Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1938
Page 5
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9. 19*8.. EDITOR [EAKEBAT |OfARY MEET lupe Addresses | u b Gathering Clubhouse. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE FIVE ^LOCALS K, H. Miller drove to Des 'iv- oinos Mrs urday» i Ci i- once. They will be there a week, llrooks Potter was also to attend, , newspaper, ly r- meet- I clubhouse Other clubs )n it ir v ,i , , II. McMitt, who owns both of but it Is reported that ho will not locaMuirchynra store buildings,! do so. Work is going forward steadily on repair of the Quinby-I-Iutchison w « u i «- i , buildl »g- The upstairs has been JITS. Merle Mobster and her son • registered, and a now floor has Richard spent Sunday at Mason been laid. Some work has been mine publisher "of an Is having the brtck front of Rupe .'.«!,no,.. as seak-1 Kohlhaas ..& Spillos store „„•„.„., the re- "Humboldt, Bsthervllle, m g ritt Forest City, I [Godfrey. introduced by Ames, who said maila}! """-' ... _ Ker is somewhat a phll- I 0 ,d that he had given 11 I. 11 "" . ~,l,l,.nooncl th IH lenient addresses this ipccts Supreme Court. time yet before ready for use. the building is ' * • , * - •» "•" ...noun ..~~... .«.v,. wuinu WU11Y. mis IJUUIL a large attendance City W | t h the former's sister, Mrs. done downstairs. It will be some ..L -„.. „ ^ JJ Rae M] , ^^ ^ .^ Dockol , employ. / •llcrnlcc Stock announces a summer term of her dancing school beginning next Monday. Tap, bal- _. let, too, and acrobatic dancing will'Fort Dodge machinery supply com- Though only 17, he has had a class of 75 harmonica pupils in high school. Mr. nnd Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles, with their three sons, will leave Friday for a few days in Wisconsin. They will stop first at Re- loit, WIs., to visit the collegp there where Mr. ChrischiUcs was graduated. The son Ted, was graduated from the local high school Ihis year, and he plans to enter college this fall. Mrs. Frank McDonald, of Ellsworth, Minn., with her two sons and Mrs. George McDonald, Howard, S. D., with the latter's daughters Mary and Margaret, wore guests Sunday Schattschneider. The Messrs. Heise are brothers of Mrs. Lavren/,. Mrs. Vern .Tames, Chicago, was a week-end guest of her sister, Mrs. were 75 in attendance, most of them relatives of Mrs. Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gaines, St, Louis, have spent a few days this Y» uun.-^iiu fc UCOL ui. iicl >M DLUl i i»J.i n t John Romer, and from here went! week with the latter's mother, to Spencer, and thence was to go Mrs. Fred Zeigler, who had a ma- to Storm Lake, to visit other relatives. Trvln Beck, Dickens, and jor operation Saturday at the Kossuth hoplUil. Mrs. Gaines is Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Beck, of j the former Alice Ziegler, and her Greenville, also spent the week-! husband is in the employ of a fur- end with the Romers. Irvin andjnace and stove company. Mabel Leonard are brothers of Mr. Romor, and John works for Botsford's. Mniwirot Nelson is at the local Metropolitan office this week, lak- '"« the place of Helen Sterling, of the Gisches! north of town. Mrs. George Me- j Donald and Mrs. Gisch 'are sisters.' '• °"' ... ,, Mary McDonald remained for a the Nelson & Censing grocery longer visit, I s( - ore ' in which her father is a Knte Skinner arrived Saturday Partner. Helen is spending her for visits till this week Friday vocational Port Collins, Colo., with her mother, Mrs. Anna Skinner, and sisters, 'Mesdames Anton' tno marriage of a cousin be taught. Sir. and ]ffrs. Ben Ingebritson, the former of the Dau garage, spent Sunday at Blue Earth with explained that he naci j the former's mother, Mrs. Bertha Didrikscn, Frank Seeley, and F. L. John Frank), Dr. Karl Hoffman, Thorpe. She has traveled for Ginn W, C. Dau, and Melvin Long, the| & Co -> sohoolbook publishers, two latter travel representative of a'years, but has now gone to Iowa ! City to complete studies for a master's degree. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Grover, now of Des Moines, formerly of Burt, June 17. Zeigler, who has been employed during the last few months at DenUson, came to look after the Zeigler home. Mrs. Zeigler is doing well. .Mi. and Mrs. J. E. Van Steenberg, the former's parents, Mr. and Margaret usually clerks at Mrs. Floyd Van Steenberg, with the other children, Alice and Robert, of the older Van Steenbergs, all of Flint, Mich., came Saturday for two weeks with' the Egels, fanners southeast of Algona, and the Paul Hudsons, Irvington. Mrs. J. E. Van Steenberg is the former Effie Egel, and her husband is a nephew, and Mrs. Floyd Van will be employed in his father's offices this summer. C. M. Doxsee, Redwood City, i where she will be bridesmaid at, on Algon'a'many times as of chautauquas and in - - ecquanited i Ingebritson. John hnrl i had school , n came homo Wcdncs- whero he year. Ho was local high pany, will leave tomorrow for a few days of fishing in northern Minnesota. They plan to leturn next mid-week. (ioorge. Ycnninn. who for some years hart worked at the Klassie garage, is now managing the now Birum-Olson Buick garage next Attending the spring Presbyterian young people's rally reported in the Lakota column were the following Algonians: Jos. Skow, Richard Lund, Harold Nielsen, Steenberg is a sister, of Mr. Hudson. J. E. is a printer for Central Printing Co. at Flint. the Harold Banwart, Lois Colwoll, 1 Andrew Monlux will come tomor- Dorothy Butts, Wilma'Moore, Elea-I row from Ames, where he Pomoroy, with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Fairbanks and Miss Grover, Burt,' { ome of them in Washing- is unimpressed by con- „ Wj after sitt ng ;ln the su , nstructor , n the loc(U sc f^A Inw he became attended college at Ames the NBA '** °!*™° the year just closed, was an Al- Tuesday. M „„ M £ the Lowe tire station was formerly operated, and Morle Yeoman is working for his father. Delbert A. Carlson and Beatrice Stroble, both of Delavan, Minn., were week-end guests of the for-: nor Pfeiffer, Merle Strayer, Ft-' freshman during the academic mer's sister, Mrs. R. M Wallace.' dolia Skow, the Rev. and Mrs. C. year just closed. He is taking a Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rasmussen, ' W. Pfeiffer, Jos. Ricker, and J. | pre-veterinary course. Andrew Skow. An October rally will be was graduated from the local high held here. | school last year. His brother Rob- 1'earl Walker, who has been'ert, who has finished the third nursing at Glendale, Calif., a year | year of a liberal arts course at or more, will leave there Friday i Iowa City, will be employed at the for homo to spend a vacation here. ] children's hospital there this sum- Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Walker, Lotts Creek, will drive to were Sunday guests of the Wai-! laces. E. J. travels for a Des Moines company. ! Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Morck, with their son "Buddy," spent tho weekend at Des Moines with Mrs. it that the final [of government is still Lds there. j . ;«J(.1VJUH^| UV'1,11 \JL J~SdclVtl.il, HA I 11 1). f I "••" "•_*• ~.**" -.-«*.»v.w .. .i," „.-..