Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TWO H }. - KOSStJTH COUNTY APVANCE. ALGONA, 16WA ;'*iiiiiiiiiiii!!iiiiw Written Guarantee FUEL COSTS Protects Your Health—Q iiiliflili KOSSUTtt COUNT? ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE THREE NSULATING R HOME or FICE WITH fin m You Fire Protection SUMMER COMFORT You probably find, like everyone else who is still living in an uninsulated home, that your upstairs rooms are hard to heat in winter. Your floors and stairways are draughty. That on very cold days you must keep firing all day, forcing the furnace, running up your fuel bill, trying to get the whole house warm. And in summer, isn't it just as bad the other way? Under sizzling, sweltering days, how unbearably hot are the upper rooms! How terrible the nights! The complete cure for such conditions of discomfort and fuel extravagance is now available to every home owner. Home in- ssiution is the answer . . . and marks the most important advance in living economy and comfort since the modern heating plant was introduced. Insulation is no longer an experiment. The public is today demanding insulation. Engineers are specifying it daily for both industry and domestic uses.' Kite* Existing House or Building can bled with Capitol Rock Wool ;s Your Home Cool in ler-Warm in Winter Latest Type Blowing Equipment Insuresllete and Thorough Insulation For many hours each day your house is exposed to the terrific heat of the sun. Because of its direct exposure your roof absorbs the greatest amount of heat. A roof temperature of 130 degrees to 160 degrees is not uncommon. The ordinary roof structure offers little resistance to the transfer of this terrific heat and the in-between live air readily conveys it to all parts of the house. A 4-inch layer of Capitol Rock Wool provides sufficient resistance to permanently stop more than 81 per cent of this heat transfer. Many attractive and otherwiss modern homes are nothing better than bake ovens in sum. mer, and their occupants suffer untold discomforts for the want of Capitol Rock Wool insulation. In such homes restful and unbroken selep is almost impossible. Fitful slumber has impaired the health and interfered with the progress of many business and professional men and women. Now consider the woman who is required to spend most of her time indoors. She cannot keep up with her duties working in a bake oven temperature. Children, too, are affected by these conditions and suffer in health and behavior. Summer cooling is noiv within your means. Capitol Rock Wool insulation provides the cooling effect of from 1 to 3 tons of ice per day and assures 8 to 15 degrees cooler indoor temperatures. Its automatic performance requires no upkeep or operating expenses. Rock Wool Furnishes Fire Protection IF. >»»»+««»»•»»»•»•»»«»«»+»»»»»»»»»*«»»«•««»«»»»»«»»»»••••«»«»»»»»»»»«»«•»»»»»»»»»««»••»»»»' *••• == '"" air i ,-, e see the detriment of hav- -, rV Wnlls , aml roof structure - Contrary to popular no- vie MI ,vl,lriln ? f • alon S; isurfllces ' but is c » rri «d from section to section by f , H ?' hlrlln S ot >ur a "d flames between the walls, which offer no resist- tl rm.a'/ i^^-rT ' *?"' there is - Mdig P«tabIe proof that flames can, ot spread f !™ *! « f re " re , slstlu £ properties of Capitol Rock Wool, which confines the fire to the original area, and starves it by keeping air from nil m A Word About Our Store Wholesale and Retail- pur business is to serve both the products Dealer and Consumer. There- complete line of quality Paint and Painters' Supplies _ Paints> Varnishes ' and Enamels Turpentine, Oil, Alcohol. Wooster Brushes. Wall Paper— Glass — Copper electro plated polished plate mirrors, plain and tinted. Floor Covering — ££KSS£ J±±£ SSiS 00 *"" Rubber Tile Gauges — Standard — Medium — Heavy. Print Patterns — Standard Floor Coverings. Quaker Rugs. Maintainance Supplies quallty Floor Surfacing — Sanding and finishing all types of floors new or complete equipment. Equipped with general °for Venetian Blinds — Warren, purchased direct on quantity contract basis. Incidentals — Wetit — Rapid wallpaper remover ^^^^ Other INSULATION VALUES With Capitol Rock Wool Besides providing comfort on cold winter »»»»»»*»»»« ° f Iten Guarantee to pay 20% of [oal bill if Capitol Rock Wool save you that amount. . • • • ise through where there is With Rock Woo . and dirt dirt in ath clrcu ' v • home melts snow on the ™«» tlle ". on - lnsm lated and keeping them moist f ~, ' lvettln * "Ungles induces Vot. iSlSffi JtoD???! 96 ' 1 * Wl ' ich cess at the roof line aid fin i? Ineltin e Pro- free from rot. BoS Wool SKiSi 1 "* 16 ", dr * and ')• increase the life of vou?ln ,* ? n w111 there .iinHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiii™ Capitol Rock Wool Insulation DOES NOT DETERIORATE NO UPKEEP NO REPAIRS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH portant Poinl 1. We honestly believe that Capitol" Wool Insulation would have been inclu*i the original plans for your house, had it I available at that time and had you knom| facts as presented herein. 