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The Daily Journal from Wilmington, North Carolina • Page 2

The Daily Journal from Wilmington, North Carolina • Page 2

The Daily Journali
Wilmington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

ATTinTI-m EASTERN HAY. titiiiFri. itfoniiioa it las A 4.1 tittle wom.4 ta a i-1 INOCH MOROAH 0 3 i SAPOLI to Sr 1 A i A. SCHUTTE I wHotisALraNO Errau. Trrs ar.iLor.U- cf Boston Lt-icg pn jw4 to V.

tLs jv rrtaoLir; cf the rr at Ere ia tlistr'jce, tL hJiiliULi of tLe buret u.Hot tiecawe in.ligaact aad Unfixed to "regard any formal outdide detamiOratioa as LaperLnctt aud lusaltlcg." ia evidect'y iccproAing w.tLia a few wet ks iU corporate Umita bare been enlarged it 1 GRI.SPiNCr til K. Lxn.t muuiUm oje c--j I Car.sA, u.1 li flctima lulls Kate, a -T, LvtiiW or IVLlAt 5eroI l-j Car-1 4 Bl 5 XVejrTTFlTI CBOlI -tvss ia Tiro rVLXAB and Tms Jovhssi. (TrUT) i Two IVillam figt ilium term Tvrx Dohab as A MJ or Satsjt DUiAE Extra Family Flour and PearlHqmlny, THE FAVORITE VFITH ALL MAXKrki)." i TmtiM DoiXaJaii tnt Twxrn rm Puixaaa. snMcnrrton la a3 (ate aAvaacati aa4 ae paper eomanied after ihe tcrata efthe ttee pa4 tx. ItsKTTtiJrOcl khoull fee awde hj 1V eate Uuaey Onkr er txpeev If tliaca net 4ooe, protecUua acaltdl Kmm bf aaal euar reared by furwanoiig nl payable to the order of lb proprWton Wte ioraJAL, or by eiJiac ib if Hi(leterileuer.

Ad rtWtt Kate (per loc ut taalve eMBaaforadreitMuc tip.) 0- iN taeartke, On Doixaa; two to ttoaa, On DoUAJl AJro A tilt thrr lniiea, Tww Douoa for toarrOoij, i Tw Dollau ajio 4 alf; (fuae Haas, Tnn Doixxm; ati InterUona, Tzau DrLLaaa ajrs buj twelve leaiTliiiai. Fm Dollae ud a ial ewBoXierrDaLLAk; to exmihe Vtmn Dollam; three TT-TWO tVuXASS. Oeatract tv toufer pmnd anl V4r yaca aiade upon liberal tenn. AUraa, fjrSBxaAso SarBDEiw, SOUS. Ikam late iowoiee of Imliiona1'e Kew York furnitare Elegantly up holaiered' kaeeliue; bouchee for the weary aad heavy laden, A llijaoori farmer wu told by a for- tuoevUUar that there wu a hike of eoal oil aadar his farni, and he eent I3rtt to And ont that lie lad been fooled.

Chief Justice Cockburn goea to rea every Friday in hi yaoLt, and after a cralae of forty-eight Lour return to Loadoa ia time to preaide on Monday at the TieLborne trial. According ta the Italian pwir a COBeiderable trade ia leing tloni by peddler ia Catholic dintrlot, who ell biia of etraw whieh they My rome ffroat the dungeoa at Home where tlio Pope It oonflued by the Italuu P'v- Is recent in laws State, is ile stutxl coiaait'tion in tLe political worU. V. wt roaiiaeLt ad of Miseueipri, before? tie flcctioa tier, predicted that Anst would beat Alccra. He further stated tLat betweea Bea Butler mi Geucral Aloorn there scarcely a caoioa, tha Utter aaaum.

and rotioasXIe malafr for the axiat- degradatioa whka taaJs Asms a poii uoTemor. iiwpniugiw Alcorn was purely personal, ana bis snccesa would bar boded toore food to tLe State than that of Aaee, It terns to hTa beea a selection be-tvecs the devil and the deep the devil Laving, usoal, all the cliaacaa. was also predicted that the election would proUbly be taken to the State Ouurta, where the Judge would decide ia faww of OoTrraor rowera views, aad declare Amea election roid, after whica there would be Federal intervention in eume ahape, reealtiag in the iuauguratioa of Ames by bayonet rule from Wssliiogtoe, much a sow pre rail in Louisiana. THE VIHVIMI1 NtUHRCt Grave qaeatloua eeem likely to grow out of the capture of the Virgin! ua, aad the eubeequebt ahooting of certain of her paaaengera. The Virgiuina waa aaillug aader Amerieaa paper nominally, the per-aoca aliot were aiaiply paaaengera; over and over again, eo eanfnlly baa ahe bn mauaged, protection of Tin ted StAtea rcoaela has Wu given to her alio ia reioried to have been Acq in British waters an that it it doubtful what her legal character at the time of capture actually waa.

Great llritaia forced the Federal Oovernmeut to surrender very jronit-ly Mesara, Mason and Klidull, whom Wilkes cf tlie United HUtet Ktvy touk from the Trent, an English veeeel, upon the high eena. Tlio Uul-Ud Ktate flag oupbt at ltvut to Ik? made a secure from insn't nn the Ilrit-iU diig. We trut prompt aud di vMed action wilt be taken. The indecent haste with which the exe cution of the Virgiiiiiw prisoin was hurried np, ahows a guilty eon vioufnesa of wrong-doing on tlie purtof tlio Sjan iah aul liori tie inC'nb. Tlieoffieialneti Raged inthenmsKaere, a maaancre coni' mittcd with even more thnn lightning speed, onplit toliepnuUhed in the most aisiml, if not summary niaunor.

A simple apology, no matter how abject even in terius it might be, would ouly bo ad ding inxult to injury. 1 1IT. MTI ATIOI in A MIT MlltLL Tlio New York Ilnanrlal Chnmirlc afcukiog of the biininess of the RoniKiies aud their failure, aays- "LtrgA as wn the capital of the Hnrigiica their engagements were larger tt ill." What is true of the Bprsguca i true of the whole country to ita bnaiuesa. The iiraoiint of currency in indoed large, but the engagement of ths country are still larger. The currency of the country i fixed tnd unchangeable in amount.

