Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1938
Page 5
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•ov. ML* 1, 1983. ms PLANNING IMP AT C, L, _ •-* 5 nd4 Days at [thodiat Camp Grounds. By Kiichel Becker. |lng, hiking, singing, lian- Ld many other Interest- [exclting things are in ] Kossuth 4-H girls who [county 4-H camp July 28- I Methodist cnmp grounds [Lake. Some 30 girls from [county will be with the 'fnooii, county home clem- k agent, returned June 26 lake, where she attended iesslon of another group of s She found plans prac- jompleted for the July Sivlninilng Lessons. the first year Kossuth , have had an opportunity I n 4-H camp. At present B that all clubs wishing to In be accommodlated. i r ls will receive free los- flmming, climaxed by a _ Sunday morning. Ii' life guard will be on lull times while they are toter. [ft Specialties Taught. jfliat we made at camp," ! of the first remarks „„. 4-H'ers after camp is Empcraft and Indian lore ..niiliar facts to these re- Icnmp veterans, with Ex- jvester C. R. Ramsey on Iquestion answerer as wel<l Ictor and guide. Bs like parties? "The Mix-- rty on the opening night, fin'charge of Ella Lough- Istant state club leader. i Evening of Movies. movie reels will be i the second night. Miss ivill show movies of 4-H Jten on the county Rally feurt and of the state con- fat Ames. She will also lels taken when she lived [a. lamsey will show pictures jving conditions of Indians, lot a Dish to Wash! Jpg of a campfire on the fith tiny lights for each. ling off on the water, will fcure of the last night, [food (and no dishes to la bed apiece in the dormi- \ide and shady lawns |g down to the shore, a iach, these are among the REWRITES HHefs siimiimrtolng clpnl news In Tuesday's Ut> per DOS Moines. — —. MllS. P. A. LONKRUAX, 7) u , n ' croft, wife of thc state income, ?,v supervisor in this area TedV, day at tha Kossuth hospital from cffinniVt^'^Sri 110 ; broken ] ee . internal injuries ,J shock. This death was the f' highway fntality in Kossuth uVu year. Besides her hS, 3 s 0 wns survived by two V'vmi Frances of WllerVVA Sir' of California. The Loncrein mV collided with thc *• g Car KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AT/1ONA. IOWA ^LOCALS ro7n C H?o"Vv K ', l)c «els got home irnoon l ' ate yestcl '"^ «E- ±; n^J"" 1 ' Whiltemorc, is 111011 ' the tail °'-' spent thc n T MiM IIPle Amc "'"" i y. with her Fourth at Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bockes, Waterloo, with their daughter Mary Lou, came last Thursday for a week with Ray's sister, Mrs. E. A Guderian. They spent the week-end with Ray's brother H. M. at the Arend home. Messrs. and Mesdamcs Henry Bunkofske, Walter Bleich, and laul Danson spent the week-end at the Danson cottage at the Oko') pnf*n«v« i /ii , *vuim f v i - ~.**..wwii i<utia£,e u,L Hie UKO- Th, r,m >. C e , ar Lake ' l )OJ L a - Mr " B «nkofske is a local WBr^^^'^^P^^neBjbnrbor, Walter Is a farmer, and church, Bancroft, Monday, W. A. Pape officiating. ' TUB COU\TY conventions turned out to be tamo affairs The publicans-loft the were guests from Fourth nt I, J. Dickinson's.' Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Dollivcr, were Monday their son G. W.'s. L.' banker. • Mrs. Moines, j barber, Walter Is a farmer, till the 1{iul 's an attorney. Mr. nnd L He »' ]e rson, m?,i A/ Pe "n the F ° Urth with Mr - I last week Tuesday of the Voltes and Mrs. George Banwart. nnpenm =«H *i,« n.,,. *»" \, ,, ln e volz «es PAGE FIVE ex-1 local Methodist parsonage Friday .afternoon. They are former resl- George Banwart, parents of Richard and. Mrs. Keefe. Richard i s employed in a Minneapolis bakery, and Mr. Keefe owns and operates a barber shop. Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Gilbert, Eldora, spent the Fourth with friends here and attended the fall- grounds celebration. Mrs. Gilbert is the former Helen Knudson. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert were employed at the local laundry before they took over a laundry at Eldora. Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Yeoman are parents of their second son, born Sunday afternoon-at the Kossuth hospital, weight 7% pounds. Mr. Yeoman works at Gamble's here, and his wife is the former Mary Helen Hudson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Hudson, former Al- gonians. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clayton are i parents of their second srm, born Kossuth hospital. re- i i The b abv h ° ab ' the Rev. Mr. Patton, Bancroft was a guest last week Wednesday Mrs. IHniiclie King, Robert Rob ert Roberts, and Henry Martin, o Ames, were over the Fourth guestf of Mrs. Hoi-tense Ferguson. Mrs King was house mother at a fraternity house where the two boys and Jno. Ferguson lived at college The visiting youths accompaniet Lewis Ferguson to Ames Tuesday morning. Week-end guests of the Mrs. Henry Lavrenz and John Dutton families were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ullring, St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Larson, Farmington, Minn., their children Neil and Sharon, and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lavrenz, Rogers, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lavren/ Jr., Burl, also spent Sunday with Mrs. Lavrenz. Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Blake, Missoula, Mont., arrived last week P. candidacy of a district judge in case contest, and delegates to dicial convention I, f °a «- I Hill T-» x» . 01-11, xiiuurL I the Fn,«Mh rf 8 ' Wont ftnd Herman me I'ourtn, after ton with her has been na^ed™* V ta p U ^ ^^ 6U nnnnils Mr= i aunt ' Ml ' s ' f • R- Pommerening. Ihe Blakes, with Ellen Pommer- Reece, ming.s store. , Mfltt i Mary, Hobarton. ' *' worn ° wolf 1 ! 08 t0 , SttUc Conventions weie chosen by both parties, and resolutions wore adopted, the re publicans attacking the administration, the democrats defending Truckcninillnr and i . Sibley, called 1 F. Earl Burgess home another Pommerening daughter, Mrs. Glenn Swanson. The Blakes left yesterday .for Chicago for other visits. ...... Mr. and Mrs. Edward Neuman, i.v i v TIM x I-i.t.-,, -Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black,: Madison, AVis., were week-end had '"•'--••"'• Wh ° re ~ i f!?, rm . ers south east of Algona. Miss! B^sts of Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. An- OIl inn TvniivOi T»i-m n t ii --.v^—^.^..j v.wiicf,c, v.eutiJ rails, I the Reeres live nrav%< £* and , s Pent the week-end with her par- fints M it. • serious tumor op- Black taught first and second • derson. The Neumans were on . . . - . - ,, nf , nos , 0 ,. , t- M ary's hospital, grades at Mallard last year and their way home from a, trip to the i onto to Ames. "ocnestei, has been brought home ha s been rehired. , west coast. The families visited Mr. anil Mrs. Robert H. Bell at-' ™, dD ' S A,!" UC ! 1 i ra P r ° vetl in health.! Mrs. T. F. Sullivan, Port Arthur,' Sunday at Walter Schanke's, Ma. . e a-,, All . . . . v, or rtur,a a aer canes, Ma- tended' the funeral Saturday at,,;' ' , u . gu f Schmidt, who has'Ontario, and her children arrived son City. The three men work for iMnmetshui-K for a niece of Mrs.! De f" slck ' is improving slowly. Sunday for the. week with Mrs. the International Harvester corn- Boll, who died at only 23, follow- ! „ l)(in »''l» son of Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan's sister, Mrs. W. H. God-iPany, and the Schankes are former ing an operation. - p 7 — »•• * iv«», ^(Liiit; A UCh~ trade' t -" r ' !lml ^ rrs ' Fred Tubbesing, of d ' ay to vis 't his grandparents, Mr. ied byj M(lson cltv . wore guests last week- and Mrs._C. R. Pommerening. The Daniel Geis, St. Paul, came Tues- (!en - Mr. Sullivan, a member of Algonians. I the well known Sullivan family ; Mrs. George Iloswcll, of the Alof the building and lot occupied Graettinger, is a chief train dis-|gona Laundry, her mother, stock the Holtzbauor dress and Ro: >l'er, and P. R. Haldeman spent' and MI ' S . Paul Laidley, Laurens',' and M ''s. U Freeman,' Evanston,''friends nn r o nnn Pmtf*,« p. n _ .... 