Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1938
Page 4
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Want Ads ] FOR SALE - USED BICYCLES. Used lawn mowers. Used Radios. Joe Bloom. n c 38 WANT TO RENT HAY GROUND. • —Harold Cm-ran, phone 6F31, Verne - 10p38 JUNE SALE ON linoleum.—Cowan Supply Co. ARMSTRONG Building & 38tf AUTO LOANS - REFINANCING Pr.^» W n r paylnents ' - Western ^!i_^!i____ _ 8U30U FOR SALE— TWO CHOICE, highly improved farms near Alsona.- F. W. Dmglcy. _ WARREN VENETIAN BLINDS-the .best for less". — Cowan Building Supply Co. EIGHTY GIRLS AT BALLY DAY, BURVrUESDAY County Four-H Clubs in Annual Meeting and Frolic. Hy Hnchcl Keeker. Eighty "girls in blue" paraded German" ,!?. ?. u !-._ h *!.. s ? h ° ul "aw,, Tues- &" KOSSUtH COUNTY ABVANCS. ALQOKA. IOWA KOSSUTH PRIMARY VOTE Buffalo Burt Cresco Eagle E. Lon Fenton Gflrfleld tf 38 GIRL 1C WANTS GENERAL housework on farm.—Ruth. Min- Vfl tiri-kn 4 /"I,. II -_i_._ . ... „ ,..^4, ov>injui iclWIl LUGS" day at the annual county 4-H club Rally diiy. There were 107 4-H girls there altogether, 80 in uni- , n n- form pins 57 guests, a total of 164, All .12 of the" 4-H ' clubs in county were represented. Mrs. Ray Miller,_ Titonka, coun- " ' " The morn- Grant Greem. u , Harrison Hebron Irvington , the | .,, ^»«;^;rs ^..SrsSM .,„ FOR SALE—ABERDEEN- ANGUS " ls session included a picture bulls. — Bush Bros., 0 m'Hs i raol ' y conte st, a song festival straight west of Rodmnn. iSnS7..',in I a '""sic memory contest, and nl- ~" ijit i*cuft., o nii!''si . . —' •' straight west of Rodman 13n'!7..,io I a rans 'c memory contest, and ol —— ' lu '""t;on of officers. FOR SALE—SOME WBLL BROKE young horses.—V. J. Gross, Lone Rock. I1p38-3f) ALMOST Knncroft, Hurt IVin. The Bancroft Busy Pals Lone Lotts _..„ Lu Verno the Burt Busy Bunch won superior ratings in the picture memory contest, with the Sherman Shiners Portland Prairie and ! Ramsey Riverdale $12 a month.—Call at .113 N Woos-'i J-! 16 Crcsco f -'lnims, the Fenton Sherman . tor. ' nu38'i' ol ' wards ' the Portland Peppy Springfield ^. „,,„., —— —Li Jal *. fie Buffalo Boosters, and ' Swea FARMERS ATTENTION CATTLE i lho Sw «> Spirits of Service win- : Union Hy spray 45c gallon. Bring your| nill S excellent ratings, and the ' Wesley container, (.'oast to Coast Store. | Union Alclhians and the Whitte-' Whittemore" _ .13 c 38 Im "'° Whizzers, good. ! FILMS nR^TTrS^TT^TTrr.— ... Ka _ cl V c ' ub ? 1U1 « one song in the! Totals .__. more Whix/.ers, good, Each club sang one song in the A ND ^printed song_ festival, ctvch song differi- were Buffalo, Ban- FILMS DEVELOPED ,„,., i, 1U ueui — —Any size film, 30c for S regu-i ent. Superiors were Buff-Un n™ PRFF! CtUIr ,V nd ° 110 °"'<™ 0 »t! croft, and Swea; excelle ns!' She?-" FREL.-Lusby 8 . 17(2)31tf|imm. Burt, Fenton, Ledyard, Port- LOST—PROBABLY NEAR METH-' 1 '" 1 ^' S °° d ' Crosco ' Union, Whitte- odist parsonage or elsewhere in I'" 0 " 3 ' U( , „ , , un "—• f -- i .Papers Algona. bow glasses. Reward.— Leave at Advance office. I6p38 There were SO perfect papers in — i the music memory contest -in PRICES ON LUM- outstanding record. The five 'clubs llHltoi'iii.l. fpml !mrl \virm i n o- (jntini.t^,, %,„ .1 _ •, . SEE ber. building material, feed, and fencing.