It has neithor elasticity nor flexibility. No matter what may bs the necessities of the people the amount of currency can not be in-oretaed. Let the engagements of the country be increased to the utmost need of the most prosporousbniunoss the currency t.t tho eouutry, with which those eugagciueut must ultimately be met cannot be increased ona dollar. This being so there would seem to bo little wonder thai in a time of unusual material prosperity a financial panic should parnlize the country. When the engagement of a country have been uiadsiu viowof exceptionally greet mntcriul resources and haro to be met with a circulating medium utterly in adequate in amount, a financial crash it inevitable.

Bo long as the Federal Government withholds from tha poo- pie the power to increase the value of tha currency of the country according to the wants of the country, just so long does the Government adopt tha policy of forcing the values of the eouutry to contract to the currency. It would sccni much better to permit the currency to expand. One of two things must be done. Tho engage ments of tha country munt diminish or the currency must increase before the financial pressure comes to an cud. II fcSRT i WI LLIA.HS, WILSO.w ADVAXCK.

We welcome with an honest cordiality tha accession of Haxar G. Williams, to tho ranks of the Editorial froternily. Mr. Williams is a very pleasant find a very forcible writer and we think, apeaking from sn acquaintance of many years with him, one of the very best posted politicians iu the State of North Carolina. In the olden time ho used to represent Nash county in the Lower House of tho Legislat ure and was exceedingly popular there as well as at home.

We feel confident that Mr. Williams will take high rank, and at onco, in the new vocation upon which he has just entered. EATIIr MISS NANCT IIIL MIRD. We regret to learn, as we do from a private letter received here lost night, that the venerable Mist Nancy Hil-liard died at her home in Chapel Hill, last Saturday morning, at 6 o'clock. Tin Committee or Teachers of Tub-I lie Schools have recently submitted to the Board of Education in New York a report setting forth sixteen reasons why corporal pnniahment should be restored to the schools.

It loeias, therefore that "moral suasion" will not do for the average New York boy and that it is as true now at it was in tha olden time, that if you spare the rod PLE3 -'1 --w li1' lSl I rrta. tiii tu 1 A )'i ASH mm T. I FOR 1 AND ALL THCOAT cs. WILLS' CAEBOUO TABLETS, rcr vr is blce oxzs.

A TRIED AND SURE REMEDY. Out sfl Dnfjlsts. 4a M. Y. SaKTY 1TIAM FOWH 30 tOI HTLAITT IThEW TaUkU aasrtor SrSut SvoiKaa sa4 jiUMMmIM' Slaaij aad Suliea.iaa af pa to.

Tbay ara Saia, Snaa i ileal Soy as4 am liabw a uataasaiaaaa. Tha aaSBaiuaM aaraiauiy aaaaw all ar-tKWt ra)irtaf mil pavar. 1 ta lie aoraa tmr, mm aaa. AaaS fat ltlaM.alol aucain. Itw IIIIRnCRD K.wwBiaaly taatloa toattr tiu-ut-sa.

ail abicha auaeaa oara KiSpordaylB fuui tatrltary. It ktrta aay diaaMter, aad wrdiaarT walit at the rata of INI trot par day. Fata. Teaaihip tad Ceaat Sigkle Sut Beta. IfcracripUve kaok f-ot aa receipt of eta tod.

kg. Addreat AUUSa COu, Bk Laaat. Ma. tw Aareuti AVnisteU, SJDTO FOB CiTiLOOrt. DQME8TIO SKWINQ MAOHINE COMPANY.

Naw York. altiiam Watebcs Sent C.a Tb kttt rkvspaet hi tho world, aad ths atatt aecarata. llliMiraiad Draw tat tail leweat ntletof-ntrioe. AuMrtM FVLi-tK ThoJIaic Will chsnge aaytulertd hair to apetanent iu-k or brawn and ouuiaiiit aa poiMn. Trade tniiplied at low ratea.

Addreot, MAOIU COMB CX, Silns4aht, Mam. A WATCH FREEW. uan waa will aot aoar wtau aatlseae lum anil boaerable. made In dart. Haleabkt at itour.

BrerybwIT hurt It. Can't do without it. Mum nr n. at uin tmteiinpt, ao numoug. akNhliOVA Pitubarg, Pa.

4w THE ONLYKOWN MEDICINE THAT At Tata SAMS TMB AND STRENQTH ENS THE SYSTEM. Ir. Pill are eomposeS or aitny Inttreiliduuk Promlutat among tbtm ar Bar. MMrlllsand Wild Cberrr, to netted aa to act totetaer the ewe, Oimtgk ita admlsiurt witl olnir tubatauota. purllYiut and porstna; wkllo tbtoth'Tlt ttrtnutbtnlng tbe tytm.

That tbett fill. re at tbe eame time a loa te and a ealharllo, a denliltratum lang taught lot by mnlit al men. but aevac beture dlK-otrail. la other worat, Iber do the work of two medictnet and do tt much baiter than aay two we knew el', tor they remove nothing from tbe sr'm but Itnpurltlea, to that wiiile they pvrgt they ala Mrtnsibtn and l.tnee tbarrauM So ilebtlf-tr and are Inlknred bf BO roMtlen. lr.

