Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1938
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Lv JULY t, 1938. IJINESS iCTORY H. W. Mill*' R ft MILLER Offices. Iffice 427, residence 8x4 Iowa. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. «^P»UTJA BOUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Klamp Takes a^BrielVacaticarjaum ••••«•• ^•.___ ~~ —• - J orney-at-Law a State Bank Bldg. 460-W. Mgona. towt jr, McMAHON & LIS5AJ llvan S. B. McMahor _. E. Llnnan Ittnrneye-at-Law ^County Mutual B1d| tice, 261. Algona, Iowa & LOWE ttorneys-at-Law f rlngton . tNES8,0. Vf , Lawyers , in new Helse Block. Algona, lows nway E. D. Kellj TAI & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law • James Drug Store. Algona, Iowa It. A. TfGOfEL Comty Attorney. JAttorney-at-Law • James Drug Stoxe. Phone 180 B. WHITE lAttorney-at-Law over Iowa Stale Bank Algona, low* P. A. DAlfSON (Attorney-at-Law | over Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J; Res. 316 (deceased) LD C. HUTCHISON EODORE C. HUTCHISOB jAttorney B -at-Law rlty State Bank Bldg. Algona,-. low* ICE C. McMAHON | Attorney-at-Law In Helse Bldg. Algona, low* DOCTORS OHH 5. KENEFICK lyslclan and Surgeon t over Rexall Drug Store [ Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 CBETZMEYEBy M. D. geon. and Physician John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 Iowa 6. BOVBHE lyslclan and Surgeon [Office, 197; residence, 194 DENTISTS .E M. OLSON Dentist New Call Theatre Bldg. Business, 166; Res., 78» Algona, Iowa FARM EDITOR TELLS ABOUT LITTLE TOUR Takes Mrs. Klamp to Visit a Sister in Wisconsin. Clms. II. . morning, Mrs. Klamp and this writer, ing an early start at. 4:15, c ft by way of Blue Earth, Rochester, Winona, and Wabasha, Mini,., flnd Menoinmoe. Wis., for Elk Mound for a visit with the W H Millers Mrs. Miller, who ,„ M ra.' Klamp'8 sister, had written beforehand lo tell just how to find them, and Indirections were so accurate that we didn't have to inquire •We crossed the river at Wabasha on a toll bridge erected n few years ago. Wabasha, by the way is the home of Hugh R. Smith, who' was the first foreman of the Advance. He was postmaster there 13 years, and one of his five daughters is still deputy. Mr. Smith now spends most of his time in summer on a 40-acre tract of timber he owns on a lake near i ,, , Aitken, Minn. His wifo wn, n „£_ i-wouldn't KELLEYS HAVE GET-TOGETHER NEAREST, BEN' Irvington, July D—A Kelley reunion was held Sunday at Harvey Johnson's, near St. Benedict, and and automobile, the Terrl- toriai Centennial State Fair lug colorful n 2 ' ^" PreS6nt lh ° »°* colorful parade of. 100 years in transportation ever assembled in the midwest, officials announced this Exhibits w U n schooners, staga coaches, two-wheel and four-wheel carriages, automobiles dating as far back as 1898, and many transporta- "" 1 " 8 whlch than The exhibit will be one of the numerous old-time displays of early have been assem- Iowa H£e . assembled for the climax of Iowa's Terrl. His wife was a sister of the late Mrs. \V. C. Dewol. Wisconsin Farmers Dairymen. It was 284 miles to the Miller be great fun to back to bicycle days,? go We had a visit w 'th Clark God- home, and We arrived at 10:30 a.! dcn > south of Burl, last week Tues- -wfun °: r ° idtimers ' ening the road from Wabasha to i : , ° th talked about the old Menominee. The road from Wi- lSC ° dnys> But the little old nona to Wabasha is blacktop, the : wh 'te schoolhouse across the rail- best we have ever seen, and the -road track is gone now Dark scenery is wonderful. , who has changed little since those The people in Wisconsin depend far off days, keeps always look°ng moat y on dairying, and all have young, and laughs as hearti°y a! small herds of cows. All herds ever. y are Guernseys. Crops looked good, * * * * though heavy rains had fallen. Sam Weaver, northwest of Led- Nearly ten inches of rain fell in i yard, had just come home from the two weeks before our arrival. .Ledyard, -when we saw him last The water washed out some roads -week Thursday. He bought the and deep ditches in some fields. farm where he lives two years On Saturday afternoon we all ago, and he keeps it in fine shape went to Eau Glaive. This is a The house has been painted and thriving little city with a popula-' Sam has also built a new garage 30,000. The town's name is'-Other improvements have also " '.been made. It is always fine to see a man get his home and go ahead at making it a better place I-to live. French and means "clear water. Visit to Klk aionnd. On the following Monday we visited the mound after which the town of Elk Mound is named. It *•""" ««- •*-•***. juisuiiu