Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1938
Page 9
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ENDS SCHOOL IKE ROCK ~j4 _ A Bible In "flic school pre- htf <" the 10 ? prelude, Jean Ar* j8.sy W; id Testament, Ruth futltudea, Doris Mar Suggestions jbouhr; song. pri- and KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Nelson, Humboldt, were Sunday dinner guests of the William Nel- sbns, and the Alton Hurlburts of Whittemore, spent the afternoon there. Mr. and Mrs. William Krucixer, Wllmar, Minn,, visited relatives here Sunday morning. Mrs. Krueger was at Burt for the funeral of her father, Mrs. Valentino. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wiener returned Saturday from Spring Valley, 111., where they visitnd the Fred Mlllea a few days last week. LAKOT/. AND LEDYARD YOUTHJWARRY Ledyard, June 14 — In a candle- PAGE NINE H. KljABtP, Field Representative Rodney Van Moss, who now op- 1 orates the filling .station on No. 10!) west, of Irvington, was fixing up saw H air-compressor when we him Saturday. He had been there a week and said lie wius having a good business. Rodney is keeping bachelor quarters there, and showed U K through the place. * * * * C. W. Hammond, superintendent of the Grant consolidated school, is planning to attend summer school at Minneapolis, leaving after July 1. Mo has been superin- corn last week Thursday, and their field was free of weeds. They are both married, and the two families live in the same house. * * * * Last week Wednesday we called on Alfred Schadendorf, four miles southwest of Ledyard, who lives on his father's farm. Mr. and Mrs. Schadendorf have three girls: Elnora, 4; Joan, 2; and Ruth, who will bo year old on June 20, when her mother is planning to have a party for her, though Ruth will not know what it is all about. cow stanchions were set up outside where he milks. Harold Becker was helping him, and they were getting a great kick out of driving a tractor hitched to a stone boat. Chris Assmusen, Lakota, will do the carpenter work. Mr. and Mrs. Christ have two boys: Duane, 6, and Don, 5. The boys had the cupola from the old barn roof .set up In the yard and were playing it was their boys. house. These are fine j-,Guyuru, .June J-i—in a canulp- in,,,i«. . r ,1 , , i--.... . ..... ,1^ n.iu>» W jm L IL is un UUUUL. light wedding at ft. PresbyteVia'n £" d °" £ '*° " h ~l *« y ?'™ ™ d £?_ "° ticed , W Alfred, has 140 "Solder: a few Ruth House"a Fairy. Eula recitation, Jessica Beverly Sones, the i 'primary pu- john Chapter j.17, "Darwin Frye; priori' and Ardelle of the New Testa- Blerle; the New Tes- rards, Betty Ann of the Old Testa- Fryc; Hie Old Tes arils, Helen Jensen Mr. Arends. Le for Summer— E J Simpson son; 'die, and Mrs. 'Mary 'of Chicago, came Sat- Jt the M. E. Blanch- ferunson and Billy re- ie summer, the others •Chicago Monday. Sat- I at Blanchard's were IThompson, Bancroft, ter Donna Jean. Mr. ,, n rd Blanchard, Des • Saturday night and ', going to Edward llrvington, Sunday af [die summer. ury Scliroeder's— inner took place Sun- iy Schroeder's, and at- the Roy Chrlschilles n; the Glen Minos, tarl Wieners and the |ers. The F. F. Schroe- were evening guests i IVItli dunii- ns left Monday for j where she is making lit at Fletcher Moore's, [having been a college Betty Bing, of Ro- lanother college friend, By Home Again— Big drove to Oskaloosa Ir Sunday at the T. E. church, Lakota, Sunday evening at 8 o'clock Mary June, elder daughter of Frank Lewis, Lakota, was married torWilson, son oC Mr. and Mrs. Tice Brack, Ledyard. ha.s made a great many improve- fine Spotted Poland China spring incuts. Mr. Hammond enjoys his | pigs. He is one farmer who still work and thinks he has the best i farms with horses, people in the world to work with. * * * * I Albert Koppen, southeast of La- ____ .._,..._.., ___ _..