Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1938
Page 10
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FLOWER CLUB HEARS TALK BY BURTSPEAKER Mrs. Buell Tells of Beautiful Flowers in Florida. Hy Eleanor Frnser. "Florida Flowers" was the subject or a paper read by Mrs. H O Buell, Burt, at the June meeting of the county Flower club Monday evening in the assembly room of the Algona library. Mrs. H. J. Bode, president, presided, and the meeting was attend- COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Former Algona Girl In Upset of a Sailboat in Mobile Bay daughter of Mrs. W. F. Brown, whose husband is the local photographer, is one of more than BOO high school graduates at Mobile, Ala., this year. She Is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Anderson here. Jean is subject to asthma and cannot live in the north. She lives with "her" Mrs. II. E. Gust, at Mobile. aunt, Jean and three other young poo- He recently had a dangerous ad- venture. They went sailing on Mo oile bay, and when they were fa out a sudden squall upset the boat All are good swimmers, and they hung to the boat for an hour and a nau before they were rescued. The upset might have endsd dls nstrpusly, for no other boat was ii sight, and they were too far awaj for recognition from shore of their Plight. Finally someone happened to climb to the top of a tower, and from that vantage point they were ed by 29 persons. Members re- . to roll call on garden sponded pests. Mary Ann Smith, winner of a Burt music contest, niece of one of the members, Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt, sang three songs, accompanied by Erna Baars, Burt school music teacher. Mr. Reynolds, who was superintendent of the flower show last week, reported unusual interest in peonies, with more roots sold this NEWS FROM WESLEY Dr. and Mrs. M. 1. Licntcr, Burt were supper guests at Dr. Haney's Sunday. Lawrence GoeU, who was m- jiired in a car accident two weeks ago, is expected home. 'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Root, of Ventura, visited Sunday afternoon at the former's brother Loel's. Father A. J. Wagner loft Mon- iy for DubiKiue and Chicago to s gone till Friday night. Phyllis and Evangeline Cruise SK-feLiL-rfi" «"»•?"• ff»,«J>» ="" .232 were broached show. for next year's iMrs. Bode discussed varieties of rose blooms she had brought from her garden. St. Petersburg's Flowers. Mrs. Buell said it would be difficult to do justice to Florida flowers in a short talk, but she would describe a few typical flowers that have most appealed to her. AVhen the Buells arrived at St. Petersburg on the fifth of last December, the most outstanding flower was the poinsettia, one of the standard ornamentals in Florida. Besides red poinsettias, there are pink and white varieties. The mallow, or hisbiscus and — „.,_,„ intu t uuiiia u L j.jt)i ( Lloyd's for light housekeeping. i, ™ mrles Kl ' aus and Charles left Monday for Ames to attend graduation of the daughter Dorothy, who, with Harold Brooke, also a student, came here w'th them. Dorothy, Donald, Charles Kraus Jr., and Harold were S Tuesda y to a trip /-. ij« .— uoouuj j.ur a inn states S ' Oregon ' and other WW, 16 ' eldest son of Mr. ana Mrs. Milton Giddings, reached his second birthday June 5, and din- M«- ft, B- Hopkins visited from Cook, R enwick , 8 ^ Robert A dec- Friday till Sunday at her son Glen orated birthday cake with two McMurray's, Belmond. Mrs. Hop- candles was served. kin s drove down to get her Sun-. Mrs> Eldon Ravlln and her in- h» p bert Reno's iruportan the azaleas are other flowers in Florida. Florida Soil Poor. Mrs. Buell said flowers „.