is Jiaiueu. ll T U tr is claimed that this Is the high-' , , n Kramersmeier, who lives eat point in Wisconsin. A tower S no *^ wes *- ot Ledyard, west of of lime rock is being built on thisi° am , Weavers, had been to Ledyard last week Thursday, Mr. .Weaver riding with him. When we arrived John had already start- the evening chores, for he has Poland China hogs, squealing for their mound, and it is somewhat like the one at Pilot Knob, near Forest City, only it is square. On Tuesday morning we left for the old Colesburg home in Iowa, traveling via Eau Claire, , . , and JLa Crosse, crossing the river ev !l"i? fTi, „ I SaV l ey at Lansin. h ° John knows how to ca ' re at Lansing. That is where the fnr h Chrlschilles family came from. On. ugs the east side of the river Indians live, and they put out baskets and other wares at the roadside to attract tourists. -i seVn M)leS „ work on W f B , automobile last One-Horse Caltirator. week Thursday, and while we were there Mrs. Rippentrop came out to Some of the farming on the Wis- ' show us the new baby girl, born consin side is still done in the old .May 6, named Roselyn May. The way. We saw many farmers cul- Rippentrops especially welcomed tlvating corn with one horse on '. this daugh'ter, for they already had only one side of the rows. Only two boys, Duane and Joe. Joe, by one tractor cultivator on the Wis- the way, had a painful accident consin side of the river was seen,'l«st week Monday morning while and only three two-row cultiva- .his mother was doing the wash- tors, these drawn by three horses. On crossing the river we found Iowa looking better. Even the .ing. He stuck his right hand into a pail of hot water, and it was hoi .enough to take the skin off his BERKELAND TRIBE IN GET-TOGETHER SUNDAY AT FENTON Penton, July 5 — One hundred sixty attended a Berkeland reunion Sunday at the local park: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pinnestad, Mrs. 'Martin Skaar, daughter Ruth, Leonard Pinnestad, all of Saskatchewan; Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Benson, Eagle Grove; the Oscar Hansons and Andrew Meland, Frost, Minn.; the Martin Olsons, Haifa; Mr. and Mrs. John Micklick, Thor. Mrs. Mary Mansager, the Rev and Mrs. A. K. Gaard, Cylinder daughter Helen; Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Christensen, Haifa, son Lowell^ Alice and Bernette Skaar, of Primghar; John Olson, Lemmon S. D. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mitchell, Mr, and Mrs. Ole Peterson, the Martin Olsons, Mrs. Morris Mitchell, her children, the Ole Berkelands, the Henry Mansagers, the Amos, Bertel, Arthur, Andrew, Ernest, and Bert Berkelands, the Arthur Codys, .Samuel Olsons, the Albert Codys, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Cody twin daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thompson, daughter Lavonne, the Kalmer Handas, the Sigrud Olsons, the Ole, Oscar, Bernard, Edward, and Ervin Solbergs, Adolph and Otto Solberg, Mr. and 'Mrs. Dale Long, daughter Martlys, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Bleckwenn, daughter Norma Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Lars Pinnestad, Mr. and Mrs. Berger Johnson, Ben Meling, Eldred Tostvold, Marjorie Linehan, and the Albert Mitchells Penton. in attendance were tho E. J. Kelleys, the Ted Johnsons, Mrs. Stella Sabin, Alice Sabin, and Lee Hiserodt, all of Algona; the J. A. Johnsons, Rich Point, the Ralph Parsons family, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Sabin, daughter Lavonne, all of Irvington; the J. W. Keileys, Vinton; and Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kelley, St. Benedict. This reunion is an annual affair. notice of said assessment nnd hearing thereon ns required by Jnw. 2:00 o'clock P. M. ' ' ., ^J""", , IIo . ffmn n. Frnser, C'osgrovc McDonald. Weir, Morris, liootheroyc Sawyer, Ilnlkon. Nayes. None. Motion li.v Ilelkmi nnd seconded by Hoffman Unit the Joint boards nd- Jouni until July 2R, ](WS. Aves: All K. S. KINSEY, Secretary. BOOTIIKOVD. C'liiilriniin. AUDITOR'S OFFICK Algoiin, lown OiOO O'Clnrk A. M. June 13, JOH8 . WALEATH, D. ». S. [Genera] Dentistry Algona, BL B. HOFFMAS Dentht p In New Helse Bldg. L ID: Office 44, res. 116. IDH.C.D.SCHAAP Dentist gona, Iowa f James Drug Store, »: Bus. 133, res. 174. , L W. FOX •»• B, WINKEL Veterinarians ' Bute Street, Algona • . • 0«tce, 476-W; Res., 476-B COUNTY MUTUAL ASSOCIATION 'vortu of Worth ta ' ** irflcu inBu'* aM ** A JlESii?5 trees seemed more thrifty. Prom arm. But Joe is a patient, un- Lansing we traveled to Waukon through Elkader, and thence to Colesburg. This old town has changed little .complaining lad, and he didn't .seem