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To mt DOLLIU prr wara; ton DOUAM for monthi Two DOU.IU for three months, iurarialilj in alrance for Iht ordered. THE NEWS, Mallei to Subitrlbtr. out of the Oily, at DOLUU AXO Ftrrr Crari par annum, in adraBee. DAILY NEWS. or intrrentlup UtMt LocU CoBuntr- tee fourtb VOLUME XIV.

JTOWIJXG; NOVEMBER 22, 1861. NUMBER 34. ID DOHTt THEIR ARMS. We ore told thnt eighteen hundred secss- nionieti in the county of Northampton, on the Eastern ehore of Virginia, have laid down tlieir arms, and that the federal troops hare possession of that and Accomac Counties. If this be we believe it if substantially strikingly illus- the beneficent influence of appeals like that of Gen.

Dix in his proclamation of the 17th. Of this eighteen hundred, probably a goodly proportion are from Maryland. The County of Northampton population capable of bearing arms of not over hundred, and the adult male population of both the Counties of Northampton nnd Acoomuc scarcely exceeds 1800 in number. HOW SHERMAN ISSUED HIS PROCLAMATION IJI SOUTH CAROLINA. Oorrtepondenoe of tht Mew Sxprwi.

HILTON HEAD, SOUTH CAROLINA, NOT. 15; 1801. On the 14th instant Gen Sherman dispatched one of his aids, Lieut. Gus. Wagner, to carry the proclamation beiaataed after lending, to the people of Sooth Carolina.

That proclamation was sent north some days ago, BO that 1 need not recapitulate its contents. Tbe General would not at first determine bow it should reach those to whom it was addressed, except through tbe New York papers. Lieut. Wagner, however, volunteered to perform tbe dangerous duty of carrying tbe proclamation into the interior. He was accompanied by Dr.

Bacon, of the Cth Connecticut volunteers. They left here early in tbe morning, on the gun-boat Seneca, Cajit. Ammer, and landed at Beaufort. Here they found mules, nnd started inward across the Island of Port Roval. STATE MATTERS.

THE PROM NORTH AROLISA. I pon tht -authority of a letter from Hat- Inlet, dated the Ihth. the telegraph reports that tin State of North Carolina, in ii Convention composed of delegates rep- furty-five counties, has declared provisional urnmeiit. elected over- proridrd for tin- election of members Cong-res- -i ioi.J m-w. if true." Bui must be received with a Mirfe meusur, of allowance There are bui i-ifrhn-MI in tin- old North Thut m.iri- than one-half of tboap, The mission was at once perilous and deli cate.

Lieut. Wagner carried a flag of truce. lie bad a letter of credence from General Sherman, indicating his errand, a copy of tbe proclamation, and an open letter to the Rev. Mr. Wilson, a clergyman of Beaufort.

LTOBRIBH MtJRDIR AT BLACK RlVtH Saturday afternoon last, a lum 'bermfcn named residing nine miles above Black River Falls, in 'Jackson county, irtoiudjtho tetfer.placVwith about $230 in gftJdooin: in his pocket. The La Craua Democrat snyt he got into a TOW" willi a man named Lincoln, who Sept 4 tavern there, during the row ho was pounded 80 thai he died from the injuries. All his money and valuables were taken. Lincoln has escaped, and $100 reward is offered for him. The following is his description Sandy complexion, light 'hair, quite thin on his head, blue eyes, about feet high, wears whiskers.

Had on pants patched above the knee. Hi are quick and restless. is movements of tin have in, or frn. lior, vet in (act repudiated course improbable That then ft Mimll ininori- count of North Caroon men. n.i doubt any iluulii lliat some ela.i 1 make isut pn-ient riMpiihi-aiil.

and hardlv arrant them in taking I he intel- n- inasmuch as- Tbe two gentlemen rode for about eight miles, without meeting any while person; the bouses were all deserted, but apparently not piliaged, and the blocks whom they saw were at work in the fields. Towards noon, having arrived within about two mile? (so the assured them) of Gardner's Corner, a place opposite Port Royal Ferry, which ie said to be occupied by Kebel Uoops, they came up with a white man on horesback Hailing him, he first appeared unwilling to stop, but finally allowed them to enter into conversation. He was the Rev. Mr.

