Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE POUR WANTED—A FEW CATS bert Gould, Burt. - A 7pl FOR SALE-SORREL MARE AND colt.—A. L. Baker, Lone Rock. lOp] WANTED—MARRIED MAN 01 farm.—P. M. Christenson, Lon Rock. 9 4 OKNERAL HOUSEWORK wanted in town or country.—Call 7-15-J •AlKona. 10g3 , FOR SALE—3"-DAY-OLD~.l IffnV ford ralf.—J. T. Graham, soutl of fairgrounds. 12p.(0 I HAVE A HEAL GOODFARM buy in eastern Kossuih.—L. ('. Stuart, Clear Lake. Iowa. lop-IO-ll JUNE SALE ON linoleum.—Cowan Supply Co. ARMSTRONG Building & 3Stf AUTO LOANS - REFINANCING" Lower payments. — Western Credit Co. Su30tf WARRRN VENETIAN BLINDS— "the best for less". — Cownn Building Supply Co. if ;}S FERD, ALBRIGHT PASSESMONDAY IN81STYEAR Funeral Services a t Good Hope, Burial at Algona. Ferdinand Albright, SO, who had ived in Kossuth 56 years, died Monday of the infirmities of age. uid the funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Good lope church, of which he was nember, the Rev. Allen KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA LOCALS^ Mr. nnd Mrs. H. N. Kruse went to Fairmont Tuesday on a business mission. The Herbert I'ursts drove to ritonka Sunday to visit Mrs. Furst's aunt, Mrs. H. Boekelman. Mrs. P. J. Christensen, son John, and daughter Joyce, were at Mason City Wednesday on a business mission, Doris Long is spending a few day s this week at Mason City with friends. She teaches in the Tama high school. The Cbris Wnllnknlts -- -- —- ••• H. Brandows, southwest of Algona. The men are brothers, and both are farmers. Marion Rising* who is In the employ of the Western Mutual fire Insurance company nt DCS Moines, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising. Uo Frankl and lonn Godfredson the latter the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Godfredson, Burt, County Apcnt Brown nnd H. D. Hutchins drove to Ennnetaburj? Tuesday to hear Edw. A. O'Neal, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, speak nt a Farm Bureau picnic. Mrs. Dntld Logan, Mrs. Anna Boylan, and Wayne Newby, all of Spencer, were Sunday guests of the W. J. Fullers. The women are sisters, and Mr. Newby is nephew SOCIETY spent Sunday at Clear Lake. Leo'j In-law of Mrs. Fuller. Vatiy Honors Mrs. Lnnra J'nlne- Mrs. Geo. L. Free, Garner, entertained 12 guests at «i 1 o'clock luncheon and bridge party Tuesday afternoon at the home'of Mrs. George H. Free here. The party was In honor of her mother, Mi's. j Laura Paine, who is visiting here Father's d«v win, fit her s Pate V, I UIC li, P ° t is in Kennedy & Parsons employ, j Mr. nnd Mrs. Hubert G. Kruse, | from California. Mrs. L. G. Baker Mrs. L. A. Miner, with . Faris, Melvin, and Bobby, „.„„„ ed n Miner reunion Sunday at Es therville. Faris works nt garage; thiers. Mr. nnd Mrs. , to w i ,e Woolstock - Mr - Mr. s employ. | JIT. nna stirs. nuDert U. Kruse, '"'" ^»"«""ia. mra. ij. it. uaKer her sons,' O'Neil, Neb., with their daughter • won h te" score, and Mrs. W. B. Y, attend-'Patricia, were Sunday guests of Quartern was second. Mrs. Paine ay at Es- i M|1 - "nd Mrs. H. N. Kruse, pav- J received a guest pri;:e. .U Dau's ents of Hubert. Hubert is In the •_ , " Melvin for the Hub Clo-i emnl °y ot the Interstate Power ""nlncr rnmily Reunion Today- CD. | A Gardner family reunion is be- W. J ^igsbee snent Anicldn. Lnvrenz is taking a va- in s held today at the D. C. Gardt DM Molneq wlfh! cntion thla week from the Moe & nor f « rm hom e '» Union. The 86th Paul TcCov M, i Sjogren store. She left Monday birthday of Mrs. Evn S. Gardner is w n . « rs - . . Sigsbee spent i ! nlluka ' ts , l the week-end at Des MolneVwt?h lstok H Wood I , , •iistor, officiating Shirley Vincent' I :l brother of Mra - Steele. Ue is retired •••uwr. and Mrs. Paul Kinsey M r ' OJOgren store, sue leit Monday "••"•«•<.