to mind a raw arm, for he .was playing around as happy as always. in the last 50 years. In the last | two years a new creamery hasi. We called Friday on Tom God- been butlt, also a barber shop | den, south of Burt, on the about the size of Mr. Esser's at Algona, and one new house. But this is a good farming coun- and the crops • looked lent, though In the week excel- before ."Mose" Godden farm, now owned .by Fred Ryther, Algona. Fred, who .has repaired and repainted the buildings, found a good use for old automobile frames. He cut them our arrival it had rained hard and!up and shaped them for braces in some of the oats, which were rank the barn, also for fence posts. In growth, had lodged. Dubuque Sume Old Town. Dubuque is still the same old city, though it manages to keep up with the times. Roshek Bros, have a new store, and it is a fine one, the largest department store in Iowa. There is an excellent place They will stand a long time. * * * * A. J. Berens, northwest of Ban- .croft, was filling in the yard where rains had washed ditches when we called Friday. He had a .tractor hitched to a slip-scraper, and the outfit was doing a fine , • . . „,,. ..I job. Men were at work putting in to eat in the basement. This writ-j hj h ljne conneotion for eleo . er indulged In a good vegetable The scenery is wonderful in that part of the state. The crops on the way from Colesburg home are mostly good, though some damage had been done by heavy rains. We » * * * called on the Vincent Cruises, 4% miles northwest of Wesley, Friday, June 17, and Mrs. Cruise showed us the new daughter, born May 14, named Mary ZJta. -Mr. and Mrs, Cruise also have a fine boy, Edward Vincent, now 18 months old. These babies sleep in the same cradle in which their, mother was cradled. * * * * !Last week Tuesday we called on Roy . Hansen, who lives threa- of a mile west of the Doan 'On, the Matt Hansen farm. Roy's father is on the san\e farm, but .fcach family has its own house. Wesley There an old, strawberry bed , 4n t^e ^garden* that they were tak- " :. Ranting a new bed. iors, -Mrs, Alvin An» T Mrs. Tom Elefson, there',' getting plants for their »Sf'4t|terry be^ls. The Han- haftf ' fr small patch of oid- lashioned slough grass In the yard. Roy said he bad tried dif- erent ways to kill it, even to put- :Jng salt water from an ice cream on it, put all methods only sens aeemed, to make it grow faster. Then he tried the salt water on the asparagus, and found that this also grew much faster, and was jnore tender. So he has learned lopethlng tb^t will always be of >se to him, and we are passing the idea along. Itoy also boasts the liret an4 only single-row tractor .Cflrn, cultivator that we have ever jjeea. Mr. agd Mrs. Hansen will jaye two fine boys, Harry, 11, and ;>JLck, 9, and they had company, &e CliJI H9over firl and the Ai- fjm 4^<|reaspn to *••—•-- you Mrs. Prank Kouba Jr. and her daughter Shirley came home last week Thursday from Cottonwood, Minn., where they spent a week with Mrs. Kouba's parents. Karl Wester, Keosauqua, called on the home folks Friday. Anna is expected home soon from New York City for a month's visit, and Leila js also expected. Postmaster Wade Sullivan, Algona, and Gilbert Knudson, state editor of the Fort Dodge Messenger, were business callers here last week Wednesday. Mrs. P. C. Haynes, son Harley, and daughter Irene got home from Chicago Saturday, after a week there and at Indiana points. The Fred Deikmans got home last week Tuesday from two weeks in the West. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Davenport, of Albion, Mich., visiled Sunday at Lael Root's. The Roy Kleinpeters drove to Burlington Monday. Off for Southern Visit. Burt, July 6—Marie Grover left Tuesday with Dr. and, Mrs. Wallace, Algona, for Shreveport, La., where they are to visit their nephew, Lieut. L. J. Fairbanks, and family. The Fairbanks moved to Shreveport a few months ago, where Mr. Fairbanks is in the U. S. air forces. Rich Point The Irvington township school board held its annual meeting at the Center schoolhouse Friday, and Armor Lemkee was elected president. L. C. Hutchins continues as secretary, and R. H. Skilling as treasurer. The board decided that the schools in Nos. 6-7 should remain closed, due to lack of pupils. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walker sot back last week Wednesday from' the Black HIHs and Yellowstone park. They are now at home on a farm west of Algona. Roberta Skilling and Ruth Black, both of Cedar Falls, were week-end guests of their respective parents. George Vandenburg, of Armstrong, was a visitor at R. H. Skilling'». last week Tuesday. The men are.'