-. ^ , . dun "» i wero married Tuesday noon at the Morck's sister, Mrs. W. A. Peter-, Boone Monday to meet her. MIES in Lne compared north cen^ F a with other parts of the saying that here we know [distressing conditions else he garden spot. We have not had "tifnny extent', nor dust for crop failures. [Golf Tourney Held. the evening banquet sprained left ankle two weeks ago Saturday, is getting belter, but it will 1 be another two weeks before she can wear a shoe. Trinity Lutheran parsonage the son, whose husband is a salesman. ; Walker received her nurses train- Rev. P. J. Braner performing the! The Morck daughter Virginia, who ing at St. Luke's hospital, Chicago, ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Donald was a freshman was year at the and she was al the General hos- Dolen, also of Delevan, Minn., University of Minnesota, will not wore official witnesses. ! come home' till June 20, that Taul Hutchison, La Crosse.Wis.,1 school being still in session. here a year bet ore going to California. Mrs. Isell Mnndhenk, of Sioux will .4pend the week-end with his! Mr. and Mrs. William Greene, of i stress ng conditions eise f r « ,.,,•* /-.—V.r <^,,. Wl " spend the weeK-end witn nis -"•• »>»> .«m. vviiu.im „ his s the garden spot. ;_."' B ' A '' e ' G ' W. Stll.racin, parent Mr§ and Ml . s . H- D . Hutch .-| Humboldt, with their fol . t , ,,- .,„,,„ -not TinfliTheo. Hutchison, and R. J. l-Iar-iL 0 .^A f,.^ i, Q ,. Q • ,,,m •„* ^ • Shirley, snent. Sundav Nell Mrs. ringlon are spending a couple of days at a stale bar association meeting al Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Muckoy and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson will ins, and from here ' will go Pittsburgh, Pa., where he has been transferred by a mine and steamship air-conditioning company with which he is connected. The Geo. IV. Godfreys, of Ames, : Shirley, spenl Sunday Greece's grandmother, „„.„ and some of the visit- Lrians took part. Herbert LEstherville won a low score h[ four golf balls. One Car- was low for that club, iv.,. i . T-I > i i> i . . J-iu; \ji;u« li. \juuii-ujn, UL xviiica, .* e l~ v ?£ r ' d "?: 'T ?, n .. day .?,, m ._ Nor ] h : spent the week-end with Mr. God- [on two 'balls, [sburg also era. Minnesota.' They will spend a few days at fishing on their- way home. June Adele Overmyer came Wednesday from Oskaloosa The low forfmost of'the summer with her received two frey's mother, Mrs. W. H. Godfrey, and Mr. Godfrey, former local Rotary president, now a member of the Ames club, attended the local club's dinner at the Country club clubhouse Tuesday evening. fjiuira Mitchell, deputy city the former daughter! spent Monday with with Mr.! Hucnhold, leaving Tuesday for Mrs. J. E. ! Ames to visit her brother, Dr. Moulds. Mr. Greene, who does road Louis Nelson, a veterinary. She construction work, is a .son of Mr., had been here since Memorial day, and Mrs. Win. E. Greene, who built visiting 'a friend, Louise Magnus- Ihe farm house across the road son, and her cousins, T. L. Larson north from Ihe Catholic"*cemetery and Mrs. D. D. Monlux. Her hus- and laler farmed near Wesley. i band, deceased, was once Norlh- Tlie Her. Mr. VoorliJes, pastor of western agent here, the local Nazarene church, and his I The Kcv. and Mrs. P. J. Braner wife left last week Thursday for ' attended the wedding of the Rev. Abilene, Tex., where they are John Zimmerman, Algona, to Mae mer, filling subscriptions in the drug departmenl for .nurses and taking them to the general hospital. He will also work in the linen room. I$ob .Ln liarve, who bars finished his sophomore year al Iho IJni- versily of Iowa, and a friend, Marian Schoulen, Keokuk, .spent Nelson,] i as t week here with the former's August! parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. La„•„• f "" ! Barre. Eleanor La Bavre accompanied them to Iowa City Sunday, and Bob played in a Scotlish Highlander band al gradualion exercises. He is a member of Ihe drum corps. Bob and Eleanor re- lurned Tuesday. Bob, who is majoring in business administration spending three weeks wilh Mrs. Voorhies' father. They are also Calif., arrived Tuesday for his annual visit at the 200-acre farm wesl of the Blackford bridge, on the- hill. A quarter section lies on the south side, and there is a 