Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1938
Page 7
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ESTHURSDAY n Stahtner *»...-—-,--—«- f t"^f=H s«"^.f i .. 19. 1870, at Elmhuist, Humphrey's. Mr. and *'•• and tl lepew- ' after e wa, J 3ffi dSTll i«a Mrs Brulm 1932 Mrs. urunn. d ae iid Mrs . fea S u g E 6 Mf ? . MiRe is dead. Surviving iorge Ilosburg, Granada, Edward Henry at Rockwell City. are The ^tcr Johnsons, Bancroft, »^« «P ent Sunday at the former's brother E. K.'s, and the E. K. son Kenneth accompanied the Lester sisters and one r |s Meyer, wm" fe more, Wichtendahl, of Lotts s John Geitzenauer, or Herman were the 'the wedding of Leona Lauck, a rel- at , V6) and from h ^ «- A1 ^^ ^ ^ ^ e^to go to Mrg Carrle Haa Pearl, and Gait with Earl, of Ban-' ae nd rte son-liT-law," Her- Sv^people attending the | were Mr. and Mrs. Theo. 1 Mr and Mrs. Louis Baas, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Arand Mrs. Emma Baas, ' Mlnn . ; Mrs. William Intheran Mission Fest— lie people attending a Lu- hlssion festival 'at the Edw. •ove, Whittemore, Sunday, the Henry, Ferdinand, fend Irvln Bruhns, the B,u- iHanovers, the Herman > Louis Wehrspanns, the ickwenns, and the Albert is, Mrs. Clara Wehr>s. Robert Votteler, Mrs. [antelman, Clara Bruhn, eU, and the Rev. H. D. , with liis family. krl's Birthday Observed— tonald Weisbrod entertains ek Wednesday for her r Anna Hae's sixth birth- intversary. Betty Jean , Ethel Weisbrod, Phyllis fary Georgia Newel, Ruth ,»mphrey, Katherine Will- jrla Wallace, Delores Man- lanet McFall, and Mary ions will be guests. Lor 9 Birthday— JJerman Gade entertained [evening in honor of her fs birthday, and guests in- ie Edwin Gades, of West ) Werner Gades and the Is, Whittemore; the Rob, Mrs. Carrie Haase, Al- 1 the letter's daughters. t Twenty Tears- Id Mrs. Frank MeBride land Mrs. Frank Clark, of IMlnn., arrived Sunday to Wre. McBride's brother T. Ill's. This was the first I McFall had seen his sls- J years. Immetsburg Kennlon— ling family reunion was pay at Emmetsburg, and 5 were the John and Theo. Cylinder, Mrs. Morris Fenton, her family, the pltchells, and Ben Moling, . I Patient— I Mrs, Raymond Stoeber, )eber, and the latter'a lys called on Mrs. W. .-•at the Lutheran hos- f( Dodge, Sunday. She is 5 from a major operation. Edw. McDermott, Rockwell City, went home Sunday, after two weeks with his daughter, Mrs. Fred Fessler and family, Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kohlwes, Austin, Minn., is spending this week with her aunt, Mrs. Everett Dreyer. Mrs. Alvln Zumach and her in- int son Gary John were brought tiome from the Algona hospital Thursday. The Algol Swensens, of Hawley, Minn., came Saturday to visit Mr. and Mrs. William Alderson. Two Burt Teachers Quit for New Jobs Vocation— . Wilfred Stoeber _y Edna Anderson / Byers, Swea City, left /fora week's visiting in [Minnesota. Wringer— . daughter of Mr. and 0 . hna °n. suffered , hand Mon day. when in an electric wring f to Hospital— 'er was taken to the , Ofter Penton. "»«ey has returned to il_ a *S?;° hospital, af- n'ta her father, l«r"»' Ba - n « other looal r «!Wd .^^l^t Mey- me IOWa Clty be ' a ^ora- Minn., and E ! thervIlle ' were last week. Mr. and Thn rt The Rev. H. D. Stnhmer, his wife, and children got home last Wednesdayfr'om two weeks Louis, 'where Mr. Stahmer -• «i " nci v an-, oiantnpr ^^•»!» n «n«nTn, and with relatives and Grand Mound Mr. and Mrs, Herman Hlntz drove to Hampton Sunday for Mrs te. P S??°' » ho <! visiting h«; KOSSUTH COUNTy ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA PAGE SEVEN Twenty Years Ago THIB UBI convention COUNTY at^vc'nnortl 00 "^ 1111011 was to be llcld i* the mvcnport courtroom. A meeting place for the democrats had not been announced. Both parties had a candidate for each office, so there waa Klusa little foi cept , the conventions to do ex- Humphrey's. C. Lindsey Friday and Sat- Muoller attended a meeting at Twin Lakes Wednesday. Mrs. medlcal , ftst croft, Clifford Hoase, Elvira ner guests at Herman Gade's. Agnes Karsen, Lindsey, Neb., arrived Friday for a week at Dennis Hendrickaen's. She came from Chicago, where she had been employed. Katherine Willrett, who had visited her grandparents, Mr. and state conventions. A. L. Peterson