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Wadesboro, North Carolina
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death of a si as SHORT LOCALS. -S TWO PRETTY WEDDINGS Open for Business 1 If Li 1 1 i Mil inscribed. TLe dime waj found in Mi Uorne'a cut, and the thimble in the piece cut by Mr. Boswell.of Berkly. The presents of cut glass, silver, band painted china and furniture were numerous and elegant.

Mr. and Mrs. Leath left on the vestibule for Richmond, and will be at home to their friends at Berkley, Feb. 1st. The bride is one of Anson's prettiest, most accomplished and most popular daughters.

The groom is a prominent young bnsiness man of Berkley, possessed of many sterling qualities. I- WE ARE NOW BUSINESS ON St RUTHERFORD For Clothing Eush To J. MyB3TJbiE He has 600 Suits for Boys from 40c to $1U, and the Ilobbiest Lino for Young and Old Men ever seen in Wadesboro. COME IN WHEN IN PURE OUR PRICES AS LOW AS WITH THE it out. And people are fast finding Come at once before they are all picked over.

PeeDeePharmacy v. M. MORTON JAS. A. HARDISON Proprietors Any Price.

1 who have our market since its establishment appreciate the effort we have put forth make 5t- in every partieuUrthe best ruar- ket ia the place, it the liberal patron at CITY MARKET CITY BAKERY CITY RESTAURANT ccent by handling oAy the best Beef, BAKERY AXD It EST A lit ANT will appreciate them sufficiently to repay Shoes age we Dave recetveJ speass lor tjeir appreciation. We will ttie high standing of car meat depart- Mutton, Totk, Siusage, etc. Bat it is our we wish lo call your especial atteston to at this time. These are new departures for WaJesboro, but we the people inPORTANT NOTICE Listen to Us! We are Qo ing to flake Things Lively us fir the money we have expended and the enterprise we have shown in their establish-neat. In fict, the people have long needed a First Class Cikeiy and Restaurant, and tliey have them now.

MR. K'lITIl, OUR IUKEU, i-s one of best in State, ao with all the improvements of a modern, bakery, we a pre'iart to furnished the very best bread that can be bked. and at prjee-s that ire remark low We expec to have FRESH BREAD EVERY DAY, that the waats of all rmy be supplied. OUR RESTAURANT will be run in connection the Bakery and we can supply Ihe wants of the hun- srv u.ilh almost anvThin? in th 1 have sold Mr. J.

S. Bivens an interest in my business. We have moved to the Say-lor Corner, One Door West of the a 7, j. line Fried, Stewel or Raw Dtlicijas Beef Eggs, Fish, to say i nothing of the sweet things. cau If you want iood Fresh Mets ff all please the taste of all.

kind. Postoffice, where are in better shape We shall give a Fresh Loaf of Bread, or a Good "Square OPEN FOR AT OUR re STREET TO SEE US NEED OF DRUGS WILL BE FOUND IS CONSISTENT BEST QUALITY. we have more room, and than ever to do you good. a Dollar Bef re Bigger Bargains, Kendall. W.


this offer is with us, but More Goods for Than Ever wwrroRY Meal, ring Flioue HS or call on Cooking and Heating Stoves. our Shows that lines of goods, we will reduce every salesman don't Iti. AT SOME we are overstocked on the following an.d in order to reduce this surplus our prices. Our instructions to is to SELL THESE GOODS customer go out. SELL I SELL PRICE.

So if you fail to see us, you will lose from 10 to 35 per cent on your goods. We have More Goods, Better Goods and Cheaper Goods than ever before to offer the people of Anson, Richmond, Stanly and Chesterfield counties. Come to see us, friends, and we will promise to do the rest, and will give you a great saving on your goods. So, friends, for David T. It-irrn DlraSaddeu Ijr nt Elisabeth Church.

H. MKlnrclv lie IV an at Jlriubrr of Ihe South Carolina Leidalat ore far Hany Years and Held a Sambrr of Positions of Be ponslbillty and Trust. Last Saturday afternoon Dayid T. Red-fearn, who lived near Mt. Croghan, Chesterfield cmnty, 8.

left his home to attend preaching at Elizabeth church, distant about three miles. While he and the other deacons of the church were con ferring in the yard about a matter that was to come before the congregation that afternoon he suddenly fell to the ground and expired instantly. Mr.Redfearn bad had heart disease for a number of eats and bis physicians had warned him that he was liable to die at any time. A few minutes before his death he was in his usual health. David T.