40- acre trad on the north side. Louis Garman is the tenant, and Mr. Doxsee says Louis is a first-class farmer. Mr. Doxsee leaves today, for Ames lo allend Ihe 55lh anniversary reunion of his Slate college class, and he will go from there to Des Moines to visit the Harvey Inghoms and others. His wife was one of the daughters of the late Captain Wm. H. Ingham. Ruth Bishop will come Saturday from Iowa City for a few days at home before going on to Minneapolis for the summer. She will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wettslone, who will vlsil the latler's parenls, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Keen. Mr. Wettslone received his master's degree at Iowa Cily Monday, and Ihis summer will be athletic instructor in a camp at Lakeville, 111., where Mrs. Welt- stone will be girls' counsel. This fall the couple will go lo Pennsylvania, Where Mr. Wellslone will be alhlelic supervisor al a state college. H. T. Barker, late of Mondamin, near Sioux Cily, new owner of Ihe former Sorensen drug store, his wife, and the two children, Dick and Tommy, who are in the second and fifth grades of school respectively, arrived Saturday and are living at 521 easl Elm. Mr. Barker had for some years owned a drug slore at Mondamin which he sold. Maurice Dean, Mondamin who came here with the Barkers and Orville Schullz are employes al the store. C. A. McGowan, who had managed the store two months for Mr. Barker, is leaving loday for Denver, where he will also be in Ibe drug business. Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Slephenson wilh Iheir granddaughter, Joann Stephenson, returned Monday fronr Sioux City, where they atlendei exercises al Morningside colleg' in which Ihe daughler Margare was graduated. Margarel, wh majored in vocal music and English, will leach next year at Soldier, a small town in Monona county in western Iowa. She was graduated from the local high, school four years ago. Margaret and Mrs. Stephenson went to Arnold's Park yesterday (Wednesday) to make the acquaintance o£ a new grandson of the elder Stephensons, born to Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Stephenson Tuesday, May 1, at a Spirit Lake hospital. This is the first child, and he has been named Terry Maynard. He is also a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. DeGraw here. OPTOMETRIST Scientific tests and expert glass fitting. Don't neglect he eyes. A. W. AMUNSON Optometrist Above Borchard Drug Store \- ' r* i • I IJHUIil. ^TIILUI , -,,---„ „ . t. , Jt T, ^ teaches m tlic Oskaloosa high , k ; taking a vacation this conducting a few meetings there. Williams, Humboldt, had school, j weok ; She anbd ner mothori - jost sevens, and President Pritchard, Britt, the most six- I their respeclive scorecards, lach received Iwo balls. blind bogey lournament Iton, Estherville, and Prit- „ „. „ , , ,,™,.. ^.. 0 .. ...... ....... — , Mrs. I Regular services will be held in H. T. Barker, new owner of the D j Mitchell, left Saturday for the church here, including Chil- former Sorensen drug store, is in- ; Braiiierd Minn' where they are vis- ' "'-"' — ....... ! ..... --- ...._.—.. . • •• stalling a new ice cream refrigerator, and is also having the store electric sign repaired and re-1 painted. Britt, tied, and each receiv-| Ila Mae T.effcrt will come Friday ! balls. iting Mrs. Millon Veedes, anolher daughler of Mrs. Mitchell. Mr. Veedes is employed in a bakery there. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christensen, DANK WINS WO TO ONE VOTE Ithe First supervisorial dis- Proser, democratic in- lent, received 369 votes, and Balgeman, former supervi- republican, re'ceived • 1 9 G {Monday's primary : election. ler was opposed for the noin- the second districl W. E. Mc- Incumbent, opuosed forj I democratic nomination by Beerman, won, -100-91. Mc- kld carried every precinct . The republican scrap for itiem between A. R. Cruik- for a few days with her parents, • wi " th tneh . little son Bobby _ moved Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Leffert. She is , back to Graet tinger Sunday. They n cfiiHnnf nf tna Qtnfa nr»11 a era '.,, . . -. ,, n -»*• had been here since death of Mr. Christensen's brother P. J. in January. Roy has a Gamble store at dren's day exercises, next Sunday. 3^ Q^ Norton spent from Saturday till Monday afternoon at Grinnell, where be attended exercises in which Ms nephew, Frederick Ferguson, was graduated. Fred- Etla Wheal, Forl Dodge, Sunday afternoon al 4 o'clock al St. Paul's Lutheran church there. More than 800 people witnessed the ceremony. The bridegroom has charge of two Lutheran congregations near Whealon, Minn., where the couple will live, after a honeymoon tour in northern Minnesota. John Christensen got home from Flagstaff, Ariz., a week ago Mon- a studenl al Ihe State college, Ames, and will be employed there this summer. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Niel Nielsen, of Graettinger/'and" "he had been Spencer, were Sunday guests of, spendmg pal . t 0 £ his lime here, Mrs. Gusta Patterson. Mr. Nielsen , part there is in the tire business, and Mrs.; ' T]le Kc ^ r< j. Braner has been Pallerson clerks al Ihe local Ben e i ected delegate to a centennial Franklin store. | convention of the Evangelical Lu- Br. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel and thernn church, the Missouri Synod, Mr. and Mrs. Murl Potter, witn Mr. | to be he ld at St. Louis June 15-25. will leave by train Tuesday, crick, who majored i-.i business ad- day and will spend the ^summer ministration, is the son of Mr. and ' "-•-•* -...-..-. Mrs. A. C. Ferguson, former gonian living at Keokuk, and and Mrs. Milton Marlow, Burt, and Frances Winkel and William Dodds, north of Algona spent the week-end at the Okobojis. Mildred Ryther, Algona veporter He and in his absence neighboring Lutheran pastors will have charge of his congregation. Dorothy Ward came last week — ——-„_-, „ _ JfWl \r ill J IT l«m. *» ^.uuaw *wu u .,« — -for the Fort Dodge Messenger and| Tuesday f ro m Iowa Cily for the Ihe Mason Cily Globe-XJazette pa- i sumtner w ith her parents, Mr. and pers, "lost" her voice Wednesday. Her tonsils were swollen, and she had to get her news with a whisper. ,The Bev. Mr. Fleck, of Webb, C. A. Samsn.i was a rise, with Cruiktihank polling >- „. , ... i Samson's 221. Political ob-' s ^ ent Tuesday with had expected the vote to Rev. and i Mrs. F. C. Volzke. The Revs. Fleck the Third district Cosgrove; bent, got 394 to easily beat r'B 119, and Stork's 59. In the ican primary in the district lam Schram nosed out Peter- 1160 to 150, with Presthus get- 49 votes. the Fourth District Supervi- [Morris received a hearty re- pan endorsement, getting -105 i to 86 for Foth a,nd 41 for ;ler. In Ihe five-way race for Nemocralic nomination J. W. fg'a vote of 164 In Greenwood ihip alone was greater than I total vote of any of his oppo- '.s, Bollig tallied a total of Mrs. H. B. Ward. She is majoring in journalism at the state university. Dorolhy, who was a freshman al Iowa Cily, was picked as most outstanding girl in Algona's class of graduates last year. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, of Montevideo, Minn., who had spent and Volzke were classmates at the a few days w j t h the C. R. Pommer- Northern Baptisl seminary, Chi- en j n g S) ] e ft Monday for Detroit to cago. . x V i s it a son and a daughter, and Hazel Pentecost is taking a t hnce will return lo soulhern Iowa week's, vacation from duties all to visit anot her daughter. Mrs. Mil- Graham's. She planned to J part of the time at Aberdeen visiting relatives. Hazel is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Pentecost. Marjorie Michaelson and Stanley Lee, both of Humboldt, spent Sunday evening with the former's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Little. Marjorie was graduated from the Humboldt high school this spring. Irene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. spend, ler is a glster of Mr _ Pommerening, ,' s> ?" who is employed at Greenberg's. 27 for Gross, 'and 24 for isey. G. O. P. Names .Avery, Spencer, |o r Representative P Monday's Clay county prl- "Jes A. H. Avery was nominated representative. A few years i ne served one term but was med for reelection. Some ten P ago he ran for- the repub- Domination for senator, but by Breakenrtdge, . A former Spon- suprintendent, he has years been' writing life He is remembered by oldtimers as a Chautauqua here two or three ueas- Ness Son Runs No, 169 Gas Station At*!! ton ' June 8—Rodney, son J. Van Ness, Algo- over the former taken days with her aunt, Mrs. Bob Oswald, near Whittemore. Irene will be sophomore in the local academy next year. Mrs. Oswald is a sister of Mrs. Hansen. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Puffer, Qf Corwlth, with their son Jerry Lee, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Puffer's sister, Mrs. L. W. Gillespie. The Puffers are farmers, and -Mr. Gillespie operates the news stand at the Smoke Shop. Kenneth Seeley has returned to work at the creamery, after a ten- day absence because of a broken left arm. He was hunting crows and suffered the break when he fell out of a tree. He is married and lives on east Call. Mr. and Mrs. George ConUlin, with their younger son, have been guests a few days of Mrs. Conk- Hn's parents in South Dakota, They are expected home sometime this weak. Mr. ConUlta is a Milwaukee railway postal clerk. Mrs, E. R, Rising and her daughter, Mrs. Paul C. Bell, with ^tho sons Dick and Ronald, spent sun- day at West Bend with the v Irvin The B. W. Andersons spent the week-end at Des Moines with Mr. Anderson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Anderson. R. W. is in telephone employ here, and John S. works at Younker's. Mrs. Lottie Wheeler, Grinnell, came here with the R. W. Andersons for ten days with her daughter, Mrs. R. W. Anderson. Einll Hagp Jr. has been here two weeks, visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Clara Hagg. His father, Emil Hagg Sr., is foreman in a tile factory there. Emil is a harmonica player, and on several occasions he has played over KENT. Al- his mother is the former Edna Norton. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Coonan, of Des Moines, stopped here briefly last week Thursday to visit the former's sister, Mrs. M. J. Streit. They were on their way to the west coast for a vacation of indefinite length. The three children, who are at Des Moines with friends, will later spend some time in camp. Mr. Coonan is a sales manager. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cook spent the week-end at Dubuque with relatives and attended exercises Fri- ay at Dubuque university in hich Bess Stuart was graduated, rtiss Stuart, a niece of J. F., re- eived her B. A. degree. Russell ook owns Cook's lunch and cab- is across the street north from le northeast fairgrounds corner. Mr. and Mrs. Al Heise, of Min- esota Lake, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heise, Mr. and Mrs. John Vettlaufer, and Mrs. Charles chrader, all of Easton, iMinn., vis- ,ed Mrs. Henry Lavrenz Monday, 'hey were en route home from iVhittemore, where they had Jfew J\ l_ C. O N XX n U J. fd he opene4 U for i Saturday. The station had losed a few weeks since the tor for °w, more THE ROYAL THEATRE at BUET, IOWA SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MOIfDAY TUESDAY, JUNE 11,12, 18,14 Continuous matinee Sunday one o'clock. Come to Burt to see The Birth of a