THll'e Plllo bare a wonderful Influence on the blood. 'I bey not only purify with. em weakening sat may remote ail bohui artlelet from tlie ohyle effort It It converted Into Suid, and tbilt mtket Impure blond an utter tmpowlbllltv. At there le no debilitation, i there It uo niiuws ut tkkntM attending tke noeratlen ol thlt moet tictlleiit mmtitine, wbleb nerrr ttram.or tort art. tlie dlgeettve or.

gant, hill raoere tbtm to work In a perfectly natural manner; hence pertone taking them do not become pal tnd emaciated, but OB tht enntraty, while all Impurltlei sro being removed, tht combined action of th Harttpa- rtlla and Wild Cherry purlfiet and Invigorate tha body, snd mbnat ttate of health It the re. BJitm inert anitru acuen. Price it eente bos Sold by sll Drogglit Ueput it Oortlandt hew York. i Th lllht ITloeUcal Aatbarltltw Earwp sty ths ttrongett Toalc, Parlsor and Deobttntnt knoos to thfsudloaj world Is URUUEBA It srretta decay of vltsl forces, erhtuttlon of Uit iitrvuut evttem, rettoret vigor to toe tated, cleatiace vlllatan blood, rtmorot veticie ohttructiont and acta dtrecti oa tht Liver and Spleen. Prtrt I a bottle.

JOHN J. BJtL-LOUU, PlaUSU, York. tw Rev. Dr. Of IMS, Ptorr th church ol tht SUaugei.

and Kdilot ol the TBRif tias Ant New York, hat written a week to. titled KSUS." eonii-lete lu oae ootavo vol ume of 1st vatee, htautully llluetrated. Tblt book la meeting witk a large tale. Dr. llEKMN being a true Irieod of Sobtliern people, It book will be etgvrly looked for her.

Sold only through cnnveilng sgtntt appotnteil by tbe ruotitiiera rorterriioty tor int. ana me wrtnu Pictorial Rook af Travel! "ALL ROOM) THE WklRLU," ftdreej, CN1TFH STATES P1BLI8HINU 4w It aad 13 Uulverelty Plsre, N. Y. FITCH BURO, anutaoturert at OnrOOMli min EN" UINES snd BOILERS ar mailt In quantltlet and to standard gutgee, to that all parts sro Interchangeable. Can be ran with area tor tafetv snd lemexneuiie than any other engine manufactured.

Rise front to to hone power. WARKRuOhtS. No. CORTLANDT II. 1.

hca fot circular. 12w pAtR OF THK CAR0LINA8. THIRD Atl'lTL F.XrORITIO WI1L BB BSLB I CHARLOTTE, N.O., Nomntirr 25M, 27, 2W4, Liberal premium" In Money, and in the Society'! Diplomat snd Silver mad expressly for th FAIR OF THECAROLINAS. Annual Address will be delivered by Kcnrral 1'itaa Ifainpton, JOTTS CABOIIH. Tbe Society'! hnlldtni are ample, and well arranged.

Railroad rates for tranJrioTtstlo as liberal ss for any other Fair, Article Ibreihlbltlon Frteof Charge, HALF MILE RACE TRACK, at good si sny la th country. Balloon AscensieB during Fair Week, toiler management of PROFESSOR QK ONER. Uyto Pigeot Bboot ln Matoh for a a-jns breach-loadlBg pu. Other prises lil ddd. CHAlUiOTXE CORNET BAND engaged for th wrek.

BeasoS Hisvls For PreatlBBk Lltti aad; other iBfotaistloa, A ddt oat, TnOS. TAIL, r'. sov, tlsw3 1 Hi Hastts Mm Go INQINFX. I I IF ff SAPOLIO lM (Mart, umttsti i' SAPOLIO i.t tu tka kuiOfr Watac. tnan(UiHicii SAPOLIO rmn ml mi Wi, fact 1W -ur Wucr Ikaa lua-if biaUa.

I'MsaataSwdtii aitSMl li. SAPOLIO MSMWkilraBWiiiiiMiku- SAPOLIO to MM Uaa tutf M1 S4 fur r-laauif Ta wars. kr'fkMM vttkint wcSia. SAP OLI filian Unm 4 CfTr St-tat ua4if uUnui suauasua APOLJjO tat wuais IHaacS saa Glaaiwar a ak 4 TaiaafeB) Cfcaaaat SAPOLIO raaMvet fraai Mark MaailM, Taktoaan MataTTw HarS BatouaS Watla. aaa Owm CuJaa a4 IMcaaUia.

SAPOLIO tataaws Biaiaa aad Utaaaa Uvm Cat-SaM a4 atkat wavaa faStxa- Tharw la na ana article known that will eta ae many hlnoa of work and sto It aa wall aa tapollo. Try saw aad aadrfalll Sattifa Totlat Saaii.ka.iaa atuat la tato jr at aatuad. Mart la rat Ikt Bath, rtaraM loaaalaUsa" ml all dirt. afM Iba nar aad itrN a hcaltkjr aataMi aad krUllant iial I Ik akUk Uliiun and autHIs tho Miln, n-MaDilt rtiuarlng sht atata or lkaiwk f-uw both baud aud (act at a Itbeat a rtral la tho wurld for earing ar prtftntlnx raughaeat and chai'pln at tiuitr naaut or avw. roauftt Tar.

Pitch. Iroatt lak Stains snd Ui'ai fi warstrt la Maebin Bhopa, Minat. I laTaliiaula, Fat aitklag the Skla White aad Salt, awl glrtag to a 'bleoaa of btauty," 11 It aaturpataad by say Owntut knows. SAPOLIO eottt to IS eta par eako, snd atary body ahauld hare it. it wiu use iv DONT FAIL TO TRY THESE GOODS.

Buy it af your merchant If ha haa It or will preoura It ror you. it not, than wrltafor our Pamphlet, "All about Saaolle." and it will bo mailed fraa. ENOCH MOROAN'8 SONS, Park Plsiro, or Lam havrd Blrwat, ajalllnavra, MaU jalyl lot- ASIATIC CHOLERA IU CHINA. ALMOST IVEKT CASK CURKU WITH PAIN-KILLEU. tlBAB ft as i During rsablono of anmt ten yeart la Slam and China, at a atlrtlunary, 1 found your Fela-klllar a skm valuable reartdy for tbtt frorlhl oooarge tho boleta.

la admnltterinf tbt sidlclae tuund It svot eSortual tt Ito a tea tpoatilal af Pam Klllfr la a gill of bet water ewoeianrd with tunar then, after about altera ailaatet, btgln to gite about UblMieoiiral or tlie una aiit'urt ory lew ilnutta uatll roller waa ebtalntd. Apply hot aOflloatHMM ta tlio ottremitira, Jlttli the etomtcbwith too Pain-Klller, altar, aud rah tballaibtkrUklr. Of thoea who kad Ike Chut- era, and look th Bitdloln raUkmlly, tu way Mates aboa, tignt oat ar ita rteurtrre Hsv. R. TBLFOHU, Mltetosary iaCbll lSAStisi: noting lone rttl.ltaee In t'blii I hart eaed yor taluaklo Pal.