Red fear was the oldest child of the late Townley Redfearn. He was bora at the home of his father, in White Store townaliip, December 7th, 1834. He grew to manhood on his father's farm and about 1856 married Mary Ann Covington, daughter 01 tbe late David A. Coyington, of Monroe. She lived only a short time, and in iS6r he married Mary May, daughter of the late Peter May, Chesterfield county, S.

who together with several children, surviye3 him. Mr. Redfsarn volunteered in 1863 and was a soldier in the war between the States from that time until Lee surrendered at Appomattox. After the war he moved to Chesterfield county, S. where he has since resided.

Mr. Red fear took an active part in the exciting campaign of 1876 in South Carolina, being elected to the Legislature from his county that year. He was a member of the committee appointed to go to the State House and secure an entrance into the building aud hold it against all comers until their conferees should arrive. The committee was successful in their undertaking and the carpetbaggers were finally driven from the capitol and out of the State. From this time, 1876, Mr.

Redfearn continued to represeut hi? couuty in one or the other branches of the Legislature until some six or jears ajo, when he voluntarily retired. Mr. Redfearn took an active part in the TiHmau movement in South Carolina, he being an active partisan of the pitenfork statesman. Hs- was elected a trustee of Clemson College whea it was first estab -lished, and has held the position ever since. His oldest sou, Dr.

A. M. Redfearn, has been pbyticiau at this college for a number of years. Besides Dr. A.

M. Redfearn, he leaves the following children: Mrs. Dr. J. E.

Hart, Mrs Hugh Jackson, Mrs. W. N. Ratliff, and Mr. Augustus Redfearn, of Chesterfield unty, and Mr.

J. Out Redfearn, of Wadesboro. The following brothers also survive mm: Mr. J. I.

Redfearn. of Wadesboro, and Messrs. E. N. and T.

Redfearn, of Cheiterfield. Messrs. H. A. Redfearn, of While Store, Randolph and Baxter Redfearn, of Monroe, and Bid.

Redfearn, of Cheraw, were his half broth ers and survive him. The interment was at Elizabeth church Monday at 12 o'clock, in ths presence of a large and sorrowing gathering of friends and relatives. CSeriuau Tuesday Nigbt. The german given Tuesday evening by he Wadesboro German Club, compli mentary to tne UiDoie-vvyaU wedding party, is spoken of by all who participated as the most pleasant function of the sea Dancing began at 9 30 o'clock and continued uutil i.v. Those present were Miss of Abbeville, S.

with Mr George B. Lockhart; Miss Lila Bernhardt, of Salisbury, with Dr. Uydnck, of Orangeburg, C. Miss E'hel Marshall with Mr. C.

D. Bennett, ol Charlotte Miss Lizzie Warner Court ney, of Virginia, with Mr. John L. Everett, of Rockingham Miss Bessie Everett, of Rockingham, with Mr. W.

Anderson; Miss Annie Wall, of cking. ham, with Mr. Fred J.Coxe Miss Margie Lockhart with Mr. Paul Barnhardt, of Norwood; Miss Olive Dunlap with Mr. A.

McN. Page, of Rockingham; Miss Florie Wall, of Rockingham, with Mr. J. C. Dockery, of Rockingham Miss Hannah Cole, of Rockingham, with Mr.

A. S. Dockery, of Rockingham Miss Nellie Smith, of Rockingham, with Dr. J. Covington, Jr.

Mi-s Cora May binson, of Ansonville, wi'h Prof. A. B. Hill, of Rockingham; Mr. and Mrs.

Wilier Woodson, of Salisbury Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Robinson. Stags Dr.

R. Cole and F. W. Leak, of Rockingham Pines Barnh irdt, of Nor wood T. A.

Marshall, II. H. McLendoo, J. L. Wyatt and W.

L. Patrones-es Mesdames J. D. Leak P. Parsons and E.

S. Ashe. Bank Stockholder's Meet. The seventh annual meeting of the stockholders if tie First Natioual Bank of Wadesboro was held Tuesday morn ing at 11 clock. Dr.

W. J. McLendon acted as chairman of the meeting and Mr. Leak as secretary. -The report of the president, Mr.

J. D. Leak, showed the bank to be in splendid condition. The old board of directors was re elected for the ensuing year as follows: R. E.

Little, R. T. Bennett, James A. Leak, J. D.

Leak, J. D. Home, L. L. Lit tie, Jotin J.

Dunlap, Dr. W.J. McLendo i C. M. Bums, W.

C. Hardison. T. Bradley. Immediately after the meeting cf stock holders the directors met and elected ijfflcirs as follows President hn D.