Walker, also of Beau- forl he seemed unwilling have anything to do with them; retused to take the proclamation; misinformed them in regard to the road, and was altogether churlish in behavior. While in his company they saw two persons advancing on foot, and bearing flag of truce. These proved to bfl two i officers of the rtbai- Thev wore evi RAILWAY Wednesday construction train on tbe North Railway was thrown off the track between Corey and Barrington'statlons. The con-' struction train was drawn by the locomotive snJ when running at the usual (peed, rail broke and threw the en gine from tbe-track, the cars The conductor and engineer both leaped from (he train an.I we He caught by the cars, jammed terribly. Bennett, the con ductor, had one of his thigh bone-i fractured, and was otherwise severely injured Tin- engineer had both broken, one below and i the other in the region of the knee.

Beu- netl waa taken to Chicago that Tilt DAILY SEWS. LORD LTOKS Sacces-ftil log of a Pontoon Bridge Virginia to be Divided between Delaware, Mar) land and Kanawba, MATTERS IN THE WEST Jeff. Thompson in fail Retreat THE MISSISSIPPI FLEET Convention iu North Carolina! C'ounliCH RepreNentcd riej tn Chicago, and the same tended to liis injuries Itiraa, dently gentlemen, aud behaved with great MM. 1 M- Nor.l, tht hi, tin (.

q-lit. i Lieutenant agnor had no absolute bu- Biness with them, but au interview of an hour or mi took place, at which the gyman was present The officer- admitted thnt the depredations on Beaufort were the 1 work of the blacks, and entirely exculpated our force Irom anv was ad mitted also by Mr Walker It-was accounted for, bv the unnetv of,- in Carolina the blacks to preserve the property from' fall I I and the into the hands of the Federal troops. As for the capture of Braufort, those little mud forte of count could not eipect to cope with our navy, but on land they were prepared to meot us There were no citizens that we could call loyal in South Carolina, so there was no one to whom the procUmo tion could be addressed. They did not ob ject to its reception by Mr. "Walker, and that gentleman finally consented to mm the proclamation, under cover, to Mr.

Wif. sou. he uUc consented to carry Sher man's letter to that clergyman. the I principal object of the errand was nccom- and the proclamation put into the of being seen penrr ll the vern- mi IPOB uiithent ic uifurmiilK'ii, thut i.i,!\ 1 unin uieii in iiim. l.ut thai the of the di puv- ludi-J joined tbe parly of iiti But thnt not ig, an.I token to his home on Fourth street, uher.

Dr Braiuard was called in to a.lju-t tin broken bone. The engineer ulw cur- urgi-oii at unt; twelve hours from the time oecum-J before medical aid could be procured, during which time the wounded men suffered much pain. ANOTBII KAIIUAV Arcti.tvr On 1 Wednesday, freight conductor on thr La Crossc Road, named Smith, hn.l an arm broken in three different un 1 al.o had two of hi- detached from the backbone Tlu- accident Lisbon, and they coupling nt time. Jlr. Smith not expect, ti Ii when last heard from PROMMOXAL I-IMIKD-KEI REPI-DIATLD OIIDKRF.U.

from Iksonrl, la Full R.In. Choirn to the Rebtl CongriM-Tbe Threatened. NOT. 21st from tho Southwest are to tbe effect that Price hu abandoned hia position at Cassville and is moving toward bis old camp at Ncosho. About of His army, under General Harris, were on the Kansas line, directly west of Carthage, -with the evident inten- of entering tbnt Stato and ravnging Us Southern counties.

Harris' forco was principally 'cavalry anJ Indians. Generol Lane was in that vicinity with ibout 3,000 infantry, his and Harris" force. It reported that there is a camp nf ChcroKpe in county, The rebel State Legislature, in session Arrival of tbe Asia. APVEHTiSEltfENTS. Important Foreign News.