Killer, both la yew family aad aatong the Ckmeee, and a ara laaad It a mutt ajtaalltol ntdlclne. Jn the Sunimtrtof lmttml lMa, wbllt retldlng In Mbangbel, I found It ta alamt etrtala Oort for rlionit, If ured lu time, ladetd, atlag It In a rtrtt bisst IntUnera, I do not rtatmbtr fating Is a tingle rate. For throe yeart I btrt been tttldini hi tbw vot, BMro tbaa IT Billtt from physician, and hare been obliged ones to fall upoa bit two rteouroet In eaaa el sickntt. Tb I'hlntae comet nt la great aiiia ban roratttllolnt andtdrlra. Though without knowltilgo ourtelTM, tb few simple remodlee wo eaa otmmaad art to atoeh In atltenoe treo ofthtir pbyetctant, thai we hat almost II appllratloa.

We allow thorn to eotnt, beraaaa tt bring at la oonUot with th.ra tnd opens a dour vf ettfalneat. la diarrhea, caoilo, romt king, aholar, owclia, your boe eht mVltie. ours tlia, your sin-Killer has oure, eery trnir. StST.T.P.UKAWroRD, Tiitbw, China. Thott otlng Paln-Klllor eboald Ptktlyobtorr the following dtreotlont i At the conmeare stent of tb dlteaie, take toaiKnrul at Fain.Hlllor, In sugar and water, and thea bat be fraelt aorote Hit stomach and bowalt with the Pam-Nlllor clear, biould tha diarrhea and aramp oonUr ut, repeat the riooe rery Sneea Btlnettr.

IB MM) way Uit nraan-fal oroerge stay be checked and the patient rc- Itertd iu tut ooarao a low oeura. and It reontamBdtd bf tkote who kavo mad tho raln-KIHer for the cholera, that la eitreme oaate the patient take to (or SMrs) loaapoeB. IBIehMteodat owe. The PAIN-K ILLKR I sold br tilth Drug- ittt aa ueaiers ia ramuy siauiciues. rrlc til a eta svad a Battle.

ranrti ui wwra, Mtnufs rrop's IM U(h aurroT R. I. I 2fiM-lm Oct FLOUR, BACON, CORN, Mullota. a AAA l.UUlJrilotD. a.

aad Smoked Sliles. ts Mhde. Smoked Skoakltrt, tficn Ranbele Prime Cora, Barrel. Mailt l. For sale low by WILLIAMS A MCRCHISO.

octM tie GIFT CONCERT. For th Bene St sad aader ta satploet of Tte Caire Fear Aajicultnral AssxiatioiL rjlHI I'KDKRRIONID, ksring bcra p-poiettd by the F.tecBtlva Committee of ta sbov ASNclatlOB, to makt th nectwary ar-raagemtnU for a GIFT COMCKET dnrlng th est Annual Fair, rwpMtrully tolicltt cno-trlbatloat of articles eolUble for prises. Fir hundred print will bt distributed to tha pur- ehaatrt of ticket, and th frlendi of the Ato latloa are eoBSdontly relied npon to turn tab IA prices. Anything from tbOBMad dollar horot to a hoop skirt wilt be acceptable. Th aamasof all contributors, together with their batmeai card and th assonat of their donation, will bt published la pamphlet form Snd wHtly distributed.

Ths pritet wlUU txhlbltod during th Fair. Tbott wtahing to aratl them-selretof this most sfleetlr nods of advertu lug thttr baalaam, will please eommanleat with th tabacTlbtr during th smbUi of vnbcr, aa th list of prises sboaM bo pob-ltthed on th Brat of December. Tbt dUtrtbe-tkn will be made ea the tost day of the Fair, December llth. All coetrtbttlont tbonld bt addremed to Dr. THOS.

B. OABB, Boa St, WUmlngton, M. O. oct it Star aad Poet copy, 2oo-tf Gent's Cable Wire JJOrBLE BOLE BOOTS, Uont staau oewea Bootca aottoai axmoio Cpper Boots, at. Mwmtwaw CHAS." A.

PRICE'S, 82 Msrket atreot. Bori T)ILLHBAIa akd OisotrLaa faVOatPTLf PBXaTTBO at this orrior I-; mi tl -l ft it I .1 Bttlrj.iifH nrmt, A adi at tt.aUeergyJll.r eea S.ST AN' 1. tst-eas 68US88S0' NEWS QOUXBOao', (aareauca-) jf J. B. Wkl taker, dehakWbiotw Mr.

PakUthed Wtdheedayt tt two dollsi ytsr 'JOflmt OF.tOMMERCE KEWBERR.M. O. Pl, Editor sad, Preprktor PaknahadBatardaysal doUartpcrlsa svja. WEST-CAROLINA RECORD1 RUTH (RFOIDTOK. Jt.

0. J. B. Carptabtr, A.L. Urayaoa, Adlure.

aal'soedSatMdeysaltw "atli'r TAE HILISBORO RECORBER1 J. P. Cameron, Editor aad ProprUtor Published Wednetilsys at tw dollar sad irty route a THE WEEKLY ERA' KALE'QH, (aarrsLu-AU) W.A.Heune. Filltor.

Ws. M. Uruwn, Mauagct. rubliatsd TAuraJaj. tt two dolUti year THE BATTLEBRO' ADVANCE BATT1.EB0RO, M.C.