1^, i. 4- -,, 1. -\tr _ ^ i . * n »A*i i * i, - i_ ^. ._ ' TH •__.! /-.. , _ i i i ivnuo. hat shop. Cowan & Son lst wook Wednesday and Thurs- — "-'«*•»» in iiiiiin.;- • * '-"••vjwu.tij iiiiu. j jiuio- diately build a full length build- ldliy at Iowa Falls, attending a re- ing to bo occupied by the Chris-' u ' cal r ° r Baptist women, tensen. store, which was burned 1 '' Mvi s Moore, who travels out of spent the week-end here with Mrs.! T »- arrived Saturday and spent home is at Des Moines,'is H. M. Vinson and the Dow Laid-; the leys. Mrs. Laidley is a mother of'son's. Fourth 'at Geo. E. John- Mrs. DeLaney, whose t Des Moines, is still with the Boswells, while recuper- Iris remained for a longer ating from a light stroke she suf- -.. -~ — '..VUXUJ. 1JJ, <t —•-•'-•O"-,«.l.lllfSJ.lt-'llltllltlJ Paul, Dow, and Mrs. Vinson, and VISlt w 'th her sister-in-law, Ella I Cored some time out In the former Quinby building I Schenectady, N. Y., for the Mon-| D]ow is an Upper Des Moines em-: Mae Johnson-Swenson. Mrs.'Free- TWO BAIfCKOFT youths, Marlln arch stove company, arrived Satur- V ' S ' 1 With his n£lr « nts ' ous -irin ^ , Schlltz and Peter Peter with w ^ « "" , '«' J> Ml Moore ' fred -Droossler. of Greonf ed I n ," ^'" rowly escaped serious i iur'v nr ™ " "* ° ' Mrs. Donald McBain, nf Des Moines, were guests last week Thursday at the G. L. Vohs and 0. Solberg homes. Mr. McBain rear east of Swp'i "ft a i |"" lnft "•" uinsuergs mere, morning. Their cat- rolled 200^ n'"'"'/"" 1 ? IrS ', E ' L ' Hilg8 ' with before it came to n "ton In tho l^w f", daush , ter f s P° nt Sunday other car were the Claude Wl»^ I? 1' °° Wlth the JeSSe Dyers ' Clarion. No one I, G w^i"f f ° rmer A1 . RonlBnB - Mr - Hil Sg works _.. . UHL in me WIKKS at Nnrtnn'o -mnplinio n^viro car was hurt. at, Norton's machine works. -Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne, with ploye. man is Mr. Johnson's sister. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wolf and Kathryn, daughter of Mr. ago. Mary Kli/abetli Foster left by train Saturday for San Francisco, and; where she is a guest of Mrs. Rob- Mr i r -w w ,, i s e o rs. o- Mi, and Mrs. Prestine, Waterloo, Ml ; s - W. W. Gillespie, is spending ert Middlekauff, the former Arba were week-end guests of Mrs. L. . this-week at Mason City with Viv-1 Dee Long. The elder Fosters leave M Vindee, the latter being Mrs.! J an Gorman, who formerly lived ! sometime next week for the Coast Wolfs mother. Mr. Wolf works ' here. Vivian is the daughter of, traveling via the central route for the John Deere Plow company, j Mrs - Martha Gorman. The Gor- and will pick Mary Elizabeth uri Mrs. Vandee is cook at the Silver ' mans . s P ent the Foui 'th here with; for a trip north along the Coast loo, were Sunday guests of the local Olsons. L. C., a chiropractor is another brother of H. M. The L C. Olsons went on to the Okobojis for a few days of fishing. Mrs. Helen Reeves and William Bradberry, both of Sioux City, and Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Lunstrom, of Britt, were guests over the Fourth of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Godfredson. Mrs. Reeves and Mrs. Lundstrom are daughters of Mrs. Godfredson. Mrs. Reeves clerks in a drug store, Mr. Bradberry is in Decker employ at Sioux City, and Mr. Lunstrom works in a printing shop at Britt. The Harold Hnrdenbnrghs have noved into the house vacated by he P. J. Christensen family. It is oca ted on McGregor street and is owned by A. L. Long. Mr. Harden- lurgh works at the Richardson "urniture store. Mrs. Christensen, with the daughter Joyce and son Tohn, left last week Wednesday "or the summer in California, af- er which they will make their permanent home at Tucson, Ariz. Mrs. M. M, Morrow, Audubon, vith a son and a son of Mr. Morrow, came one day last week to occupy the Mrs. F. S. Norton apart- nent in the old Norton, home while Wrs. Norton and her daughter Eleanor are in the Far-Northwest, rtrs. Morrow will meanwhile look fter her farm south of town on ). 