!former neighbors, when both were homesteading In North Dakota, Missionary Society Meets— The missionary society met last week Wednesday at the church, Mrs. Nina Schichtl in charge of a lesson on the Philippines and the West Indiesr Sentence prayers were offered, songs were sung, and Mesdames Schichtl, M. L. Roney, E. H. Thomas, H. T. Sabin, and Inez Roney contributed to the program. Mrs. Boldridge closed the meeting with prayer. Off for Mississippi VisiW Marie and Merle Weiner, Cedar Pa'lls, left by car last week Wednesday for Cleveland, Miss., for two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weiner. Paul, former Irvington boy, is service man for the •John Deere Co. there. Marie will return in September to continue teaching a school four miles east of Galbraith. Detroit AMsitor Goes Home— Norma Hallead, Detroit, was brought to Wallace McArthur's last week Tuesday by Mrs. Eugens Worden, Elmore, whom Miss Hallead had been visiting. The visitor left for Detroit Wednesday, after having visited relatives here and in Minnesota since the Dutton reunion. Hip Patient is Improving— Mrs. Mae Miller, Algona, wh had been confined to bed sine early in January, when her righ hip was broken in a fall, is slowl regaining her strength, and is no able to sit up in a rocking chai two hours daily. She can als touch her foot to the floor. Aid Takes a Tacation— The Aid met last week Thursda afternoon with Mrs. Ben Terhune and it was voted to have a vaca tion till late.in August. The mem bers have been invited to attend guest day at Lone Rock July 19. Washington, B. C, Visitor Here— Cassie Skilling, Washington, D C., arrived one day last week t visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R J. Skilling, and other relatives.. Other Irrlrigton. 'Dinner guests at George Wag ner's Sunday evening were Mi and Mrs. Nick Wagner, Mr. an Mrs. Sylvester Wagner, the Harol and Alfred Redings, George Beck er, and Mrs. Lucy Wagner, all o Bode; the Eugene Thuls, Harol and Edmond Frideres, all of Otto sen; and the Clarence Kramers Algona. -Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith, Park ersburg, were Sunday callers o; the E. H. Thomas family. Mr. an Mrs. Smith had first driven t Hanlontown to visit the Thomases thinking they had already move there. Mr. Smith is a brother o Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. George Wagner and he children spent Monday at Fre Illg's, Bode, and that evening th Wagners were guests of the John B. Redings. 'Ray Wickwire, gas station em ploye at Bedford, spent • Sunda and Monday with his parents, Mi and Mrs. T. E. Wickwire. The Rev. A. English preachei Sunday on Job, using as his text Job 38:1. He also read the firs epistle of James. Harold Sabin, Thomas Wagner and Willis Spurgeon drove to the Okobopis Saturday night and spen Sunday there. The Leo Gregsons, of Grinnell spent from Saturday till Tuesday with the Willard Gregsons, Al gona. The Frank Asas drove to Ce'dai Falls Sunday to visit relatives and spend the Fourth there. Lavonne Sabin is spending several days with her grandmother Mrs. Stella Sabin, Algona. Tile Elmer Doles, of Woodbine spent the week-end holidays with relatives here. Board Proceedings NOTICE TO BOliTD The Board of Directors of the Independent School District of Lu Verne, in the Counties of Kossuth and Humboldt, Iowa, will offer for sale at 10 o'clock a. m., on the 16tb day of July, 1938, at the Lu Verne Independent School, Lu Verne, Iowa, Six Thouaef d Sevet} Hundred Dollars (?6,700) School Building Bonds of said School Dis- Bonds and Attorney's opinion wiUbe furnighed by the Scboo) TOWJN W. HOF, Secretary, 42-43 BftW;4 o* Directors. AUDITOK'S OFFICE ALGONA, IOWA lu:00 .-iioik A. SI. JUNE 8, U'3S Joint District Praia H. K. No. 2 The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth and Humboldt counties met in Joint session pursuant to a recess from April 6, 1838 with the followlne members » present: • Kossuth county McDonald, Morris, Fraser, Cosgrore and Heiken; .Humboldt county. Hoffman,'Boothroyd, Sawyer and Weir. Motion mftde .and seconded ttaj Bootbroyd act as chairman and that Kinsey, Kossuth county auditor, act as secretary of meeting. •' The minutes of Igst meetlnu were read and on motion by McDonald and seconded by Sawyer, and vote the minutes were apprpyed. . Motion by Morris »na seconded by Sawyer that the apportionment and assessment which was made aad wblch was set for tearing tor the day of April, 1938, be and that •.B hereby annulled and cancel- its entirety. Ayes; All. Nayes: Motion by McDonald and seconded the following re«- same . lea In None, Mot_,__ „_ by Hoffman T ,. glutton, be adopted: WHBBHAiS. ._ „-„...... T . Joint D. p. No. i, reasonable