—Farmers Co-Op. Associ ation, Irvington, la. 17p38-4S Fur- 17p38 BETTER PRICES ON FURNACE work now, before our busy season begins.—Green Colonial' nacos. DCS Moines, Iowa. FOR bulls able. Farm four miles Humboldt on No. 10—: ell. heifers. Priced reason- ,_, .^wuiu. j. i it; 11 v tJ UJllDS winning superior had a club average of TOO per cent. (Every girl in each club wrote a perfect paper!.) The superiors were the Sherman Shiners, the Fenton Forwards, the Portland Peppy Pals the Buffalo Boosters, and the Bancroft Busy Pals. These five clubs totaled 50 perfect papers. Excell- ents were Union and Swea- sood a, 1st Ward „ Ward Ward Ward o ie Rock i d ___ n vootl on i on d . i ?ock .__ >eek __ •no r __ 'reek d v _.. lie"". n ield ... """ lore 12 20 9 g 2 4 i i c 2 2 2 q A AK. 15 oe 12 11 j? 41 c 13 n 35 37 70 37 1491 1 i i 1 9 2 0 on oc 5 11 14 4 4 e 10 20 90 63911 Seneca Sexton III.II Sherman " 8; 61 6: 4i 27 13 14 4 1 37 5 141 33 6 15 19 17 16 25 43 3.1 22 27 83 55 48 45 11 1] 3 11 28 94 97 13 2: 16 2 11 5 8 6 10 16 13 2 22 10 ( 11 6 4 4 3 i i 3 1 3 14 3 2! 1 18 32 15 24 28 27 90 63 78 56 18 13 3 14 33 100 80 1523 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 5f t r ^ 1C c t 6 47 11 8 4 33 9 14 9 11 3 0 3 8 27 981 i 552| 0 6 5 9 11 6 6 0 6 1 6 3 3 1 1 6 2 9 6 1 1 6 6 6 19 S 4 7 1 2| 1 G .« ^* 3| 2 21 22 31 37 7\ 59 LI 35 ! 31 30 1 121 69 65 1 71 24 15 3 19 34 12.1. 148 1940 11 20 9 7 1.1 11 2 5 2 6 1 1( n S( 6f 9( 2( 27 4! 42 11 33 16 61 25 37 12 20 6 48 6 13 4 39 47 93 57 1775 and Mr, and Mrs. Everett Anderson, and Mrs, Johnson, grandmoth- ed of Mrs. Everett Anderson, who has been visiting here from Denver. The Anton Andersons left Tuesday morning for northern Minnesota where they have a cabin and spend their summers. Forty for C. C< Luncheon- Forty women attended the one o'clock bridge luncheon at the Country club clubhouse last week Wednesday. Contract was played, Mrs. John Kohlhaas winning high; .Mrs. E. A. Schemel, second. Mrs. Donald C. Hutchison was chairman, and co-cholrmnn were J|es- darnes L. E. Ltnnnn, John Hng- gard, W. E. Hawcott, Thso. Hutchison, B. T. Agard, G. S. Buchanan, and Karl R. Hoffman. Golf was played in the morning, Mrs. Fred Timm winning high. Floiver Club to Meet— The county Flower club will meet Monday evening at 7:30 in the club room at the library, with roll call on garden pests. Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt, has charge of a musical program to be given bv winners in a Burt music contest, (ind Mrs. H. 0. Buell, Hurt, will Sive a talk on a subject to be announced by herself. The public is invited to attend the me-Jting. Admission is free. MARKETS HOGS JIVUO Best light butch., 140-160 $8.00-8.25 Best light butch., 160-180 $8.25-8.40 Best light butch,, 180-220 $8.40-8.50 Best light butch., 220-250 $8.40 Med. hvy., 250-270 $8.25 Med. hvy. 270-290 $8.16 Med; heavy, 290-325 $8.00 Butchers, 325-360 $7.90 Butchers, 350-400 $7.70-7.80 Packing sows, 275-350 —$7.50-7.60 Packing sows, 350-400 —$7.40-7.60 Packing sows, 400-500 u.