169, where she Is having the uildings repaired and repainted. 'he is a daughter of Mrs. Norton. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Frundt, Chiago, Mrs. W. A. Frundt, Norfolk, Neb., Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Olson, Pocahontas, and the Olson son Lynd were week-end guests at the W. A..yigars home.,,^ ; ..,E|...and W. A. are; ViepHews : ;i(>f ; Mrsi; 1 ;''.viigars, and Mrs. Olson 'is::her,;sister,; Both of the Mr, Frutttjis.^i-e.'ojttv the office force of the Esquire magazine, published at Chica^d,' and Mr. Olson and his son have a rendering works at Pocah'ontasi ' James Burns drove to Rochester, Minn., Tuesday, and brought back the Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Burrows, who are visiting Mrs. Burrows' parents, the Wrights. Mr. Burrows, who is pastor of the Third Presbyterian church, Sioux ^ity, Avas taken to a Rochester aospital a month ago, and was op- irated on there three weeks ago for polyps In the colon. He is re- :overing. Mr. Burns, son-in-law of the Wrights, is a salesman for the Elbert garage. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reubel. son Roy, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth. Reubel, Barnum, Mrs. T. J. Hill, Fort Dodge, Willis Colweil, De3 Moines, Sylvia James, Harris, and Betty Thompson, Randall, were over the Fourth guests of the Hugh Colwells, and all had a picnic dinner Monday at the Ambrose A. Call state park. Mrs. Hill is the mother of Mrs. Arthur Ruebel and Mra. Colweil, and Willis, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colweil, is a. bookkeeper. Mrs. Hill remained for a longer visit. »*•••»»»»»»»»»»»«»»+»•»«»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»«»»»«»»«« NEW GALL THEATRES IOWA Cool as a Mountain Top Double Cooling Capacity 2 Great Attractions in Algona JULY 10-11 may Gray cafe. Mr and Mrs. Edwin Cady, Hous- j ma » in high school thls'talL , , „ ,. ,„ lu WBMll . ton rex., and daughters Mary! rile Hev. Mr. Fleck, pastor of ai Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olson, farm- apd Frances, arrived Sunday for a Bantist church at Webb, was a ~ - •-! thence home. The Fosters make a trip -to Alaska. Rowan, Wright county, Friday 0. H. IIOIVMKS, wife of a thcir daughter Betty Lou, are ex-1 P J P e organist, is a nephew oTMrs"' Baptlst cnu rch. The Rev. Mr. bert"Ts"a brother ^of Doctc 3 r >I oison" former Congregational minister ] Peeled home late in the week from | Cildy - He is also an accompanist Bronleewe, Swea City, was a guest i Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Olson, Water- <MIH i-iauuua, arrivea sunaay lor a r""i' 1101 - v;uuiuii at vveuu, was «• i ers near Rowan Wright visit with Mrs. Elsie Cady and her gue , s L ove >' the Fourth of the Rev.! with three children, were daughter Evelyn. Edwin, wlio is a! and Mrs - F - c - Volzke, of the local- guests of the Dr. H. M. Ols features of the county-sponsored camp, camp luth 4-H club girls this [LOCALS I? here, died at her home at Ellens-' Uvo weeks at Yellowstone park: 1 burg, Wash., Tuesday, June 12 The ;m<1 other points of interest. family lived here 30-odd years ago. """ " A daughter is dean of women at the Washington state college, and a son is dean of men at a teachers college in the same state. Mr. Holmes, once