Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX _ BANQUET GIVEN FOR CORWITH'S WAR VETERANS fv/, n n ? aw Sh. the north was , met ' Mr ' Bonnstetter, who WeSt ' St ° pped wh ? S 1 ar comin S ctor Severns also ap- bUt h ' S Car skl saw the otn e * C ^ ash ' but no »» r ' B onnstetter',s car k 11 ' June 8 ~ An annual me- banquet, sponsored by the Lef nn h^" 1 ,"* WflS held at ^ ™n?n* I 1<lSt Week Thursday evening. Veterans of the Civil Spanish - p Welcome, M. Gouge, president of the Auxiliary; response, H. c Welter Jocal adjutant; pi ano solo ded -' cated to the Civil war veteran A A. Johnson, by Mrs. J. Hrothers Meet After Ifl Ycnrs- Fay Scace drove to Sanborn Friday to see his brother Guy of Seattle. This was the first time the years 6 ''* Se<m ea ° h Other in " Other Corwith. Mrs. Alice Massey, of Emporia, Knns., and her ,son Keith arrived one day last week for an extended visit with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Long Sr. Her broth- MRS, BROESDER, OF GOOD HOPE, HAS OPERATION 00 ,? H ° Pe> June 7 -Mrs. E. ,KQgSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA h ^. Mrs Augusta Mittag, and nnrt °i h « ^W daughters, Dorothy and Benita, went down for Zelda , wn a week ago Friday and s weekend with relatives, the . lort h ?' , • Hawcot t accorapan- Jed by Josle Dlttnier, R N returned from Rochester. " ' HO , . ' accol «Panied bv her daughter Burlette; duet with K ui- tar accompaniment, Adele and Ar- leiie Daughan; solo, Mrs. J WoV h Miller, Mrs. William Wood accora le^on^, 0 " '• h ? IDiano ftnd M° MHV Jei on the violin; talks, the Revs Messrs. Willi ams , Rust ™ H - Farm Women | s si— t , L- Callison ' farm house between Corwith and sm " «. Christyna Callison who came from Garner; Mrs ,,,,,1'™"" —•"'"* Sr., son Edward, and Mr. and Mrs. Millard Evans drove to Eagle Grove .Saturday to ™?,, , ra - Elle » Evans, and Mrs. Millard Evans remained for a NeTson^ 81 ' at ^ broth ? r Rlchard Mrs. H. L. Baker, Des Moines, and her son Robert spent the with the TrenarS wenT'To*' Kanawha for Sunday with Mrs. Bakers and Mrs. Trenary's mother. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Barracks, the chi dren, and Mrs. Fannie Barracks are at Manhattan, Kans, visiting the Glen Barracks son there'' 1 ' Wh ° 1S playing baseball Doctor and Mrs. Walley, with the daughter Virginia, drove to Truman, Minn., last week Sunday to visit the doctor's mother, Mrs Josephine Walley. «,uv, r 'n, and , M ', S ' F ' L ' Masterson, with the daughter Lois Jean, spent ^V^JLThurtsay evening with stood the_operat lon Ven. Party for Young Peopl evening. buv in n°r ° P f, SUDday SCh001 o«sy In preparation of .a • r wm h* S , Unday ' c hildrens' will be given at the usual of worship, 11:15. The Pt ' be - T—„,..„„. resulted In rpttnvn. t"» of the sight topmost normal: Chiirch- 8. S. Picnic Planned— ^'ans were launched Sunday for Other Good Hope. husband, son of Mr. and Mrs. , 1C. Hall, Northwood, Is employe at Decker's, and the couple wl live at 60D Jefferson ave. N. \V Mason City. • _ Three In "Brain J)crby." Lu Verne, June 8—Supt. an Mrs. A. C. Evans, 'with 'Richer Brink, Doris Eggleston, and Arf Dehnert, went to Iowa City Sun day, and the three high schoo pupils -were to take part In th brain derby" there this wee Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. • ***** i ciutHH Hackbarth I sisters. ,* ei ; l j' c< V latter of Mr and , er o Mr and Mrs. W. I Dodds, has returned to the 4-H club at the Good Hone b, ra , mU H nity room Saturday It P (guest day, and some 25'were I Portland W. T. Lleurance and iWilliam Throndson, Des Moines, visited the Bonnie Dee goat farm last week Monday and took home three A\ Pine dairy goats. Mrs. Dell Fitcl raises this breed of boats and has sold them to Individual buyers in several states. Mr. and Mrs. Delia Knee and a brother of one of them, all of Greenville, were afternoon guests at the Dell Fitches last week Sunday. Clifford Carlson, of the COG camp at Bancroft, was Annlses Are Home Again— nu r ™ * a /, e An " ls and Beth An- Lloyd, Britt. Mr. and owrs they have lived 45 years. Daughter in Visit— The Rev. and Mrs. Karl M~~~< , John son and \Vilma Men-lam have returned to their duties at the Mason Citv Mercy hospital, after two weeks wkh their parents. Ray Fisher drove" to Saturday to attend the ----•". of