and neceasory repairs have been complet- iEAS, there is now required „ ,..3 Joint drainage district, im connection with aaid repairs, the following Bums, to-wit: Total repair expense .,,*28,934.53 Estimated interest 3,200.00 Eestaated- expenae in connection with reievy 1,260.80 and apportioned .prescribed' br law, persons and corporations subject to the expense of said joint drainage district, as by law, provided, which schedule . has been marked Exhibit "A", with the file mark of the Kossuth county auditor, dated today, and WHEKEAiS, this board has duly examined said schedule and has found that it is a correct muthmetiical apportionment of said required total, accurately divided " " ' in the manner . .... in accordance with the classification of benefits originally made in this drainage district, which apportionment gives credit to' the properties, persons, corporations and highways in Humboldt county for the seven per cent reievy which has already been made in. Hi)i*boldt county for this same purpose. NOW. THEREFORE, BE IT KB SOLVED: 1. That the new bereipabore referred to __, .,, same is, hereby adopted us the apportionment now made and confirmed and declared to be (he official assessment and reievy against the properties, persons, corporations and highways included in soldi joint drainage^ district, as named In said 2. The county auditors of Kossuth and Humboldt county, respectively, are now ordered and directed to spread said upporUo^went on the official record as the assessment now hereby ™iade by this Joint boerd. 3. That the 28th day of July, 1838, be, and the same 19 hereby set as the date for hearing on said assessment, iirtbielj hearing shall be held at tfce office of the Auditor of Kossutb. «°"nty, lows, in Algojw, Jn said county, «t ten o'clock *AT |4, «» s<Hd apportionment be, and the . ate hereby directed to V" « v.iiM-11 n. ni. June IK, 11HIB I.onrd of Supervisors met nt regular session with the following members present: McDonald, Mori-is, Cosgrove, I-'raser nnif IleiUen. Absent. None. The County Auditor wns directed to rend the inlmHes of thn lust regular session nnd all adjourned ses sions. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Mori-Is llmt the minutes of the lust regular .session nnd all adjourned sessions be iipprorcil as rend. Ayes: Motion by Fraser and seconded by ic a fo it •"! • following resolution RESOLUTION BE IT UNSOLVED by the Hoard ot Supervloi-s of the County of Kossuth, Algona, lown, that its deposit claim against the Exchange State llniik, of Wesley, Iowa, be assigned to the Treiis- irei- ,,f the stale for the use and benefit of the State Sinking Fund for nubile; deposits us provided In Chapter 171! of the Arts of the Forty-first fienei-al Assembly as amended, and that the county treasurer be ami he is hereby authorized nnd directed to execute and deliver assignment of said claims as provided herein Vote: Ayes: All. Nays: None. Ihe foregoing resolution wns passed us above set out on the l.'lth dav of June mw, at the regular meet* Ing of the Hoard of Supervisors. E. S. KINSKY, ,. ,. . County Auditor Motion by Morris and seconded by Iciken that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION RE IT RESOLVED by tile Board of Supervisors of the County of Kossuth of Algona, Iowa, that the deposit claim against the I'armors and Traders Savings Bank of Bancroft, Iowa, be assigned to the Treasurer of State for the use nnd benefit of the State Sinking Fund for public deposits as provided In Chapter 17.i of the Acts of the Forty-first General Assembly as amended, and that the County Treasurer be and he is hereby authorized cmd directed to execute and deliver aa- s gnmcnt of said claim as provided herein. Vote: Ayes: all. Nays: None. E. S. KINSEY, ,, ., , County Auditor Motion by Cosgrove and seconde by Fraser that the 1938 persona property valuation be adjusted a follows: Horses 3-yrs.-old Increase Decreas Cresco Twp 4 pet Kenton Twp 3 pet Garfield Twp 4 net Portland Twp C pet. Union Twp 4 pet. Mules 2years old: Springfield Twp. . Mules 3 years old: Hebron Twp Plum Creek Twp. , 3 pet. Portland Twp t p,-t. Union Twp 20 pet. Heifers, 2 years old: Lotts Creek Twp. . 4 pet. Plum Creek Twp. 12 pet. Seneca Twp 4 pet. Steers 2 years old: German Twp 7 pet. Ramsey Twp 3 pet. Seneea Twp 11 pet. Swine: Lotts Creek Twp. . Seneca Twp 12 pet. Union Twp 3 pc t. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded b Morris that Heiken make nccessar repairs on Distnict Drain No. IH Ayes: AH. Motion by Heiken and seconded b Morris that the following rcsolutio be adopted: BE IT RESOLVED, that a certain mortgage dated November 18th, 1889 and recorded on said day In Book 1, Page 272 In the mortgage records of the office of the county recorder of Kossuth county, Iowa, wherein Emmor W. Palmer is the mortgagor and Kossuth County, Iowa, is the mortgagee, which said mortgage covers the Northeast Quarter (NE&) of the North-east Quarter (NEH) Section 8 Township - 2L N 5 rtn - R » n se 27 West of the otn p M., and secures the payment of $150.00 due November 18, ISM be satisfied and released of record and the auditor of Kossuth county, Iowa, Is hereby entered and directed to release the same or record, Ayes: All. Nays: None. Resolution declared 34 pc 50 pc 25 DC --,_...»*..* adopted tlii 13th days of June, 1038, as a ree ular meeting of the board of super visors of Kossuth County, Iowa. W. E. McDONAILD _ ., Chairman un motion board proceeded to nudi and allow bills as "per schedule o claims hereinafter written." _ County Fund Henry Marnack, bty S 2.0C D. F, Schwieter, bty 25.1 Eugene Colwcll, bty D. P. Schwictert, bty Northwestern Bell Tele. Co. telephone serv Ben P. Sorensen, sup B. S. Kinsey, delv. ballots .. Mary Walsh, Julge election .. W. A. White, same Joe Greenberg, same It. S. Blossom, same Hazel D. Lusby, same Verner Sands, Jr., same George K. Elbert, clerk of election Hortense S. Ferguson, same".' Nellie Van Allen, same Harrietts Setchell, same C. C. Scliarlach, judge of election :.,.. Prank Gelgel, same Chas. P. Nolle, same H. B, Nolle, same JSdw, Capesfus, same Olive S. Herbst, same H. .M. Harris, clerk of election Mrs H. D. Hutchins, same .. o.iv Mrs. Mart J. . McCall, same 4.2 Ynrmn ItMnnnll oo*n n * .>< 7.50 5.3 59.1 36.6 47.1 4.5C 4.5C 4.5C 3.0C 3.0 3.0C 3.0C 3.00 4.51 4.50 5.4 5.4C 5.4C 4.20 4.20 4.iiO 5.40 5.4C S'orma Pinnell, same Oscar Norman, Judge of election Mary Streit, same r. S. Crowell, same U J. Nelson, same Henrietta Huenhold, sume . 3ertba E, Johnson, same ... Josephine DeZellar, clerk of election i. P. Huenhold, same winda Clapsaddle, same xlla Nugent, same , Vallle M. Tribon, Judge of election , r olm Kohlhaas, same .... . ;A. Freeh, saine olm McEnroe, same .; t. E. Norton, same T . P. Overmeyer, sume jva Towne, clerk of election ielen Dickinson, same May Harrington, same knna A. Sharp, same Chris Brandt, judge of election " V, p, Stenzel, same .ndrew M. Hansen, same .. da , M. Sachan, same "eter Been ken, some :dw. Hike, some U. P. Hansen, clerk of election \ A. Duumire, same Cullies, seme u. .*•. uames, an: V. H. Stott, same Hamilton Hatchery, election. , ...... ...... ..... ..... tasimus Aansen, arranging booths ......... . ..... . reen p os t American Legion, room rent . ____ , ....... ,.. Premmel, judge of elec- . 5 r , aham - same 'erna. Baettcber, same . .C. Smith, same . BV Slaughter, BW»V'** tjr of Burt, room rent .H. 'Schrad booths *-•• * • vi i" »• v.v*« 4 Cil V • • • * Harry SaWn, judge of else- upn ..,..,.,.."..,.. 4.65 4.65 4.05 3.45 3.45 3.4, r 4.65 4.09 3.45 3.45 4.50 4.50 4.50 3.00 8.00 3.00 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 4.80 6.80 4.80 2,70 2.70 2.70 4.80 4.80 2.70 2.70 4.00 6.00 3.00 4.80 4.80 445 4.05 4.05 6.80 4.80 4.05 4,05 Q.OO 1.50 5.10 6.10 6-10 Mike Wngner, clerk" of" eic'c- tion if; W. Unlgemim, snnie ...'.'.'.' Ubbp Winter, Judge of election Robert Knine, snine '.'" lenry Schmidt, snme lobn Uoekclinnn, clerk of election II. Ureesmiin, same .'.'.'.'."" •y Anderson, Judge oC election lUchnrd Anderson, same'".'.' w. C. Kngstrom, snine ... . Harold Fischer, clerk of election , ,., Toe Italic, same ..'.'.'.'.'.'" -,' . El ] > ell y. Judffe of election 'etcr Looft, same fennle McCrary, same ... Jora Smith, same "eo. B. Biitterfield, same ".'. . J. Anderson, clerk of election Jamie Spei-beck, same ..'.'.'.'.' -• *• Berggren, sume lattle Fults, same olm Simmons, Judge of election '*. W. Bbrich, same .'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. I. O. Larson, same Win. Franke, clerk of election Say Kickliorn, same "" U. H. Frank], Judge of election M. L. Ronoy, same Henry Scbeppmann, same .. Herman A. Becker, clerk of election Carl Hutching, same ..'.. farmers Co'op., room rent .. J n l? k _ Asa > arranging booths n X r "«' ers . JuilSlng election L. O. Peterson, same Samuel Warburton same . Gertrude Si-lilssel, same ... .Jennie Giitknecht, same s rank Lewis, same Olga Wortman, clerk of election .Tanette Mussman, same ..." Laura Kosenau, same O. S. Nelson, same J. II. Mausel, Judge of clec- •tion J. II. Welfare, same .'.' Ld Looft, same Bd ,T. Halverson, same J. H. Holcomb, snme John Hartshorn, same 3udge Russell Shlpler, same' "".'"" Elsie Stott, same ....... '. Will Ringsdorf, clerk of elec-' • tion ..................... E. O. Mann, same ..... John Arndorfer, judge of election .......... . ............ Isadore Mayer, same . . George Cink, same ......... G. B. Ludwig, clerk of election John Ludwtg, same »i; _• —M*»*T *& | aa.tuc • • * • * John M. Wittle, room rent . Rlnerd Johnson, judge of election . Prank Cink, same A. B. Lappe, same Earl Cushman, clerk of election John Wellman, same Henry Borman, election Judge of Charles Plathe, same '.'" John Friederes, same Wm. Runchey, clerk of election John Bormann, same O. K. .Jenson, judge of election Joe Crowley, same '.'.'.'.' V £• Engesser, same A. T. Paulson, clerk of election PAGE SEVEN 070 C.2D C.iifj 5.25 7.80 D.OO O.S30 4.00 4JJO 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.00 0.00 3.00 3.00 0.00 7.40 Kmll O'Oreen, same ij. Mnrlow, Judge of election win. A. htoutenberg, same .. A. II. Ilnnna, same I\. O. Ewoldt, clerk of election M. O. Ilicluirds, same .....'.'.' A. A. Krueger, room rent .. 0. IJ. Johnson, Judge of election W. E. Stoeber, snme C.. U. Krause, same George Ooetsch, same J. F. Newel, same JV. C. Stumer, same .'.'..'.'.'.'. II. II. Dreyer, clerk of election W. E. La ge, snme ','.'.', I'. II. EiKler, same ... I'. H. Holm, same '" I'enton Ind. School Dlst. room rent R. B. Burningbaus, Judge' of election 740 Toe n. Schnller, same ...'.'.'. 4.80 4.80 4.80 C.GO li.UO 11.00 8.CO 0.00 4.50 4.00 7.70 4.CS n.4o 11.40 5.40 3.00 3.00 3.1)0 7.IK) 5.40 3.00 3.UO 0.10 5.10 5.10 11.10 5.10 5.40 5.40 7.WO 5.40 5.40 2.00 2.00 4.50 7.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.50 3.00 3.00 4.50 4.80 4.80 7.80 3.30 3.30 3.30 4.80 4.80 3.30 3.30 (1.00 2.00 election Andrew A. Fangm City of Bancroft, „ _- —, room rent . Farmers & Traders Savings Bank, room rent . Cecil McGlnnlsv arranging booths John P. Byson, same .'.'.'. Schwartz & Peterson, printing Kohlhaas & Spilles, election supplies Advance Publishing Co., same 4.80 7.80 3.00 3.00 5.00 7.00 17.0t .36 104.65 Ilillyurd Sales Co., sup. '.'.'.'.' 214.00 Vl,.r- /ft™ 10 ' . s . nln e .......... 31.58 2.40 3.50 50.05 4.60 7.40 2.20 .90 .60 John Grlese, bty Glen Klocke, bty. ... Art Prlebc, bty '.'.' .' J. G. Graham, bty Maurice L. Graham, bly Mnynnrd Wiegnnd, bty .Tohn Rike, bty. Win. Schmidt, bty. Virgil Kroscli, bty. Edwin K. Christ, b( Theo. Meier, bty. ty. Art Heldonwlth, bty Klnire Ostwald, bty K. A. Kvana, coroners fees IJ. A. Carpenter, mtg , J. II. Welfare, mtgr N. A. Pingle, mtg , Win. Wclmer, mtg Wm. Flyiin, mtg I*. M. Cliristcnson, mtg C. B. Johnson, mtg B. H. Dreyer, mtg Auditor of State, cxamliier'3 exjjense Alex Hadlg, mtg Kemington Hand Inc., sup. . Court Fund 1'ranees Davidson, court reporter T. It, Fund Fred W. Sehoby, Indeui. cattle Construction Fund W. II. Uk-klefs, labor .50 1.4O 5.30 .W) 7.40 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 05S.H 4.00 3.00 . Win B. Plynn, clerk of "election D. A. Carpenter, same".'.'.'.'.'.'." Theo Wallentine, same N. A. Pingel, same L , e i° R - An <3erson, room rent Albert Barnes, arranging the booths Jas. Warburton, judge of election R -IA Paul Hertze, same "" 610 B. p. Edwards, same ..'."'. Menno Risui's, clerk of election Bert Coder, same ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'" W. G, Plaig, judge of election Alex Radlg, same J. M. Christensen, same '.'.'.'. Art Prlebe, clerk of election Gep. C. Pettit, same Alton Pettit, special policeman C. W. Elbert, Judge of "election Andrew Elbert, same Noah Relsner, same Otto Ruhnke, same ... ."" Louis Hackbarth, same .. Rich Portratz, same ' . Martin Meyer, clerk of election John Kohlwes, same Nick Gengler, same Alfred Wlttkopf, same' F. I. Chapman, Judge of elec- "tlon ...'... A. A. Sehlpul, same G. P. Chambers, same Prank Clapsaddle, same ... Anna B. Murray, same Hulda Pritzmeler, same .. H. C. Allen, clerk of election Harry Lichty, same .... Arthur A. Hof, same .... Francis .Eason, same Lucille Hof, same Town of LuVerne, room rent J. B. McEnroe, judge of election ;., Leo C. Miller, same '.'." Henry Bailey, same Alfred Jergenson, clerk of election Chris Dahl, same*''.'.'.'.'.'.'" " 3. O. Bailey, Sec., room rent b. J. Devine, judge of election M ?; Klrschbaum, same '.'.'." a. H, McEnroe, same .... Henry EJscheld, clerk of election , ,. c v, Hutchlns, same .,. '.'.'. Jtto Neuman, room rent Sim Leigh judge of election Herman A. Wormbier, same Henry J. Kohlhaas, same ..7 John Borman, clerk of elec- . Won Paul Phillips, same Guy. B Bisk, Judge of election ?S ul ? e •V lderson ' same ' ^,ow -hester Johnson, same 11.00 -• F -«? lom *' i , ler!c or election ^ee W. Kessel, same ?• ,• TAn<J , eraon ' room rent .. Axel Erickson, judge of election Vat. Krumm, same"'.'.'.'.", L. Emanuel Anderson, same . jl. J. Kennedy, clerk i. L. Thpreaon, same* Tom Reid, judge of election Jenry Tjaden, same".'