representative from Kossuth county, died some years ago. concerts. Kenneth, son of Mr. and Mrs. home , . . . ; where he was operated on a J. Bourne. She is still home eco- week ago for appendicitis. His par-. Julia Monrnc. New York City, John Fraser, was taken arrived Saturday for -.wo weeks Tuesday from the Kossuth with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.' nomics editor of The Home. American • ent s are Riverdale farmers, I his father is a member of and the FURTHER consideration of band shell was made by the c,...,^ council at a meeting last week well. ihursday evening. Major Saul, new secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, was authorized to obtain estimates on cost of construction. The council granted a beer license to Alex Dermand. new proprietor of the Pierce cafe. HUGH POST recently suffered 1'hj-llis Maxwell, who lives with board of supervisors, her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I Wade Hansen and Maurice McMorris Parsons, Irvington, spent Ev °y spent the week-end at Min- the week-end with her aunt and neapolis, visiting friends. Both uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Max- Ilave attended college there. Wade, Harriet Smith, secretary in the chemistry department at the Ames college, spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Neal Smith. Harriet has been secretaj-y a month and a half. W. R. Mills and Mirah Mills, of Pierson, were visitors at the Dr. F. a son of E. W. Hansen, the contractor, now works with his father, and Maurice works'for McGuire Bros., road graders. Mr. and airs. C. B. Laird, Dr* and Mrs. R. J. Laird, and the R. J. daughter Linda, all of Des Moines, were guests from Saturday till Tuesday of Mrs. Ella Laird, moth- a cut hand, and the wound was' Earl Bu ''K es s home Sunday andfer of the men. C. B. is with the on .the road to recovery'last week! i Monday .- Mis * Mills ! « lwat3 of - the l1 *"' 1 - T ™" w ™ 1 ™ "" J ™ T '~ -"" |sabel Meiggs and little i Butler left this morning jxtended series of visits in Northwest. They go first' , -lane, and from there to gona L foi L a traveling man. The per, Idaho. At the latter b will visit a brother of till he offered to catch the evenine En £ lish department at Morning°'-— train, after it had left Al- •""' """""" ;s, J. P. Tiss, whom she !en in 20 years. H. M. Colweil an- I a public dairy cow sale wy at the Bode farm, a t of the Johnson and Sel- statlons, commencing IP. m. The cattle are from [mostly Holsteins, but jnseys. A Mr, Canning, of [Is the owner. There is an in today's Advance, i luncheon will be held at 'try club clubhouse this I following golf. Foursomes llente tournament will he Tine highest bidders. All i are listed in the four- ™ch are so matched that loursome has a chance of _ . . William Ferguson, who has been car became overheated, and he in Rl R C - em P'°y at Washington, suffered burns on the same hand C ' for last seven years ' ar " The train was caught at Mason ' rlv ? d Sat . urd ay for a two weeks va- Prizes go to the ow.aers. psomes rather than to the Anderson and Elea- 'eft yesterday for Clear week at a fifth annual ssion of church work- ence at Bishop Morri- f, a camp owned by the^ «e of the Episcopalian lodge is on the south- wept of Bayside, the store manager, was »/, Minn., Wednes- •r a Mayo hospital for «e suffered a sun- near Liver( . Wednesday, and we Kossuth hospital ;.? YTr . em alned there City. THE BROWNIES won, 4-2, cation with his mother, Mrs. Hortense Ferguson. Mrs. Hert Eldien, with her son from Fairmont at the fair grounds I Bertell, left Saturday for a month on the Fourth. Danny White hit a at Virginia, Minn., with thj forborne run, also got. a two-bagger. | mer's mother. Mr. Eldien is a The Brownies also won from Fort field man here for the Allls-Chal- Dodge, 6-0, in the afternoon, but -mers farm