GENUINE PREPARATION. THE EXPEDITION 'JO "HIOHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Bneha, THE WEEKLY NEWS. TERMS: The Weekly Hews for $1 Per Annum Tne nrmiT is published In the TO per with an on tho wrapper or marijin ol thir iiepir. know that the for uaM Ii or that In irn-arj Uon. ARer noticing lack mark, unlmi mad? unmeUljirptT, fljppiiper j.I TO QUELL THE REBELLION Mounted 3 AFFAIRS.

EH- YORK, Nov. A-ua arrived Kidneys. Gravel, and Drop- o'clock H. M. sical Swellings.

meeting of tho of tt MEN if -sha babitf, (ixcAPtJlng '1 In umod of prr-Tin daTQtioD to tftelr iti KU tloa, emn Jo no joining -Im ihr Coi. Cav.iry at Cold Sprint? Swonl -iwriflr nini Iritl itl only Tho wish to to tfmpT itri'l 115 to fSO inoYifti, nt N'eosho, hat) eS9ion, united at) par the arsed an ordinance of State with the South- Defences of New Orleans from Washinfrtou. Lord l.yu ull Ponto.n warr and 1 The Lowrr Mlnl.irr llrd in lioir Con Uvrr tfm. CIVAIEV Si RGto.v.—Clark of Janenville. been appoin geon io Washburn'e Cuvalrv.

i finally ascertained that tli- (j, has now in camp, and in the prwe mation (Ho, volunteers, un.l th ulul- nre W. ha- made no offensiv .1 thai ttTTEIt I puptr of bcjirr, hi- anil wili ji attack M.uthn Tin- tpe I papi-r ri.r.a,.. 1 nefdav are j.resent pr Mam from Port Roval, ne point further It if ma, upon tin- ill enjoy the ohgin of th. movement that had suspended hit ty to raise regiment, and i he his friends here that th, had sustained him, had confirmed all his and, in cnnse- of the interruptions caused bv the suspension, has extended th. time for him I to complete hid contract itvoisih.

N. v. iieraio of NO, is. lir this city their In another column will be found lughlv i 'P rat on within the lime limited interesting intelligence from Havana, to the ro in fully Then- effect that the Confederate war steamer! Ter been any difficiiliv about ranit matic that rircles herv, au.l I i.nroHTA.vr NEWS FROM CitrnatT-c Privates Hxprdllla the men, I III I Charleston, had on board seventy rebel na. val officers.

The last we heard of the Nashville that she was at Bermuda on tbe let of November Our readers will recollect that the Charleston Mercury, in giving an account of the sailing of the The- manv We understand, also, that Col» will promptly repel tjia charge bv the Chicago Tribune that hepsld tin thou' sand dollars for the outhoritv blame. ,1 by in Ihe case of 0 e-. believe the I nited odonTfrom the same harbor, with the rebel from 1 Fremont fact i-the of visit Commis Mason and Slidell. on I Dev saw Fremont. II.

u-ndered board, stated that its owp roasts, and this by Cept. Ooietter, enlorccd in Davis, and "other gentle; be bcst for brench 'if yesterday courtesy. i rhe has anv to offer, they Mill made in but there no indication that tion contemplated. The facts in the case arc our ought to t) admit much argument MoLfod Murphy's i an eihibition of tbe mode toon bridpe over the Accosln Work rapidly and skillfull, rnor, Picrpont nnd si rived here frum ht-elins Vir, ASUINCTON, Nov L'l ran tho blocij iphl. will, thn ti c-rn Confederacy, and elected (Jen Rnins jne of the Senators to th.) Confederate ft wn, thought Gen.

voulj be the other Senator. It was said that (Jen. Frnst, of i imp notoriety, would take command Gen. Ttains' divi-ion of the rebtl arniy. Ciiuo, Xor.

expedition that L-ft bej-e in search of Jeff. Thompson bis He passed through ten houra in advance of our troops, on i full gallup. It is supposed that he wnnt- to tjike (Jen. Li rant prisoner, as he f()en. i irantj WM going to Girard-au to re- lew the.

troops. is quite an here to day, used bv ttie arriiaJ of a courier to lien, inforiiiing him of the seizure of the Valley by Jeff. Thompson nd 1 ji.i r.jlK-U They searched the boat found rth taking. They all Jmner and thou bid them good "bve. and rk are under arrest'at tJ i irardeau hi.

