Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1938
Page 9
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JUNE 23,1938 SECOND SECTION LEG^TESNAMED TO POLITICAL CONVENTIONS EGION HALL Twenty Years Ago crats Convene ]y 2 at the :ourf: Room. little interest in the THE FIRST CIRCUS nf the season had come t.o Algoim us early, as April 24. It. was the fourth stand for the Yankee Robinson circus, which then wintered neiir Dea MolnoK. An agod ij on hnd diud here and was buried in tl u . McCall show lot. * * * * FARM BOYS wore not to bo exempt from the draft after May 15, although farm work wns behind' Thirty-six more boys had left for Dos Moincs. TEACHING "of" German language drive, taking $181,000 worth. The Algona banks took $60,000. THE I!ANNA BANK at Lu Verne erected. greatly increased in size, he said,[was nearly three time as much or and many new buildings had been, $40,952.23. Titonka won a community flag for the biggest over- subscription, $1,660, the quota being only $350. Many townships and other communities more than doubled their quotas. * * T. P. HARRINGTONS and L. J. Dickinson's cottages Clear Lake wore under construction. * * * * MONDAYS and Wednesdays were rii w MANNA BANK at Lu Verne "'W^AYS anu Wednesdays were . had announced that it would con-' whcatless days; on other days of ,, tinun the week ne as erman anguage a whole in the election ln the Algona schools had to be lies to the two county con- dropped. Pupils had burned their I lo be held Saturday, July textbooks, also a dummy of the fama. In only a few pre r Kaiser. (he county were there * * * * (he coun * n half d" zen votes cast A PAIG - E CAR belonging to A litatos. and in some in- Streit had been recovered at Clea Bldntos, [lutes luiu iu • owiAio in- —~-« ,"...« i^^n iuuuvuiuu at ( couple of votes made the Lake, after it had been driven i miles. It had been stolen Irountr conventions' this some weeks before it wtus 'have a great deal to abandoned. ar iOO here found 111 not fmain excitement will be in ' ff^' 1 n of delegates to t he |bllelt ' Peterson, Matt WaHcr Loren,., Tracy O U»! „, , ' " — Ul^.l,,, L I iluy Invention where a couple! T ripp> Fnt Momyer, Prod Streit, faSdate, wta- failed to ' *?*»* c °"°». Glen Raney, Frank Le necessary 35% of the' ?° ltzbau ?'\ and "Clem" Nugent fthe primary, will be nom- ^d enhsted in the army at Mason hne C. 0.1'. Vacancy. THE ALGONA, * Burt, Titonka, [epublicans have a nomina- , a nd Swea City creameries had make if they care to do so,' been chosen to make butter for the t of a candidate for the of- j u -. S. army, but had to make it theriff. There was no can- in the primary, though a •tiering votes were received lous names throughout the Main interest in the re- j _,i convention is expected to ' ~• {around the delegation to Frank Te Brockhorst. licial convention, which will 1 July IS at the Okobojis. G. jlnan, of the Van Ness & operation, following the i lnc week one meal was wheatless. death of Goo. W. Hanna, founder. j His son Scott, was manager. The bank had footings of $061,000. * # * * ANOTHER Red Cross drive was had put plant out of commission for a time, and it happened on in progress, with 10,360 members, and it was announced that $22,22'!. 50 had been collected in l'j.17. Kossuth had been first In the » * * * i- , an appene on A SON OF Sim Leigh, Irvington,' Monday night, when the primary had found a $5 gold coin of the year 1835 in a grovo on the farm. DR. FRAS1.0R had left for Ho- state to reach its quota, $18,000. * * * * PLANS FOR A July celebration, bokon, N. .T., to report for duty in the army. Kossuth also had Dr. E. C. Hartman in the army. The state ballots had to be counted. CHRISCHILLES* *& HERBST were planning a new store front. * * * * KOSSUTH WOMEN had .sub- scribed for $135,000 worth of Liberty bonds, and Algona women had taken $20,400 of that amount, 212 subscribing. * * * * THE RED CROSS was to have a big meeting at the fairgrounds on .Inly Fourth, and a parade, with many of the county units represented, was to take place. A new chapter was being organized at officer. Doctor Gibson had taken over his practice. * * * * ALIENS were required to register with postmasters, and American women who had married foreigners were also required to reg- was