The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1954
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 19C4 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE FIVE Mitchell Says Ike 'Distorted' Issues In 'State' Message WASHINGTON, Pa. Wl—Stephen A. Mitchell, Democratic national chairman, charges President Eisenhower distorted several big economic issues in his State of the Nation message. Speaking at a Democratic dinner in this western Pennsylvania community last night, Mitchell disputed statements by the President on accomplishments of his Republican administration in the areas of taxes, inflation and farm prices. • • Mitchell said government statistics belie Eisenhower's claims that Inflation has been halted, that skidding farm prices have been stopped and that substantial reductions in expenditures have made tax cuts financially feasible. "Except for November, the cost of living went up in every single month since President Eisenhower took office," Mitchell declared. "The cost of living set new all- time records in June, July, August, September and October.' Mitchell said figures show farm prices dropped in every month but three since advent of the Republican administration, adding: 'Farmers are making two billion dollars a year less than when the Republicans took office. A U. S. Treasury statement for Dec. 31, 1953, showed the government's budget deficit for the last six months amounted to slightly more than nine billion dollars, Mitchell stated. He added: "For the same period a year ago, the budget deficit was also somewhat over nine billion dollars. Just about the same. Yet, last year Mr. Eisenhower said the deficit was leading this country to bankruptcy and ruin. "This year with a deficit of the same size, he says tax reductions are financially feasible. He can't have it both ways." B/yf Jiev/7/e's Public Library Acquires 158 New Volumes A total of 158 new books haye been added to the shelves of Blytheville public Library, accord- Ing to Mrs. Ira Gray, librarian. In the memory of Dortch Campbell _ "Ben Johnson Westminister" by Chute, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Penn. In memory of Mrs. Essie Davis — "Elements of Interior Design" by Whitton, Blytheville Duplicate Bridge Club of the Country Club and Blytheville Duplicate Bridge rlub; "5,000 Quotations for all Occasions" by Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. B. F .Brogdon; "Collected Verse" by Kipling, Maxine and Elizabeth Halstead; "Life Among the Savages" by Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Blan Heath; "Clara Barton of the Red Cross" by Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. Willie D. Dobson. "Abrigail Adams" by Wagoner, Fourth Grade of Central School; "Toy Making" by Palistrant, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grigsby; "The St. .Nicholas Anthology" by Commager, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Gee; "Young Woman in Business" by McClean, Mr. and Mrs. Farris McCalla; "Flower Arranging for the American Home by Tsuer, Mrs. B. A. Bugg and Mrs. W. O. Anderson; "Creative Expressions With crayon" by Boylston, Mr. and Mrs. William Pease; "Cokesbury Game Book" by Depew, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris; "Favorite Tart and Cake Recipes" by Harbough, "Pie Book" by DeOouy, "Canning, Preserving and Jelly Making" by Hill, Flat Lake Home Demonstration Club; "Garden Book" by Better Homes and Garden, Mrs. Joe P. Pride, Jr. "World Classic Folk.oles" by Fostc-, Mr. and Mrs. AJflick; "Leila, The Tale of George Sand" by Mr. and Mrs. R\ A. Nel- sc-; "The Jacksons of Tennessee" by Vance, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brogdon; "The Book oE Old Silver" by Wyle, Mrs. Mary Alice Hemby and Mrs. Nita Bunch; "Yours With Love" by Mason, Mr. and M:-s. Harry W. Haines; "Cook It In a Casserole" by Brobeck, lytr. and Mrs. Robert G. McHaney; "The Art of Being Happy" by Kling, Mrs. Lee Stiles, Mrs. R. A. Copeland, and Mrs. Mary Scrapes. In Memory of Mrs. George Dobyns — "Furnishing With Color" by Story. "Paul" by Dibelius, Federal Compress employes. In memory of Ernest F. Fry — "John Paul Jones, Fighting Sailor" by Sperry, "Keystone Kelly" by Scholtz, Lange School; "The Silver Chair" by Lewis, "Touchdown Trouble" by Miers, Central School; "The 100 Most Important People in the World Today" by Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Marr; "Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo" by Walsh, "Alexander the Great" by Oun- ther, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fleernan. "Bicycle Riders of Beverly Hills" by Saroyan, Dr. and Mrs. W. M. O n, Mrs. B. M. Matthews; "Picture Story of Norway" by O'Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Haines; "Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphi ." by Cousins, "Strawberry Girl" by Lenski, "White Stag" by Seredy, Sudbury PTA; "Casey Stengel" by Schoor, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mason. In memory of L. E. Gay — "Albert Einstein" by Levinger, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Jackson. In memory of Dr. C. M. Harwell — "Medical Milestone" by Marriott, the Charles Rose. Family. In Memory of T. H. Harris — "The Artist and Decorator" by Campana, Mr. nnd Mrs. B. A. Bugg; "Great Expectations" by Dickens, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Williams. In memory of W. A. Hollingsworth — "Principles of Farm Management" by Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Nash; "Countryman's Year" by Pearson, "Picture Story of Britain" by field, Mrs. Nita Bunch; "Flower Ari-ingement Workbook No. I" by Brock, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Bugg and Mr.> and Mrs. Lee Stiles. In memory of Judge V. G. Holland — "Nine Young Men" by McClune, Mr. and Mrs. Ployd White; "Index of American Design" by Christensen, Mr. and I Mrs. J. F. McCalla; "Legends of the Madonna" by Jameson, Mr. and Mrs. Blan S. Heath and Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Francis; "Twelve Citizens of the World" by Kenworthy, Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Reichel. 'Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs" by Boni, Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Pride; "The Age of the Monguls" by Holbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grigsby; "Triumph and Tragedy" by Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. Graham Sudbury; "Man, Time and Fossils" by Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McHaney and Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Brogdon; "Great Artist — 26 Master Painters" by Turngren, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend; "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Stowe, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Cooke, Jr.; "Lost Pony Tracks" by Santee, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Shaver. •In mtmory of Oak Jefferies — "In Tune With the Infinite" by Trine, Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Beasley. In Memory of Mrs. L. P. Johns — "The Picture Story of Alaska" by O'Neill, the C. L. McWaters Family. In memory of John R. Lyons — "Jesus of -the Parables" by Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Seymore; "Stars — 150 Paintings in Color" by Zim, "BirH.s — 112 Birds in Color" by Zim, Mrs. Lillian B. Frank. In Memory of Mrs. Lucy Paty — "Choice Hooked Rugs" by Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Modinger; "The Young Woman'in Business" by McLean, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mason. In memory of Fielder Peery — "How to Train Hunting Dogs" by Brown, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Bugg md Mr. and Mrs. Buford Young. In memory of Mrs. Qeorge D. Pollock, Sr. — "In the Steps of the Master" by Morton, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mason; "Out of My Life and Thought" by Schweitzer, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn O. Ladd; "Hunchback of' Notre Dame" by Hugo, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Cooke, In me;nory ^f J. H. Smothermon — "One Act Plays for All Oirl Casts" by Paradis, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Brogdon; "The Best Plays — 1952-53" b;' Kronenberger, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fleeman; "Games for Children" by Koht, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Woodson; "The House on the River" by Baker, Mrs. Bob Burns. In memory of Mary Waters — "America's Cook Book" by Herald Tribune, Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Bugg and Mr. and Mrs. R, A. Copeland. In memory jf Frank Luther Webb — "Theodore Roosevelt, Fighting Patriot" by Prentice, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Brogdon; "The Heritage of the Cathedral" by Prentice, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Partlow •:-,d far.-.:.;-; "Doves of the Dust" by We^j, Mrs. Bob Burns; "Abraham Llncolr. Friend of the People" by Judson, Maple Grove Cemetery Association; "The First Admiral" by Lane, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Jackson. A p-rtlal list of other books added: "Insects" by Zim, "Trees" oy Zim, "Christmas Handbook" by Popular Mechanic Magazine, "The Black Spaniel Mystery" by Bavan, "Bright of the Grand Canyon" by Kenry, "Stairway to a Secret" by Wehwn. "Fables" by Aesop, "A Ranch for Danny" by Bulla, "Peace With God" by Graham, "How To Be Happy Though Young" by Lawson, "Tr- Many Cousins" by Browne, "In Miss Armstrong's Room" by Corbett, "The Lost General" by Thane. 