„ easily there in spite of poor soi She told of a conversation she ha with a man who had a luxurian garden. He had sent a sample o his soil to Washington for analy sis, and he got back a report tha it needed everything except sand It costs him $100 a year to water and fertilize his garden. All annuals are grown successfully in the South, according to Mrs. Buell's observation, but few perennials are grown. Neither are there tulips or other spring flowering bulbs such as we have. Many gladioli, however, are grown. Vinos Line Streets. Among beautiful vines seen in Florida is the thunbergia, which has large, soft-pointed leaves and , — -- o-.. i.ui «JUU- I •-- " "U.,,1,1 auu ner ju. mu T fant dau ehter were brought home The Leo Renos, Ledyard, visited £° m a Clarion hospital Tuesday Sunday at the local Reno and T ^ baby has been named iffi Kempeter homes. The Ernest een Ann. Mr. Ravlin took "ho s.hn.f. ,„_.,.. Britt) were at A1 _ langhteri Ilen0i to Rochest ° e * ln ° urdav to consult doctors about her ---- Mrs. Alfred Erdman eves ' returning Sunday. That even- drove to Des Moines Monday, and "JS B e™ice Ravlin, Waterlo, aunt Alfred attended a convention. John of Mr. Ravlin, came for a visit ™'f n ^,™ Uiam Frim "' el ac - Emme h t 0 sbSr D T^ erSfWh0drOVet0 l |L,mmetsburg Sunday for an Initia- Hildman tion were Mesdames Clara Erd- PLAN 5 FIGHTS ON GRAETTIN6ER CARD Graettlnger, June 15—A 30 round boxing show ia scheduled for the Graettlnger Punch Bt,w next Monday evening with Swede Allen, and Francis Warrington featuring the main event, an 8- round battle. Allen today l s listed as middleweight champion of Iowa, and Warrington is a two-time Golden Gloves winner in Iowa. In the irst Punch Bowl card Allen won rorn Al Gabrlsh, and In the last card Warrington scored a 6-round echnical against Gabrish. Fans lave been asking for an Allen- Varrington .go, and Promoter Jack hillips, former Algonians, is now leeting the demand. The second main event will be Mother 8-round action battle bet- veen Santos Reyes, nlmble-f cot- el Mexican, and "Wild Bill" Hendicks, Oskaloosa. Fans who saw eyes in action against Jack Imrkey on the last Punch Bowl ard, know what he can do Claudie Pettit, "Emmetsburg" - hantom," Is coming back on the card. His opponent this time will be Johnny Cosgrove, Wesley. Cos•grove has had matches in this neck of the woods, and most of the fans around here have seen him In action. He is a trifle heavier than Pettit, but the Emmetsburg glove artist hopes to offset thi with speed. This will be a si> round match and ought to be good one. Two other events will be Thompson vs. Bruzotte and Caylor vs Rldenour, ea'ch four rounds. ffo Lawyers This Week-Knil. •Law offices in Algona will be ilosed Friday-and Saturday, when the lawyers and some of the wo- men . wln attend a joint 14th and <ast districts chautauqua at The Inn, the Okobojis. companied them. JjU \v . MARKETS HOGS diove to Story City Sunday to visit ™ a n. Tracy Ward, Viola Loebig 'datives and next day went on to Mari a Kunz, Josephine Liclrtef'! " UUS De s Moines, where Mr. Hildman £ a 'e Kennedy, Caroline Studer S 6 * 1 Iight butch - "0-160 $8.00-8 25 attended a convention. Mary Oesterreiclier, Magdalene 2 est I!ght butch » ^0-180 $8.25-8 M A Sunday school picnic will be B 'eich, Hazel Studer, and Clotilda est Hght bu tch., 180-220 $8 50-8 65 ;m at noon at the Methodist Hutchison. Eight members were I est light butc h., 220-250 •"-" •en next Sunday, all parents Initiated, and a banquet was serv- children invited. A Children's « d at 7 o'clock, with Father Mcday program will be given. Coy, Ayrshire, as toastmaster The Edw. Youngwirths and Mr. hvy., 250-270 ~" $R35 . hvy. 270-290 _ $e 25 Med. heavy, 290-325 ' In Gown & Curls Barbara, 4, Makes Calls on Friends Little four-year-old Bnr* Imra Hanson, daughter of jMr. and Mrs, E. W> Hanson, donned her house dress one morning last week and went ('Ailing on t li c neighbors her mother unaware of the idea. She was seen going past the Advance office about 8:90, with hands on hips and walking "like a million." After llarbara was missed at home her parents, who live on Oak street, Jn norlh Algona, began a search which lasted all morning. Finally, about noon, she was located at the Lyle Matties home. She had also called on the C. E. Chnbbs, and had made the "rounds" elsewhere, saying that her mother was just across the street." Ifarbara is a pretty little girl, and as she marched pas' the Advance shop in parade fashion with head up, her long shirts flashing, and her cnrls flying, she made snch an attractive picture that the front office force was called to see her. Her father Is an architect for Botsford's. St. Benedict BIG ATTENDANCE AT WEDDING AT LAKOTA Lakota, June 14 — Out-of-town guests at a wedding and reception for Mr,, and Mrs. Wilson Brack Sunday evening were: George Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lewis, daughter Dolores, Mrs. George Bernard, daughter Ellen, Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Jergenson, Mr. and Chris Christensen, son Lewis, Viola Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Sanders, daughter Ethel, Mr !