$7.25-7.40 Kenefick Sii_ __ / Bride on the Coast Ruth M. Kenefick, sister of Dr. John N. Kenefick here, was Mar- ried'May 26 at a San Rafael, Calif,, rectory to Dr, Leo George Dobbins, a San Rafael dentist. The bride, a Unhewn ate and Aipj^nV" •VftlB asslstn , , , Oll « 1 director at s- ' y rnent, c«m. &c ^ celved a ' lttn been CATTLE \yj* -K. .l.UJJ Canners and cutters $3.00-4.00 Veal calves $5.00-7.50 Stock steers $5.00-7.00 Iffl t- irrtn »,1 {»-. rvrt d*T Art O t\f\ Fat yearlings .. $7.00-8.00 nti .vuiinriigs .fLuu-s.iiu Fat steers _ $7.50-8.50 Bulls . $4.50-5.50 Fat cows _ $4.50-5.50 GRAIN No. 2 mixed corn __ 43c No. 2 white corn 43%e No. 2 yellow corn 43%c No. 2 white oats _ 19%c EGGS Hennerys 17c No. 1 _ __I7c No. 2 Me Cash cream— IVeslcy Girl Married Sunday— Wesley, June d—Anna M! Johnson, Boone, daughter of Mrs. Nils M. Johnson Alamo, Tex., formerly Wesley, and Benjamin, son of Mrs Andrew J. Josephson, Boone were married Sunday noon at the Con! gregational church, "' • - Wesley. Britt ' The ed. Mrs. Melvin sister-in-law unattend- ^nu.arsnip at Johns Hopkins then a two-year interneship at the LFlll VPlVCMfxi- nP IDUM- ,1-1_,_ , - ernes University of Philadelphia. Cresco Chums Club Meets— Cllums 4 - eason- west of ^' ere Crcsco - Whittemore, I. Good- i Burt. 4 - ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment, tub and shower bath hot and soft water. Heat and water furnished. $35 month. Phone 45') 20C3S FOR SALE — SPECIAL Pittsburgh Waterspar for kitchens, bathrooms. STOCK Enamel easily. Lon:; wearing ton & Son. -F. S. Nor- 19(2)38 FLOORS SANDED, REFINISHED with permanent floor finish A new improved method guaranteeing satisfaction.—Cowan Building & Supply Co. TRIAL BAG—YOU CAN OBTAIN trial bag Sargent Mineral Meat •Meal on absolute money-back guarantee. Get information at Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 23(2)38 REA.L VALUES IN USED C4.RS— 1938 Ford De Luxe sedan, 1936 Buick sedan, 1934 Olds two-door sedan, 1935 Buick two-door sedan.—Birum-Olson Co., of Algona, JJuick dealer, phone 121. 30p38 The president of each club gave a one minute report. Election of officers followed: Patricia Alatern, Cresco, county president; LaVonne Ringsdorf, Portland, vice; Irene Kranse, Fenton. secretary-trea- urer; Marjorie Jensen, Burt historian. A picnic lunch was eaten at noon, and the afternoon program began with a recognition ceremony for installation of the officers and 25 leaders, assistant leaders, and county committeewomen. Talks nre Given. An inspirational talk was given amg b y Selma Ekquist; Living Plctur- 38tf es - "Sacajawea," by the Fenton club; and "Pioneer Mother," by the Cresco club. Esther Smith, Swea City, Corwith teacher, gave a talk on the early history of the county, mentioning- some historical fact about nearly every township in the! county. The four standard clubs in the county—Portland, Burt, Bancroft, Sailg brlde "» Lil^ I, 'Oh, Perfect Love,' „„„ played Lohengrin's •RVM VTT , ^ uuula J -*i CIUD met I'nday at Helen and Ruth Leigh's ten members, two parents, and lour visitors, including the home demonstration agent, Miss Pepoon, a tending. A talk on the picture: Lincoln was given by Anna Mae Harr A committee i-apoi-te.l that the club made $11 on a May break- fn " The rest of the meating was and oengrn's a Mendelssohn's wedding marches rta i £ * wore a foor-length delphinium lace gown and carried an arm bouquet of