Leak. Vice President M. Burns. Cashier W. L.

Marshall. Clerks E. A Allen, C. M. Burns, Jr.

The usul semi annual dividend of per cent will be payable February 1st. Almost a Uisastrous Fire. The roof of the Benton House caught fire late Sunday afternoon, irom sparks from a chimney which was burning out The fire was discovered booa after started, and Mr. Frank Rogers assisted Mr J. I.

Dunlap to the root of ibe build ing and it was extinguished before any damage was done. New Ceutury Comfort. Millions are daily finding a world comfort in Bnckleu's Arnica Salve. of kills paia from Burns, Scalds, Cuts Bruises; conquers Ulcers and Fever Sores cures Eruptions, Silt Rheum, Boils and Felony removes Corns and Warts. Best Pile cure on eath.

Ooly 25c at Jas.A tiardio i drug store. cotton la 8 cents this morning. Mr. Frank Crowdsr, of Morren, Is dan- geroualy ill. Fred Mills, oldest son of Mr.

J. D. Mills, has been quite sick, bat is now conva lescent Ir. A. T.

Sorineer. of Cedar Hill, has been dangerously ill of paeaniotm, but is bow improving. iTernr Ay cock bas consented to deliver the commencement address at Marshville Academy, Tuesday, May 6th. Tbe county board of education was in session Monday and Tuesday and ad journed to meet again Friday. Sheriff Gaddy settled tbe State taxes with the county commissioners at a special meeting held by tnein for Jibe purpose, Monday.

it was reported here yesterday that Mr Tl irur 11 nitiyPH. was dying, but a phone message this morning brings tbe welcome information that be is better. No animal bas more grit to the square inch tbau the English sparrow. Two of Ibem had a fight in front of tbe conrt house this morning which resulted in one of tbem being killed. The latest news from Mr.

R. E. tyay, of Virginia, who recently suffered a stroke of paralysis, is that bis ondifinn is somewhat Unproved Bis son, Dr. V. F.

Gray, of this place, is still with him. The Presiding, Elder, Dr. Rowe, will Dreach iu the Methodist church" Sunday night. The quarterly conference of tbe year will be held in the church Monday night. Messrs.

Allen Griggs, who have been considering removing their stock cf clothing to Wilsoi. N. have decided, we are glad to learn, to remain in Wades-boro. Mr. yy 14..

Alien, 01 n.usonviiie, iias gone to Columbia, S. where he will engage in the life insurance business tin der Mr. H. Hyatt, general agent of tbe Mutual Life of New York. Mr.

N. P. Liles left the abandoned An-sou State farm for the Caledonia farm, January 2ad, with five mules, two wagons and one ltivict. went through the country and returned by rail Monday night. The Pee Dee Pharmacy, Mr.

M. Morton ruanager, opened its doors to the public Tuesday. This pharmacy is located in Mr. Jas. A.

Elardism'a haadiome new building ou Rutherford street. Mr. R. B. Medley sjent Sunday in Monroe at the Gloucester Hotel, which was rectmtly re-opened by Mrs.

Mamie Gaddy, of this place. Mr. Medley says that Mrs. Gaddy is having a large patronage and is doii'g an excellent business. 1 Mr.

W. C. ewart went to Rock Hill, S. Tu- siiay to attend the marnae of his sister, Mm. blatu he Stewart MeAlhauy, to Mr.

I.elv neneral mauiiger aud -vice-president 01 mo u. wte of Wilmington. The marriage occurred Tuesday uiulit and Mr. Stewart returned to TAr'adeboro this mornii-g Mr. Ferguson Sniftb, vho lived just across the line in Chesterfield county, S.

died Mouday nijjht ol old age, he be ing abou- 9 Smith was a highly respecied citizen, and had many lriends and relatives ia this county who are' sia-ceiely sorry to learn of his death. Miss Elizoeth McLaurin, a tniiden lady who lived with her nieces i 1 uih Wadesbjro, died su lJenly Monday. Her whd irk in th n.nttnn milt. in a dying condition wbei they rreturued home from the mill at the no She was about 55 yeafs old. The interment, was in the McLauriu burying a -r -J near nurven, 1 uesuay.

Miis Nellie Allen was married to Mr. Harry O. the residence of Mrs. Mary Steele, the bride'" aunt, in Rick nnghaoi, ou AVednesday night of last week. Mrs.