1940 1*5 OFF TO WORK. -Above Newschart shows trend of employment in the U. S. since 1940, when there were 47.5 million persons working. The growth continued until 1943 when the number decreased, with many workers entering the army. In 1952 there were 61.2 million people working, and an all-time high of 62.2 million is expected Cor 1953. ianq's Choice Big Question Nationalist China's New Vice President Brings Speculation By SPENCER MOOSA TAIPEH, Formosa (SI—Who will be Nationalist China's next vice president? This is one of the biggest political -questions on this Nationalist- held island today. Chiang Kai-shek's re-election as president is assured and the man he favors for vice president should have little trouble When the National Assembly meets next month to vote on candidates for the job. Li Tsung-jen, once a top contender, is out. He is in disfavor because when Chiang reassumed the presidency March I, 1950, Li maintained that the generalissimo had unlawfully usurped Li's place. Chiang had stepped down from the presidency Jan. 21, 1949, in , response to clamor for peace talks with the Chinese Reas, Top legal experts justified Chiang's reassumption of the executive office on grounds the talks had failed. It is popularly believed here that the man most likely to be chosen vice president will be Premier Chen Cheng. The post of vice president will be an Important one. Chiang is 67. There have been rumors, so far unconfirmed, that Sun Fo, son of Sun Yat Sen, father of the Chinese republic, now living abroad, is interested in the vice presidency and has followers here working behind the scenes in his cause. MOSCOW I*—A writer In Pravda today denounced Western offers of a guarantee of the Soviet Union's security as an attempt "to confuse he public in Western Europe." The writer, E. Alexandrov, declared in an article In the Com- nunist party newspaper that the security guarantee offer was raised only In the hope of hastening the ratification of the European De- ense Community. The Russian commentator described EDC itself as "an instrument of aggression against the U. S. S. R." and asserted: "Projects for a so-called 'new system of security' which are now being offered, completely ignore ,he lessons learned at the price of wo world wars. "They not only fail to provide measures aimed at the formation of a single democratic, peace-lov- ng and independent Germany but, on the contrary, stem from the principle of dividing Germany and drawing off its Western provinces into the so-called EDC. 'One only has to permit the restoration of the vengeful Wehr- macht (German army) and war will again be at Europe's door." The Pravda writer was evidently referring to statements made by British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden in a British Broadcasting Corp. talk Sunday. Eden said the Vest would not jettison its EDC and NATO security arrangements Woman Trapped 3 Days By Body of Husband AUBURN, Calif. IS).— A paralyzed 13-year-old woman was agonizingly trapped without food or water for three days, pinned by the lifeless body of her husband, it was disclosed today. Mrs. Maude Wallrab was rescued Monday, police said, when an inquiry was made to find out why Wallrab had not reported to his job at the Weimar Sanitarium. He had died of a heart attack and fallen across his wife in bed. Reds Write New History LONDON (ft— Moscow radio says a team of 200 Soviet historians is working on a 10-volume history of the world. UTTLf L/2— The first nationwide system of uniform numbered highways wap established on Nov. 11. 1926. "PAINT'em RED Formal, Tractor Delta Implements, inc. Blytheville "Service Holds Our Trade" Phone 6863 Many a woman who has never baked anything in her life has a' husband who Is'only about half baked. .„,.. Deceptive The frog-mouth, an Australian bird, sleeps during the day in an upright position, thereby resembling a tree limb and making itself inconspicuous. The bark-colored feathers of the bird help to carry out this deception. Baby Rash Eczema Lanolin in Rcsinol. oils and softens dry, crusty skin—Resinol medication wothcs fiery itch—gives baby comfort. RESINOL 2SS55 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. (Wide Vision Screen) LAST TIMES TONIGHT ALADDIN & HIS LAMP With Patricia Medina & John Sands THURS., & FRI. "NAVY BOUND " With Tom Neal & Wendy Waldron Red Writer Hits West's Guarantee of Security but will consider giving new guarantees of security to the Soviet Union. Previously Washington dispatches said the United States Is irepared to join Britain and France n offering security guarantees to Russia—provided these are part of a patkage solution of the problems of German unification and a German peace treaty. Firemen Rescue Boy in Sewer PHILADELPHIA (If)— Pour city firemen formed a human ladder yesterday to rescue a young boy who was being swept along an underground