2. We don't know of a single itemli contributes as much as Capitol Rock WM comfort, health, economy, and safety-orl guarantees all year automatic service; is' lasting; is free from fuel, upkeep, and * problems; requires no visible space, and! movable and noiseless. 3. We can't point to another singly or insurancevwhich works to avert disi safeguards your home against the destfll forces of nature or affects the welfare oil household more than Capitol Rock Wool; . 4. While from a dollars and cents si point, Capitol Rock Wool has no equal, Jjj more than a dollar in return for every 5* invest. Capitol Rock Wool insulation r 1 you positively nothing. Your original < vestment is amortized within a few yei your dividends on fuel savings and on tw ervation of health and property continue rest of your life. It is everlasting! i. We live but once! And we are enl the comfort, health, and happiness affords, so don't let anything de nri 11 enjoying Capitol. Rock Wool -Jl T) fl {V\Y*s\-vm-»v« A «,. Whoever before has dared to make an offer like this ... to put in writing an unconditional guarantee ... with no strings to it ... that... when we insulate your home with Capitol Rock Wool you will have at least 20% of your fuel costs? The largest "blowing" applicators of Rock Wool in north Iowa makes this certified guarantee and in addition your hame will be cooler in summer, warmer in winter. The offer is made with the endorsement of over 500 home owners who have told us what Rock Wool Insulation has meant to them. We will do the same for you. Call 275, ask to have a copy of this guarantee sent you. Operators will be on hand as late as 9 p. m. to get your call. Comparative Chart of Insulation Values as Recorded by the Plumbing and Heating Engineer's Guide 1.000—Rock Wool 1.037—Flax Fiber 1.111—Cork Board 1.148—Granulated Cork 1.222—Sugar Cane Press Board Granulated 1.333—Insulate board and Masonite 1.518—Sawdust 1.666—Zonolite 2.185—Thermofill 3.707—Yellow Pine 5.222—Rock Lath 10.000—Cement Board 12.222—Plaster 34.074—Brick 44.444—Stucco 46.300—Stone 57.300—Concrete SUMMER COMFORT With Capitol Rock Wool Insulation It is Unnecessary to Suffer on Hot Nights It's cooler every hot night of the year for those who sleep under the protective coolness of Capitol Rock Wool. There's a treat and a new sleeping experience in store for those to whom healthful and restful sleep is a necessity. Is it any wonder that property owners everywhere are insulating with Capitol Rock Wool? Living takes on a new meaning in a Capitol Rock Wool insulated house. Heat waves may come and go, but you enjoy an at mosphere of coolness and comfort almost beyond description. Prom kitchen to living room, and from first floor to finished attic you experience the same degree of desirable comfort. In Other Words Here is summer air-conditioning in its simplest, most efficient and inexpensive application, devoid of complicated machinery, electric requirements or service problems, rendering an everlasting service to every member of your household. Insulation and good health go hand in hand. Capitol Rock Wool insulation protects you against sickness and doctor bills due to ineffective heat distribution and drafts. It provides constantly controlled temperature and safeguards the health of the entire household. With Capitol Rock Wool insulation the upper rooms of your home are 10 to 20 degrees cooler and you can sleep in comfort. Here is a comfort device that will actually pay for itself —that will bring you coolness in the summer, and warmth in the winter—that requires no upkeep, no repair, and does not deteriorate—the only material home aid that works for you both winter and summer, silently and efficiently. * If you do not have Capitol Rock Wool insulation you are not living economically, and are suffering heat and cold unnecessarily. IR BUDGET PLAN Pay as You Save—No.Down Payment—No Mortgage. Pay as Little as $5 Per Month. ~ ^^-^-^LJ^Tjnsuiating Your er ? ti ? n °^eaith and property continue WKK ^SSgm^Hf^V^i^i^mf : - ^T-* ^ Your winter saving* on tuel will pay tor a corn- Home. You Can Install^a^rTT^ ~ " wT ^ * " ^^^ ^^^^^^^f^fe^^S^ * ' *' *£} ***** C ***° l R °^ In8ulati ° n j ° b ' Get 8Ummerf illlllllllilllllllllllllllljjIlljllllllJIjH^ _ _ m^ ( ll ,, IIIHmlll , lllll , lll , l ,,i,,,iiiiiiii|i| l i||i|ui|||i||||i|||i|||B=nuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH FILL OUT THIS COUPON Present it at any of our branch stores and you will get a FREE estimate. You will be under no obligation whatsoever, \ Check a Square Below II n i would like to insulate my home D l'm planning construe* tion of a new home -, S'« •-•?,„ • . i „ ^-.j.^ .J . - • Jl." \n f&'fXtflSii

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