Miltox is a native of Wades-boro, being a daughter of the late W. A. Alien, one nas oeeu xeacning ai is.ooer dell fr several years. Mr. Mattox is sto rekeeper for the Steele's Mill Com puny.

2dr. Jfaiisi Bars Out Mr. I'iukstou Mr. W. N.

Jeans, who has been clerking for Mr. W. N. Pinkstou tor several years, yesterday mght Mr. Pinkston's stock of fancy groceries, and will take charge of the store, ou Rutherford street, as soon as t-tock taking is finished.

Mr. Frel Shepherd lral. A dispatch was received here this morning announcing the death of Mr. Fred A. Shepherd, which occurred this morning at bis bomein Nashville, Tenn.

Mr Sheph era's health had not been good lor a number of years, but his death was very unex-pectec. Mr. Shepherd was a brother of Mrs. R. T.

Bennett, of this place and bis remains 'will be brought here for interment. A Homing Cat. On the 10th of last October Mr. George R. Parker, of this place, received a hand -some Maltese cat, by express, from Piue Bluff.

The cat was sent him by Mr, John T. Patrick. The cat stayed with Mr. Parker a few days and then disappeared, and nothing more was heard of it until a ahoit time ago, when it turned up at its old home at Pine Bluff. The distance by the cat on the return trip was something like 50 miles, as Pine Bluff is iabout that distance tiom T7adesl)oro.

ttartow A. Wilson's Miustrel Show. ine great uanow oc wuson's minstrel will apper iu the Opera 'Use next Wednesday night, Jaauary 22d. This 'minstrel is meeting with more success man any otner troupe ot us Kind in tbe South. There areab ut twenty five good performers in the ompany.

They have ihe best singing and dancing of any min-atrel on the road. A good mauy ties win oe introduced Bccure your reserve seat tickets as soon as they are put tin sale next Monday at Htrdison's drug storj. Find Way to Live Long. A startling announcement of a Dis oovery that will surely lengthen lite is made by editor H. Downey, of Chu-rubusco, Lid.

"I wisn to state," he writes, "that Dr. King 8 JHew Discovery for Con 'sumption is the most infallible, remedy that 1 have ever known for coughi, colds and grip. It's invaluable to people with weak lungs. Having this wonderful medicine no one i.eed dread Pneumonia or Consumption. Its relief is iusiaui aud cure Certain." Jas.

A. Hardison guaran every 50c. and fi. 00 bottle and gives opities iree. MISS WYATTAXD MR.

DlHBLE, JIIS5 UOBXEASDJIB. LEATII Both Marriages Took riaee Last NJghl, Ihe Former la tbe Epis copal Church Here and the Latter at 'the Bride' Home la Lllesvllle. Tbe marriage of Misa Annie Leak Wyatt to Mr. Lewia Virgil Dibble, which took place yesterday, was one of the most beautiful ever solemnized in this section of the State. The ceremony was performed at half past 7 o'clock at Calvary Episcopal church by the rector, Rev.

George M. Tolson. The church and chancel were layishly decorated with holly, magnolia and cedar, and the banks of ferns and other potted plants, interspersed with American Beauty roses, all lit up by the elictric lights put in especially for this occasion, made a picture of such wonderful beanty and brilliancy as will never fade from the memory of those fortunate enough to witness it. The wedding march from Mendelsohn was impressively rendered by Miss Dun-lap, as the bride entered with her father, by whom she was given away. The bride's gown was of ivory satin, with real lace.

Her lace veil, which her mother wore at her marriage, uodimmed by time's corroding flight, was attached with a coronet of oraflge blossoms and a solitaire diamond, the latter being the gift of the groom. She carried in her hand an immense bouquet of Bride's roses. Her maid of honor, Miss Effie Shep herd Leak, wore an exquisite white empire gjwn en traine, and she was the personifi-catiwi of beauty, self possession and inno cence. She carried in her hand a white morocco prayer book, to be used, which was the gift of the bride's mother. The best man was Dr.

Hydrick, of Or angeburg, S. C. The ushers were Messrs. Leak Wyatt, Crawford D. Bennett, William Leak Marshall and George B.

Lockhart, alj dressed in the conventional evening dress aud white gloves. The ceremony was followed by a recep tion at the home of the bride. Here also the decorations were a profusion of holly, mistletoe, feros and roses, and the whole lower floor seemed a veritable garden of bewildering masses of sylvian bowers nd retreats, occupied for the nonce by real fairies, in the persons of gorgeously arrayed ladies and "ye gallant gentle men." The guests included Mrs. Samuel Dib ble, Mrs. W.