Better drain. Eight-year-old Albert Saliva fell 20 feet down a manhole into the icy water, which was about three feet deep. The firemen, one on top of the other and lashed together by ropes, retrieved the struggling youngster and raised him to safety as hundreds of cheering spectators gathered around the scene. South Korea Wants U. 5. Troops to Stay SEOUL (ft — The South Korean National Assembly today adopted a resolution opposing United States' plans to withdraw two Army divisions from Korea. The Mayflower was broken up soon after, carrying the Pilgrims !rom England to America. Its beams were used to build a barn in England. RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Chronic bronchitis may develop if youf cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford to take » chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion which goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and hew raw, tender, inflamed, bronchial membranes. Creoraulsion blends beechwood creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for cougbi. It contains no narcotics. No matter how many medicines you have tried, Creomulsion is guaranteed to please you or druggist refunds money. Creomulsion has stood the lest of many millions of users. (Adv.) MOX - Theatre- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7 : 00 Sat. Sun. 1:0( On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature e;irr t ,WOMIN kOM MfN OF WOUMCi SHORTS THRS-, & FBI. Double Feature HOUDINI stirring TONY JANET —AND— CARTOON U.S. Planning To Prod Italy? New York Timtt Says Tougher Attitude Due NEW YORK 1*1 — The New York Times said today the U. 8. government is planning a tougher policy "to prod Italy toward iterner measures against the growing power of her Communist party. A Washington dispatch to the Times by James Reston added: "It la understood that Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce has been authorized to advise the new Italian government, when It is formed, that the United States does not intend to continue placing military contracts in Communist-dominated Italian factories. Rome will be urged to change what Washington regards as a 'lax' policy toward the Communists." The story noted that in the past fiscal year contracts totaling more than 400 million dollars were placed by the United States in Italy, and a comparable program was plunned for Italy In the coming fiscal year. The contracts were for aircraft, minesweepers, ammunition, radar and other military supplies. They were part of the U. S. procurement plan to help increase military production, lower military costs and improve the economic life of the Allied countries. Fire Aboard Liberte LE HAVRE, France Wl — Firemen dashed to the waterfront b! this channel port today after fire broke out in a storeroom of the 49,850-ton French liner Liberte. Teh blaze, described as "Inconsequential," was extinguished quick New Contract* Give Union Member* Holiday With fay on Birthday* CHICAGO UP) — Birthdays will be extra special In the future for 4,000 Chicago electrical workers. They will get the day off from work with full pay. Michael F. Darling, president of Local 1031, AFL International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said four Chicago area plants with which his union has contracts have agreed to that special benefit. "A birthday Is a big event In everyone's life. It should be a holiday — with pay," Darling said. Quadruplets Born GAINESVILLE, Fla. I* — The Hijab quadruplets are all at home now. The last and smallest of the babies born Nov. 18 left the hospital yesterday weighing 3 pounds ! 3 /4 ounces. Alaska is said to have been named from the Aleutian word "Alayeksha," meaning "the great Innd." COLD SUFFERERS Don't suffer discomforts of colds ... Get QUICK HtUrf * ith STANBACK . . . T«tt STANBACK «j«inil any pr«p«r«tion u " d . »• hoW quick Mlitf eomM Snip B«k with. STANBACK TABLETS or POWDER* 735 Missing In Alpine Avalanches VIENNA, Austria I*—Thousands of rescue workers struggled today to uncover at least 13$ persons still missing under snow and ruins la the avalanche-stricken Alps of west Austria and Switzerland. There and in Bavarian Germany M already were listed among the "whit* dead," Only minor slides, which caused no damage, were reported during the night, and colder weather brought hope the snow movement was letting up. Rescue work continued, too, In Dalaas, also In the Vorarlberg sector, where eight persons were still missing. A huge snowslide yesterday swept over the railroad station and a delayed train waiting at the platform there. Five persona died under the snow and M others, some injured, were rescued. There are 173 square mile* fe Camp Lejeune, N. C., largest Marine base in the world. 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