was republican chairman; €. B. Murtagh, democratic chairman. . l " OHA1 CHECKS f*or 20 patrons or tne Algona creamery were announced, and A. J. Keen & Son were high, with $415.54. Total for the high 20 was $3,048.82. L. N. Thorpe & Sons were second, and Bert McCorkle & Son were third. A M3TTBR*'FR.OM James Kll- Han enclosed seeds from a flower native to "No Man's Land" in Prance. The seeds were sent to his sister, Mrs. Bert Muckey. He was with the Rainbow division, but had been in a hospital four months. DR. D. W. PRATT," dentist at Burt, had died after a long illness with a disease of the liver. He had practiced at Burt more than 20 years. An operation had failed to help, and ho died a few hours after it was performed. His widow, one of the Schaefer girls, remar- j ried and now lives in Minnesota. WALTER BUCKHOLD, Titonka farmer, had suffered a broken leg In Minnesota when his horses ran away while he was disking. A leg wound had become infected, and part of the bone had to be removed. -Two Burt teach- reslgnations last JENS SORENSEN, nephew of Lars Sorensen, had enlisted in the army. He had been in the Danish army for some years before coming to the U. S., and because of his experience he won immediate promotion. DR. E. C, HARTMAN had been Burt, June 21- ers tendered „ .„ week. Frances Vaughn, who has taught fifth and sixth grades here for several years, has secured a position, as fifth grade teacher at Clear Lake at a better salary. Lenore Bollie, third and fourth grade :eacher, has been elected at Wood- alne. Erna Baars, who has taught nusic here for several years, has jeen offered a uositton at Slgour- iey. She was here last week-end, but went down to look into the situation. She had not yet resigned up to Monday. Heavy Rain Floods Northeast Kossuth Lakota, June 28—A terrific wind and rainstorm, or cloudburst, hit this vicinity at 8 p. m. Friday, and the country was still flooded Sunday, with tile filled and drain ditches over banks and water running over road grades. Much damage was done to crops, especially corn, rye, etc. Many tile-drained fields were under water over the week-end with the crop a total loss. This storm, following the heavy rain Thursday evening, came from the same direction, the northwest. Farewell for Lone Rockers. Lone Rock, June 28—A picnic was held at the Ambrose A. Call park Sunday, as a farewell to the Eugene Pearsons, and attending were the A. A. Kruegers, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snyder. The Harlan Blanchards, the Chester Almes, the Arthur Priebes, Violet Larson, Beverly Sones, and the Pearsons. promoted from a lieutenant to captain. This gave him a salary of $200 a month, besides rent, heat, etc. * * * * HAROLD B. QUARTON, who was with the U. S. consulate in Berlin when the U. S. and Germany went to war, had received notice that he was transferred to Helsingfors, Finland, to be consul there. For a time he had been in Holland, but he was at home on vacation when the notice arrived, the town. * * C * A WAR SAVINGS certificate and thrift stamp campaign was being opened and Friday, June 28, had been named as deadline by President Wilson. P. A. Krause was county chairman,with a sub-chairman in each town in the county. . Visiting Here— 1 Mrs. George Yager ar lay, after the winter and Florida, to visit their |>. Mrs. C. F. Wegener and • Bailey, and the- son GOT A PACKAGE TO MAIL, OR papers to file away for safekeeping? ' Ten sizes of heavy manila clasp envelopes at the Advance office at 2c to 5c each. The county was expected to take $25,000 worth, and Algona's share was $6,000. »'* * * ANGUS COTTON and Matt Streit, high school boy who had enlisted, had been sent to Fort Logan, Colo., but were 'thence transferod to Camp Meigs, Washington, D. C., where they were learning to be army accountants. * * * * A GOVERNMENT AGENT had found 16 barberry bushes in Algona, used for hedges. Spores from such bushes caused rust in wheat and owners of the property were being asked to kill all of them. * * * * THE REV. J. J. JONES had resigned as Congregational pastor to take up Y. M. C. A. work with the army. His health was poor, anc he was asking that he be sent to a southern camp. He had been here two years. * * « * A FOTiTHER CUT in consumption of sugar had been