£l Mr ?; F< G> BrisDin . daughters Ruth, Free swanson suffered a "r. *-. Earl Burgess will be re- CATTLE Fletcher, son Eldon Mr and'Mrs Sa™^,q™rs^^d^^ — «.- --a «-* «jtti4juaci VilUclLIUiJ. I ***un with his sister, Mrs. Theron Han- evening. sen. heavenly blue flowers. Another beautiful vine is the bignonia, or .=-... flame vine, which often reaches a| The Methodist Aid will uav P i height of 80 feet. Still another is guest day June 28, and Aid mem- the bougainvillaea, of which the bers in nearby towns have beeT most common is of magenta color, vlted. 6eU An unusual plant seen at a Ethel Haverlv came Wednesdav irsprv is n Mnn'o n ,. n hij „ 1 F,.,™ *i,_ •„.,_• . v - at " B »vbunesoay ,. ' ~' " «^tnufttuu, j --"0 «itvi uuuuuues till after a l P l n . d :?5 a ,^. Um ^ er ^''Hl 6 ™ hour <" S o'clock in the I No _ 2 -*• r 'Exams' to Be Held Three ^^_^^.|5?^a r '2?^^ . St. Benedict's team played Buffalo Center Sunday and was defeated, 5-3. The locals ^raveled by truck. A large number of people from this vicinity patronized a Corwlth Catholic Aid dinner Sunday evening. Mrs. Relker, her three daughters, the son Clarence, Leona Ferstl, Marie Kellner, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arndorfer, Mr. and Mrs Matt Bormann, and Mr, and Mrs Clarence Sterner drove to Alta .Vista Friday to attend a wedding dance given by Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Hecker that evening. , The George Cinks were Sunday guests at Tony Grandgenett's. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kunkel, daughters Illena, and Rita Virgil, and son Bernard drove to Marshalltown Friday to attend the funeral Saturday of Mary Low, 15- months daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Erdmann, who died of pneumonia last week Thursday. Burial was made at Haverhill. Mrs. Kun- iel and Mrs. Erdmann are sisters and formerly lived at Haverhill. Neighbors and other friends, with well-filled baskets, took Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bormann by surprise last week Thursday evening. Music by Leo Dunlap and Donald Bormann was the principal entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Frank F!is- enbarth, formerly of this territory, were among the guests. . Leo Ludwig, driving west, east of St. Benedict, at the Al Rosenmeyer place, collided with a car diven by a Mexican beet worker (date not given) who was coming onto the highway. No one was hurt, and the cars only slightly damaged. The Sisters of St. Francis who teach in this parish departed Sunday for Sioux City for their summer retreat. Mr. Trunelle took them to Fort Dodge. The Charles Stuflick children perpetrated a surprise on their parents Sunday evening, when invited neighbors and other neighbors arrived to help the Stufllcks celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary. Frances Dunlap, who has been working at Mrs. Matt Hermann's, Is at home this week. With her parents and sister Leona she helped Mrs. Dunlap's sister at Corwifh with papering Monday. Mr. and Mrs Albert Studer, Mr and Mrs. Eugene Studer, and Leo Studer, all of St. Cloud, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Studer, Corwith, called on the Gregory Stu- ders Friday evening. Mrs. Alfred Nelson's mother, sister, and brother at Llvermore were her guests last week Sunday Max Ferstl and Chas. Emaul at- nded a night ball game at Algona Sunday. The Emil Arndorfers and the SE"° ®! e "* rt !» J^»t Sunday With his mother, Mra. Anm Huschfca, a few months, has re turned to Milwaukee. , Mr. and Mrs. William Klein are spending a few days at their daughter Mrs. Arthur Gink's, near Algona. Mrs. Harvey Johnson entertained *" e ?2 n , A , ld last week Thursday Mrs. Nick Arndorfer waa the only guest from this neighborhood. Plans to Join the Wary. . Hurt, June 14—Wyot Stott son Floyd, Edw, Welskef and the la" ter's son Harold were at Des , n who took a second examination to join the navy, expects to receive a call soon. -*Bancroft Is Winner. Wesley, Juiy 14—The Wesley Tigers lost a\..ll game Sundnylo Bancroft, 7-1. The battery for C V arf e F y roX S h. Martin ^ ™* Ex-T ' e ache Eileen Bra(1 ° Is at prop field a ,.