^,,, „. „„.The church was decorated wkh'kota, said last"wee'ic"'Tnursdny"he many candleabria and spring flowers, and the lighting of the candles by two of the bride's brothers was part of the ceremony. The couple were attended by the bride's sister Fern and brother Howard,, and a single-Aig service was read by the Rev. 0. H. Frerking, pastor. Irene Junkc- meier sang I Love You Truly, and Gertrude Worlman sang At Dawning. The bride was attired in white * * * * We stopped Friday at Hiko Kurd's, northwest of Ledyard, found Mrs. Karels feeding chickens. and the She has a fine lot. The by an insurance also a new improvements had helped to do a little field work at a neighbor's. For ' some j farm is owned unknown reason he is a bachelor, company which has been having which is maybo why he takes life new fence put up, a little easier than some of us i windmill. Other Benedicks. We always enjoy a have been made. visit with him. * * * * * * * * We found Carl Becktein, south- L. W. Kessel, southeast of El-! east of Elmore, cultivating corn more, and his oldest boy wore j last week Tuesday. He farms 80 busy in the corn field last week ! acres, and he has only ten acres in Tuesday. L. W. bought the boy a| now cultivator, and the lad, who; corn. On that account, he said, he .-.., . . , had plenty of time to visit with satin and carried a bridal bouquet had a big span of mules hitched to : us, and we were glad of !t, for we -' - "- ""-" *"-•" " " >t. was doing a fine job. Another i like a little palaver with him now boy was harrowing soy beans in ' and then. He keeps his corn the next field, and he was driving j mighty free of weeds. Carl has a a big team of horses, also doing a i fine apple orchard, and tho trees good job. Mr. Kessel will not lack ' are loaded, for competent help as long as I * * * * and brought nd the children [two weeks there. ,ewis daughter. back who Mrs. t Days— ' icmbers of the local 1 attended a Guest, day last week Wednes- i here attended a Burt Guest day Friday. I Algonn— ne Pearsons will move this month. They t a house there, • and will be employed at wer at Ledyard— Long attended a [the Lutheran church, friday in honor of Mrs. , nee Alice Moulton. ier Lone Rock. idell Jensens, Ringsted, lay afternoon at P. M. n's, and Ruth Krueger, [also there. The Will and their grand[Joan Zweifel, spent the trence Zweifel's,' Fort ' Joan remained there fended visit. [Mrs. Leland Hantelman, •were Sunday dinner [Mrs. Dora Laabs. Mr. Thies, Bancroft, rine Kressin, Pasadena, nt the evening there. [Peters, Algona, and her N the day at the Hups home. pr'es Morris, daughter 'S- Jay Godden attend- |er show at the high at Algona last 'dnesday. Mrs, LUlle her daughter Neva The Morrises spent at the Henry Manus • pessin, of Pasadena, ' Alex Uadig's, and all ay evening guests at ioetteher's, Penton. The legers Mr. and Mrs. ISchultz, and Theo Krue- 1 me day at the Charles f""e at Elmore. Ne Stebritz, daughter and Bertha and Leona "of Bancroft, drove -to •••Saturday to visit Mr. |*>ancis Poole, returnjnf (•'trs. Poole came here .{Jar a visit with Mrs. of calla lilies. Miss Fern Lewis wore pink crepe, with flowers to harmonize. There were more than 200 guests. Following the service, relatives attended a reception in tho church basement. The newly-weds then left for northern Minnesota for a ten-day honeymoon, after which they will be at homo here, where Mr. Brack will continue in business in a general store with his father. Bride and bridegroom are both graduates of the Ledyard high school in 1931. Following graduation Miss Lewis attended the State Teachers college, and was graduated from the primary course there. She taught a year in a pre school kindergarten conducted by the state here, and for the last three years had been primary teacher at Grant consolidated. Following graduation, Wilson entered the general store owned by his father, in which he has ever since been active. Ushers at the wedding were Walter Miller, Hugh an'd Lawrence Lewis, and Norman Frerking. Bible School in Session— A Methodist Bible school opened last week Monday. Cleo Gable teaches the first class, with the following enrollment: Beverly Bashara, Beverly Zielske, Carolyn Ploeger, Maxine Nitz, Maxine Behse, Patricia Matzener, Albert Barnes, Nordine Strand, Geraldine Manthei, Darlene Schroeder, Norma