their grandmother, Mrs Conrad Schbacker. , •; — where the latter is a teacher, were callers at the Good Hope parsonage Saturday and the M ™ ., drtay , rwer <L dlnner guests with EnH a , n ±"?;_ EdW ' Burner, Pott- a meeting O f the regional season, and Sunday even n drove to Clarion to attend a Sigllor Cars Crash at Intersection- corner in Corwith The Corwith park Is rec-iving some new improvements. Tables picnics" CheS haVe been Plaoed for Fenton Youth Weds Bride at Ringsted Fenton, JunTTI^he marriage of Ralpb, son of Mr. and Mrs Elmer Weisbrod, to Franpps ' T daughter of Mr. and M rs H J Hennksen, Ringsted, took place Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock T.t bt. Pauls Lutheran church Ringsted, the Rev. C. S. Kolthe m e ony ri Tl" eg cou Shlgle - ring ""re- June Weisbrod, s1ster S of "he^Hde- groom. and Harvey Hendriksen, cousin of the bride. The couple TU11 hve at Lone Rock, where Ihe ii is in the employ of the '• flies" i "" E falm implement sn °P. _ -_•»-• ~ *-* --»«,! 1«. U Mrs. Bertha Eckholm, to Hal I.Saturday evening at Mason landlownlhiprTt' pTeTlev ^r" I S the V"' ^u WaS eradiated chefs. The Annises wTint J at A I 192? and S too^ gh S , Ch ° 01 ' ln .ona this summer^ course in ,prfmag°method Tt'^e Blind GW Brought Home- Ben R a ' Wda , Ughter ° f Mr ' and ™!" ?* d> , las come ^r the •MIIU.IJ, tiL AJtlllUI guest of Avery Fitch the same wdek-end. The Claude Seeleys Plum rvoni, I „ ?*£ a ?^ Mrs> E> °- Mann Quietly were Sunday guests at M^ ^ , c ^ ebrated « leir 61st wedding an- ^ ^uM^^a- ho^t ^=, s ^ t r b irth^ a M, a S ^ a pty Girl is p.^tSfc.^S.'ft Wed aMVi_a8on City STLrgS wTtTt^S 'Swea City, June 8-Announce wol^T' Letha ' Lols ' and Fa y- ment has been receivedI of the ffi tl"" 6 '' , SUeStS ' ° ther youn S 5?. rpI 5«e..«rf Laila, daughter o? S thel ' 6 ln the afterno011 in eluded Lyle and Vefnon Tryftn, Tltonka; Le Roy Lee, and the granddaughters, Natalie, Nftdlna, Sharon and Betty Mann. In a ball game, Mr. Mann knocked a home run as easily as he did 60 years ago. Hnrley Pitch has returned to his home with his grandparent Nord- strorns at Algona, after a month at his uncle Dell Fitch's. Mrs. .fohn Nordstrom, Algona, and her duaghters Llllie, Evelyn, and Maxine, spent last week Monday evening at Fitch's. Ted Rlngsdorf was laid up -with boils last week, but was able to be about the house. Mr. and Mrs. John Fitch, Owatonna, Minn., took the former's brothers Dell and Ed'ward by surprise last week by dropping In for a visit. Edward, who lives near Sexton, and his sons Chester and Harold were at Dell's when John arrived. 'Virginia and Mary Janice McWhorter came home Friday, after a week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis McWhorter, Al- ;ona. Both took part in Bornico Stock's dance revue Friday night t the high school auditorium. 'Members of the Portland Peppy "als 4-H club took part In a ounty Rally day at Burt Tues- ay. Mrs. F. A, Ringsdorf Is their eader. an have a three weeks vacation. Ronald Jenkins spent last week end visiting friends at .Des Molnea George Anne Gelgel went to Storm Lake Sunday and \vlll attend a six weeks summer session at Buena Vista college. I* T. Griffin, New Concord, Minn., visited last week at. the Leslie Jenkins and J, A. Johnioh week Tuesday mdfftlhg her parents, MW and Mrs. J, „, Black. Miss Black has completed her first year in training dnd will •nrtlrA n 4-tit* A/* tit*\ A!*M •*«. >* — ti Ui_ homes. . Voting in the Irvlngton precinct In Tuesday's election was light. day ner s .l| ax ' , the week-end. KEEP WITH Rich Point .Mrs. Eva Gardner Is spending Us week visiting her daughter, Irs. Charles Patterson, at Burt. 'Mary Black, student nurse at the tate university hospital, came last INSULATION He couldn't go the route because he was not trained down for ENDURANCE ^^^^^^^^^"^^^••••^^•^•B The food tastes fine ... It's GLUEK'S for mine! ISO-VIS.sl THAT'S WHY IT'S SO IONB-IASTING k«=» IE • G'«?fc' f "Summer teii K *!i"- h yoi i r meals you'll find if makes 9 oodl food taste better I P "- SENER GET IT AT STANDARD OIL DEALERS If you really want to enjoy living this 8Un regardless of how hot It gets, Inaulat" with Zonolite. Bedrooms will be witkhl degree or two of downstair, temperatures, ma2 possible to enjoy cool, restful sleep on the ' nights. Meals are more pleasant ... you