|| Okta. of do und nursery is a Nun's orchid, covered with about 90 blossoms on eight stalks. Fairyland in April. "In April St. Petersburg seems almost like a fairy land," Mrs Buell said. "Oleanders are use in many places for street trees and they are just a sheet of bloom ranging from white through al shades of pink to red. There are too, the stately magnolias, adornec with huge waxen flowers resembl ing the water lily, with a delightful fragrance." Along with these spectacular flowers, there are exquisite gardenias, japonicas, and, of course outdoor roses as perfect as any grown In hothouses in the North, all in ful.l bloom in St. Petersburg gardens." from the Vincent Cruise uu where she had been employed Mrs. Buell added that in spite of all the beauty of the Florida flora, she would miss the thrill that we have in springtime and so she pre- fers t° do her gardening in Iowa. Bible School Will ~, . _ •»•**. .uuiumg, mm inence too Give Program Here <° nn *- ^J 0 /^ ball team m, , " °" **" -LJcliUJI tJLl Thursday and Friday for a tournament. A large group of Wesley women attended a Guest day last week Wednesday at the Sexton Methodist church. •Mr. and Mrs. Edward Downs were Sunday dinner guests at the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Studer. The Sampson Alnes went to Story City Sunday to visit Mrs Alne's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L K Seversieke. 'Mrs. Archie Hutchison, Algona r . i --. a J? d Frldav under supervision of County Supt. and Mrs. Shirley. Some teachers will write ^! 1Sf l t !. lei L? rades ' Ma °y appli- . Frank Arndorfer, who had been No 2 24c fe" 1 " s °V Valley "V Mrs: Swen No. 2 22 Swenson, Kanawha; R O y Dexter SW6et -«5S5Snr 25c r?^"?', Ja — Bexfer, ££ the first time. POULTRY . , 4 to 5 Ibs. _ Hens, under 4 Ibs Leghorn hens Carol r an Injured leg Friday, when, on the way home from town, her car skidded off the pavemen 1 -. In an attempt to get it baclc she lost control and it tipped over Ollie Kunz is expected home this week from the General hospital, Algona, where he had a major operation two weeks ago. Evengal- '" qe( Cl '^l se11has been helping her A public demonstration of the work of the Bible school classes which have been conducted the last two weeks will be given at the Methodist church Sunday night at /:30. Children who are to takf> part are to be at the church ten minutes earlier. The school will close Friday afternoon with a picaic at the Ambrose A. Call state park, inis has ben a union undertaking of the Congregational, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches under the fiiiperintendency of Mrs Frank Seeley. Fenton Farm Boy is Victim in Accident Fenton, June 15—Walter Jentz, ,-,. Mrs - Lester Larson, Mrs Guy young farmer northeast of Fenton n ' m " > "' "" "- ' ~ suffered serious injury Tuesda while he was cranking a tractoi Bones m his right arm between el bow and wrist were broken, an the arm was almost twisted off A call was made for a bone spe cialist at Fort Dodge, but he wa out of the city, Mr. .Tentz wa. rushed to a hospital at Sioux City He is not married, and is th youngest son of Mr. and Mrs Frei Jentz. visited Mrs. A. E. Giddings and Mrs. Eli Goodnow one day last week. They are related. Mr. and Mrs. George Hackett, of Waseca, Minn., were at Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Richardson's from Saturday night till Sunday Vee Mullin took his sons Victor and Thayer to Renwick Monday morning, and thence took a train Moines to attend a ninth . Register & Tribune carriers' frolic. Mrs Clayton Angle suffered an St. Joe Conple to Wed. .