LI-L-IS, Nov.liu. Tho-, Price and t'ol. Richardson arrived nietit from Jefferson City, a r- port tliat reliable advices from "est slat.) that lira J.ick*<,n Le had n.i^«t->l a an.I elected Jirn rams one of tb Great Eastern had been hel.l. The Jirect- IkH mrrn Ih. ora' report wai adopted, and a IIET Qa CAl passed to raise in ID cent, do- I VT.n/'n,,''.! bontnres to erjiiip her for -ea.

wa 3 ej. pow-r at DU-itlo bj port.ion., .0.1 4,1 tocl THE IRISH REGIMENT ihn would Julv. Liv British mon-ofwar r.jn.juHror and San, Spare.l embark marinet the day -l, ami forthwith of the olitical The Times thinks the operation- Kipe.litioii will be very ea-iv, but tics may from dili'ereit sympatu--, of the three. It reported that Ja-i now at Southampton, rt.e (jrand Duke Consiuntme, oi'KusMio, and are on to Vmioria A strike tbe cotton is imminent, owing the, tion of wipe-, Franco to Switzerland HELMBOLD'S FOR EXTRACT BlCHl, ft-gli II.Mt i ol THE A GnnJ GALLANT out Fn affair will th V.Jl.-v ruth- i- tirm 'jurihaldi tt.ilmn C.irnmittee hii firm tl C. lian "ilar in- 1 ntnl not to Konii- or an.i m-v nim.

Ail th. wi.ieh relornej safely. I herf hul con the Ki -2(1 -Then is a rvf-nmj: ihp on Kort Holt nrr mvmi nt. Th- i Ith J.i.-..-. thirteen d- pooo H' I tin- I i (Mintirv r.f KM i nnd 4'" un UKIIS.

-r tl- -I l.r- an ultrv-k the rngred to the thut f.r»pnrati.,u.i f.r upe. al! pr.pnlti4i.iii Turkey. a a iiini an to ut is he the Turin in I i'rtniiiiit, Fatuity. Epileptic Fits. INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION 1 Pr i Pny 001 STY Prlv, ATTENTION.

-re ni vsmo'v ni. i FEMALES un.l. r-. n. rrtipe an 1 l.i I 1 n-i- Kv-l-) in la tli- 1 th.

i l. i M.1VT i.tin.. Trom Orleans. r-- -TI nriv the 'A i th "up I. 'I i Nlan.l b- i th- -r f' nn 1 I "lie ll I will tin I in ml i.

n. i-h Ithoiiit. I hreat 'Etnn ih-- 1 4 xrt.T-, -1, i' Fatiu. ithout but DELUBOLb'S Bl I i- i 1 otllla i lower Potomac She tho nud takjug number of v-ithir, fc very few days at be bcst tor 'be present not to name Now iurthc-t cannot succeed in herC can Uttle doubl th these othe; t-M-ry as easilv as at and nt Port goyal Since- the put.lie,|v r.f th nun attL-Miion fenscs. an.I will lusun auu ouaen, on u-uuereu a number of contra band, from they were accompanied addre.sed to Fremont: i Baltimore a 8 the ice boat formerly of the effh accepted the offer by et Be-i blockade iiicht an I arrived a', entlemen whom it would ur rt eeding any farther, the tnaucr was vard i.ppr.---,-- -H 1 I ami in 1 tn.

1 were rebel naval and that the whole of them are on their way to Europe to take jXoyal Since- the command of privateer Eteamcn which were exjk-dition. the seces- to be purchased for them by Mason and Slidell, had thxse functionaries not been Ul bc re thc of War s.dent Lincoln, and all that and Pro Barsto iffie xjfed ir.ubtfdtv piven extraordi- i intercepted by the daring enterprise of tbe natter of coa-t de- Commodore reaftepb, somewhat bet- By reference to onr account on another ter prej.nn-ri for re--ivtarBy, page, of the naval officers in the rebel ecr- 1 vice, it will be that there are some eighty of them; and inasmuch as il is ex MR. CAMEROV tremely difficult, if not impossible, to 6t Tbe special dispatcli to one of the Chica- oulttn privateers on this side of the pn which Sc-cretar, Cameron is ijt' 1 i9 bnt reI to presume that they are hastening to the other side have su.J d.nner table, that Already the steamers Nashville, Fmgal and IK was in fnvnr of arming is proba- Bermuda, said to be iron-clad, are at sea in My of some stupid reporter tD rebel service, together with the Sumter, Lfillatu done in the matter hn- ne but trustworthy a.i»i.-.-. Europe, in relation to Mexican affair bwn rr-ccived. and the party in Mexico, have tr, in, )s Alt, Irviu I B'T'-u.

NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. I to counteract these schemes regi.i the integrity ofa power in I arrl VHI near i.V interested, VCDt 1 0 'nn country mnrning offi 1 offi wlios, ct hru, outrun hi, these will be reinforced from Europe, -Mr. Cameron ha. before his sen- from the southern ports, by iteamcra wai timpnt? upon this point repcatedlv. in pub- 6 ILD apportunity to run the blockax.

lie and in private, and it not likely that i 0 1 as )e Vorktown and Jamestown ii, entertains ont- K-W as ii member of the Cabinet, and another at convivial A public and definite opinion attributed to him. in tbe policy of the President, would t.torm of mdipnation and probably drive him from tbe Cabinet It is tor, intefor any man tr piny tht successful); parties. of the There is a total of eighty -eight prn transports and steamers now at th opposition to 8 OBal the rebel confederacy, and P. tt bo t6 that can ru ru, 8 8e r.le of remont over. LORI) All tb, which have the press the last few-days as to tbe offensive conduct of nr a Lyons were mere fictions, gotten up for amusement of an excited public.

The telegraph has kindly contradicted its own falsehoods in this matter. Some of tht- newspapers have published de- tailel of an alleged interview between Lyons and Seward, in which the fjrmer looked lightning, and put on airs of offended dignity terribh ominous. and out of tbe Southern ports when the please. The mission of the officers oonvev ed by the Nashville and Theodora to th est Indies is undoubtedly assume com mand of others, Btill more formidable, i I Europe, and eitber to return with them form a junction with the rebel naval force i here, or to cruise as independent priva teers in other seas IT is rumored that Gen. McClellan ha planned a grand flank movement a few ago, but au asceniion by Lowe in his ba loon revealed the fact that the rebels ha anticipated the flank movement probabl through the treachery of some one cot nccted with the army.

It is also said tha Gen. McClellan asserts that the treachery must be astonishing in some quarter, fo every one of his designs or proposed move ments are very soon discovered by the en emy. fovrnal of Commerce, A'or. 19. SENATORS.

It ir niipposed that Hon James tiuthrie Secretary of the Treasury under Presidcn Pierce, and John J. Crittenden, will be th new Senators from Kentucky in the plac -of Breckinridgf and Powell, and thnt tbi vctcrian patriot and staterman, Hon. Rev 1 erdy Johnson, will be elected to the Dnitcd States Senate by the Union Legislature tliat is shortly to assemble in Maryland. CHICAGO SAILORS AT POET crew of the gun-boat Ottawa, and, we presume, of other veaaeli engaged in the capture of Forts Walter one Beauregard, at Port Royal, were recruitec in Chicago and Milwaukee, by Thomas H. Stcrcni, trho commanded the Ottawa in the engagement.

Lieut. Stevens was formerly the First Lieutenant of the Government Michigan, of the Lake gervice. He obtained two hundred and thirty in Chicago, and fifty in Milwaukee, for the new gun-boats. THE lv Albany Joumtl think! with THE PHISOSEB'S DEPOT is LAKE ERIE Col. Hoffman, who hai the matter in charge, has concluded a contract for the land on Johnson's Island, in Sandasky Bay, Lake Erie, and also for tbe erectidn of the new prisoner's depot.