asking for two more doctors from the county. * * * * nni-win" h~~vTiY v MRS ' GEORGE ASHELFORD m™ palad f', baseball game, horse | h(ul .jumped from a window at the Ion ,nrt a , d(3rcss , b , y ^nator Ken- | courthouse and. broken her legs.' yon, and home talent vaudev,lle she was being held pending inves-; were in progress. * * * * FIFTY Algona high school pupils had been graduated. Doctor Hanson, pastor of a Des Monies tigation for insanity. * * * * THE SENIOR play, The American Flag, was to be given in the opera house, with Roland Paine church, gave the commencement! A ™ . ', " ~", address. ' I s American hero and * * * * MEMORIAL DAY services had! as German army commander. * * * # been held under direction of the A TOTAL OF 2,800 voters voted Spanish-American war veterans,I in tne Tenth district primary, in. which the chief interest here was in the congressional fight by L. J. Dickinson, who won over Con-' gressman Woods. Mark Sarchet ] defeated A, L. Peterson for county, treasurer. E. H. Beardsley, only: third term, candidate to be renom- inated, defeated Al Staehle, Burt, JIUlUULt; AUl L»l*3 V/L j «.....j, u u l, Jlau IU JllmVtJ II There was no can- | with a lower water content than .. 11 1. _ for the market. • * * * * ALGONA had gone "over the I top" on a, third Liberty Loan with E. J. Van Ness as speaker. * * * * J. E. HUDSON, of an army arsenal at Rock Island, 111., had written a long letter to the Advance. The arsenal had been Sexton. * * * * DELLA DARLING, war nurse,'! and" j".'A.~Fre"ch, Banc7o7t,'~von''the' had written that she had arrived j nomination for clerk from Joe safely m France. Word had also Jenks. Roy Moulds was nominat- been received that C. F. McCor-1 ec i for sheriff, getting over 203 mick, former teacher here, then votes more than the combined law firm, may be a can- tier the nomination for ii succeed either James De- |f Storm Lake, or George A. ! Spencer. losnsth Judge Wanted. jutli has not had a resident lince Judge W. B. Quarton \ bench many years ago, and i feel that Kossuth is en- B one of the three judges in Itrict. Judge DeLand has 1 several terms, and ''Judge [ who has, however, not is long as Judge DeLiand, ) served for several years, j may also be some interline republican delegation to |te convention, where a nom- i for state office Is to be t this will probably be o£ jary interest. icrafe will meet' 'in the >om, and republicans 'will i the Legion hall. Both con- IB are called for 11 o'clock Imorning. {Republican Delegates. . - ;ates to the republican con- i are: ma, First ward —r Fred An, G. W. Stillman, Harley i Burdette Agard. md ward—Frank Geigel, P. ison, Harold Gilmore, W. A. '• G. D. Shumway. 1 ward—H. B. White, Henry • Bertha Johnson. pth ward—R. J. Harrington, 'Weaver, Helen Dickinson. List in Townships. talo-W. F. Hamstreet, L. I Chris Brandt. |7C. W. Patterson, W. H. J. F. Heaney. — Gilbert Hargreaves, ' Hackman. L. Johnson, Lloyd Rock—K. G. Bwoldt, •Philip Wander, E. C. In'-C. w. Hamond, Joe [enwood-Mrs.. G. W. Car- Ambrose Kennedy, Mrs. Ivy Only One Jn German. German—J. A. Slepe. Greenwood—Mrs. A. H. Fuchs, commercial club secretary, had safely arrived "over there." # * * * A WAR SAVINGS stamp campaign was under way, and $212,000 worth had been sold in the county. The quota for Kossuth vote for C. A. Samson and Colonel Spencer. -Mrs. Duryea defeated Mrs. Laidley for the recorder nomination. * * * * FLORENCE COWLES had just been married at Des Moines to T> «ji"' ------ ""•;•• • . T--,---, i... *.,^ ,...«,!, ut me David Kruidinier, Cadillac dealer. Bradley, Frank Recker, J. next year to make it. * * * * ^_ T * * * * KOSSUTH had the honor not DR. L. W. FOX had been called j only in state but in nation first to to the colors and went to a voter- announce over-subscription ' to a inary camp at Camp Lee, Va., Red Cross drive. The quota was where he was to be' trained as an . ., uwu i.ii „. ,£!.. XAl A . uvjuoj LJ . j. nc IJUUUL lur XvU&SUlll WRo Leo Saunders, Collette Welp, Mrs. i $48,000, with till the first of the Geo. A. C. H. Sheridan, Chas. Baker. Harrison—J. J. Anderson, E. Butterfield, D. W. Fultz Dakota—W. B. Leslie, Schissel, M. B. Pringle. Ledyard—J. H. Mousel, William $15,000, but the amount subscribed Lincoln—Paul Hertzke, J. Q. Coder. Lone Rock—Arthur Priebe. Lotts Creek—Martin Meyer. Lu Verne—A. A. Schipull. Plum Creek—J. E. McEnroe, Clark Scuffham. Four From Prairie. Prairie—John Arndorfer, G. G. Studer, George B. Ludwig, John Witte. Riverdale, Thos. Crahan, Mary Fraser, John Borman. Seneca — W. E.' 1 Eimers, Joe Crowley. Swea—William Krumm, M. J. Kennedy. Wesley—Guy M. Butts, A. L. Kleinpeter, Henry Sherman, Anton Goetz. Whittemore—James Geelan, John Uhlenhake, James Hogan, Charles Bormann, H. F. Schultz. 