> -J u . m, , ,,. ' „, Slgsbee has a plumbing shon at' with lle1 ' llncle nnd ftllnt ' Mr - nn(i i, g AHorm. diaries W. Humphrey, I Fort Dodge, but big family lives I Mrs - John Dutto »' fol- a week or «»S are tin H 0C V ' tS A S i'° nt , the w eek-endjhcre. S lamll> llves ten days of fishing at Cass Lake, i JJ- Bnlleya the \Vm.C Steele home. He is | A,,.,,,,,, .!„„„,.,„_ ..., ! Minn. j Gardners, Sjogren store. She left Monday bll 'thday of Mrs. Ev« S. Gardner is with her uncle and aunt, Mr and ; being celebrated. Families attend- - - ing are the Austin Gardners, the C. . . the Floyd nnd D. .^, Gardners, the C. W. Pattersons, • -- o. _,...,,u, vi,,i: BI ,,| :« uiuia lestival at ,Mnsnu ritv : Knrl(CP «"d Mrs. Floyd Torger-i Rim > !111(I 1l) e Hugh Raneys. It was Have Thine Own Way, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Johnson; Tuesday were Mr nnrlM^ TTTJ^ son ' Bofl S- ftnd «'eir children, Lar- expected that some 30 persons and _ "Rock of Ages," Mrs. ""ended n family reunion at Eagle jRasinusson, Mrs Henrv rii'rim-inn! ry and Mm'lin were Sunday even- would "'tend. KisiniT fl J thn ninvi,. 13.,11 I (.rl*OVe SlllldilV. Mr .Tnlincrtii ,iitn«_ I ,1-..._!... _.. T ' . '_ VjUUel lull, , f nEr tritocto nf +li rt rMttitm* T I.-T,*-..,, . Anioiifr Algoniaiis who attended ! a band festival at .Mason City Vrnice Rising at the piano. Pall- earers wore Alex JUcArthur. Alfed Jergensen. T. A. Reid, Roy aiThet. Glen Jenkinson, and Phi-is Mr. Johnson oper- the D-X oil station here. Mr. and .Mrs. J. E. Wilson, Ti- lonkti. were Tuesday evoninr FOR SALK — DICKRING IDEAL grain binder in runniiiK ord»'r. Howard \Vitliain. Algoiui. l2p-H> FOR SALE—ABERDEEN- ANGUS bulls. — Bush Bros.. -3 milos straight west of Rodman. l:!p:;7-'io was in River-1 guests of the former's parents, Mr S. D. Wison. J. E. runs a cafe. I - 1Ir - !i"il Mrs. J. E. Raymond. Le been in failing Sllel "'- Minn., who had spent n years, and in week at W. C. Dowel's, were taken 1 home by Bob C. Dewel Tuesdav. "iig. Interment I view at Alsona. Suffered Simla- in April. , Mr. Albright hud j health for several j April this year he suffered n stroke which was the eventful cause of death. Born at Mnreiigo June 20, 185S. ! Mr. Albright spent his boyhood I Mrs. Dailey, runs a p'nniuc I HI i hut part of the state. He came tion. Pictures and one enlargement! 10 "f^'cJ" 1S82 - imd on Febrn- Thyllls Maxwell, K-uEE.—Lusby's. 17(2)3Uf! -.•" T'', ' was ni!tl>r ied to Anna _ _M-J"|ttjL.l li!t ibetli Kno] . n Thoy farmed . n FOR SALE—15 IlKAD THINj 1 ' 10 A 'K»iia neighborhood till Mr. Hampshire sows, some rebrod ' A1I) right retired because of poor for fall farrow.--Carl I-lutchins. | health. MplOj Seven Children Survive. Eleven children were born: Mrs. Jean, and Mrs. W. P. French. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. w. Roedor and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lichter spent Tuesday at Emm-stsburg, fishing. They reported good luck, each of them catching the "limit" in bullheads. Hertlin IVntarnmn, Rock Island. 111., came two weeks ago to spend ing guests of the Clinton Lighters., The Lighters arc former next-door j»«' Uirls' .|.