEANS, 18-k or Carol 1 lb. cans 5£ PORK & BEANS, Carol No. 2}£ 30-oz. cans lOp RED KIDNEY BEANS, No. 2 fancy IGA 10? 18-k DICED BEETS, No. 2 cans, fancy 1O£ IS-k DICED CARROTS, No. 2 cans fancy lOc STOKELY SAUER KRAUT, Ige. No. 2^ cans _10<i SWEET POTATOES, solid pack, No. 2 cans 10? MILK, tall cans 18-k grade 2 cans 15£ COCOANUT, IGA moist 4-oz. tins 10£ IVORY SOAP, large bars :_10^ FRUIT PECTIN, IGA reg. box to* CRACKER JACK, prize package 3 for 10* APRICOTS, IGA orchard ripe No, 2}£ cans 2 for 39* PEARS, 18-k In syrup, No. 2^ cans 23* CORN, Standard white 4 cans 29* Miss Minneapolis Flour 49 Ib. sack $1.59 PINEAPPLE No. 10 bro. sliced 59c GINGER SNAPS Fresh 1 Ib.. 10c PEN JEL or SURE - JELL boxes— POBK & BEANS Lg. No, 5 cans (1/2 gal.) _ I 9C BLUE G COFFEE CUP & SAUCER FREE lb. 25c PURE LARD 2 LBS. 21C OXYDOL Lge. pkg. 19c SOAP GRAINS Lge. pkg. IGA 15e SOAP GRAINS Common towel free Jumbo pkg.__ Pure Cider Vinegar Bring Your Jug Gal. PEACHES Fresh ripe Dozen 1 w w GRAPEFRUIT Good size Calif. 6 for 25C LEMONS Large Sunkist Dozen fcwC NEW POTATOES Peck 21 c Omar or l.G>A Flour 49-lb. sack $1.69 i POEK BOASTS v J-ota "- 1 8» & ..85c VEAL BOASTS Milk Fed ar* tfic FOBS CHOPS C»ts PICNIC HAMS Tenderized to 8 lb. ay, 11). - VEAI- CHOPS BACON 5-lb. box Fine cwre Bois SUMMEE SStALL MUf€JEB HAM & Call Theatre Sunday Only July 17th HE WHOLE TOWN'S mTERESIED IN TttlS flOWf'S HERE-»Oi*Sta#! IN PERSON TEACHER OF FAMOUS SCREEN STARS k By Special Arranqemeniwitk ike. ^ Sludios We Are Able to Present th j^ The Most Danced With Afa/? In Hollywood! &3 **- 4 nt 'V|- . *Ai. su vouR .>' Fun - Frolic And A Big Party For All Entries At 'Treat Day" For March Of Progress Queen Canidates A selected group of candidates .will be eligible to personally dance on Gall Theatre Stage. All candidates will be admitted free to regular show and meet . &ene LaVerne personally. A special award to be made afternoon and eyeing to candidate_gettin^ aaiost ap. ONE MONTH MORE TO GO IN THE CONTEST Who will be the queen and her attendants in Algona's M&rcfe of Progress ebration, August 1748. fEAPE m wmm - - What glyl will revive

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