W. Watson and Mr. Samuel Dibble, mother, sister and brother of the groorc Hon. and. Mrs.

Joseph Willard, of Virginia Miss Louise Mcin tosh, of Georgia; Miss Lizzie Warner Courtney, of Virginia Miss Bernhardt, Salisbury Misses Wall and Everett, Mesdames W. C. Leak and H. C. Dockery ud Messrs.

W. C. Leak and John L. Eyerett, of Rockingham Dr. Hydrick, cf South Carolina Mr.

Rose, of New York Mr. Cain, of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Woodson, of Salisbury; Mr.

Crawford D. Bennett, of Charlotte Mr. George B. Mr. William L-Marshall, Mr.

Jaiaes C. Marshall, Mr. Thomas Marshall, Miss Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. L.

D. Robinson, Mr. Tberon L. Caudle, Miss Brent, Mr. and Mrs.

Wm. P. Pars ms, Mr. James A. Leak, Mr.

Julius A. Little, Miss Mary E. Little, Judge R. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs.

William O. Hardison, Miss Mary Vivian Miss Blanche Huntley, Miss Lockhart, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lockhart, Mr.

James A. Lockhart, Miss Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. John EL Leak, Masters Bennett and James Leak Mis3es Effie Shepherd and Kate Leak, Mr. and Mrs.

John T. Bennett. Messrs. Fred J. Coxe, Howze H.

McLendon, Walter T. Rose, Rev. George M. Tolson and son, Meredith, Capt. John M.

Little. The presents were numeroui and mag nificent, attesting fully the popularity of this charming couple, and I cannot re frain mentioning a chest of silver each from the families of the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Dibble left on the 9 30 train for a trip North amid showers of rice and tbe sincere good wishes of the assembly.

Among the many telegrams of felicita tion received was one which afforded Mr Wyatt very great pleasure namely, from an ante bellum friend in Virginia, Mr. D- McCarthy, who had served as best man at his own marriage. X. LeatU-IIorne. The hospitable horrid of Mr.

and Mrs. A. Hjrne, of le-sville, was the scene of an unusually 1 l'ere ting event on the evening of Wednesday, Jan. i5th, at 6 o'clock, the oocisto 1 beiu the mar riage of their elder dau'iter. Miss Cor- rinoe O.

Home to Mr. B. Leath The guests were greeted by a warmth and good cheer from the sift, mellow lights of mauy cindlej, nestled iu the bapk and festoons of trailing greeu south ern smilax, which transformed the spa cious parlors and hall into a place of beauty, where the hopes of the couple were consummated. Miss Gregory presided at the piano and charmed the guests by the rendition of music of her own composition in de lightful style. When the cords of Men delsohn's always beautiful wedding march floated out, the attendants entered the first parlor aud formed a Then little Elizabeth Home, cousin of the bride, quaint in an empire gown of pink mull, entered carrying the ring; immediately following- came the bride with her maid of honor, her sister, Miss Rachel Home, and was met by the groom with his best man, Mr.

bert Leath. Staud ing under a canopy of green and encir cled by loving friends, the words that made the two one, were most impressively spoken by the Rev. J. t. Loye, of the Wadesboro Baptist church.

The fresh youthful beauty of the bride was at its lovliest. She was gowned in white satin en veille, with a magnificent sun-burst tbe gift of the groom, and carried a large bequet of bride's roses. The maids were tastefully attired in point lace espiite, and all looked their best. In the dining room the same color scheme prevailed, pink and green. The decorations of the dining room lent charm to the beautifully arranged table.

where a most delightful buffet supper was served in elegant uiauner. An amusing feature ot the evening was the cuiiing of tbe bride's cake, for tricks Miss Ingram cut tbe ring, which was made of a $5 gold piece, with tbe initials tbe couple atd tbe date of the wedding "Remember we bought a cir of these. Persooal. Major John D. haw, ot Rockingham, is in town today.

Key. A. B. Caudle, of Wlngate, was here yesterday. Mr.

John R. Little, of Ansonville, Bpent Saturday in Charlotte. Miss Pop Hemby has been visiting her sister, Mrs. M. L.

Doty. Mr. T. R. Tomlinson is in Laurens, S.

on business this week. Cameron Morrison, of Rocking- hatn, spent last Saturday here. Mr. S. H.

Threadgill left for George town, S. Tuesday afternoon. Mr. O. R.

Crowson left last night cn his Bpring trip for Hill of New York. Miss Ellen Pinkston returned Sunday night from a week's visit to Mrs. Ha Fen- ton Covington, of Rockingham- Messrs. C. S.