talisman roses and snapdragons. She also wore a talisman rose tiara in her hair Following the ceremony, a three- course wedding dinner was served " l ^e Hotel Algona, and attending were Mrs. Nils M. Johnson; Mrs T -, BohAa » non > Algona, aunt of L. Johnson, St. Herbert M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Olaf , Wesley, uncle and ;, ^ ide ' their children, -~- —.. m^ JUHCG(.Ul£ planning for Rally was selected for the living pwjture, Pioneer Mother. A music contest was conducted, and the g,r s also practiced the song Just Singing Along, which they sang at Burt on Rally dav Tuesday. Numerous bulletins were distributed, after .which lunch was Pei-ved by the hostowses. The girls held a special meeting with Phyllis Maxwell at the Parsons home M ° nd . a f, evening to practice songs «nd folk dances, and Miss Pepoon D. A., attended. Union Alethean Clnb Meets— The Union Alethean 4-H club' Hope communitj .. 'ith Frances Sorensen as hostess. All members were present ex'cept one, and there were four guests. The meeting was ^"^""^.^^euceDodds No. 1 . . __ 23c -uothers' .Towels 3Fot Sntiirilay— No. 2 21c The Mother's Jewels of the Meth- Sweet _ 24c ocist W. H. M. S. met Saturday TOUT/IKY with Mrs. R. M. McAtee for a mite!Hens, over 5 Ibs. .._ 14 C box opening. Fourteen children and I Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. Uc eight mothers attended."Games and Hens, under 4 Ibs story-telling_ were the diversions, j Leghorn hens ., kui.ii.e., iTcic uic inversions. Adns Jane Reid won a girls' high prize. The Mother's Jewels is a club of small children, and Mrs McAtee is leader. First .Lutherans .Plan Ten.-A silver offering tea will be held next Monday at the First Lutheran parsonage, 2:30 till 5 in the afternoon, 7:30 till 9:30 in the evening. All members and friends are invited The parsonage has been newly decorated, and the proceeds will -'" pay for the work. It will also - the members a chance to see the completed work. lie IIllc 6c 'Vatonynns Summer— ^_._ »" ' -"^•...•i i\ri OUIIIIJEt-r Fifteen members of the Wa-Tan- Ye club met Tuesdeay evening at he Hotel Algona for 6:10 dinner A regular business meeting was held, and it was decided to hold meetings just twice a month dur- !"l, h< L SUn L mer ' lllste ^ °f once Cocks, under 4% uu Cocks, over 4% —.Use Geese, live Go Ducks, live sc Markets subject to change by the time of publication. ' be ,-, * i r j. -"ccu.i.1; win ne a pot-luck dinner June 21, in charge of Lula. Huenhold. Helping Hand" Has ~Qnilting— Mrs. R. M. Wallace entertained fo,. ?i 16 £°, lo . ck luncll eon Tuesday lot the Helping Hand society The S t , e , ni °°", was s » en t at piecing two h m, hed. There fjuilt ' for sale ^en fin- were 20 in atten- to o^xi TLT— -"-" uunuren, Milarea' r,,. -i ,. — J ilu 'euue uoaas and Howard, and the Rev and ; F efside!lt - an <J the minutes of the Mrs. Olaf Johnson. Mrs. Bohannon' v. ast P rece eding meeting were read made the, wedding cake. i ^ ^. ce Mltteg. During the rest MBDICRUDE FOR FARM -Us'i- mals—A Mid-Continent Petroleum product. Use for lice, mange general disinfectant. Money-back guarantee.