Jamet A. Williams, Editer. 1. Pablbdicd Friday! st two'iloUal yes THE SOUTHERN 'HOME UHARLOTTK, M. C.

I. It. Hill, Editor aud Proprietor. Publiebed Monday! st two dollsrs snd par aunum. THE CAROLINA.WATCHMAN SALISBCRT, N.C.

J. 4. Brnser, Editer snd Proprietor J. J. Stewart, AtseelaU.

Publiebed Tbartdays at tw dollars. THE PEOPLE? PRESS SALEM, N. V. A E. T.

Blum, Proprietors, Fallowed Thursdays at two dollsrs year THE TARBORO' SOUTHERNER1 l.i .1 TABD0R0', N. C. Wo. BiggaKditer and Prep r. Publlibed Thutalays at tire dollar aycai THE PLAlaToEAlER wrutoK, R.

Vt.elnglctary, EVIttor. rabllaasdlrUaHatOBSdiular ty THE DEMOCRAT CHARLOTTE, V. C' W.J. Tatrs, Editor, aa Pabllshsd Tiwedajnttwo 4ol)ai ant par anaam. TVJE GREENSBORO' PATRIOT' OREFJtBBORO', N.

0. Iiufly A Msrehead, Proprtetar. P. F. Dufly, tdltor.

i. i Published Wedneedayt at tw dollar! a yesr. THE PeTdEE HRALD, WADESBORO', N. 0. Josh.

T. Jsbms, Editor and Publiebed Wedneedtyt at'two delltri snd half a yaar. NORTH CAROLINA ARGUS, WADESBORO, 8.0. O. McNeill, Editor and Proprietor.

Pabllehed Thurtdtyi at two dollar and flftj cent per annum, THE ROANOKE NEWS, w1LDoi, M. 0. Manning Pobllidiert; H. E. T.

Manning, Editor. puhlUhtd eembwtekly at four dollars ptr annum. STATESYILLE AMERICAN, (BtrUBLICal) 8TATEBVILLE, H. 0. E.

B. Drake ft Son, F.ditorl and Proprietors. Published Mood ay i at two dollars per annum. fiUETTE' KINSTON, N. C.

Wilson Pnblbihars. K. A. Wilson, Killtor. Beml-Wsekly 0'te, three lollsrs per annum.


Pnbllehed Wednesdays at two dollar! per annam. 1 THE W.W.McDisrmkl, Editor and Fnptlefsr. Pnbllehed Wedneedayt at three dollars per annam. Of Diuij'g and KitcLta Furniture, WTndow Shade, Wall Taper, ftc. WewoaJdcaUtht apotialattoaUitiof the pak-bc to ear PaiW Faniiture, wkkh ail made kert under tht persuaal MptrrbjMia tf ar F.A.

Sthttta, aad hausfbn, gaartatced at reprt. ttated. Cpkowlerhn at all tt braaohtt, aud Paaa ktsaf done with dupatch. Abm Farajtare Baad to ardar. Bart anotAed that are aaa esBparo wtU ta price aad aaaUry with aaj kerne here, we laTtte th pubtte to eall aad txamlae our stock far parhttik tlttwhtrf act a HSHEEHEN! Nets and Seines! J.H.

r.ivK Fittms ia tart tack, Mitsnm ar th orth UareUaa lout, at boMBaiity at lowest prlcea. ent lot roce im. H. A O. W.


A'm. 18 20i'rjf ifarlr.t, Rlvhmnud, Virginia. 1)BB Bis. At the tauaiige atuwu alxiut to commence, we enclote wu one ut our rircu-bu. Wt ara better prvpertd than ever tu rill any ordert In our line, and at everything le ander tho eparlal euirUiouoi one i the ilrm, we eaa oonadently recommend our Pnuv itione at of tbt beet cktllenire onmpett-tlon.

We pay particular atlrnitlm to the manufacture of AC AO fur tht Southern maikutt. We have been emerging eur farllitlee lor tnr Blag out ear lamout Bttuiia, and ww.ii our ueutl choice of meata ummI tor the pur. poati weehall ut prepared to meet tke Haul of our friende ta their cut Ire natlnt'action. 'I lilt Sautag It msnufaotured entirely bv steera power, great care being taltea In adding ana-toulogii, which make, it the beet Stueage mana-fattured thlt stds of Baltimore, and eiUl to any made there or any wbtrt site We are pro pared to ftrrnUk any quantity of It, st wt hive been ta the oapeme of over ininacbln-try to make tblt Ssniaire. Tkoasia) want wiM addrtat at, snd wt will put It up In neat boxes and ucliver It to the Kx-preai Cvmpaay or depot Irceol charge tor botte and drsyago, providing yon relurn the boirt by Eiprett.

And we wautto call your st ten tB to one more item the Houthern Vnfreu Com-peiry wul earty thlt Irtlgbt at much lete than laat year. IB retpoiiee to ntav ctlla, wt are prepared to til oruertlor all kind. of Puddlagt, Baeaa Lard, Ae meh aa Freeh Pork Msuuge. in l.lnkf; Vreth Pork Bautage, In Cake; Freeh Potk Tenderloin Hau-MHret froth Pork Tenderloin Mauaagt, amoked; Rologna Mtoeage, tmoked; Owlle Haupage, meted) Bland raddlugm Uver Pudillnge: Duuk fudillngr, I'l-b I'mldilig; Hogl Head Choetei Bugar Cared Httut; Sugar Cured kouldera; Hugar Cured Rreatta: hugar Cured Jolet; Bugar Cured Stripe; Beef Nmokei. bear, Beer, by the Quarter or Side; Mutton, by tbequtntty; lloga, In any quau.

tlty; Pickled Pork; I era, bv bbl. or keg; llu! aud RHu ofPork: ptg't Feet in Mplcri; Plgt Feet In be Spleee; I.amb'a Tongue. In Plckli; Hog'i Tonguci in 1'lcklc. Bead for 1'rTce 1.IM. We remain, voart Irnly, V.