Estle, Doris Estle, Wallace Mayne, Eugene Looft; Edith Logan has the second claas: Francis and Margaret Yahnke, Nelda Estle, Betty Jean Dorsey, John Matzener, Beatrice Siefert; the Rev. Mr. Hammer, the third class: Deloris Mayne,. Buddy Grey, Marvel Halverson, Jean and Marjory Gable, Phyllis Strand. Halvorson Son Graduated— Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Halvorson, daughter Marvel and Alvira, and Mrs. Anna Kallestad, who is Mrs. Halvorson's mother, attended coni- these young fellows are at home. * * * * Jos. Johnson Jr. and his broth- George Christ, 2Vz east of Lakota, was from the foundation miles -south- moving rock of the old Fred Ilenken, four miles southwest of Titonka, was planting soybeans last week Monday, primary election day. He farms '160 acres, and so is kept more than busy. There arc throe girls and two boyfi in the Henken family: Ruth, Kalh- orine, Fred Jr., and the twins, Gerhard and Gladys, who will be .11 in October. Gerhard and one of Tony Jandl's Shetland pony, passed us on the road. They t wore going our way, two, and it 'did tickle the boys to turn out and sail right by our car. 0. K. boys, but look out. Next time we may show you ,some speed if there is no road cop around. * * * * Last week Monday we called at S. Kramer's, southeast of Irvington, we found Mrs. Kramer cleaning out her brooder house. Then Mr. Kramer came in from a field where he had been cultivating corn. Wo noticed that he has a fine stand this year * * * # We called on Friday on Mrs. Eva Andrews, south of the Grant school house. She greatly misses her husband, the late G. W. Andre'ws, and we miss him too, for he was always full of fun, and he kept well posted on what was going on in the world. *..*** We had a visit with C. G. Frye, northeast of Lakota last week Tuesday. The family is a new one there, having come from Minnesota. There are three girls and one boy. Mr. Frye that said before he began farming he worked at dredge ditching and had dredged in almost every state in the Union. He thus had a chance to see farm lands everywhere, and he thinks the best farming country in the U. S. is between Ames and Saint Paul. Hurrah for Iowa and our neighboring state on the north! * * * * Louis Kephengst, southeast of Elmore, was cultivating corn last week Thursday. He farms a half section and docs most of his work alone, so he is busier than a cranberry merchant. He had his corn cultivated for the first time. * * * * At Mrs. Bert Westcott's, southeast of Grant consolidated school then men were filling a ditch. The drain from the basement had been taken up and replaced, for it had become plugged. Jim, a big Mexican, said it was hard work. He has worked there for a number of years, * * * * Warner Beenken, who formerly lived north of the German Valley church, is now three miles southwest of Ledyard. Last week Wednesday we found him enclosing tho south porch of the house, and he said he has planned to paint. He or George, who live northeast of j barn to where he is going to build Lakota, farm 320 acres owned by a new barn, 3-1x48, last week their father, who lives at Ban-1 Thursday. He had already taken croft. The boys were cultivating, the old barn down, and the old "PAINT" A 1'AIXT JOB neighbors -will Come in nn (I j I'MIMOIIS Dcvoe It's innrrclons. YOUR envy! ct flu- Pitlnf. Botsford Lumber Company JEH POOL, _ £. bought the farm where he lives last year, and it is a fine piece of ground. Mr. and Mrs. Beenkeii have four boys, and the two older boys wore cultivating corn. * * * * M. W. Smidt, who lives on one of the M. P. Haggard farms, south east of Tltonkn, was cultivating corn last week Tuesday. The field was free of weeds, but M. W. aims to keep the ground stirred up anyway. Mr. Smidt has rented 160 acres near Woden for next; year. The place he now farms is almost too much for one man. * * * # The George Larsons, east of Burt, have been doing some refinishing work on the Inside of the house. They have also done considerable other improving on this farm since they bought it, George had it tiled. Rock on the place were