ordered by the government. The limit per person had been cut from ten pounds to five in the allotted period, and then the sugar wag to be half granulated and half powdered. Housewives could get more for canning if they signed certificates for It. THIRTY CARLOADS of coal were being shipped to Swea City, where a campaign to stock a winter supply was in progress. More than 500 tons had been sold and delivered. ' GERMAN SUBMARINES were being "cussed" at Lone Rock for sinking a dredge boat in Calamus creek, four miles northwest of the village! (The boat was top heavy, and sank of itself.) ", * * * * A REVISED PROGRAM for a. Chautauqua which Was to begin July 6 had been received, and it listed some notables, mostly to speak on war subjects. * * * * EDTV. CLARK, son of Mrs. Jane Clark here, was known as the youngest hanker in north Iowa. He had just started a new bank at Mallard, and he was president. * * * * HOWARD M. VINSON had been married June 15 to Marguerite Laidley by the Rev. W. J. Todd at the home of her mother, Mrs. Agnes Laidley, who was then county recorder. Marguerite had been deputy. Mr. Vinson then owned the Elk Pantatorium. * * * * HOWARD FRENCH and Grace Perry had been married, by the Rev. J. J. Jones on June 17, t and they were to live at Titonka, where the bridegroom's father had a lumberyard. They still live there and are amony 'the leading people of Meal preparation is easier and more economical with ClintonProducts. They are pure and wholesome and their use adds variety and tastiness to meals. Ask your grocer for recipe folders. CLINTON COMPANY, Clinton, Iowa l ty. , B er,- went Wednes - , Liv- $**'*. /jiaKa yarn WGGK-EIUX vup GI llJ-COST-PER-miLE STANDARD RED CROWN THE IOH6 MILiASE 6ASOLIHI ut •r -' -^SPECIAL SIMMER GASOLINE ^^ STANDAID Oil DEALER 1 «*"r k CAN BE YOURS 18 Glorious Days, with All Expenses Paid, for the Winner of The Algona March of Progress Queen Contest \ ;:*»' — IH* ; >\> •J& v> Contestants! Shoppers! Enlist your friends and relatives now to Save your coupons—ask for them. Help secure votes for you when they make some deserving girl to take this wonder- purchases at Algona stores — the girl ful trip of the west—to see the greatness of this country—to come back enlightened and educated by the wonderful advantage of travel. Select a candidate and help—help all you can. It'll be great fun. There is no limit to time of with the most votes will win — and it may as well be you! Think- of it — 17 days in the west— in the Pacific North-, west, San Francisco, Hollywood, Old Mexico, New Orleans-all the places undreamed of in your past. This all expense tour will go to some girl in Kossuth county. entry. Have your favorite enter now if she hasn't done so. The rules are plain and simple. Stores that Give Coupons Richardson Furniture Co. Wilson Bakery Gamble Store Pine Room Klassie Motor Company K. & H! Oil Station Kossuth Implement Co. Geo. Elbert Garage Howard Hardware Graham's Misbach's . Kohlhaas & Spilles Cumming's James Drug Store Brownell's Council Oak Steele's Coast to Coast Store Dau Garage ' Nelson and Lensing Kresensky's Marigold Beauty Shop Morrison Beauty Shop Hawcott & Ogg! , " ' The Hub Clothiers Merritt Funeral Home Klamp's Service Station Johnson's D-X Station Gene Wray Conoco Station Zender's Holtzbauer & Hull Lusby Drug Store Anderson's Jack Sprat Hood's IGA Borchardt's Long's Food Shop Harris Conoco Station Solberg Service Station Red's Service Station Champlin Station Deep Rock Station Algonquin Clopton the Tailor Sportsmen's Tavern Laing & Muckey Kossuth Motor Company Algona Insurance Agency Elk cleaners Call and Iowa Theatre. Raegly Lumber Company Kent Motor Company Dutch's Service Station C. S. Johnson Cut Rate Grocery Dr. Scanlan Modern Dry Cleaners Bjustrom's Barry's A. & P. Store Dr. Sawyer A. W. Amunson Hovey Implement Co. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co, General Hospital Algona Laundry and Dry Cleaners Chrischilles Store McCormick-Deering Store Cora Miller Beauty Parlor SorenW8 Grocery Ben Franklin Store Nortoii Lumber Company Brown Studio ' Pajahftuse/i Smoke Shop Pratt Electric Co, Madson & Hanson Barker Drug Store M °* & SJQfren Alfonj* iftk^ry/ Copper 1 * ii|»ijajr Station

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