Baby, before your very eyes. Presented by the American Wei fare Committee on the Materna Welfare incorporated. (This pro gram will not interest children un< der 16 years of age untess accom panied by parents.) EQUIPMENT, SOHJ PHEMWW4RS-IN TOWN. WE WANT* Order Your Repairs 9i^^9*J McCorroJck-Owring Store with his mother, Mrs. P. J. Christensen. His sister Joyce came Sal- urday from Grinnell, where she allended college .lasl year. Bolli John and Joyce plan lo allend the University of Arizona at Tucson next year. John is majoring in history and political science there, and Joyce is also taking a liberal arts course. Mrs. Ida Mnlhnlr, Albuquerque, N. M., arrived last week Thursday for the summer with her sisters, Mrs. C. C. Wright, here, and Mrs. Emma Taylor, Ballon, Minn., and a sisler-in-law, Mrs. Quello Sager, Blue Earlh. Mr. and Mrs. Wright, daughter, Mrs. J. D. Burns, and Mrs. Mulhair atlended a Holler family reunion al Canton, S. D. Sunday, returning Monday., There ended the funeral of August 30YS GIRLS! THURS-FRL, JUNE 9-10 Daily matinees 2 p. m. KATHARINE HEPBURN CARY GRANT CHARLES RUGGLES MAY ROBSON —in— "BRINGING UP BABY" Plus March of Time SATURDAY, JUNE 11 Continuous from 1 O'clock LEW AYRES —in— 'KING of the NEWSBOYS' Plus Re-issue BOBBY BREEN .—in— 'RAINBOW on the RIVER' rilURS. THRU SATURDAY Big 8-Wny Program, 10-21c JOHN KING —in— "STATE POLICE" 2nd Feature TOM KEENE "Glory Trail" Lone Ranger Serial SUN.-MON., JUNE 12-13 2—HITS—2 SUNDAY AND MONDAY 2—ATTRACTIONS—2 BEN BLUE Plus Armstrong-Ross Prize Fight Pictures Roun d by Round 2nd Feature SALLY EttERS in 'Everybody's Doing It" SYLVIA SIDNEY GEORGE RAFT BARTON MacLANE HARRY CAREY • Directed by FRITZ LANG A Ptumotlti Pictut* TUES.-WED., June 14-15 Extended Run CLARKE GABLE MYBNA LOY SPENCER TRACY .—in— "TEST PILOT" MARSHMALLOWS Nice and Fresh Extra Special 2POUNDPKG. Hood's Store FREE DELIVERY — 4 Trips Daily 8:30 A. M. 2:00 P.M. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND MONDAY Phone 355 W. J. HOOD Jr., Manager Algona, Iowa Sugar Fine Granulated 100-LB. BAG $4.79 PINEAPPLE Broken Sliced Large 21 can 19c Black Raspberries No. 10 63C Pillsbury's Flour 49-lb. Bag $1.57 Red Cherries No. 10 PORK & BEANS Van Camp's Large 22^-oz. can Cans ••• OLIVES, 2% oz. --------- 1O* DILL PICKLES, quarts —19* PEACHES, No. 9}£ ; <i«fa --19* CORN, No. 2, ___^4 cans 25* PEAS, No, 2 ____ _ 3 cans 25* SALMON, Mb. tall 2 cans 25* PEAS, IGA No, 2—2 cans 29* PEN JEL, 15c pkg.__ 2 for 23* BLUE G COFFEE, Ib, -.21* BROWN BETTY 2 Ibs, __ 49* MATCHES, 5c boxes — ,,~1* IGA I FLOUR $1.59 TOMATOES, No. 2 3 cans 25* Fancy MIX, COOKIES, Ib, 19* COFFEP, Folger»s, Ib, —^ Fancy Sugar Wafers —lb» 49* ALL QUALITY MEATS Pure GROUND BEEF 21bs, __29c BACON BACK Lb. ___ Pure GROUND PORK 21bs, __31c BEEF ROAST Lb, ___ 19c MINCE HAM 1 Ib. _-15£c PORK STEAK Lb.---_22c LONGHORN CHEESE 2 Ibs, _ _ 38c BEEF Boil,! lean Lb ----- 10c LARD 100% Pure, Ibs. I9c Special Buy on $tokely's High Grade Foods RED KIDNEY BEANS, StQfcely's No, 2 —._ ,.„ 3 ca»s 25* DICED CARROTS, Stokely's No. 2 __________3 cans 25* WHOl^E KERNEL CORN, No, 2^-abuy ———. 2 for 25* SAUER KRAUT^ Stokely's No, 2^ cans ————,-2 cans 21* SAUER JCRAUT, StQkely's, No, 2 cans ,__ ww — T —2 for if* PINEAPPLE, crushed or sliced, No, 2}£ cans -— -23* ORANGES, 2 doz. 25* CABBAGE, new ___3 Ibs, 11* CARROTS Ig. bunch 2 for 13* CANTELOUPES —2 for 25* LEMONS, dozen 29* ORANGES, Igs., doz, 19* TOMATOES, fresh _2 Ibs. 15* LETTUCE, Ige. head 2 for 19* CELERY well bleach, 10 & 15* NEW SPUDS, pk, 39* GRAPEFRUIT, real size 5 for 25* GOLD NUGGET FLOUR __—,__ $1.23 Wheat Putts 256 flBBH^ TBfflPiBp^P'^BpW^Bl'I^P^pWP^l!^ ^^^^* ^W Pfl^P^ ^P' ^^^^W jjf ^^j^ Stokely's Tomato Juice BiANS 18-k 16-oz. cans Stokely'* Cat»up Large 14-oz. SUGAR j Fine, granulated

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