used for a basement wall at the houss. Last Call Saturday is positively the last day of Mrs. Tribon's dress sale. Every dress must be sold this week. To accomplish this we are lowering the price to the point of almost giving them away. Friday, your choice of any dress or smock in the store at 44c. Saturday, the last day of the sale, you can have any dress that is left at 39c. Saturday, June 18th is the last day. You will never see such bargains again. New standard dresses right from the wholesale house for one-third of their' real worth. These dresses are well-tailored. They fit and are up-to-date in style and finish. You will be more than pleased with any dress or smock you buy at this sale. Lots of customers bought 8 to 10 dresses and coining back for more. 3rd door west of Gamble Store. MRS. TRIBON IS SELLING THEM. JIMMIE NEVILLE, Owner. mencemcnt exercises at Luther college, Decorah, last week Tuesday, in which Tilmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Halvorson, was graduated in a class of 78. He was a member of tho college band, and in 1936 he accompanied it on an European tour. Hutli Kstlo Is Bride- Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Estle, was married to Caleb, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hartshorn, Swea City, Saturday, June 4, at Easton, Minn. The bride, a member of this year's graduating class here, had for two years served as office assistant to Supts. Lauritzen and Granner. The newlyweds are living with the bridegroom's parents. Mayers Home from Visits- Mrs. D. B. Mayer, with her daughters Marjorie, Barbara, and odist church service will begir. at 11 o'clock instead cf 1.1:15, and a short program will b} given preceding the regular worship hour. The program will consist o£ things learned in Bible school. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Granzaw and Mr. and Mrs. Letter Granzow, Hubbard, called at the Chris Gelhaus home Sunday. They were on the way home from Fairmont, where they visited the Edw. Kohls, former Lakotans. The Rev. and Mrs. Carl Hammer, Lakota, were Sunday dinner guests at George Thompson's. The Martin Gables, Mrs. Martha Gahle, the latter's family, and August Gable were at Herman Gable's. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Krammers- meier were at Algona last week Thursday to call on their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Alfred Krammers- meier, and the latter's new daugh- Peggy Lou, returned Sundav'from ter at the General hospital. two weeks with Mrs. Mayer's sister at Birmingham and at Des Moines with her former schoolmate, Mrs. A. F. Koelling. The Clifton Engelbys drove to Des Moines Sunday, and the Mayers le- turned with them. Other Ledyard News. Seventy-five attended a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Gerald Warner Friday in the Methodist basement. Contests furnished entertainment, and Cleo Gable and Edith Logan gave a play picturing Mr, and Mrs. Warner as they will be at 50. Mrs. Warner received many gifts. 'Next Sunday morning the Meth- FARMERS ATTENTION CATTLE FLY SPRAY 45c Gal. Coast-to-Coast Store somamna TO UIEHB Sunday, June 19th , < •P-O-P, M-ErN S WtA-P, . . . The Home of Nationally Advertised, Quality Merchandise at Prices No Greater than Asked for Ordinary Furnishings. From winter to spring, to summer, to fall and back to winter—all the year around, you'll like the smart but economically priced men's and boys' furnishing offered at this modern store. Make Hay While the Sun Shines ( , nt the week-end at 's and with other Ktwn Ackarm ans spent Pwnoon at G. J. Burl's, n and W«. were This year you '11 need to have all your equipment on hand and ready for quick work between the rains. We have all the items you will be needing—hay rope, block and tackle, hay slings, forks, hay earners, pulleys. Be ready for those sunny hay days. ^ long strand, first "SV^i* quality %" rope per ft. V/2v 2 rope slings $1.15 3 rope slings $1.65 3 tine Hay Forks -$1,25 6 inch Rope Pulley _,._--75c week the clocks at 810aU church. 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