Brasiogton aud Harry Ellerpee, of Charlotte, were here Sunday. Mr. J. W. LeGrand, well known young attorney of Rockingham, spent yesterday here.

Mrs. J. F. Caudle and Miss Nellie Cur- lee, of Rockingham, spent yesterday here. Mrs.

Emma Nuttall and daughter, Miss May Bell, returned Saturday night from an extended visit to Laurens, S. C. Mr. G. M.

Stanback, who has been sick at his home at Mangum, arrived Saturday and went to work for Hardison Company- Monday. Miss Sadie Little, who came home dur ing the dangerous illness ot tier latber, Mr. L. L. Little, of Ansonville, has re turned to Salem Female College.

Messrs. J. T. Redfearn, W. D.

Webb, J. T. Gaddy, C. W. Griffin, H.

H. McLen don, L. J. Huntley, R. J.

W. Redtearn, R. f. Lowery and W. J.

McLendon, Jr were at the home of the late David 'f Redfearu, near Mt. Croghan, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J.

D. Home and children, Dr. and Mrs. J. EI.

Coyington, Rev. and Mrs. J. F. Love, Misses Pattie Battle and Mary Gregory, Dr.

J. M. Covington, nd Mr. J. E.

McLaucblin attended tbe Leatb-Horne marriage at Lilesville last night. Notice of New Advertisements. Tbe Pee Dee Pharmacy, W. M. Morton tanazer, is open for business II.

Allen and F.IC. Allen have dis solved copartnership. II. H. McLendon, commissioner, land sale.

Heads Shonld Never Ache. Never endure this trouble. Use at once the remedy 1 that stopped it for Mrs. N. A.

Webster, of Winnie, Va. She writes "Dr. King's New Life Pills wholly cured me of sick headaches I had been having for two vears." Cure Head ache, Constipation, Biliousness. 25c at Jas. A.

Hardison's drag store. 11-Year Old tilrl Kills Her Sister. Wichita, Jan. 14. Nellie Cor- neilion.

tbe 11-year-old daughter of Goo. Corncilson, a laborer, cut the throat of her year old si-ter, Laura, today, in a stable. The child died soon afterwards. Her father's razor was the weapon used. No motive was apparent.

Moth er "My mother was troubled with consumption for many years. At last she was given up to die. Then she tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was speedily cured." D. P. Jolly, Avoca, N.

Y. No matter how hard your cough or how long you have had it, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the best thing you can take. It's too risky to wait until you have consumption. If you are coughing today, get a bottle of Cherry Pectoral at once. Three sizes 25c, 50c, $1.

All Jrairtsti. Consult your doctor. If he sayi take it. then do he ay. If he tells you not to take It, then don't take it.

Ha knows. Leave It with him. We are willine. J. C.

AYKU Lowell. Mass. Wood's Seeds BEST FOR THE SOUTH. Every Gardener, Farmer and Trucker should have Wood's 1902 Descriptive Catalogue. It not onlv gives reliable, practical, up-to-date information about all but also the best crops to grow, most successful ways of growing different crops, and much other information of special interest to every one who plants seeds.

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B. Allen Co. has been dissolved. All parlies owing said firm will please settle at once with H. B.

Allen, and those who have claims against said firm will present their accounts to H. B. Allen. H. B.

ALLEN, F. C. ALLEN. Ail guamctted to wear for 15 years. nog killing time.

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the result to hold. We offer to have and Ice Co. HE secret why we make will be with our nice line of Wardrobes, Book-cases, customers Sideboards, Desks, Hall Racks, Car BITSLITHOUER-MfiLTH REST strong by ths usa cf KERVO-'i. for ail SEXUAL WEAKNESS i r0re 5 impart TL'CV vz wmiti. power, vigor, eorsy 1 I riagesGo-carts, Carpet Sweepers, Mattings, Etc.

Anson Oil ro matter how at Liver, Kidneys and Bwels, every time used. ann? the wmaiiiirHUH; nuiu wins ut CTcrj rar; Impote tencv. meht Losait. Vericneelf- hu.i Ths weak mil A SPECIFIC Trntlhlu? Make IIUUiJlCOi suits. ThVy rupply Natural Nestable Ity ntturaliy iLid MatanaM'niO Ol liorKirss cjtse lusv semi.

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Address THE NESVO REMEDY CO 3 3 Weat Jeiaxaon Kr, Sola Aront. for VnlUrt. rfe-r-a.

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