The Wilmington dooasab (Weekly) on en-terlug upon lu twenty-ninth annual vol me, has beea greatly ant improved, it li tbe only tlilrty--lx column paper in the State. AS A t'IR)ITXANo flU AD LlTKKAHV JOt'RVALi IT iH lift Kltr. I. Kit. Fmhraoed la It oolemni to a more complete, compact, yet comprebenuve hittory of tbe world's dotngt, rroBi wees to wees, than eaa possibly be louud in any other Jcurual.

It la laat tha naner for the home and fireaida. full of good reading all thebe.4 Kditnrlaltef the daily i all the Congrettlonal, lgielatlve ana roiilicat newt at tot aay. Its Market Reports ar alwayafnll and accurate. Th Review of th Markets It screpted by the mercantile community ae the true Index of tbe commerce of the elty, while Ita repot other markets are full snd reliable. I INTERESTING Stories, Tales, are (lv every week, making it the beet fam ily paper published ia th eountry.

ITS CinCtitiVTXOTNf I very large throughout the Stat and whole Sontb. Ia New Hanover, Kilgecomb Ontlow, Duplla, Ssmpeon, rtrnnewick, Illaiten Bad Cotumhae It Is especially larg, while ia Halifax, WUtom, Wayne, Carteret, Roheton, Richmond. An win. and Moore, and rn eeveral coontlee of South Carolina, Ita circulation It vary good. itts ptibluUiedtvery Friday on th follow- TERMS; -i Ona copy, for one .52 0(5 Ons copy, for aix 1 00 Tares oopies, for one year.

5 60 Four oopics, for one year. 7 00 Five copies, for one year. 8 50 Ton copies, lor one 15 00 Twenty oopies, for one year 25 00 Sw" To err getter-op of a CLUB OF TEN ct eepy will kt lest free tor one year. Add twee JOURNAL WHaslllirtSBl.NC mm J3 nuneat, The St. Jjouis iiU aaj We hare the best authority forsnying that, j.

at a cry early stAge of appnweh-V: lag session of Coagreax, one of the Cottteeticat Senator will Introduce a bUI to wind up the aatiaual b.mka, re- deem their currency, and Issue gieen-backi Instead." Oea. Grant is receiving the ooiuiuis-! cratioa of tha organs. The Urn tntitle kiss to a double snlary this year, but appropriatioa was made for ouly twen- ty-flve thousand dollars. This makes tae President abort Sorry for him, bat all bis subjecU are short, too. Bis aaiaery fiads plenty of oompany.

Ths Washington Star any it i aU-eoluWy certain that wi hin five year shall Lava a poetaleavwgsbauk and fovernment telegrsph. Kow, if a goraraiaeat restaurant wcra only sd-. dad. with branches at every poet-offloo aad telegraph station, whore people haa giva a cuajority for a guod Dciuo-crat for Governor, aud now gives further evidence of good sense and good taste by rejecting a "celebration" of tha anniversary of its misfortune. Will Chicago 7 sawpie iasaawaBBaBBBBSMBiBasaBWjBjsawawaBwaBa Ths Isusatwd uaf Calr Tha last funeral rites ovet the re-auum of tha late Bishop JoLa Early took place at Court btreet Church yea-terday morning.

Business wu a a great measure suspended ia the streets, and the attendance larga ocmaid-eriagthe inclataeacy of the weather. Tha church was heavily draped ia snoorniag, aad a portrait of the Biahop suspended in the rear of tha purpit was covered with crape. The body waa borne into the church a httle after tea o'clock, the clergy of tha aty acting aa pall-bearers, accompanied by the ofBoers of Court btreet and Ctoteaaary Churches, tha familv and relativea of tha deceased, aad headed by tha pastor of tha church ranesitiiiff naaaaaee of aorDtare. The coflla was covered with beautiful floral designs. Ins semoea were commenceu oy the reading of a Psalm by ltev.

H. B. Cowlea, Iresiding Elder, followed by tho readina by lUv. IV. Hledd of tha hymn beginning: aktiikiiif rnm ia m1I tud rf Patk, which was sung by the choir.

Then followed a prayer by Ilev. James A. Duncan, after which the chapter commencing: Now ia Christ risen from the waa read by tho Iter. Mr. Christian.

The hymn beginning: Srml at Ood. vl. Rest troas IS; kS cm was then given out by Bov. A. (I.

Brown, alter the singing of wbjen iy the choir the address were commenced. The first was by the pastor, Ilev. Mr. Judkina, who was followed, respectively, by the Ilev. Messrs.

Christian, bledd. Duncan and Brown, all of whom paid beautif urand toucn-ina tributes to tho memory of the de ceased, and txire glowing teatitnouy to the aroat work tliat he Had acconv pushed. Lunehhurg Virginian Vf ttrdaf. llslst TerpU Orgaa. Wlien thebodv i ia a state of health, food taken into the stomsoh acta on the bowela at a stimulant, causing that wor-n-like motion by which their eonteuts are expelled.

The liver beiug in a natural condition, tha flow of bile i which ia a mild cathartic) into tlie in tcatinc is ample and regular, and hence the dischargee are cosy and uf-flcientlv frennent The revoreeofall tliis eonttitutes coHtiveness, and the ouly true method of cure i to restore the functional activity of the two im-nortaut ortran which use the Iwwela aaa tewer for the egress of waste mat ter. For this nurpose Itoetettert Stomach Bitters can be confidentially recommended tlie moat effective of all medicines. It Is nottoomnch to say that chronic constipation would be unknown if the Bitters were in univer sal use as a remedy in the earlier stages of the complaint. Ai uus period of the year, when dyspepsia with all iU kindred disorders is so sot to be engendered and aggravated by the dampness or tu stmospuere, una un equaled stimulant, tonio and alterative should be taken daily. w.

Ths UmableBldaalag el'nuaU Uoth, nr nJord coityMiianl Ua," iriir lat so lung, ky ikt rrgiilar um af SotoJunl.ibt puissnd aataqusl lad Vtiaukl Toolk Wak. MT-4W MECKt KNBUROt N. C. ELI. ggVIPPKD.