A lorefr amount of lumber has already been received, and about one hundred wordmen shortly be engaged in its construction. Tbe structures to be put up are of considerable magnitude and sixteen in Detroit Free Presi. Bio THIKO Pour The genial and leafy limbed Pump, whose conicientioui scroplea would not allow him to remain in the Madison Patriot, as editor, till after WM too honest to go for anything bat a Union Ticket, been caught napping. In the ward he lived in, where he roted and peddled on election day, tbe Union ticket did not get; a tingle vote 1 Oh, Pump I Yon played jt a little too fine Crottt Democrat. A TniNKscmsro DIXKM if to be given to the ArtiHerj wgiawnt at Racine, Commiwwy of the regiment providing the chickent, and the ladies we to turn ont to do the cooking.

'an in- Bandall 'paper, hu-giren up''the hott, and editor rewarded with tome Uad of mflittry appointment. TOE ELEVIXTU ment left Madison on Wednesday The following is a complete cere, and number of its men STil Harris Lient A Woo-l Phut. Lincoln P. Strong. First Assistant Kv erett.

Second Assistant Barnes. Mayers B. STAIF Sergeant YVvman Quartermaster A Bird. Commiasary A Sweet Hospital Turner First Principal .1 Leji- vitt. I surely betur-.

i There is a reason for believing rebel forces on the Lower pro COHPANT Co. A. Watson Guards, Captain Dani E. Houch, 1st Lieut. P.

W. Jones, Lient. W. Freeman; 107 members Co Captain Ed war R. Chase, 1st Licnt.

£. D. Stone, 2d Lieu Jackson; 103 members. Co. Mow Boy, cmpteU W.II.

Dawson; IOC members. JVhittier, Lieut. Dewitt C. Benham 2d Licut.Jerome Cbeesebro; 91 members Co. Waterloo RiBes, Captain CBarle f.errv, 1st Ljeut.

James Lang oj Oscar F. Mait.ce; 98 members. Goards, Captain Aleum Cletrneut. Eli U. Mix -Jd L.eut.

member Co -Ei Tanners' Guards, L. Lieot. AboeX Powell. 2d lephcrd; lOSmemUere. Keenah Rifles, Captain H.

eot 0 Hunt Licut House; 91 Co. Randall Zouaves, Caritain 'clton, lieut. E. D. Partridee 2d Lieut.

H.Blake^ 88 members. 0 J. Lieut. 105 members. The companies contain exactly 1,000 men, and adding the band tbe giment 1,039.

Rev. H. Tilton, of anesvUle, is conuniwioned Chaplain of 3th regiment. The anpointmrnt of J. W.

Alien, as Sat- erof 13th regiment, has been forwarded or apfronl to the Secretary of War. Oronomo woo Rifles are astigned to ICtn egnaent, and ordered into tTamp Randall foete is cbmmiisioned 2d Lient. Company Wta; Markboff li that CtfLRarttt goonTwith regiment, and it to be ready for eervice Deo. Patriot. the 'ces on the Lower I been withdrawn within a few davs le-ivma 1 but pickets nnd small detachmonu man I their batteriec, and perhapi one i about a mile back from Mathias Point Many of the camp fires which were I last week, have disappeared.

I A body of rebel cavalry made a I.mon- stration on our right flani this the regiments were moving to the fieM review, but retreated hastily toward- the close of the review. Heavy tiring hoard on the Banks, creating some comm Cause unknown. Gen. Butler is here receiving his lust IP stroctions in regard to cipe'Jition Smiil The report that the Spanish Minister be would have demanded passports ha Messrs. Mason and Slidell been taken fro 0 Spanish vessel, or entertaine.l such opinion, if untrue.

Siner the negotiation of the'new Friday lost, Secretary- Cluwe ha. placed the credit of.disbursjne officer- in Boston and Philadelphia, fie sum of 504,874, to be paid to contractors an I er Government creditors. A new punishment for rr ri nK1 Congress will probably be called to change tjiB tcrritoruU boun'darie- of DC so as to gite this little State all th land between Chesapeake Hay and Heh ware over, and to change tho boundarie 01 Maryland BO as to give her all of th .114 th. til'' i Tt 'I' ti, Lake B.IT.MI, and tn nn I nnd men onr Ii Mould .1. ancL- i I- I it all a bile-, liai- l.ak" tii- ni-.

i.lpldltte.l i th piHH til" Ili'l- LOTS TO In 4-ri LEASE -j HV PPI haps altei seliELflBOLD'S EXTRACT BlfOl' Mi. 1 F' MILLINER AND FALL AND WINTER GOOCh From farolina. N'nrtli Tbr I Jl -A 1-th. Can I.v a .11 declared a provi-ionai entirely lli. the reaffirming of tho I 1 he convention ni' at II la-t not pa- ral sections, the tii OFFICES TO RENT' It VL FI.NK OH'iCtj I Rtvr --k tn uir.