—E. R. DeLano, Mid- Continent Petroleum Corporation „., j. „, ,., UI1 u, j3ui [> cancroit, o nf i i vuuuijr aostract and Fenton—received certificates short ^rtrt- 0mp ? n . y - Foll °wing a ?l^. rds .f. r ° m . tb S Ames Btate.ex- the L^".?, 1" P 1° Wisconsin, _ *-*»*iuuii, .iiii a, made the wedding cake I? 0 *?!?* 8 ' ?, gradua te of the ate college, Ames, has for, K ^ years taught home ec- ' „ in the Boone high school.' bridegroom is secretary-treas- oi a uoone county abstract loan company. Following ninnF 4-»I« i _ -r~rf. ,_, ^u^t.f.fy "\V61*6 Mittag. During the r« H[ meeting Lucille Pepoon, H. E&S38-40 STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY—RE- liale man wanted to call on farmers in Kossuth county No experience or capital required. 'Make JJP to $12 a day. - Write Mr. Thomas, P. 0. Box No. 156 Waterloo, Iowa. 30p38 WANTED—MAN WITH CAR TO take over profitable nearby Kawleigh route. Established customers. Must be satisfied with earnings of $30 a week to start. Unte Rawleigh's, Dept. IAF-10- 101, Freeport. Ill 3 o, )3 8 AUTOMOBILE OWNERS ATTEN- tion—Safe driver rewards. Our policy holders alwavs <;TV<» fr-r.^ *)t\cf 4 or ' .^ttvc irom tu/o to uO^o—coast to coast claim service non-restricted — .standard coverages. Buy standard protection at lowest, cost.—Algona Insurance Agency, C. R. La Barre. 35U33 _-. ^.. uui t.i_n, ^rxijJCO OLcim tJX- tension service for outstanding achievement during 1937. Following a demonstration of folk games by the Buffalo, Swea and Burt clubs, all of the girls joined in games—Somebody Waiting, Push the Business On, and the Virginia Reel. < Lucile Pepoon, H. D. A., took moving pictures of the girls while they were playing games on the lawn. ^Twenty-Five Years Married. Joe, June 8—Mr. and Mrs. _ for --,. n.uu will present Crashing Society, at the lf " room on June 23. The is Mrs. Orville Gard- club reporter is The club attended tv,o i B L L " Wisconsin T?oii j — ^ luu aiienaea the couple will be home at Boon? ' I day at Burt Tuesday all after June 15, at 714% Seventh mnmhB ~ "™""' street. REDUCED PRICES In baby chicks Leghorns $5.50, heavies $650 assorted cockerels, $1.90. Started chicks on hand in brooder $1 per with 300 chicks or more. Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft and Titonka. 35u34tf _ THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL Life Insurance company has few well improved, well farms for sale in Hancock counties. located Kossuth and If you are in- «£>,.«,.+ ^ j—--v-v,.,. i! j, uu are ]n _ terested in the purchase of a good f*™ h 'l^'l pay . y°" to getfe in -" -•"•• u ""c o—i«r. ana Mrs. John Thill, Whittemore, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary S" ndav - Mrs. Thill is the former Theresa Fuhrmann, a. daughter of Mrs. John Fuhrmann Sr. St Joe relatives and old friends spent Sunday with the Thills. except one attending. legion Auxiliary Names Officers- fir. Jf gi ? n Auxillft ry elected of- B-inn i,^?. n « y evenin S at the Le--_ Saturday at ot. ue^iiio't Sii, ^ he bnde's sister Richard Schmitz, Storm Lak matron of honor, and Mr an TI.T /-, TL f ,._ . ' "»»" ^»AI . dllu lursj. "i. t/. MOMahon s datifrhtoi. •NT-««, ^^^^•^J&wJr- 11 - 0 *-' SEE YOUR JfEABEST REAL ESTATE BROKER for information about attractive farms in your locality for sale on easy terms by the First Trust Joint Stock Laud Bank of Chicago; or communicate with W. F. Urenn, Fieldman, Plymouth, Iowa, or Harold Oldham, Iowa Sales Supervisor, 4201 Urbandale ave., Des Moines. rv.. T \T > "«'uo, was nower girl Dr. John McMurray, Iowa Cltv c^-Ln^ , man ' j°"owin S 5> 3 1 »» • "• w - t>ox , president; Mrs. Fred Bartholomew, first V1C!P ' Mi*c T. \ir Tn- !