machinery company, the Millers defeated them, in the | Mr. and 3Irs. A. W. Weinman, of evening. DUANE SHERMAX, Wesley high Fairmont, were week-end guests of the R. R. Hutzells. Mr. Weinman school boy who had an operation at *". as * Watkins agency there and graduation time, has been award- Mr. Huteell ^manager of the lo- ed hi« dinlnmn hpvin,, ma ,i Q ,, n 'calAIcCormick-Deering, store. ed his diploma, having made up lost time. THE ELMER WEAVERS and Mrs. John IJeierschmltt, of Fairbanks, with her son Neal, and the daughter Erma, of Waterloo, were Nohel Frideres families, Irvington, guests over the week-end of Mrs. have reported thefts of chickens Mary Murtha. Mrs. Bierschmitt is Eagle Iron Works, and R. J. Is still state Legion adjutant. Richard Han wart, Minneapolis, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Bernard Keefe, BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING CITY OR TOWN-JOT). OR CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE Notice: The .Board of Directors of Lone Rock Ind.' School Dist wnol « r n ^ y> IOWa> Wil ? meet July 18 ' 1938 - at 8 P- «• at Lone Rock Bank Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. E. M. JENSEN, District Secretary. 1 2 3 4 5 67 Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- Expend- expend- on hand ed sur- ed income necessary itures itures itures June plus of other to be for year for year ^rrx^c. estlmated 30 balance than raised by 1937 1936 FUNDS— 1939 1938 on hand taxation taxation ? 1>10 ° ? 8 ' 5 °° 5" 10 ' 799 ? 10 ' 739 - • House- Transportation _ 2,180 250 842 2,000 2,152 1,720 277 Totals $ 12,695 $ 4,639 $ 1,100 $ 10,500 ? 12,953 S 11,736 Number of persons of school age in 'the district 146 Taxable valuation (1937), $674,345. Moneys and credits (1937), $21,666. .«.0 «.*./>„..,. rid Peggy CONKLIN Lucille- BALL Lei; BOWMAN Plus "Now That Summer is Gone" Pathe News on Eelease SUNDAY THRU WEDNES. /] INTERNATIONAL 2nd Feature JOAN FONTAINE "> in "Maid's Night Out" Soap Grains IGA Jumbo. Pkg. Cannon Towel Free with each box 49c ea. Hood's *ii Store Phones: Algona 420 and 421 Humboldt 555 and 556 SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Prices good in Algona or Humboldt FREE DELIVERY 4 DAILY from their farms recently. .THE BAKCROFf Legion Juniors defeated an all-star league team 11-5 in a game at the fair grounds on the Fourth. Seven to Church Camp. Seyen young people of the Congregational church, accompanied by the Rev. Geo. C. Vance, pastor, •went to Clear Lake Monday for a week at a Congregational camp at the Odd Fellows grounds. Going •were Mary Lee and Burns Nugent, Donald Smith Jr., Mary Jane Neville, Brooks Potter, George Dutton, and a Palmer boy. a sister-in-law of Mrs. Murtha. Mr. and Mrs. Herman. Maron, of Mitchell, S. D., were over the Fourth guests of the Robert H. Bells. Mr. Maron is an uncle of Mrs. Bell, and Mr. Bell works for Fred Ryther, the house-mover. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, with their two children, spent the Fourth at Emmetsburg with Mrs. van , ce with »> has been e The Itol '"I? 1 ' in a woman's a woman's tit t> i— " """uan B « Rock Hill, S. C., Swltz- expect So on to and OTTOSEN Kuhn's sister, Mrs. H. They went fishing, and A miscellaneous shower was given for Mrs. Louis Henrikson Saturday at the community church. A short program consisted of a duet, I Love You Truly, by Fae and Mae Van Buskirk; reading, Mrs. Ralph Richards; duet, Mrs. Cill Landers and Mrs. Harold Jacobeon. The bride received many gifts. Sunday dinner guests at Herman Kramer's were Mr. and Mrs. Tabor, the Arthur Tabors, and the Clarence Kramers, all of Hum- Mr. and Mrs. I. Stowe, Pioneer; a, Mr. Pearl, Helen and Arnold Garde, N. D.; and Mrs. Minnie Swensen, Beach, N. D. The Tom Olsons and Mr. and Henry Henrikson attended a picnic at the Emmetsburg Lutheran church and a