cat Zonolite does all this for you because it ke the heat. Spread in a thick layer in your attt forms a barrier to the sun's rays. Zonolite i, J* safe to handle, and pours from the bag to filU nook and corner. Inexpensive in first cost, Zone! will last the life of your house. It brings yearZ comfort, and saves money ,for you every winter! cutting fuel bills. It actually pays for itself! See us now for a free demonstration and estln Find out how little it costs to Zonolite yourht. Botsford Lumber Company .'HONE 256 T ™ ™n T * JIM POOL, •Ll-MINIIAl . MRIPtOOP » VIIMINPROOF GOI A - U<UltS ^.w^imx,, ff in, j}tf n Algona March Of Pro S ress Queen ^kT^V WAA ^T~*t * V — •— ' Some Girl Entered Will Receive A Wonderful, Free NEW ORL£A s THESE ALGONA FIRMS ARE COOPERATING Richardson Furniture Co. Gamble Store Pine Room Klassie Motor Company K. & H. Oil Station Kossuth Implement Co. Geo. Elbert Garage Howard Hardware Graham's Store MJsbach's Koolhaas & Spilies ChrischiUes Store Cumming's James Drug Store Brownell's Council Oak Steele's Coast to Coast Store Dau Garage Nelson and Lousing- Kresensky's Marigold Beauty Shop Morrison Beauty Shop Brown Studio New.paper-U.e th A $50 Cash Award will also be given. If trip goes to Algona girl, cash goes to high contestant from outside of city, or vice versa as case may be. GET YOUR VOTES NOW AND HELP YOUR CHOICE TO WIN THIS BIG TRIP Coupons will be given only on cash sales payment on account, on retail business only! and cash on down payments only. Nomination Coup ° — »•«-«. «, on «„.„,„,„„,„ 1 nominate Address her Your Name votes. will Your Address Cora Bliller Beauty Parlor Ben Franklin Store Dahlhauser's Madson & Hanson Algona Bakery Wilson Bakeiy Hawcott Si Ogg The Hub Clothiers Merritt Funeral Home Klamp's Service Station Johnsons 0-X Station Electric Co. Gene Wray Conoco Station Harris Conoco Station Solberg Service Station Bed's Service Station Champlin Station Deep Bock Station Algona Insurance Agency Call and Iowa Theatres Kent Motor Company Dutch's Service Station C. S. Johnson' Moe & Sjogren Maxwell Cut Rate Grocery Dr. Scanlan Modern Dry Cleaners Bjustrom's Foster Furniture McCormick-Deering store Sorensen's Grocery , Norton Lumber Company Smoke Shop Holtzbauer & Han Cooper's Sinclair Station Lusby Drug Store Anderson's Jack Sprat Hood's IGA Borchardfs Bong's Food Shop Zander's Algonquin Clopton the Tailor Sportsmen's Tavern * Muckey Motor Company Cleaners ai »Uer Lumber Company «*** Lumber Company Barry 8 ^^ '*• * P. Store Dr. Sawyer •*• W. Amunson Supp,y Hospital THE RULES 1. Any unmarried woman, «• cent employes of the participating stores, or members of families of employers cooperating in the contest and the Algona pap- pers, 17 years of age and not over 30 and living- in the Algona trade territory may win. 2. The contest starts Monday, June 6. 3. The contest closes at 9 p. w, Saturday, Aug. 13. 4. This grand tour will go to a girl who resides In this community. The young lady hav-' Ing highest votes will be awarded the trip. 6. Any person .purchasing inam-| oimts of 25c or more at any of A the participating stores listed iiu this ad will receive votes by means of printed coupons, The coupons are in denominations, of 25 credits for 25 cents, a 100 • credit fpr $tOQ, and 500 for $5.00, In other words, if you spent. J25 , you would receive coupons totaling 2500 credits, 6. Men, Women, Children-anybody will receive these purchasa coupons and on them may write the name of the woman or £'« they desire to see win the trfp. This coupon is placed in a ballot boa? in the Algona U. P- «• or Kossuth. County Advance office, They will be collected and the standing of the women m the, content will be published weekly. ' 1. The merchants agree not to allow any pf their employes to exert any undue influence in f* vor of any candidate. 8. Rights, reserved to reject any nomination, 9. ?PU' may enter yourself or any friend at once, before or »«*' we start of the contest, by P' out &a nomination blank ~ hem good for 10,000 *' w - ,—», -and mailing it at oucj t° the Co«t!eSFj54Mw, «"* of either of the.AJgona newspapers. Only one nomination of 10,000 free credits will be allowed any one candidate, • . 10. Credit, will 'iio^ fce given on any contract »ow psnding.

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