_L, ian; vice; Mrs. L. M. Merritt, vice; Mrs. Jos. Harig, junior 1Jao , ---.Mrs. G. H. Ogg, histor- Antoinette Bonstetter, chap- Eleanor Fraser, secretary; * . Bl ' uns - treasurer; Mrs. otephenson ,sergeant-at- arms; and the Mesdames J U C Hargreaves, W. C. Dau, and C V Morck, members of the board at - **^, ^ VY tJl C £i\J dance, and the tea was held raise money for the club. D - A - K. Plans Flag Picnic The D. A. R. will hold its annual Flag day picnic at one o"c"ock Tuesday at the Ambrose A Ca state park shelter house. The social committee in charge consist* o Mhe Mesdames Geor^ H Free! Sylvia Gunn, and Antone E. John- naUon 6Sday iS Plag ^ «"** ta SSK tables, Mrs. Fox winning high. Mrs Merritt had charge of refreshments. Dinner for Anton Andersons- Mr, and Mrs. H. 0. Anderson entertained at dinner Monday evening in honor of the 43rd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mru. Anton Anderson. _Guests were Mr. and -—k Breakfast— Sigma Phi sorority <?7i^ ° ° Iock June break- bunday morning at the Am brose A. Call state plrk Zella Mae Case Marshalltown, forme • state President, is expected as gue't Pageant Cast to Practice- The cast of chapters for the Centennial pageant will have its irst practice at 2 o'clock Sunday at the fairgrounds. Mrs. E W Hanson is director. Other Society. The Methodist W. F M S win meet with Mrs. W. G. McC^lough lessef t ^°°,1- ^ d ., asslsti "i *°s- A. Funeral Held for Wanda Henderson at Pomona, Calif. Funeral services for Wanda, daughter of Mrs. Frank Henderson, Pomrfna, Calif., were held at an undertaker's chapel at Pomona Tuesday, May 24, and burial was made in a Pomona cemetery beside the grave of Mr. Henderson, who died suddenly last December. She had been critically sick two weeks. Her delicate health from childhood grew out of an attack of the "flu " Wanda was born March 20, 1918 at Iowa City and was taken by the Hendersons for adoption in July of that year. The Hendersons moved to California in the hope that her health would be bettered there. For a short time she attended school there, but poor health compelled discontinuance, and thereafter she had a private tutor. _ Besides Mrs. Henderson, Wanda is survived by her brother Melvin and her aunt, Austie Pelleymoun- Hurt Defeats Wiitleniore. Burt, June 9-A baseball game here Sunday against Whittemore resulted in a 4-1 victory for Burt BUCKSKIN BAMBOO HERE'S FOOT COMFORT THAT HAS CAUSED MILLIONS OF MEN TO WEAR ONLY ROLVERMOIKEl AND here's why. Both our soles and uppers are made of SHELL HORSEHIDE—from thai; portion of the hide directly over the horse's hips, between W which aione contains the tough. Horsehide B inner-shell, a close fibred sub- shoe 1 ' swnce Kike your fingernail. You can soak us all day — we will dry out glove soft, and stay soft. As comfortable as moccasins! Wearetani that way. Come in and see us you'll know the dilfe between Wolverine