-'IKVEM PmOFKS-an tiniwMkit. ScMlun baalat Sea- UUMI 711 I S.J. Bi'lui lot uaiaiot-ua, J. U. al.AKt, tlialrnsaalUisrsraltr.

oIM 6a-4 A GREAT NEWSPAPEB. THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE. EOQHDEO BY HOsUCK OKEtl.Ef.t ItaTdlnl la ths Mflurion of Inltltlirsai, and i Hit KtUbllokntut of KstmbUcaa Prlurlulca saionf tea AmtrKwa Panyls, It Uia porpoaa oT futmtc to fotloa- tad epllf In Iht future, area mnrt ftlllifullr tliaa In tii past, UitM rardinal Mta at IU aiwuac aaa lis Mir Ian. Totlial and II nnitantljiiH ivaMaf Its amanili' ptnrannf tsa lam aawa sad to kaM anlaknia tresi all rta ut Ilia wot and ISO Mm uma aniargiug iu laciiuwa tut ulu. aallaa aad dlatrlkulliito.

lit OarratpaatltBU ara slalluutd at trarr la- pnriani eamat oi luaaa ana arnoa, aoia ia Uilt tnantrt and abraa. Tkar Irad at aettoai- PMTta aakara Itvaliat whlrk Itaawatad. tanivranj amonf Mia stuanulMOt Uolorada, alcmi tbt Tallarirf ths VaUnvatana, ataath eoatUaf tha At otic 0aau. At beaia, fn- kawiafaMa ths vonhlnatkmt wkk-A aMll a araal tlttar city, whlla It rajiortt Ullhfullj and MmatltUt latolaad katttaiulUal tbawotk 1 viv III uiwnqn. aiii mm nvimm fi.

irr hn is, la abort, at ouly a fital, but a conilot aawiiwiwr. rti rnkaat Eitra SkatU," aaaualltd lu tholr eosablBd ala sad thaaaai, will ennllnaad at fruiil Inlarrala durlnf tb a-ulii Tsar. Tb Faradr Krtn, daaorlbln fully tt iraar Ursng MortmcBt of Uit frat-trt all star tht rouutrr, and nrrad Iroai orlflns' and official InlwmatWm, will tooa rtatif, wklla Ma. transaction or lb Anorteaa Aaaoctoiwa for tha Adraaoa. tnt of Boleaoa at IU racant BHtiDi at Pork-land.

la rraak from Uta nraat aiuf lor uUt by all aawadaalera. Tin Wwkty Tnbmt ha poea roeocnlssd for ant roars a tht rsronu) paper af tho A fl ealtarsl el it at who i eoantry roadart nntrally), aod aa tatlntnt aatharlty rrc-auy daolartd that It kad ilon nor to praavto food rarailiil thaa maf otatt Mag It UUlatao that tor exist art. Tf rn'fwiw It pntilltbeil In thro IIUoat. rtar; Srmt-Wotkly at SJayrar, aod Wrtkly at fi yaar. Mew It a iiaod tlmt to anbaerlbtfr olther edition, snd ta bart lima to nt np rliiba tor Tht Wtrkli Tnbnw.

Wo ofl'w tb toihlng tteted-Ingly liberal trn to (Jlubt; and thoto a bo get tbtmap: TBK WEEKLY TKlBrJsR. vo Mi, a SFBsvBtaaas. On eopv. ont yrar SI liama S3 Flrt copU-a, ont ytar-M iainta IU H) Oat ri Xnmut nf All at oao Pwt Offlra. SAearh.

1 lOtach. IWsarh. And an artit to taca eVut. All SI cm PoM-OIHro. istopltt ttaarb.

I Match. 1 Itaaoh. An4 on j(rt Imrmcnrlttm tf Pot Clubt Of FlTV, IV Srm- Wttil) Trr kaat trill ent at aa aatra copy. THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE. One copy, on year 104 Flro coiio.

or ror aarh IN Tta oople (aadtat etfr tmpt) Jt Htmlt bv drsn or pottal tnoatyrdtr, If pottl- bit. If But and noary, alwayt la a rtMwad Itttor. TeraM Cah la Adraace. otic I To OM Bcnarasiatn Tnt TBlnratiT fomtr sabtoribar ta Tin Tnbunr, wheat It tnt hat not bat a on oar boost ttneo Ftbrtwy, 187, may obuia fkt Wttkln Tritmm frosa this or any stikteqaont dtt, to rfanuary ky atadlnc J-'ha prlet of saMulptlra lor ou yaar to thit offlot. If ar ant rabtenMr ta TU mbmm tsnd for taeolmea copy, which trill bt retarned ire.

Aoareai Tas Tbjbcsb, Hw Tori. odtT Cheese. Apples and Candy. inn BOXEI CHXESE, AVV IS Barrtl Apples, 10 Box Caady, W. KEBCHKBB.

sot 9 avaylL Turpentine Ln( fob rat.t: (ams tat rttw Wtlaata T5.000 BOUND TREES' Wstffbrfor sal th krac of Ub4 Iyla how two aHls atatk WUaalagtOB, beUgth Eaacara pan af the Suamar Hill Tract, Bad aoa lamina, 1 121 4-10 ACTUS. Mr. dame Brocket, earner of Secoavd aad Ckurcli ttrteta, will akoo the land tt aay por- sobs deslrtBg to par abate For term apply hlOaRISi act taVDAW-SI AsMand Flour ABOVE BRAND HAS A WK1X dettrved reputatioa at beiag at par aad wall aad 1inb a. aav that hi made. Ike MapermrUy of Km Barral (sr- anteea.

Kocolvtd frost Mill weekly. For Sale bj JAMES C. BTEYEXSON. act! AlVKliXlHK IB TBB MONROE ENQUIRER rjlUX EXQriRER.havlncaUrgtclrealatica tht count let of Anton, Calon, Chettcrfleld, and Lancanter, otttra anauriwmed advanugve at aa advtraaini meitlum fui tke siercBau.a oi viiimington. Falwhed weekly at tl per sanitm tr HOVLl.N A WUU'K, roe, I'nloa county, N.