.'.'; R. A. Harvey, clerk of ..... ................. len W. Jenklnsqn, same .. Ole K. IPlom, judge of election Ii. Klelnpeter, same ...... . A. iioleneus, same ....... ohn A. Gerdes, same ...... Myrtle Kouba, same ".."I"! lartua Sherman, > game . clerk of S lec- re vr«h .w label Kent, same 6.10 6.40 5.10 5.10 8.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 8.60 2.00 5.40 7.40 5.40 3.00 3.90 3.UO 8.40 5.40 6.90 3.1)0 4.50 4.50 4.50 5.20 3.00 3.00 5.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.50 6.00 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 2.00 7.40 5.70 5.70 5.70 5.70 5.70 0.00 6.00 0.00 10.50 6.00 3.00 7.40 SAO 5.40 7.40 5.40 5.10 5.10 6.40 5.10 U.66 9.10 ti.UO 6.60 6.60 O.UO 3.00 7.80 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 4.00 4.80 4.80 6.50 4.80 4.80 4.50 4.50 7.00 4.50 3.00 5.40 8.80 5.40 5.40 5.40 6.00 6.00 6.00 ti.OO 9.30 4.80 4.80 3.30 3 JO 3.3« 4.80 4.80 Advance Publishing Co., printing Schwartz & Peterson, same .. Joseph II. Scballcr, right-of- way Standard Supply Co., sup. .. Klauer Mfg. Co., sup Drainage Fund I)r. No. 33— Farmers Ulev. Co., sup Dr. No. 83— F. S. Norton'& Son, sup Dr. No. 90— Farmers Elev. Co., sup Hllbert Severlens, labor Farmers Elev. Co., sup Dr. No. 140— Dr. II. K. No. 2— Marvin A. Lelst, labor H. L. Zinnell, labor l>r. II. K. No. 2-36— Farmers Coop. Co., sup Dr. II. K. No. 3-48— Chas. A. Anderson, labor .... Farmers Coop. Co., sup. ... Dr. AV. K. No. 35-8B— Orrie Slattcnow, labor . Poor Fund IMxt. No. I— Wolto Drug- Store, med C. L. Cavenaugh, med Mrs. Ella Brlggs, care ... . Lutheran Hosp., bosp. care . Kinsctb & Son, prov Joe Muto Groc., prov Dlst. No. 2— Dr. Bourne, med E. W. Lusby, med Dr. J. N. KenftHek, med Dr. A. J. Evans, med Kossuth Hosp., hosp. care .. St. Thomas Mercy Hosp., bosp. care Myers Groc., prov St. Anthonys Home, care .. Dint. No. 4— Dr. Egan, med Kennedy's, prov Applequist pr< Gn oc., prov. Smith Dept. Store, same A. H. Krause, same .... W. A. Murray, fuel A. H. Fuchs, burial 105.00 Dint. No. B— Dr. Bourne, med 10.50 9.50 74.40 51.42 29.31 15.00 492.81 1228.59 .68 20.30 5.38 36.30 4.69 1.58 1.58 1.73 15.77 .30 .58 13.47 4.09 10.00 16.05 8.00 20.00 42.00 33.16 15.00 18.75 16.00 193.88 6.00 45.00 39.75 5.00 8.00 5.00 22.2B 23.00 18.75 50.00 80.50 100.00 35.00 35.00 15.00 3.10 10.00 4.85 21.00 8.91 16.35 89.38 13.72 13.95 30.92 12.32 3.05 3.00 7.86 30.60 ------— —-.»,.•..»-»•. i^utt BU^J* (• 4T»00 A. D. Lehman, .labor 10.00 MalHteuace Fond Dr. Morton, med ..'..'.'.. Dr West, med Dr. Andrews, med Coleman Hosp., hosp. care .. Dr. Andrews, med Bravick Meo't Market,' 'prov '.' '. Mrs. Ben Rushton, duplicate warrant General— N. s. Peterson, premium .... Mrs. Bertha Dettman, labor F. S. Norton & Son, sup. .... Wm. P. Blgnlngs, labor Thompson Yards Inc., :sup. .. Sub. Division of Aid to Blind, blind aid Prank L. Miller, light serr. . County Farm— C.ut Rate Groc., prov. ... ... P. S. Norton & Son, sup. .. Kresenskya, sup. Dr. M. G. Bourne, med. .'.'.'.'.'.* Algona Motor Sales, sup , n,' -v Olweln Chemical Co., sup. Jack Hahle, labor ____ ...... N. W. Bell Tele. Co., telephone service .................. , John Cordes, Jabor ......'..'" Bammon .. Motor. Serv., sup, .. sup erv. Co., light — Hardware, sun P. S. Norton, sup. ... S. B. Knudson, sup Nelson Bros., sup Farmers Elevator Co., sup" J. P. Schissel & Son, sup. O. H. Graha- Iowa Public service Interstate Power Co., same' Iowa Union Tele. Co., tele service . Titonka Tele. Co., same"!;:: Kelby-How-Tompson Co., sup. Globe Mach. & Supply Co., supplies Hudson Equip. Corp., sup. '.'. Wilson- Road Mach.-Co., -sup. Baibach. Co., .sup, ............ Sioux City Iron Co., sup. .;.. Central Auto Electric Co., sup Sargent Maco. Co., sup Ti?»^*f" c fe,A Su PP^y Co.,'pup. 300 2165 625 15.00 3.50 4.50 10.20 9.01 2.00 1,53 1.36 3.47 2.04 45.34 117.95 1.38 50.29 21,33 30.84 25.25 55.64 53.05 ° f -UsinPss at was motioned and seethe aduUot b ° arU adj0urn to ca " E. S. KINSEY. County Auditor CHEMICAL NOXIOUS For Sale at MUL LIN'S FEED & SEED CO. COBWITH, IOWA C H 1C K S Meyer,' 'game' . . same SinTs! "aamV ' . Wooaward'iswne own of Wbltteiaore, rent 9.09 9.09 6.10 8.10 6.10 4SQ 4.80 We have on hand sever*! thousand baby chicks, straight ran aitf lemales, from one to ten days old. Day old chicks twice a week. (We received the U. s. Depart' Went of Agriculture's Poultry and Pgg Situation bulletin this morn- i9g. It shows only 12% more phictes and chickens on the fawns June 1, 1938, than on June 1, 1937, 3 T /10 ,T 0 l w tft Look at your According to the port, la our opinion, there \ 9 - >-->- ,_-

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