II IRK or 1 ts rnr .,1 ORGANS letter fn.ui lint jele. VILE. Stnte. The run tamed 13, Tuvlor STATK I.I II n. il-n: I in Ibe .0.1 to 1 or JF" HOW LOM 1 Helmbold's Extract Buchu o( al en tbfl 12tb Jty of -A- ID WAR RECORD OF COST' eastern counties of, Vi the State of Varginia the Convention at Wteel hetween tbe Blue FroBall irginin, nnd to organized the territorv 0 Ohio JoldUr.

nd York, Nev. British ganboat Kacer lias nrrived. The r. S. ateam transport Bpltie, Cant Conutock, arrived at 3 V.

from Port i wb sho left on Monday 18th, at clock A. M. She towed-their. S. etm- Ccrlew, Lieut.

Walmesgh. to Sandy jf Col. Allen reports nothing-new at Head, 'eTejrj in the eery ng i same condition ai leftby the Atlantic, las in his poesession about 10,000 in Treasury notes, which ho is 'J to forward to ire 4th Dcs- ort and the ho friends of: the New lecimcnt. '3f The at on tBe island will soon be picking he ungirtherea. under order from the Government, and the latter nppntne imbulw dtwcted to be aid them by It is also Island jw the next cotton crop be 'contracted or by some responsible who will ereTpnred to eriploy abandon 64 by their tfa' menl la n- Utions.

-t- 21. artillery ompames now in tbe barracks at Albany ire expected to depart for Washington rening. of the i na HoYernor 'lilt- third adopts tin- i. State, with the Statute in the revised cole of 1-ji'i The n-pudiitps Imaiioi- of passed nt the Mth of May, with all hen aduptu.i. The fifth din-cts th.

IV.i nor to ordor r-lo of Ibc sixth gives to i ity to m-ikc temporarv npp STRICKLAND nty ad the wction in rih of iirenry tn st half of thosr to Joho A lfm, PrMirick 11 aaj Marta rus fcoJ Chariot Jnniffl II wife, ny warra Vlarcb 1H49, and rpoorji-d i uf of Mi --(lunty, in nf 7 on onrth toutn b- north md ot mi, juartwr of fi-rtloo l7j -PHYSIUMS RLE 1SE -WTICE." author- mtmcnta of- lirliiiliolils -our lini 10 through ilio liiirliu nu ul 'i he Convention then i to tho call of the Preiiden (ii-v. Tfivlor has for an election in the 2d trict, which will bo held 27th in.t. A smart engagement took at Hat tons Inlet, on tho Jth, between the coos survey steamer Convin and the reM steam- city of 0 on er Curlew. The Curlew apparently got the 4fh 3 irt( namVr two Into pily of tho louthwut 'j mber in pn nortft nf ranjro tw rpal pitate aoj rilfht, lieu at Public Auction, at Court In BY H. T.

HELM BOLD, ami ioa.y'.u-.! lie-cist, noil UKnafac- Hclmbold's Preparations. II worst ot I contest nnd retreated after tru Adll. bour o( if. of list J.y, 10 having received a hot and telling lire from 1 SontiTi Offlee, stilwaukw, Nnrembw -a, mi. the former steamer From St.

ak Sheriff of Mllwmaktc i Atfjr i for ooT-JSin AF city of rhllaJ-lph iworn, Jnth I oo iir 0. II. .0 Alder an the 1017 nareotlo, etmlr member, 1SA4. 9 of Ifo. IIlnnEHD lona on tbe TetrKrapli, Jfco.