—«„„.„ , lcua Joe, June 8—Banns of mar- Cocks, under 4% ibs were announced Sunday at Cocks, over 4% ibs ' ispnn nhiT»«/\Vi #~~. i\_ _ ... . I n * , .* '* • - -r - «««wv.u^ cu ouiiuuy at St. Joseph church for the first time for Raymond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick N. Thilges, and Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick » Geese,' liVe ------------- ° ~~~ , Ducks, live time of publication. to cnange"by~the Dexter, M ! 5 I; and Mrs> Edw - M11 ier, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Miller, daughter Priscilla Kay, all of Elmofe- Mr' an 7i ™ T 106 Brack . Ledyard; clock Larson, 1 Hav-« Mrs W. A. Vigars entertained her bridge oluD Tuesday at two table* NO prizes were given. FARMERS ATTENTION CATTLE FLY SPRAY 45c Gal. Coast-to-Coast Store RIDE IN A 1938 FORD V.| Let Us Take You m You're Going WITHOUT OBLIGATlpI » The month of June is dcmonstra- tion month for all Ford Dealers. We invite you to call i, s at any- time, and we will provide a new 1938 V-8 car and driver to take you and your friends any place you wish to go within a reasonable distance. CALL 434 KENT MOTOR Q Sales FORD Service _ |llllllll'l!!lllllllll!lllllllll|||||||||||,,,||,,,|,|, ||||||||||(|||||| 4 Daily Deliveries Cut Rate Grocery Phones 271-272 Buy Your Needs at the Cut-Rate and Save • 11 r Phylh s at the Kunz store. ihe L. L. Leases went to Hanlontown Sunday and with 30 relatives were at the Gesme home ° f Mr - and M '' s ' Sterlin S Lease re- at Sunkist ORANGES Ic Each 50 for 45c FRESH CUCUMBERS No. 1 large 5c Algona Boy Honor Graduate of CCCC Willis, son of Mr. and Mrs H M. Colwell, was one of three'hon or graduates recently completini a business course at the Capito City Commercial college Des Moines. He finished at Christina: time, but graduation exercise were not held till Friday. All his grades were above 90 percent. H is a '36 graduate of the Algona high school, and his Is now em ployed at the Green Foundry & Furnace Works, ^Des Moines. Algona Youth Graduated. Indianola, June 14—In a class of 75 graduated from Simpson college here Tuesday, June 7, was Richard W. Shackelford, Algona, who received a degree of bachelor of arts. i ,-,.- , rs uy Almond. Mrs. Marion Paulson, Mrs F Li ', dau ehters Ann and Ethel, and Isabel Kei-rlns attend- ea a Hutchins Bible Study club Sr» '"P "H Le ° n Giff °'-a's near Brltt, Friday. Mrs. Paulson had charge of the lesson Mr and Mrs. Geurgo Kei.sh attended a family reunion at the ?\T° f l ^ e 'owner's parents, Mr and Mrs. George Kelsd, near Cor- ™'rt\ SU , n v, day - Mrs - Il>ene Studer and her three children also attend- Grape>Nuts| Flakes PEACHES Halves or Sliced No. 10 can 45c ... —- Studers, Mr. and Albert Studer, and Leo Studer St. Cloud, Minn., visited Corwith and Wesley relatives from last week Wednesday till Sunday llie men are brothers of Edw Studer, Corwith. From here they left DANClf Les Hartman and His Famous W. M. T. German Band will play at the Legion Hall WEST BEND THURSDAY, JUNE 23 Lean Plate Lb. VAN CAMPS f? 11 ^^ " 12C TO_MATO JUICE Lean BonelesflT Quality Meats Cost Less No. 1 Cream Lb. CHEESE 17£ C RASPBERRIES No. 10 can 59c PORK and BEANS 3 20-oz. cans __25c Skinless WIENERS Lb, --- 21c lo-oz. cans __ 19c Vine Ripened CANTALOUPE Larg e size, ea. _10c CHASE & SANBOEN'S COFFEE, lb. __23c PORK ROAST 23c Dry Salt Lb. SIDE PORK _ _ 14c Graham Crackers 2 lb, box 23c Iodized 2 boxes 15c 10 lb. bag 19c POTTED MEAT 2 cans ,_9 C No. 10 can ____ 59c VELVET ROSE CATSUP 14-oz. bottles, ea. 9c POPPED WHEAT . MCE - OATS 2 pkgs. FRUTSIPS 8-oz. bottle _ ____ 9 C Sugar Cured Lb. BACON SQ.'« _16c FANCY COOKIES 13'41b. cello __25c CERTO, bottle 23c BUTTER, lb. _.27c PURE BLACKBERRY JAM b' Jar 2 Reg. lOc boxes 15c Get Into the Swim With a Bradley or Jantzen Bathing Suit The CHRISCHI I'on'll l, e ,| Bht j 9V iLmMlS °'. tlleM »«Se'fL°H.?f <>I '" n! ' w "» «aiam swlmmlns<* "• •« »»»! materials, in the most Iff? 8 ' »™«««*1 suits. Tier »« *»"• 5&S .'tSoV'lS *^ • B * 8 m * 9Te ~~ """ Qfs&a?-' aozen. „, „„,» $«.98

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