festival at the Soper park there on the Fourth. Florence Bremsen spent the week-end at Des Koines. The Jesse Van Buskirks spent the week-end at Lee Holt's, Arnold's Park, •Mrs. Donald McBain, Dee Moines, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richards, over the weekend. L. Clum. the son Bobby caught a 2%-lb. bullhead. County Supt. and Mrs. Shirley left Sunday for Iowa City, where they are visiting at their son Dr. Hale Shirley's till tomorrow. Doctor Shirley is a meniber of the university children's hospital staff. Ruth Hoffeins, Council Bluffs, will come sometime this week for a few days with her aunts, Mrs. Henry Lavrenz and Mrs. John Dutton. She is a student nurse at the Jennie Edmondson Memorial hospital. County Agent A. L. Brown and Glenn Roland were at Kanawha OXYDOL Jumbo pkg. 55c PORK & BEANS 1 11). cans 5c RED BEANS I. G. A. No. 2 cans cans. 25c SPINACH Good value, No. 2 cans cans. 23c Soap P. & G. Jnmbo Bars One deal with order 5 ••» 14c 10 SUGAR Fine granulated. lbs._ 49c yesterday, looking over ment farms there. Mr. experi- Brown spent Tuesday at Esthervllle, attending a northern Kossuth R. B. A. meeting. Mr, and Mrs. Lester McKenney, Edwards, Mont., with their two children, were Sunday guests of Mr. McKenney's aunt, Mrs. Mary Runchey. They were on their way to Wisconsin to visit Mr. McKenney's sister. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Stalker, Cedar Rapids, were guests over the Fourth of the A. L. Longs, Mr. Stalker, who now owns an electrical shop there, once owned what i s -now the Kohlhaas & Spilles hardware. Kathleen, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Evans, came home Sunday from Iowa City, where she had an eye operation last week Wednesday. She will return to Iowa City in a month for a major eye operation. CORN FLAKES, IGA 2 pkgs. 19* WHEAT PUFFS, IGA _____2 pkgs. 19* KRAKLKRISP, large pkg. _2 pkgs. 19* CORN KIX, Ige. pkg 2 for 19* FRUIT PECTIN, IGA, pkg. __ 9* PAROWAX 4 cake pkg., ea. 11* MASON JAR COVERS, doz; _.: 21* CERTO, reg. bottle 24* PEN JEL or SURE JELL _2 pkgs. 25* JAR RUBBERS, red lipped ___2 doz, 9* DAWN TOILET TISSUE __3 rolls 19* PINEAPPLE, 8-oz. cans __.__3 for 25* FLOUR, Gold Nugget $1.29 FLOUR, Gold Nugget, 24^ Ibs .69* PilUbury's Flour .5 Ib. bag 25c Pork and Beans Lge. No, 2}£ cans 1m cans— I «f C I, G. A. Lye Hi-Test 13c cans Hy Ribbons cart »"° f5 SforlOc SWEET PICKLES, Carol, small, in 20-oz. jar __21e CATSUP, Stokely's 14-oz. bottles 2 for 25* CATSUP, Carol, 14-oz. bottle 2 for 21* FANCY CIDER VINEGAR, 18-k quarts 14* IGA BEVERAGES all flavors, 24-oz. btls. 3 for,25* RED KIDNEY BEANS, Stokely's or IGA, 3 cans 25* SAUER KRAUT, Stokely's No. 2 3 cans 25* Fancy Whole Kernel Corn, Stokely's ___2 cans 25* MILK, 18-k grade 3 cans 20* WAX PAPER, 40-ft, rolls 2 for 19* All Meat Sold strictly under a money-back GUARANTEE Ground Beet Aii * eat 2lbs.25c COFFEE RED A, fresh ground, Ib. ___ _ _ 17* 2 Ibs ------- 33* 3 Ibs ______ 47* BROWN BETTY ________ ___2 Ibs. 49* BUTTER NUT ____________ 2 ____________ BLUE G COFFEE, Ib. ________ . __22* BANANAS Bright yellow fruit 5LBS. .... !%.._. _______ 28c CANTALOUPE, 45 size __ _ 10^ ORANGES, Sunkist ______ 2""d"o7."29* APRICOTS --------- 5 doz. basket 49* GRAPE FRUIT _______ ____ 6 for 25* PEACHES, fresh, doz. ____________ 2O* New Potatoes, pk. _______ 25c Canteloupes Vine Ripened S{ze 36, jumbo 25c Lb, Beef Roast Fancy Branded .... 17c Spiced Ham or Chicken Loaf 27c Lb, Pork Chops Lean Center Cuts 20C Lemons Lge, 300 size Fresh Sunkist Dozen __ Lb. Fancy Cheese Square Cream 2 ibs.____ 45c Extra SPECIAL PORK ROASTS Lean Loin Ends Ib. lie Pork Tenderloin or Sirloin Steak ... 29c Lb.. Minced Ham or Ring Bologna 16c Lb, Picnic Hams Tenderized --23c 100% Pure Lard or Pork Sautage 2 u»..- 21 c BARRY'S BEER IS BEST =8

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