ST. JOHNS, Nov. telegraph line breakers are still at work, and the wires wpre cut on Tuesday night. Tho Jity of Manchestcr'8 news was delayed til! Sunday night by breaks in the line. The inc has been cut every hour.

To-dny we have nony men and horses out to repair it. Tho larvrc de Grace line eriy destroyed. ia believed to be ut- Tho election takes place to-day, and quiet 'ill probably prevail hereafter." The steamship city of New York will ar- ivc off Capo Race about midnight, but here are no prospects of boarding her. From Eastern Virginia. ertluinpton and- Acxomac countlea In Ponenlon of Union troopi.

BitTivoHi, Nov. just from the Eastern shore of Virgina, bring the gratifying intoUigence' that he Secessionists of Northampton Co umbering laid down their arms federal troops have now full posr essi6n of that.and Accomac counties. From Boston. The Santa Rout Prlionon. WdsV Nov.

the rebels cap- ured on Santa Rosa Island in the attack Wilson's Zouaves, arrived hero this ormog. CHARLES MILLER, or INVISIBLE WIGS, TOUPEESi Ornamental Hair-Work, 3-1-1 Enst WnterlSt Milwaivkeo. DK andfrtitn.a btft larill tha paulloitt.n- UOD to an4 itock, which will be found taperlar to say tn laa Wntiwi rnunrry. AIT the great improvements in the conatruetton of BandekiiB, Bralde, Ornamental Hair-Work, are used htm, partiCQlartj bj wo kl. or TO0PEES wtadc to ontrr, with tho crr- im in A.

M. t-. r- I'. M. Price 81 per Bottle, cr Sis for 85.

J.ioU-l,v. Pick ir Men rf, uir Not r-t. Out ind yiv Our Artuy Our "'ount BEST IN THE WEST. taiaty of a perfect flt by taUog ax No. Round the Head.

No. to trmpU below tbe trovn. No hair on the forehead to the poll of the head. Ho to ear. AUrat MILLXK, Eaxe Water itent, MHwmafcee.

Lceehea Imported wkMeula anr- OYSTEKS! C. MALTB Y'S JCSTLT Celebrated Ojttttt in ant Shell, to loaf and (ivonoljr known In the Eutrra mukets are BOW dtliy at H. Cxt Dtpot, Bint Wat Wo-Strict, MilKnktt, farorabla term, and low eBOOgh to tall All oar Oyrtenait Wurantal freA end jTftk. utl At Bat Uu Wartd afferdi. Qrden from the cltj and foantryiolldtedandpromptlj- filled, bv return ex- or BUT te directed.

or aioaj be directed. Mpt-dTa B.COOKX, Aunt. 10 pttrri fhr in II- T. IIKLMBOLD. CUE uflj Tooth B'EWARE OF COONTERFE1TS A.ND UJH-R1NCIFLED DEALERS, odeeiftir to nl tr na article! oa tbe tepatauoa attaiurd bj Genuine Preparations Extract Sitc'hu, Sataaparilla -Unproved SaaeWath, for Onen Jt Belwn.

Drake H. Boiwortb. Jc Sens, IlarrlDgtrin Jfc F. Caafltn, Teaa, 0 U. Gardiner Qreallch Kallt" hor, Morton rowln-.

K. M.Ttt' 0. II. W. Schmltt, H.

Scbwefol. If. 0. Splndler.J. U.Tescb, C.

Waroeelte, nil ASK FOB HEUIBOLD'S. Take- no Cat oat'tho and'aem! for It, AXB JSTDeteribe ijmptoms in rommnnloaUoni. Adl-rlee Gratia! ll who -ill 4ivi it Boon Uli ST. NIC II UI. A- Hroadivay.

BOARD SEDUCED To INCK Iho .1 -Hi, Uotn, nn ei the aa.l nU whareouTpr eotnfort of to provule, olcmcnu or modern art has an.l and the patrnnaiM wliioh alx jMiriia appraclateu. To meet -Ua uf h- ijnlrea to practice tho mem Uffned Itetlitaed the Two Dollars pci- abating the uvl, their table rial hitherto 3ept. i ATTOBlfETS AT am wuntou CT caww..

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