|| ('Inn— neighbors of the Torgcrsoiis at' Nine Grant township girls re- Dodo ' j ccntly organised a .1-H club and Irpnp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j chose Grant Go - Getters for a E. W. Hansen, went to Rolfe Sun- j name. Mrs. Alice Anderson is day for two weeks with her aunts, leader. Mrs. Jack Johnson and Mrs. Ar- district comttiltteowoman, helped organize the club. Ardls Anderson Is president; Gladys Speloher vice; Marlon Mlno, 'secretary- treasurer; Doris Brlgga, historian. Dinner Honors Arizona Guest- Mrs. W. 0. Bourne entertained Tuesday evening at a 6:30 dinner In honor of Mrs. Otis Paddock, of Glendale, Ariz., who Is visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Trlbon. Guests beside the honoree were Dr. and Mrs. Trlbon, Mrs. Kate Annls, and the latter's daughter Beth, Miles City, Mont., who nre here for the summer. Clinngc In Naomi Meeting— A change has been made In the meeting place of the Naomi Circle Friday. Mrs. Oscar Anderson was to have entertained, but she Is sick at the General hospital, so Mrs. Willinm Dehnert will be the hostess, Mrs. Claude Hain and Mrs. Clifford Knutson assisting. I June 16 Ron a, Mrs. A. And., June I!) Juno Leroy, ••«,,*,- 21~~--1'Vrn o, ""'"* SM " « w ';^'i V " lkcr ' AW'' Mrs, -\'KOIH ery. June 22--i' ( ..,,.] Verne, Donna Ai,,,, and Marjory 0 | sot ; :idenoidoct(, ni i ( , K . - thur Mather. She will be a sophomore in the local academy next year. _ DEVEI,OPED AND printed! —Any elze film, 30e. for 8 regu-1 fill /•< -_ . " ~ '' " " '-*-«O (»fW IU C I he (.eorpp Hoctlnndi. Lako'.a,' Part of the summer with her" sis-1 Mr. and Mrs. Ceecil Benner of guests of the T. E., ter Mrs. A. J. Schnepf. She teach- Anamosa aro guests this week o ! Mr. Heetland. .., brother of, cs Latin in the Rock Island the tetter's mother! M?s Walter! sta-j schools. I Good. Mrs. Benner is the former J)«amp ^i\n Dplan, Eagle Grove, i v "'Sinia Good, and her husband is .. , Irvington, is spending the week at her uncle R. L. Maxwell's. She lives with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Parsons. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronan spent Sunday at Nashua, guests of a niece of Mr. C - . . ,. .,. ,,, .LJU^, | C V.TI D V U) came Monday for a week with ! Roger Michel. The boys became : acquainted when they were playing basketball'for their respective schools. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Mucke hi ; turdn - v from a local manager of the Bell Telephone Co. Leslie Hoot.mnn is a new clerk at the Howard Hardware. He comes from Washington, la., which ..v,., got 's also Mr. Howard's old home : week in ! f°wn. Mr. Hootman is married, and. in an SAVE MONEY! HAVE YOCR fur-! l ', oased; AIta - Kendshar'wis.l Mrs nace cleaned now. before the], ui " ''' U1 '" e1 ' Cdeceased); Clif- busy season. Green Colonial Fur- ... , nc! ' '" the Lai "S & Muckey plumb\ mton.iing shop. John nacea, Des Moines. Iowa. 18C40 MAX \V.\.\TKD Rawloigh route "Write loday. — Rawleigh's IAF 10-SA. Freeiiort, 111. FOR NEARBY of SOO families. Dept. IGpIO Ralph and Rob- FOR SALE—ABERDEEN ANGUS bulls nnd heifers. Pricad reasonable. Farm four miles *we«t of Humboldt on No. 10.—:' I Cood- ford (cloceiised) ert. Aljiona. In addition to the widow and the •ins children. Mr. Albright is survived by three brothers and throe sisters: c. B. Albright, Algona; Thomas. Washington state' Kdward, Deering. N. D.; Mrs. Sena Stuart. Washington; Mrs. MnrUvi IJodds, Denver; and Mrs. Mary I'arley, Taylor Falls, Minn. LaBarre. Mr. nnd Staunton, vin came Monday for k Winkol opened ! " BRING IN YOUR FLATS — WE spt'fiiili/.o in vulcanizing tires and tubes. All work guaranteed. —Sampson Tire Service, phone 55.1 C40-I1 XOTICB — PLEASEPRESENT ^ all bills outstanding against E. F. Gregor or his estate to C E Greuor. 