'Union, Springfield, Sherman, Ramsey, Portland, Sexton, Irvington, Hebron, Grant, East Lone Rock, Eagle, Cresco, and Algona First ward precincts elected no delegates. *on-<P j. Heiken, Mrs. J. aerson, Peter Looft, C. F |«n, Mrs. Jos. M. Dye. I Two From Inlngton. Iron-George Wick. ' •nef nn . E. Ley. I. E, Wort* • «• Grabau. '*tsi~ D- Ca >'Penter, Tice > Normau Pringle. P " Elwards, James , N. i Otto -- Harry Chambers, , H. C. Allen: From Portiamd, : w - Patterson - Ray lr 'e-Georg e ('ink, 'John Kell- , o. R. Jen - si «oy Bergeson, Harry < Johjl Zerbe ' - -J. Sexton,,Riv•*}, Hebron, German, townships elected no Democratic J,ist, the democratic con- H. C. J. D. i, Mrs. le, N. _Murtagb, »f» Nate '. Blelch, H. Get off my line... It's GLUEK'S for mine! GLUEK'S THE TYPICAL PILSENER FLAVOR For hundreds of years "Pilsener" has been • famous beer flavor in the Old World. You'll find the same full richness of flavor in Glueb's "SUMMER SPECIAL"! GLUEK BREWING COMPANY, MINNEAPOLIS A PARTIAL LIST OF THE MANY BARGAINS AT NEVILLE'S SHOE STORE Ladies' white slippers, leather soles, sizes 3 to 5, at I9c Men's regular $1.60 wash pants reduced to 95 C Men's regular 98c wash pants reduced to Men's white ventilated oxfords, leather soles, all sizes, at 98c Men's dress shirts, the 98c, $1.25, and $1.50 kind, your choice 88c Men's dress sox, black, brown, and gray, lots of wear, at : 7c Anglets, the lOc, 15c, and 20c values all go at 8c Men's and boys' polo shirts, were 39c, now I9c Men's and boys waist band overalls, out they go at 49c Men's and boys' shirts and shorts, good ones, at 15c Ladies' 3-piece tennis suits, worth $2.00, marked down to 59c Candlewick bed spreads, 108 by 87- inches,-reduced to 89c Ladies' white uniforms, the $1.00 kind now 85c, three for $1.00 We are selling the Milwaukee Thorogood work shoes' at - $1.98 Another 60 dozen Peters work shoes just arrived, new low prices,, Something to talk about in ladies' silk hose. We got reckless and bought the highest price hose made by the Prim-Bra people of St. Louis. . The Princess is the hose you see advertised in :your daily papers at $1.15 and $1.19. I am not "going to describe all its good qualities in this ad but we are going to sell.it while 300 dozen lasts at 59c. Beautify your ankles with a real hose at half price. Jimmie Neville THE BARGAIN GIVER, later with Postmaster I. M. Finnell. * * * * SOME 238 KOSSUTH boys had become 21 in the preceding year, and so were eligible for the next draft. The names were printed in the Advance. Thirty-elgnt mor« boys had been called and were to report at Algona June 24. i'r * :!« * AN ENGINE FACTORY was IS locate in Algona, with a number of local individuals owning stock. SAV WITH SAFETY GOOD. This big sturdy Goodyear is built "to take it." Really a top quality tire, with all Goodyear quality features, such as center-traction tread and Supertwist Cord plies. And, low prices make it easy to save with safety! 4.40-21 71c * wax 4.75-19 81c * WEEK S.00-19 SPECIALS Quality Spongei ............ 19^ Up Top Grade Chamoii ____ 49$ Up Polishing Cloth ______ ....from 15$ Auto Poli»h, 6 oz^...... ......... 27^ Poliihing Wax __________ . ________ 39$ Touch-Up Enamel Top Dressing, l/ 2 pt. -------- . Paint Brushes .............. from NEW WINGS AUTO RADIO • Jiut pub a button — AUTOMATIC SAFE TUNING your station I Uaktg driving gafer boeivse you need not take your «ye» off the rowL See and Jwlor Dutch's Super-Service Specialized Lubrication, Crankcase Flmshing, Motorola Car Radios, Goodyear Batteries, Greasing and Washing, Standard Oil and Gas, Brake Service. PHONE 33 KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY &9*i Boek Fisher Gwaje, Titvukm ' STANB aAEAGE» I#ij9& *ORRALL,A1&0»«, Fr«4

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