l~l*\«r»r^K 1*1 A 1 .1 The June issue of Country pon in the Wolverine *• •** '''-'iTVrfJIAXl.Vrf CllU V Ci \J and bring it to our store and Fi» n r\ • free. carries a c Clip this con receive a pair of shoe 1 , asss tesses will be Mesdames Barnard, John McGuire, > F' Forh n - an Ker- Forbes. This will be a Mite Box opening meeting. . hrirt ^ ert Deal entertained her bridge club at two tables Wednes- We can Supply You f With Atlas Sorgo Sudan Soy Beans German Millet Siberian Millet 1{ lack Amber Cane Orange Cane Sorghum Cane ALGONA PRODUCE _ _ _ wuvu ,, wl o A»AI , UtlU Mrs. Will F. Brown, daughter Jnae MEDICRUDE - SPECIAL TRIAL otfer! To acquaint livestock raisers with value of Medicrude (Medicated crude oil), you may use one-third barrel. If not completely satisfied, return balance ana have money refunded Elim mates mange, lice. Use medicin n, • i f ,° r , * worms ' constipation Quick disinfectant for hog a ' -^^-^^™™^^™ Cottage Beauty Shoppe PHONE 128 Specials Until July 4th A Cyclone DRESSES ALMOST GIVEN AWAY .Mrs Tribon will have 1987 dresses to close out at the Heise building, formerly occup ie d by the Elbert Garage ThSe dresses are from the Northern Jabbing (5! or St. Paul. Rig-ht from the wholesale house, new, clean and up-to-date ' lots— IrS ' Trib ° n JS dividin £ them into 3 Lot 1— 49c; Lot 2— 78e; Lot 3— 9Sc. Mrs. Tribon has full charge of this . She is making prices < 0 suit herself h! n ? ™*™P°** a™ to sell them all m the shortest time possible. Any woman can use a few extra dresses especially when you get two or thrtfe PC ° f one - Beon ^nd. Mre. WRITTEN guarantee i| to cut your fuel costs 20° A WORD OF CAOTION TO NEW HOME WANTERS sale. O &2.00 50c Regular $2.50 permanent Shampoo and Fingenvave Oil Shampoo and Fingerware When two appointments are made at the same time all other permanent wave prices reduced. All ner- mauent wave prices include shampoo, ' fingerwave and haircut. All work guaranteed. ' ED1TA 0ILKOBE THELMA AMAN 119 South Minnesota Street SALE STARTS FRIDAY MORNING AT 9 O'CLOCK ihA^n* ° f * he Gamble Store, where the YOU are •»» -to '»-*t them, a Jimmie Neville home o your own planning afii builg. If your family is already erowin^ „ just isn't wise to delay the^ewnfme Ev° Und , you ' »* means one less for you to enjov S W 6 7 da ^ lost chUdren of the kind Jf homeTey should" *&£* ** Modern methods of F- S. NORTON & SON A T d-ATU" A "~ ^^ - •fltJUfVTvJ3J|. • . T/\t>r i •* * IOWA V .ho ever before has dared to make an offer ' ' ' ' to put ln writing an unconditional . . . wlth no strlngs fo Jt t , mt>M we insulate your home with Capitol Bock.. '"! 1 SaVe at lcast 20 % of J r ° ur fuel w gC8t " bl °wing" .Applicators of >>ool in north Iowa makes this certified guarantee and in addition that your home will wt cooler in summer, warmer in winter. The of- or is made with the endorsement of over 500 Jioi ne owners who have told us what Kock Wool insulation has meant to them. We will do' the ne for you. Call 275 ask to have a copy of Cowan Building Supply Co. BETAIL hoiith Dodge Street Algona, Iowa neatherstriping, Floor Snrfacing, Linoleums thamberlain Weatherstrip Armstrong Linoleum H*. 7 Encloicd 9999- Mowtr

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