212 rj Thompsons-Merriams in Meet at Lu Verne I two weeks 's mother, Mrs. Frank Winkel. Mrs. Lloyd Hudson, was a guest last ..._ „ of her daughter, Mrs. B. R. _„man. Mr. Hudson is in Metropoii- nn Life employ. Dr. 1'. V. Jnnso came home Tuesday from Keokuk, where ho had •mended a medical school since [e also •it Fort Madison. shop at Partnership with re8ldence Grsu'c nnd Manrnrct Itnit of rv dar Falls. VereCek-Vnd • ---.^ ..^v-.k^nu & u t-SL.iJ ° f their sister, Mrs. R. S. Blossom. the college, teaches in high Qlltown, la., immediately.' 21u-12 [;_,'„ Lu Verne, June 22—The IGth annual reunion of the Thompson- Merriam families was held Sun- fomHnt P f Ct6r T homp i° n ; s ' 55 at-1 niece of MraT Frankl. tending from Iowa Falls, Mason <'ity, Corwith, Wesley, Algona Eagle Grove, " and Margaret school there. Mrs. Win. F. St.ee.Ie spent the week-end at Spirit Lake with an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Oelrich, and at Estherville with another uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs. Vedder. Minnie Starlc. Mrs Eva Stork! iager, and the laker's daughter Nancy, all of Duludi, left for j home Monday, after having atlond-' ed the Dutton reunion Saturday., 1 They visited at. the women's cou- i sin W. A Dutton's. •*Deliver Shutout. The Wesley Legion ball team defeated Forest City, 9-0, at Forest City Tuesday. The Hoy Wooldridgos drove to Clear Lake Sunday for Father's .. i"- -^iiw. A cafeteria dinner was FLOORS SANDED, REFINISHED! served :lt noon. Officers were -'"- ' (elected: Harry Merriam, Corwith president; Mr. Thompson, vice; Madison, Wis. A. W. llelirends, Bert Cronan, a_nd Ben Potter went to Ames with permanent floor finish. A new improved method guarantee- Ing satisfaction.& Supply Co. -Cowan Buildine; 38tf PAINT SPECIAL — THIS WEEK Pittsburgh Waterspar floor varnish, quart $1.30. Dries in 4 hours. Marvelous results. Easy to apply. —F. S. Norton & Son. 22(2)40| Mrs. George Thompson, Ledyard secretary; Albert Merriam, Lu Verne, treasurer. Five of Mi- Thompson's seven sons were here to honor him on Father's day: Everett, Lake City, Charles, Dodge Center, Minn., were unable to come. FOR SALE—NEW SHIPMENT OF Sargent Concentrate. Contains Cod Liver Oil, vitamins, protein minerals, properly mixed. The economical way. — Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 23(2)40 MEDICRUDE FOR FARM AA'I- rnals—A Mid-Continent Petroleum product. Use for lice, mange general disinfectant. Money-back guarantee.—E. R. DeLano, Mid- Continent Petroleum Corporation. E&S38-10 MEDICRUDE - MEDICATED crude oil. Germ killer, disinfectant, disease preventive for farm purposes. Very inexpensive Special trial offer.—E. R. DeLano Mid-Continent Petroleum Corpora-' tlon ' E&S-40 coverages. Buy standard protection at lowest cost.—Algona Insurance Agency, C. R. La Barre. 35tf33 FOR SALE—HOUSEHOLD GOODS —dining suite, kitchen cabinet, breakfast table, 5 chairs, $5 childs crib, large swivel wheels, and many other articles. Moving, must sell, very reasonable. — E. H. Thomas, Irvington, phone 12F12. 31u40 -\fnw~i. .._.i -.r'..-, _ iney are janitors nt thp i,ir.ni police force there. Messrs, and Mcsdainps B. i. Agard, Carl Irelan, and H M Olson, with a Mrs. Davis. Minneapolis, mother of Mrs. Agard. spent Sunday at the Okobojis. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brandow, of „ - —-"• ^ j«nn. .uiiuiuow, or sister Airs IToitii Owatonna, Minn., were week-end , also visYted fhere. They are janitors at the local school buildings. Mrs. Andrew Johnson, with her daughter Helen, spent the weekend at Colfax with the former's , father, W. B. Guy. Mrs. Johnson's i sister. Mrs. Keith Kapp, Waterloo, I |3^ uzafoict- JAONEy We'll gladly arrange a loan of $50 up which can be iepaidraonWy lo suit your budget — up to 20 months—lor medical, dental and hospital bills, business needs dothing. repairs, taxes, insurance,' auto etc. With your credit establ a&r ckca3hisavaiiabie °' .Alg . Loans ona . K#kLHAAS Insurance Telephone 22 $8.OO Bark net over a rustlinjr slip. Others $2.95-$I0.95 Kresenky's Cartwright Juniors "Baby Talk" — We're all in favor of "Baby Talk" — not literally — but M a r t h a Gale's adorably petite CARTWRIGHT so named! It's a two- piece linen coyly trimmed in lace and wee pearl buttons — and you may have it in pink with white, or aqua with white. Sizes 11 to 15. $14.95 Kresensky's Shoes Ready-to-Wear Hosiery CITY-WIDE HEINZ 57 Variety SALE SELLING OUT OUR ENTIRE stock of new and used radios- also one C-ft. Elec. Refrig., new; i used ice refrigerator, porcelain- white finish, black base, like naw Everything must go, moving out of town.—Thomas Radio Service, Irv'" Kto "- 3Su-10 AUTOMO B r LE 0 W\ E R S ATTEN- tion—Safe driver rewards. Our OAP' or/--/ ' < *'** t O-' Stive i rom - 1 /n_ to ,,0 /0 —coast to coast claim service non-restricted — standard FOR SALE—240 ACRES NORTH central Humboldt county, improved, first-class corn land. Joint owners want to dissolve partner ship and will sell at very reasonable price; also 160 acres close to Algona, at $82.50 per acre.—0 B Anderson, Forest City, la. 39p40-43 FARM OX (iRATKL RONEY FARM, 199 ACRES, % mile east of Irvington; 175 acres tillable, and highly productive. Attractive set of improvements. Electricity. Moderate taxes. ' Easy terms. — AVrite W. F. Urenn, Fieldman, Plymouth, Iowa, or Harold Oldham, 4201 Urbandale ave., DPS Moines, Iowa Sale Supervisor lor First Trust Joint Stock Land Bank of Chicago. KETCHUP© Large 14 oz. bottle 19c I ***^^ Sport Togs Need Frequent Cleaning Keep them ready fur every occasion by sending them to us promptly as soon as they need cleaning. You '11 like our work. FREE STORAGE We still have a limited amount of free storage space. Send your winter garments to us now and we will store them free of charge during the summer. That old-fashioned\ home-made flavor/ HEINZ FRESH CUCUMBER PICKLE Sweet or Sweet Mixed 35c Jumbo Jar Small Jar ELK Cleaners 12 Kinds, 3 for 23c atnous fat, HEINZ pure vinegar Cider or White Pints lOc Quarts 19c Brown \ \ I / / ^\fjmunmimwp^ HEINZ PR EMBED MUCTAHD EINZ CHILI SAUCE ' pint size > 2 size, 3 fo ° 2en 12-oz. Tins 3 for 25c Hfimz ^ OVEN BAKED 9 r ^ i_BEAM« 2 for 25c 11-oz. Tins 3 for 25c 17-oz. Tins 2 for 25c HEINZ Cafes Listed Below Feature HEINZ Products Sample these famous Foods at Your Favorite Eating Place- Buy They at Your Favorite Grocery Store LOOK FOR THIS MENU HEINZ Plate Lunches 16-oz. Jars 6£-oz, Box 2 for 23c NORMAN & PERRY Phone 330 We Deliver Baked Bean Plate Cha °^ erp ° f Boston Style or and Tomato Sauce 21^ s P r ead Sandwich Fresh Cucunaber Rings Pork 25c Large Jar Pure 20c — ' ^^^•te**i^^mmi Anderson Jack Sprat Grocery Phone 346 Handy Grocery 510 So. Minn. Worcestershire or Beef Steak 23c Spaghetti Plate and ' Wlth T ° mat ° SaUCe S rJ >read Cucumber Ri ngs Don White Cut Rate Grocery Phone 271 Hood'* I. G. A. Stores Phone 355 Moe & Sjogren Phone 246 A. & P. Tea Company Grape or Crabapple 2Jor 27c Sorensen Grocery Co Phone 138 S^p* Le «^f "hones 290-291 Macaroni Plate lunch Sauce Drnk er 25c Anderson Cafe Hotel Algona Wilson Cafe Pine Room Algona Coffee

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