O. aie-lf The TrueSouthron. THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES. An Indepemsleat an4 fcarloao Jwur. mil, Oevwied ta I ho liereaa ol Ik UttJ sst irst i-eopio wt tho loam try.

WK enter nuns our elghtB ytsr with renewed drtermMiatloa teatead Bruly and tquartly uio our i rinclplee, mainuia oar In and to battle tor ritht aud truth agaiiut nrhoiai cortuption, venalMy and trait nut Horn tbt ngm turnugu muiiv.woi crooked ioliyM ItllackiuJ and abort-lighted imiiedliaiicv. Vt'e recetv no aWmmenl pop, to help ni along; but look te the men wiiok nguta ana in. ti rh anddeltnd, by day and by night, le tuaulnat, by a cordial aad liberal nnjiL Vim call upna them to rome forward nuw.andglvo ua a iltt. aad pot at beyond tlie reach of cootlnsenrlet etand bf tlie unconi- priimuuiig chaniim at their right, liberties and InttrwU, aad thow to Radloal edrtuptloB-lata ud scalawtg Uaitors that they are de. termlned, lienoeloria, lo tuttam nariemex.

pontnt of their view, and principles. We ttk ALL FRIBNOB OF HONESTY ADD GOOD GOVERHMENT to Intercut thematlvtt la xUadlsg our circuit. tlon, aad thereby aid at ut la our battle against me eorruiiiHm ana vnieiuy uit power, which Is fait dettroylng the liberties one neonla and the letosroee of the eountry. BlnglacwplM St tvwwple Addrsst Sumter, B. C.


J. Editor rubllnhcd WedneeJtyt st two dollsrs i an- Bum, CLEAVELAND BANK BHBLBT.M. 0. Pitta Durhsm, Editor'. Published Baturdsyt st two dollsrs per aa.

sum. THE MACNOUA MONITOR 0. W. T. Hannafnnl, Froprietorl J.

D. Bianlotd, Editor. PuMlthed Wednetdayt at two dollsrs per annum JOHN F. LONG, AGENT, TyriNCFACTUKtll AtiU DEALER IU Mi Englisli FrencH Boots, Ste AMDOAITEBS, Na. 1N BalUmatw Street, Oppotitt St.

Fsul Street, BALTIMOR July n-mch. CET THE BE8T At the Lowest Living Price. QVR MOTTO IS TO PLEASE OCR CU8-tvmeri. In wholersls or retail. Ia price and la quality, la rtjlt snd beauty.

Mori know until they come and tee our beautiful styles Ladles Button Boott, ths fiuett svr brought to this city, at lets price thsa they can bought In New York or Philadelphia. Men's Fin Boots, Boy's Shorn, Children'! Shots, Ae. If yen want te bs milted corns snd ste ns EVANS VonQLAHN, Princes Street. nor It Wt- Fresh Goods. ALirOUNIA BARTI.KTT PEARS, and Oordon A Till worth'! Pcira, MArLE SUGAR, KEW TtAISINS, JAVA AND IiAGUAYEA COFFEE freuli parched.

CLAKBEEMES, NEW BUCKWHEAT, an.lUie:mfBTrriinJliewoi1J." A GEO. MYERS', 1 antl i3, Front Street. oct an sm- Goal Goal. RED AND WHIT, ASH OF BUST QTTAL-tty. Furnace, Grata.

Stave and Chetnut aiaee, now on hand snd delivered promptly in any part ol the cJty wtli screened aad free from dirt. i 0. Q. PAR8LET A CO. OCt 50tf HOUtSK, J.

A. DATlsriFroprmtor 1 Prem this date the rata fot TiaasmBt Board, trig art (4, S3, and SI So per OtJ, accord Uig te location and rooms. Day boarders per week. a 11 should be compelled to get their meals Tcwparad by government cooks, the ft sal paternal system would lie iter- "Altomaa Cathohc priest at Home its' publicly abandoned Romanism aud Joifld tha Baptist Church. The rever-sad ia Father raolo Orasai.

Uatotha time of bis convoraion he waa incumbent of the church of the silioaof BaaU Maria Mscglose. Ho saade public recaatatioa of his form-J laitt, aad waa thea baptised by the Ear. James Wall, a Baptist minister. Thk aaaaoas English hop crop is es-tlaated at a little over half that of last Tr, with a gTeater diversity of quality thaa hat been aeea for many sea-' sssaa, It Jsbcbered that the import of hops from the continent will not cx-, eaed the average for some years past, whfla America will require a conaidcr-ble amooat of tha English growth to Mtpply thedeficioncyin this year's crop than. v.

Parricide ia rogardod as a serious saiaaemesnor in jdawachnactts. One Edridga Wlxon, of West Uarwick. in tLat Stats, has been found guilty of aajBslenghter, ia killing his futhcr, sentenced to "aeren years In the State prison, one day of which to be olitery exmUnement." After such a evwre puniahmeat it ia confidently be- liered that he will never kill his father again. Bon. Charles Reed, aaicmberof the EoglMi Parliament, and Vice President of the London School Board, has jost concluded a careful examination tha School systems of our country, fot whfch purpose ha came here.

He erpreeao himself as greatly pleased wiA tha Amerioaa method of teaching, and cossidera it vastly superior to the ystem ia vogue in England. Ho will urge Its adoption upon the dacstional authorities of London. The) rroject favored by Got. Walker aod oihers, of assuming the Sonthern tLit idlt, will, it Is said, be renewed by Oca. Ben.

Boiler this session. T2r was lobby at Washington last winter urging the measure oa Corpres and ss these debts tlkSf owned in the Korth-r, i 1 Us a preasure from that quarter is la expect ed, including inch Gews others, allies -1 miners of tie cirpet-bsggera. It fs tnt fiat this little Job EnchiLow before CoEfress, you will spoil the child. IM TBI LATEST BTTLa..

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